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This is a list of English language words derived from toponyms, followed by the place name it derives from.


Events and agreements[edit]

Industries and professions[edit]

  • Bay Street — Canada's financial industry (similar to Wall Street), after Bay Street, the main street of Toronto's financial district
  • Beltway — the pundits, political leaders, and opinion-makers of Washington, D.C., after the highway surrounding the city
  • Broadway — musical theater, after Broadway, a street in New York City
  • The City — London-based financial services, after the City of London
  • Detroit — the American automobile industry
  • Fleet Street — the British press, after the London street that formerly housed many newspapers
  • Hollywoodthe American motion picture industry, after the district of Los Angeles, California, where many motion picture companies are headquartered
  • K Street — lobbying industry working with the U.S. Federal government
  • Madison Avenue — advertising industry, after Madison Avenue, a street in New York City where many advertising firms are headquartered
  • Savile Row — tailoring, after the street in London where the most prestigious tailors are located
  • Wall Street — U.S. financial services industry, after Wall Street, street in New York City where many financial services firms are headquartered

Food and drink (other than cheese and wine)[edit]

Note: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is named after the local Saskatoon berry, rather than vice versa.




There are some corporations whose name is simply the same as their original location.


See: Chemical elements named after places

Musical genres[edit]

Derivations from literary or mythical places[edit]

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