List of torpedo boats of the United States Navy

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This list of torpedo boats of the United States Navy includes all ships with the hull classification symbol TB.

Cushing class torpedo boat[edit]

Ericsson class torpedo boat[edit]

Foote class torpedo boats[edit]

Porter class torpedo boats[edit]

Rowan class torpedo boat[edit]

Dahlgren class torpedo boats[edit]

Farragut class torpedo boat[edit]

Davis class torpedo boats[edit]

Morris class torpedo boat[edit]

Talbot class torpedo boats[edit]

MacKenzie class torpedo boats[edit]

Stringham class torpedo boat[edit]

Goldsborough class torpedo boat[edit]

Bailey class torpedo boat[edit]

Somers class torpedo boat[edit]

Manley class torpedo boat[edit]

Bagley class torpedo boats[edit]

Blakely class torpedo boats[edit]


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