List of townlands of County Carlow

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 600 townlands in County Carlow, Ireland.[1][2][3]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Acaun 1 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Aclare 632 Forth Myshall Carlow
Agha 783 Idrone East Agha Carlow
Aghabeg 283 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Aghade 266 Forth Aghade Carlow
Aghanure 171 Carlow Painestown Carlow
Agharue 715 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Aghnaglear 626 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Aghwater 98 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Altimont 146 Forth Aghade Carlow
Annagar 404 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Ardattin 196 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Ardbearn 126 Forth Ballyellin Carlow
Ardbearn & Torman 121 Forth Kellistown Carlow
Ardnehue 654 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Ardristan 858 Rathvilly Ardristan Carlow
Bagenalstown Town Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Bahana 824 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballaghaclay 281 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Ballaghaderneen 328 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Ballaghmore 471 Forth Myshall Carlow
Ballinabranagh 784 Idrone West Cloydagh Carlow
Ballinacarrig 313 Carlow Ballinacarrig Carlow
Ballinacrea 351 Forth Myshall Carlow
Ballinadrum 335 Forth Fennagh Carlow
Ballinagilky 331 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Ballinamona (or Ballyellin) 143 Idrone East Kiltennell New Ross
Ballinastraw 300 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Ballinkillin 782 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Ballinree 831 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Ballinrush 546 Forth Myshall Carlow
Ballintemple 970 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Ballintrane 121 Forth Fennagh Carlow
Ballintrane 547 Forth Templepeter Carlow
Ballinvally 216 Forth Ballon Carlow
Ballinvally 427 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Ballinvally and Kiltennell 298 Idrone East Kiltennell New Ross
Ballon Town Forth Ballon Carlow
Ballon 322 Forth Ballon Carlow
Ballybannon 416 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Ballybar Lower 465 Carlow Clonmelsh Carlow
Ballybar Upper 491 Carlow Clonmelsh Carlow
Ballybeg (or Leagh) 148 Forth Tullowmagimma Carlow
Ballybeg Big 1,204 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballybeg Little 127 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballybit Big 656 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Ballybit Little 119 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Ballyblake 21 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballybrack 544 St. Mullin's Lower Ballyellin New Ross
Ballybrommell Town Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Ballybrommell 373 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Ballycallon (or Clonbulloge) 139 Forth Fennagh Carlow
Ballycarney 321 Carlow Ballinacarrig Carlow
Ballycook 484 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Ballycoppigan 108 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Ballycormick 370 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Ballycormick 166 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Ballycrinnigan 1,223 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballycrogue 370 Carlow Ballycrogue Carlow
Ballycurragh 80 Forth Gilbertstown Carlow
Ballydarton 212 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Ballyduff 310 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Ballyedmond 417 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Ballyellin Town Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Ballyellin (or Ballinamona) 143 Idrone East Kiltennell New Ross
Ballyellin and Tomdarragh 1,067 Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Ballyfeanan (or Ballywhinnin) 134 Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Ballyfeanan (or Ballywhinnin) 273 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Ballygarret (or Sandbrook) 258 Forth Ballon Carlow
Ballyglisheen 746 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballygowan 70 Idrone West Cloydagh Carlow
Ballygowan 282 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Ballygraney 65 Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Ballyhacket Lower 462 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Ballyhacket Upper 268 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Ballyhegan 132 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballyhubbock (or Upton) 260 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Ballyine 476 St. Mullin's Lower Ullard New Ross
Ballykealey 106 Forth Ballyellin Carlow
Ballykealey 212 Forth Fennagh Carlow
Ballykealey 326 Forth Kellistown Carlow
Ballykeenan 351 Forth Barragh Carlow
Ballykeenan 361 St. Mullin's Lower Ullard New Ross
Ballykilduff Lower 253 Rathvilly Haroldstown Shillelagh
Ballykilduff Upper 313 Rathvilly Haroldstown Shillelagh
Ballykillane 297 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Ballyknock 500 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballyknockan Town Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Ballyknockan 337 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Ballyknockan 240 Idrone West Wells Carlow
Ballyknockcrumpin 109 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballyleen 415 Forth Ballon Carlow
Ballylennon 321 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Ballyling 455 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballyloo 3 Idrone East Nurney Carlow
Ballyloo 688 Carlow Tullowmagimma Carlow
Ballyloughan 462 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Ballylower 189 Forth Ballon Carlow
Ballymartin 493 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Ballymogue 211 Forth Ballon Carlow
Ballymogue 127 Forth Templepeter Carlow
Ballymoon 415 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Ballymurphy Town St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballymurphy 424 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Ballymurphy 94 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballynaboley 380 Idrone East Killinane Carlow
Ballynabranagh (or Walshstown) 465 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballynagrane 275 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Ballynakill 364 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Ballynakill 493 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Ballynakillbeg 328 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Ballynalour 768 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballynamire 38 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Ballynasillog 386 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Ballynattin 229 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Ballynoe (or Newtown) 573 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Ballynolan 76 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Ballynunnery 191 Forth Gilbertstown Carlow
Ballyoliver 498 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Ballypierce 626 St. Mullin's Upper Barragh Shillelagh
Ballyredmond 807 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Shillelagh
Ballyroughan Big 283 St. Mullin's Lower Ullard New Ross
Ballyroughan Little 81 St. Mullin's Lower Ullard New Ross
Ballyryan 397 Idrone East Nurney Carlow
Ballyryan 125 Carlow Tullowmagimma Carlow
Ballysallagh Lower 319 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Ballysallagh Upper 358 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Ballyshancarragh 301 St. Mullin's Upper Barragh Shillelagh
Ballyshane 603 Rathvilly Crecrin Shillelagh
Ballytarsna 785 Carlow Nurney Carlow
Ballyteigelea 367 Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Ballyteigelea 194 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Ballyteigelea 72 Idrone East Ullard Carlow
Ballytimmin 149 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Ballyvangour 131 Rathvilly Ardoyne Shillelagh
Ballyveal 196 Forth Kellistown Carlow
Ballyvergal 109 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Ballyvolden 56 Forth Ballon Carlow
Ballywhinnin (or Ballyfeanan) 134 Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Ballywhinnin (or Ballyfeanan) 273 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Ballywilliamroe 1,074 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Bannagagole 526 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Barnahask 466 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Barnahaskin 217 Idrone East Kiltennell New Ross
Barnhill 199 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Barragh 120 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Bauck 193 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Baunleath 62 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Baunogenasraid 231 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Baunogephlure 314 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Baunreagh 712 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Bealalaw 553 Forth Myshall Carlow
Bellmount 178 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Bellshill 158 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Bendinstown 215 Forth Ballyellin Carlow
Bennekerry 268 Carlow Ballinacarrig Carlow
Bennekerry 361 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Bestfield (or Dunganstown) 55 Carlow Carlow Carlow
Bestfield (or Dunganstown) 101 Carlow Painestown Carlow
Bettyfield (or Ricketstown) 198 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Blackhill 204 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Blindennis 90 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Boggan 267 Forth Ballon Carlow
Boggan 230 Forth Barragh Carlow
Boghouse 77 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Boherduff 489 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Bohermore 468 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Booladurragh 104 Idrone East Myshall Carlow
Boolyrathornan (or Tomard) 286 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Boolyvannanan 383 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Borough 172 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Borris Town Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Borris 1,221 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Bough 403 Rathvilly Rahill Baltinglass
Broomville (or Clonachona) 236 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Broughillstown 428 Rathvilly Rahill Baltinglass
Brownbog 209 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Bunnagurragh 52 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Burgage 83 Idrone West Wells Carlow
Burtonhall Demesne 162 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Burtonhall Demesne 121 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Busherstown 688 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Butlersgrange 735 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Cannonsquarter 199 Rathvilly Fennagh Carlow
Cappagh 229 Forth Ballon Carlow
Cappawater 97 Forth Myshall Carlow
Carlow Town Carlow Carlow Carlow
Carlow 978 Carlow Carlow Carlow
Carrarea 141 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Carrickduff Town Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Carrickduff 697 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Carrickslaney 452 Forth Aghade Carlow
Carrickslaney 12 Forth Ballon Carlow
Carrig Beg 258 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Carrig More 179 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Carriglead 446 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Carrignafecka 98 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Carrigpark 128 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Cashel 294 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Castlegrace 331 Forth Aghade Carlow
Castlegrace 139 Forth Ballon Carlow
Castlemore 938 Rathvilly Fennagh Carlow
Castletown 485 Carlow Tullowmagimma Carlow
Chapelstown 466 Carlow Clonmelsh Carlow
Clanagh 33 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Clashganny 176 Idrone East Myshall Carlow
Cloghna 792 Carlow Cloydagh Carlow
Cloghristick 472 Carlow Cloydagh Carlow
Cloghristick 28 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Clogrenan 1,485 Idrone West Cloydagh Carlow
Clomoney 233 Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Clomoney 133 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Clomoney 149 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Clonachona (or Broomville) 236 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Clonacur 70 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Clonbulloge (or Ballycallon) 139 Forth Fennagh Carlow
Clonee East 112 Forth Myshall Carlow
Clonee West 39 Idrone East Myshall Carlow
Cloneen 276 Idrone East Agha Carlow
Cloneen 112 Idrone East Nurney Carlow
Clonegah 397 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Clonegall Town St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Carlow
Clonegall 299 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Shillelagh
Clonetoose 108 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Clongarran 205 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Shillelagh
Clonmashane 160 Forth Templepeter Carlow
Clonmelsh 384 Carlow Clonmelsh Carlow
Clonmore 115 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Clonmore 169 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Clonmullen 291 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Clonogan 543 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Shillelagh
Clonygoose 156 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Clorusk Lower 144 Idrone West Killinane Carlow
Clorusk Upper 246 Idrone West Killinane Carlow
Closh 58 Forth Ballon Carlow
Closutton 666 Idrone West Killinane Carlow
Clowater 106 Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Clowater 30 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Clowater 97 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Commons 202 Forth Ballon Carlow
Coneykeare 124 Idrone West Wells Carlow
Constablehill 335 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Coolalaw 218 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Coolasnaghta 1,240 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Coole 289 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Coolmanagh Lower 297 Rathvilly Haroldstown Shillelagh
Coolmanagh Upper 543 Rathvilly Haroldstown Shillelagh
Coolnacuppoge 242 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Coolnakeeran 190 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Coolnakisha 1,307 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Coolnamara 261 St. Mullin's Lower Ullard New Ross
Coolnapish 59 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Coolnasheegan 108 Forth Myshall Carlow
Coolroe 557 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Carlow
Coolyhune 590 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Coonogue 931 Idrone East Kiltennell New Ross
Coppenagh 596 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Corries (or Corry More) 42 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Corries (or Corrymore) 646 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Corry Beg (or Currenree) 301 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Corry More (or Corries) 42 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Corrymore (or Corries) 646 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Cournellan 446 St. Mullin's Lower Ullard New Ross
Craan 51 Forth Aghade Enniscorthy
Craan 477 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Craanaha 188 Forth Fennagh Carlow
Craanlusky 716 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Craanpursheen 103 Forth Ballon Carlow
Craans 777 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Cranavonane 757 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Cranemore 1,417 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Crannagh 1,006 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Crecrin 323 Rathvilly Crecrin Shillelagh
Croanruss 105 Forth Myshall Carlow
Cronaleigh 180 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Croneskagh Lower 91 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Croneskagh Upper 250 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Crosslow (or Mountwolseley) 809 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Crowsgrove 433 St. Mullin's Upper Barragh Shillelagh
Cunaberry 324 Forth Ballon Carlow
Curragh 109 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Curraghacruit 251 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Currane 365 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Currenree (or Corry Beg) 301 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Davisshill 202 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Deerpark New 757 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Deerpark Old 727 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Demesne 108 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Donore 236 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Donore 463 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Downings 691 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Dranagh 1,074 Bantry St. Mullin's New Ross
Drisoge 55 Forth Ballon Carlow
Drumfea 433 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Drumguin 255 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Drummin 797 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Duffery 326 Rathvilly Haroldstown Shillelagh
Dukespark (or Sherwood) 334 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Dunganstown (or Bestfield) 55 Carlow Carlow Carlow
Dunganstown (or Bestfield) 101 Carlow Painestown Carlow
Dunleckny 481 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Dunroe 700 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Eaglehill 303 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Eaglehill 154 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Eaglehill (Newton) 161 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Emlicon 80 Forth Kellistown Carlow
Farranacurragh 37 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Farranafreney 136 Idrone West Killinane Carlow
Farranaphlure 207 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Feamore 221 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Fennagh 29 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Fenniscourt 793 Idrone West Wells Carlow
Fonthill 156 Idrone West Cloydagh Carlow
Friarstown 891 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Garreenleen 329 Forth Gilbertstown Carlow
Garrettstown 494 Rathvilly Rahill Baltinglass
Garryhill 392 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Garryhill 16 Idrone East Myshall Carlow
Garryhundon 786 Carlow Clonmelsh Carlow
Gilbertstown 142 Forth Gilbertstown Carlow
Glannahary 251 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Glannahary 109 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Glebe 26 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Glebe 26 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Glebe 48 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Glebe 33 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Glebe 16 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Glenoge 131 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Gormona 261 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Gormona 96 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Gorteengrone 88 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Gowlin 685 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Graiguealug 142 Forth Nurney Carlow
Graiguealug 37 Forth Templepeter Carlow
Graiguealug 267 Forth Tullowmagimma Carlow
Graiguenaspiddoge 287 Forth Tullowmagimma Carlow
Grangeford 353 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Grangeford Old 475 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Grangewat 76 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Greenane 67 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Hacketstown Town Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Hacketstown Lower 191 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Hacketstown Upper 76 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Haroldstown 364 Rathvilly Haroldstown Shillelagh
Harristown 327 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Heath 193 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Huntington 156 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Shillelagh
Inch (or Inchaphnea) 83 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Inchaphuca (or Inch) 83 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Inchisland (or Moatalusha) 233 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Island 75 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Janeville (or Kilgarron) 232 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Johnduffswood 431 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Johnstown 766 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Kellistown East 868 Carlow Kellistown Carlow
Kellistown West 983 Carlow Kellistown Carlow
Kernanstown 267 Carlow Carlow Carlow
Kernanstown 178 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Kilballyhue 385 Carlow Tullowmagimma Carlow
Kilbrannish North 837 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Kilbrannish South 1,822 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Kilbrickan 191 Forth Fennagh Carlow
Kilbrickan 28 Forth Templepeter Carlow
Kilbride 255 Forth Aghade Carlow
Kilbride 594 Forth Barragh Carlow
Kilcarrig 909 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Kilcarry 926 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Shillelagh
Kilcloney 415 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Kilcoltrim 934 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Kilconnaught 135 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Kilconner 354 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Kilcoole 295 Forth Gilbertstown Carlow
Kilcruit 188 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Kilcummey 133 Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Kilcummey 299 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Kildavin 321 St. Mullin's Upper Barragh Shillelagh
Kildreenagh 555 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Kilgarron (or Janeville) 232 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Kilgraney 78 Forth Aghade Carlow
Kilgraney 246 Forth Barragh Carlow
Kilgraney 890 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Kilkey 181 Forth Fennagh Carlow
Kilknock 74 Forth Ballyellin Carlow
Kilknock 883 Forth Kellistown Carlow
Killalongford 461 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Killamaster 194 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Killane 6 Forth Ballyellin Carlow
Killane 133 Forth Kellistown Carlow
Killedmond Town Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Killedmond 511 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Killeeshal 254 Idrone West Cloydagh Carlow
Killenora 139 Carlow Kellistown Carlow
Killerrig 821 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Killinane 599 Idrone West Killinane Carlow
Killoughternane 516 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Killyshane 115 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Kilmacart 281 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Kilmagarvoge 620 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Kilmaglin 298 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Kilmaglush 335 Forth Myshall Carlow
Kilmeany 344 Carlow Ballinacarrig Carlow
Kilmissan 236 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Kilmurry 96 Forth Ballon Carlow
Kilree 295 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Kiltennell and Ballinvally 298 Idrone East Kiltennell New Ross
Kneestown 201 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Knockagarry 88 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Knockarda 32 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Knockballystine 405 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Knockbarragh 328 Forth Barragh Carlow
Knockbaun & Knocknabranagh 711 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Knockbower 209 Carlow Tullowmagimma Carlow
Knockboy 431 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Knockbrack 377 Forth Myshall Carlow
Knockclonagad 776 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Knockdoorish 290 Forth Barragh Carlow
Knockdramagh 424 Forth Myshall Carlow
Knockduff (or Marley) 881 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Knockeen 374 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Knockendrane 742 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Knockevaghan 680 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Knocklishen Beg 319 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Knocklishen More 470 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Knockmanus 128 Idrone West Ballyellin Carlow
Knockmore 380 Idrone East Ballyellin New Ross
Knocknabranagh and Knockbaun 711 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Knocknagundarragh (or Scortreen) 272 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Knocknatubbrid 303 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Knockroe 112 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Knockroe 1,249 Idrone East Kiltennell New Ross
Knockscur (or Knocksquire) 713 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Knocksquire (or Knockscur) 713 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Knockullard 293 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Knockymullgurry 933 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Kyle 256 St. Mullin's Lower Ballyellin New Ross
Labanasigh 139 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Lackabeg 155 St. Mullin's Upper Barragh Shillelagh
Lackan 405 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Lacken 193 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Lacken 89 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Ladystown 234 Rathvilly Baltinglass Baltinglass
Larah 307 Forth Ballon Carlow
Lasmaconly 159 Forth Myshall Carlow
Leagh (or Ballybeg) 148 Forth Tullowmagimma Carlow
Leany 862 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Carlow
Leighlinbridge Town Idrone East Agha Carlow
Leighlinbridge Town Idrone West Wells Carlow
Leighlinbridge 302 Idrone East Agha Carlow
Linkardstown 498 Carlow Tullowmagimma Carlow
Lisgarvan 217 Forth Gilbertstown Carlow
Lisnevagh 1,110 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Lissalican 548 St. Mullin's Lower Ballyellin New Ross
Lorum 349 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Lumcloon 237 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Maplestown 485 Rathvilly Rahill Baltinglass
Marley (or Knockduff) 881 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Milltown 402 Forth Barragh Carlow
Milltown 336 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Minvaud Lower 305 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Minvaud Upper 292 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Moanacurragh 43 Carlow Ballinacarrig Carlow
Moanalow 161 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Moanamanagh 162 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Moanavoth 220 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Moanduff 90 Idrone West Killinane Carlow
Moanmore 194 Forth Fennagh Carlow
Moanmore 618 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Moanmore 74 Idrone West Wells Carlow
Moatalusha (or Inchisland) 233 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Mohullen 173 St. Mullin's Lower Ballyellin New Ross
Monastill 92 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Monaughrim 982 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Shillelagh
Moneybeg 363 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Moneygrogh 91 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Moorestown 145 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Mortarstown Lower 206 Carlow Carlow Carlow
Mortarstown Upper 400 Carlow Carlow Carlow
Mountkelly 446 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Mountmelican 61 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Mountneill 207 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Mountpleasant 139 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Mountwolseley (or Crosslow) 809 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Moyle Big 521 Carlow Kellistown Carlow
Moyle Little 150 Carlow Kellistown Carlow
Moyvally 171 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Mullannagaun 284 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Mullannaskeagh 180 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Mullannavode 114 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Myshall Town Forth Myshall Carlow
Myshall 970 Forth Myshall Carlow
Nashesquarter 211 Rathvilly Haroldstown Shillelagh
Newacre 76 Carlow Painestown Carlow
Newgarden 209 Carlow Painestown Carlow
Newstown 646 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Newtown 887 Idrone East Agha Carlow
Newtown 823 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Newtown (or Ballynoe) 573 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Nurney Town Idrone East Nurney Carlow
Nurney 209 Idrone East Agha Carlow
Nurney 289 Idrone East Nurney Carlow
Oakpark (or Painestown) 1,296 Carlow Painestown Carlow
Oldleighlin Town Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Oldleighlin 302 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Oldtown 195 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Oldtown 72 Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Oldtown 674 Idrone East Nurney Carlow
Oldtown 193 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Orchard 416 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Carlow
Orchard 316 Idrone East Nurney Carlow
Ouragh 412 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Owlbeg 71 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Painestown (or Oakpark) 1,296 Carlow Painestown Carlow
Park 437 Carlow Ballinacarrig Carlow
Parknakyle 471 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Patrickswell 205 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Phillipstown 253 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Pollerton Big 381 Carlow Carlow Carlow
Pollerton Little 299 Carlow Carlow Carlow
Porchavodda 91 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Portrushen Lower 339 Rathvilly Kiltegan Baltinglass
Portrushen Upper 220 Rathvilly Kiltegan Baltinglass
Powerstown 551 Carlow Clonmelsh Carlow
Quinagh 643 Carlow Ballinacarrig Carlow
Raheen 329 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Raheen 215 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Raheen 183 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Raheen 408 Rathvilly Haroldstown Shillelagh
Raheenadaw 284 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Raheendarragh 968 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Raheendoran 137 Idrone West Cloydagh Carlow
Raheenkillane 213 Forth Ballyellin Carlow
Raheenkyle 987 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Raheenliegh 918 Forth Myshall Carlow
Raheenwood 228 Idrone East Myshall Carlow
Raheenwood 302 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Rahill 651 Rathvilly Rahill Baltinglass
Rainestown 620 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Rathanna 1,149 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Rathbaun 594 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Rathcrogue 422 Carlow Tullowmagimma Carlow
Rathdaniel 588 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Rathduff 383 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Rathedan 639 Idrone East Agha Carlow
Ratheeragh 207 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Rathellin 739 Idrone East Agha Carlow
Rathercan 141 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Rathgeran 1,151 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Rathglass 348 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Rathlyon 413 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Rathmore 815 Rathvilly Rathmore Baltinglass
Rathnafushoge 256 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Rathnageeragh 684 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Rathnagrew Lower 226 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Rathnagrew Upper 380 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Rathnapish 368 Carlow Carlow Carlow
Rathnashannagh 165 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Rathornan 310 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Rathrush 970 Forth Gilbertstown Carlow
Rathoe 877 Forth Gilbertstown Carlow
Rathvarrin 434 Forth Ardoyne Carlow
Rathvilly Town Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Rathvilly 120 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Rathvinden 11 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Rathvinden 173 Idrone West Wells Carlow
Rathwade 345 Idrone East Agha Carlow
Redbog 284 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Ricketstown 220 Rathvilly Rahill Baltinglass
Ricketstown (or Bettyfield) 198 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Ricketstown North 282 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Ricketstown South 270 Rathvilly Kineagh Baltinglass
Ridge 1,542 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Rocksavage 88 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Roscat 712 Rathvilly Ardristan Carlow
Rosdellig 369 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Rossacurra 431 Forth Myshall Carlow
Rosslee 485 Forth Myshall Carlow
Royal Oak Town Idrone West Killinane Carlow
Russellstown 349 Carlow Killerrig Carlow
Rutland (or Urglin) 726 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Sandbrook (or Ballygarret) 258 Forth Ballon Carlow
Scortreen (or Knocknagundarragh) 272 Idrone East Clonygoose Carlow
Scotland 183 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Seskin 74 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Seskin Lower 352 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Seskin Upper 690 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Seskinnamadra 693 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Seskinrea 597 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Seskinryan 475 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Seskinryan 86 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Shangarry 678 Forth Myshall Carlow
Sheean 262 Forth Myshall Carlow
Sherwood (or Dukespark) 334 Forth Barragh Enniscorthy
Sherwoodpark 115 Forth Aghade Carlow
Sherwoodpark 38 Forth Barragh Carlow
Skahanrane 221 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Slaneyquarter 373 Carlow Grangeford Carlow
Slievedurda 92 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Sliguff 784 Idrone East Lorum Carlow
Sliguff 478 Idrone East Sliguff Carlow
Spahill 559 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Sragh 231 Forth Ballon Carlow
St. Mullin's 151 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Staplestown 233 Carlow Ballinacarrig Carlow
Straboe 1,104 Rathvilly Straboe Baltinglass
Straduff 196 Forth Myshall Carlow
Stralusky 115 Rathvilly Haroldstown Shillelagh
Strawhall 373 Carlow Carlow Carlow
Tankardstwon 1,411 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Templenaboe 154 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Templeowen 32 Rathvilly Fennagh Carlow
Templepeter 65 Forth Gilbertstown Carlow
Templepeter 104 Forth Templepeter Carlow
Tiknock 855 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Tinnacarrig 676 St. Mullin's Lower Ullard New Ross
Tinnaclash 255 Rathvilly Kiltegan Baltinglass
Tinnaclash 37 Forth Templepeter Carlow
Tinnagarney 211 Idrone West Wells Carlow
Tinnahinch Town St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Tinnahinch 349 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Tinriland 545 Carlow Tullowmagimma Carlow
Toberbride 233 Idrone East Dunleckny Carlow
Tobinstown 845 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Tomard (or Boolyrathornan) 286 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Tomard Lower 495 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Tomard Upper 596 Idrone West Tullowcreen Carlow
Tombeagh 700 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh
Tomdarragh and Ballyellin 1,067 Idrone East Ballyellin Carlow
Tomduff 241 Idrone East Kiltennell Carlow
Tomnaslough 69 Idrone West Wells Carlow
Tomnasock 329 Idrone West Oldleighlin Carlow
Torman and Ardbearn 121 Forth Kellistown Carlow
Tuckamine 111 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Tullow Town Rathvilly Fennagh Carlow
Tullow Town Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Tullowbeg 547 Rathvilly Fennagh Carlow
Tullowphelim 1,525 Rathvilly Tullowphelim Carlow
Turra 257 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Turtane 211 Forth Myshall Carlow
Ullard Beg 179 Forth Myshall Carlow
Ullard More 284 Forth Myshall Carlow
Upton (or Ballyhubbock) 260 Idrone East Fennagh Carlow
Urglin (or Rutland) 726 Carlow Urglin Carlow
Vermount 312 Rathvilly Clonmore Shillelagh
Walshstown (or Ballynabranagh) 465 St. Mullin's Lower St. Mullin's New Ross
Waterstown 196 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Wells 702 Idrone West Wells Carlow
Williamstown 1,112 Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass
Woodlands 187 St. Mullin's Upper Moyacomb Carlow
Woodside 116 Rathvilly Hacketstown Shillelagh

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