List of townlands of County Cavan

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 1,979 townlands in County Cavan, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbey Land 9 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Acres 59 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Aghabane 121 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Aghaboy (Kinawley) 285 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Aghaboy 116 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Aghacashel 330 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Aghaconny 213 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Aghacreevy 144 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Aghadoon (or Ravenfield) 69 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Aghadreenagh 95 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Aghadreenagh 499 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Aghadreenagh 177 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Aghadrumgowna (or Calf Field) 230 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Aghadrumgullin 99 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Aghafad 69 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Aghagashlan 342 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Aghagegna 164 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Aghagolrick 155 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Aghakee 100 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Aghakilmore Lower 252 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Aghakilmore Upper 77 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Aghakinnigh 460 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Aghaknock 180 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Aghalackan 482 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Aghalattafraal 307 Upper Loughtee Denn Oldcastle
Aghalion 491 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Aghaloory 770 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Aghaloughan 228 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Agharah 135 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Agharahan 149 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Agharaskilly 550 Lower Loughtee Tomregan Bawnboy
Aghateeduff 163 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Aghateemore Glebe 13 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Aghateggal (or Ryefort) 109 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Aghatotan 202 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Aghavaddy 92 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Aghavadrin 183 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Aghaveans 615 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Aghavilla 129 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Aghavoher 228 Lower Loughtee Tomregan Bawnboy
Aghaway 328 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Aghawee 448 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Aghaweely Lower 330 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Aghaweely Upper 231 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Aghaweenagh 375 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Aghawoman 105 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Aghnacally 760 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Aghnaclue 70 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Aghnacollia 322 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Aghnacor 157 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Aghnacreevy 240 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Aghnadaraghan 49 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Aghnadrung 68 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Aghnaglosh 172 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Aghnaglosh 192 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Aghnaguig 70 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Aghnahaia Glebe 107 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Aghnahederny 254 Clanmahon Kilbride Cavan
Aghnaskeagh 124 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Aghnaskerry 7 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Aghoutereery 368 Clanmahon Kilbride Cavan
Aghullaghy 48 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Altachullion Lower 276 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Altachullion Upper 272 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Altateskin 529 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Altbeagh 359 Tullygarvey Larah Cavan
Altbrean 325 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Altcrock 568 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Alteen 1,144 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Altinure 265 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Altnadarragh 371 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Altnasheen 400 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Altshallan 289 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Annafarney 221 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Annagelliff 134 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Annagh 76 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Annagh, County Cavan 389 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Annagh 112 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Annagh 95 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Annagh 132 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Annaghard 227 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Annagharnet 543 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Annaghduff 92 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Annaghierin 217 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Annaghlee 176 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Annaghoash 93 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Ardamagh 424 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Ardan 277 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Ardardagh 234 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Ardarragh 89 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Arderry 210 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Ardglushin 137 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Ardkill Beg 169 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Ardkill More 278 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Ardleny 507 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Ardlougher 142 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Ardlougher 430 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Ardlougher 194 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Ardlow 379 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Ardmone 139 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Ardmone East 151 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Ardmone West 237 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Ardmoneen 362 Tullyhaw Drumreilly Bawnboy
Ardonan 136 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Ardoohy 25 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Ardra 260 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Ardue 212 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Ardvagh 307 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Ardvarny 146 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Arnaghan 193 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Artidwney 49 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Artonagh 103 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Artonagh 409 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Arvagh Town Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Ashgrove 264 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Assan 138 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Aughrim 247 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Aughtreagh 88 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Bailieborough Town Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Ballaghanea 398 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Ballaghanea Island 5 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Ballaghanna 242 Clanmahon Kilbride Cavan
Ballaghdorragh 325 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Ballina 77 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Ballinlough 153 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Ballintemple 344 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Balloughly 282 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Ballyconnell Town Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Ballyhaise Town Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Ballyhally 144 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Ballyheelan 89 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Ballyhugh 333 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Ballyjamesduff Town Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Ballymackinroe 298 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Ballymagauran 327 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Ballymagirril 156 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Ballynahaia 117 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Ballynamaddoo 233 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Ballynamannan 42 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Ballynamona 341 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Ballynamony 82 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Ballyneary 32 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Ballytrust 250 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Ballytrust Lower 79 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Banagher 495 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Baraghy 247 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Barconny (Cuppage) 181 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Barconny (Grattan) 44 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Barconny (Massereene) 35 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Barconny (Nugent) 297 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Barconny (Robinson) 138 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Barnagrow 267 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Barragh 235 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Barran 852 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Bawn 142 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Bawn 121 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Bawnboy Town Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Bawnboy 336 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Beagh Glebe 654 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Beaghy 187 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Beaghy 454 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Beckscourt 75 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Beglieve 475 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Behernagh 771 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Behy 334 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Bellaheady (or Rossbressal) 222 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Bellaleenan 222 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Bellamont Forest 870 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Bellanacargy Town Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Bellanacargy 229 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Bellanagh 136 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Bellananagh Town Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Bellavally Lower 1,014 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Bellavally Upper 709 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Bellsgrove 306 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Bellville 364 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Belturbet Town Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Benwilt 265 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Bernyhill 212 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Berrymount 134 Lower Loughtee Tomregan Bawnboy
Bessbrook 87 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Billis 288 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Billis 261 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Castletowndelvin
Binbane 127 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Bindoo 222 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Bingfield (or Gortnashangan Lower) 123 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Binkeeragh 296 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Birragh 197 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Black Bull (or Gallonbulloge) 45 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Blackhills Lower 235 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Blackhills Upper 172 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Blackstep 183 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Bleancup 118 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Boagh 365 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Bobsgrove 313 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Bocade Glebe 271 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Bofealan 78 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Bogesky 305 Lower Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Bohora 106 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Boley, Templeport 294 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Borim (Kinawley) 181 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Bracklagh 52 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Bracklagh 247 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Brackley, Templeport 618 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Bracklin 166 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Bracklin 536 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Brackloney 234 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Brankill 463 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Brankill (Flood) 78 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Brankill (Lanesborough) 138 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Breandrum, Tullyhunco 63 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Breandrum 134 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Brockly 96 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Broughderg 165 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Bruse 605 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Bruse 153 Castlerahan Loughan or Castlekeeran Oldcastle
Brusky 152 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Bulligs 60 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Bun 230 Lower Loughtee Urney Cavan
Bunanumery 44 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Bunnoe 197 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Burgessacre 22 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Burnew 179 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Burren 943 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Burren 271 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Burrencarragh 140 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Burrenrea 146 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Bursan 406 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Butlersbridge Town Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Cabra 599 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cabragh 205 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Cabragh 188 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Caldragh 52 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Calf Field (or Aghadrumgowna) 230 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Callaghs 335 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Callanagh Lower 276 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Callanagh Middle 167 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Callanagh Upper 159 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Camagh 162 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Camalier 91 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Campstown 229 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cappagh 212 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Cappog 268 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Capragh 85 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Cargagh 286 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Cargagh 1,038 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Carha 108 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Carn, Tullyhunco 227 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Carn 262 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Carn 265 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Carnagarve 618 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Carnagh Lower 361 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Carnagh Upper 277 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Carnalynch 468 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Carnans Lower 206 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Carnans Upper 150 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Carnin 390 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Carnmaclean 186 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Carnoge 27 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Carolina 207 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Carrakeelty Beg 120 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Carrakeelty More 124 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Carramoreen 69 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Carrick 498 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Carrick 557 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Carrick East 126 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Carrick West 157 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Carrickabane 167 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Carrickabane 190 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Carrickaboy Glebe 166 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Carrickacroman 1,425 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Carrickacroy 236 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Carrickakillew 287 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Carrickallen 504 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Carrickalwy 333 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Carrickane 89 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Carrickateane 152 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Carrickatober 213 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Carrickavee 296 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Carrickbrannan 133 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Carrickclevan 248 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Carrickcreeny 549 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Carrickeeshill 298 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Carrickgorman 343 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Carrickmore 274 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Carricknabrick 98 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Carricknagrow 679 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Carricknamaddoo 624 Upper Loughtee Killinkere Cavan
Carricknashoke 330 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Carricknaveagh 337 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Carricknaveddan 160 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Carrigabruse 207 Castlerahan Loughan or Castlekeeran Oldcastle
Carrigan 102 Lower Loughtee Tomregan Bawnboy
Carrigan 313 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Carrigan 94 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Carrigasimon 247 Castlerahan Loughan or Castlekeeran Oldcastle
Carrowfarnaghan 163 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Carrowmore 980 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Carrowreagh 196 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cartronfree 312 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Cartronnagilta 244 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Cashel 226 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Cashel 137 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Cashel 169 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Cashelbane 214 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Castlecosby (or Kevit Upper) 136 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Castlepoles 503 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Castlerahan 504 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Castlesaunderson Demesn 932 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Castleterra 141 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Cauhoo 371 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Cavan Town Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Cavanagh 275 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Cavanaquill 101 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Cavanarainy 184 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Cavancoulter 84 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Cavanfin 66 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Cavanskeldragh 76 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Cavantimahon 214 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Claddagh 334 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Claragh 111 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Claragh 300 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Claragh 246 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Clarbally 145 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Clare 312 Castlerahan Crosserlough Oldcastle
Clarebane 78 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Clareboy 101 Upper Loughtee Crosserlough Cavan
Claraghpottle Glebe 41 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Cleffin 378 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Cleggan 95 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Clementstown Town Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Clifferna 872 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Clifton 82 Lower Loughtee Tomregan Bawnboy
Clodrum 95 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Cloggagh 213 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Cloggy 188 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Cloghbally Lower 506 Castlerahan Mullagh Oldcastle
Cloghbally Upper 927 Castlerahan Mullagh Oldcastle
Cloghballybeg 545 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Cloghergoole 310 Castlerahan Mullagh Oldcastle
Cloghoge 152 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Cloghstuckagh 111 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Clonagonnell 258 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Clonamullig 156 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Clonandra 345 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Clonarney 198 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Clonbockoge 154 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Cloncollow 139 Lower Loughtee Tomregan Bawnboy
Clonconor Glebe 57 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Cloncose 86 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Cloncose 103 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Cloncovet 1,126 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Cloncurkney 151 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Clondargan 79 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Clondargan Glebe 69 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Cloneary 142 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Clonervy 414 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Clonkeen 193 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Clonkeiffy 974 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Clonloaghan 693 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Clonloskan 137 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Clonmacmara 192 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Clonmult 94 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Clonoose Big 376 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Clonoose Little 260 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Clonosey 367 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Clonraw 243 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Clonturkan 173 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Clontycoo 94 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Clontyduffy (Nugent) 200 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Clontydully (Hart) 131 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Clontycarnaghan 370 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Clontygrigny 379 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Cloone 95 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Clooneen 157 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Closnabraddan (or Taghart North) 431 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cloverhill 88 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Cloverhill Demesne 297 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Clowney 214 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Clowninny 117 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Cohaw 258 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Collops 531 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Commas (Kinawley) 2,564 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Commons, The (or Sralahan) 207 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Conaghoo 78 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Condry 139 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Conleen 103 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Coolbane 199 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Coolboyoge 119 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Coolcanadas 241 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Coolkill 427 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Coolnacarrick 148 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Coolnacola 221 Upper Loughtee Killinkere Bailieborough
Coolnagor (or Ricehill) 128 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Coolnalitteragh 93 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Coolnashinny (or Croaghan) 132 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Coologe 265 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Cootehill Town Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Coppanagh 806 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Coppanagh 88 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Coppanagh Glebe 227 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Coppanaghbane 228 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Coppanaghmore 437 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Cor, Templeport 153 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Coragh 547 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Coragh 128 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Coragh 117 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Coragh 289 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Coragh Glebe 237 Tullyhunco Killashandra Bawnboy
Coraghmuck (or Greaghacholea 281 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Coras Point 41 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Corballyquill 290 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Corbeagh 156 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Corbeagh 125 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Corbeagh 392 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Corboy Glebe 141 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corcanadas 97 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Corcashel 326 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Corcashel 355 Tullyhaw Killinagh Cavan
Corclare 62 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Corcloghan 154 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Corcloghan 139 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Corcovety 182 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Corcraff 160 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Corcraff 91 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Corcreeghagh 122 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Cordalea 128 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Cordevlis 178 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Cordingin 270 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Cordoagh 152 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cordoagh 169 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Cordoagh Glebe Upper 101 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cordoagh Lower 89 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cordonaghy 239 Tullyhunco Scrabby Cavan
Cordressogagh 169 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corduff 778 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Corduff 134 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Corduff (or Cormore) 170 Tullyhunco Scrabby Cavan
Corfad 653 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Corfad 346 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Corfad 266 Upper Loughtee Larah Cootehill
Corfeehone 374 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Corfree 373 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Corgarran 62 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Corgarry 122 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Corgarve 331 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Corgarve (or Creeve) 73 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Corglass 126 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Corglass 193 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Corglass 74 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Corglass 290 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Corglass 142 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Corglass 221 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Corglass 58 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Corglass (or Rahan) 97 Castlerahan Crosserlough Bailieborough
Corgreagh 64 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Corgreagh 138 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Corgreagh 243 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Corhanagh 359 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Corhoogan 62 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Corick 181 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Corkish 681 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Corlaghaloo 162 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Corlat 198 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Corlateerin 154 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Corlattycarroll 113 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Corlattylannan 252 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Corlea 360 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Corlea 140 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corleck 202 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Corleckagh Lower 105 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corleckagh Upper 182 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corleckduff 121 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Corleggy 72 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Corlis 30 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Corlisalee 135 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Corlisbannan 258 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corlisbrattan 453 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Corlislea 155 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Corlismore 214 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Corlough townland 209 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corlurgan 262 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Corlurgan 166 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Cormacmullan 61 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Cormaddyduff 84 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Cormaddyduff 565 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Cormeen 200 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Cormeen 123 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Cormeen 347 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Cormeen 417 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Cormeen Glebe 254 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Cormey 333 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cormore (or Corduff) 170 Tullyhunco Scrabby Cavan
Cornabaste 165 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Cornabeagh 117 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cornabraher 199 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cornacarrow 175 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Cornacarrow 122 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Cornaclea (or Tawlagh) 63 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Cornacleigh 110 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Cornacrea 130 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Cornacreeve 156 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Cornacrum 246 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Cornadarragh 109 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Cornadarragh (Pleydell) 98 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Cornadimpan Glebe 152 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Cornafean 151 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Cornagall 243 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Cornagarrow 251 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Cornagarrow 77 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cornagee 93 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cornagee 430 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Cornaglare (or Palmira) 389 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Cornaglea Lower 165 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Cornaglea Upper 167 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Cornagleragh (or Oldtown) 126 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Cornagran (Kinawley) 89 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Cornagran 120 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Cornagrow 247 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Cornagrow 112 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Cornagunleog 182 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Cornahaia 139 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Cornahaw 425 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Cornahilt 169 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Cornakill 190 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cornakill 260 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Cornakill 531 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Cornakilly 216 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Cornalara 202 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Cornaleck 64 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Cornaleen 101 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Cornalon 104 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Cornamagh 411 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cornamahan 97 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Cornaman 114 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cornamucklagh 138 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Cornamucklagh 130 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cornamucklagh 253 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Cornamucklagh 178 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Cornanaff 261 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Cornanurney 238 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cornasaus 215 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cornasaus 327 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cornaseer 223 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Cornashesk 533 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Cornasker 48 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Cornaslieve 526 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Cornaveagh 256 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Corneen 205 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corneenflynn 216 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Corporation Lands 771 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Corr 374 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Corraback 193 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Corracanvy 162 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Corracarrow 165 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Corracholia Beg 83 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corracholia More 118 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corrachomera 336 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corraclassy 56 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corracleigh 128 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Corracreeny 94 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Corracreeny 71 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Corradarren 369 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Corradeverrid 146 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corradooa 123 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Corradownan 281 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Corragarry 328 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Corragho 331 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Corraghy 240 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Corraghy 150 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Corragloon 164 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Corragvoy 199 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Corrahoash 140 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corrakane 66 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Corrakeeldrum 593 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corrakeeran 233 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Corrakeeran 86 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Corraleehanbeg 154 Tullyhaw Drumreilly Bawnboy
Corran, County Cavan 145 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corran 394 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Corranea Glebe 519 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Corranearty 90 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Corraneary 259 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Corraneary 335 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Corraneary 104 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Corraneary 342 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Corraneden 174 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Corranierna (Corlough) 60 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corranierna 176 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Corranure 231 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Corraquigley 170 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corraquill 244 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Bawnboy
Corrard 61 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corrarod 260 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Corrasmongan 116 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corratawy 348 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Corratillan 179 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Corratinner 334 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Corratirrim 198 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corratober 196 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Corratober 153 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Corratober 394 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Corratober Lower 172 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corratober Upper 197 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corravahan 174 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Corravarry 140 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Corraveaty 45 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Corravilla 559 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Corravilla 223 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Corravoggy 272 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Corravohy 80 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Corrawaddy 151 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Corraweelis 481 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Corraweelis 292 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Corraweelis 52 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Corrawillin 79 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Correagh Glebe 279 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Correvan 303 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Corrinshigo 189 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Corrinshigo 99 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Corronagh 369 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Corrycholman 158 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Corryrourke 389 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Corstruce 88 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Cortober 469 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Cortober 397 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cortrasna 107 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Cortrasna (or Edergole) 189 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Corweelis 130 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Corweelis 265 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Corweelis (or Lisaderg) 207 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Corwin 99 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Coskemduff 280 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Countenan 232 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Crahard 81 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Cran 218 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Cranaghan 494 Lower Loughtee Tomregan Cavan
Crannadillon 280 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Creea 318 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Creenagh Glebe 252 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Creenow 105 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Creeny 297 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Creeny 288 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Creeve (or Corgarve) 73 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Creighan 101 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Crenard 120 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Crilea 257 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Croaghan 442 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Croaghan (or Coolnashinny) 132 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Crocklusty 103 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Crocknahattin 585 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Croley 222 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Cronery 188 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Cross 126 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Crossafehin 218 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Crossbane 359 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Crosscarn 71 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Crossdoney 32 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Crosserlough 594 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Crosserule 310 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Crossmakeelan 265 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Crossmakelagher 196 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Crossrah 218 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Crossreagh 219 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Crossreagh 97 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Crover 389 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Crubany 359 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Crumlin 142 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Crumlin 172 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Cuilcagh 250 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Cuillaghan 405 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Bawnboy
Cullaboy Lower 190 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Cullaboy Upper 226 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Cullentragh 192 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Cullentragh 232 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Culliagh 267 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Cullies 279 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Cullies 342 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Cullin 77 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Cullion (Kinawley) 372 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Cullow 111 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Cullyleenan 76 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Curracloghan 204 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Curraghabreedin 139 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Curraghabweehan 54 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Curraghanoe 140 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Curraghglass 175 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Curraghkeel 67 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Curraghmore 208 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Curragho 118 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Curraghvagh 398 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Cuttragh 179 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Daggan 169 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Danesfort Demesne (or Togher) 202 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Darkley 447 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Deerpark 354 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Denn Glebe 48 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Dennbane 323 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Dennmore (or Leggandenn) 445 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Deralk 128 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Deramfield 234 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Derdis Lower 279 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Derdis Upper 298 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Derinish Beg 51 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Derinish More 82 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Dernaferst 193 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Dernaglush 192 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Dernakesh 248 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Dernaskeagh 192 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Dernaweel 296 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Derreary 149 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Derreskit 332 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Derries 179 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Derries Lower 246 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Derries Upper 273 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Derrin Lower 115 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Derrin Upper 67 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Derrindrehid 134 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Derrinlester 115 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Derrintinny 133 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Derry 371 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Derry 288 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Derry 144 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Derry Beg 113 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Derry More 126 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Derryarmush 180 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Derrybrick 143 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Derrycark 166 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Derrycassan 497 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Derryconnessy 113 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Derrycramph 169 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Derrydamph 253 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Derryevin 67 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Derrygarra Lower 79 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Derrygarra Upper 90 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Derrygeeraghan 238 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Derrygid 190 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Derrygid 185 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Derryginny 125 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Derryglen 216 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Derrygoss 147 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Derryheen 327 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Derryhoo 221 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Derryhoo 246 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Derryhum 430 Upper Loughtee Killinkere Bailieborough
Derrylahan 417 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Derrylahan 910 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Derrylane 57 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Derrylane 178 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Derrylea 287 Castlerahan Crosserlough Oldcastle
Derryleague 125 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Derrylinn 99 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Derrylurgan 480 Castlerahan Denn Oldcastle
Derryna 133 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Derrynacreeve 122 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Derrynacross 169 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Derrynagan 83 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Derrynalester 125 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Derrynananta Lower 789 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Derrynananta Upper 1,089 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Derrynaseer 155 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Derrynaslieve 94 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Derrynatuan 185 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Derrynure 245 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Derryola 89 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Derryragh 207 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Derryrealt 250 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Derryvackney 213 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Derryvahan 109 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Derryvehil 140 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Derryvella (Corlough) 112 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Derryvony 407 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Derrywinny 104 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Devally 69 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Diamondhill (or Drumcartagh) 69 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Dillagh 254 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Dingin 112 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Dingins 306 Tullyhunco Scrabby Cavan
Dinginvanty 226 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Disert, Tullyhunco 105 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Doocarrick 332 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Doocassan 186 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Doogary 318 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Doohallat 188 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Doon 339 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Doon (Drumreilly) 1,189 Tullyhaw Drumreilly Bawnboy
Doon, Tomregan 110 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Dooreagh 533 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Dowra 311 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Dreenan 88 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Dresternagh 312 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Dring 182 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Droghill 138 Upper Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drokaghbane 198 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Dromore 443 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Drumerdannan 142 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Drumacachon 168 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumacarrow 516 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Drumacleeskin 138 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumacon 266 Upper Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumacullion 156 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Drumad 359 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Drumagolan 518 Castlerahan Killinkere Oldcastle
Drumahurk 69 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumakeenan 132 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Drumakinneo 201 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Drumalee 85 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Drumalee 280 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Drumalee 98 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumalee 192 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Drumalla (or Feugh (Bishops)) 272 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumalt 251 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumalure Beg 95 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Drumalure More 205 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Drumamry 116 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumamuck Glebe 243 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Drumanalaragh 160 Upper Loughtee Crosserlough Cavan
Drumane 147 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Drumanespick 777 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Drumaraw 149 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumard 98 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Drumard 292 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drumasladdy 193 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumauna 227 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumavaddy 160 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Drumavaddy 114 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Drumavaddy 336 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Drumavanagh 84 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Drumaveil North 72 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Drumaveil South 276 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Drumavrack 172 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Drumbagh 48 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Drumbannan 452 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Drumbannow 111 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Drumbar 131 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Drumbar 120 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Drumbar (Kinawley) 306 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Drumbar 44 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Drumbar 43 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Drumbarkey 139 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Drumbarlom 204 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumbarry 286 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Drumbartagh 127 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Drumbeagh 188 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Drumbee 274 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Drumberry 105 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumbess 584 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumbinnis 90 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Drumbinnis 369 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Drumbo 290 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Drumbo (Tullyhunco) 156 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Drumbo 94 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Drumboory 177 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Drumbrade 149 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Drumbrade 244 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Drumbrawn 452 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Drumbriskan 177 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Drumbrollisk 198 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumbrucklis 309 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Drumbrucklis 134 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Drumbrughas 195 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Drumbrughas 249 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumbullion 241 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumcalpin 170 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Drumcalpin 215 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumcalpin 332 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Drumcanon 81 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Drumcanon (Kinawley) 73 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Drumcanon 104 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Drumcar (Kinawley) 74 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Drumcarban 358 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Drumcarey 244 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumcarn 284 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Drumcartagh (or Diamondhill) 69 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Drumcase 84 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Drumcask 298 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Drumcassidy 162 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Drumchoe 266 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumcoghill Lower 126 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumcoghill Upper 124 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumcole 225 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumcon 102 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumcon 61 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drumcondra 195 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Drumconlester 97 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumconnick 227 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Drumconra 116 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Drumconra (or Lowforge) 189 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Drumcor 374 Clanmahon Drumlumman Cavan
Drumcor 108 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drumcor 316 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumcrauve 197 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Drumcrin 158 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Drumcrow 499 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Drumcrow 97 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumcrow 141 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Drumcrow 548 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Drumcrow 176 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Drumcrow North 125 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumcrow South 292 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumcullion 86 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Drumcullion 166 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumderg 73 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Drumderg Glebe 43 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Drumeague 419 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Drumederglass 96 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Drumeena 251 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Drumeeny 56 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Drumegil 206 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Drumelis 266 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Drumellis 123 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Drumeltan 242 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumerkillew 563 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumersee 317 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Drumersnaw 101 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Drumestagh 182 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Drumfomina 267 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Drumgallon 173 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumgart 136 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumgerd 83 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumgesh 172 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumgill 192 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumgoa 125 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumgoohy 104 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Drumgola 156 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Drumgoney 182 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Drumgoon 286 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumgoon 210 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Drumgor 38 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drumgora 177 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Drumgora 278 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Drumgore 341 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Drumgorry 152 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Drumgreen 48 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Drumgur 98 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Drumhallagh 63 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Drumhallagh 159 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Drumharid 231 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumhart 253 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumhawnagh 431 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Drumhawragh 573 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Drumhecknagh 142 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drumhell 57 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumhell 246 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drumhell 184 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Drumherriff 175 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumherriff North 48 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumherriff South 169 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumherrish 36 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumhillagh 140 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Drumhillagh 136 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumhillagh 181 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Drumhillagh 176 Tullyhunco Scrabby Cavan
Drumhillagh 203 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumhillagh 187 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Drumhillagh North 371 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Drumhillagh South 291 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Drumhirk 129 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Drumhirk 370 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Drumhirk 161 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumhome 74 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumhose 162 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumhurrin 373 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Drumhurt 245 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumiller 215 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Druminisclin 153 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Druminisclin 162 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Druminiskill 152 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Druminnick 77 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Drumkeen 79 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Drumkeen 40 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumkeeran 86 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumkeeran Beg 106 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumkeeran Black 139 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumkeeran More 138 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumkeery 176 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Drumkerril 67 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumkilly 230 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Drumkilroosk 288 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumlane 212 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumlane 306 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Drumlarah 193 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Drumlark 145 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Drumlarney 138 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumlaunaght 89 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Drumlaunaght 38 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Drumlaydan 123 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Drumleague 223 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumleny 137 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drumliff 456 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumliff 122 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Drumlion 169 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Drumlion 88 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drumloaghan 102 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumlom 208 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Drumloman 300 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Drumlon 205 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Drumlougher 338 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Drumlougher 551 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumlumman 158 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Drummallaght 737 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Drumman 111 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Drummanbane 247 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Drummanduff 406 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Drummany 177 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Drummany 107 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Drummany 105 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drummany 194 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drummany (Pleydell) 184 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drummany Beg 43 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drummany Glebe 125 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drummany Montiaghs 116 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drummany Rahan 135 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drummartin 148 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drummeva 225 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Drumminick 163 Tullygarvey Larah Cavan
Drumminnion 123 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Drummole 197 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Drummoney 264 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Drummonum 296 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Drummora Great 279 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drummora Little 127 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drummoy 106 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Drummuck 235 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Drummullagh 124 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drummullan 103 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drummullig 119 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Drummully (or Oakwood) 182 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drummully East 215 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Drummully West 113 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Drummurry 158 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drummury 221 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumnagar 208 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Drumnagran 356 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumnagress 264 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumnalaragh 246 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Drumnanarragh 220 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Drumnasreane 61 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumnatread 449 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumnaveagh 399 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Drumnavrick 120 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Drumnawall 159 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumnoose 199 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumod Glebe 77 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Drumoghra 84 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Drumohan 103 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumoosclin 322 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Drumpeak 2,551 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Drumquill 54 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumrane 185 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumrat 142 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Drumrat 152 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Drumrath 207 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Drumrockady 177 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumroe 174 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumrooghill 224 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Drumroosk 290 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Drumroosk 105 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumroosk (or Thomascourt) 59 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Drumroragh 609 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Drumrush 159 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Drumryan 52 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumsallagh 149 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Drumscruddan 375 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Drumsheil 208 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumshinny 194 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drumsillagh 242 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Drumsillagh 171 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumsivney 68 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Drumskelt 148 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drumskerry 133 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Drumury 169 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Drumyouth 201 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Drung 231 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Drutamon 239 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Drutamy 217 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Druumskeagh 50 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Duckfield 295 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Duffcastle 182 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Dunancory 288 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Dunaree 348 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Dunaweel 651 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Duncollog 138 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Dundavan 216 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Dundragon 114 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Duneena 176 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Dung 186 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Dunglave 143 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Dungonnan 132 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Dungummin Lower 297 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Dungummin Upper 704 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Dunmakeever 1,233 Tullyhaw Kinawley Enniskillen
Dunmurry 79 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Dunrora 44 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Eaglehill 101 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Edenburt 1,096 Castlerahan Loughan or Castlekeeran Oldcastle
Edenmore 716 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Edennagully 321 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Edenterriff 116 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Edenticlare 305 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Edergole 173 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Edergole (or Cortrasna) 189 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Edermin 77 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Edrans 213 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Egramush 200 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Eighter 718 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Elteen 103 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Enagh 159 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Enagh 179 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Enagh 88 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Enagh 346 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Enagh 198 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Enagh 359 Castlerahan Loughan or Castlekeeran Oldcastle
Enniskeen 271 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Eonish 245 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Erraran 155 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Errigal 170 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Eshveagh 439 Tullyhaw Kinawley Enniskillen
Evlagh Beg 166 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Evlagh More 140 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Faharlagh 94 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Farnham 418 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Farragh 118 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Farragh 99 Castlerahan Denn Oldcastle
Farrangarve 435 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Farranseer 336 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Farranydaly 237 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Fartadreen 244 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Fartagh 141 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Fartagh 604 Castlerahan Loughan or Castlekeeran Oldcastle
Fartan Lower 147 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Fartan Upper 84 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Fartrin 281 Lower Loughtee Tomregan Bawnboy
Feaugh 179 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Feedarragh 104 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Feugh (Bishops) (or Drumalla) 272 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Feugh (Maxwell) 166 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Finaghoo 285 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Finaway 347 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Fintawan 258 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Finternagh 295 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Foalies 46 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Forthenry (or Largy) 346 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Forthill 212 Tullyhunco Scrabby Cavan
Fortland 350 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Freeduff 310 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Furnaceland 364 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Galbolie 433 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Gallon 193 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Gallon Etra 200 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Gallon Glebe 61 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Gallonbane 128 Clanmahon Kilbride Cavan
Gallonboy 89 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Gallonbulloge (or Black Bull) 45 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Galloncurra 107 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Gallonnambraher 274 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Gallonreagh 146 Clanmahon Kilbride Cavan
Gallonreagh 101 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Garfiny 182 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Garrison 84 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Garryfliugh 305 Tullyhaw Drumreilly Bawnboy
Garrymore 580 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Garrynogher 143 Castlerahan Crosserlough Oldcastle
Garryross 333 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Garrysallagh (D'Arcy) 151 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Garrysallagh (O'Reilly) 169 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Gartacara 98 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Gartaquill 363 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Gartbrattan 106 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Gartbrattan 264 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Gartinardress 324 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Gartnaneane 701 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Gartnanoul 246 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Gartnasillagh 173 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Gartylough 260 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Garvagh 757 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Garvalt Lower 238 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Garvalt Upper (or Gub) 201 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Garvary (Corlough) 109 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Garvesk 286 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Glascarrick 294 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Glasdrumman 195 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Glasdrumman 158 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Glasdrumman 412 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Glasstown (or Port) 118 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Glebe 20 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Glebe 39 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Glebe 53 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Glebe 3 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Glen 102 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Glencorran 450 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Gneeve 222 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Gola 271 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Gortacashel 90 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Gortachurk 37 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Gortachurk 105 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Gortaclogher 253 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gortaquill 109 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Gortawee (or Scotchtown) 137 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Gorteen (Kinawley) 137 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Gorteen, Templeport 104 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gorteen (Gorteenagarry) 153 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Gorteen (or Gorteenaterriff) 345 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Gorteenagarry (or Gorteen) 153 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Gorteenaterriff (or Gorteen) 345 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Gorteennaglogh 115 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Gortin 206 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Gortlaunaght 107 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Gortmore 112 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gortnacargy 155 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gortnacleigh 98 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Gortnaderrylea 43 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Gortnakesh 25 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Gortnakillew 212 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Gortnaleck 94 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gortnaleg 172 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Gortnaleg 262 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Gortnashangan Lower (or Bingfield) 123 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Gortnashangan Upper (or Hermitage) 163 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Gortnavreeghan 383 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gortoorlan 208 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Gortskeagh 246 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Gortullaghan 171 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gowlagh North 140 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gowlagh South 165 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gowlan 937 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gowlan 260 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Gowlat 301 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Graddum 363 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Greagh 141 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Greagh 275 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Greaghacholea (or Coraghmuck) 281 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Greaghadoo 183 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Greaghadossan 556 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Greaghagarran 157 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Greaghagibney 524 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Greagharne 138 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Greaghclaugh 221 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Greaghclogh 513 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Greaghcrottagh 193 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Greaghcrottagh 225 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Greaghduff 40 Castlerahan Bailieborough Bailieborough
Greaghduff 140 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Greaghettiagh 425 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Greaghnacross 394 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Greaghnacunnia 203 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Greaghnadarragh 268 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Greaghnadarragh 174 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Greaghnadoony 88 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Greaghnafarna 530 Upper Loughtee Killinkere Cavan
Greaghnagee 114 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Greaghnmale 213 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Greaghrahan 284 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Greathill 111 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Grellagh 344 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Grilly 171 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Grousehall 288 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Gub (Kinawley) 158 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Gub (or Garvalt Upper) 201 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Gubaveeny 1,372 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Gubnafarna 250 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Gubnagree 125 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Gubrawully 303 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Gubrimmaddera 65 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Hackelty 35 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Hawkswood 180 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Heney 91 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Hermitage (or Gortnashangan Upper) 163 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Inch Island 87 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Inishbeg 192 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Inishconnell 154 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Inishmore 491 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Inishmuck 128 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Invyarroge 216 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Island 369 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Keadew 177 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Keadew 233 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Keeghan 117 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Keelagh 335 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Keelagh 247 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Keelagh Glebe 19 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Keelderry 274 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Keenagh, Templeport 61 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Keenagh 247 Castlerahan Crosserlough Oldcastle
Keenaghan 127 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Keeny 220 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Keilagh 171 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Kevit Lower 134 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Kevit Upper (or Castlecosby) 136 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Kiffagh 400 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Kilbride 496 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Kilclogha 185 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Kilcogy 831 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Kilconny Town Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Kilconny 375 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Kilcorby 212 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Kilcrossbeg 171 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Kilcrossduff 442 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Kildallan townland 397 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Kildoagh 179 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Kildorragh Glebe 607 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Kilduff 177 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Kilduff 174 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Kilduff Lower 127 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Kilduff Middle 140 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Kilduff Upper 96 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Kilgarve 103 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Kilgolagh 399 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Kill 486 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Kill Demesne 158 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Killaghaduff 99 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Killaliss 218 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Killan 226 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Killaquill 53 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Killarah 683 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Killashandra Town Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Killatee 319 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Killeter 571 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Killicar 192 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Killnagun 114 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Killoughter 140 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Killybandrick 533 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Killycannan 166 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Killycarney 221 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Killycatron 156 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Killycleare 162 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Killycloghan 346 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Killycluggin 76 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Killyconnan 216 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Killyconny 305 Castlerahan Loughan or Castlekeeran Oldcastle
Killycramph 65 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Killycreeny 204 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Killycrin 166 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Killycrone 151 Tullygarvey Larah Cavan
Killydoon 163 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Killydream 271 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Killyduff 201 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Killyfana 324 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Killyfassy 255 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Killyfern 119 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Killyfinla 232 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Killygarry 264 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Killygarry 62 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Killygorman 299 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Killygowan 112 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Killygowan 266 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Killygreagh 166 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Killygrogan 341 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Killykeen 59 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Killykeen 178 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Killykeen 54 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Killylea 250 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Killymeehan 195 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Killymoriarty 160 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Killymullin 259 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Killynaff 133 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Killynaher 73 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Killynanum 193 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Killyneary 151 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Killynebber 217 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Killynure 187 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Killynure 369 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Killyran 329 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Killyrue 230 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Killyrue 133 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Killytawny 137 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Killyteane 218 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Killytogher 337 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Killyvaghan 338 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Killyvahan 111 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Killyvally 107 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Killyvally 157 Castlerahan Denn Oldcastle
Killyvanny 221 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Killywaum 101 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Killywillin 201 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Killywilly 383 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Kilmacaran 557 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Kilmacnoran 273 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Kilmainham 297 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Kilmore 333 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Kilmore 285 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Kilmore Lower 143 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Kilmore Upper 226 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Kilnacor 273 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Kilnacranagh 136 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Kilnacreeve 156 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Kilnacreevy 265 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Kilnacreevy 277 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Kilnacrew 382 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Kilnacross 145 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Kilnacross 112 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Kilnacross 166 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Kilnacross 168 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Kilnacrott 465 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Kilnagarbet 128 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Kilnaglare 237 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Kilnaglare Lower 158 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Kilnaglare Upper 57 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Kilnahard 138 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Kilnaleck Town Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Kilnaleck 181 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Kilnaleck 297 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Kilnavar 184 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Kilnavara 309 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Kilnavert 188 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Kilquilly 243 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Kilsallagh 169 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Kilsallagh 75 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Kilsaran 436 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Kilsob 348 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Kiltaglassan 173 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Kiltomulty 167 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Kiltrasna 119 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Kiltynaskellan 547 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Kinagha Beg 61 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Kinagha More 98 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Kingscourt Town Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Kinkeel 143 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Kinnabo 156 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Kinnea 236 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Kinnypottle 78 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Kivvy 155 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Knappagh 243 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Knockaghy 368 Tullyhunco Scrabby Cavan
Knockakishta 123 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Knockanoark 288 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Knockanore 141 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Knockaraheen 316 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Knockataggart 858 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Knockateane 125 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Knockatee 52 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Knockateery 207 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Knockatemple 497 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Knockatudor 224 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Knockbride 386 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Knockfad 198 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Knockfin 226 Tullyhaw Drumreilly Bawnboy
Knockgorm 351 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Knockmore, County Cavan 273 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Knocknagartan 251 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Knocknagillagh 71 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Knocknalosset 484 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Knocknashammer 393 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Knocknaveagh 422 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Knockranny 131 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Knockroe (Kinawley) 228 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Knockroe 40 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Labbinlee 175 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Lackan 136 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Lackan Lower 339 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Lackan Upper 185 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Lackanclare 128 Castlerahan Denn Cavan
Lackanduff 165 Castlerahan Denn Oldcastle
Lackanmore 399 Castlerahan Denn Oldcastle
Lagan 174 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Lahard 296 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Laheen 242 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Lakefield, Templeport 87 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Lanliss 245 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Lannanerriagh 709 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Lappanbane 297 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Lappanduff 192 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Laragh 224 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Larah 136 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Laraweehan 145 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Larchfield Glebe 49 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Largan 203 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Largy (or Forthenry) 346 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Lateaster 122 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Lateever 231 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Latnadronagh 330 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Latsey 437 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Latt 231 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Lattacapple 134 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Lattagloghan 604 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Latterriff 122 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Lattone 98 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Lattoon 288 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Lattyloo 126 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Latully 298 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Lavagh 364 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Lavey 458 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Leaghin 203 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Leam 36 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Leamgeltan 118 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Lear 477 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Lear 127 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Lecharrownahone 313 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Lecharry 355 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Leck 86 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Lecks 505 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Ledonigan 197 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Legaginny 185 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Legaland 225 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Legalough 108 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Legatraghta 197 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Legavreagra 467 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Legaweel 118 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Legeelan 233 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Leggandenn (or Dennmore) 445 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Legglass 216 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Leggykelly 248 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Legland 461 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Legnaderk 359 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Legnagrow 830 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Legwee 281 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Leiter 186 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Leiter 630 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Leiter 164 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Leitra, Corlough 82 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Leitrim 229 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Leitrim 637 Castlerahan Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Lenanavragh 223 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Lettermore 229 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Lisachunny 53 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Lisaderg 198 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Lisaderg (or Corweelis) 207 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Lisagoan 696 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Lisanalsk 247 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Lisanisky 112 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Lisanny 210 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Lisarney 242 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Lisasturrin 83 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Lisataggart 94 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Lisatawan 126 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Lisatoo 150 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Lisawaum 69 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Lisball 799 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Lisboduff 186 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Lisbree 238 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Lisclogher 230 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Lisclone 179 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Lisdaran 125 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Lisdeegin 84 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Lisdoagh 101 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Lisdonan 220 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Lisdonnish 134 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Lisdrumfad 160 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Lisdrumskea 248 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Lisduff 471 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Lisduff 125 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Lisduff 267 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Lisdunvis Glebe 67 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Lisegny 135 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Lisgannon 294 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Lisgar 299 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Lisgrea 391 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Lishenry 150 Castlerahan Denn Oldcastle
Lisinigan 50 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Lislea 211 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Lislea 186 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Lislea 221 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Lislea 486 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Lislin 101 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Lislin 305 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Lismacanigan Lower 386 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Lismacanigan Upper 236 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Lismagiril 377 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Lismagratty 182 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Lismeen 60 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Lismeen 331 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Lismore Demesne 332 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Lismullig 90 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Lisnabantry 233 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Lisnabantry 135 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Lisnabrinnia 140 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Lisnacark 65 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Lisnaclea 180 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Lisnaclea 324 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Lisnadarragh 117 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Lisnadarragh 183 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Lisnafana 243 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Lisnageer 162 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Lisnageer 198 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Lisnaglea 219 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Lisnagoon 158 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Lisnagowan 151 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Lisnahederna 119 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Lisnahederna 281 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Lisnalea 143 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Lisnamaine (or Sycamore Fields) 55 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Lisnamandra 89 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Lisnananagh 209 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Lisnananagh 167 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Lisnasaran 84 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Lisnasassonagh 105 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Lisnashanna 176 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Lisnatinny 148 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Lisreagh 155 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Lissacapple 186 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Lissanover 299 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Lissanymore 760 Upper Loughtee Killinkere Bailieborough
Listiernan 390 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Long 167 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Longfield 93 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Longfield 141 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Lonnogs 300 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Loortan 54 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Losset 123 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Lossetkillew 86 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Loughaconnick 161 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Loughan 113 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Loughdawan 454 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Loughdooly 125 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Loughlinnan 78 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Loughnafin (or Rockfield) 378 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Lowforge (or Drumconra) 189 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Lurgan 127 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Lurgan Glebe 44 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Lurgananure 326 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Lurganaveele 221 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Lurganbane 119 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Lurganboy 46 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Lurganboy 176 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Lurganboy 272 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Mackan 176 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Macknan 77 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Magheraboy Lower 236 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Magheraboy Upper 263 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Magheranure 204 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Magherintemple 93 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Maghernacaldry 65 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Makief 99 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Manragh Lower 80 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Manragh Upper 115 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Marahill 91 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Marahill 88 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Marahill 362 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Mayo 174 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Meeltoge 45 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Meenaslieve 211 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Middletown 225 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Milltown 129 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Moat 161 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Moher 939 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Moher (Drumreilly) 218 Tullyhaw Drumreilly Bawnboy
Moher 202 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Moher 99 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Moher 590 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Mohercrom 215 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Moherloob 111 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Moherreagh 195 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Monaghanoose 648 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Moneen 652 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Moneenabrone 138 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Moneensauran 1,739 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Moneenterriff 332 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Monelty 161 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Monesk 1,077 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Money 103 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Moneycass Glebe 314 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Moneygashel 328 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Moneynure 90 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Monnery Lower 258 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Monnery Upper 212 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Monydoo (or Tonycrom) 444 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Moodoge 99 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Mount Nugent 137 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Mount Nugent Town Town Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Mountpallas 248 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Mountprospect 353 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Moydristan 219 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Moyduff 213 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Moyer 350 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Moylett 561 Upper Loughtee Killinkere Cavan
Moynagh Lower 302 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Moynagh Upper 366 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Moynehall 195 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Mucklagh 324 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Muff 128 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Muff 279 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Muinaghan 232 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Muineal 105 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Mullacastle 345 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Mullacroghery 231 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Mullagh Town Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Mullagh 668 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Mullaghahy 103 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Mullaghard 288 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Mullaghboy 225 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Mullaghboy 301 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Mullaghboy 65 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Mullaghboy 126 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Mullaghboy 234 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Mullaghboy 303 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Mullaghdoo, Cavan 272 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Mullaghduff 252 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Mullaghkeel 48 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Mullaghlea 528 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Mullaghlea Glen 238 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Mullaghmeen 114 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Mullaghmore, Tullyhunco 459 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Mullaghmore, Templeport 205 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Mullaghmore 248 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Mullaghmore 62 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Mullaghmullan 106 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Mullaghoran 722 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Mullalougher 296 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Mullan 109 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Mullanacre Lower 314 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Mullanacre Upper 552 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Mullanacross 198 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Mullanaffrin 127 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Mullanavarnoge 94 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Mullandreenagh (or Thornhill) 168 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Mullantra 61 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Mullanwary 62 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Mully Lower 123 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Mully Upper 151 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Mullyamly 135 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Mullybrack 280 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Mullymagowan 544 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Mullynagolman 109 Lower Loughtee Tomregan Bawnboy
Mulnanarragh 136 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Mulrick 341 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Munlough North 105 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Munlough South 68 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Munnilly 98 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Murmod 746 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Naheelis 88 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Ned, Tullyhunco 323 Tullyhunco Killashandra Bawnboy
Neddaiagh 204 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Newtown (Kinawley) 56 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Newtown, Templeport 93 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Newtown 120 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Newtown 107 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Noghan 189 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Nolagh 751 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Nutfield 109 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Oakwood (or Drummully) 182 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Oggal 265 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Oghill 335 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Oldtown (or Cornagleragh) 126 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Omard 965 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Ouley 82 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Owencam 314 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Owengallees 469 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Paddock 321 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Palmira (or Cornaglare) 389 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Parisee 467 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Plush 230 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Poles 292 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Pollabane 352 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Pollafree 243 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Pollakeel 500 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Pollakeel 193 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Pollamalady 264 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Pollamore Far 256 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Pollamore Near 247 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Pollareagh 244 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Pollareagh 137 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Pollintemple 98 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Port, Templeport 335 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Port 168 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Port (or Glasstown) 118 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Port Island 1 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Portacloghan 132 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Portaliff (or Townparks) 326 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Portaliff Glebe 10 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Portan 128 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Portanure 371 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Portlawney 139 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Portlongfield 762 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Portnaquin 53 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Portruan 111 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Porturlan 67 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Pottahee 145 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Pottle 87 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Pottle 136 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Pottle 56 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Pottle 81 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Pottle 130 Castlerahan Denn Oldcastle
Pottle East 89 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Pottle Lower 244 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Pottle Soden 43 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Pottle Upper 252 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Pottle West 150 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Pottlebane 271 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Pottleboy 91 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Pottleboy 40 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Pottleboy 74 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Pottlebrack 185 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Pottleduff 51 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Pottlereagh 98 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Prospect, Corlough 229 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Putiaghan Lower 88 Lower Loughtee Urney Cavan
Putiaghan Upper 121 Lower Loughtee Urney Cavan
Quivvy 484 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Quivvy 65 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Rabane 81 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Rabane 175 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Rabrackan 36 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Raclaghy 165 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Racraveen 105 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Raffony 279 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Rafian 159 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Ragaskin 156 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Rahaghan 53 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Rahardrum 324 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Raharverty 76 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Raheelagh 305 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Raheelan 133 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Raheever 348 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Raheg 224 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Rahellistin 125 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Rahoran 52 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Rahultan 153 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Rakane 310 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Rakeelan 125 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Rakeevan 727 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Rakenny 339 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Ralaghan 632 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Ralaghan 243 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Raleagh 285 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Raludan 68 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Ramonan 194 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Ramulligan 129 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Ranrenagh 189 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Rantavan 672 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Raragh 114 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Raskill 216 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Rassan 392 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Rassan (or Corglass) 96 Castlerahan Crosserlough Oldcastle
Rasuddan 227 Castlerahan Castlerahan Oldcastle
Rathcorick 207 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Ratrussan 605 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Ravenfield (or Aghadoon) 69 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Ray 143 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Reask 104 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Redhill Town Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Redhill Demesne 185 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Relagh Beg 173 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Relagh More 114 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Ricehill (or Coolnagor) 128 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Rinn 183 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Rivory 312 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Rockfield 159 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Rockfield (or Loughnafin) 378 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Rocks 81 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Roebuck 440 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Rogary 35 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Ronard 76 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Roo 419 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Roosky 202 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Rosehill, Templeport 56 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Rosehill 795 Castlerahan Mullagh Kells
Rossbressal (or Bellaheady) 222 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Rosscolgan 111 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Rosskeeragh 183 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Ryefield 923 Castlerahan Munterconnaught Oldcastle
Ryefort (or Aghateggal) 109 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Sallaghan 177 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Sallaghan 356 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Sallaghill 181 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Sally Island 4 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Scotch Island 1 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Scotchtown (or Gortawee) 137 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Scrabby Town Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
Scrabby, Corlough 191 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Scrabby 306 Tullyhunco Scrabby Granard
See 108 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Seefin 593 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Seeharan 371 Castlerahan Mullagh Bailieborough
Seeogran 459 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Shancor 165 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Shancor 127 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Shancorn 97 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Shancorry 69 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Shancroagham 145 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Shankill 100 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Shankill Lower 236 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Shankill Upper 276 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Shannow 178 Clanmahon Denn Cavan
Shannow Lower 283 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Shannow Upper 167 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Shannow Wood 218 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Shantemon 396 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Shantully 56 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Shercock Town Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Shibbilis 116 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Shinan 255 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Skeagh 691 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Skeagh 170 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Skerrig 169 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Slanore 129 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Slievebrickan 132 Lower Loughtee Tomregan Bawnboy
Snakeel 255 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Snugborough 496 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Srahan 204 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Sralahan (Kinawley) 133 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Sralahan (or The Common) 207 Tullyhaw Tomregan Bawnboy
Sranayalloge 31 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Sruhagh 324 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Sruhanagh 405 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Stonepark 68 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Stradone Town Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Stragelliff 236 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Straheglin 263 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Stramaquerty 180 Castlerahan Killinkere Oldcastle
Stramatt 127 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Stranadarragh 155 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Stranagap 44 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Stranamart 636 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Stravicnabo 537 Upper Loughtee Lavey Cavan
Stroane 158 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Swanlinbar Town Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Swellan Lower 248 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Swellan Upper 107 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Sycamore Fields (or Lisnamaine) 55 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Taghart North (or Closnabraddan) 431 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Taghart South 872 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Tanderagee 251 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Tattyreagh 241 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Tawlagh (or Cornaclea) 63 Tullyhunco Kildallan Cavan
Tawlaght 300 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Tawlaght 89 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Tawnagh 146 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tawnymakelly 138 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tedeehan Lower 45 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Tedeehan Middle 70 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Tedeehan Upper 149 Clanmahon Crosserlough Cavan
Teebane 1,364 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Teeboy 472 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Teemore 108 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Teemore 71 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tents 363 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Termon 755 Upper Loughtee Killinkere Bailieborough
Termon 238 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Thomascourt (or Drumroosk) 59 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Thornhill (or Mullandreenagh) 168 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Three Carvaghs 224 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Ticosker 406 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Ticosker Glebe 43 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Tievenaman 446 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Tievenareagh 60 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Tievenass 543 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Tircahan 169 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Tircullen 125 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Tirgormly 209 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Tirlahode Lower 529 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Tirlahode Upper 487 Upper Loughtee Larah Cavan
Tirliffin 232 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Tirnawannagh 337 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tirourkan 111 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Tirquin 147 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Toberlyan 171 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Toberlyan Duffin 160 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Togher 299 Castlerahan Killinkere Bailieborough
Togher 454 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Togher (or Danesfort Demesne) 202 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Toghernaross 276 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Tomassan 133 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Tomkinroad 146 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Tonagh 163 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Tonagh 374 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Tonaghbane 274 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Tonaloy 327 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Tonanilt 31 Tullyhaw Kinawley Enniskillen
Tonlegee 135 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tonyarraher 136 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Tonyhallagh 37 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tonyconnelly 158 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Tonycrom (or Monydoo) 444 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Tonyduff 414 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Tonyfoyle 440 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Tonyhull 226 Clankee Drumgoon Cootehill
Tonyin 269 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Tonylion 127 Castlerahan Crosserlough Cavan
Tonymacgilduff 159 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Tonymore 405 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Tonyquin 29 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Tonyrevan 55 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Torrewa 22 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Townparks 196 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Townparks 38 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Townparks of Portaliff 326 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Treehoo 163 Tullygarvey Annagh Cootehill
Trinity Island 122 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Tuam 564 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tuam Island 10 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tullaghyrory 173 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tullandreen 115 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tullanierin 143 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tullantanty 174 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tullanteen 130 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tullantintin 128 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tullavally 252 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Tully 105 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Tully 264 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Tully 90 Upper Loughtee Kilmore Cavan
Tullyagan 132 Clanmahon Kilbride Oldcastle
Tullyanog 455 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Tullyard 136 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Tullyart 90 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Tullyboy 373 Clanmahon Kilbride Cavan
Tullybrack 192 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tullybrick 209 Clankee Enniskeen Bailieborough
Tullybrick 209 Clankee Shercock Bailieborough
Tullybrick 209 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Tullybrick 74 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Tullybuck 90 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Tullycrafton 277 Tullyhaw Kinawley Enniskillen
Tullydermot 180 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Tullygullin 416 Clanmahon Drumlumman Granard
Tullylorcan 434 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Tullylough 103 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Tullyloughfin 224 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tullyminister 57 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Tullymongan Lower 26 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Tullymongan Upper 74 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Tullynabeherny 8 Tullyhunco Kildallan Bawnboy
Tullynacleigh 59 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Tullynaconspod 135 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tullynacross 112 Tullygarvey Drung Cootehill
Tullynacross 183 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Tullynafreave 297 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tullynamoltra 100 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tullynamoyle 876 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Tullynaskeagh 387 Clankee Moybolgue Bailieborough
Tullyroane 135 Lower Loughtee Annagh Cavan
Tullytiernan 59 Tullyhaw Templeport Enniskillen
Tullytrasna 124 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tullytreane 226 Upper Loughtee Denn Cavan
Tullyunshin 92 Tullygarvey Drumgoon Cootehill
Tullyunshin 762 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Tullyveela 503 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tullyvin Town Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Tullyvin 160 Tullygarvey Kildrumsherdan Cootehill
Tullywaltry 277 Clankee Knockbride Bailieborough
Tullywaum 179 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Tunker 128 Tullygarvey Annagh Cavan
Ture 238 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Ture 115 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Turfad 374 Clankee Knockbride Cootehill
Turin 192 Clanmahon Ballymachugh Cavan
Tyllycoe 145 Upper Loughtee Annagelliff Cavan
Tyllycoe 203 Tullygarvey Larah Cootehill
Unshinagh 120 Upper Loughtee Castleterra Cavan
Unshinagh 108 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Unshogagh 460 Tullyhaw Killinagh Enniskillen
Uragh (Kinawley) 147 Tullyhaw Kinawley Bawnboy
Uragh 117 Lower Loughtee Drumlane Cavan
Urbal 388 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Urcher 342 Clankee Bailieborough Bailieborough
Urhannagh 68 Tullyhaw Templeport Bawnboy
Urney 246 Clanmahon Kilmore Cavan
Urney 142 Upper Loughtee Urney Cavan
Virginia Town Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Virginia 244 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Woodland 147 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan
Woodworths Island 2 Castlerahan Lurgan Oldcastle
Woteraghy 328 Clanmahon Ballintemple Cavan
Yewer Glebe 137 Tullyhunco Killashandra Cavan


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