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List of townlands of County Clare

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This is a sortable list of townlands of County Clare, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil Parish Poor law union
Abbey East 301 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Abbey West 444 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Acres 387 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Acres 253 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Acres 166 Ibrickan Kilmacduane Kilrush
Addergoole 114 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Addroon 148 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Affick 1,679 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Aghaglinny North 521 Burren Gleninagh Ballyvaghan
Aghaglinny South 461 Burren Gleninagh Ballyvaghan
Aghawinnaun 1,545 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Aglish 413 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Ahaclare 218 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Ahaga 215 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Aharinaghbeg 411 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Aharinaghmore 261 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Ahasla 192 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Aillbrack 169 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Ailldavore 228 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Aillemore 258 Tulla Lower Killaloe Limerick
Aillroe Beg 68 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Aillroe More 231 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Aillvaun 52 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Aillwee 801 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Alva 178 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Annagh 524 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Annagh 272 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Annagh 75 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Annagh 68 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Annaghneal 442 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Tulla
Anneville 91 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Applefort 29 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Applevale 201 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Ardataggle 694 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Ardbooly Lower 54 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Ardbooly Upper 68 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Ardcarney 178 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Ardcloony 459 Tulla Lower Killaloe Limerick
Ardeamush 163 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Ardkyle 261 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Ardmaclancy 194 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Tulla
Ardmore 118 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Ardnacraa 109 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ardnacrusha Town Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Ardnacullia North 75 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Ardnacullia South 344 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Ardnagla 284 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Ardnahea 48 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ardrush 147 Corcomroe Clooney Corrofin
Ardskeagh 263 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Ardsollus 123 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Asscarick 1 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Athlunkard 196 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Attycristora 290 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Attyslany North 641 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Attyslany South 212 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Attyterrila 186 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Aughagarna 300 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Aughavinna 71 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Aughboy 337 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Aughinish 484 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Aughinish 369 Burren Oughtmama Gort
Aughinish Town Burren Oughtmama Gort
Aughiska Beg 264 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Aughiska More 380 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Aughrim 616 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Aughrim 543 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Aughrim (Kelly) 151 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Aughrim (Ross) 136 Inchiquin Dysert Corrofin
Aughrim (Toohy) 144 Inchiquin Dysert Corrofin
Ayle Lower 367 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Ayle Upper 229 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Ayleacotty 141 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Ballagh 1,052 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Ballagh 73 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Ballaghafadda East 113 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Ballaghafadda West 461 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Ballaghaglash 261 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Ballaghaline 186 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Ballaghboy 418 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Ballaghboy 101 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Ballard 965 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Ballard 248 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Balleen 353 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Ballina 553 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Ballingaddy East 510 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Ballingaddy West 487 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Ballinlisheen 341 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Ballinooskny 190 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Ballinooskny 98 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Ballinphunta 374 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Ballinphunta 238 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Ballinruan 637 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Ballintlea North 29 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Ballintlea South 272 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Balliny North 225 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Balliny South 209 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Ballyalla 272 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Ballyallaban 752 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Ballyallia 295 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Ballyartney 395 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Ballyasheea 500 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Ballybaun 289 Corcomroe Kilfenora Corrofin
Ballybeg 318 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Ballyblood 1,396 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Ballybornagh 730 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Ballybrack 347 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Ballybran 274 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Ballybreen 713 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Ballybrody 179 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Ballybroghan 1,368 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Ballybroughan 116 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Ballycahan 141 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Ballycahill 519 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Ballycally 516 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Ballycannan 96 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Ballycannan East 219 Bunratty Lower St. Munchin's Limerick
Ballycannan North 65 Bunratty Lower St. Munchin's Limerick
Ballycannan West 318 Bunratty Lower St. Munchin's Limerick
Ballycar 932 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Ballycar North 459 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Ballycar South 357 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Ballycarroll 244 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Corrofin
Ballycasey Beg 115 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Ballycasey More 367 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Ballycasheen 332 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Ballyclancahill 238 Corcomroe Kilfenora Corrofin
Ballycloghessy 119 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Ballyconneely 224 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Ballyconnoe North 545 Burren Killeany Ballyvaghan
Ballyconnoe South 802 Burren Killeany Ballyvaghan
Ballyconry 789 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Ballyconry 181 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Ballycorban 857 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Ballycorey 156 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Ballycorick 510 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Ballycorney 347 Tulla Lower Killaloe Limerick
Ballycotteen North 904 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballycotteen South 274 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballycrighan 191 Bunratty Upper Clooney Ennis
Ballycroum 332 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Ballycuggaran 601 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Ballycullaun 101 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Ballyculleeny 148 Corcomroe Clooney Corrofin
Ballycullen 314 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Ballycullinan 166 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Ballycunneen 163 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Ballycurraun 209 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Ballydeely 154 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Ballydonaghan 1,141 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Ballydonohoe 259 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Ballydonohoe 217 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Ballydoora 36 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Ballyduff 103 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Ballyduff (Blake) 59 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Ballyduff (Paterson) 100 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Ballyduff Beg 612 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Ballyduff More 506 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Ballyduneen 1,080 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Ballyea 257 Islands Killone Ennis
Ballyea 40 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballyea North 474 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Ballyea South 1,109 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Ballyeighter 470 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Ballyellery 256 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Ballyelly 540 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Ballyfaudeen 629 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Ballyfineen 252 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Ballyganner North 644 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Ballyganner South 578 Burren Noughaval Corrofin
Ballygarreen 100 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Ballygassen 200 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Ballygastell 503 Burren Killeany Ballyvaghan
Ballygeery East 250 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Ballygeery West 229 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Ballygirreen 541 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Ballyglass 360 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Ballyglass 252 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Ballygoonaun 487 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Ballygriffy North 391 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Ballygriffy South 479 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Ballyhannan North 184 Bunratty Upper Quin Ennis
Ballyhannan South 221 Bunratty Upper Quin Ennis
Ballyharraghan 104 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Ballyhee 210 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Ballyheean 136 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballyheefy 243 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Ballyhehan 492 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Ballyhenna 387 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Ballyhennessy 218 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Ballyherragh 269 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballyhickey 385 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Ballyhomulta 155 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Ballyhurly 225 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Ballyillaun 491 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Ballyinsheen Beg 157 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Ballyinsheen More 173 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Ballykeel North 592 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Ballykeel South 424 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Ballykeelaun 264 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Ballykelly 821 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Ballykett 1,018 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Ballykildea 261 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Ballykilty 597 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Ballykinnacorra North 242 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Ballykinnacorra South 141 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Ballykinvarga 174 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Ballyknavin 387 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Ballyknock 213 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Ballylaan 235 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballylaghan 516 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Ballylannidy 193 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Ballyleaan 543 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Ballyliddan East 64 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Ballyliddan West 222 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Ballyline 499 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Ballyline 137 Burren Carran Corrofin
Ballymacahill 292 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Ballymacaula 183 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Ballymacaula 101 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Ballymacdonnell 636 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Ballymackea Beg 639 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Ballymackea More 494 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Ballymaclinaun 171 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballymacloon East 162 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Ballymacloon North 9 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Ballymacloon West 123 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Ballymacnevin 91 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Ballymaconna 326 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Ballymacooda 513 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Ballymacravan 375 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Ballymacrinan 475 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Ballymacrogan East 115 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Ballymacrogan West 101 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Ballymacurtaun 53 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Ballymahony 451 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Ballymaley 342 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Ballymalone 1,153 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Ballymaquiggin 273 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Ballymarkahan 486 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Ballymihil 152 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Ballyminoge 448 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Ballymoloney 783 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Ballymongaun 104 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Ballymorris 639 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Ballymulcashel 689 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Tulla
Ballymulqueeny 176 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Ballymurphy 452 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Ballymurtagh 77 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Ballynabinnia 214 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Ballynabrone 94 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Ballynacally 213 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Ballynacally Town Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Ballynacarragh 563 Corcomroe Kiltoraght Ennistimon
Ballynacragga 426 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Ballynacragga 201 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Ballynagard 516 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Ballynagleragh 359 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Ballynagonnaghtagh 317 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Ballynagranagh 275 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Ballynagun East 548 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Ballynagun West 415 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Ballynahinch 725 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Tulla
Ballynahown 1,041 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Ballynalackan 340 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Ballynalackan 162 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballyneillan 166 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Ballyneillan 21 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Ballynevan 154 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Ballynew 307 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Ballynoe 524 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Ballynote East 301 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Ballynote West 433 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Ballyogan 683 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Ballyogan Beg 204 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Ballyogan More 527 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Ballyonan (or Donaghboy) 775 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Ballyortla North 109 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Ballyortla South 54 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Ballyoughtra 283 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Ballyoughtra (O'Callaghan) 121 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Ballyportry North 455 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Ballyportry South 284 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Ballyquin 256 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Ballyquin Beg 269 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Ballyquin More 253 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Ballyroe 228 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Ballyroe 74 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Ballyroughan North 113 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Ballyroughan South 172 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Ballyryan 594 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Ballysallagh 150 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Ballysallagh East 400 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Ballysallagh West 457 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Ballyscanlan 143 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Ballyshanny 269 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Ballysheen Beg 131 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Tulla
Ballysheen More 684 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Tulla
Ballyslattery (or Newgrove) 754 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Ballysteen 279 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballytarsna 407 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Ballyteernau 161 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Ballyteige 266 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Ballyteige East 307 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Ballyteige West 264 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Ballyurra 318 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Ballyvaghan 163 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Ballyvaghan Town Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Ballyvally 373 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Ballyvanna 266 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Ballyvannan 714 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Ballyvara 204 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Ballyvaskin North 482 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Ballyvaskin South 232 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Ballyvelaghan 311 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Ballyvergin 288 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Ballyveskil 417 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Ballyvoe 303 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Ballyvoe 246 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Ballyvohane 301 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Ballyvonnavaun 316 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Ballyvonnavaun 106 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Ballyvorda 207 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballyvorgal Beg 71 Tulla Lower Clonlea Limerick
Ballyvorgal North 113 Tulla Lower Clonlea Limerick
Ballyvorgal South 306 Tulla Lower Clonlea Limerick
Ballyvoughallan 175 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Ballyvranneen 430 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Ballyvrislaun 304 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Ballyvroghaun Eighter 95 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Ballyvroghaun Oughter 313 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Ballyvullagan 123 Islands Killone Ennis
Bannow Island 1 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Bansha 296 Islands Killone Ennis
Barbane 503 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Barefield (or Gortlumman) 170 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Barloughra 132 Islands Killone Ennis
Barnanaageeha 397 Islands Killone Ennis
Barntick 490 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Bartleystown 66 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Battle Island 1 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Baunkyle 475 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Baunmore 226 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Bauntlieve 285 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Baur North 123 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Baur South 111 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Bauragegaun 769 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Baurroe 440 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Baurroe Town Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Beaghy 150 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Bealcragga 869 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Bealickania 108 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Bealkelly (Eyre) 267 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Bealkelly (Purdon) 862 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Bealnalicka 389 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Bearnafunshin 342 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Behagh 448 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Bellia 318 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Bellia Town Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Belvoir 465 Tulla Lower Clonlea Limerick
Belvoir Demesne 348 Tulla Lower Clonlea Limerick
Beneden 666 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Berger's Island 7 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Berneens 627 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Big Venture 4 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Binvoran 794 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Bishop's Island 3 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Bishopsquarter 266 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Blackthorn Island 4 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Blackthorn Island South 2 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Blackwater 251 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Blakesmountain 525 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Blean 308 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Bleanmore 221 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Boghil 371 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Boheraroan 42 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Boheraroan Town Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Boherboy 325 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Boherbullog 60 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Bohyodaun 157 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Bollanacausk 307 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Bollynamiscaun 279 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Bolooghra 1,064 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Boloona 147 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Boolavaun 178 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Boolinrudda 463 Inchiquin Inagh Corrofin
Booltiagh 796 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Booltiaghadine 303 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Booltydoolan 404 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Boolybrien 261 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Boolyduff 312 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Boolynagleragh 769 Islands Kilmaley Killadysert
Boolynaknockaun 720 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Boolynamweel 770 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Boolyneaska 628 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Boston (or Moneennagliggin North) 129 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Bouleevin 944 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Breaffy North 243 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Breaffy South 360 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Breaghva 469 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Breaghva 383 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Breaghva 325 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Breaghva 252 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Breaghva East 96 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Breaghva West 377 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Breckinish 81 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Breckinish 5 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Brickhill East 252 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Brickhill West 564 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Bridgetown Town Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Brisla East 684 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Brisla West 456 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Broadford Town Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Bullsfarm 34 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Bunavory 158 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Buncraggy 424 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Bunnabinnia North 60 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Bunnabinnia South 288 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Bunnahow 157 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Gort
Bunnanagat North 25 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Bunnanagat South 125 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Bunnow 191 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Bunratty East 394 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Bunratty West 416 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Burrane Lower 698 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Burrane Upper 361 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Burren 663 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Burrenfadda 945 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Burrenwee 64 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Burtonhill 34 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Bush Island 5 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Bush Island 1 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Bushypark 335 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Caher 587 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Caher 372 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Caher (Murphy) 579 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Caher (Power) 313 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Caher (Rice) 478 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Caher Island 13 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Caheraderry 368 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Caheraghacullin 252 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Caheraphuca 305 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Caherbannagh 420 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Caherbarnagh 382 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Caherbarnagh 183 Burren Kilmoon Ennistimon
Caherblonick North 298 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Caherblonick South 192 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Caherbullaun 408 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Caherbullog 1,060 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Cahercalla 147 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Cahercannavan 778 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Caherclanchy 131 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Cahercloggaun 239 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Caherconnell 260 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Cahercorcaun 144 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Caherea 825 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Caherea 29 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Cahereamore 261 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Caherfadda 432 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Caherfeenick North 459 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Caherfeenick South 469 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Cahergrillaun 90 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Caherhurly 2,060 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Caherkinallia 284 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Caherkinallia 179 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Caherkine 161 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Caherlean 400 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Caherloghan 423 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Caherlooskaun 27 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Caherlough 350 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Cahermaan 427 Burren Killeany Ballyvaghan
Cahermackateer 192 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Cahermackirilla 287 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Cahermaclanchy 227 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Cahermacnaghten 734 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Cahermacon 140 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Cahermacrea 398 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Cahermacrusheen 168 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Cahermacun 152 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Cahermakerrila 471 Burren Killeany Ballyvaghan
Caherminnaun East 27 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Caherminnaun West 212 Corcomroe Kilfenora Corrofin
Cahermore 315 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Cahermurphy 2,419 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Cahernalough 177 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Cahernamona 43 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Caherogan 423 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Caherrush 373 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Caherscooby 153 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Cahershaughnessy 250 Bunratty Upper Clooney Ennis
Cahersherkin 608 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Caherteige 400 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Caherycahill 150 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Caherycoosaun 298 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Cahiracon 615 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Cahiracon 506 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Cahircalla Beg 232 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Cahircalla More 518 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Callahy 512 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Calluragh 858 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Calluragh 159 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Calluragh East 163 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Calluragh South 296 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Calluragh West 134 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Cammoge 88 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Canon Island 270 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Cant 250 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Cappacannaun 681 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Cappafeean 375 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Cappagarraun 100 Islands Killone Ennis
Cappagh 770 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Cappagh 203 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Cappagh Beg 215 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Cappagh More 263 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Cappagh North 187 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Ennis
Cappagh South 232 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Ennis
Cappaghabaun Mountain 1,254 Tulla Upper Moynoe Scarriff
Cappaghabaunpark 684 Tulla Upper Moynoe Scarriff
Cappaghcastle 75 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Ennis
Cappaghkennedy 413 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Cappaghlodge 347 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Ennis
Cappahard 193 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Cappakea 452 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Cappalaheen 374 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Cappalea 40 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Cappalea North 252 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Cappalea South 186 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Cappamore 192 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Cappanageeragh 312 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Cappanakilla 161 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Cappanalaght 116 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Cappanalaght 86 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Cappanapeasta 805 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Cappanaslish 510 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Cappanavarnoge 482 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Capparoe 646 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Cappateemore East 260 Bunratty Lower St. Munchin's Limerick
Cappateemore West 180 Bunratty Lower St. Munchin's Limerick
Cappavilla North 384 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Cappavilla South 159 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Carheen 75 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Carhoo 228 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Carnaun 638 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Carnaun 496 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Carnaun 147 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Carncreagh 839 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Carnmallow 129 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Carrahan 236 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Carrahil 220 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Carran 261 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Carrigaholt Town Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Carrigerry 156 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Carrigoran 241 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Carrow 231 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Carrow 127 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Carrowarren Town Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Carrowbane 458 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Carrowbane 169 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Carrowbaun 615 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Carrowblough Beg 232 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Carrowblough More 594 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Carrowcore 202 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Carrowcraheen 136 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Carrowdotia 229 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Carrowdotia North 323 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Carrowdotia South 472 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Carrowduff 680 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Carrowduff 604 Ibrickan Kilmurry Ennistimon
Carrowduff 296 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Carrowduff 206 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Carrowena 352 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Carroweragh 552 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Carrowfree 551 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Carrowgar 294 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Carrowgar 281 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Carrowgar 186 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Carrowgar 175 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Carrowkeel 278 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Carrowkeel 206 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Carrowkeel Beg 104 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Carrowkeel East 275 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Carrowkeel More 199 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Carrowkeel West 521 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Carrowkilla 226 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Carrowlagan 410 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Carrowmanagh North 210 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Carrowmanagh South 294 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Carrowmeer 286 Bunratty Upper Quin Ennis
Carrowmeer 184 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Carrowmore 384 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Carrowmore 333 Tulla Upper Moynoe Scarriff
Carrowmore 284 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Carrowmore North 347 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Carrowmore South 2,026 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Carrownaclogh 413 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Carrownacloghy 302 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Carrownagarraun 216 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Carrownagoul 751 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Carrownagowan 986 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Scarriff
Carrownagry North 358 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Carrownagry South 293 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Carrownahooan East 221 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Carrownahooan West 219 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Carrownakilly 879 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Carrownakilly 366 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Carrownalegaun 66 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Carrownamaddra 309 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Carrownanelly 346 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Carrownaweelaun 847 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Carrowncalla North 314 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Carrowncalla South 816 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Carrownerribul 63 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Carrowniska North 425 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Carrowniska South 295 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Carrowntedaun 433 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Carrownycleary 97 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Carrowreagh East 743 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Carrowreagh West 1,107 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Carrowroe 330 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Carrowvere 183 Inchiquin Rath Ennistimon
Cartron 36 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Cassarnagh 682 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Castlebank 372 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Castlecrine 576 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Castlefergus 376 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Castlelake 205 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Castlepark 644 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Castlequarter 361 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Castlequarter 211 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Castlequarter 177 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Castlequarter Kilkeedy 124 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Castletown 238 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Castletown 146 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Clab 190 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Clare Town Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Clare Commons 43 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Clareabbey 231 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Clarefield 432 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Clarehill 152 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Claremount 175 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Clashduff 295 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Clashmore 50 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Classagh 596 Tulla Lower Killaloe Limerick
Claureen 241 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Clenagh 713 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Clifden 477 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Clogga 171 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Cloghaun 331 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Cloghaun 72 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Cloghaun Beg 216 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Cloghaun Beg (East) 467 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Cloghaun Beg (East) 231 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Cloghaun More 516 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Cloghaun More (East) 588 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Cloghaun More (West) 559 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Cloghaunbeg 101 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Cloghaundine 244 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Cloghauninchy 455 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Cloghaunnatinny 271 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Cloghaunsavaun 573 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Clogher 1,068 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Tulla
Clogher 495 Corcomroe Kilfenora Corrofin
Cloghera 278 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Cloghlea 195 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Cloghleagh 118 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Cloghoolia 424 Tulla Lower Clonlea Limerick
Clonboy 270 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Clonbrick 145 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Clonderalaw 463 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Clonlea 188 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Clonloghan 401 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Clonmoher 474 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Clonmoney North 359 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Clonmoney South 391 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Clonmoney West 737 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Clonroad Beg 274 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Clonroad More 654 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Cloona 224 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Cloonadrum 390 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Cloonagowan 75 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Cloonaherna 251 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Cloonaleary 162 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Cloonanaha 629 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Cloonanass 113 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Tulla
Cloonarass 293 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Cloonaveige 90 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Cloonawee 60 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Cloonawillin 162 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Cloonbony 387 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Cloonbooly 252 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Clooncarhy 302 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Clooncaurha 157 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Clooncolman 662 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Cloonconeen 318 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Clooncool 368 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Clooncoose 431 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Clooncoul 441 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Clooncullin 413 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Cloondanagh 329 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Cloondoorney Beg 189 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Cloondoorney More 399 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Cloondrinagh 923 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Cloondrinagh 423 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Clooneen 464 Corcomroe Kilfenora Corrofin
Clooneen 363 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Clooneenagh 294 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Clooney 604 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Clooney North 327 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Clooney South 804 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Clooneybreen 73 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Clooneylissaun 513 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Clooneyogan North 250 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Clooneyogan South 358 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Cloonfadda 752 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Cloonfeagh 272 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Cloonfeaghra 94 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Cloonfurrihis 224 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Cloongaheen East 330 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Cloongaheen West 931 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Cloongarve 120 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Cloongowna 982 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Cloonkerry 171 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Cloonkerry East 237 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Cloonkerry West 226 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Cloonkett 630 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Cloonlaheen 141 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Cloonlaheen East 955 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Cloonlaheen Middle 1,129 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Cloonlaheen West 721 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Cloonlara 153 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Cloonlara Town Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Cloonloum Beg 91 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Cloonmackan 161 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Cloonmartin 106 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Cloonmoney 73 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Cloonmore 1,154 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Cloonmore 529 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Cloonmore 123 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Cloonmunnia 208 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Cloonnagarnaun 702 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Cloonnagloghaum 112 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Cloonnagro 290 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Cloonnakilla 246 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Cloonnakilla 241 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Cloonomra 341 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Cloonoughter 129 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Cloonoum More 841 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Cloonreddan 709 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Cloonselherny 749 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Cloonsheerea 221 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Cloonsnaghta 389 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Cloontabonniv 764 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Cloonteen 175 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Cloonteen 132 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Cloontohil 181 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Cloontra 681 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Cloontra East 588 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Cloontra West 456 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Cloontymarra 374 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Cloontymurphy 80 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Cloontymweenagh 228 Tulla Upper Inishcaltra Scarriff
Cloonulla 594 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Cloonusker 392 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Cloonwhite North 257 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Cloonwhite South 270 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Cloonyconry Beg 262 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Cloonyconry More 418 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Cloverhill 52 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Coad 423 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Cohy 281 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Colmanstown 638 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Commonage 144 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Commons 676 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Commons 414 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Commons 9 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Commons North 425 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Commons South 635 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Coney Island 245 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Cooga 678 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Cooga 289 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Coogaun 107 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Cooguquid 86 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Coogypark 74 Tulla Upper Inishcaltra Scarriff
Coogyulla 151 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Coolagh 103 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Coolbaun 290 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Coolderry 392 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Cooldorragha 89 Tulla Upper Inishcaltra Scarriff
Cooleabeg 309 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Cooleagh 205 Burren Killeany Ballyvaghan
Coolistoonan 151 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Coollisteige 374 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Coolmeen 1,157 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Coolmeen 186 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Coolmuinga 357 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Coolnahella 135 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Coolnalira 209 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Coolnatullagh 368 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Coolnatullagh 270 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Coologory 895 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Cooloorta 608 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Coolpeekaun 107 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Coolready 294 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Coolreagh 615 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Coolreagh Beg 455 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Coolreagh More 624 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Coolshamroge 118 Bunratty Upper Quin Ennis
Coolshingaun 260 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Coolsuppeen 217 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Coolteengowan 246 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Coolycasey 514 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Coor 250 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Coor East 273 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Coor West 694 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Cooraclare Town Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Corbally 778 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Corbally 505 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Corbehagh 1,042 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Core 149 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Corebeg 134 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Corkanaknockaun 61 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Corlack 108 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Corlea 593 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Corlea 294 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Corlea Beg 159 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Corlea More 905 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Corleacommons North 465 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Corleacommons South 387 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Cornfield 105 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Corracloon 491 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Corracloon Beg 102 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Corracloon More 635 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Corraige 481 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Corrakyle 2,060 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Corranroo 99 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Corrofin Town Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Coskeam 499 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Cottage 88 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Coumbrack 493 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Coumnagun 849 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Cow Island 2 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Crab Island 1 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Crag 982 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Kilrush
Crag 571 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Crag 207 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Crag 195 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Crag Town Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Cragaweelcross 82 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Cragballyconoal 322 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Cragbrien 559 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Cragbwee 192 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Cragg 316 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Craggagh 209 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Craggaknock East 371 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Craggaknock West 389 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Craggataska 210 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Craggaun 270 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Craggaunboy 288 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Craggaunkeel 159 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Craggaunoween 96 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Craggycorradan East 207 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Craggycorradan West 77 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Craggykerrivan 232 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Craghera 616 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Craglea 231 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Cragleagh 445 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Cragnagower 84 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Cragnarooan 136 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Cragreagh 210 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Cragroe 386 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Cragroe 220 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Cranagher 287 Bunratty Upper Clooney Ennis
Cratloe 445 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Cratloe 404 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Cratloekeel 466 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Cratloemoyle 548 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Crean 117 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Creegh North 646 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Creegh South 488 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Creehaun 663 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Creevagh 513 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Creevagh 305 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Creevagh Beg 235 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Creevagh More 334 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Creeveroe 278 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Cregard 138 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Cregavockoge 124 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Creggaun 212 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Creggaun 28 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Creggaunnahilla 65 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Creggaunycahill 64 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Cregmoher 336 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Crinnish 153 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Croagh North 274 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Croagh South 291 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Croaghaun 129 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Croaghaun 48 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Cronagort East 252 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Cronagort West 237 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Cross 543 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Cross 110 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Cross Beg 384 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Cross More 653 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Crossagh 247 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Crossard 131 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Crosscornaum 124 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Crossderry 531 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Crossderry 89 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Crovraghan 524 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Crow Island 1 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Crughwill 183 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Crumlin 945 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Crusheen 86 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Cullaun 419 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Cullaun 269 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Culleen 233 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Culleen 219 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Culleen 168 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Cullenagh 406 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Cullenagh 393 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Cullenagh 119 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Cullenagh 86 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Curraderra 500 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Curragh 278 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Curraghadoo 132 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Curraghkilleen 74 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Tulla
Curraghmoghaun 112 Bunratty Upper Clooney Ennis
Curraghodea 698 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Cushacorra 41 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Cutteen 207 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Cutteen Beg 107 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Cutteen More 176 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Dabrian 72 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Dangan 813 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Dangan 756 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Dangananella East 678 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Dangananella West 490 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Danganbrack 186 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Darragh North 362 Islands Killone Ennis
Darragh South 151 Islands Killone Ennis
Deelin Beg 320 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Deelin More 630 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Deenish Island 43 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Deerisland (or Inishmore) 443 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Deerpark 178 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Deerpark 165 Burren Noughaval Corrofin
Deerpark 116 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Deerpark 65 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Deerpark Lower 33 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Deerpark Middle 31 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Deerpark North 126 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Deerpark South 12 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Deerpark Upper 74 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Deerpark West 184 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Dehomad 1,920 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Dereen South 210 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Dernish Island 7 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Derreen 375 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Derreen 217 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Derreen 186 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Derreen 181 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Derreen 169 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Derreen East 101 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Derreen West 347 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Derreenatloghtan 336 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Derreendooagh 105 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Derrinidden 344 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Derroolagh 143 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Derry 376 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Derry 190 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Derry 110 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Derry More 489 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Derryabbert 77 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Derrybeg 47 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Derrybehagh 65 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Derrybrick 320 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Derrycalliff 1,196 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Derrycarran 99 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Derrycnaw 595 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Derryeaghra 80 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Derryfadda 461 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Derryfadda 237 Tulla Lower Feakle Tulla
Derrygarriff 347 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Derrygeeha 437 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Derrygravaun 54 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Derryharriv 255 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Derrykeadgran 80 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Derrylea 352 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Derrylough 236 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Derrylumman 92 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Derrymore 395 Bunratty Lower Inchicronan Tulla
Derrymore 128 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Derrymore East 535 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Derrymore West 615 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Derrynacarragh 206 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Derrynageeha 259 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Derrynagittagh (Purcell) 153 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Derrynagittagh Naughton 115 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Derrynagleragh 73 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Derrynaheila 264 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Derrynaheila 108 Corcomroe Kiltoraght Corrofin
Derrynalecka 392 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Derrynalecka 354 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Derrynaneal 182 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Derrynavahagh 570 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Derrynaveagh 876 Tulla Lower Clonlea Limerick
Derrynaveagh 50 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Derryowen 263 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Derryshaan 338 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Derryulk 90 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Derryulk Lower 108 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Derryulk Middle 193 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Derryulk Upper 421 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Derryvet 657 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Derryvinna 52 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Derryvinnaan 271 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Derrywillin 75 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Donnybrook 71 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Dooglaun 342 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Doolin 238 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Doolough 1,925 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Doon 694 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Gort
Doon 253 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Doon 118 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Doon 97 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Doon Beg 1,310 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Doon Island 2 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Doonaboy (or Ballyonan) 775 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Doonaha Town Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Doonaha East 450 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Doonaha West 747 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Doonass 263 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Doonass Demesne 263 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Doonaun 145 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Doonbeg Town Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Dooneen 313 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Dooneen 49 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Doonmacfelim 186 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Doonmore 1,545 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Doonnagore 619 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Doonnagurroge 695 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Doonogan 1,043 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Doonsallagh East 919 Ibrickan Kilmurry Ennistimon
Doonsallagh West 454 Ibrickan Kilmurry Ennistimon
Doonyvardan 344 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Doorus 141 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Doorus East 259 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Doorus West 165 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Dough 958 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Dough 702 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Dough 248 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Drewsborough 518 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Drim 217 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Drimmeen 248 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Drimmeennagun 162 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Drimna 68 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Drinagh 484 Inchiquin Rath Ennistimon
Dromeen 159 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Dromintobin North 118 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Dromintobin South 75 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Dromoland 812 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Dromore 1,018 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Dromore 105 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Drumadrehid 255 Islands Killone Ennis
Drumandoora 854 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Drumanure 320 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Drumanure 224 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Drumatehy 193 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Drumbaun 241 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Drumbiggil 204 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Drumbonniv 336 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Drumbrickaun 59 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Drumcaran Beg 91 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Drumcaran More 180 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Drumcarna 171 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Drumcavan 230 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Drumcharley 183 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Drumcliff 1,105 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Drumcore 259 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Gort
Drumcullaun 347 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Drumcurreen 195 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Drumdigus 791 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Drumdoolaghty 71 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Drumduff 206 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Drumeevin 522 Corcomroe Kiltoraght Corrofin
Drumellihy (Cunningham) 921 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Drumellihy (MacDonnell) 479 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Drumellihy (Westby) 853 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Drumellihy (Westropp) 599 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Drumgeely 216 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Drumgloon 208 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Drumgramph 89 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Druminshin 137 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Drumlesh 243 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Drumline 879 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Drummaghmartin 156 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Drummanneen 253 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Drummeen 110 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Drummeen East 104 Islands Killone Ennis
Drummeen West 106 Islands Killone Ennis
Drummeer 191 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Drummin 1,016 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Drummin 571 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Drummin 330 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Drummin 297 Tulla Lower Killuran Limerick
Drummin 196 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Drummin 114 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Drummina 189 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Drumminacknew 260 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Drumminakela 154 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Drumminnagran 102 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Drumminnanav 202 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Drummod 1,013 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Drummoher 465 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Drumnadeevna 242 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Drumnagah 195 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Drumquin 257 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Drumquin 243 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Drumsallagh 97 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Drumsillagh (or Sallybank (Merritt)) 523 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Drumsillagh (or Sallybank (Parker)) 588 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Drumullan 366 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Drumullan 93 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Drumumna 494 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Dulick 232 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Dunneill 416 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Durha 235 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Durra 29 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Dysert 327 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Dysert 80 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Eantybeg North 113 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Eantybeg South 117 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Eantymore 467 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Earlhill 99 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Edenvale 148 Islands Killone Ennis
Effernan 638 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Einagh 1,085 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Elmhill 69 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Elmvale 105 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Emlagh 285 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Emlagh 154 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Enagh East 152 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Enagh North 120 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Enagh West 300 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Ennistimon 79 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Erinagh Beg 144 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Erinagh More 257 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Erribul 860 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Errina 334 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Errinagh 228 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Eyrehill 100 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Fahanlunaghta Beg 257 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Fahanlunaghta More 205 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Fahee North 856 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Fahee South 539 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Faherlaghroe 72 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Fahy 1,638 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Fahy Beg 623 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Fahy More North 244 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Fahy More South 472 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Fairhill 143 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Fairyhill 9 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Fanaleen 16 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Fanore Beg 49 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Fanore More 1,175 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Fanta Glebe 375 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Fanygalvan 245 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Farrihy 584 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Faunarooska 536 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Faunarooska 232 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Faunrusk 115 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Feagarroge 298 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Feagh 132 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Feaghquin 187 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Feagreen 324 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Feakle 1,151 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Feakle Town Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Feeard 653 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Feenagh 367 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Feenagh 51 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Feenagh (Moloney) 258 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Feenagh (Wilson) 254 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Feenish 177 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Feenlea 486 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Feighroe 505 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Fergus Island 1 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Fermoyle West 700 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Finanagh 175 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Finavarra Town Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Finavarra Demense 86 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Finlough 409 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Finnor Beg 306 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Finnor More 421 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Fintra Beg 387 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Fintra More 389 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Firgrove 158 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Fisherstreet Town Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Flagmount 201 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Fodry 453 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Foilrim 143 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Fomerla 308 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Foohagh 305 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Formoyle Beg 254 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Formoyle East 847 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Formoyle Eighteragh E 465 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Formoyle Eighteragh W 562 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Formoyle More 340 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Formoyle Oughteragh E 554 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Formoyle Oughteragh W 621 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Formoyle West 700 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Fortane Beg 467 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Fortane More 292 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Fortfergus 178 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Fortwilliam 103 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Fortwilliam 76 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Fossa Beg 573 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Fossa More 810 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Fountain 211 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Foxandgeese 113 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Freagh Island 1 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Freaghavalean 331 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Freaghcastle 389 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Furhee 66 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Furraglaun 241 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Furroor 2,786 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Furroor 851 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Furroor Lower 307 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Furroor Upper 223 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Gallowshill 267 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Garracloon 99 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Garraun 299 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Garraun 277 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Garraun 264 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Garraun 230 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Garraun 37 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Garraunboy 312 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Garraunnatooha 286 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Garruragh 838 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Garrynagry 398 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Garrynamona 176 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Garryncallaha 108 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Garryncurra 259 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Garvillaun 412 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Garvillaun 281 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Garvoghil 242 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Gaurus 167 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Gilloge 163 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Glascloon 702 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Glasha Beg 281 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Glasha More 252 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Glebe 63 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Glen North 132 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Glen South 94 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Glenbonniv 436 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Glencolumbkille North 595 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Glencolumbkille South 396 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Glenconaun Beg 152 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Glenconaun More 782 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Glendine North 492 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Glendine South 320 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Glendree 2,564 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Gleninagh North 486 Burren Gleninagh Ballyvaghan
Gleninagh South 635 Burren Gleninagh Ballyvaghan
Gleninsheen 595 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Glenletternafinny 387 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Glenlon North 175 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Glenlon South 172 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Glenmore 2,054 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Glennageer 844 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Glennagross 928 Bunratty Lower St. Munchin's Limerick
Glenquin 1,004 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Glensleade 212 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Glenwood 61 Tulla Lower Clonlea Limerick
Goose Island 1 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Gortaclare 722 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Gortaclob 174 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Gortacullin 515 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Gortaderry 1,718 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Gortadroma 135 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Gortaficka 301 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Gortaganniv 354 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Gortalassa 116 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Gortalougha 6 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Gortaniska 305 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Gortataggart 24 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Gortatoger 148 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Gortatrassa 484 Tulla Lower Killuran Limerick
Gortaveha 1,072 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Gortavrulla 520 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Gortbofarna 467 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Gortboyheen 215 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Gortcallyroe 263 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Gortcooldurrin 88 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Gortcurka 344 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Gorteen 445 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Gorteen 256 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Gorteen 43 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Gorteenaneelig 158 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Gorteenmacnamara 309 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Gorteennaguppoge 107 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Gorteenreagh 207 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Gortgarraun 267 Bunratty Lower St. Munchin's Limerick
Gortkeel 40 Corcomroe Clooney Corrofin
Gortlecka 895 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Gortlumman (or Barefield) 170 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Gortlurkaun 89 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Gortmagy 706 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Gortmore 426 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Gortnaboul 270 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Gortnaclohy 193 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Gortnacorragh 84 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Gortnacurra 149 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Gortnaglearagh 8 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Gortnaglogh 186 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Gortnaglogh 112 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Gortnagonnella 156 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Gortnahaha 445 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Gortnamearacaun 802 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Gortnamuck 135 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Gortnamuinga 216 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Gortnanool 75 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Gortnaskagh 163 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Gortnavreaghaun 180 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Gortygeeheen 1,717 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Gower North 320 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Gower South 525 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Gowerhass 933 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Gowlaun 180 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Gragan East 698 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Gragan West 958 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Graigue Island 3 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Granaghan 128 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Granaghan Beg 157 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Granaghan More 339 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Green Island 14 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Green Island 5 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Green Island 1 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Gregmoher 16 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Greygrove 667 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Heathmount 237 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Hog Island (or Inishbig) 43 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Horse Island 34 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Hurdleston 559 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Ieverstown 60 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Illaun 413 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Illaunaclaggin 1 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Illaunacoran 2 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Illaunalea 1 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Illaunanadderha 3 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Illaunaroan 1 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Illaunatoo (or Sorrel-Island) 276 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Ennis
Illaunbaun 436 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Illaunbaun 418 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Illaunbeg (or O'Donnell's Island) 8 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Illauncraggagh 2 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Illaunnoncaraun 9 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Illaunyregan 351 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Inch More 191 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Inchalughoge 387 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Inchbeg 203 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Inchicronan Island 181 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Inchiquin 290 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Ing 222 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Ing East 101 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Ing West 241 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Inishaellaun 37 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Inishbig (or Hog Island) 43 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Inishcorker 207 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Inishdadroum 4 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Inishdea 600 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Inishloe 131 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Inishlosky 21 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Inishmacnaghtan 284 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Inishmacowney 225 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Inishmore 105 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Corrofin
Inishmore (or Deerisland) 443 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Inishmurry 9 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Inishoul (or O'Gardy's Island) 1 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Inishtubbrid 95 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Iragh 317 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Iskancullin 220 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Island 76 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Island 52 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Islandavanna 29 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Islandcosgry 333 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Islandgar 84 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Islandmacnevin 58 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Islandmagrath 537 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Islandmore 146 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Islandmore 33 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Keelderry 368 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Keelhilla 1,035 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Keelkyle 226 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Keelty 51 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Keevagh 218 Bunratty Upper Quin Ennis
Kells 745 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Kihaska 359 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Kilbaha Town Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Kilbaha North 756 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Kilbaha South 1,014 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Kilballyowen 1,012 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Kilbane 794 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Kilbarron 428 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Kilboggoon 157 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Kilbreckan 576 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Kilcarragh 209 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Kilcarroll 712 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Kilcasheen 189 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Kilclaran 17 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Kilclehaun 391 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Kilcloher 678 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Kilcloher 552 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Kilcolumb 667 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Kilconnell 228 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Kilcorcoran 406 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Kilcorkan 285 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Kilcornan 419 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Kilcornan 345 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Kilcorney 248 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Kilcorney Glebe 28 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Kilcredaun 275 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Kilcredaun 275 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Kilcurrish 262 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Kildavin 265 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Kildeema 274 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Kildeema North 202 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Kildeema South 468 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Kildoorus 331 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Kildrum 91 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Kilduff Lower 119 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Kilduff Middle 111 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Kilduff Upper 206 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Kilfarboy 430 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Kilfearagh 1,290 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Kilfeilim 94 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Kilfenora 629 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Kilfenora Town Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Kilglassy 92 Islands Killone Ennis
Kilgobban 156 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Kilgory 324 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Tulla
Kilkee Town Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Kilkee East 211 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Kilkee Lower 100 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Kilkee Upper 129 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Kilkee West 138 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Kilkerin 734 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Kilkieran 41 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Kilkishen 129 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Kilkishen Town Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Kilkishen Demesne 325 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Kilkishen Demesne 58 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Killaderry (Massy) 166 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Killaderry (O'Brien) 203 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Killadysert 298 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Killadysert Town Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Killaloe Town Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Killanena 1,656 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Killanena 232 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Killard 627 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Killaspuglonane 421 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Killavoy 158 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Killawinna 175 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Killeagy (Goonan) 467 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Killeagy (Ryan) 487 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Killeagy (Stritch) 112 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Killeany 102 Burren Killeany Ballyvaghan
Killeen 414 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Killeen 221 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Killeen 181 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Killeen 157 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Killeenagh 367 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Killeenan 154 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Killeenmacoog North 32 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Killeenmacoog South 503 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Killeinagh 44 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Killerk East 219 Islands Killone Ennis
Killerk West 230 Islands Killone Ennis
Killernan 668 Ibrickan Kilmurry Ennistimon
Killestry 247 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Killian 240 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Killilagh 95 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Killinaboy 159 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Killinny 357 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Killofin 316 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Killoghil 444 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Killokennedy 1,373 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Killourney 329 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Killow 296 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Killulla 380 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Killuran 234 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Killuran Beg 231 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Killuran More 387 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Kilmacduane East 560 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Kilmacduane West 765 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Kilmaleery 111 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Kilmaley 290 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Kilmihil 830 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Kilmihil Town Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Kilmoculla 213 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Kilmoon East 319 Burren Kilmoon Ennistimon
Kilmoon West 372 Burren Kilmoon Ennistimon
Kilmoraun 325 Islands Killone Ennis
Kilmore 874 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Kilmore 495 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Kilmore 349 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Kilmore 129 Islands Killone Ennis
Kilmore North 499 Corcomroe Kiltoraght Corrofin
Kilmore South 198 Corcomroe Kiltoraght Corrofin
Kilmurry 200 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Kilmurry Town Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Kilmurry East 137 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Kilmurry West 148 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Kilnacally 125 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Kilnacrandy 160 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Kilnacrandy 131 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Kilnacreagh 255 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Kilnagallagh 168 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Kilnamona 25 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Kilnasoolagh 86 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Kilnoe 417 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Kilquane 90 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Kilquane 48 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Kilroughil 280 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Kilrush 269 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Kilrush Town Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Kilseily 226 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Kiltaan 375 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Kiltacky Beg 338 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Kiltacky More 310 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Kiltanon 464 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Kiltennan North 42 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Kiltennan South 49 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Kiltrellig 570 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Kiltrellig Town Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Kiltumper 808 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Kilvoydan 164 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Kilvoydan North 232 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Kilvoydan South 252 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Kilweelran 652 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Kineilty 403 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Kinlea 240 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Kinturk 959 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Knappoge 44 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Knock 367 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Knock 319 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Knock Town Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Knockacarn 439 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Knockacarn 93 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Knockacaurhin 217 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Knockaclara 134 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Knockacullea North 199 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Knockacullea South 296 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Knockadangan 201 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Knockaderreen 554 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Knockaderreen 312 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Knockaderry 159 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Knockadoon 134 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Knockaguilla 288 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Knockalassa 935 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Knockalehid 90 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Knockalisheen 445 Bunratty Lower St. Munchin's Limerick
Knockalisheen 84 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Knockaloaghan 319 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Knockalough 877 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Knockaluskraun 144 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Knockanalban 939 Ibrickan Kilmurry Ennistimon
Knockanean 336 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Knockaneden 137 Corcomroe Kiltoraght Corrofin
Knockanena 206 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Knockanimana 199 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Knockaninaun 271 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Knockanira 31 Islands Killone Ennis
Knockanoura 582 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Knockanoura 55 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Knockans Lower 423 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Knockans Upper 361 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Knockanulty 176 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Knockaphreaghaun 337 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Knockaskeheen 457 Burren Kilmoon Ennistimon
Knockaskibbole 67 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Knockatemple 139 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Knockatermon 104 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Knockatinty 208 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Knockatloe 134 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Knockatooreen 405 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Knockatullaghaun 381 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Knockatunna 852 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Knockatunna 218 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Knockaun 142 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Knockaun 121 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Knockaunanerrigal 27 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Knockaunroe 472 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Knockaunroe 169 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Knockaunsmountain 689 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Knockaunvickteera 108 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Knockavoarheen 252 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Knockballynameath 107 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Knockbeha 886 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Knockbeha Mountain 466 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Knockbrack 246 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Knockbrack 83 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Knockbrack Lower 167 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Knockbrack Upper 157 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Knockdonagh 265 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Knockdoocunna 182 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Knockdrumleague 87 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Knockdrummagh North 99 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Knockdrummagh South 101 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Knockerry East 232 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Knockerry West 463 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Knockhogan 209 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Knockloskeraun 780 Ibrickan Kilmurry Ennistimon
Knockmael East 390 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Gort
Knockmael West 208 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Knockmore 880 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Knockmore 145 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Knockmore 132 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Knockmoy 44 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Knockmurragha 20 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Knocknagarhoon 405 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Knocknageeha 695 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Knocknagoug 132 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Knocknagraigue East 100 Corcomroe Clooney Corrofin
Knocknagraigue West 305 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Knocknagroagh 441 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Knocknahannee 205 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Knocknahila Beg 319 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Knocknahila More North 334 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Knocknahila More South 440 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Knocknahooan 212 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Knocknahooan 179 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Knocknalappa 345 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Knocknamucky 217 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Knocknaraha 167 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Knocknaranhy 203 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Knocknareeha 111 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Knocknaskeagh 354 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Knocknaskeagh 222 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Knockneppy 172 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Knockogonnell 407 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Knockpatrick 218 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Knockphutleen 300 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Knockreagh 407 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Knockreddan 344 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Knockroe 612 Corcomroe Kiltoraght Corrofin
Knockroe 201 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Knockroe 107 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Knockroe 88 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Knockroe 88 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Knockroe 75 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Knocksaggart 331 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Knocksaggart 149 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Knockshanvo 487 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Knockycallanan 519 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Knockyclovaun 250 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Knopoge 495 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Kyle 307 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Kylea 536 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Kyleatunna 639 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Kylecreen 653 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Kyleglass 88 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Labasheeda Town Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Lack 464 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Lack East 756 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Lack West 1,375 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Lackabranner 479 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Lackamore 474 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Lackanashinnagh 445 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Lackareagh 224 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Lackareagh Beg 488 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Lackareagh More 397 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Lacken 697 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Lackenbaun 155 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Lackennaskagh 165 Islands Killone Ennis
Laghcloon 273 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Laghile 89 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Laghtagoona 271 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Laghtmurreda 310 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Laghvally 115 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Lahardan 282 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Lahardaun 553 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Lakyle 185 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Lakyle 108 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Lakyle 23 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Lakyle North 297 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Lakyle South 212 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Langough 163 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Lanna 455 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Lannaght 650 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Laraghakea 133 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Lassana 167 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Latoon North 158 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Latoon South 301 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Lavally 127 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Lavally North 372 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Lavally South 192 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Lavarreen 534 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Leadmore East 341 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Leadmore West 296 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Leagard North 224 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Leagard South 489 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Leaghort 181 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Leaghort Beg 103 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Leaghort More 209 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Leaheen 167 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Leamaneh North 377 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Leamaneh South 187 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Leamaneigh Beg 95 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Leamaneigh More 215 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Leamnaleaha 586 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Leana 674 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Lecarrow Beg 116 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Lecarrow Lower 555 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Lecarrow More 117 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Lecarrow North 237 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Lecarrow South 106 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Lecarrow Upper 244 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Leckaun 658 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Leeds 371 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Lehaknock 188 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Lehinch 275 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Lehinch Town Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Lehinch Town Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Leitra 507 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Leitrim 982 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Leitrim 403 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Letteragh 2,072 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Letterkelly 856 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Lickeen East 651 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Lickeen West 205 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Licknaun 321 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Lifford 451 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Lisbarreen 466 Tulla Upper Kilnoe Scarriff
Lisbiggeen 102 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Liscannor 171 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Liscannor Town Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Liscasey 2,064 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Lisconor 102 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Liscoonera 153 Burren Killonaghan Ballyvaghan
Liscormick 275 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Liscullaun 510 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Liscullaun 133 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Lisdeen 774 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Lisdoonvarna 635 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Lisdoony East 59 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Lisdoony West 257 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Lisduff 314 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Lisduff 264 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Lisduff 257 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Lisduff 180 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Lisduff 103 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Lisgoogan 223 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Lisgurreen 439 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Lisheen 959 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Lisheen Town Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Lisheencrony 1,242 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Lisheeneagh 55 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Lisheenfurroor 855 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Lisheenvicknaheeha 75 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Lisheenydeen 222 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Lisket 262 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Lislarheenbeg 214 Burren Killeany Ballyvaghan
Lislarheenmore 504 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Lislea 133 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Lislorkan North 310 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Lislorkan South 194 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Lisluinaghan 847 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Lismacleane 109 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Lismacsheedy 385 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Lismacteige 402 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Lismeehan (or Maryfort) 297 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Lismoher 153 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Lismorahaun 223 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Lismorris 339 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Lismuinga East 54 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Lismuinga West 109 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Lismulbreeda 415 Islands Killone Ennis
Lismuse 398 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Lisnafaha 230 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Lisnanard 127 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Lisnanroum 103 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Lispuckaun 319 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Lisroe 538 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Lisroe 205 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Liss 402 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Lissalougha 77 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Lissan East 214 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Lissan West 385 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Lissanair 435 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Lissatunna 221 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Lissofin 294 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Lissyline 43 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Lissylisheen 457 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Lissyneillan 193 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Lissyvurriheen 426 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Little Quay Island 1 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Little Venture 1 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Loughaun North 501 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Loughaun South 37 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Loughaunnaweelaun 295 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Loughborough 320 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Loughburke 238 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Loughnagowan 302 Inchiquin Rath Ennistimon
Loughrask 282 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Loughvella 209 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Luogh North 611 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Luogh South 457 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Lurraga 115 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Lyan 613 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Madara 59 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Maghera 1,713 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Maghera 1,460 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Maghera 668 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Maghera 326 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Maghera 146 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Magherabaun 958 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Magherabaun 642 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Magheranraheen (or Rockforest) 511 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Magherareagh 342 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Magheraweelen 105 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Magowna 357 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Magowna 89 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Magowna East 15 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Magowna West 84 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Mahonburgh 242 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Manusmore 922 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Martry 414 Inchiquin Rath Ennistimon
Maryfort (or Lismeehan) 297 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Maryville 143 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Mattle Island 1 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Mausnarylaan 280 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Meelick 789 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Meelick 52 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Meenross 538 Tulla Upper Moynoe Scarriff
Meggagh East 31 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Meggagh West 119 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Menagh 249 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Milltown 465 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Milltown Malbay Town Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Moananagh 299 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Moanmore Lower 441 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Moanmore North 405 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Moanmore South 1,175 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Moanmore Upper 368 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Moanogeenagh 337 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Moanreel North 355 Inchiquin Rath Ennistimon
Moanreel South 508 Inchiquin Rath Ennistimon
Moarhaun 58 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Moe 42 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Mogouhy 86 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Mogullaan 82 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Moheramoylan 189 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Moheraroon 138 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Moherbullog 30 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Mollaneen 260 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Molosky 583 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Molougha 508 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Monanaleen 287 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Monanoe 232 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Monaskeha 218 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Moneen 446 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Moneen 145 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Moneennagliggin North (or Boston) 129 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Moneennagliggin South 89 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Monreagh 398 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Mooghaun North 233 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Mooghaun South 426 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Mooghna 698 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Mortyclogh 285 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Mount 138 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Mountallon 160 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Mountcashel 92 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Tulla
Mountcatherine 322 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Mountgordon 141 Bunratty Lower St. Munchin's Limerick
Mountievers 348 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Mountievers 27 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Mountrice 317 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Mountrivers 943 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Mountshannon East 513 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Mountshannon West 417 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Moveen East 1,066 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Moveen West 1,119 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Moy 713 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Moy Beg 304 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Moy More 208 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Moyadda Beg 242 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Moyadda More 413 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Moyarta East 241 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Moyarta West 340 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Moyasta 904 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Moyfadda 425 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Moygalla 261 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Tulla
Moyglass Beg 200 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Moyglass More 263 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Moygowna 233 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Moyhill 601 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Moyhill 430 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Moyhullin 166 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Moymore 306 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Moymore 275 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Moymore North 510 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Moymore South 24 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Moyne 302 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Moynoe 417 Tulla Upper Moynoe Scarriff
Moyree Commons 522 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Moyreisk 575 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Moyreisk 77 Bunratty Upper Clooney Ennis
Moys 261 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Muckanagh (Butler) 111 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Muckanagh (Studdert) 140 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Muckanagh (Vandeleur) 325 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Muckinish 422 Bunratty Upper Clooney Ennis
Muckinish 204 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Muckinish East 365 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Muckinish West 747 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Muingacarreen 309 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Muingboy 430 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Mullagh Town Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Munnia 388 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Murrooghkilly 1,049 Burren Gleninagh Ballyvaghan
Murrooghtoohy North 619 Burren Gleninagh Ballyvaghan
Murrooghtoohy South 517 Burren Gleninagh Ballyvaghan
Mutton Island 158 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Mweelagarraun 35 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Newgrove (or Ballyslattery) 754 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Newhall 561 Islands Killone Ennis
Newmarket 181 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Newmarket On Fergus Town Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Newpark 201 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Newpark 106 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Newquay 291 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Newtown 805 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Newtown 264 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Newtown 138 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Newtown East 183 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Newtown West 151 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Nooaff East 130 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Nooaff West 187 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Nooan 452 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Nooan 400 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Noughaval 500 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Noughaval 200 Bunratty Upper Doora Ennis
Nutfield 219 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Corrofin
Oakfield 260 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Oatfield 871 Tulla Lower Clonlea Limerick
O'Briensbridge 740 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
O'Briensbridge Town Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Obrienscastle 213 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
O'Callaghansmills Town Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
O'Donnell's Island (or Illaunbeg) 8 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
O'Grady's Island (or Inishoul) 1 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Ooankeagh 115 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
O'Shea's Acres 137 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Oughtdarra 289 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Oughterard 537 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Oughtmama 821 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Parkalough 88 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Parkmore 57 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Parknabinnia 356 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Parkroe 67 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Parnamoney 180 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Parteen 132 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Pass 69 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Pollagh 115 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Pollaghanumera 224 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Pollagoona Mountain 2,825 Tulla Upper Moynoe Scarriff
Pollatrumpa 179 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Porsoon 65 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Portdrine 570 Bunratty Lower Kilfintinan Limerick
Portlecka 228 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Poulacapple 327 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Poulacarran 319 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Poulaforia 112 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Poulagower 481 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Poulanine 208 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Poulaphuca 179 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Poulaphuca 148 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Poulaphuca 64 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Poulataggle 470 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Poulawack 226 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Poulawillan 444 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Poulbaun 392 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Poulbaun 124 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Poulcaragharush 181 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Pouleenacoona 191 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Poulgorm 343 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Pouliskaboy 61 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Poulmacrih 47 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Poulnabrone 166 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Poulnabrucky 272 Burren Rathborney Ballyvaghan
Poulnadarree 315 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Poulnagun 477 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Poulnalour 618 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Poulnaskagh 120 Burren Kilcorney Ballyvaghan
Poulroc 467 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Priest's Rock 1 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Prospect 133 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Killadysert
Pullagh 653 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Punchbowl 134 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Quakerstown 324 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Quay Island 22 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Querrin 1,532 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Quilty 291 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Quilty East 363 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Quilty West 303 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Quin 40 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Quin Town Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Quingardens 170 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Quinspool North 165 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Quinspool South 125 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Quinville North 48 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Quinville South 23 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Rabbit Island 4 Tulla Upper Moynoe Scarriff
Racorcraun 41 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Rafline 274 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Rahaniska 245 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Raheen 406 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Rahena Beg 292 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Rahena More 222 Tulla Lower Ogonnelloe Scarriff
Rahona East 416 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Rahona West 391 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Ranaghan 419 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Rannagh 253 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Rannagh 228 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Rannagh 176 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Rannagh East 416 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Rannagh West 896 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Rapepark 51 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Rath 221 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Rath Beg 148 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Tulla
Rath More 352 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Tulla
Rathbaun 110 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Rathcahaun 205 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Rathclooney 737 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Rathcraggaun 188 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Rathcrony 357 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Rathfolan 323 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Rathkerry 205 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Rathlaheen North 43 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Rathlaheen South 1,425 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Rathluby 123 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Rathmeehan 55 Islands Killone Ennis
Rathvergin 203 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Reaghfa 74 Islands Killone Ennis
Reanabrone 116 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Reanagishagh 650 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Reanahumana 476 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Reaskaun 101 Bunratty Upper Templemaley Ennis
Reaskcamoge 490 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Limerick
Red Island 11 Tulla Upper Inishcaltra Scarriff
Rehy East 669 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Rehy West 653 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Renalicka 118 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Rine 325 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Rine 88 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Rine 69 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Rineanna North 595 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Rineanna South 460 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Rinecaha 515 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Rineenacolla 1 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Rinelea 279 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Rinemackaderrig 260 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Rineroe 78 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Rineroe 62 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Rinerrinagh 97 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Rinnamona 429 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Rinneen 462 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Rinneen 392 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Rinneen 49 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Rinroe 193 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Roadford Town Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Rockforest (or Magheranraheen) 511 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Rockvale 457 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Roo East 246 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Roo West 214 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Rooska 200 Burren Kilmoon Ballyvaghan
Rosmadda East 180 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Rosmadda West 139 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Rosneillan 65 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Rosroe 275 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Ross 489 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Ross 402 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Ross 137 Inchiquin Dysert Corrofin
Ross 100 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Ross Town Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Rossalia 468 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Rossanure 147 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Rosscliff 188 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Rosslara 318 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Rosslevan 266 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Rossmanagher 789 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Roughan 128 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Roughaun 127 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Roxton 452 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Ruan Commons 15 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Ruanard 176 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Rushaun 260 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Rusheen 210 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Rusheen 142 Burren Noughaval Ballyvaghan
Russa 79 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Rylane 849 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Saint Thomas Island 21 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Saints Island 13 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Sallybank (Merritt) (or Drumsillagh) 523 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Sallybank (Parker) (or Drumsillagh) 588 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Scalp 285 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Scalpnagown 2,234 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Scanlan's Island 70 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Scarriff Town Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Scattery Island 179 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Scool 290 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Seafield 165 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Seersha 60 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Shallee 260 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Shanavogh East 868 Ibrickan Kilmurry Ennistimon
Shanavogh West 432 Ibrickan Kilmurry Ennistimon
Shanbally 164 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Shanballysallagh 348 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Shandangan 320 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Shandangan 43 Bunratty Upper Quin Tulla
Shandangan East 203 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Shandangan West 208 Bunratty Lower Kilmurry Tulla
Shandrum 437 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Shanganagh 174 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Shannacool 449 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Shannacool 95 Islands Killone Ennis
Shannakea Beg 296 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Shannakea More 822 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Shannaknock 243 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Shannakyle 275 Bunratty Lower St. Patrick's Limerick
Shantraud 202 Tulla Lower Killaloe Scarriff
Shantulla 72 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Shanvogh 254 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Sheeaun 1,302 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Kilrush
Sheeaun 708 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Sheeaun 631 Tulla Upper Moynoe Scarriff
Sheshia 320 Burren Abbey Ballyvaghan
Sheshodonnell East 41 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Sheshodonnell West 106 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Sheshymore 715 Burren Noughaval Corrofin
Shessiv 258 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Shessiv 174 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Shingaunagh North 105 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Shingaunagh South 82 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Shore Island 28 Clonderalaw Kilfiddane Killadysert
Sileshaun East 283 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Sileshaun West 375 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Silvergrove 533 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Silverhill 411 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Sixmilebridge 294 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Ennis
Sixmilebridge Town Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Ennis
Skaghvickincrow 387 Inchiquin Inagh Ennistimon
Skehanagh 543 Islands Clareabbey Ennis
Sladoo 243 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Slaghbooly 482 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Slievealoughaun 232 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Slieveanore 3,168 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Slievecarran 657 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Slievedooley 522 Clonderalaw Killofin Killadysert
Slievenabillog 35 Burren Killeany Ballyvaghan
Slievenageeragh 250 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Slievenaglasha 249 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Slievenagry 197 Corcomroe Kilfenora Ennistimon
Slievenalicka 322 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Smithstown 309 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Smithstown 285 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Snaty (Cooper) 344 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Snaty (Massy) 3,224 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Snaty (Wilson) 294 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Snugborough 226 Bunratty Lower Tomfinlough Ennis
Sod Island 1 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Soheen 213 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Sooreeny 187 Bunratty Lower Kilfinaghta Tulla
Sorrel Island (or Illaunatoo) 276 Clonderalaw Kilmihil Ennis
Spaightspark 42 Tulla Upper Feakle Tulla
Spancelhill Town Bunratty Upper Clooney Ennis
Spaug 154 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Springfield 306 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Springfield 63 Bunratty Lower Feenagh Ennis
Springmount 347 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Sragh 1,483 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Sraheen 230 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Sranagalloon 461 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Ennis
Srawickeen 361 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Sroohill 49 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Stonehall 330 Bunratty Lower Kilconry Ennis
Stonepark 98 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Stonepark 94 Tulla Upper Feakle Scarriff
Summerhill 230 Tulla Lower Kiltenanlea Limerick
Sunnagh 218 Bunratty Upper Inchicronan Tulla
Tarmon 666 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Teeraghbeg 130 Corcomroe Kilmacrehy Ennistimon
Teergonean 348 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Teermaclane 602 Islands Killone Ennis
Teermulmoney 53 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Teernagloghane 423 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Teernea 166 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Teernea Commons 108 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Teeronaun 37 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Teeronea 664 Tulla Lower Clonlea Tulla
Teeroneer 65 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Teerovannan 470 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Teervarna 88 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Teeskagh 376 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Templebannagh 280 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Termon 908 Burren Carran Ballyvaghan
Termon East 201 Moyarta Kilfearagh Kilrush
Termon West 765 Moyarta Kilferagh Kilrush
Terrleheen 196 Corcomroe Clooney Ennistimon
Thomastown 127 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Toberaniddaun 383 Islands Clondagad Killadysert
Tobernaght 857 Tulla Upper Moynoe Scarriff
Tome 176 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Tomgraney 421 Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Tomgraney Town Tulla Upper Tomgraney Scarriff
Tonarussa 259 Burren Drumcreehy Ballyvaghan
Tonavoher 531 Clonderalaw Killimer Kilrush
Tonlegee 564 Clonderalaw Kilchreest Killadysert
Tonlegee 51 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Tonlegee 20 Inchiquin Rath Corrofin
Toomullin 127 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Toonagh 710 Bunratty Upper Clooney Tulla
Toonagh 232 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Toonagh Commons 74 Inchiquin Dysert Ennis
Toor 397 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Tooreen 458 Ibrickan Kilfarboy Ennistimon
Tooreen 244 Corcomroe Kilshanny Ennistimon
Tooreen 149 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick
Tooreen 138 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Tooreen 112 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Tooreen East 131 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Tooreen West 127 Inchiquin Kilnamona Ennis
Toormore 448 Corcomroe Kiltoraght Corrofin
Toormore 38 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Toornahooan 160 Corcomroe Killilagh Ennistimon
Treanmanagh 476 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Treanmanagh 150 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Treannahow 275 Bunratty Lower Kilnasoolagh Ennis
Tromra East 222 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Tromra West 139 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Tromracastle 170 Ibrickan Kilmurry Kilrush
Trough 393 Tulla Lower O'Briensbridge Limerick
Trummer 3 Clonderalaw Killadysert Killadysert
Trusklieve 521 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Trusklieve 328 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Tulla 565 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Tulla 297 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Tulla Town Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Tullabrack 919 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Tullabrack East 382 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Tullabrack West 490 Moyarta Kilmacduane Kilrush
Tullagh 138 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Tullagh Lower 142 Corcomroe Kilfenora Corrofin
Tullagh Upper 222 Corcomroe Kilfenora Corrofin
Tullaghaboy 646 Islands Kilmaley Ennis
Tullagower 881 Moyarta Kilrush Kilrush
Tullagroe 78 Corcomroe Clooney Corrofin
Tullaher 1,675 Ibrickan Killard Kilrush
Tullaloughlan 90 Corcomroe Clooney Corrofin
Tullamore 102 Corcomroe Killaspuglonane Ennistimon
Tullaroe 1,036 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Tullassa 481 Islands Drumcliff Ennis
Tullig 1,057 Moyarta Kilballyowen Kilrush
Tullig 14 Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush
Tullycommon 962 Inchiquin Killinaboy Corrofin
Tullycreen Lower 733 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Tullycreen Upper 821 Clonderalaw Kilmurry Kilrush
Tullygarvan East 207 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Tullygarvan West 308 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Tullyglass 278 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Tullymackan 186 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Tullyodea 243 Inchiquin Ruan Corrofin
Tullyvarraga 255 Bunratty Lower Drumline Ennis
Tullyvarraga 226 Bunratty Lower Clonloghan Ennis
Tullyvoghan 343 Bunratty Upper Kilraghtis Ennis
Turkenagh 415 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Turkenagh Mountain 1,913 Tulla Upper Moynoe Scarriff
Turlough 1,276 Burren Oughtmama Ballyvaghan
Turloughmore 406 Inchiquin Kilkeedy Corrofin
Tyredagh Lower 198 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Tyredagh Upper 1,089 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Uggoon Lower 92 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Uggoon Upper 1,084 Tulla Upper Tulla Tulla
Urlan Beg 204 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Urlan More 332 Bunratty Lower Kilmaleery Ennis
Violethill 216 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Violethill 71 Tulla Lower Killuran Tulla
Woodcockhill 799 Bunratty Lower Killeely Limerick
Woodfield 286 Tulla Lower Kilseily Limerick
Woodmount 184 Corcomroe Kilmanaheen Ennistimon
Woodpark 184 Bunratty Lower Bunratty Ennis
Woodpark 102 Tulla Lower Killokennedy Limerick

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