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List of townlands of County Donegal

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 2,787 townlands in County Donegal, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbernadoorny 62 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Abbey Island 17 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Abbeylands 173 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Adderville 752 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Adderwal 722 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Admiran 135 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Aghadachor 271 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Aghadaghly 96 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Aghadowey 402 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Aghadreenan 536 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Aghafoy 101 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Aghaglassan 2,119 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Aghahull 72 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Aghalattive 387 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Aghalatty 484 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Aghalenty 111 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Aghalough 148 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Aghangaddy Glebe 528 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Aghanursan 119 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Aghasheil 28 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Aghatubbrid 576 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Aghavannan Far 179 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Aghavannan Near 102 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Aghaveagh 1,225 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Aghawee 124 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Aghawoney 212 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Aghayeevoge 346 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Aghilly and Lenynarnan 377 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Aghlehard 516 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Aghlem 234 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Aghnahoo Glebe 231 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Aghnakeeragh 76 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Aghragh 726 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Aighan 132 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Aighe 758 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Alla 213 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Allagh Island 4 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Alt Lower 184 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Alt Upper 614 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Altadoo 487 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Altadush 525 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Altaghaderry 557 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Altahalla 734 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Altahan 1,235 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Altan 1,443 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Altashane (or Cabadooey) 1,591 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Altaskin 107 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Altatraght 647 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Altclogh 275 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Altcor 537 Banagh Inver Donegal
Altilow 1,092 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Altinierin 913 Kilmacrenan Conwal Stranorlar
Altnagapple 454 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Altnagapple (or Mulmosog) 766 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Altnapaste 2,362 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Anna Islan 5 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Annagary 1,860 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Annagh 826 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Annaslee 322 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Anny Far and Near 378 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Aphort 340 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Arbatt 1,007 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Ardachrin 1,369 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Ardaganny 416 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Ardagh 409 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Ardagh 822 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Ardaght Glebe 119 Banagh Inver Donegal
Ardahee 56 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Ardara Town Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Ardara 482 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Ardaravan 421 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Ardarawer 71 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Ardatowel 134 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Ardaturr 86 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Ardaturr Mountain 539 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Ardbane 321 Banagh Inver Donegal
Ardbane 334 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Ardbane (or Laghy Barr) 357 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Ardchicken 61 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Ardee 363 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Ardeelan Lower 110 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Ardeelan Upper 128 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Ardeevin 96 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Ardeskin 44 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Ardfarn 1,056 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Ardgillew 100 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Ardglass 85 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ardinawark 324 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Ardlenagh 64 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Ardlougher 184 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Ardloughill 376 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Ardmalin 1,980 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Ardmeen 773 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Ardmore 721 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Ardnableask 152 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Ardnaditian 84 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Ardnagalliagh 81 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Ardnagannagh 195 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Ardnagappary 870 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Ardnaglass 71 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Ardnaglass 264 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Ardnaoghill 59 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Ardnaree 172 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Ardnasool 114 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Ardpattan 95 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Ardrumman 500 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Letterkenny
Ards 559 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Ards Beg 1,611 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Ards Big 511 Kilmacrenan Conwal Millford
Ards Little 206 Kilmacrenan Conwal Millford
Ards More 160 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Ardsmore Mountain 425 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Ardun 250 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Arduns 2,901 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Ardvally 160 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Ardvarnock Glebe 266 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Arlands 184 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Arryheernabin Town Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Arryheernabin 434 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Artikellys 144 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Ash Island 2 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Attatantee 1,190 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Attinadague 579 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Aughagault 180 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Aughagault Big 266 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Aughkeely 919 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Aughnish 682 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Aughnish Isle 66 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Aught 1,661 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Augullies 322 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Avaltygort 197 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Backhill 13 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Backland 25 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Backlees 121 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Balbane 712 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Ballagh 606 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Ballaghderg 237 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Ballard 762 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Balleeghan 858 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Balleeghan 313 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Balleeghan Lower 265 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Balleeghan Lower 639 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Balleeghan Upper 97 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Balleeghan Upper 1,006 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Balleelaghan 668 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Ballina 83 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballinbrocky and Ballincrick 449 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballincrick/Ballinbrocky 449 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballindrait Town Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Ballindrait 103 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Ballinlough 938 Inishowen West Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Inishowen
Ballintemple 259 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Ballintlieve 521 Inishowen West Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Inishowen
Ballintooey 205 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Ballintra Town Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Ballintra 34 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Ballintra 1,676 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Balloor 425 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballyalla 156 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Ballyannan 1,306 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Ballyara 900 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Ballyargus 1,368 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Ballyarr 446 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Ballyarr Glebe 231 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Ballyarrell 862 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Ballybegly 237 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Ballybegly Little 162 Raphoe Allsaints Letterkenny
Ballybobaneen 401 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Ballybodonnell 184 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Ballyboe 78 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Ballyboe 442 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Ballyboe 131 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Ballyboe 75 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Ballyboe 90 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Ballyboe 15 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Ballyboe 69 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Ballyboe 168 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Ballyboe 65 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Ballyboe Glencar 146 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Ballyboe Lisnenan 30 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Ballyboe Mountain 1,091 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Ballyboencurragh 142 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Ballybofey Town Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Ballybofey 453 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Ballybogan 124 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Ballybokeel 111 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Ballybolagan and Drumavohy 350 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballybolauder 275 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Ballybotemple 137 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Ballyboyle 107 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Ballyboyle Island 30 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Ballybrack 448 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Ballybrollaghan 366 Banagh Inver Donegal
Ballybulgan 174 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Ballybun 327 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Ballybuninabber 1,222 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Ballycallan 604 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballycharry 996 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Ballyconnell 598 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Ballyconnelly 149 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Ballyconnelly 562 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Ballycramsy 146 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Ballycroy 226 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Ballycushion 104 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Ballydermot 358 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Ballydevitt 253 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Ballydevitt Beg 202 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Ballyederlan 307 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Ballyederowen 629 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Ballyelly 102 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Ballygallan 1,008 Raphoe Conwal Stranorlar
Ballygawley 71 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Ballygay 349 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Ballygonigan 154 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Ballygorman 790 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Ballygreen 151 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Ballyhanna 221 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Ballyhasky 314 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Ballyheerin 291 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballyhiernan 825 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballyholey Far 622 Raphoe Raphoe Letterkenny
Ballyholey Near 197 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Ballyhork 243 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballyiriston 621 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Ballykeeran 801 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Ballykenny 278 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Ballykenny 151 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Ballykergan 1,319 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Ballykillowen 1,066 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Ballykinard 103 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballylast 7 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Ballylast 155 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Ballylawn 746 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Ballylawn 428 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Ballylennan 334 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Ballylevin 196 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Ballyliffin Town Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Ballyliffin 594 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Ballylin 465 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Ballylosky 705 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Ballyloughan 422 Banagh Killaghtee Glenties
Ballymacahil 382 Banagh Inver Donegal
Ballymacarry 556 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Ballymacarry Lower 225 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Ballymacarthur 794 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Ballymacavany 634 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Ballymacaward 605 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Ballymackilduff 364 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Ballymacmoriarty 860 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Ballymacool 470 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Ballymacphadin 256 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Ballymagahy Mountain 140 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballymagahy North 126 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballymagahy South 197 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballymagan Upr & Lwr & Clonblosk 481 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Ballymagaraghy 387 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Ballymagaraghy 268 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Ballymagig (or Barrack) 140 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Ballymagowan 298 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Ballymagowan Lower 267 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballymagowan Upper 340 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballymagrorty 1,101 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Ballymagrorty Irish 410 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Ballymagrorty Scotch 534 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Ballymaleel 156 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Ballymaquin 186 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Ballymichael 166 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballymonaster 143 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Ballymoney 376 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Ballymoon 309 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Ballymore 927 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Ballymore Lower 343 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Ballymore Upper 160 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Ballymunterhiggin 754 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Ballynabreen 245 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Ballynacarrick 859 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Ballynacarrick 141 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Ballynacarrick, Barr of 475 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Ballynacor 700 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Ballynacraig 348 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Ballynaglack 197 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Ballynaglogh 101 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Ballynahone 882 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Ballynakeeloge 258 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Ballynakillew Mountain 1,470 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Ballynakilly 408 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Ballynakilly 686 Inishowen West Inch Londonderry
Ballynally 756 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Ballynaman 114 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Ballynaman 692 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Ballynarry 640 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Ballynascall 94 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Ballynashannagh 214 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballynaslost 303 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballynatone 272 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Ballynawall and Drum 108 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballyness 349 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Ballyness Mountain 1,306 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Ballyoghagan 342 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Ballyraine 315 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Ballyrattan 837 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Ballyroosky Town Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballyroosky 289 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballyroosky Island 8 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Ballyruddelly (or Lismintan) 377 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Ballysaggart 125 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Ballyscanlan Lower 361 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Ballyscanlan Upper 404 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Ballyshannon Town Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Ballyshannon Town Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Ballystrang 442 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Balwoges 524 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Banganboy 619 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Bangort 1,269 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Bannus 99 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Barkillew 246 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Barnahone and Owenkillew 584 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Barnes Lower 754 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Barnes Upper 1,082 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Barnesyneilly 542 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Barr of Ballyconnell (or Devlin) 1,129 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Barr of Ballynacarrick 475 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Barr of Kilmackilvenny (or Monreagh) 930 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Barrack 70 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Barrack (or Ballymagig) 140 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Baskill 686 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Bauville Keeloges and Clonglash 727 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Bavan 395 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Bayhill 58 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Baylet 265 Inishowen West Inch Londonderry
Beagh 380 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Beaghmore 607 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Beaugreen Glebe 120 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Beefan 112 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Beefan & Garvcross Mtn. 228 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Beefpark 53 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Befflaght 1,725 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Behy 869 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Belalt 593 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Belalt North 1,354 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Belalt South 1,350 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Belcruit 1,398 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Bellaganny 48 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Bellanaboy (or Derrynacarrow East) 99 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Bellanamore 923 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Bellanascaddan 337 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Bellina 160 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Bellville (or Gartan) 174 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Beltany 295 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Beltany Lower 394 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Beltany Mountain 1,067 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Beltany Upper 201 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Bicketstown (or Tirnagushoge) 140 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Big Isle 175 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Bigpark 106 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Billary 47 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Bin 25 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Bindoo 154 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Bingorms 1,687 Kilmacrenan Gartan Dunfanaghy
Binmore 285 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Binnion 513 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Binnion 170 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Binroe 189 Banagh Killaghtee Glenties
Binroe 185 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Birchhill 207 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Bircog 94 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Birdstown 126 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Birdstown Demesne 266 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Birra 168 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Bishop's Island 1 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Blabreenagh 358 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Blackland 32 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Blackrepentance 95 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Blackrock 9 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Black's Glen 167 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Blairstown 289 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Blanket Nook (Intake) 630 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Blanket Nook (Intake) 246 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Bo Island 4 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Boat Island 2 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Boeeshil 937 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Bogagh 214 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Bogagh Glebe 596 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Bogay 91 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Bogay Glebe 156 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Bogside 35 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Bohanboy 394 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Boheolan 170 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Bohirril 233 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Bohirril Park 95 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Bohullion (or Glack) 296 Inishowen West Inch Londonderry
Bohullion Lower 629 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Bohullion Upper 661 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Bomany 210 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Bonnyglen 98 Banagh Inver Donegal
Booragh 223 Kilmacrenan Conwal Millford
Boultypatrick 1,133 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Boyagh 243 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Boyoughter 1,076 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Braade 349 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Braade 245 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Braade Lower 878 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Braade Upper 728 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Bracky 288 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Braehead 131 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Bready 322 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Breaghy 303 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Breaghy 403 Kilmacrenan Conwal Millford
Breaghy 65 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Breaghy 160 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Bredagh Glen 873 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Bree 1,151 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Breen 114 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Breenagh 886 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Brenter 224 Banagh Inver Donegal
Bridge End (or Drummonaghan) 229 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Brinlack 1,292 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Broadlea 172 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Broadpath 185 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Brockagh 870 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Brockagh 1,575 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Brockagh 198 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Brockagh 825 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Brownhall 77 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Brownhall Demesne 311 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Brownknowe 104 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Bruckless 219 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Bunawack 375 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Bunbeg 65 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Bunbeg 65 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Buncrana Town Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Buncronan 126 Banagh Inver Donegal
Buncroobog 250 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Bundoran Town Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Bungosteen 78 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Bunnagee 140 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Bunnamayne 883 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Bunnaton 587 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Bunnatreesruhan 1,978 Kilmacrenan Gartan Dunfanaghy
Burns Mountain 255 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Burnside 161 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Burnthaw 108 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Burt Level (Intake) 1,430 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Burtonport 32 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Cabadooey (or Altashane) 1,591 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Cabra Brook 270 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Cabra Glebe 236 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Cabry 927 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Calf Island 5 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Calhame 396 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Calhame 118 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Calhame 125 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Calhame 90 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Calhame 229 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Calhame 296 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Calhame (or Fallard) 269 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Calhame (or Montgomery's Fort) 146 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Callan 396 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Callanacor 86 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Camblestown 48 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Camlin 166 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Camp 55 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Camus 35 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Cappagh 343 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Cappry 744 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Cappry (Graham) 25 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Cark 2,684 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Carlan Lower 257 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Carlan Upper 389 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Carmoney 598 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Carn 791 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Carn 904 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Carn Beg Glebe 58 Banagh Killaghtee Glenties
Carn High 471 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Carn Low 222 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Carn More Glebe 140 Banagh Killaghtee Glenties
Carnafeagh 103 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Carnagarve 743 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Carnaghan 279 Inishowen West Inch Londonderry
Carnagore 137 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Carnamuggagh Lower 393 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Carnamuggagh Upper 210 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Carnamoyle 2,927 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Carnashannagh 270 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Carnatreantagh 446 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Carnbeagh North 89 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Carnbeagh South 60 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Carnboy 236 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Carndoagh 607 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Carndonagh Town Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Carngarrow 313 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Carnhill 85 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Carnisk 179 Kilmacrenan Conwal Millford
Carnisk 54 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Carnowen 1,672 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Carnshannagh 296 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Carntressy 502 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Carntullagh 217 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Carradoan 90 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Carraduffy 250 Banagh Inver Donegal
Carrakeel 78 Banagh Inver Donegal
Carraleena 16 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Carran, Upper & Lower 309 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Carranadore 136 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Carrick 1,206 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Carrick 642 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Carrick 635 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Carrick 397 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Carrick East 121 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Carrick Lower 607 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Carrick Upper 807 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Carrick Upper/Lower Barr 1,142 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Carrick West 142 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Carrickabraghy 441 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Carrickadawson 383 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Carrickafodan 777 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Carrickalangan 1,085 Raphoe Conwal Stranorlar
Carrickanee 371 Inishowen West Inch Londonderry
Carrickart Town Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Carrickart 870 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Carrickataggart 518 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Carrickatimpan 2,356 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Carrickatlieve Glebe 1,824 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Carrickballydooey 119 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Carrickballydooey Glebe 50 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Carrickboy 225 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Carrickbrack 516 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Carrickbrack 72 Raphoe Raphoe Stranorlar
Carrickbreeny 267 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Carrickfin 213 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Carrickmagrath 888 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Carrickmahon 472 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Carrickmaquigley 832 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Carrickmore 471 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Carricknagore 127 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Carricknahorna 2,337 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Carricknamanna 689 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Carricknamart 440 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Carricknamoghil 533 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Carricknashane 134 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Carricknashee 3 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Carricknaslate 90 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Carrickrory 614 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Carrickshandrum 185 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Carrickybressil 148 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Carrickyscanlan 161 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Carriff Island 7 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Carrigans Town Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Carrigans 129 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Carroghill 305 Inishowen West Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Inishowen
Carrontlieve 118 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Carrowbeg 464 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Carrowblagh 2,414 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Carrowblagh 745 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Carrowblagh (or Leckemy) 935 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Carrowcanon 459 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Carrowcashel 288 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Carrowen 435 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Carrowhugh 633 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Carrowkeel 110 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Carrowkeel 177 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Carrowkeel Glebe 307 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Carrowmenagh 713 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Carrowmore 839 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Carrowmore 798 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Carrowmore (or Glentogher) 5,784 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Carrowmullin 301 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Carrownaff 225 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Carrownaganonagh 1,015 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Carrownamaddy 2,198 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Carrownamaddy 386 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Carrownasaul 279 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Carrowreagh 1,803 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Carrowreagh 1,242 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Carrowreagh 465 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Carrowreagh (or Craignacally) 497 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Carrowtrasna 808 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Carrowtrasna 1,003 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Carryblagh 218 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Carrygally 145 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Carrygalt 112 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Carthage 1,497 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Casey Glebe 124 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Cashel 687 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Cashel 1,010 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Dunfanaghy
Cashel 336 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Cashel 1,230 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Cashel 760 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Cashel 762 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Cashel 1,449 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Cashel 183 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Cashel Glebe 130 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Cashelard 2,740 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Cashelcarn 247 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Cashelcummin 44 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Casheleenan 931 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Cashelenny 660 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Cashelfean 279 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Cashelgay 274 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Cashelgolan 463 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Cashelin 207 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Cashellackan 82 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Cashelmore 280 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Cashelnagor 1,352 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Cashelnavean 1,840 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Cashelodogherty 106 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Casheloogary 920 Banagh Inver Donegal
Cashelpreaghan 232 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Cashelreagh 214 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Cashelreagh Glebe 230 Banagh Killaghtee Glenties
Cashelshanaghan 845 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Letterkenny
Casheltown 431 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Casheltown 253 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Casheltown Mountain 391 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Castlebane 59 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Castlebane 73 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Castlebane 122 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Castleblaugh. 264 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Castlecooly 298 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Castledoe 221 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Castledowey 502 Raphoe Raymoghy Strabane
Castledowey 43 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Castlefinn Town Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Castlefinn 152 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Castleforward Demesne 321 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Castlequarter 110 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Castlequarter 295 Inishowen West Inch Londonderry
Castlethird 213 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Castletorrison 342 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Castletown 381 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Castlewray 144 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Castruse 433 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Catherine's Isle 2 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Cavan 85 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Cavan 120 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Cavan 126 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Cavan Lower 434 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Cavan Upper 578 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Cavanacaw 85 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Cavanacor 85 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Cavanaweery 129 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Cavangarden 299 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Cherrymount 167 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Church Hill 269 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Churchland Quarters (or Carrowtemple, Moneyshandoney, & Carrick) 5,187 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Churchtown 525 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Churchtown 216 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Claggan 844 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Claggan 112 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Claggan 112 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Claggan 226 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Claggan Mountain 237 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Claggan Mountain North 259 Kilmacrenan Gartan Dunfanaghy
Claggan Mountain South 230 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Claggan North 136 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Claggan South 133 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Clanboorhin 254 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Claragh 253 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Clarcam 245 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Clarcarricknagun 123 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Clardrumbarren 81 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Clardrumnagahan 39 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Clare 957 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Clarlougheask 204 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Clashygowan 568 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Cleenagh 373 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Cleenderry 272 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Cleengort 483 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Clehagh 359 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Clogfin 227 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Cloghan 115 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Cloghan Beg 256 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Cloghan More 472 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Cloghard 89 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Cloghbolie 156 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Cloghbolie 1,634 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Cloghboy 489 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Cloghcor 81 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Clogher 1,281 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Clogher East 1,444 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Clogher West 241 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Clogherachullion 1,508 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Clogheravaddy 251 Banagh Inver Donegal
Cloghercor 2,914 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Clogherdillure 200 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Cloghernagh 272 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Cloghernagore 1,619 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Cloghervaddy 1,803 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Cloghfin 364 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Cloghfin 253 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Cloghfin 162 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Cloghglass 129 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Cloghgore 64 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Cloghore 480 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Cloghroe 276 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Cloghroe 524 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Clonbara 312 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Clonbeg Glebe 103 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Clonblosk&Ballymagan Upr & Lwr 481 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Clonca 782 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Cloncarney 832 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Clonclayagh 255 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Clonconwal 470 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Clondallan 265 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Clondavaddog 413 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Clonglash and Bauville Keeloges 727 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Clonkilly Beg 249 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Clonkilly More 237 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Clonmass 337 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Clonmass Isle 21 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Clonmore 237 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Clontallagh 230 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Clontyseer 198 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Clonyreel 224 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Cloon 285 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Clooney 283 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Clooney 361 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Clooney & Gortnamona 144 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Clooney More 204 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Cloontagh 1,930 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Cloverhill (or Drumbeg) 126 Banagh Inver Donegal
Coaghmill 46 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Coguish 1,087 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Colehill 190 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Commeen 3,743 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Commeen 235 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Common 155 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Common 444 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Common Mountain 162 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Conaghrud 306 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Coney Island 13 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Coneyburrow 130 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Connaghkinnagoe 844 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Contycro 335 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Convoy Town Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Convoy Demesne 312 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Convoy Townparks 352 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Conwal 180 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Cool Beg 286 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Cool Lower 624 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Cool More 115 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Cool Upper 530 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Cooladawson 130 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Cooladerry 129 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Cooladerry 255 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Cooladerry Mountain 186 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Coolaghy 198 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Coolaghy Glebe 129 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Coolatee 132 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Coolback 132 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Coolboy Big 350 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Coolboy Little 238 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Coolcholly 819 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Coolshangan 142 Banagh Inver Donegal
Coolvoy 754 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Cooly 866 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Coolyslin 158 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Company 170 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Cor 85 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Corcam 60 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Corcashy 109 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Corcreggan 201 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Corcullion 67 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Corderry 296 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Corgannive Glebe 189 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Corgary 341 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Corkan Isle 101 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Corker Beg 201 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Corker More 759 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Corkey 342 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Corlacky 587 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Corlea 1,108 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Corlea 884 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Corlea 477 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Cormakilly 192 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Cormullin / Cormullion 519 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Cornabrogue 131 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Cornacahan 135 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Cornagill 159 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Cornagillagh 289 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Cornagrillagh 515 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Cornagullion 306 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Cornaveagh 155 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Corncamble 324 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Corporation 358 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Corracramph 168 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Corradooey 375 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Corradooey 888 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Corraffrin 781 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Corragh Island 1 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Corraine 1,411 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Corranagh 596 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Corraness Glebe 383 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Corravaddy 413 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Corry 334 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Corveen 231 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Corveen 1,471 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Cottage 67 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Cottian 214 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Cottown 248 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Court 412 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Cowpark 88 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Coxtown 109 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Craghy 1,409 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Craghy 921 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Craig 99 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Craig 483 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Craigdoo 187 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Craigmaddyroe Far 139 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Craigmaddyroe Near 126 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Craignacally (or Carrowreagh) 497 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Craigroe 112 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Craigs 168 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Craigs (or Tommyscroft) 143 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Craigtown 145 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Craigtown 219 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Cranberry Island 1 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Cranford 725 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Crannogeboy 393 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Cranny Lower 280 Banagh Inver Donegal
Cranny Upper 154 Banagh Inver Donegal
Cratlagh 1,041 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Creaghadoos 562 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Creatland 146 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Creehennan 828 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Creenary 548 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Creenasmear 872 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Creenveen 641 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Creeslough Town Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Creeslough 427 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Creevagh 205 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Creeve 304 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Creeve (Smith) 232 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Creeve Glebe 295 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Creeveoughter 846 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Creevins 199 Banagh Inver Donegal
Creevy 815 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Creggan 256 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Creggan 1,189 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Crevary Lower 157 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Crevary Upper 184 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Crilly 681 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Crislaghkeel 542 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Crislaghmore 515 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Croagh 1,238 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Croagh 357 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Croaghan 380 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Croaghan 314 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Croaghan 106 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Croaghan Island 17 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Croaghanarget 1,368 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Croaghbeg 208 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Croaghbrack 1,725 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Croaghbreesy 523 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Croaghcullion 454 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Croagheen (or Loughbarra) 2,020 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Croaghlin 281 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Croaghlin 152 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Croaghnacree 262 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Croaghnakern 942 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Croaghnameal 888 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Croaghnashallog 1,250 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Croaghonagh 3,860 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Croaghross 312 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Croaghubbrid 556 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Croankeeran 681 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Crocam 727 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Crockacapple 125 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Crockahany (or Rossnowlagh Upper) 389 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Crockahenny 857 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Crockastoller 1,892 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Crockglass 358 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Crocknacunny 1,726 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Crocknafeola 167 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Crocknagapple 818 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Crocknageeragh 248 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Crocknamurleog 190 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Crockraw 147 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Crohy 1,085 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Crohyboyle 1,607 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Crolack 1,155 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Crolly 2,471 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Cronacarckfree 770 Banagh Inver Donegal
Cronadon 925 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Cronaguiggy 794 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Cronakerny 1,572 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Cronalaghy 1,221 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Cronamuck 614 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Cronaslieve 530 Banagh Inver Donegal
Cronkeeran 320 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Cross 121 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Cross 237 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Crossconnell 255 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Crossogs 164 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Croveenenanta 777 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Crovehy 1,334 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Crowanrudda 1,040 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Crowanrudda Beg 435 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Crowbane 1,359 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Crowdoo 1,112 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Croweighter 1,236 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Crowkeeragh 913 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Crowlar 919 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Crownasillagh 875 Banagh Rossory Enniskillen
Cruickaghmore 794 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Cruit Lower 432 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Cruit Upper 308 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Crumlin 256 Banagh Inver Donegal
Crumlin 197 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Cuilly 253 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Culdaff 245 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Culdaff Glebe 158 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Culineen 300 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Culliagh 421 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Cullion 872 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Cullion 210 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Cullion 83 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Cullion Boy 1,650 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Culoort 987 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Cummirk 942 Kilmacrenan Conwal Stranorlar
Cunlin 276 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Cunninghamstown (or Legnabraid) 10 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Curragh 125 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Curraghafeaghan 196 Banagh Killaghtee Glenties
Curraghalane 152 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Curraghavogy 274 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Curraghlea 310 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Curraghomongan 1,417 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Curreen and Gannew 332 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Currin 360 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Currynanerriagh 951 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Cuskry Glebe 203 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Cuttymanhil 97 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Dalraghan Beg 546 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Dalraghan More 850 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Dargan 134 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Darney 402 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Dawros 468 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Dawros Island 9 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Deenystown 31 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Deerpark 240 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Demesne 130 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Derg Beg Island 2 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Derg More Island 5 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Dergroagh 253 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Derk Beg 486 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Derk More 239 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Dernacally 252 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Derries 733 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Derries 398 Boylagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Derriseligh 1,546 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Derrora 1,143 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Derryart 193 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Derrybeg 112 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Derrybeg 167 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Derrycassan 632 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Derryconnor 1,224 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Derrydruel Lower 580 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Derrydruel Upper 447 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Derryfad 645 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Derryharriff Glebe 467 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Derryhirk 101 Banagh Inver Donegal
Derrykillow 1,051 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Derrylahan 2,309 Kilmacrenan Gartan Dunfanaghy
Derrylahan 640 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Derryleconnell Far 1,227 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Derryleconnell Near 1,368 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Derryloaghan 841 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Derrymore 139 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Derrynacarrow 718 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Derrynacarrow East (or Ballinaboy) 99 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Derrynagrial 1,437 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Derrynamansher 349 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Derrynanaspol 2,667 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Derryness 274 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Derryness Island 6 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Derryreel 786 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Derryreel 738 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Derryvane 929 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Devlin 2,203 Kilmacrenan Gartan Dunfanaghy
Devlin (or Barr of Ballyconnell) 1,129 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Devlinmore 617 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Devlinreagh 382 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Diffin 33 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Disert 1,190 Banagh Inver Donegal
Doagh 372 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Doagh Beg 564 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Doagh More 800 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Doaghbeg Town Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Doaghcrabbin 198 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Donaghmore Glebe 221 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Donegal Town Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Donegal Town Banagh Killymard Donegal
Donegal 133 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Dooballagh 1,234 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Doobally 504 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Doobin 2,166 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Doocarrick 97 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Doocashel Glebe 273 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Doochill North 448 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Doochill South 152 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Doocrow 2,412 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Dooey 149 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Dooey 1,804 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Dooghan 119 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Dooish 998 Raphoe Raymoghy Strabane
Dooish 1,089 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Doon 344 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Doonalt 268 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Doonan 183 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Doorabble 134 Raphoe Raphoe Letterkenny
Doorian 296 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Dooros 85 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Dore 964 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Downies 311 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Downies Barr 183 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Drean 200 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Dreenan 295 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Dresnagh 124 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Dristernan 508 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Dromore 349 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Dromore 389 Banagh Inver Donegal
Dromore 662 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Dromore 381 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Dromore 134 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Dromore 144 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Dromore Big 258 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Dromore Little 73 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Drum 176 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Drum & Ballynawall 108 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Drumabodan 329 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Drumacloghan 210 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Drumacrin 450 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Drumadart 121 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumadoney 102 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumadooey 227 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Drumaghy 116 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Drumaghy 168 Banagh Killaghtee Glenties
Drumagraa 525 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumalough (or Lough Hill) 166 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Drumanaught 1,294 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Drumaneany 1,074 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Drumaneary 250 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumaneel 113 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Drumano 689 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Drumany 271 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Drumany 85 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Drumard 254 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumardagh 332 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Drumark 156 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drumatoland 487 Raphoe Raymoghy Strabane
Drumatrumman 390 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Drumatumpher 202 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumaville 1,298 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Drumaville 369 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Drumavohy 187 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Drumavohy and Ballybolagan 350 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Drumawark 502 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Drumaweer 608 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Drumballycasian 53 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Drumbane 98 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Drumbar 144 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumbaran 209 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumbaran 92 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Drumbarity 67 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Drumbarnet 255 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Drumbarnet Lower 184 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Drumbarnet Middle 112 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Drumbarnet Upper 175 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Drumbarren 66 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumbeagh 391 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumbeagh 75 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Drumbeg 93 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Drumbeg (or Cloverhill) 126 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumbern 171 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Drumboarty 470 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumboe Lower 331 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Drumboe Upper 167 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Drumboghill 980 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Drumbologe 76 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Drumboy 325 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Drumboy 143 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Drumbrick 214 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Drumbristan Glebe 99 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Drumcannon 160 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Drumcarbit 742 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Drumcarn 353 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Drumcavany 309 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Drumchory Glebe 115 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Drumchrin 146 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Drumcliff 59 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drumcoe 454 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumconcoose 393 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Drumconor 445 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumcroagh 148 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumcrow 236 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Drumdeevin 401 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Drumderrydonan 1,080 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Drumdoit 397 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Drumduff 146 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumdutton 454 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Drumearn 116 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Drumeasan 441 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Dunfanaghy
Drumenan 1,012 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Drumenan 232 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Drumevish 392 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Drumfad 282 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Drumfad 164 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Drumfad Lower 170 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Drumfad Upper 166 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Drumfergus 154 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Drumfin 214 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumfin (or Islandroy Barr) 159 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Drumgorman 313 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumgorman Barr 79 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumgornan 377 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drumgowan 269 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumgreggan 83 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Drumgumberland 241 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Drumgun 83 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drumgun 193 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Drumhaggart 490 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Drumhallagh Lower 149 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Drumhallagh Upper 590 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Drumharriff 250 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Drumherrive 273 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Drumhome 303 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Druminardagh 242 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Druminargal 97 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Druminderry Upper & Lower 585 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Drumineney 93 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Druminiscal 56 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Druminnin 308 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumirrin 565 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Drumkeeghan 334 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drumkeelan 611 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumkeen 558 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Drumlackagh 759 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Drumlaghdrid 1,076 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Drumlaght 91 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumlaghtafin 271 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumlask 171 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Drumleavalliagh 67 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Drumlee 630 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Drumleene 337 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Drumlonagher 136 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumlough 318 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Drumlougher 308 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Drumlurgagh 156 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Drummacachapple 111 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drummacacullen 306 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drummacaladdery 271 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Drummacanoo 189 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Drumman 107 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Drummanus Glebe 94 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Drummay 262 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Drummeenanagh 168 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drummeenanagh 265 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drummenny Lower 162 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drummenny Middle 152 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drummenny Upper 196 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drummonaghan (or Bridge End) 229 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Drummucklagh 179 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Drummurphy 383 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Drumnabratty 86 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Drumnacarry 120 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumnacarry 203 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drumnacarry 286 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Drumnacart 29 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Drumnacart Mountn Pasture 856 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Drumnacraig 199 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Drumnacroil 154 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Drumnacross 318 Boylagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Drumnacross 133 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Drumnafinnagle 178 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Drumnagahan 66 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumnagroagh 162 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Drumnaha 816 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Drumnaha 87 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Drumnaha 82 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Drumnaheark East 297 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumnaheark West 94 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumnahoagh 260 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Drumnahough 58 Raphoe Conwal Stranorlar
Drumnahough Mountain (or Meenadaura) 491 Raphoe Conwal Stranorlar
Drumnahoul 141 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumnakillew 289 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Drumnakilly 91 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumnalifferny 226 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Drumnaliffierny Mountain 2,353 Kilmacrenan Gartan Dunfanaghy
Drumnalost 400 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumnalough 612 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Drumnaraw 206 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Drumnashammar 203 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Drumnasharragh 2,029 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Drumnashear 84 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Drumnasillagh 764 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Drumnaskea 108 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Drumnaskea 314 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Drumnaskea 272 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Drumnasorn 67 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Drumnatinny 650 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Drumnatinny Barr 697 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Drumnawooa 60 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Drumoghill 272 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Drumoghill 340 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Drumoske 112 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Drumrainy 231 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumrat 149 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Drumreagh 189 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Drumroe 52 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Drumrone 264 Banagh Inver Donegal
Drumroosk 126 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drumroosk East 103 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drumroosk Middle 100 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drumroosk West 100 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drumsallagh 136 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Drumshantony 16 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Drumskellan 1,254 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Drumstevlin 153 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Drung 197 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Drung 1,757 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Duck Island 3 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Dunaff 1,174 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Dunagard 289 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Dundawoona Point 9 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Dundee 138 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Dundooan Lower 655 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Dundooan Upper 141 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Dundrean 602 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Dundrudian 60 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Dunduffsfort 299 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Dunfanaghy Town Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Dunfanaghy 147 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Dunglow Town Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Dunglow 406 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Dungorman 254 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Dunkineely Town Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Dunkineely 136 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Dunlewy Far 4,033 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Dunlewy Near 1,547 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Dunmore 1,730 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Dunmore 141 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Dunmore 383 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Dunmore 371 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Dunmore 496 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Dunmuckrum 823 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Dunnaloob 36 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Dunree 212 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Dunross 604 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Duntinny 135 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Dunwiley 490 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Durnesh 239 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Eagle's Nest 1 Banagh Inver Donegal
Eddrim Glebe 641 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Eden 248 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Edenacarnan North 211 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Edenacarnan South 230 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Edenagor 117 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Edenamoghil 269 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Edenamuck 165 Banagh Inver Donegal
Edenfinfreagh 393 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Edenmore 200 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Edenmore 258 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Edergole 4,370 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Edergole 196 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Edernish Island 10 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Edernish Island 7 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Edernishfree Island 28 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Egglybane 385 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Eglish 2,554 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Eighter Island 60 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Eighterross 195 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Elaghbeg 482 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Eleven Ballyboes 408 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Ellistrin Big (or Illistrin Big) 241 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Ellistrin Little (or Illistrin Little) 192 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Elly 488 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Errarooey Beg 195 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Errarooey More 542 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Errity 293 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Errity Churchland 44 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Eskaheen 1,347 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Evishbreedy 1,059 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Fahan Level (Intake) 390 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Fahykeen 105 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Faiafannan 204 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Falbane 163 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Falcarragh 186 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Falchorrib 977 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Falgarrow 388 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Fallagowan 1,323 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Fallaneas 124 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Fallard (or Calhame) 269 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Fallask 1,009 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Faltybanes 100 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Fanaghans 168 Banagh Inver Donegal
Fanavolty 216 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Farnagh 146 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Farragans 374 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Farragans 505 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Farranmacbride 56 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Farsetmore 125 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Faugher 329 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Faugher 46 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Faugher Mountain 436 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Fawans 385 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Fawnaboy 1,824 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Fawninoughan 373 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Fawnmore 352 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Faymore 873 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Fearn 904 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Feddyglass 385 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Fegart 308 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Fiagry 183 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Figart 134 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Figart 273 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Fincashel 500 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Findrum 381 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Finnabanes 188 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Finnadoos 236 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Finnadork Glebe 223 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Finner 1,582 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Fintown 846 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Fintragh 3,145 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Finver 127 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Flemingstown 129 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Flughland 170 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Foffanagh 462 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Fogher 442 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Fortstewart 138 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Foxhall 171 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Foyagh 133 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Foyfin 213 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Freehold 218 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Friarsbush 33 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Friary 349 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Fycorranagh 88 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Gaddyduff 165 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Galdonagh 537 Raphoe Raymoghy Strabane
Galdonagh Glebe 537 Raphoe Raymoghy Strabane
Galwolie 1,467 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Galwolie 361 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Gannew and Curreen 332 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Gargrim 258 Banagh Inver Donegal
Garrisonhill 195 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Garrowcarry 758 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Garrowchuill 151 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Garrygort 606 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Garrymore 158 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Garshooey 375 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Gartan (or Bellville) 174 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Gartan Mountain 4,124 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Garvagh 183 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Garvan 516 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Garvanagh 827 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Garvary 143 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Garvary 710 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Garvary Mountain 767 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Garvegort Glebe 411 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Garveross 125 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Garveross Mountain & Beefan 228 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Gilbertstown 562 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Gillstown 79 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Glack 377 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Glack (or Bohullion) 296 Inishowen West Inch Londonderry
Glackadrumman 576 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Glar 113 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Glasalt (or Treanfasy) 1,448 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Glasbolie 716 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Glashagh 1,919 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Glashagh Beg 867 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Glashagh More 1,123 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Glashbeggan 144 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Glashedy Island 7 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Glashydevet 784 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Glaskeeragh 1,054 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Glasly 176 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Glasmullan 1,073 Inishowen West Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Inishowen
Glasmullan 40 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Glasnant 83 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Glass Island (or Illancarragh) 4 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Glassan 642 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Glasserchoo 547 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Glebe 76 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Glebe 69 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Glebe 81 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Glebe 101 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Glebe 66 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Glebe 193 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Glebe 267 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Glebe 99 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Glebe 388 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Glebe 94 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Glebe 7 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Glebe 8 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Glebe 8 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Glebe 6 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Glebe 184 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Glebe 38 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Glebe 35 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Glebe 77 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Glebe (or Kilconnell) 197 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Glebe (or Straid) 83 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Glebe Large 59 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Glebehill 10 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Glen 68 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Glen Lower 356 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Glen Upper 274 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Glenaboghil 469 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Glenalla 1,302 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Glenard 1,147 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Glenbeagh 751 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Glencar Irish 254 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Glencar Scotch 357 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Glencash 119 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Glencaw 528 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Glencoagh 344 Banagh Inver Donegal
Glencoagh 115 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Glencovet 169 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Glencross 395 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Glencrow 268 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Glendowanbeg 188 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Gleneely 292 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Glenfad 265 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Glengad 2,569 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Glengesh 1,626 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Glengillagrana High 480 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Glenieraragh 1,166 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Glenineeny 77 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Glenkeen 157 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Glenkeeragh 555 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Glenkeeran 422 Raphoe Raphoe Letterkenny
Glenkeo 215 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Glenkeo 1,157 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Glenleary 332 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Glenlee 144 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Glenlough 2,231 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Glenmacannive 480 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Glenmakee 716 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Glenmaquin Lower 793 Raphoe Raphoe Letterkenny
Glenmaquin Upper 404 Raphoe Raphoe Letterkenny
Glenmenagh 658 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Glennagiveny 1,697 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Glennahilt 79 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Glenoory 277 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Glenoughty 297 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Glenree 449 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Glensmoil 213 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Glentidaly 416 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Glentidaly Glebe 255 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Glenties Town Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Glentillid 309 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Glentogher (or Carrowmore) 5,784 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Glentornan 2,731 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Glentown 241 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Glinsk 684 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Go Island 9 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Gobnascale 120 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Gola 424 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Gola Island 424 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Goladoo 217 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Golamore & beg Islands 1 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Golan 1,185 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Goland 762 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Golard 517 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Goldrum 451 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Goorey 203 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Gort 4 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Gort 1 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Gort 1 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Gort 2 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Gort Glebe 5 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Gort Glebe 12 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Gort Glebe (or Cooladerry) 11 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Gort North 2 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Gort South 3 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Gortadragon 134 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Gortahork 169 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Gortahork 286 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Gortalaban 99 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Gortalia 133 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Gortanny 125 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Gortaquigley 149 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Gortaward 229 Banagh Inver Donegal
Gortaway 182 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Gortcalvy 798 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Gortcormacan 594 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Gortcross 66 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Gortfad 262 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Gortflugh 221 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Gortgarra 177 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Gortgranagh 69 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Gortin 39 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Gortin North 227 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Gortiness 101 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Gortinessy 275 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Gortinlieve 306 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Gortinreagh 110 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Gortins South 183 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Gortkilly 142 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Gortleck 1,356 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Gortlee 213 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Gortletteragh 261 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Gortlosky 88 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Gortlough 138 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Gortlush 112 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Gortmacall Beg 340 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Gortmacall More 388 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Gortnabrade 425 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Gortnacart Glebe 681 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Gortnacor 119 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Gortnacorrib 289 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Gortnagole 165 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Gortnagrace 417 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Gortnalaragh 223 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Gortnaleck 1,586 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Gortnalughoge 187 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Gortnamona and Clooney 144 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Gortnamoney 19 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Gortnamuck 582 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Gortnamucklagh 432 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Gortnasate 75 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Gortnasillagh 601 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Gortnaskea 1,922 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Gortnaskeagh 433 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Gortnatraw North 282 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Gortnatraw South 807 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Gortnavern 656 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Gortnavern 740 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Gortnavilly 76 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Gortnesk 68 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Gortree 378 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Gortyarrigan 632 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Graffy 406 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Graffy 136 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Grahamsland 284 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Grahamstown 65 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Grange 403 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Grange 588 Inishowen West Inch Londonderry
Gransha 446 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Grawky 330 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Grawky Glebe 70 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Greaghs 301 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Greaghs Barr (or Meenavanaghan) 232 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Green Island 2 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Green Island 1 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Greenan 1,477 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Greenans 308 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Greenfield 55 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Greenfort Demesne 145 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Greenfort Island 2 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Greenhill 100 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Greenhills 8 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Gregstown 86 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Greyhill 166 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Grogagh 126 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Grousehall 2,037 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Grovehall (or Newtowngrove) 196 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Gull Island 3 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Gull Island 3 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Gulladoo 1,086 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Guystown 113 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Habbitstown 73 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Halftown 106 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Hall Demesne 360 Banagh Inver Donegal
Haugh 202 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Haughey's Isle 6 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Haw 128 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Haw 131 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Heneys 334 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Highbank 66 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Highglen 800 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Hollands 109 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Holmes 51 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Hungersmother 154 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Illan Phililpboy 7 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Illanacarragh (or Glass Island) 4 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Illanaran Island 13 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Illancrone Island 6 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Illanfad 1 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Illann hurry 5 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Illies 2,293 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Illion 639 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Imlick 169 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Inch Level (Intake) 292 Inishowen West Inch Londonderry
Inishal 70 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishbarnog Island 12 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Inishbeg 23 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Inishbofin 297 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Inishcoo 109 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishdooey 87 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Inishduff 3 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Inisheane 19 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishfad 180 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Inishfaugh 2 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Inishfree Lower 45 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishfree Upper 341 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishgoosk 13 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Inishillintry 12 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishinny 17 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Inishinny 62 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Inishinny 39 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishinny 8 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishkecragh 46 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishkeel 80 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Inishmacadurn (or Rutland Island) 312 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishmeal 18 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Inishmeane 117 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Inishnabo 4 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Inishnagor 4 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Inishowen Island 1 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Inishpat 17 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Inishsirrer 108 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Inishtrahull 113 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Inishyweel 2 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Inniskil 471 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Inniskil 95 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Inver Glebe 164 Banagh Inver Donegal
Ironworks 80 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Island Beg 5 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Island More 149 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Island Reagh 11 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Island Roy 91 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Islandroy Barr (or Drumfin) 159 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Juniper Island 1 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Keadew 983 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Keadew Lower 119 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Keadew Upper 2,342 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Keeldrum 110 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Keeldrum Lower 215 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Keeldrum Upper 3,634 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Keeloges 440 Banagh Inver Donegal
Keeloges 553 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Keeloges 109 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Keeloges, Bauville, and Clonglash 727 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Keenagh 226 Inishowen East Clonea Inishowen
Keenaghan 194 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Keenaghan 355 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Keeranbane 479 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Kellysmeadow 3 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Keranstown 60 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Keshends 70 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Kilaned 128 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Kilbarron 384 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Kilbeg 214 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Kilcaddan 193 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Kilcar Town Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Kilcar 233 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Kilcasey 452 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Kilcashel 121 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Kilclooney Beg 257 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Kilclooney More 592 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Kilconnell (or Glebe) 197 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Kilcreen 208 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Kildarragh 1,019 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Kildoney Glebe 508 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Kildrum Lower 246 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Kildrum Upper 306 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Kilgole 132 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Kilgoly 64 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Kilgort 147 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Kilkenny 143 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Kill 541 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Kill 207 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Kill 549 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Killaghtee 135 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Killasteever 68 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Killavee 43 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Killeen 217 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Killhill and Rosskirk 561 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Killin 466 Banagh Inver Donegal
Killin 287 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Killinangel Beg 318 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Killinangel More 126 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Killindarragh 149 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Killoughcarran 598 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Dunfanaghy
Killult 451 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Killultan 192 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Killybegs Town Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Killybegs 325 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Killyclug 465 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Killycolman 135 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Killydesert 304 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Killydonnell 536 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Killygarvan Lower 121 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Killygarvan Upper 147 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Killygordon Town Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Killygordon 409 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Killylastin 499 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Killymasny 1,445 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Killynure (or Wilsons Fort) 356 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Killyverry 276 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Kilmackilloo 444 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Kilmackilvenny, Barr of (or Monreagh) 930 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Kilmacreddan 268 Banagh Inver Donegal
Kilmacrenan Town Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Kilmacrenan 233 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Kilmonaster Lower 212 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Kilmonaster Middle 257 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Kilmore 239 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Kilnpark 64 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Kilpheak 493 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Kilrean 431 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Kilrean Lower 322 Boylagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Kilrean Upper 1,503 Boylagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Kilross 154 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Kiltole 307 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Kiltooris 192 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Kiltown 206 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Kiltoy 136 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Kiltyfanned 383 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Kiltyfergal 449 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Kilwarry 88 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Kimmid 255 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Kinacaslough 106 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Kincraigy 264 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Kincrum 404 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Kindroghed 414 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Kindrum 219 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Kingarrow 1,752 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Kinkeel Island 10 Tirhugh Kilbarron Glenties
Kinletter 828 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Kinletteragh 527 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Kinnacally 323 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Kinnaderry 390 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Kinnagoe 497 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Kinnakillew 647 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Kinnalargy 115 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Kinnalough 331 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Kinnea 564 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Kinnegar 32 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Kinnoghty 205 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Kintale 76 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Kirkneedy 896 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Kirkstown 478 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Knader 788 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Knock 164 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Knock 280 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Knockagar 263 Banagh Inver Donegal
Knockagarran 331 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Knockamany 306 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Knockastoller 560 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Knockbane 125 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Knockbrack 447 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Knockbrack 226 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Knockduff 54 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Knockergrana 161 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Knockfair 154 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Knockfola 1,167 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Knockglass 158 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Knocknabollan 180 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Knocknafaugher 666 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Knocknahorna 123 Banagh Inver Donegal
Knocknamona 106 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Knocknashangan 227 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Knockrawer 46 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Knockybrin 277 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Labbadish 314 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Labbadoo 216 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Lackagh 1,094 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Lackaghatermon 613 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Lackaweer 158 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Lackcrom 828 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Lacklea 611 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Lacklom 256 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Lacknacoo 486 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Laconnell 592 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Lacroagh 583 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Laddan 137 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Lag 349 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Lagacurry 432 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Laghil 147 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Laghy Town Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Laghy 175 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Laghy Barr (or Ardbane) 357 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Lagnagillew 645 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Lagunna 837 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Lahan Island 33 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Laheen 356 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Lanehead 9 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Laraghirril 364 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Larganreagh 115 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Larganreagh Barr (or Meenacross) 63 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Largatreany 658 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Largnalarkan 612 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Largybrack 1,043 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Largymore 252 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Largynagreana 101 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Largysillagh 1,219 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Larnalore 449 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Leabgarrow 345 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Leabrannagh 63 Boylagh Templcrone Glenties
Leabrannagh Mtn. No. & Plughoge 113 Boylagh Templcrone Glenties
Leabrannagh Mtn. So. & Plughoge 195 Boylagh Templcrone Glenties
Leagans 194 Banagh Inver Donegal
Leaght 588 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Leamacrossan 820 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Leamagowra 1,233 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Leat Beg 641 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Leat More 188 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Leckbeg 63 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Leckemy (or Carrowblagh) 935 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Leckenagh 511 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Lederg 1,180 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Lefinn 185 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Legacurry 100 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Legaloscran 62 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Legaltan 254 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Legboy 86 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Leggandorragh 43 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Leghawny 643 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Legland 506 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Legland 313 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Legmuckduff 137 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Legnabraid (or Cunninghamstown) 100 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Legnaduff 54 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Legnahoory 727 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Legnaneale 80 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Legnanornoge 225 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Legnatraw 466 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Legnawley Glebe 117 Banagh Inver Donegal
Lehardan 169 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Leitrim 806 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Leitrim 293 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Lenalea 385 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Lenan 1,583 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Lenynarnan and Aghilly 377 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Lergadaghtan 112 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Lergadaghtan 94 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Lergadaghtan Mountain 209 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Lerginacarha 342 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Lergynasearhagh 621 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Letter 191 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Letter 63 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Letter 851 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Letter 625 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Letter 453 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Letterbarra 212 Banagh Inver Donegal
Letterbrick 1,070 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Lettercran 526 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Lettereau 343 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Letterfad 1,520 Banagh Inver Donegal
Letterfad 277 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Lettergull 557 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Letterilly 1,904 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Letterkenny Town Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Letterkenny 410 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Letterleague 599 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Lettermakenny 427 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Lettermore 578 Banagh Inver Donegal
Lettermore 604 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Letternacahy 159 Banagh Inver Donegal
Lettershanbo 575 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Lettershanbo 1,300 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Lettertreane 569 Banagh Inver Donegal
Liafin 489 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Lifford Town Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Lifford 148 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Lifford Beg 54 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Lifford Common 360 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Lighthouse Lot 82 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Linsfort 331 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Lisavaddy 164 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Lisclamerty 417 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Liscooly 127 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Lisfannan 487 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Lisfannan 553 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Liskeeraghan 324 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Liskeran 722 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Liskey 139 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Lismintan (or Ballyruddelly) 377 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Lismoghry 352 Raphoe Raymoghy Strabane
Lismonaghan 155 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Lismontigley 178 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Lismullyduff 778 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Lisnabert 130 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Lisnamulligan 260 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Lisnanees Lower 129 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Lisnanees Upper 192 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Lisnapaste 569 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Lisnaree 26 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Lisnaree 68 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Lisnenan 232 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Lisnoble 22 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Lissacholly 612 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Lissinisk 53 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Lissinore 78 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Listack 497 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Listannagh 99 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Listellian 651 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Listicall Lower 187 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Listicall Upper 302 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Little Island 1 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Longfield 112 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Longfield 60 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Longhill 70 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Losset 1,291 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Lough Hill 57 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Lough Hill (or Drumalough) 166 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Loughagannon 358 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Loughagher 1,510 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Loughanure 941 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Loughaskerry 261 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Loughbarra (or Croagheen) 2,020 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Loughcrillan 508 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Loughcuill 408 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Loughderryduff 600 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Loughdoo 83 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Lougheask Demesne 258 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Lougheraherk 355 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Lougherbraghy 595 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Lougherrig 804 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Loughfad 673 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Loughfad 905 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Loughkip 112 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Loughlin Island 1 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Loughmuck 295 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Loughmuilt 467 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Loughnagin 278 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Loughnakey 108 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Loughnalughraman 243 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Loughnambraddan 362 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Loughros Glebe 200 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Loughsallagh 910 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Loughsalt 141 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Loughultan 795 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Lower Barr and Carrick Upper 1,142 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Luaghnabrogue 1,020 Banagh Inver Donegal
Luddan 519 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Lugher 65 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Lughveen 826 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Lunniagh 507 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Lurgabrack 709 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Lurgacloghan 246 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Lurgan 484 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Lurganboy 86 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Lurganboy 71 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Lurganboy 82 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Lurganboy 576 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Lurganbrack 295 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Lurganshannagh 137 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Lurgy 278 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Lurgybrack 81 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Maas 643 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Macmeenstown 149 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Madavagh 296 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Magheestown 233 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Maghera 1,806 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Maghera Beg 269 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Maghera More 70 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Magherabeg 295 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Magherabeg 328 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Magherablad 201 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Magheraboy 319 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Magheraboy 21 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Magheraboy 38 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Magheraboy 321 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Magheraboy Glebe 34 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Magheracar 918 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Magheraclogher 563 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Magheracloigh 319 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Magheracloy 103 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Magheracorran 547 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Magheradrumman 1,916 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Magheradrumman 324 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Magheradrumman 270 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Magheragallan 412 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Magherahaan 282 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Magherahee 384 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Magheralahan 140 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Magheramagorgan 380 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Magheramenagh 278 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Magheramore 580 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Magheran 532 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Magheranakilly 84 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Magheranan 77 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Magheranappan 425 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Magheranaul 233 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Magherapaste 50 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Magherareagh 217 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Magheraroarty 221 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Magheraroarty 908 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Magheraroarty Mountain 1,389 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Magherashanvally 271 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Magherasollus 364 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Magheravall (or Midcut) 268 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Magherawarden 675 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Maghernagran 136 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Maghernalaght 98 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Maghernashangan 814 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Maghery Glebe 511 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Magheryard 413 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Magherycallaghan 144 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Malin Town Inishowen East Clonea Inishowen
Malin Beg 3,112 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Malin More 3,020 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Manorcunningham Town Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Manorcunningham 202 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Manorcunningham Churchland 87 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Manorcunningham Churchland Isle 43 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Marblehill 105 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Marfagh 109 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Masiness 314 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Mass Bet 126 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Mass More 123 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Masshill 91 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Massreagh 249 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Maylin 63 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Meedanmore 341 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Meenabaltin 463 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Meenaboll 197 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenaboll 492 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Meenabollagan 914 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenabrock 918 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Meenabrock 447 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Meenabrock 736 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenacahan 486 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meenacally 175 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Meenacargagh (or Raneany Barr) 991 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Meenacarn 389 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Meenachallow 701 Boylagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Meenacharbet 82 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meenacharvey 1,289 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Meenachuit 370 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenachullalan 252 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Meenachullion 2,348 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenaclady 1,955 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Meenacloghcor 152 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenacloghspar 286 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meenacloy 300 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Meenacross 330 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Meenacross 254 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenacross (or Larganreagh Barr) 63 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Meenacung 1,170 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Meenacung 593 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Meenacurrin 226 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meenacurrin 1,795 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenadaura (or Drumnahough Mountain) 491 Raphoe Conwal Stranorlar
Meenadiff 386 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Meenadiff 420 Inishowen West Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Inishowen
Meenadoan 998 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenadreen 805 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Meenadreen 309 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Meenadreen 197 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Meenaduff 298 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Meenagannive 484 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Meenagolan 183 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Meenagolan 809 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenagolan 625 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenagolan 1,147 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Meenagoppoge 569 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Meenagory 736 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Meenagowan 195 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Meenagowna 69 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenagranoge 737 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meenagrau 944 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meenagrauv 614 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Meenagrauv 346 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Meenagrillagh 742 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenagrubby 348 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenaguse Beg 302 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meenaguse More 737 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Meenahinnis 247 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Meenahoney 183 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Meenahorna 963 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Meenakillew 548 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenakilwirra 442 Boylagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Meenalaban 563 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Meenalargan 434 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenaleavin 588 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Meenalecky 498 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenaleenaghan 495 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenalig 466 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Meenalooban 130 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Meenamanragh 622 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenamullaghan 323 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Meenanall 307 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenanamph 510 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Meenanarwa 550 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenanellison 2,188 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Meenanery 823 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Meenanillar 564 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Meenanilta 257 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Meenapeaky 302 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenaroshin 444 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Meenasillagh 653 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Meenasrone North 498 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenasrone South 308 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenataggart 172 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Meenatawy 458 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenateia 367 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenatinny 1,503 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Meenatole 199 Kilmacrenan Conwal Millford
Meenavaghran 757 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Meenavale 420 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenavally 684 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenavally 149 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Meenavanaghan 352 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Meenavanaghan (or Greaghs Barr) 232 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Meenavean 440 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Meenavoy 537 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Meenawannia 270 Boylagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Meenawilderg 159 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Meenawilligan 221 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Meenawley 137 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Meenawullaghan 368 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meenbane 804 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Meenbannad 1,607 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenbog 4,444 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Meenbog 442 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Meenboy 199 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Meenbunone 571 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Meencargagh 358 Kilmacrenan Conwal Stranorlar
Meencargagh 764 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Meencoolasheskin 186 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Meencorwick 1,013 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Meencrumlin 620 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Meendacalliagh 1,435 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Meenderrygamph 1,300 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Meenderryherk Glebe 900 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenderrynasloe 1,005 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenderryowan 507 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meendoran 1,050 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Meendrain 482 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenformal 766 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Meengilcarry 337 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meengilcarry 450 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Meenirroy 543 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Meenkeeragh 812 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Meenlargh 381 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Meenlargh 412 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Meenlecknalore 840 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenletterbale 1,259 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Meenlougher 328 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Meenmalragh 593 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenmore 1,548 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Meenmore East 1,125 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenmore West 1,260 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenreagh 876 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Meenreagh 176 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Meenreagh 439 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Meenreagh 1,738 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Meensheefin 2,992 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Meentacor 299 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meentacreeghan 408 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meentadun 202 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Meentagh 274 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Meentaghconlan 252 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Meentaghmore 269 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Meentakeeraghan 92 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Meentanadea 217 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Meentanakill 296 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meentashesk 338 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meentullynagarn 366 Banagh Killaghtee Glenties
Meentycat 1,577 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Meentygrannagh 839 Kilmacrenan Conwal Stranorlar
Meentymorgal 469 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Meenyanly 642 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Meenybraddan 668 Banagh Inver Donegal
Meenychanon 471 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Meenyhooghan 180 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Mellamore 18 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Melmore 374 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Menamny 127 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Mevagh 155 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Midcut (or Magheravall) 268 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Middletown 166 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Milk Isle 25 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Millbrook 41 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Millfarm 28 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Millford Town Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Millford 203 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Millsessiagh 54 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Milltown 98 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Milltown 46 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Milltown 311 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Milltown 54 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Milltown 93 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Milltown 38 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Milltown 50 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Mogumna 201 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Mogumna Mountain 108 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Momeen 509 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Monargan Glebe 361 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Monclink 237 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Mondooey Lower 154 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Mondooey Middle 333 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Mondooey Upper 482 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Moneen 138 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Monellan 381 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Moness 369 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Moness 125 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Money Beg 466 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Money More 492 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Moneydarragh 2,596 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Moneygreggan 237 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Moneyhaughly 236 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Moneymore 127 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Moneymore 395 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Monfad 238 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Mongavlin 125 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Monglass 345 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Mongorry 530 Raphoe Raphoe Letterkenny
Monreagh 272 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Monreagh (or Barr of Kilmackilvenny) 930 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Montgomery's Fort (or Calhame) 146 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Montymeane 622 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Mooneennahasragh 378 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Moress 316 Inishowen West Inch Londonderry
Moross 309 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Mossfield 47 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Mossy Glen 793 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Mountainpark 176 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Mountainpark 106 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Mountcharles Town Banagh Inver Donegal
Mountcharles 650 Banagh Inver Donegal
Mounthall 591 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Mountpleasure 82 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Moville Town Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Moy 84 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Moyagh 304 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Moyle 214 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Moyle 333 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Moylehill 156 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Moylemoss 115 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Moymore 115 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Moyne 276 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Moyra Glebe 1,709 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Muckros 62 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Muckros 213 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Muff Town Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Muff 470 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Muff 588 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Muineagh 244 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Muineagh 253 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Mullafin 175 Raphoe Raphoe Letterkenny
Mullaghagarry 256 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Mullaghaneary 293 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Mullaghanny 247 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Mullaghderg 539 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Mullaghderg Mtn.Pasture 847 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Mullaghdoo Irish 91 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Mullaghdoo Scotch 304 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Mullagheep 142 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Mullaghfin 218 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Mullanacarry 53 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Mullanachose 153 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Mullanacloy 120 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Mullanacross 259 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Mullanalamphry 186 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Mullanard 212 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Mullanasole 181 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Mullanasole Barr 299 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Mullanboy 57 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Mullanboy 60 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Mullanboys 248 Banagh Inver Donegal
Mullandrait 194 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Mullangore 207 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Mullanmore 247 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Mullans 302 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Mullans 41 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Mullans 134 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Mullantiboyle 98 Boylagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Mulleny 434 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Mullingar 91 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Mully 458 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Mullyvea 495 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Mulmosog (or Altnagapple) 766 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Mulnagoad 91 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Mulnagung 277 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Mulnamin Beg 379 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Mulnamin More 237 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Mulnaveagh 313 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Multins 468 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Muntermellan 1,122 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Munterneese 315 Banagh Inver Donegal
Muntertinny 382 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Murlough 70 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Murlough 185 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Murren 388 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Murroe 1,300 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Murvagh Lower 549 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Murvagh Upper Glebe 291 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Naran 495 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Navenny. 340 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Nethertown 113 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Newchurch Glebe 2 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Newmill 289 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Newrow 122 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Newrow 47 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Newtown Carradoan 101 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Newtown Cunningham Town Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Newtown Springfield 122 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Newtownburke 128 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Newtowncunningham 247 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Newtowndrumgornan 339 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Newtownfore 117 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Letterkenny
Newtowngrove (or Grovehall) 196 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Newtownhamilton 52 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Norrira 489 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Oakfield Demesne 231 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
O'Donnell's Island 1 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Ogherbeg 690 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Oghill 263 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Old Church Glebe 1 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Oldtown 100 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Oort 754 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Orinish Island 4 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Oughtcarn 1,051 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Oughterlin 777 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Oughtmeen 1,139 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Oughtnadrin 145 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Oughtnadrin Barr 1,434 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Oughtnadrin Barr (or Tullygallen and Tullywee) 1,434 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Owenboy 288 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Owenboy 2,021 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Owenkillew & Barnahone 584 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Owennagadragh 460 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Owenteskiny 1,353 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Owey Island 301 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Parkhill 204 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Parkmore 132 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Pettigoe Town Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Pettigoe 72 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Plaster 155 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Plea Isle 59 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Pluck 129 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Plughoge 52 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Plughoge (or Leabrannagh Mountain North) 113 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Plughoge (or Leabrannagh Mountain South) 195 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Point 231 Banagh Inver Donegal
Point 290 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Pollaguill 324 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Pollandoo 573 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Pollans 161 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Pollet 164 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Pollnaranny 1,348 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Port Town Banagh Inver Donegal
Port 107 Banagh Inver Donegal
Port 527 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Port 300 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Portcreevy 333 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Porthall 470 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Portinure 85 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Portleen 667 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Portlough 282 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Portnason 57 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Prablin 34 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Prieststown 88 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Procklis 1,733 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Procklis 429 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Procklis 179 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Race End 99 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Rafoarty 94 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Rafoarty 157 Banagh Inver Donegal
Raforker 93 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Rahan Far 157 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Rahan Near 213 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Rahanlacky 146 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Raheen 99 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Raneany Barr (or Meenacargagh) 991 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Raneany East 139 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Raneany West 181 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Raneely 218 Banagh Inver Donegal
Rann 517 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Rannagh and Toories 338 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Ranny 588 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Ranny 286 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Raphoe Town Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Raphoe Demesne 126 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Raphoe Townparks 306 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Rareagh 1,038 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Rarooey 105 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Rashedoge 46 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Rashenny 791 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Rath 125 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Rath Mountain 710 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Rathdonnell 684 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Rathfragan 67 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Rathglass 175 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Rathgory 92 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Rathlin O'Birne Island 50 Tirhugh Kilbarron Glenties
Rathmelton Town Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Rathmelton 534 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Rathmore 481 Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Rathmullan Town Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Rathmullan 484 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Rathtinny Glebe 90 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Ratteen 103 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Rawros 216 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Raws Lower 236 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Raws Upper 455 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Ray 1,847 Kilmacrenan Raymunterdoney Dunfanaghy
Ray 574 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Ray 167 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Raymoghy 372 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Red Island 6 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Redford Glebe 474 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Revlin 100 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Rinboy 183 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Rinclevan 260 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Rinmore 315 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Rinnafarset 557 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Rinnakill 183 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Rinnaraw 78 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Rinnasligo 225 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Rinrainy Island 19 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Roancarrick Island 5 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Roanish Island 21 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Rock 194 Banagh Inver Donegal
Rockfield 105 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Rockhill 763 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Rockhill 121 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Rockhill 249 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Roechrow 352 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Roechrow 300 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Roelough 130 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Roes 289 Banagh Inver Donegal
Roganspark 9 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Rooney's Island 33 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Roosky 388 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Roosky 1,239 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Roosky 212 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Roosky 601 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Roosky 458 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Roosky 525 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Roosky Lower 135 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Roosky Upper 738 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Rosepenna 543 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Roshin 644 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Roshin 344 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Roshin 128 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Roshin 307 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Roshin Acres 235 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Roshin Lodge 67 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Roshin North 58 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Roshin South 198 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Rosnakill 320 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Rossbeg 325 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Rossbrackan 247 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Rosscad 125 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Rosscanlan 27 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Rosscat 204 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Rossdoo Island 2 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Rossgarrow 276 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Rossgeir 281 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Rossilly 147 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Rossilly Barr 301 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Rosskirk and Killhill 561 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Rossmore 89 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Rossnowlagh Lower 401 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Rossnowlagh Upper (or Crockahany) 389 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Rossreagh 76 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Rossylongan 154 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Rossyvolan 83 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Rotten Island 1 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Rough Island 6 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Roughan 138 Raphoe Conwal Letterkenny
Roughan 117 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Roughan 68 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Roughan 66 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Roughan Glebe 109 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Roughpark 171 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Roughpark 73 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Rowantreehill 193 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Roxborough Glebe 500 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Rushen 996 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Rushyhill 208 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Rutland Island 312 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Ryelands 453 Raphoe Raymoghy Strabane
St Johnstown Town Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Saintjohnstown 279 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Saints Island 10 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Sallaghagrane 208 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Sallows 2,469 Banagh Inver Donegal
Sallybrook 66 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Sallywood 391 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Salthill Demesne 308 Banagh Inver Donegal
Saltpans 167 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Saltpans 262 Kilmacrenan Killygarvan Millford
Sand Island 9 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Sandfield 605 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Sandhill 77 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Scaddaman 203 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Scotland 46 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Scrawhill 61 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Scribly 213 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Seacor 386 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Seadavog Mountain 745 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Seahill and Tuckmill Hill 118 Banagh Inver Donegal
Seedagh 180 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Sesnacully 55 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Sessiagh 101 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Sessiagh 103 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Sessiagh (Allison) 123 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Sessiagh (Long) 208 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Sessiagh (O'Neill) 224 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Sessiaghkeelta 515 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Shallogan Beg 698 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Shallogan More 2,194 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Shalwy 182 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Shanaghan 194 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Shanbally 819 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Shandrim 1,323 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Shannagh 961 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Shannagh 309 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Shannagh 115 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Shannaghdoo 364 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Shannon Lower 185 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Shannon Middle 197 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Sharagore 798 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Sharon Glebe 103 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Sheegys 224 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Sheep Park 115 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Sheercloon 121 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Shellfield 54 Kilmacrenan Aughnish Millford
Sheskinapoll 158 Raphoe Raymoghy Strabane
Sheskinarone 1,313 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Sheskinatawy 195 Banagh Inver Donegal
Sheskinbeg 215 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Single Street Town Tirhugh Inishmacsaint Ballyshannon
Sixty Acres 73 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Skeagh 331 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Skelpy 278 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Skeoge 188 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Skerry 184 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Skreen 360 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Skreen Lower 442 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Skreen Upper 223 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Sladran 1,267 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Slatehill 68 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Sleeghan 214 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Slievebuck 140 Raphoe Raphoe Letterkenny
Sminver 99 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Snugborough 406 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Sockar 1,047 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Soppog 606 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Sorne 691 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Spaddan 68 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Speenoge 522 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Spierstown 103 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Springfield 341 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Springhill 100 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Sruell 2,772 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Sruhangarrow 248 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Sruhangarrow Mountain 325 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Sruhanreagh 296 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Stackarnagh 503 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Staghall 133 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Staghall Mountain 423 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Staghall Mountain East 332 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Staghall Mountain West 1,683 Kilmacrenan Gartan Dunfanaghy
Starritstown 71 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Station Island 1 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Stormhill 100 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Strabinna Lower 188 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Strabinna Upper 211 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Straboy 1,212 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Straboy 1,391 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Stracashel 391 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Stragally 270 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Stragar 908 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Stragraddy 1,847 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Straid 3,171 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Straid (or Glebe) 83 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Strakeenagh 556 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Straleel 855 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Straleel Glebe 3 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Straleel North 879 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Straleel South 709 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Straleeny 58 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Stralinchy 159 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Stralongford 756 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Stramackilmartin 217 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Stramore 198 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Stramore Upper 911 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Stranabrattoge 647 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Stranabrooey 392 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Stranaclea 389 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Stranacoreragh 336 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Stranagartan 119 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Stranaglogh 730 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Stranagoppoge 353 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Stranakirk 310 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Stranamuck 104 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Stranasaggart 269 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Straness 413 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Stranorlaghan 78 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Stranorlar Town Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Stranorlar 259 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Strasallagh 623 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Straths 374 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Stravally 922 Banagh Inishkeel Glenties
Strawoaghter Glebe 720 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Stroangarrow 1,155 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Stroangibbagh 447 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Stroangibbagh 359 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Stroove 1,052 Inishowen East Moville Lower Inishowen
Summerhill 261 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Summy 447 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Swilly 122 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Swillybrin 152 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Tamnawood 64 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Tamur 608 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tamur 1,365 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Tangaveane 351 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Tangaveane 1,634 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Taughboy 484 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Tawlaght 575 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Tawnacrom 190 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Tawnagh 120 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Tawnaghgorm 173 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Tawnaghlahan 126 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Tawnalary 66 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Tawnasligo 97 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Tawnawully Mountains 6,053 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Tawny 585 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Tawny 237 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Tawny Lower 179 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Tawny Middle 79 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Tawny Upper 169 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Tawnygorm 126 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tawnyvorgal 135 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Teangue 53 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Teevickmoy 520 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Templedouglas 26 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Templemoule 1,013 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Templenew 100 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Termon 301 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
The Hassans 1 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Three Trees 1,121 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Tievachorky 274 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tievebane 447 Inishowen West Fahan Upper Londonderry
Tieveboy 133 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Tievebrack 222 Tirhugh Drumhome Ballyshannon
Tievebrack 307 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Tievecloghoge 1,511 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Tievedeevan 458 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Tievedooly 224 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tievegarvlagh 241 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Tievelough 240 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Tievemore 2,194 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Tieveragh 206 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Tieveskeelta 496 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Tievetooey 1,257 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Tinklersford 59 Raphoe Raymoghy Londonderry
Tinnycahil 113 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Tirargus 1,126 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Tircallan 131 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Tirconeen 28 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Tirevlin 51 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Tirharon 148 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Tirhomin 577 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Tirinisk 252 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Tirkeeran 92 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Tirkillin 457 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Tirlaydan 465 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Tirlin 75 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Tirloughan 421 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Tirmacroragh 664 Inishowen East Culdaff Inishowen
Tirnagushoge (or Bicketstown) 140 Raphoe Donaghmore Strabane
Tironeill 179 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Tirroddy 170 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Tirroddy 158 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Tiryrone 964 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Tober 1,529 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Tober 275 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Toberkeen 461 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Tobernahoory 147 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Toberoneill 225 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Toberslane 168 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Tommyscroft (or Craigs) 143 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Tonagh 554 Raphoe Taughboyne Londonderry
Tonbane Glebe 143 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Tonduff 699 Inishowen West Desertegny Inishowen
Tonduff 290 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Tonduff (Thompson) 207 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Tonregee 65 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Tonregee 226 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tonyhabboc 94 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Toome 541 Boylagh Lettermacaward Glenties
Toome 357 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Toories and Rannagh 338 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Tooslenagh 312 Raphoe Conwal Stranorlar
Tops 262 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Tops Demesne 134 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Tor 3,115 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Toragh 213 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Toralaydan Island 2 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Torglass Island 2 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Tormore Island 4 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Tornacolpagh Island 2 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Tory Island 785 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Toulett 552 Inishowen West Burt Londonderry
Town Parks 120 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Townparks 295 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Treanamullin 188 Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar
Treanavinny 165 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Treanbeg 229 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Treanboy 155 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Treanfasy (or Glasalt) 1,448 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Treankeel 567 Raphoe Conwal Stranorlar
Treansallagh 297 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Treantaboy 901 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Treantagh 249 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Treantaghmucklagh 352 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Trillick 444 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Trimragh 324 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Tromaty 586 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Tromaty 432 Inishowen West Muff Inishowen
Trumman East 832 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Trumman West 270 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Trumman West Barr 344 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Trusk 1,326 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Tuckmill Hill & Scahill 118 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tullagh 711 Inishowen West Clonmany Inishowen
Tullagh 1,109 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Tullaghacullion 176 Banagh Killybegs Upper Glenties
Tullaghcullion 66 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Tullaghobegly Irish 2,448 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Tullaghobegly Scotch 1,425 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Tullanascreen 135 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Tullanree 581 Inishowen East Donagh Inishowen
Tullinlagan 141 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tullinlough 156 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tullinteane 1,011 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Tully 88 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Tully 195 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Tully 129 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Tully 166 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Tully Beg 1,024 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Tully Beg 72 Inishowen West Clonea Inishowen
Tully Beg 135 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Tully Beg 240 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Tully Hall 72 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Tully More 632 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Tully More 110 Inishowen East Clonea Inishowen
Tully More 110 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Tully More 159 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Tully Mountain 135 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Tullyally 1,062 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Tullyannan 218 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Tullyannan Glebe 148 Raphoe Allsaints Londonderry
Tullyard 1,108 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Tullyard 130 Raphoe Urney Strabane
Tullyarvan 828 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Tullybogly 176 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Tullybrook (or Tullyleague) 138 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Tullycarn 161 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Tullychullion 189 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Tullycleave Beg 243 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Tullycleave More 770 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Tullyconnell 295 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Tullycumber 253 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tullydonnell Lower 146 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Tullydonnell Upper 214 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Tullydush Lower 454 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Tullydush Upper 722 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Tullyearl 188 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Tullygallan, Tullywee (or and Oughtnadrin Barr) 1,434 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Tullygallan 167 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Tullygay 766 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Tullyhonour 1,019 Raphoe Conwal Stranorlar
Tullyhonwar 247 Boylagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Tullyhorky 329 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Tullyillan 79 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Tullyillan Island 3 Boylagh Templecrone Glenties
Tullylark 198 Tirhugh Templecarn Donegal
Tullyleague (or Tullybrook) 138 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Tullyloskan 128 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Tullymore 302 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Tullymornin 55 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Tullynabratilly 974 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Tullynadall 117 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Tullynaglack 122 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tullynaglaggan 856 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Tullynagreana 882 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tullynaha 277 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tullynavinn 894 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Tullyowen 152 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Tullyrap 166 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Tullytrasna 138 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tullytrasna 808 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Tullyvinny 174 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Tullyvoos 257 Banagh Inver Donegal
Tullywee 167 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Tullywee (or Tullygallan) 1,434 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Ture 1,165 Inishowen West Muff Londonderry
Twomilestone 60 Tirhugh Kilbarron Ballyshannon
Tyleford 21 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Umfin Island 17 Kilmacrenan Tullaghobegly Dunfanaghy
Umgall 461 Inishowen East Clonca Inishowen
Umlagh 403 Kilmacrenan Mevagh Millford
Ummerafad 216 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Ummerawirrinan 197 Banagh Glencolumbkille Glenties
Umrycam 645 Inishowen West Fahan Lower Inishowen
Umrycam 314 Kilmacrenan Clondavaddog Millford
Umuskan 401 Banagh Kilcar Glenties
Unshinagh Lower 94 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Unshinagh Upper 80 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Urbal 145 Banagh Killaghtee Donegal
Urbaldeevan 660 Boylagh Inishkeel Glenties
Urbalreagh 545 Inishowen East Clonea Inishowen
Urbalshinny 19 Tirhugh Drumhome Donegal
Urbalshinny 104 Kilmacrenan Tullyfern Millford
Urrismenagh 1,564 Inishowen East Clonmany Inishowen
Veagh 400 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Warrentown 443 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Warrentown Mountn North 380 Kilmacrenan Gartan Dunfanaghy
Warrentown Mountn South 425 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Welchtown 465 Raphoe Kilteevoge Stranorlar
Whitecastle 109 Inishowen East Moville Upper Inishowen
Whitehill 58 Tirhugh Donegal Donegal
Whitehill 258 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Whitehill 422 Kilmacrenan Gartan Letterkenny
Whitehill 267 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Whitehill 68 Raphoe Donaghmore Stranorlar
Whitehouse 112 Raphoe Killea Londonderry
Wilson's Fort (or Killynure) 356 Raphoe Convoy Stranorlar
Windyhall 209 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny
Winnyhaw 265 Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Winterhill 141 Banagh Killymard Donegal
Wood 41 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Wood Island 39 Raphoe Clonleigh Strabane
Woodhill 110 Kilmacrenan Clondahorky Dunfanaghy
Woodhill 62 Banagh Killybegs Lower Glenties
Woodhill 149 Raphoe Raymoghy Letterkenny
Woodland 205 Kilmacrenan Aghanunshin Letterkenny
Woodlands 287 Raphoe Taughboyne Strabane
Woodpark 92 Raphoe Leck Letterkenny
Woodquarter 682 Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Woodtown 142 Kilmacrenan Conwal Letterkenny


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