List of townlands of County Kerry

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 2,756 townlands in County Kerry, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil Parish Poor law union
Abbey Island 83 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Abbeydorney Town Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Abbeylands 171 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Acres 818 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Acres 467 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Acres 77 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Addergown 454 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Adraval 206 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Affouley 140 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Aghabeg East 704 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Aghabeg Middle 337 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Aghabeg West 319 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Aghacarrible 146 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Aghacoora 260 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Aghacurreen 412 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Aghagadda 195 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Aghalee Beg 71 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Aghalee More 185 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Aghamore North 406 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Aghamore South 563 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Aghanacrinna 215 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Aghanagram Lower 491 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Aghanagram Middle 741 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Aghanagram Upper 322 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Aghanboy 148 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Aghatubrid 992 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Aghort 536 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Aglish 201 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Aglish 187 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Ahafona Town Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Ahalahana 809 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Ahane 638 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Ahane 404 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Ahane 187 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Ahane 178 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ahaneboy 1,545 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Ahascra 207 Iraghticonnor Ballyconry Listowel
Ahaun 848 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Ahimma 105 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Allaghee Beg(North) 25 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Allaghee Beg(South) 10 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Allaghee More 487 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Alohart 807 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Anablaha 293 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Anascaul Town Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Anglont 321 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Anglore 64 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Ankail 657 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Anna Beg 169 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Anna More 495 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Annadale 188 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Annagap 328 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Annagh 1,178 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Annagh 276 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Annagh Beg 1,345 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Annagh Beg 729 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Annagh Island 32 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Annagh More 869 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Annaghily More 1,107 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Arabela 154 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ardacluckeen 320 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Ardagh 889 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Ardagh 199 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Ardagh 145 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ardamore 447 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Ardamore 128 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Ardaneanig 232 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ardasbaun 83 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Ardatedaun 192 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Ardbeg 150 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Ardcanaght 1,118 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Ardconnell 233 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ardcost 955 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Ardcrone 231 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Ardcullen 198 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Ardcullen-Marshes 168 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Ardea 608 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Ardeen 604 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Ardfert Town Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Ardfert 370 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Ardfert Oughter 105 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Ardfery Oughter 105 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Ardkearagh 362 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Ardlaghas 368 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Ardmeelode 349 Magunihy Kilcolman Killarney
Ardmoneel 261 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Ardmore 289 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Ardnamweely 45 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ardoughter 864 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Ardrahan 488 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Ardrahan 97 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ardraw 197 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Ardrinane 301 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Ardroe 436 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Ards 211 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Ards 92 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Ardshanavooly 104 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ardsheelane East 410 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Ardsheelane West 276 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Ardteegalvan 480 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Ardtully 505 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Ardydonaghan 490 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Ardywanig 484 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Arraglen 1,086 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Arraglen 877 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Ash-hill 345 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Astee East 607 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Astee West 697 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Aughacasla North 260 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Aughacasla South 111 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Aughanna 88 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Aughils 581 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Aughrim 1,349 Iraghticonnor Murher Glin
Aulanebane 217 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Aulaneduff 162 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Avenue 67 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Awuaskirtaun 1,060 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Ayle 57 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Bahaghs 794 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Ballagh 2,303 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Ballagh 331 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Ballaghadigue 264 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Ballahacommane 1,128 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ballahantouragh 1,080 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Ballahantouragh 81 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Ballard Lower 702 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Ballard Upper 291 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Balleen 262 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Ballinagroun 182 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Ballinard 1,048 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Ballinasig 506 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Ballinbranhig 301 Clanmorris Rattoo Listowel
Ballinclare 65 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Ballinclemesig 384 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Ballinclemesig 289 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Ballincloher 361 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Ballincloher East 291 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Ballincloher West 175 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Ballincolla 393 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Ballincollig 626 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Ballincota 137 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Ballincraheen 215 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Ballincrossig 292 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Ballindooganig 201 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Ballineanig-castlequarter 171 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Ballineanig-churchquarter 228 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Ballineedora 113 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballineesteenig 308 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Ballineetig 105 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Ballingarraun 591 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Ballingarry Island 1 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Ballinglanna 676 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Ballinglanna 51 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Ballingowan 229 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballingowan 148 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Ballingowan 75 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Ballinillane 281 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Balliniry 93 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Ballinknock 112 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballinknockane 876 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Ballinknockane 191 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Ballinleague 245 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Ballinloghig 2,144 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Ballinlough 109 Dunkerron North Aghadoe Killarney
Ballinorig East 329 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballinorig South 275 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballinorig West 132 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballinprior 488 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Ballinrannig 143 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Ballinruddery 418 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Ballinskelligs 713 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Ballintaggart 208 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Ballintaggart 162 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Ballintemple 146 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Ballintermon 312 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Ballintlea 423 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Ballintleave 391 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Ballintleave Commons 677 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Ballintobeenig 377 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballintogher 211 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Ballinvariscal 405 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Ballinvarrig 151 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Ballinvogig 174 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Ballinvoher 148 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Ballinvoher 72 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Ballinvosherig East 82 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballinvosherig West 84 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballinvownig 324 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Balloonagh 48 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Ballyaglisha 191 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Ballyameenboght 68 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Ballyameentrant 118 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Ballyandreen 175 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Ballyard 148 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Ballyarkane Eighter 500 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Dingle
Ballyarkane Oughter 670 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Dingle
Ballyaukeen 299 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballybane 262 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Ballybeg 708 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Ballybeg 188 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Ballybeg 173 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Ballybeg 76 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballybeggan 254 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballybowler North 488 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Ballybowler South 434 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Ballybrack 1,221 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Ballybrack 390 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Ballybrack 316 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Ballybrack 134 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Ballybrannagh 143 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballybroman 260 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Ballybunnion Town Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Ballybunnion 371 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Ballycanneen 601 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Ballycarbery East 235 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Ballycarbery South 159 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Ballycarbery West 184 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Ballycarnahan 426 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Ballycarty 182 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Ballycasheen 353 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ballyconnell 362 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Listowel
Ballyconry 166 Iraghticonnor Ballyconry Listowel
Ballycrispin 79 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Ballycullane 455 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Ballycullane 420 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Ballycurrane 251 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Ballydarrig 178 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Ballydavid 429 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Ballydeenlea 134 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Ballydonohoe 816 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Ballydooneen 99 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Ballydowny 91 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Ballydribbeen 80 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ballydrisheen 59 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ballyduff Town Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Ballyduff 1,430 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Ballyduff 1,070 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Ballyduhig 518 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Ballydunlea 1,065 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Ballydwyer east 184 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballydwyer Middle 136 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballydwyer West 179 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballyea 153 Trughanacmy Ballynahaglish Tralee
Ballyeagh 563 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Ballyegan 728 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Ballyegan 384 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Ballyeightragh 222 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Ballyeightragh 187 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Ballyenaghty 190 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Ballyferriter 469 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Ballyfinnane 508 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Ballyfinoge 179 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballygamboon Lower 201 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Ballygamboon Upper 1,076 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Ballyganneen 362 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Ballygarran 887 Trughanacmy Ballynahaglish Tralee
Ballygarret 206 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Ballygarret 181 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Ballygarret 115 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Ballyglasheen 334 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Ballygowloge 201 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Ballygree 141 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Ballygrenane 547 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Ballygriffin 418 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Ballyhar 282 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Ballyheabought 743 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Ballyhearny East 194 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Ballyhearny West 346 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Ballyheige Town Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Ballyheige 351 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Ballyhemikin 160 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ballyhennessy 417 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Ballyhenry 93 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Ballyhoneen 1,100 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Ballyhorgan 296 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Ballyhorgan East 510 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Ballyhorgan Marshes 137 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Ballyhorgan South 266 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Ballyhorgan West 225 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Ballyickeen Commons 25 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Ballyiskeen 172 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Ballykealy 172 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ballykissane 236 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Ballylahiff 216 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Ballyledder 1,157 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Ballyline East 318 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Ballyline West 1,667 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Ballyloagane 527 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Ballylongford Town Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Ballyloughran 87 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Ballylusky 161 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Ballymacadam 172 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Ballymacandrew Nth. 132 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ballymacandrew South 155 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ballymacandy 204 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Ballymacaquim East 435 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Ballymacaquim West 192 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Ballymacasy 508 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Ballymacdonnell 177 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Ballymacdoyle 430 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Ballymacelligott 97 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballymacjordan 257 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Ballymacpierce 257 Trughanacmy Nohaval Killarney
Ballymacprior 226 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Ballymacquin Lower 471 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Ballymacquin Upper 200 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Ballymacthomas 395 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Ballymakegoge 756 Trughanacmy Ballynahaglish Tralee
Ballymalis 502 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Ballymanagh 181 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Ballymore 43 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Ballymore East 121 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Ballymore West 179 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Ballymorereagh 473 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Ballymullen 84 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Ballymullen 29 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballynabloun 225 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Ballynabooly 234 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Ballynaboul 92 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Ballynabrennagh Lower 221 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballynabrennagh Upper 242 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Ballynabuck 309 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Ballynacarrig East 196 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Ballynacarrig West 180 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Ballynacourty 362 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Ballynafullia 249 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Ballynagare 991 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Ballynageragh 529 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Ballynagraigue 382 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Ballynahallia 338 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Ballynahinch 80 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ballynahoulort 373 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Ballynahow 1,954 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Ballynahow 175 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Ballynahow 65 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Ballynahow 63 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Ballynahow Beg 83 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Ballynahow Commons 176 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Ballynahow More 441 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Ballynahulla 1,510 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Ballynahunt 662 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Ballynakilly 217 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Ballynakilly 117 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Ballynakilly Lower 673 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Ballynakilly Upper 743 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Ballynalacken 289 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Ballynamaunagh 333 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Ballynamona Lower 159 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Ballynamona Upper 297 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Ballynamuddagh 250 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Ballynana 294 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Ballynane 500 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Ballynaraha North 86 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Ballynaraha South 46 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Ballynasare 121 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Ballynasare Beg 71 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Ballynasare Lower 376 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Ballynasare Mountain 617 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Ballynaskreena 311 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Ballynavenoor 636 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Ballynoe 238 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Ballynoneen 820 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Ballynorig East 432 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ballynorig West 438 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ballyoughtera North 436 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Ballyoughtera South 420 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Ballyoughtragh North 211 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Ballyoughtragh South 314 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Ballyouneen 656 Iraghticonnor Rattoo Listowel
Ballyplimoth 232 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Ballyquin Town Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Ballyquin 308 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Ballyraymeen 239 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Ballyraymeen 131 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Ballyreehan East 213 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Ballyreehan West 248 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Ballyrishteen 692 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Ballyrobert 100 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ballyroe 148 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Ballyroe 128 Trughanacmy Ardfert Tralee
Ballyronan 236 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Ballyseedy 440 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Ballysheen 668 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Ballyspillane 29 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ballytrasna 174 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Ballytrasna 110 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Ballyvelly 179 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Ballyvirrane 302 Magunihy Kilcolman Killarney
Ballywiheen 417 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Baltovin 135 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Baltovin 114 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Baltovin 25 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Banard 626 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Banemore 1,246 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Banna East 236 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Banna South 197 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Banna West 231 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Banna-mountain 633 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Banoge Beg 49 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Banoge North 628 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Banoge South 325 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Banshagh 310 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Barleymount East 213 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Barleymount Middle 85 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Barleymount West 252 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Barna 1,571 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Barnadarrig 157 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Barnastooka 1,216 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Barrack 269 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Barraduff 408 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Barraduff 341 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Barraduff 164 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Barrakilla 201 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Barrow 876 Trughanacmy Ardfert Tralee
Baslickane 487 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Bauragoogeen 391 Iraghticonnor Murher Glin
Baurearagh 1,966 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Baurearagh 750 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Bausheen 701 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Bawnachaulig 194 Iraghticonnor Dysert Listowel
Bawnaglanna 498 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Bawnard 541 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Bawnaskehy 514 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Bawnboy 291 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Bawnluskaha 132 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Bawnmore 578 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Beal East 476 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Beal Middle 184 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Beal West 141 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Bealagrellagh 72 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Bealdarrig 578 Dunkerron North Templenoe Kenmare
Bealkelly 173 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Beaufort 171 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Bedford 943 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Beenanaspuck 580 Iraghticonnor Knockanure Listowel
Beenateevaun 494 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Beenbane 264 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Beenbane 235 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Beennageeha 364 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Beennameelane 171 Iraghticonnor Dysert Listowel
Beginish 217 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Beginish 32 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Behaghane 737 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Beheenagh 875 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Beheenagh 325 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Beheenagh 294 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Beheenagh 269 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Beheens East 244 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Beheens West 287 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Benmore 223 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Billeragh 420 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Bird Island 4 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Bishopscourt North 85 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Bishopscourt South 144 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Blackparks 33 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Blasket Island Great 1,020 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Blennerville Town Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Bogare 687 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Bohacogram 1,044 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Bohacullia 699 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Boheeshil 497 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Boherboy 247 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Boherboy 148 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Boherbrack 468 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Bohereens 106 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Boherroe 368 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Bollasallagh 303 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Bolus 425 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Boola 127 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Boolacullane 668 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Boolakeel 191 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Boolananave 416 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Booleenshare 545 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Boolteens East 917 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Boolteens West 1,086 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Boulanimrish 140 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Boulerdah 479 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Brackaharagh 514 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Brackhill 536 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Brackloon 754 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Brackloon 615 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Brandonwell 457 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Braumaddra 379 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Bray 823 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Breahig 804 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Breahig 208 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Breanlee 1,166 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Breanshagh 138 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Brewsterfield 216 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Brickeen Island 19 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Bridia 327 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Bromore East 192 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Bromore West 267 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Brookhill 331 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Brosna Town Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Brosna East 616 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Brosna West 804 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Broughane 742 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Brown Island (or Rabbit Island) 12 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Buddaghauns 507 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Bunaderreen 703 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Bunagarha 833 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Bunbinnia 1,546 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Buncurrig 505 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Bunglasha 216 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Bunglasha North 249 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Bunglasha South 341 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Bunnaruddee 315 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Bunrower 197 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Buntalloon 33 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Burnham East 135 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Burnham West 95 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Bushmount 276 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Caher 427 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Caher 178 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Caher 109 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Caher East 483 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Caher West 234 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Caheracruttera 574 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Caheragh 435 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Caherard 199 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Caheratrant 297 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Caherbarnagh 295 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Caherboshina 444 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Caherbreagh 387 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Caherbullig 323 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Cahercullenagh Lower 283 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cahercullenagh Upper 520 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Caherdaniel 452 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Caherdean 243 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Caherdorgan North 216 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Caherdorgan South 105 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Cahereen East 8 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Cahereen West 109 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Cahereighterrush 277 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Caherfealane 1,038 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Caherfealane-marsh 64 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Caherleheen 826 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Caherleheen 64 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Caherlehillan 709 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cahermoneen 28 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Cahermore 89 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cahernabane 476 Dunkerron South Knockane Killarney
Cahernaduv 131 Dunkerron South Knockane Killarney
Cahernageeha 355 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Cahernaman 503 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cahernane 188 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Cahernane 75 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Cahernead 131 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Caherpierce 503 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Caherquin 164 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Cahersavane 621 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Caherscullibeen 322 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Cahersiveen Town Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Cahersiveen 255 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Caherslee 40 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Caherulla 557 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Caherweesheen 137 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Callahaniska 394 Iveragh Glanbehy Killarney
Callanafersy East 848 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Callanafersy West 779 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Camp 356 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Camp 226 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Camp 160 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Camp East 109 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Canagullen 555 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Canburrin 1,293 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Canearagh 949 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Canfee 195 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cangullia 789 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Canknoogheda 359 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cantra 145 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Canuig 1,267 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Canuig 450 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Cappa 38 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Cappa 371 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Cappaclogh East 220 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Cappaclogh West 214 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Cappaganneen 496 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cappagh 1,253 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cappagh 720 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cappagh 518 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Cappagh 383 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Cappagh 248 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cappagh 190 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Cappagh 110 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Cappamore 636 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Cappamore 273 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Cappamore 225 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cappamore 79 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cappanacush East 684 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Cappanacush Island 19 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Cappanacush West 495 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Cappanagroun 558 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Cappananee 101 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Cappanlivane 265 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Cappanthlarrig 310 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Capparoe 385 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Capparoe 325 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cappateige 492 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Cappawee 308 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Cappyantanvally 317 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Carhan Lower 200 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Carhan Upper 553 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Carhoo East 158 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Carhoo West 181 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Carhoobeg 225 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Carhooearagh 1,370 Iraghticonnor Knockanure Listowel
Carhoomeengar East 223 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Carhoomeengar West 249 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Carhoona 593 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Carhoonahone 805 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Carhoonakilla 161 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Carhoonakineely 316 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Carhoonaknock East 103 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Carhoonaknock West 89 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Carhoonaphuca 163 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Carhoonoe 305 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Carker 938 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Carks 447 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Carrahane Lower 1,008 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Carrahane Upper 156 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Carran 394 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Carrig 151 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Carrig East 1,013 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Carrig Island 231 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Carrig West 699 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Carrigadav 984 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Carrigafoyle 221 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Carrigafreaghane 79 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Carrigaha 155 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Carrigane 198 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Carrigaveema 299 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Carrigawannia 241 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Carrigcannon 962 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Carrigeen 301 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Carrigeencullia 1,485 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Carrigeendaniel 106 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Carrigeenwood 393 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Carriginane 770 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Carrignafeela 108 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Carrignafeela 81 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Carrignahihilan 119 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Cashelagh 801 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Cashelkeelty 595 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Castle Island Town Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Castleconway 91 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Castledrum 707 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Castlefarm 258 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Castlegregory Town Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Castlegregory 250 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Castlelough 125 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Castlemaine Town Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Castlemaine 9 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Castlemaine 9 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Castlequarter 189 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Castlequin 1,192 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Castleshannon 386 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Castleshannon 238 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Castletown 197 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Listowel
Castleview 35 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Caunteens 710 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Causeway Town Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Chapel Quarter 7 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Chapeltown Town Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Churchfield 100 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Churchground 641 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Churchtown 294 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Claddanure East 373 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Claddanure West 349 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Clahane 2,170 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Clash 225 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Clash 219 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Clash East 170 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Clash Island 3 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Clash West 64 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Clashaphuca 85 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Clashatlea 335 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Clashedmond 186 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Clasheen 244 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Clashganniv 512 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Clashmelcon 958 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Clashnagarrane 479 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Cleanderry 638 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Cleedagh 60 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Cleeny 89 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Cliddaun 172 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Listowel
Cliddaun 73 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Clievragh 331 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Clodragh 276 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Cloghane Town Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Cloghane 1,007 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Cloghane 481 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Cloghane 353 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cloghane 143 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cloghane 141 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Cloghaneanode 535 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Cloghaneanua 566 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Cloghanebane 171 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Cloghanecanuig 132 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Cloghanecarhan 1,039 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Cloghaneduff 208 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Cloghaneleesh 300 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Cloghaneleskirt 875 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Cloghanelinaghan 1,169 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Cloghanenagleragh 577 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Cloghanesheskeen 165 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Clogharee 1,026 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Cloghavoola 130 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cloghboola 686 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Clogher 368 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Clogher 296 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Clogher 156 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Clogher 41 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cloghera Beg 885 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cloghera More 794 Dunkerron North Knockane Kenmare
Clogherane 699 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Clogherbrien 318 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Clogherclemin 204 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cloghereen Lower 256 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Cloghereen Upper 270 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Cloghermore 62 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Cloghernoosh 1,149 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cloghers 192 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Cloghfune 265 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cloghfune 242 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Cloghleagh 119 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Cloghmackirkeen 251 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Cloghvoola 1,733 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Clondouglas 292 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Cloon 338 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Cloon Berg 71 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Cloon East 1,003 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cloon Glebe 94 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Cloon Island 3 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Cloon More 99 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Cloon West 1,807 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cloonacurrig 153 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Cloonaghlin 1,428 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Cloonalassan 154 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Cloonalour 144 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Cloonalour 85 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Cloonaman 819 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Cloonametagh 216 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Cloonanorig 25 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Cloonbeg 101 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Cloonbrane 315 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Clooncarrig 76 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Cloonclogh 244 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Clooncolla 168 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Clooncreestane 38 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Clooncurra 194 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Clooneagh 20 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Cloonearagh 89 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Cloonee 700 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Clooneen 160 Clanmaurice Killahan Listowel
Cloonkeen 707 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cloonlara 174 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Cloonlogher 161 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Cloonmackon 387 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Cloonmealane 264 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Cloonmore 337 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Cloonnafinneela 745 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Cloonprohus 249 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Cloonsharragh 498 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Cloonsillagh 69 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Cloonsquire 96 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Cloontarriv 361 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Cloonteens 155 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Cloonties 228 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Cloonts 466 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Cloontubbrid North 250 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Cloontubbrid South 281 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Cloonydonigan Lower 93 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Cloonydonigan Upper 198 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Cloosmore 115 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Clydagh 105 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Clydaghroe 1,286 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Coad 641 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Coarha Beg 920 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Coarha More 832 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Coars 543 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Cockhill 172 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Cockow 389 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Collegefield 25 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Collorus 474 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Commanes 544 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Commaun 561 Iveragh Glanbehy Killarney
Commons 219 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Commons 106 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Commons 10 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Commons East 176 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Commons North 359 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Commons North 111 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Commons of Dingle 876 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Commons of Milltown 58 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Commons South 281 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Commons West 61 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Connigar 238 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Cool 336 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Cool East 364 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Cool West 272 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Coolaclarig 665 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Coolagowan 268 Iraghticonnor Dysert Listowel
Coolanaroo 155 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Coolaneelig 405 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Coolard 363 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Coolaruane 257 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Coolatoosane 232 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Coolavanny 163 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Coolavorheen 107 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolbane 217 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolbane East 262 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Coolbane East 12 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolbane West 129 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Coolbane West 15 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolbaun 173 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Coolbaun 109 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Coolbeha 187 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Coolcaslagh 455 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Coolclieve 174 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Coolclogher 119 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Coolcorcoran 289 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Coolcreen 739 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Coolcummisk 644 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Coolcurtoga 761 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cooleanig 461 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Coolgarriv 224 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Coolgarriv 95 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Coolies 2,254 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Coolkeragh 1,437 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Coolknoohill 1,128 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Coollegrean 1,246 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Coollegrean 56 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Coollick 830 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Coollick 168 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Coolmagort 653 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Coolnacalliagh 229 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Coolnadead 124 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Coolnagarrahy 53 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Coolnageragh 536 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Coolnagoppoge 757 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Coolnagoppoge 466 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Coolnagoppoge 434 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Coolnagraigue 292 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Coolnaharragill Lower 137 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coolnaharragill Upper 420 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coolnalaght 111 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Coolnaleen Lower 229 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Coolnaleen Upper 269 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Coolnanoonagh 178 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Coologes 994 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Coolownig 165 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Coolroe 1,068 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Coolroe 109 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Coolroe East 323 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Coolroe Lower 242 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coolroe North 256 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolroe South 275 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Coolroe Upper 506 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coolroe West 110 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Cools 726 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Cools 375 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Coolvackagh 57 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Coom 1,799 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Coom 954 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Coom 258 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Coomabaha 838 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomacullen 1,076 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Coomakeogh 168 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Coomanaspig 256 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Coomasaharn 1,081 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coomaspeara 1,212 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomastow 701 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomatloukane 622 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Coomavanniha and Dughile 1,195 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomavoher 1,476 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomavoon 624 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coomcallee 1,549 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Coomclogherane 478 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Coomdeeween 258 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Coomduff 81 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Coomlamminy 1,402 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Coomleagh 867 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomlettra 421 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Coomnafanida 364 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Coomnahincha 299 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Coomnahorna East 710 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Coomnahorna West 326 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Coomnakilla North 492 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Coomnakilla South 645 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Coomshanna 1,024 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Coomura 356 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coomyanna 1,067 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Cooracoosane 574 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Cooragweanish 238 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Coorleagh 1,198 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Coornacaragh 326 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Coornagillagh 213 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Coornagrena and Goulnacappy 816 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Coornameana 233 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Cooryeen 629 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cooryvanaheen 97 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coracow 85 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Corbally 400 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Corbally 170 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Corbally 115 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Corcas and Sandhills 125 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Cordal East 1,886 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Cordal West 1,219 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Cores 1,434 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Corkaboy 154 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Cosha North 213 Iveragh Glanbehy Killarney
Cosha South 270 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Coshcummeragh 347 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Coss 608 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Cottage 331 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Coulagh 1,000 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Coumaleague 255 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Coumanare 776 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Coumbowler 430 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Coumduff 2,093 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Coumeenoole North 335 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Coumeenoole South 261 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Coumeenycorraun 375 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Coumgagh 75 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Coumlanders 49 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Coumreagh 265 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cow Island 2 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Crag 324 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Crag 282 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Crag 243 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Crag 156 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Craggane 233 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Craggaunmoonia 99 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Creegooane 26 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Creeveen 916 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Creeveen 567 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Creggeen 486 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Crinagort 629 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Crinnagh 571 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Crinny East 292 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Crinny West 284 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Crohane 1,845 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Crohane 466 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Cromane Lower 517 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Cromane Upper 879 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Croogorts 23 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Crossderry 830 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Crosstown 145 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Crotta 399 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Listowel
Crotta 62 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Cuhig 589 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Culleeny Beg 116 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Culleeny More 348 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Cullenagh 177 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Cullenagh Lower 175 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cullenagh Upper 513 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Cullinagh 598 Dunkerron North Aghadoe Killarney
Cummeen 435 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cummeen Lower 183 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Cummeen Upper 899 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Cummeenavrick 1,151 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cummeenboy 765 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Cummeenduvasig 931 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Cummeengeera 466 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cummeennabuddoge 1,499 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cummeenshrule 718 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Cummers East 389 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cummers West 229 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Cunnagare 205 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Cunnavoola 131 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Curra 257 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Currabanefield 201 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Currabeg 452 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Curracitty 310 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Curracullenagh 866 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Curraduff 160 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Curraflugh 144 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Curragh 305 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Curragh Beg 356 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Curragh More 1,282 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Curraghatoosane 296 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Curraghatouk 153 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Curraghcroneen 480 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Curraghderrig 523 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Curraghleha East 56 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Curraghleha West 74 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Curraghmacdonagh 102 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Curraghmacdonagh 25 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Curraghmore East 340 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Curraghmore West 784 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Curraghnanav 281 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Curraghweesha 196 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Curraglass 523 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Curraglass North 177 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Curraglass South 211 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Curragraigue 704 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Curragraigue 160 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Curragraigue 140 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Curraheen 2,302 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Curraheen 657 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Curraheen Little 60 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Curraknockaun 102 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Curraross 496 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Currauly 193 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Curravaha 1,263 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Curravogh North 257 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Curravogh South 262 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Curravoola 1,732 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Curreal 484 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Cuss 148 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Cuss 130 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Cutteen 46 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Darrynane Beg 609 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Darrynane More 404 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Dawros 415 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Deelis 477 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Deelis 244 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Deelis 230 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Deelis 190 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Deenish 122 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Deer Park 420 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Deerpark 277 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Deerpark 138 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Deerpark 47 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Deesert 250 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Demesne 174 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Derk 408 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Derra 496 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Derra 347 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Derra East 243 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Derra West 503 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Derreen 1,033 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Derreen 642 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Derreen 592 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Derreen 282 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derreen 70 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Derreenacahill 447 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Derreenacalla 287 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derreenaclough 496 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derreenacullig 415 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Derreenafoyle 874 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derreenanaryagh 1,228 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Derreenatlooig 208 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derreenauliff 926 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derreenavurrig 1,269 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derreendarragh 225 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Derreendrislagh 712 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derreenfinlehid 843 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Derreengarrinshaugh 203 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derreenmoria 100 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Derreennageeha 880 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Derreennagreer 585 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derreennamuckla 541 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derreensillagh 191 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derreeny 501 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Derriana 327 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Derrincullig 495 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Derrindaff 763 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Derrineden 1,150 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Derrinknow 157 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derry 459 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Derry East 556 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derry West 719 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derryard 639 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Derrybanane 719 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Derrycarna 1,436 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Derryco 174 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Derryconnery 401 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derrycunihy 524 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Derrygarrane North 386 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Derrygarrane South 861 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Derrygarriv 544 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Derrygarriv 365 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Derrygorman 395 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Derrygreenia 472 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derrylahan 560 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Derrylahan 253 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Derrylea 262 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Derryleagh 1,916 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derrylicka 574 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Derrylooscaunagh 619 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Derrylough 855 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derrymaclavlode 988 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Derrymore 586 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Derrymore East 2,707 Corkaguiny Annagh Tralee
Derrymore West 1,371 Corkaguiny Annagh Tralee
Derrynablaha 985 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Derrynablunnaga 75 Dunkerron South Knockane Killarney
Derrynabrack 390 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derrynacaheragh 684 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Derrynacoulagh 730 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Derrynafeana 1,174 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Derrynafeana 986 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Derrynafinnia 839 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Derrynafunsha 338 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Derrynagree 1,155 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derrynamucklagh 453 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derrynid 231 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derryquin 692 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Derryra Beg 34 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Derryra More 23 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Derryreag 1,138 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Derryrush 230 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derrysallagh 483 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derryvorahig 277 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Derryvrin 365 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Dicksgrove 196 Trughanacmy Dysert Killarney
Dingle Town Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Dingle 15 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Dingle Commons of 876 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Dinish Island 34 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Dinish Island 25 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Dinneens 199 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Dirtane 277 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Dohilla 221 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Dooaghs 557 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Dooaghs Commons 383 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Doocarrig Beg 542 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Doocarrig More 685 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Doogary 1,804 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Doolahig 129 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Doolaig North 210 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Doolaig South 210 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Doon 863 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Doon East 416 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Doon North 342 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Doon South 174 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Doon West 242 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Doonamontane 265 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Doonard Lower 166 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Doonard Upper 401 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Dooncaha 1,097 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Dooneen 525 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Dooneen 262 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Dooneen 171 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Dooneen 81 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Doonimlaghbeg 158 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Doonkinane 276 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Doonmanagh 285 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Doonore North 216 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Doonore South 207 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Doonryan 135 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Doonsheane 417 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Doonties Commons 129 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Doonties East 37 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Doonties West 414 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Doorah 217 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Doory 794 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Doory 584 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Doory 284 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Doughill 423 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Douglas 308 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Dreenagh 903 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Dreenagh 595 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Drimna Beg 349 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Drimna More 785 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Drom 529 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Drom 491 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Drom 87 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Drom East 355 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Drom East 135 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Drom West 474 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Drom West 244 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Dromaclaurig 746 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Dromacoosh 596 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Dromadda Beg 855 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Dromadda More 2,000 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Dromadeesirt 283 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Dromagorteen 297 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Dromalivaun 364 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Dromalonhurt 1,805 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Dromaloughane 166 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Dromalught 607 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Dromanassig 466 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Dromaragh 528 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Dromatoor 438 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Dromatouk 485 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Dromavally 884 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Dromavally 358 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Dromavally 144 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Dromavrauka 191 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Drombane 229 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Drombeg 215 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Drombohilly Lower 814 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Drombohilly Upper 777 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Drombrane 621 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Drombrick 97 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Dromcahan East 303 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Dromcahan West 366 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Dromcarban 290 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Dromclogh 370 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Dromcunnia 103 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Dromcunnig 703 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Dromdarragh 421 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Dromdiralough 225 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Dromdiraowen 105 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Dromdoohig Beg 114 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Dromdoohig More 367 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Dromdoory 164 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Dromerkeen 226 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Dromgower 216 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Dromhale 103 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Dromhumper 158 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Dromickbane 202 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Dromin 272 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Dromin 254 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Dromin 239 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Dromin 239 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Dromin East 261 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Dromin Lower 105 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Dromin Upper 199 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Dromin West 274 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Drominaharee 280 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Dromkeare 255 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Dromkeen East 684 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Dromkeen West 729 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Dromkerry 342 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Dromleagh 312 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Dromlegagh 92 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Dromlegagh Demesne 73 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Dromloughra 291 Iraghticonnor Dysert Listowel
Dromlusk 1,559 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Dromluska 320 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Drommakee 311 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Drommartin Town Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Drommartin 382 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Drommurher 197 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Drommurrin 491 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Dromnacarra 673 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Dromnakilly 564 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Dromneavane 330 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Dromnycolman 379 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Dromod 429 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Dromore 612 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Dromore 518 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Dromore Old 492 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Dromreag 215 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Dromroe 393 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Dromroe 152 Trughanacmy Dysert Killarney
Dromroe 101 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Dromstabla 61 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Dromtea 236 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Dromteewakeen 804 Dunkerron North Knockane Kenmare
Dromthacker 242 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Dromtine 917 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Dromultan 840 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Dromultan 679 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Dromyrourk 266 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Duagh Town Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Duagh 303 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Duagh 236 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Ducalla 411 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Dughile and Coomavanniha 1,195 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Dunferris 146 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Dungeagan 207 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Dungeel 326 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Dunkerron 713 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Dunkerron Island East 22 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Dunkerron Island West 30 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Dunloe Lower 157 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Dunloe Upper 4,089 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Dunmaniheen 131 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Dysert 337 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Dysert Marshes 298 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Eightercua 503 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Einaun Island 7 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Eirk 787 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Emlagh 929 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Emlagh 162 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Emlagh 120 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Emlagh 65 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Emlagh East 265 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Emlagh East 137 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Emlagh West 209 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Emlagh West 41 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Emlaghdreenagh 217 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Emlaghlea 173 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Emlaghmore East 332 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Emlaghmore West 178 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Emlaghnamuck 381 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Emlaghpeastia 562 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Emlaghreagh 142 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Emlaghslat 204 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Ennismore 432 Iraghticonnor Dysert Listowel
Erneen 1,713 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Esk 294 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Esk East 994 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Esk West 534 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Eskadawer 371 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Eskine 483 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Eskwacruttia 263 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Faghbane 109 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Faghcullia 358 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Faha 1,079 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Faha 281 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Faha 252 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Faha East 229 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Faha West 187 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Fahaduff 718 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Fahamore 244 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Fahan 490 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Fahavane 359 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Farna 1,500 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Farran 189 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Farran 187 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Farran 122 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Farran 91 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Farran 18 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Farranalickeen 52 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Farranamanagh 260 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Farranaspig 70 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Farranastack 368 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Farranawana 213 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Farrandalouge 219 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Farrandeen 47 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Farrandoctor 193 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Farranedmond 10 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Farraneesteenig 57 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Farranflaherty 66 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Farranfore 210 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Farraniaragh 408 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Farrankeal 246 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Farranlateeve 374 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Farranmanagh 741 Magunihy Kilcolman Killarney
Farrannabrack 144 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Farrannacarriga 202 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Farrannahow 245 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Farrannakilla 92 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Farrannakilla 49 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Farranpierce 509 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Farranreagh 430 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Farranredmond 30 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Farranstephen 45 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Farrantaun 22 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Farrantooleen 219 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Farrantoreen 336 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Farranwilliam 22 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Feaghmaan East 158 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Feaghmaan West 387 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Feavautia 412 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Feeans 510 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Fehanagh 529 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Fenit Within 438 Trughanacmy Fenit Tralee
Fenit Without 243 Trughanacmy Fenit Tralee
Feohanagh 205 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Feoramore 591 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Feorus East 233 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Feorus West 295 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Fermoyle 1,921 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Fermoyle 1,397 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Fermoyle 172 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Ferritersquarter 498 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Ferta 938 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Fiddane 156 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Fieries 407 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Fieries 254 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Finuge Town Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Finuge 883 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Flemby 518 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Flemingstown 383 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Flemingstown 177 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Flintfield 147 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Foardal 758 Dunkerron South Knockane Killarney
Foheraghmore 276 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Foil 76 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Foiladaune 703 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Foilatrisnig 207 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Foildarrig 264 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Foildrenagh 392 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Foilduff 290 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Foilmore 147 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Foilnageragh 172 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Fortwilliam 288 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Fossa 177 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Foughil Island 15 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Freaghanagh 446 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Freemount 185 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Furhane 412 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Fussa 239 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Fustane Lower 471 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Fustane Upper 236 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Fybagh 933 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Gallarus 492 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Gallavally 210 Dunkerron South Knockane Killarney
Gallavally 118 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Gallowfields 89 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Garfinny 556 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Garinish 57 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Garrahadoo 140 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Garrahies 86 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Garrane 556 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Garrane 399 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Garrane 369 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Garrane 327 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Garrane East 465 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Garrane North 360 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Garrane South 776 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Garrane West 334 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Garranearagh 414 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Garranebane 506 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Garranes 944 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Garranes 203 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Garrannafulla 312 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Garraun 653 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Garraun Beg 87 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Garraun More 232 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Garraundarragh 316 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Garreiny 785 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Garries 618 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Garrough 480 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Garryantanvally 703 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Garryard 232 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Garrydine 305 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Garryglass 130 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Garryletter 329 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Garrymore 161 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Garrynadur 207 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Garrynagore 361 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Garrynaneaskagh 503 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Garrywilliam 75 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Gearha 491 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Gearha 457 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Gearha 337 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Gearha 331 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Gearha North 431 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Gearha South 519 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Gearhadiveen 403 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gearhameen 983 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Gearhameen 48 Dunkerron South Knockane Killarney
Gearhanagoul 806 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Gearhasallagh 984 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Glanaderhig 499 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Glanageenty 421 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Glanawaddra 1,415 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Glanawillin 224 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Glanballyma 397 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Glanbane 448 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Glanbeg 362 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Glanbeg 144 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Glancullare North 117 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Glancullare South 389 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Glancuttaun Lower 1,124 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Glancuttaun Upper 897 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Glandaeagh 633 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Glandahalin East 611 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Glandahalin West 236 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Glandine 152 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Glanearagh 234 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Glanerdalliv 258 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Glanfahan 513 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Glangristeen 289 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Glankeagh 155 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Glanlarehan 549 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Glanlea 851 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Glanleam 257 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Glanlick 74 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Glanlough Lower 284 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Glanlough North 120 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Glanlough South 735 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Glanlough Upper 306 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Glanlough West 344 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Glanmakee 761 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Glanmane 352 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Glanmininard 374 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Glanmore 2,245 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Glanmore 554 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Glanmore 126 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Glannagalt 370 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Glannagilliagh 977 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Glannaheera 393 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Glannalappa East 729 Iraghticonnor Murher Glin
Glannalappa Middle 188 Iraghticonnor Murher Glin
Glannalappa West 201 Iraghticonnor Murher Glin
Glanoe 423 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Glanowen 1,718 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Glanrastel 2,629 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Glanshanacuirp 2,339 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Glanshearoon 324 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Glansillagh 247 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Glantane 310 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Glantaunluskaha 282 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Glantaunyalkeen 643 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Glanteenassig 3,187 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Glantrasna 2,105 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Glashabeg 98 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Glashacormcik 1,980 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Glashanacree 742 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Glashananoon 436 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Glebe 100 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Glebe 75 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Glebe 49 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Glebe 44 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Glebe 34 Trughanacmy Ballynahaglish Tralee
Gleensk 1,031 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Gleesk 532 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Glen 237 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Glena 2,062 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Glenderry 1,075 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Glenlea 309 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Glennahoo 458 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Glennahoo 88 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Glin North 1,264 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Glin South 407 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Gloragh 982 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Glouria 645 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Gneeves 857 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Gneeves 131 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Gneevgullia 347 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Gortacappul 285 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Gortacareen 614 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Gortacloghane 649 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Gortacloghane 553 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Gortacollopa 229 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Gortacreenteen 984 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Gortacrossane 390 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Gortacurraun 366 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Gortadirra 1,527 Dunkerron North Aghadoe Killarney
Gortadoo 418 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Gortadrislig 173 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Gortaforia 380 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Gortagass 357 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gortagowan 2,043 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Gortagreenane 167 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Gortagullane 870 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Gortagullane 68 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Gortagurrane East 89 Iraghticonnor Ballyconry Listowel
Gortagurrane Wast 125 Iraghticonnor Ballyconry Listowel
Gortahoonig 115 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Gortahoosh 305 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Gortalassa 165 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Gortalassa 103 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gortalee 1,237 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Gortaleen 250 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Gortaleen-mountain 997 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Gortalicka 616 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Gortalinny North 395 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gortalinny South 258 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gortaloughane 1,241 Glanarought Kilgarvan Killarney
Gortamullin 783 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Gortanahaneboy East 699 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Gortanahaneboy West 443 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Gortaneare 124 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Gortaneare 37 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Gortaneden 888 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Gortanimerisk 61 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Gortard 135 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Gortaree 137 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Gortaspiddale 22 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Gortatlea 699 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Gortatlea 458 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Gortavallig 283 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Gortavullin 106 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Gortboy 546 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Gortbrack 431 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Gortbrack East 178 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Gortbrack West 178 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Gortbreagoge 233 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Gortclohy 795 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Gortcurreen 406 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Gortderraree 389 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Gortderrig 1,201 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Gortdirraghy 367 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Gortdromagh 988 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Gortdromagownagh 1,186 Iraghticonnor Knockanure Listowel
Gortdromakiery 3,022 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Gortdromasillahy 705 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Gortdromerillagh 409 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Gortfadda 379 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Gortglass 829 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Gortgower 53 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Gortlahard 784 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gortlahard 649 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Gortlicka 459 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Gortloughera 391 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Gortloughra 936 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Gortmaloon East 571 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Gortmaloon West 563 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Gortmarrahafineen 733 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Gortmore 84 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Gortmore 26 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Gortnabinny 415 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Gortnaboul 254 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Gortnaboul Lower 203 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gortnaboul Upper 126 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gortnacarriga 258 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Gortnacurra 355 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gortnadullagh 205 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gortnagan Beg 159 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Gortnagan More 145 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Gortnagane 643 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Gortnagappul 154 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Gortnaglogh 198 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Gortnagree 780 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Gortnagulla 475 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Gortnagullanagh 96 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Gortnahulla 64 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Gortnakilla 640 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Gortnakilly 62 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Gortnaleaha 107 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Gortnaleaha 58 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Gortnamackanee 699 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Gortnaminsha 301 Iraghticonnor Dysert Listowel
Gortnamuckaly 66 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Gortnanooran 197 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Gortnaprocess 334 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Gortnaskarry 322 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Gortnaskeagh 395 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Gortnaskeha 718 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Gortnaskeha Commons 150 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Gortnatona 162 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Gortonora 85 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Gortracussane 408 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Gortreagh 98 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Gortreagh 77 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Gortrelig 240 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Gortroe 1,353 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Gortroe 630 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Gortroe 382 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Gortrooskagh 323 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gortshanavogh 486 Magunihy Killeentierna Killarney
Gortshanvally 82 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Goulnacappy & Coornagrena 816 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Gowlane 875 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Gowlane 651 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Gowlane 412 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Gowlane 399 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Gowlane 332 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Gowlane Beg 669 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Gowlane East 537 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Gowlaneard 479 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Gowlanes 827 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Gowlanes East 731 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Gowlin 614 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Graffee 175 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Graffeens 54 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Graignagower 788 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Graignagreana 698 Dunkerron North Templenoe Kenmare
Graigue 363 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Graigue 266 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Graigue Glebe 184 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Graigues 336 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Gransha Lower 147 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Gransha Upper 257 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Granshagh 201 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Great Blasket Island 1,020 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Greenagh 299 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Greenane 697 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Greenane Islands 24 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Grogeen 95 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Groin 177 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Groin 67 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Grousemount 1,609 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Grove 72 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Guhard North 315 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Guhard South 413 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Gullaba 765 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Gullane East 402 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Gullane Middle 146 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Gullane West 150 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Gullaun East 328 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Gullaun West 405 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Gurrig Island 8 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Gurteen 533 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Gurteen 445 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Gurteen 343 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Gurteen 30 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Gurteen North 63 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Gurteenavallig 277 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Gurteennacloona 402 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Gurteenroe 288 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Headfort 385 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Heirhill 395 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Hillgrove 99 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Hogs Head Island 9 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Horse Island 34 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Horse Island 6 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Illaunacummig 7 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunanadan 16 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunboe 4 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Illaunboy 3 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Illauncaum 161 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Illaundrane 26 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunimmil 29 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Illaunleagh 9 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunnakilla 7 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunnaweelaun 6 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Illaunsillagh 9 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunslea 18 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Illaunstookagh 311 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Illauntaanig 2 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Inch 1,003 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Inch 193 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Inch 77 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Inch East 312 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Inch East 251 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Inch Moor 340 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Inch West 360 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Inch West 207 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Inchaloughra 50 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Inchee 1,772 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Inchee East 601 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Inchee West 798 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Incheens 580 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Inchfarrannagheragh Gle 828 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Inchiboy 775 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Inchiclogh 227 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Inchicloon 301 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Inchicorrigane East 463 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Inchicorrigane West 545 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Inchimacteige 252 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Inchimore 1,014 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Inchimore 311 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Inchin Lough 335 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Inchinaleega East 83 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Inchinaleega West 115 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Inchinanagh 1,736 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Inchinapeagh 711 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Inchinascarty 368 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Inchinatinny 334 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Inchincoosh 911 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Inchincummer 368 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Inchinglanna 740 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Inchintren 190 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Inchinveema 195 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Inchycullane 229 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Inchymagilleragh East 28 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Inchymagilleragh West 92 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Inishabro 102 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Inishfoyle 753 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Inishkeragh 12 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Inishtooskert 186 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Inishtooskert 12 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Inishvickillane 171 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Innisfallen 21 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Irrabeg 269 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Irramore 596 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Island Sack 25 Iraghticonnor Ballyconry Listowel
Island Sack Little 8 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Islandboy 985 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Islandboy 137 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Islandboy East 81 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Islandboy West 9 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Islandearagh 425 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Islandganniv North 135 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Islandganniv South 21 Clanmaurice Listowel Listowel
Islandmacloughry 153 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Islandmore 125 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Istalea Lower 151 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Istalea Upper 349 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Kealafreaghane East 933 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Kealafreaghane West 602 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Kealariddig 463 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Kealduff Lower 279 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Kealduff Upper 815 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Kealgorm 109 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Kealid 865 Iraghticonnor Knockanure Listowel
Keam 120 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Keeas 439 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Keel 581 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Keel 263 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Keelnagore 351 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Keelties 406 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Kells 864 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Kenmare Town Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Kenmare 268 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Kenmare Old 253 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Kerries East 309 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Kerries West 268 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Kilbaha Middle 238 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Kilbaha North 441 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Kilbaha South 258 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Kilbaha West 155 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Kilballylahiff 712 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Kilbane 291 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Kilbannivane 550 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Kilbeg East 99 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Kilbeg West 97 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Kilberehert 63 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Kilbonane 228 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Kilbrean Beg 167 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Kilbrean More 301 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Kilbreanbeg 198 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Kilbrickane 135 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Kilbunow 513 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Kilburn 133 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Kilcarra Beg 241 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Kilcarra More 308 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Kilclogherane 257 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Kilcock Lower 242 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Kilcock Upper 291 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Kilcolgan Lower 388 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Kilcolgan Upper 249 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Kilcolman 366 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Kilcolman 224 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Kilcolman 77 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Kilcoman 505 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Kilconly North 130 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Kilconly South 212 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Kilcoolaght 43 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Kilcoolaght East 182 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Kilcoolaght West 413 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Kilcooly 393 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Kilcooly North 229 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Kilcooly South 187 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Kilcow 736 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Kilcreen 47 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Kilcummin Beg 637 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Kilcummin More 290 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Kilcurrane East 665 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Kilcurrane West 160 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Kilcusnaun 739 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Kilderry North 268 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Kilderry South 170 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Kildreelig 420 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Kilduff 539 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Kilduff 229 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Kildurrihy East 237 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Kildurrihy West 269 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Kilfadda Beg 213 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Kilfadda More 429 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Kilfallinga 633 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Kilfarnoge 247 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Kilfeighny North 306 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Kilfeighny South 445 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Kilfelim 179 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Kilfenora 123 Trughanacmy Ardfert Tralee
Kilflyn Town Clanmaurice Kilflyn Listowel
Kilfountan 359 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Kilgarriv 529 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Kilgarvan Town Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Kilgarvan 1,176 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Kilgobnet 271 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Kilgortaree 412 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Kilgulbin East 555 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Kilgulbin West 456 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Kilkeana 645 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Kilkeaveragh 231 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Kilkeehagh 653 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Kilkerry 101 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Kilkneedan 111 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Kill 699 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Kill 30 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Killabunane 563 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Killabuonia 696 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Killaclohane 509 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Killacrim 211 Iraghticonnor Dysert Listowel
Killagurteen 338 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Killaha 279 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Killaha East 459 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Killaha West 581 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Killahan 352 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Killahane 147 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Killalee 116 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Killally 148 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Killanoordrane 143 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Killarida 511 Iraghticonnor Rattoo Listowel
Killarney Town Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Killarney 41 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Killaspicktarvin 386 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Killeacle 383 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Killeagh 685 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Killeagh 155 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Killeen 697 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Killeen 367 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Killeen 141 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Killeen 120 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Killeenafinnane 317 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Killeenagh 465 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Killeenleagh 596 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Killeens 253 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Killeentierna 565 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Killegane 129 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Killegy Lower 146 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Killegy Upper 303 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Killehenny 286 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Killelan East 353 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Killelan West 324 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Killelane 105 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Killelton 1,007 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Killeton 192 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Killierisk 48 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Killiney Town Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Killiney 817 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Killoe 612 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Killognaveen North 178 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Killognaveen South 396 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Killogrone 340 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Killoluaig 704 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Killomeerhoe 143 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Killonecaha 227 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Killorane 69 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Killorglin Town Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Killoughane 246 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Killowen 301 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Killurly 733 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Killurly Commons 2,276 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Killurly East 340 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Killurly West 383 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Kilmackerrin East 633 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Kilmackerrin West 611 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Kilmakilloge 342 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Kilmalkedar 393 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Kilmaniheen East 828 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Kilmaniheen West 899 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Kilmeany 869 Iraghticonnor Knockanure Listowel
Kilmore 1,598 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Kilmore 590 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Kilmore 330 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Kilmoyly North 161 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Kilmoyly South 350 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Kilmulhane 152 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Kilmurrily 206 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Kilmurry 398 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Kilmurry 298 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Kilmurry 200 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Kilmurry 50 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Kilnabrack Lower 459 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Kilnabrack Upper 629 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Kilnaglearagh 80 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Kilnanare 387 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Kilnarovanagh 326 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Kilpadder 73 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Kilpaddoge 415 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Kilpatrick 148 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Kilquane 1,048 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Kilquane 546 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Kilquane 268 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Kilquane 133 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Kilsallagh 92 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Kilsarkan East 665 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Kilsarkan West 582 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Kilshannig 575 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Kilshenane 181 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Kilteean 581 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Kilteenbane 1,186 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Kiltomy 117 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Kilvickadownig 421 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Kimego East 1,019 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Kimego West 695 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Kinard East 400 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Kinard East 358 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Kinard West 525 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Kinard West 175 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Kineigh 796 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Kingsland 329 Iraghticonnor Duagh Listowel
Knight's Town Town Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Knockacappul 355 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knockachur 721 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knockaclare 797 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Knockaclogher 67 Trughanacmy Ardfert Tralee
Knockaclogher 51 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Knockacullig North 809 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knockacullig South 333 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knockacurrane 126 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Knockaderreen 479 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Knockaderry 379 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Knockafreaghaun 741 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Knockagarrane 241 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Knockagowna 210 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Knockalibade 548 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knockalougha 1,244 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Knockamoohane 207 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Knockanacuig 49 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Knockananlig 115 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Knockananore 200 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Knockanarroor 541 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Knockanasig 194 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Knockane 616 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Knockane 290 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Knockaneacoolteen 723 Magunihy Currans Killarney
Knockaneden 399 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Knockaneroe 159 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Knockanes 606 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Knockaneyouloo 968 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Knockanimrish 307 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Knockaninane East 937 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Knockaninane West 777 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Knockannagore 172 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Knockanoulort 191 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Knockanruddig 1,077 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Knockanuha 626 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Knockanush East 446 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Knockanush West 489 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Knockardtry 547 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Knockariddane 88 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Knockariddera 1,757 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Knockasarnet 298 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Knockataggle Beg 247 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knockataggle More 1,052 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knockatarriv 293 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Knockatee 668 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knockaunacurraheen 69 Clanmaurice Dysert Listowel
Knockaunatee 234 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Knockaunbrack 493 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Knockauncore 268 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knockauncurragh 1,705 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knockaunglass 128 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Knockaunmore 100 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Knockaunnacuddoge 171 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Knockaunnanoon 518 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Knockaunroe 83 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Knockaunrory 78 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Knockavaghig 176 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Knockavallig 194 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Knockavinnane 136 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Knockavota 355 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Knockavrogeen East 290 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Knockavrogeen West 291 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Knockavurra Glebe 115 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Knockawaddra East 111 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Knockawaddra Middle 88 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Knockawaddra West 174 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Knockawinna 905 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Knockbrack 1,328 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Knockbrack 704 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Knockbrack 127 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Knockbrack East 75 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Knockbrack West 261 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Knockburrane 365 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Knockdoorah 755 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knockdown 658 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knockduff 551 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Knockeanagh 469 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Knockeanagh 434 Trughanacmy Ardfert Tralee
Knockeen 337 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Knockeen 67 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Knockeenawaddra 158 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Knockeencreen 540 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Knockeenduff 367 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Knockeennagowan 345 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Knockeennahone 829 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knockeennalicka 133 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knockeens 1,038 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Knockenagh North 236 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Knockenagh South 332 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Knockercreeveen 163 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Knockglass Beg 166 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Knockglass More 289 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Knockmanagh 471 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knockmanagh 261 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Knockmeal 446 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Knocknaboola 785 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Knocknaboul 1,274 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knocknabro 1,465 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Knocknacaheragh 502 Iraghticonnor Duagh Listowel
Knocknacaska 747 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Knocknacree 154 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Knocknacrohy 302 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Knocknacurra 232 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Knocknadarriv 1,517 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knocknagashel East 436 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Knocknagashel West 2,102 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Knocknageeha 430 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Knocknaglogh 983 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Knocknagoum 573 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Knocknagowan 1,367 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Knocknagower 67 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Knocknagun 135 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Knocknahaha 169 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Knocknahila 86 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Knocknahoe 468 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Knocknahow 147 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Knocknakilly 180 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Knocknamucklagh 323 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Knocknan 289 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Knocknanarney 156 Trughanacmy Ballynahaglish Tralee
Knocknaseed 353 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Knocknaskeha 418 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Knockognoe 252 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Knockowen 449 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Knockreagh 448 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knockreagh 400 Magunihy Kilcolman Killarney
Knockreagh 231 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Knockreagh 173 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Knockreagh 115 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Knockreer 436 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Knockroe 574 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Knockroe 108 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Knockrower East 1,086 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knockrower West 799 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knockundervaul 500 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Knockyeala 848 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Knockyline 89 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Knockysheehan 493 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Knoppoge 573 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Knoppoge 391 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Knoppoge 329 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Knoppoge 281 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Knoppoge North 181 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Knoppoge South 161 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Kylatallin 143 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Kylebeg 132 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Kylebwee 484 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Lack 1,765 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Lacka 766 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Lacka Beg 390 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Lacka East 514 Iraghticonnor Duagh Listowel
Lacka East 180 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Lacka East 38 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Lacka More 527 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Lacka West 508 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Lacka West 172 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Lacka West 165 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Lackabane 591 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Lackabane 338 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Lackabaun 578 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Lackaboy 160 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Lackanoneen 466 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Lackaroe 608 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Lackbrooder 1,118 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Lackeen 326 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Laghtacallow 184 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Laharan 863 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Laharan 287 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Laharan 250 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Laharan 218 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Laharan 176 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Laharan 142 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Laharan 121 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Laharan North 318 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Laharan South 1,387 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Lahard 721 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Lahardane 413 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Laherfree 102 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Lahesheragh North 359 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Lahesheragh South 196 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Lamb Island 2 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Lamb Island 1 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Lamb's Island 10 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Larha 873 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Larha 33 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Lassaboy 608 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Lateeve 790 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Lateeve Beg 274 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Lateeve More 340 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Lateevemanagh 298 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Lauhir 266 Iveragh Glanbehy Killarney
Lauragh Lower 155 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Lauragh Upper 383 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Leabaleaha 314 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Leagh 191 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Leagh Marshes 87 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Leaha 324 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Leamirlea 265 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Leamnaguila 707 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Leampreaghane 399 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Leamydoody 317 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Leamyglissane 624 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Leamyglissane 189 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Leanamore 1,435 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Leansaghane 208 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Leath East 728 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Leath West 281 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Lecarhoo 337 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Lehid 683 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Lehid 218 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Leitrim East 609 Iraghticonnor Murher Glin
Leitrim Middle 644 Iraghticonnor Murher Glin
Leitrim West 535 Iraghticonnor Murher Glin
Lerrig Town Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Lerrig North 495 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Lerrig South 468 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Letter 1,301 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Letter 683 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Letter 111 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Letter East 215 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Letter Lower 367 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Letter Upper 407 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Letter West 1,770 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Lettercannon 998 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Letterdunane 350 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Letterfinish 382 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Lettergarriv 951 Dunkerron South Knockane Cahersiveen
Lettermoneel 311 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Letternadarriv 706 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Lickeen 570 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Lisbabe 554 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Lisbane 454 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Liscahane 915 Trughanacmy Ardfert Tralee
Liscarney 182 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Liscullane 371 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Liscullane 219 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Lisdargan 902 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Lisduff 284 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Lisheen 788 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Lisheenbaun 424 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Lisheennacannina 366 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Lisheennashingane 324 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Lisladraun 53 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Lislaughtin 867 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Lisleibane 616 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Lislonane 145 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Lisloose 180 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Lismacfinnin 187 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Lismongane 156 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Lismore 267 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Lisnagoneeny 207 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Lisnagrave 276 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Lisnagree 103 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Lisnakealwee 922 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Lisnamovaun 241 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Lisnanoul 145 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Lisroe 521 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Lisroe 151 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Liss 633 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Liss Lower 353 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Liss Upper 81 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Lissahane 525 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Lissanearla East 235 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Lissanearla West 229 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Lissaniska 767 Iraghticonnor Knockanure Listowel
Lissaniska 231 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Lissardboola 376 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Lissataggle 376 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Lissatanvally 153 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Lissatinnig 480 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Lissavane East 352 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Lissavane West 410 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney - Lisselton 410 ? Ballydonaghue ? - Lissireen 187 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Tralee
Lissodeige 411 Trughanacmy Ballynahaglish Tralee
Lissooleen 28 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Lissyclearig Lower 196 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Lissyclearig Upper 258 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Lissyconnor 353 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Lissycurrig 285 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Lissyviggeen 552 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Listellick North 425 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Listellick South 179 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Listowel Town Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Listowel 311 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Listrim 695 Trughanacmy Ardfert Tralee
Listrim 232 Trughanacmy Ballynahaglish Tralee
Listry 717 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Listymurragh 63 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Lixnaw Town Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Lixnaw Town Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Lixnaw 148 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Lohart 482 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Loher 623 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Lohercannan 471 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Lomanagh 588 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Lomanagh 363 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Lomanagh North 489 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Lomanagh South 456 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Lonart 482 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Long Island 9 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Longfield 193 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Looscaunagh 523 Dunkerron South Knockane Killarney
Lough 123 Corkaguiny Garfinny Dingle
Loughadoon 203 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Loughanes 385 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Loughaunacreen 160 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Loughbeg 86 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Lougher 991 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Loughnacappagh 36 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Loughnagore 146 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Lounaghan 1,040 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Lugnagappul 148 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Lybes 122 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Lyracrumpane 980 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Lyranes Lower 270 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Lyranes Upper 427 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Lyre 561 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Lyre 188 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Lyre 187 Magunihy Kilcolman Killarney
Lyre 183 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Lyreboy 967 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Magh East 142 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Magh West 196 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Maghanaboe 1,088 Corkaguiny Ballyduff Dingle
Maghancoosaun 199 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Maghanknockane 982 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Maghanlawaun 447 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Maghanveel 1,299 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Maghasheela 191 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Magherabeg 804 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Magherasrahan 157 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Maghygreenane 2,156 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Maglass 93 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Maglass East 235 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Maglass West 291 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Mangerton 2,598 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Manor East 161 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Manor West 154 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Marhin 748 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Martara 105 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Martara 87 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Martramane 140 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Mastergeeha 1,109 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Mastergeehy 220 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Maughantoorig 346 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Maulagallane 601 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Maulagh 164 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Maulagirkane 195 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Maulagowna 1,061 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Maulcallee 1,230 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Maulin 463 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Maulin 432 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Maulnabrack 646 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Maulnagower 253 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Maulnahone 362 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Maulnahorna 412 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Maulyarkane 658 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Maulykevane 522 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Maulyneill 924 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Maumagarrane 304 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Maumanorig 130 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Maumnahaltora 122 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Mausrower 613 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Meallis 1,377 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Meanus 324 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Meanus 309 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Meanus 238 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Meanus 156 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Meanus 105 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Meelagulleen 234 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Meelcon 164 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Meelick 520 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Meen 552 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Meenahorna 352 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Meenanare 596 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Meenbannivane 1,473 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Meenleitrim North 684 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Meenlietrim South 786 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Meennagishagh 154 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Meennascarty 147 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Meenogahane 625 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Meenscovane 277 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Meentoges 394 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Meenyvoughaun 567 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Milleens 305 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Milltown Town Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Milltown 391 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Milltown 207 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Milltown 54 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Milltown, Commons of 58 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Minard East 147 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Minard West 510 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Minish 522 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Moanmore 195 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Moher 225 Iraghticonnor Murher Glin
Monacappa 43 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Monaree 183 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Monavally 40 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Monearmore 21 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Moneyduff 54 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Moneyflugh 1,249 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Montanagay 146 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Monument 104 Clanmaurice Kilcaragh Listowel
Moohane 127 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Moorestown 265 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Moularostig 195 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Mountcoal 595 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Mounthawk 132 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Mounthenry 135 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Mountluke 117 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Mountnicholas 108 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Mountoven 392 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Moyassa 315 Clanmaurice Finuge Listowel
Moybella North 458 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Moybella South 314 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Moyeightragh 70 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Moylaun Island 12 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Moyleglass 520 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Moynsha 96 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Moyrisk 303 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Moyvane North 447 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Moyvane South 422 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Muckenagh 611 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Muckenagh 318 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Muckera 329 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Muckross 759 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Mucksna 705 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Muing East 52 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Muing West 78 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Muingagarha 118 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Muingaphuca 662 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Muingatlaunlush 325 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Muingavrannig 94 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Muingnaminnane 1,019 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Muingnatee 230 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Muingvautia 710 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Muingwee 287 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Muingydowda 156 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Mullaghmarky 406 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Mullaghveal 1,362 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Mullen 833 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Mullenaglemig 134 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Murher 583 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Murreagh 773 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Murreagh 379 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Murrirrigane 730 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Mweelcaha 131 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Mweelin 79 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Mweelinroe 38 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Mweennalaa 253 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Mweevoo 114 Iraghticonnor Ballyconry Listowel
Mweevuck 200 Iraghticonnor Ballyconry Listowel
Nantinan 568 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Nedanone 173 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Neesha 1,319 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Newtown Sandes Town Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Nohaval North 108 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Nohaval South 375 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Nunstown 170 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Oghermong 496 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Oldforge 146 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Oolagh East 1,072 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Oolagh West 703 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Ormand's Island 19 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Oughtiv 1,048 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Ownagarry 1,100 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Paddock 59 Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Pallas 1,078 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Pallis 171 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Park 353 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Parkalassa 57 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Parkavonear 124 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Parkboy 81 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Parkearagh 56 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Parkmore 59 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Parkmore 43 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Tralee
Parknageragh 243 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Parknamulloge 293 Trughanacmy Dysert Tralee
Parknasmuttaun 159 Trughanacmy Dysert Killarney
Patch 143 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Pilgramhill 343 Iraghticonnor Duagh Listowel
Pinure 84 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Ploresk 14 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Pluckeen 25 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Pollagh 207 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Portduff 122 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Portmagee Town Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Portmagee 140 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Potaley 17 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Poulagower 1,314 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Poulawaddra 821 Trughanacmy Ballyseedy Tralee
Poulnahaha 110 Iraghticonnor Dysert Listowel
Poulnamuck 81 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Pound 609 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Puckisland 601 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Puffin Island 125 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Pulleen 317 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Quaybaun 120 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Rabbit (or Brown Island) 12 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Racomane East 246 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Racomane West 262 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Radrinagh 106 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Rahanane 508 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Rahavanig 259 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Rahealy 215 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Raheen 501 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Raheen 334 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Raheen 234 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Raheen 92 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Raheens 312 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Raheenyhooig 121 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Rahinnane 235 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Rahinnane West 305 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Rahoneen 298 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Rahoonagh 209 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Rahoonane 96 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Ralappane 211 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Ranaleen 375 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Ranalough 393 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Rangue 576 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Rareagh 54 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ratass 128 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Rath 571 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Rath 465 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Rath Beg 1,072 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Rath Beg 216 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Rath More 785 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Rathanny 257 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Rathcrihane 18 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Rathduff 136 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Rathea 1,665 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Rathfield 141 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Rathkenny 508 Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Rathkieran 295 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Rathmalode 47 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Rathmore 964 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Rathmore 235 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Rathmorrel 236 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Rathoran 354 Iraghticonnor Duagh Listowel
Rathpoge East 212 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Rathpoge West 191 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Rathroe 159 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Rathscannel 258 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Rattoo 379 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Rattoo Island 1 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Rea 259 Iraghticonnor Duagh Listowel
Rea 248 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Reaboy 366 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Reacashlagh 232 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Reacaslagh 1,224 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Reacaslagh 432 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Readrinagh 376 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Reanagowan 1,093 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Reanasup 870 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Reask 259 Corkaguiny Marhin Dingle
Reavaun 423 Magunihy Killeentierna Killarney
Redtrench North 772 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Redtrench South 333 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Reen 865 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Reen 554 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Reen 283 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Reenacoola 116 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Reenafardarri 6 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Reenard 647 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Reenbeg 112 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Reenboy 192 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Reencaheragh 270 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Reenconnell 359 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Reenearagh 218 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Reenkilla 491 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Reennanallagane 299 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Reenroe 128 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Reenturk 135 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Rehill 428 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Releagh 816 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Rinneen 450 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Roads 637 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Rockfield 305 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Rockfield East 435 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Rockfield Middle 315 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Rockfield West 118 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Roscullen Island 56 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Rosnacartan Beg 170 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Rosnacartan Moreland 159 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Ross Island 158 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Rossacoosane 1,173 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Rossacroo 229 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Rossacroobeg 145 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Rossacroonaloo 441 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Rossalia 234 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Rossanean 300 Magunihy Killeentierna Killarney
Rossanean 273 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Rossard 947 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Rossbehy 980 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Rossboy 173 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Rossdohan 453 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Rossdohan Island 134 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Rosseightragh 539 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Rossmore 280 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Rossmore Island 318 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Rossnahowgarry 130 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Rough Island 1 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Roxborough 249 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Rusheen 417 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Rusheen 415 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Rusheen 286 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Rusheen 214 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Rusheen Beg 231 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Rusheen More 678 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Rusheenpark 89 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Rusheens 315 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Rylane 554 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Sackville 382 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Sallahig 184 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Samphire Island 1 Trughanacmy Fenit Tralee
Samphire Island Little 1 Trughanacmy Fenit Tralee
Sandhills and Corcas 125 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Scariff 366 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Scarriff 321 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Scart 376 Trughanacmy Nohaval Tralee
Scart 330 Magunihy Kilcredane Killarney
Scart 113 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Scartaglin Town Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Scartaglin 687 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Scarteen 1,211 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Scarteen 175 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Scartlea 126 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Scartleigh 93 Iraghticonnor Dysert Listowel
Scartnamackagh 69 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Scraggane 284 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Scrahan 373 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Scrahanagnave 392 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Scrahanagullaun 228 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Scrahanaveal 413 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Scrahane 96 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Scrahanfadda 1,044 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Scrahannagaur 533 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Scrallaghbeg 153 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Seersha 108 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Shanacashel 641 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Shanacloon 315 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Shanacool 34 Iraghticonnor Knockanure Listowel
Shanafona 186 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Shanahill 929 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Shanahill East 110 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Shanakeal 1,234 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Shanakill 49 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Shanaknock 927 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Shanaknock 149 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Shanakyle 76 Corkaguiny Kilquane Dingle
Shanavally 269 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Shanaway East 176 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Shanaway West 244 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Shanawillen 79 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Shanbally 183 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Shandrum 393 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Shannera Lower 829 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Shannera Upper 709 Dunkerron North Killorglin Cahersiveen
Shantalliv 115 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Sheans East 252 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Sheans West 116 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Sheepwalk 91 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Sheheree 221 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Sherky Island 82 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Shinnagh 772 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Shinnagh 477 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Shronaboy 1,165 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Shronahiree Beg 586 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Shronahiree More 871 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Shronaloughane 785 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Shrone 148 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Shrone 115 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Shrone Beg 1,110 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Shrone East 203 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Shrone Middle 132 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Shrone More 1,145 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Shrone West 298 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Shronebeirne 412 Iraghticonnor Duagh Listowel
Shronebirrane 1,204 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Shronedarragh 482 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Sillahertane 1,718 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Skahanagh 239 Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Skahies 305 Magunihy Molahiffe Killarney
Skehanagh 170 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Skehanierin (Egan) 221 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Skehanierin (Stokes) 143 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Skehanierin Lower 73 Iraghticonnor Listowel Listowel
Skellig Rock Great 44 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Skellig Rock Little 16 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Skrillagh 75 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Slaght 812 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Slaheny 760 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Sleveen 386 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Slievadrehid 203 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Slievaduff 764 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Slievawaddra 154 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Slieve East 1,128 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Slieve West 607 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Slievebwee 181 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Slievegaura 234 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Slieveglass 485 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Slievenashaska 1,493 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Slievenavadoge 185 Trughanacmy Clogherbrien Tralee
Sliss 129 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Sluicequarter 261 Iraghticonnor Duagh Listowel
Smerwick 457 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Sneem Town Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Springmount 279 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Spunkane 795 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Srugreana 366 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Stack's-mountain 846 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Stagmount 708 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Staigue 1,107 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Stealroe 140 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Stradbally Town Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Stradbally Mountain 593 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Strandsend 113 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Sussa 717 Iveragh Prior Cahersiveen
Tahilla Town Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Tahilla 352 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Tarbert Town Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Tarbert 367 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Tarbert Island 63 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Tarmon East 937 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Tarmon Hill 174 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Tarmon West 314 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Tawlaght 373 Trughanacmy Ballynahaglish Tralee
Tawlaght 94 Trughanacmy Ardfert Tralee
Tearaght Island 47 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Teer 1,106 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Teeraha 314 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Teeravane 378 Corkaguiny Dunurlin Dingle
Teerbrin 154 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Teernaboul 635 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Teernahila 513 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Teeromoyle 2,246 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Termons 713 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
The-wood 72 Corkaguiny Dingle Dingle
Tiduff 1,060 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Tieraclea Lower 298 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Tieraclea Upper 163 Iraghticonnor Kilnaughtin Glin
Tiershanaghan 702 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Tinahally 386 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Tinnies Lower East 211 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Tinnies Lower West 173 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Tinnies Upper 221 Iveragh Valencia Cahersiveen
Toanreagh 320 Clanmaurice Ballyheige Tralee
Tober 54 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Toberatooreen 851 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Tobermaing 259 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Tobernamoodane 343 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Togherbane 329 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Tomies East 136 Dunkerron North Aghadoe Killarney
Tomies West 252 Dunkerron North Aghadoe Killarney
Tomies Wood 267 Dunkerron North Aghadoe Killarney
Tonakilly 47 Corkaguiny Kilgobban Tralee
Tonaknock 222 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Tonavane 1,270 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Tonbwee 127 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Tonreagh 163 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Tonreagh Lower 157 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Tonreagh Upper 137 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Toohana 276 Iraghticonnor Ballyconry Listowel
Toon 253 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Toor 599 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Toor 213 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Tooracladane 1,481 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Tooreen 525 Clanmaurice Kilflyn Tralee
Tooreen 435 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Tooreen 170 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Tooreen 137 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Tooreenagowan 796 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Tooreenard 540 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Tooreenbreanla 272 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Tooreencahill 622 Magunihy Nohavaldaly Killarney
Tooreenealagh 1,676 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Tooreengarriv 713 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Tooreenmore 1,186 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Tooreenmore 371 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Tooreennablauha 450 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Tooreennafersha 445 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Tooreennahone 365 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Tooreennamult 743 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Tooreennascarty 755 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Tooreennasliggaun 468 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Tooreennastooka 136 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Tooreens 1,801 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Tooreenyduneen 559 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Toormoore 522 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Toornageehy 572 Clanmaurice Kilshenane Listowel
Toornanaunagh 807 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Toornaneaskagh 418 Iveragh Glanbehy Cahersiveen
Toornanoulagh 202 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Toosaleen 943 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Tore 362 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Tragalee 104 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Tralee Town Trughanacmy Ratass Tralee
Tralee Town Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Tralee 374 Trughanacmy Tralee Tralee
Tralia 260 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Treangarriv 570 Iveragh Glanbehy Killarney
Treanmanagh 600 Iveragh Glanbehy Killarney
Treanoughtragh 74 Iveragh Killorglin Killarney
Trien 276 Iraghticonnor Knockanure Listowel
Trienearagh 1,708 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Trippeenagh 148 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Trippul East 266 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Trippul West 213 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Tubbrid 151 Dunkerron South Templenoe Kenmare
Tubbrid 105 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Tubrid Beg 613 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Tubrid More 993 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Tulla Beg 205 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Tulla More 663 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Tullacrimeen 184 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Tullaghna 434 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Tullagubbeen 796 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Tullaha 835 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Tullaha 188 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Tullahennel North 1,220 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Tullahennel South 971 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Tullakeel 264 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Tullamore 1,902 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Tullaree 151 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Tullig 974 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Tullig 787 Glanarought Kilcaskan Kenmare
Tullig 710 Clanmaurice Kilfeighny Listowel
Tullig 659 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Tullig 391 Glanarought Kenmare Kenmare
Tullig 347 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Tullig 321 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Tullig 319 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Tullig 295 Iveragh Killinane Cahersiveen
Tullig 211 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Tullig Beg 1,314 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Tullig More 535 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Tulligealane 1,246 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Tullorum 97 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Tullygarran 163 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Turnamucka 278 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Tursallagh 580 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Two Headed Island 222 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Tylagh 412 Trughanacmy O'Brennan Tralee
Ullagha 123 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Ullauns 1,587 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Uragh 1,086 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Urlee 520 Iraghticonnor Lisselton Listowel
Urrohogal 502 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Ventry Town Corkaguiny Kildrum Dingle
Ventry Town Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Ventry 192 Corkaguiny Ventry Dingle
Vicarstown 58 Corkaguiny Dunquin Dingle
Waterville 161 Iveragh Dromod Cahersiveen
Whitefield 295 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Woodlawn 67 Magunihy Killarney Killarney


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