List of townlands of County Laois

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There are approximately 1,162 townlands in County Laois, Ireland.[1] A plain version of this list showing townland names only is also available for easy alphabetical navigation and convenient overview.

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbeyleix Town Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Abbeyleix Demesne 1,321 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Acragar 647 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Addergoole 103 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Afoley 122 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Aghaboe 308 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Aghadreen 516 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Aghafin 238 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Aghamaddock 274 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Aghamafir 174 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Aghamore 71 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Aghamore (or Ashbrook) 22 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Aghanure 401 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Aghaterry 90 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Aghcross 150 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Aghduff 159 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Aghmacart 481 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Aghnacross 397 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Aghnaharna (or Summerhill) 134 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Aghnahily 204 Maryborough East Dysartenos Mountmellick
Aghnahily Bog 49 Maryborough East Dysartenos Mountmellick
Aghoney 559 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Aharney 608 Clarmallagh Aharney Abbeyleix
Akip 302 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Altavilla 37 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Anatrim 5 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Annagh 202 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Anneville 174 Slievemargy Shrule Carlow
Anster 40 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Archerstown 734 Clarmallagh Aharney Abbeyleix
Ardateggle 1,274 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Ardlea 157 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Ardough (or Huntspark) 647 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Ardvarney 21 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Arless Town Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Ashbrook (or Aghamore) 22 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Ashfield 1,045 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Aughans 55 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Avoley 320 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Badgerhill 166 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Badgerisland 94 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Baggottspark 95 Clarmallagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Ballagharahin 662 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Ballaghlyragh (or Nealstown) 148 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Ballaghmore 172 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Ballaghmore Lower 1,061 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Ballaghmore Upper 503 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Ballickmoyler Town Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Ballickmoyler 639 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Ballickmoyler Upper 259 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Ballina 179 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Ballina 43 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Ballinaclogh Lower 440 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Ballinaclogh Upper 418 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Ballinakill Town Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Ballinakill 174 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Ballinfrase 292 Clarmallagh Erke Donaghmore
Ballinla 337 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Ballinlough 210 Maryborough East Kilteale Mountmellick
Ballinlough 134 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Ballinrahin 204 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Ballinrally 803 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Ballinree 142 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Ballinriddery (or Knightstown) 279 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Ballintaggart 368 Clandonagh Kyle Donaghmore
Ballintaggart 87 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Ballinteskin 765 Stradbally Timogue Athy
Ballintlea 862 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Ballintlea Lower 335 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Ballintlea Upper 279 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Ballintogher 604 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Ballintubbert 510 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Ballyadams 575 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Ballyadding 302 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Ballybeg 127 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Ballyboodin 472 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Ballybrittas Town Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Ballybrittas 914 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Ballybrophy 564 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Ballybuggy 537 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Ballycarnan 832 Maryborough East Kilcolmanbane Mountmellick
Ballycarroll 777 Maryborough East Kilteale Mountmellick
Ballycarroll 391 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Ballycleary 323 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Ballyclider 191 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Ballycolla Town Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Ballycolla 373 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Ballycolla 52 Clarmallagh Killermogh Abbeyleix
Ballycolla Heath 285 Clarmallagh Killermogh Abbeyleix
Ballycoolan 722 Stradbally Timogue Athy
Ballycoolid 497 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Ballycorman 213 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Ballycormick 199 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Ballycrossal 166 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Ballycuddahy 231 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Ballycullenbeg 599 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Ballydavin 102 Clarmallagh Rathdowney Abbeyleix
Ballydavis 934 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Ballyduff 509 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Ballyduff 262 Stradbally Moyanna Mountmellick
Ballyduff 190 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Ballyedmond 197 Clandonagh Erke Donaghmore
Ballyfarrell 105 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Ballyfin 239 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Ballyfin Demesne 566 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Ballyfin Upper 1,757 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Ballyfinnan 237 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Ballyfoyle 730 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Ballygarvan Glebe 298 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Ballygauge Beg 341 Clarmallagh Killermogh Abbeyleix
Ballygauge More 319 Clarmallagh Killermogh Abbeyleix
Ballygeehin Lower 523 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Ballygeehin Upper 402 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Ballygillaheen 246 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Ballyglass 85 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Ballyglishen 158 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Ballygormill North 137 Maryborough East Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Ballygormill South 257 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Ballygowdan 84 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Ballyharmon 158 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Ballyhegadon Glebe 166 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Ballyheyland 431 Cullenagh Kilcolmanbane Abbeyleix
Ballyheyland 112 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Ballyhide 487 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Ballyhinode 93 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Ballyhorahan 207 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Ballyhuppahane 1,203 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Ballykeally 768 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Ballykeally 48 Clarmallagh Aharney Abbeyleix
Ballykeevan 81 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Ballykenneen Lower 329 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Ballykenneen Upper 261 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Ballykilcavan 296 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Ballykillane 447 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Ballykillen 160 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Ballyking 192 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Ballyknockan 558 Maryborough East Kilcolmanbane Mountmellick
Ballylehane Lower 812 Ballyadams Killabban Carlow
Ballylehane Upper 832 Ballyadams Killabban Carlow
Ballylusk 410 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Ballylynan Town Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Ballylynan 585 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Ballymackan 284 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Ballymacrory 39 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Ballymaddock 689 Stradbally Kilteale Athy
Ballymaddock 452 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Ballymanus 549 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Ballymeelish 228 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Ballymooney 337 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Ballymorris 904 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Ballymoyle 175 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Ballymullen 1,003 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Ballymullen (Stubber) 75 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Ballymullen (Warrensford) 54 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Ballynafunshin 64 Clarmallagh Rosconnell Abbeyleix
Ballynafunshin 38 Clarmallagh Attanagh Abbeyleix
Ballynagall 717 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Ballynagarr 257 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Ballynahimmy 498 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Ballynahown 369 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Ballynakill 688 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Ballynakill 139 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Ballynakill 130 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Ballynalug 1,327 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Ballynamuddagh 444 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Ballynevin 267 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Ballynowlan 221 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Ballyowen 99 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Ballypickas Lower (or Bernardsgrove) 207 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Ballypickas Upper 297 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Ballyprior 250 Stradbally Timogue Athy
Ballyquaid Glebe 203 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Ballyreilly 260 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Ballyrider 488 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Ballyroan Town Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Ballyroan 1,335 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Ballyroan 167 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Ballyruin 439 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Ballyshaneduff (or The Derries) 618 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Ballytarsna 667 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Ballytarsna 465 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Ballytegan 192 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Ballyteigeduff (or Jamestown) 699 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Ballythomas 217 Stradbally Kilteale Mountmellick
Ballyvoghlaun (or Middlemount) 434 Clarmallagh Coolkerry Donaghmore
Barkmill 250 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Barnaboy 265 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Barnadarrig 310 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Barnasallagh 146 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Barny and Belady 264 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Barrackquarter (or Ross) 160 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Barradoos 415 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Barrahill 294 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Barrawinga 188 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Barrowhouse 616 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Baunaghra 1,045 Clandonagh Erke Donaghmore
Baunbrack 63 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Baunoge 91 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Baunogemeely 586 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Baunreagh 1,834 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Baunree 111 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Baunree 90 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Bauteogue 159 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Bawn 338 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Bawnaree 178 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Bealady and Barny 264 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Beckfield 267 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Beckfield North 5 Clandonagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Beckfield South 4 Clandonagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Beladd 118 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Beladd 109 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Belin 257 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Bellair (or Cappanapinion) 83 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Bellegrove 702 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Bernardsgrove (or Ballypickas Lower) 207 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Bigbog 206 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Binbawn 108 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Birchwood 201 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Blackford 278 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Blackhills 201 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Bockagh 1,448 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Boghlone 306 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Boherard 491 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Bohernaghty 272 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Bohernasear 89 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Boley 1,090 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Boley 804 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Boley Lower 425 Cullenagh Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Boley Upper 600 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Boleybawn 603 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Boleybeg 715 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Bolnagree 92 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Bordowin 439 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Bordwell Big 180 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Bordwell Little 80 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Borraghaun 178 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Borris Great 529 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Borris Little 419 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Borris-in-Ossory Town Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Boston 33 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Boston (or Coolballyogan) 144 Maryborough West Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Boyle 48 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Braccas 97 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Bracklone 303 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Brandra 195 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Brennanshill 196 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Briscula 68 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Brisha 828 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Brittas 492 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Brittas 327 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Brocka 53 Clarmallagh Kildellig Donaghmore
Brockagh 620 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Brockaghbeg 95 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Brockleypark 277 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Brockra 844 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Brockry 78 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Brogherla Big 170 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Brogherla Little 67 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Bughorn 182 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Bunastick 69 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Bunlacken 213 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Bushfield (or Maghernaskeagh) 258 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Butterisland 180 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Caher (Custodia) 358 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Caher (Retrenched) 446 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Camcloon 535 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Camira Glebe 276 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Camlcoon 171 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Camphill 232 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Camross 384 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Cannonswood 262 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Capard 2,548 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Cappabeg 299 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Cappagh 163 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Cappagh North 523 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Cappagh South 488 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Cappaghnahoran (or Windsor) 269 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Cappakeel 1,527 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Cappalane 193 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Cappalinnan 426 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Cappalough 478 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Cappaloughlin (or Clonard) 1,592 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Cappalug 342 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Cappanaboe 177 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Cappanacleare 175 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Cappanacloghy 574 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Cappanafeacle 260 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Cappanagraigue 86 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Cappanamrogue 179 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Cappanapinion (or Bellair) 83 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Cappanarrow 385 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Cappanashannagh 263 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Cappaneary 197 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Cappanlug 151 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Cappanrush 309 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Capparogan 70 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Cappoley 441 Maryborough East Kilcolmanbane Mountmellick
Capponellan 429 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Cappusteen 29 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Cardtown 531 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Carn (or Curraghane) 740 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Carricksallagh 62 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Carrigeen 186 Stradbally Kilteale Mountmellick
Carrigeen 110 Stradbally Fossy or Timahoe Athy
Carrowreagh 293 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Carrowreagh 209 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Carrowreagh and Derreen 524 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Cashel 884 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Cashel 234 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Castlebrack 179 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Castleconor 212 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Castlecuffe 1,273 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Castledurrow Demesne 829 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Castlefleming (Giles) 380 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Castlefleming (Manly) 83 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Castlefleming (or Heath) 329 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Castlefleming (Stubber) 206 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Castlegrogan 211 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Castlequarter 187 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Castlequarter 133 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Castletown Town Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Castletown 370 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Castletown 298 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Castletown 186 Clandonagh Kyle Donaghmore
Castletrench 429 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Castleview 67 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Castlewood 337 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Cavansheath 212 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Chapelhill 104 Clarmallagh Bordwell Abbeyleix
Chapelhill 3 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Charleville (or Raheen) 219 Clandonagh Kyle Donaghmore
Churchfield 46 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Churchtown 150 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Clanygowan 1,276 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Clarahill 301 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Clarbarracum 299 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Clash 151 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Clashboy 163 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Clashnamuck 261 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Cleanagh 203 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Cloghoge 189 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Clogrenan 788 Slievemargy Cloydagh Carlow
Clogrenan 81 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Clonadacasey 649 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clonaddadoran 1,893 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clonageera 110 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Clonagh 399 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Clonagh 364 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Clonagh 44 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Clonaghadoo 240 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Clonagooden 316 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Clonaheen 614 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Clonanny 418 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Clonard (or Cappaloughlin) 1,592 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clonaslee Town Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Clonaslee 77 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Clonawoolan 103 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clonbane 207 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clonbarrow 186 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Clonboyne 747 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Clonbrock 914 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Clonburren 37 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Clonburren (Moore) 452 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Clonburren (White) 204 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Cloncanon Lower 259 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Cloncanon Upper 207 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Cloncosney 141 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Cloncough 246 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Cloncourse 634 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Cloncourse 405 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Cloncullane 397 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Cloncullen 280 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Cloncully 355 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Clondarrig 381 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Clondoolagh 33 Stradbally Timogue Athy
Clondouglas 119 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clondouglas (or Clonkeen) 253 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clonduff 428 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Cloneeb 215 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Cloneen (or Closeland) 401 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Clonehurk 697 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Clonenagh 513 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Clonfad 229 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Clonin 729 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Clonincurragh 749 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Clonkeen 1,173 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clonkeen 551 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Clonkeen (or Clondouglas) 253 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clonlahy Corporation-land 41 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Clonlyon 533 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Clonmeen North 866 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Clonmeen South 539 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Clonmeenwood 116 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Clonminan 156 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Clonmore 633 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Clonmore 180 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Clonoghil 527 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Clonoghil 244 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Clononeen 327 Upperwoods Offerlane Donaghmore
Clonoonagh 346 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Clonpierce 540 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Clonreher 567 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Clonroosk 122 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Clonroosk Little 111 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Clonrud 153 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clonsoghey 696 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Clonterry 393 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Clontycoc 244 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Clontycoc 202 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Clontyglass 331 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Clonybecan 289 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Clonygark (or Rearyvalley) 582 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Cloonagh 161 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Cloonagh Beg 200 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Cloonagh More 610 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Cloonaloo 198 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Cloosecullen 402 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Clopook 342 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Clorhaun 209 Clarmallagh Rosconnell Abbeyleix
Closeland (or Cloneen) 401 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Coldmanscurragh 58 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Colt 2,082 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Commons (or Laught) 236 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Cones 1,293 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Controversyland (or Ullard) 223 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Cookesfield 30 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Cool 162 Clarmallagh Killermogh Abbeyleix
Coolaboghlan 188 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Coolacurragh 263 Clarmallagh Coolkerry Donaghmore
Coolagh 1,155 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Coolagh 264 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Coolagh, Coolavoran & Derrymullen 972 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Coolaghy and Coolnavarnogue 1,316 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Coolanagh 221 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Coolanowle 253 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Coolavoran, Coolagh & Derrymullen 972 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Coolbally 434 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Coolballyogan (or Boston) 144 Maryborough West Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Coolbanagher 947 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Coolcorberry 52 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Coolcorberry 15 Clarmallagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Coolderry 458 Clarmallagh Killermogh Abbeyleix
Coole 360 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Coole 225 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Coole (or Lisnagomman) 63 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Coolfin 271 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Coolfin 56 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Coolfin 3 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Coolgarragh 173 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Coolglass 412 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Coolhenry 149 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Coolkerry 480 Clarmallagh Coolkerry Donaghmore
Coolnabacky 540 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Coolnabanch 134 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Coolnabehy 128 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Coolnaboul East 4 Clandonagh Coolkerry Donaghmore
Coolnaboul West 159 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Coolnacarrick 152 Maryborough West Dysartenos Mountmellick
Coolnacartan 415 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Coolnagour 168 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Coolnamona 347 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Coolnamony Lower 36 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Coolnamony Upper 562 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Coolnavarroge and Coolaghy 1,316 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Coolowley (Mason) 317 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Coolowley (Plott) 278 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Coolrain Town Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Coolrain 345 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Coolrain 133 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Coolrain 63 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Coolroe 474 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Coolrusk 137 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Cooltedery 764 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Cooltoran 192 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Coonbeg 225 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Cooperhill Demesne 466 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Coorlaghan 398 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Coornariska 221 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Corbally 1,022 Ballyadams Tecolm Athy
Corbally 453 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Corbally 406 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Corbally 114 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Corporation Land 1st Div 7 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Corporation Land 2nd Div 9 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Corporation Land 3rd Div 16 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Corraun 752 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Correel 213 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Correel 1 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Corrigeen 299 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Cottagefarm 199 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Course 264 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Court 149 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Courtwood 1,740 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Craigueavallagh 303 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Craigueavoice 393 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Crannagh 477 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Crannagh 464 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Creelagh 108 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Cremorgan 905 Cullenagh Kilcolmanbrack Abbeyleix
Crettyard 204 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Crissard 733 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Cromoge 363 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Cross 209 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Crossfield 42 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Crossneen 520 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Crubeen 600 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Cruell 199 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Cuddagh 1,213 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Cuffsborough 496 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Cullahill Mountain 570 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Cullenagh 1,531 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Cullenagh 269 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Cullenagh 128 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Cummer 769 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Curraclone 24 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Curragh 190 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Curragh 185 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Curraghacronacon 131 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Curraghane (or Carn) 740 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Curraghmore 325 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Curraghnadeige 57 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Curriersbog 73 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Cush Lower 397 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Cush Upper 242 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Dairyhill 426 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Danganroe 170 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Dangans 439 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Debicot 126 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Deerpark 741 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Deerpark 667 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Delligabaun 166 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Derinduff 54 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Dernacart 154 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Dernamanagh 117 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Derraugh 329 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Derreen (or Mullaghanard) 188 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Derreen and Carrowreagh 524 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Derries 618 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Derries (The) (or Ballyshanduff) 618 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Derrin 485 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Derrinoliver 75 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Derrinsallagh 424 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Derrintray Glebe 284 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Derry 638 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Derry 326 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Derry 286 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Derry 140 Maryborough East Dysartenos Mountmellick
Derry Beg 140 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Derry More 152 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Derryarrow 184 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Derrybrock 141 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Derrycanton 364 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Derrycarrow 522 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Derrycloney 625 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Derrycon 393 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Derrydavy 250 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Derryduff 348 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Derryfore 269 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Derrygarran 358 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Derrygile 795 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Derryhay 42 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Derrykearn 1,044 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Derrylahan 313 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Derrylahan 196 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Derrylemoge 583 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Derrylinneen 55 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Derrylusk 339 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Derrymoyle 141 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Derrymullen (or Coolagh) 972 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Derrymullen (or Coolavoran) 972 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Derrynafunshion 210 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Derrynaseera 682 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Derryroe 58 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Derrytrasna 199 Stradbally Fossy or Timahoe Athy
Derryvorrigan 238 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Donaghmore Town Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Donaghmore Town Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Donaghmore 191 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Donaghmore 172 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Donore 110 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Dooary 977 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Doolough 206 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Doon 539 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Doon 315 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Doonane 1,685 Slievemargy Rathaspick Carlow
Downs 71 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Drim 572 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Drimaterril 330 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Drimhill (or Quarryfarm) 71 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Drimmo 142 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Drinagh 178 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Droughill 286 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Drumagh 384 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Drumashellig 324 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Drummond 922 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Drumnabehy 267 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Drumneen 395 Stradbally Ballyadams Athy
Drumroe 170 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Dunacleggan 126 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Dunamase (or Park) 338 Maryborough East Dysartenos Mountmellick
Dunbrin Lower 186 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Dunbrin Upper 167 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Dunmore 446 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Dunmore 286 Clarmallagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Durrow Town Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Durrow Townparks 721 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Dysart 773 Maryborough East Dysartenos Mountmellick
Dysartbeagh 438 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Eglish 118 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Elderfield 40 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Emo Park 1,945 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Errill 390 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Erris (or Skirk Glebe) 105 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Esker 368 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Esker 272 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Eyne 692 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Fallaghmore 229 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Fallowbeg Lower 292 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Fallowbeg Middle 117 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Fallowbeg Upper 411 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Farnans 1,596 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Farraneglish Glebe 177 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Farranville 108 Clandonagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Fatharnagh 134 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Fearagh 81 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Fermoyle 198 Clarmallagh Rosconnell Abbeyleix
Fermoyle 131 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Fernyhill 86 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Fisherstown 504 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Forest 184 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Forest Lower 856 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Forest Upper 1,274 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Forgeland 151 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Fossy Lower 245 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Fossy Upper 933 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Foxburrow 161 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Friarsland 144 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Galesquarter 203 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Garrafin 296 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Garragh (or Woodland) 209 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Garranbaun 1,238 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Garranmaconly 789 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Garranmaconly 298 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Garrans 469 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Garrendenny 620 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Garrintaggart 289 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Garrison 85 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Garroon (or Summergrove) 239 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Garroonagh 130 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Garrough 151 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Garryduff 815 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Garryduff 295 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Garryduff 143 Clarmallagh Kildellig Donaghmore
Garryduff 26 Stradbally Killenny Mountmellick
Garryglass 1,210 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Garryhedder 611 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Garrymaddock 382 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Garrymore 1,198 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Garryniska 44 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Garryvacum 417 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Gash 182 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Glasha 154 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Glebe 421 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Glebe 165 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Glebe 71 Clarmallagh Attanagh Abbeyleix
Glebe 49 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Glebe 31 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Glebe 27 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Glenall 357 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Glenamoon 311 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Glenbarrow 347 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Glenbower 389 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Glenconra 838 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Glendine 819 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Glendine 751 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Glendineoregan 858 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Glenkeen Lower 228 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Glenkeen Upper 1,331 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Glenkitt 706 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Glenmacolla & Scrub 391 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Glennaglass 229 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Gorragh Lower 234 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Gorragh Upper 568 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Gorreelagh 171 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Gortahile 869 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Gortavoata 3 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Gorteen 435 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Gorteen 410 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Gorteen 321 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Gorteen 43 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Gorteennahilla 432 Clarmallagh Glashare Abbeyleix
Gorteennameale 1,610 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Gortlusky 198 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Gortnaclea 372 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Gortnaglogh 103 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Gortnagroagh 61 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Gortnalee 399 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Gossbrook 55 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Gracefield 74 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Graceswood 180 Clarmallagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Graigavern 185 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Graigue Town Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Graigue 646 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Graigue 622 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Graigue 309 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Graigue 167 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Graigue 39 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Graigueadrisly 815 Clandonagh Erke Donaghmore
Graigueafulla 975 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Graigueagarran 313 Clarmallagh Erke Donaghmore
Graigueanossy 182 Clarmallagh Coolkerry Abbeyleix
Graigueard 397 Clarmallagh Erke Donaghmore
Graigueavallagh 134 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Graiguenahown 1,061 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Graiguenasmuttan 845 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Granafallow 170 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Grange 863 Ballyadams Monksgrange Athy
Grange 321 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Grange Beg 250 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Grange Lower 225 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Grange More 468 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Grange Upper 417 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Grantstown 472 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Grantstown 23 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Greatheath 274 Maryborough East Kilteale Mountmellick
Greatheath 150 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Grenan 519 Clarmallagh Attanagh Abbeyleix
Grenan 494 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Grenan 139 Clarmallagh Rosconnell Abbeyleix
Grogan 156 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Guileen 365 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Guileen 36 Stradbally Timogue Athy
Gurraun 240 Clarmallagh Rosconnell Abbeyleix
Gurteen 303 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Harristown 478 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Harristown 180 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Haywood Demesne 304 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Heath (or Castlefleming) 329 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Heathlodge 182 Maryborough East Kilteale Mountmellick
Hollymount 380 Slievemargy Shrule Carlow
Hollymount 47 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Hophall 325 Maryborough East Dysartenos Mountmellick
Huntspark (or Ardough) 647 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Inch 397 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Inch 198 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Inchacooly 1,271 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Inchanisky 271 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Ironmills (or Kilrush) 1,548 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Iry 1,137 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Island 430 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Island 145 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Jamestown (or Ballyteigeduff) 699 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Johnsborough 443 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Johnstown Glebe 435 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Keelagh 267 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Keeloge 495 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Keeloge North 400 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Keeloge South 221 Upperwoods Offerlane Donaghmore
Keelough Glebe 220 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Kellystown 194 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Kellyville 409 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Kilbeg 182 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Kilbrackan 256 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Kilbreedy 421 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Kilbrickan 161 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Kilbride 625 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Kilcavan 561 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Kilcoke 639 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Kilcolmanbane 401 Maryborough East Kilcolmanbane Mountmellick
Kilcoran 298 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Kilcotton 382 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Kilcronan 170 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Kilcruise 656 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Kildellig 1,054 Clarmallagh Kildellig Donaghmore
Kildellig 51 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Kildrinagh 69 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Kilfeacle 231 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Kilgory 363 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Killabban 673 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Killadooley 357 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Killadooley 222 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Killaglish 280 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Killalooghan 198 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Killamuck 195 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Killasmeestia 199 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Killavally 172 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Killeany 1,232 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Killeen 442 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Killeen 232 Stradbally Moyanna Mountmellick
Killeen 231 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Killeen (or Killeenlynagh) 480 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Killeen (or Killeenlynagh) 149 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Killeenlynagh (or Killeen) 149 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Killeenlynagh (or Killen) 480 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Killenny 288 Stradbally Killenny Mountmellick
Killenny 112 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Killenny Beg (or Knocknagrally) 130 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Killenny More (or Toberboe) 621 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Killermogh 266 Clarmallagh Killermogh Abbeyleix
Killeshin 715 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Killimy 380 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Killinaparson 819 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Killinure 539 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Killinure 318 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Killone 630 Stradbally Killenny Mountmellick
Killyganard 297 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Kilmainham 468 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Kilmanman 177 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Kilmartin 666 Clandonagh Kyle Donaghmore
Kilmilan 73 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Kilminchy 382 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Kilminfoyle 407 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Kilmorony 296 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Kilmullen 307 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Kilmurry 467 Stradbally Kilteale Mountmellick
Kilnacash 154 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Kilnaseer 645 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Kilnaseer 178 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Kilnashane 191 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Kilpurcel 336 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Kilrory 516 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Kilrush (or Ironmills) 1,548 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Kilteale 121 Maryborough East Kilteale Mountmellick
Kilvahan 80 Cullenagh Kilcolmanbane Abbeyleix
Kilvahan 44 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Knapton 178 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Knightstown (or Ballinriddery) 279 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Knockacoller 349 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Knockacrin 339 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Knockahaw 705 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Knockahonagh 208 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Knockamullin 288 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Knockanina 437 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Knockannagad 194 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Knockanoran 470 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Knockanowl 123 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Knockardagannon North 627 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Knockardagannon South 291 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Knockardagur 567 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Knockaroe 220 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Knockbaun 1,042 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Knockbeg 228 Slievemargy Sleaty Carlow
Knockbrack 326 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Knockfin 367 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Knockheel 229 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Knockkyle (or Springfield) 396 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Knocklead 786 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Knockmay 372 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Knockmay 88 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Knocknagrally (or Kilenny Beg) 130 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Knocknagroagh 419 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Knocknakearn 369 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Knocknambraher 165 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Knocknamoe 396 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Knockphilip 91 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Knocks 160 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Knockseera 106 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Kyle 717 Clandonagh Erke Donaghmore
Kyle 435 Clarmallagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Kyle 379 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Kyle 275 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Kyle 7 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Kyleamullaun 146 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Kylebeg 314 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Kylebeg 106 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Kylebeg 56 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Kyleclonhobert 283 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Kylekiproe 125 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Kylenabehy 319 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Kylespiddoge 88 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Kyletalesha 711 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Kyletilloge 363 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Lacka 238 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Lackamore 200 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Lackan 193 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Lackey 391 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Lamberton Demesne 366 Maryborough East Dysartenos Mountmellick
Lambstown 29 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Larch Hill 62 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Larragan 216 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Laught (or Commons) 236 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Lauragh 88 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Laurelhill 77 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Lea 1,097 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Leagh 442 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Leap 73 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Legaun 76 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Levally 345 Clarmallagh Erke Donaghmore
Lisbigney 531 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Lisduff 832 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Lismore 180 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Lismurragha 160 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Lisnagomman 179 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Lisnagomman (or Coole) 63 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Lisnarode 157 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Longford 275 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Lough 473 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Loughakeo 173 Maryborough East Dysartenos Mountmellick
Loughlass 138 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Loughmansland Glebe 132 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Loughnamuck 4 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Loughteeog 428 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Lowran 553 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Luggacurren 1,838 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Lyroge 280 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Maghareagh 143 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Maghernaskeagh (or Bushfield) 258 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Maidenhead 326 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Manger 43 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Mannin 508 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Maryborough Town Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Maryborough 391 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Marymount 357 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Maynebog 172 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Mayo 677 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Meelick 1,442 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Meelick 292 Maryborough East Kilcolmanbane Mountmellick
Meelick 99 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Middlemount 190 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Middlemount (or Ballyvoghlaun) 434 Clarmallagh Coolkerry Donaghmore
Milford 65 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Mill-land 54 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Milltown 345 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Moanfad 70 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Moat 570 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Moher East 335 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Moher West 316 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Monaferrick 165 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Monamanry 89 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Monamonra 429 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Monascreeban 293 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Monasop 239 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Monavea 1,004 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Mondrehid 393 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Monebrock 170 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Monelly 142 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Money Lower 240 Stradbally Fossy or Timahoe Athy
Money Upper 150 Stradbally Fossy or Timahoe Athy
Moneyballytyrrell 41 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Moneycleare 214 Cullenagh Rosconnell Abbeyleix
Moneycleare 38 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Moneymore 316 Clandonagh Kyle Donaghmore
Moneyquid 768 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Monicknew 660 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Monnagh 243 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Monure 106 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Morett 1,938 Portnahinch Coolbanagher Mountmellick
Mountainfarm 625 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Mounteagle 348 Cullenagh Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Mounteagle 124 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Mountfead 253 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Mounthall 189 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Mountmellick Town Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Mountmellick Town Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Mountoliver 59 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Mountoliver 8 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Mountrath Town Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Mountrath 1,186 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Mountrath 240 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Moyadd 724 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Moyanna 258 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Moyne 287 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Mucklone 328 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Mullaghanard (or Derreen) 188 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Mullaghmore 273 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Nealstown (or Ballaghlyragh) 148 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Newtown 842 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Newtown 309 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Newtown 158 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Newtown (or Skirk) 599 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Northgrove 188 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Nutgrove 177 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Nyra 268 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Ockanaroe 108 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Oldborris 112 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Oldcamp 98 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Oldcourt 155 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Oldderrig 343 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Oldglass 754 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Oldglass 172 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Oldleagh 222 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Oldmill 330 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Oldtown 764 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Oldtown 420 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Oldtown 98 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Omoresforest 1,074 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Orchard Lower 390 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Orchard Upper 91 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Oughaval 327 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Paddock 568 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Pallas Big 556 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Pallas Little 339 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Palmershill 201 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Park 241 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Park 121 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Park 118 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Park 15 Clarmallagh Killermogh Abbeyleix
Park (or Dunamase) 338 Maryborough East Dysartenos Mountmellick
Park Lower 199 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Park Upper 426 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Parkahoughill 187 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Parkavilla 170 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Parkbawn 60 Clarmallagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Parkbeg 242 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Parknahown 415 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Pass 228 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Pass 126 Cullenagh Kilcolmanbane Abbeyleix
Peafield 209 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Pilgramhill 40 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Poormansbridge 277 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Portarlington Town Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Portnahinch 175 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Portree 119 Stradbally Curraclone Athy
Powelstown 107 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Powelstown 43 Stradbally Fossy or Timahoe Athy
Quarryfarm (or Drimhill) 71 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Quarrymount 117 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Raggettstown 293 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Rahanavannagh 596 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Rahandrick Lower 96 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Rahandrick Upper 299 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Raheen 201 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Raheen 155 Maryborough East Kilteale Mountmellick
Raheen 26 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Raheen (or Charleville) 219 Clandonagh Kyle Donaghmore
Raheen Lower 219 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Raheen Upper 238 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Raheenabrogue 290 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Raheenahoran 270 Maryborough East Kilteale Mountmellick
Raheenaniska 461 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Raheenanisky 351 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Raheenbarnagh 31 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Raheenduff 348 Stradbally Dysartenos Athy
Raheenduff 207 Clarmallagh Rosconnell Abbeyleix
Raheenduff Big 319 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Raheenduff Little 174 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Raheenleagh 387 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Raheennahown 342 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Raheennahown North 157 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Raheennahown South 38 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Raheenphelan Glebe 142 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Raheensheara 60 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Raheensheara 51 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Rahin 627 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Ralish 430 Cullenagh Dysartgallen Abbeyleix
Rapla 367 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Rappa 146 Slievemargy Shrule Carlow
Rath 215 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Rathaspick 95 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Rathbrennan 141 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Rathcoffey 189 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Rathcrea 404 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Rathdowney Town Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Rathdowney 553 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Rathduff 114 Slievemargy Shrule Carlow
Rathduff 40 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Ratherrig 246 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Ratheven 158 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Ratheven 25 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Rathgilbert 512 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Rathleague 527 Maryborough East Kilcolmanbane Mountmellick
Rathleague 93 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Rathleash 322 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Rathmakelly Glebe 197 Clarmallagh Killermogh Abbeyleix
Rathmiles 179 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Rathmore 409 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Rathmore 407 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Rathmore 175 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Rathmoyle 774 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Rathnaleugh 269 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Rathnamanagh 391 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Rathphelan 222 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Rathpiper North 6 Clarmallagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Rathpiper South 92 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Rathronshin 827 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Rathsaran Glebe 183 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Rathtillig 304 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Reary Beg 947 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Reary More 585 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Rearyvalley (or Clonygark) 582 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Redcastle 510 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Redhills 40 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Ringstown 1,062 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Rinn 284 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Rosbran 101 Ballyadams St. John's Athy
Rosconnell Glebe 155 Clarmallagh Rosconnell Abbeyleix
Rosenallis Town Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Rosenallis 66 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Roskeen 938 Tinnahinch Castlebrack Mountmellick
Rosnamullane 556 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Ross 498 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Ross 65 Maryborough East Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Ross (or Barrackquarter) 160 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Rossadown 314 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Rossalee 223 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Rossbaun 381 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Rossdarragh 908 Clandonagh Erke Donaghmore
Rossdorragha 407 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Rossena 299 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Rosskelton 940 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Rossleaghan 309 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Rossmore 1,734 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Rossmore 435 Clandonagh Rathsaran Donaghmore
Rossmore 291 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Rossmore 162 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Rossnabarnagh 126 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Rossnaclonagh Inside 196 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Rossnaclonagh Outside 330 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Rossnacreena 208 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Rossnadough 234 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Rossnagad 201 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Rosstillegane 50 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Roundwood 230 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Rush Hall 747 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Rushes 393 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Rushin 746 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Scarroon 738 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Sconce Lower 225 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Sconce Upper 679 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Scotchrath 449 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Scotland 119 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Scrub and Glenmaculla 391 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Sentryhill 457 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Shaen 1,024 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Shanahoe 718 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Shanavaur 212 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Shanbally 61 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Shanbeg 198 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Shanboe 458 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Shanderry 101 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Shanganagh Beg 297 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Shanganagh Beg More 358 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Shangownagh 67 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Shanragh 250 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Shanvaghey 184 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Shanvally 66 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Shrule 166 Slievemargy Shrule Carlow
Skeagh 326 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Skehanagh 574 Ballyadams Killabban Athy
Skerry 1,150 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Skirk (or Newtown) 599 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Skirk Glebe (or Erris) 105 Clandonagh Skirk Donaghmore
Slatt Lower 896 Slievemargy Rathaspick Carlow
Slatt Upper 857 Slievemargy Rathaspick Carlow
Sleaty 442 Slievemargy Sleaty Carlow
Sleatycraigue Town Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Southfield 216 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Spaquarter 177 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Springfield 214 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Springfield (or Knockkyle) 396 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Springhill 782 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Springhill 170 Upperwoods Offerlane Donaghmore
Springmount 165 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Srah 532 Clarmallagh Erke Donaghmore
Srahanboy 707 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Srahbaun 226 Clarmallagh Erke Donaghmore
Srahcullen 291 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Srahduff Glebe 229 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick
Srahleagh 231 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Srahleagh 197 Clarmallagh Erke Donaghmore
Sronagh 55 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Sronscull 181 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Stanney 110 Slievemargy Killeshin Carlow
Stewartsgrove 115 Clarmallagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Stewartsgrove 19 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Stooagh 387 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Straboe 575 Maryborough East Straboe Mountmellick
Stradbally Town Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Stradbally 522 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Strahard 625 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Summergrove (or Garroon) 239 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Summerhill (or Aghnaharna) 134 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Swan 96 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Tankardstown 949 Ballyadams Tankardstown Athy
Tarbert 190 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Templequain 376 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
The Derries 234 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
The Derries (or Ballyshaneduff) 618 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Timahoe 510 Cullenagh Fossy or Timahoe Abbeyleix
Timogue 682 Stradbally Timogue Athy
Tinnaclohy 167 Clandonagh Rathdowney Donaghmore
Tinnahinch 2,908 Tinnahinch Rearymore Mountmellick
Tinnakill 800 Portnahinch Ardea Mountmellick
Tinnakill 682 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Tinnakill 142 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Abbeyleix
Tinnaragh 23 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Tinnaragh 16 Clarmallagh Bordwell Donaghmore
Tinnaraheen 180 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Tinnasragh 129 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Tinneel 174 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Tintore 664 Clarmallagh Killermogh Abbeyleix
Tintore 181 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Abbeyleix
Tinwear 406 Clarmallagh Durrow Abbeyleix
Tirenan 444 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Tirhogar 566 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Toberboe (or Kilkenny More) 621 Clarmallagh Aghmacart Abbeyleix
Togher 831 Maryborough East Borris Mountmellick
Tomoclavin 123 Stradbally Tullomoy Athy
Tonafarna 263 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Tonduff 704 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Tooreagh 24 Clarmallagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Toortaun 99 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Towlerton 1,054 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Townparks 773 Tinnahinch Rosenallis Mountmellick
Townparks 695 Clandonagh Aghaboe Donaghmore
Trumra 1,444 Maryborough West Clonenagh and Clonagheen Mountmellick
Tubbrid 174 Clandonagh Kyle Roscrea
Tullacommon 101 Clandonagh Donaghmore Donaghmore
Tullaghan 116 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Tullomoy 677 Ballyadams Tullomoy Athy
Tullore 199 Cullenagh Ballyroan Abbeyleix
Tullyroe 713 Cullenagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Turfarney 255 Clarmallagh Coolkerry Abbeyleix
Turra 689 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Tursalla 42 Stradbally Stradbally Athy
Ullard (or Controversyland) 223 Portnahinch Lea Mountmellick
Vicarstown (Cosby) 781 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Vicarstown (Dodd) 1,278 Stradbally Moyanna Athy
Watercastle 284 Clarmallagh Abbeyleix Abbeyleix
Whitebog 283 Ballyadams Ballyadams Athy
Whitefield 178 Upperwoods Offerlane Mountmellick
Windsor (or Cappaghnahoran) 269 Upperwoods Offerlane Abbeyleix
Wolfhill 156 Ballyadams Rathaspick Athy
Woodland (or Garragh) 209 Slievemargy Killabban Carlow
Wranglestown 123 Tinnahinch Kilmanman Mountmellick


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