List of townlands of County Longford

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 944 townlands in County Longford, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbey Land 9 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Abbeycartron 219 Longford Templemichael Longford
Abbeyderg 867 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Abbeylara Town Granard Abbeylara Granard
Abbeylara 296 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Abbeyshrule 769 Shrule Abbeyshrule Ballymahon
Acres 38 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Aghaboy 442 Longford Killoe Longford
Aghaboy 161 Granard Granard Granard
Aghabrack 213 Granard Granard Granard
Aghacordrinan 440 Granard Columbkille Granard
Aghadegnan 177 Longford Templemichael Longford
Aghadonagh 84 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Aghadowry 561 Longford Killoe Longford
Aghafad 22 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Aghafin 347 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Aghagah 286 Granard Killoe Granard
Aghagreagh 1,145 Granard Columbkille Granard
Aghakeel 46 Rathcline Rathcline Ballymahon
Aghakeeran 414 Granard Columbkille Granard
Aghakeeran & Killashee 371 Moydow Killashee Longford
Aghakilmore 604 Granard Columbkille Granard
Aghakine 553 Granard Columbkille Granard
Aghaloughan 121 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Aghalust 48 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Aghamore 124 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Aghamore 108 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Aghamore 87 Ardagh Street Granard
Aghamore Lower 313 Granard Columbkille Longford
Aghamore Upper 459 Granard Columbkille Granard
Aghanageeragh 178 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Aghanahown 129 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Aghantragh 177 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Aghanvally 68 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Agharanagh 173 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Agharanagh 96 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Aghareagh 175 Longford Templemichael Longford
Aghareagh 60 Ardagh Street Granard
Aghareagh Bog 147 Longford Templemichael Longford
Agharickard 93 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Agharra 442 Shrule Agharra Ballymahon
Aghavadden 123 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Aghaward 281 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Aghinaspick 231 Moydow Moydow Longford
Aghintemple 191 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Aghnacally Glebe 34 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Aghnacliff 236 Granard Columbkille Granard
Aghnacranagh 42 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Aghnacross 85 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Aghnagarron 511 Granard Granard Granard
Aghnagore 388 Longford Killashee Longford
Aghnamaddoo 199 Longford Killoe Longford
Aghnashannagh 386 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Aghnashingan 95 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Aghnasillagh 256 Moydow Kilglass Ballymahon
Aghnaskea 43 Moydow Killashee Longford
Aghnavealoge 356 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Ahanagh 146 Longford Mohill Longford
Aleenagh 91 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Annagh 542 Longford Killoe Longford
Annagh 295 Rathcline Noughaval Ballymahon
Annagh Beg 186 Moydow Killashee Longford
Annagh More 423 Moydow Killashee Longford
Annaghcooleen 206 Longford Mohill Longford
Annaghdaniel 199 Granard Columbkille Longford
Ardagh Town Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Ardagullion 661 Granard Granard Granard
Ardanragh 556 Shrule Agharra Ballymahon
Ardboghil 119 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Ardnacassagh 168 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Ardoghil 254 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Ards 395 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Ash Island 1 Granard Killoe Granard
Asnagh 449 Granard Granard Granard
Aughine 64 Moydow Moydow Longford
Back of the Hill 329 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Ballagh 226 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Ballagh 216 Longford Clongesh Longford
Ballagh (Achmuty) (or Achmuty) 135 Longford Clongesh Longford
Ballaghgowla 41 Ardagh Street Granard
Ballina 145 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Ballinalee Town Granard Clonbroney Granard
Ballinalee (or Saintjohnstown) 161 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Ballinamore 240 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Ballincurry 159 Longford Killoe Longford
Ballindagny & Cullyvore 291 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Ballinlough 326 Granard Granard Granard
Ballinreaghan 138 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Ballinree and Ballymoat 310 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Ballinroddy 302 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Ballinrooey 493 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Ballinrud East 108 Granard Granard Granard
Ballinrud Glebe 41 Granard Granard Granard
Ballinrud West 14 Granard Granard Granard
Ballintempan 87 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Ballintober (Bonny) 172 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Ballintober (Rock) 67 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Ballinulty Lower 299 Granard Columbkille Granard
Ballinulty Upper 311 Granard Columbkille Granard
Ballinvoher 42 Moydow Moydow Longford
Balloo 272 Ardagh Street Granard
Ballybeg 250 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Ballyboy 261 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Ballybranigan 283 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Ballybrien 236 Granard Granard Granard
Ballyclamay 413 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Ballyclare 115 Moydow Killashee Longford
Ballyclare 30 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Ballycloghan 208 Moydow Kilglass Ballymahon
Ballycore 148 Moydow Killashee Longford
Ballydrum 184 Moydow Killashee Longford
Ballyduffy 730 Granard Killoe Granard
Ballygar 77 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Ballygarve 463 Longford Killoe Longford
Ballygibbagh 75 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Ballygilchrist 263 Granard Granard Granard
Ballyglassin 375 Shrule Kilglass Ballymahon
Ballyhoolivan 177 Granard Killoe Granard
Ballykenny 308 Longford Clongesh Longford
Ballyknock 212 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Ballymaclifford 104 Ardagh Kilglass Ballymahon
Ballymacroly 62 Granard Granard Granard
Ballymacshane 72 Shrule Agharra Ballymahon
Ballymacwilliam 119 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Ballymahon Town Shrule Noughaval Ballymahon
Ballymahon Town Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Ballymahon 276 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Ballymakeegan 243 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Ballymaurice 455 Granard Granard Granard
Ballymichan 138 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Ballyminion 291 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Ballymoat & Ballinree 310 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Ballymore 551 Granard Granard Granard
Ballymulvey 451 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Ballynacross 392 Granard Granard Granard
Ballynagoshen 267 Longford Killoe Longford
Ballynahinch 425 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Ballynakill 525 Moydow Killashee Longford
Ballynamanagh 219 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Ballynascraw 329 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Ballyreaghan 239 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Ballyrevagh 236 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Ballywalter 190 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Ballywillin 364 Granard Granard Granard
Balnagall 112 Granard Granard Granard
Banghill 74 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Barnacor 354 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Barnacor 294 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Barne 200 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Barney 360 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Barneygole 269 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Barrack Bog 14 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Barragh Beg 217 Longford Killoe Longford
Barragh More 434 Longford Killoe Longford
Barroe 33 Moydow Moydow Longford
Barry Town Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Barry 242 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Barry 149 Shrule Kilcommock Ballymahon
Bawn 538 Moydow Moydow Longford
Bawn 381 Longford Killoe Longford
Bawn Mountain 283 Moydow Moydow Longford
Begnagh 449 Moydow Killashee Longford
Birrinagh 336 Granard Killoe Granard
Bleanavoher 325 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Bohermore 351 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Bohernacross 92 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Bohernameeltoge 130 Longford Killoe Longford
Bracklon 623 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Breaghy 167 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Breanrisk 254 Longford Clongesh Longford
Breanriskcullew 254 Longford Killoe Granard
Breany 801 Ardagh Kilglass Longford
Brianstown 314 Longford Clongesh Longford
Brickeens 146 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Briskil 333 Longford Clongesh Longford
Brocklagh 378 Longford Killoe Longford
Brownbog 31 Longford Templemichael Longford
Bunacloy 40 Moydow Killashee Longford
Bunalough 47 Moydow Moydow Longford
Bunanass 134 Longford Mohill Longford
Bundoon 65 Longford Killoe Longford
Bunlahy Town Granard Granard Granard
Bunlahy 177 Granard Granard Granard
Bushy Island 1 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Cahanagh 181 Longford Clongesh Longford
Caherdague 40 Ardagh Street Granard
Caldragh 132 Longford Clongesh Longford
Caldraghmore 176 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Calfpark 10 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Caltragh Beg 188 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Caltragh More 206 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Cam 406 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Camagh 387 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Camagh 355 Longford Killoe Longford
Camlisk Beg 59 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Camlisk More 147 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Carn 287 Shrule Kilglass Ballymahon
Carnan 267 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Carragh 279 Granard Granard Granard
Carrickadorrish 373 Granard Columbkille Granard
Carrickateane 205 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Carrickbeg 44 Shrule Noughaval Ballymahon
Carrickboy 149 Shrule Kilglass Ballymahon
Carrickduff 390 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Carrickedmond 245 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
CarrickglassDemesne 434 Longford Killoe Longford
CarrickglassDemesne 144 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Carrickmaguirk 348 Granard Columbkille Granard
Carrickmoran 90 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Carrickmoyragh 376 Longford Clongesh Longford
Carrigeen 302 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Carrigeen 94 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Carrigeen 48 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Carrigeens 117 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Carrow Beg 225 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Carrow More 87 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Carrowbeg 147 Longford Clongesh Longford
Carrowdunican 68 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Carrowlinan 359 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Carrowmanagh 169 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Carrownphull 83 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Carrowroe 347 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Carrowrory 131 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Carrowstrawly 190 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Cartoon 67 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Cartron 708 Granard Granard Granard
Cartron 230 Shrule Noughaval Ballymahon
Cartron Big 180 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Cartron Little 117 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Cartronageeragh 237 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Cartronamarkey 266 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Cartronawar 278 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Cartronawar 95 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Cartronbore 226 Granard Granard Granard
Cartronboy 136 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Cartronbrack 272 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Cartroncar 210 Granard Granard Granard
Cartronfin 52 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Cartrongar 52 Longford Clongesh Longford
Cartrongarrow 490 Moydow Ardagh Longford
Cartrongolan 441 Longford Killoe Longford
Cartronlebagh 199 Longford Templemichael Longford
Cartronreagh 224 Ardagh Clonbroney Granard
Cartrons 316 Longford Clongesh Longford
Cartrons 252 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Cashel 312 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Cashelbeg 167 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Castlebaun 256 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Castlebrock 239 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Castlecore 268 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Castleforbes Demesne 1,347 Longford Clongesh Longford
Castlenugent 500 Ardagh Granard Granard
Castlerea 150 Moydow Moydow Longford
Castlerea Mountain 458 Moydow Moydow Ballymahon
Castlewilder 269 Shrule Agharra Ballymahon
Cavan 135 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Churchquarter 49 Granard Granard Granard
Claras 532 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Clawinch 39 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Cleenrah 355 Granard Columbkille Granard
Cleggill 240 Longford Clongesh Longford
Cleraun 335 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Clogh 273 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Clogh 185 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Cloghan 384 Moydow Moydow Ballymahon
Cloghan 339 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Cloghchurnel 563 Granard Granard Granard
Clogher and Rinn 261 Longford Killashee Longford
Clonbroney 333 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Clonca 297 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Cloncowley 361 Longford Killoe Longford
Clontumpher 613 Longford Killoe Longford
Clontymullan 654 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Clonwhelan 387 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Cloonageeher 707 Longford Mohill Longford
Cloonagh 676 Longford Killoe Longford
Cloonagh 463 Granard Columbkille Granard
Cloonagh 98 Moydow Kilglass Ballymahon
Cloonagh & Kilglass 70 Ardagh Kilglass Ballymahon
Cloonaghmore 171 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Cloonahard 366 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Cloonahussey 153 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Cloonanny 175 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Cloonanny Glebe 177 Longford Templemichael Longford
Cloonard 416 Longford Killashee Longford
Cloonard 409 Rathcline Taghshinny Ballymahon
Cloonart North 266 Longford Mohill Longford
Cloonart South 294 Longford Mohill Longford
Cloonback 320 Granard Columbkille Longford
Cloonbalt 269 Longford Templemichael Longford
Cloonbearla 693 Moydow Killashee Longford
Cloonbony 540 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Cloonbreany 492 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Cloonbrin 442 Shrule Abbeyshrule Ballymahon
Cloonbrock 383 Moydow Killashee Longford
Clooncallow 453 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Clooncaulfield 368 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Clooncolligan 196 Longford Mohill Longford
Clooncoose 382 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Clooncoose 107 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Clooncullen 798 Shrule Noughaval Ballymahon
Cloondara Town Longford Killashee Longford
Cloondara 1,429 Longford Killashee Longford
Cloonee 236 Longford Killoe Longford
Clooneen 429 Granard Columbkille Granard
Clooneen 378 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Clooneen (Beirne) 114 Longford Mohill Longford
Clooneen (Cox) 149 Longford Mohill Longford
Clooneen (Kennedy) 139 Longford Mohill Longford
Clooneen (Shanly) 123 Longford Mohill Longford
Clooneeny 413 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Cloonellan 403 Longford Clongesh Longford
Cloonelly 596 Longford Killoe Longford
Cloonevit 254 Moydow Moydow Longford
Cloonfide 146 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Cloonfin 629 Granard Granard Granard
Cloonfinfy 341 Moydow Killashee Longford
Cloonfiugh 328 Moydow Killashee Longford
Cloonfore 999 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Clooniher 367 Longford Mohill Longford
Cloonkeen 306 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Cloonkeen 269 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Cloonkeen 142 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Cloonker 257 Moydow Moydow Longford
Cloonmacart 426 Longford Killoe Longford
Cloonmee 397 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Cloonmore 670 Moydow Killashee Longford
Cloonmucker 138 Moydow Moydow Longford
Cloonrallagh 400 Longford Templemichael Longford
Cloonscott 369 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Cloonsellan 243 Moydow Killashee Longford
Cloonshannagh (or Coolamber Manor Demesne) 590 Ardagh Street Granard
Cloonsheerin 212 Moydow Killashee Longford
Cloontabeg 270 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Cloontagh 326 Longford Clongesh Longford
Cloontamore 566 Moydow Killashee Longford
Cloontirm 350 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Cloonturk 275 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Clygeen 102 Ardagh Kilglass Ballymahon
Clynan 447 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Colehill 171 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Collum 360 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Commock 117 Moydow Moydow Longford
Commons 55 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Commons North 159 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Commons South 31 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Coolagherty 322 Granard Granard Granard
Coolamber 275 Ardagh Street Granard
Coolamber Manor (or Cloonshannagh) 590 Ardagh Street Granard
Coolcaw 277 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Coolcor 312 Granard Granard Granard
Coolcraff 836 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Cooldoney 583 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Cooleeny 687 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Cooleshill (or Richford) 289 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Coolnafinnoge 28 Ardagh Kilglass Ballymahon
Coolnahinch 318 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Coolnahinch 121 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Coonkeel 313 Moydow Killashee Longford
Corbaun (or Leitrim) 151 Granard Columbkille Granard
Corbeagh 137 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Corboy 923 Longford Killoe Longford
Corclaragh 431 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Cordivin 135 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Corglass 750 Longford Killoe Longford
Corlagan 12 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Corlea 659 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Cormaglava 356 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Cornacarta 160 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Cornacullew 652 Longford Killoe Longford
Cornadowagh 515 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Cornadrung 402 Granard Columbkille Granard
Cornafunshin 262 Longford Killoe Longford
Cornaguillagh 101 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Cornahoo 75 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Cornamucklagh 404 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Cornapark 481 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Corneddan 440 Longford Killoe Longford
Cornollen 169 Longford Clongesh Longford
Corrabaun 200 Longford Killoe Longford
Corrabaun 135 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Corrabaun 74 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Corrabola 282 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Corrabola 46 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Corradooey 176 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Corragarrow 177 Moydow Killashee Longford
Corragarrow 93 Longford Templemichael Longford
Corralough 248 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Corrinagh 449 Granard Columbkille Longford
Corrool (Brennan) 162 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Corrool (Fox) 204 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Corrool (Kenny) 318 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Corry 315 Longford Clongesh Longford
Corry 208 Shrule Kilglass Ballymahon
Corrycorka 152 Shrule Kilglass Ballymahon
Corryena 140 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Craane 90 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Cranalagh More 834 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Cranally 269 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Crancam (or Kilfintan Lower) 50 Ardagh Street Granard
Cranlagh Beg 449 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Creagh 238 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Creelaghta 432 Longford Killoe Longford
Creenagh 316 Longford Clongesh Longford
Creevagh Beg 455 Shrule Noughaval Ballymahon
Creevaghmore 384 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Creevaghmore 164 Shrule Noughaval Ballymahon
Creeve 320 Longford Killoe Longford
Creevy 549 Granard Granard Granard
Crockaun 84 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Cross 204 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Cross 121 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Crossea North 253 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Crossea South 300 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Crott 780 Granard Killoe Granard
Crowdrumman 294 Longford Killoe Longford
Cuingareen 265 Granard Columbkille Longford
Culleenmore 459 Granard Columbkille Granard
Cullentragh 504 Rathcline Rathcline Ballymahon
Cullentragh 143 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Culloge 111 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Cullyvore and Ballindagny 291 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Culnagore 184 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Culray 658 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Curraghmore 204 Moydow Moydow Ballymahon
Curreen 61 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Curry 359 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Curry 187 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Curry 167 Ardagh Street Granard
Curry 148 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Currycahill 105 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Currycreaghan 306 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Currygrane 600 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Currygranny 427 Longford Clongesh Longford
Dalystown 444 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Daroge 412 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Deanscurragh 75 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Deerpark 271 Shrule Agharra Ballymahon
Deerpark 191 Longford Clongesh Longford
Deerpark 45 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Demesne 146 Longford Templemichael Longford
Derawley 649 Longford Killoe Longford
Derragh 1,115 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Derraghan Beg 387 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derraghan More 723 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derreenavoggy 187 Granard Columbkille Granard
Derrindiff 329 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derryad 639 Moydow Killashee Longford
Derryad 457 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Derryaroge 382 Moydow Killashee Longford
Derryart 270 Moydow Killashee Ballymahon
Derrycassan 944 Granard Columbkille Granard
Derrycolumb 409 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derrydarragh 289 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derrygeel 321 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Derryglash 211 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derryglogher 326 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Derrygowna 902 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derryharrow 275 Longford Templemichael Longford
Derryheelan 250 Longford Killoe Longford
Derrylough 517 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Derryloughbannow 161 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Derrymacar 426 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derrymany 311 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derrymore 357 Moydow Ardagh Longford
Derrynabuntale 526 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Derrynacrit 115 Longford Clongesh Longford
Derrynacross 328 Longford Killoe Longford
Derrynagalliagh 348 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derrynagran 293 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Derrynaskea 531 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Derryneel 72 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Derryoghil 642 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Derryshannoge 538 Rathcline Cashel Longford
Derryveagh 295 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Doonacurry 58 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Doonacurry 26 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Doonameran 75 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Dooroc 376 Longford Killoe Longford
Doory 606 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Drinan 391 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Dring 241 Granard Columbkille Granard
Drumanure 414 Shrule Abbeyshrule Ballymahon
Drumard 544 Longford Killoe Granard
Drumbad 234 Longford Killoe Longford
Drumbaun 294 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Drumderg 401 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Drumhalry 895 Granard Killoe Granard
Drumhaughly 190 Longford Killoe Longford
Druminacrehir 353 Granard Columbkille Granard
Drumming 597 Moydow Kilglass Ballymahon
Drumlish Town Longford Drumlish Longford
Drumlish 557 Longford Killoe Longford
Drumlougher 75 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Drumman 71 Ardagh Street Granard
Drummeel 737 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Drumnacooha 243 Longford Killoe Longford
Drumnacor 237 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Drumnacross 467 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Drumnahara 183 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Drumnee 565 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Drumroe 207 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Drumure 351 Longford Clongesh Longford
Drumury 283 Granard Killoe Granard
Dunbeggan 324 Granard Columbkille Granard
Dunbeggan 284 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Edenmore 898 Longford Killoe Longford
Edera 303 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Edercloon 201 Longford Mohill Longford
Ederland 67 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Edgeworthstown Town Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Edgeworthstown 283 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Elfeet (Adamson) 188 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Elfeet (Burke) 87 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Enaghan 760 Granard Killoe Granard
Enybegs 832 Longford Killoe Longford
Esker North 315 Longford Killoe Longford
Esker South 747 Longford Killoe Longford
Faghey 131 Longford Clongesh Longford
Fardrumman 823 Longford Killoe Longford
Farmullagh 586 Longford Killoe Granard
Farnagh 213 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Farraghroe 463 Longford Killoe Longford
Farranakill 20 Shrule Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Farranyoogan 202 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Feraghfad 722 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Ferskill 532 Granard Granard Granard
Fihoges 99 Longford Clongesh Longford
Finnaragh 183 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Finns 87 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Firmount 160 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Fohoragh 789 Granard Killoe Granard
Forgney 887 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Formoyle (Farrell) 226 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Formoyle (Newcomen) 214 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Forthill 565 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Fortmill and Moyra 168 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Fortwilliam 195 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Fostragh 617 Longford Killoe Longford
Foxhall 297 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Foxhall Glebe 32 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Foygh 410 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
France 126 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Freaghmeen 137 Ardagh Street Granard
Freehalman 119 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Froghan 188 Ardagh Street Granard
Furze 81 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Gaigue 952 Longford Killoe Longford
Gallid 252 Granard Granard Granard
Garranboy 65 Moydow Moydow Longford
Garrowhill 260 Longford Clongesh Longford
Garryandrew 148 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Garrycam 331 Moydow Kilglass Ballymahon
Garryconnell 138 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Garrynagh 94 Shrule Noughaval Ballymahon
Garvagh 368 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Garvagh 145 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Garvary 231 Longford Killoe Longford
Gelshagh 539 Granard Columbkille Granard
Glack 107 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Glannagh 243 Granard Killoe Granard
Glebe 80 Ardagh Kilglass Ballymahon
Glebe 57 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Glebe 54 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Glebe 52 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Glebe 46 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Glebe 42 Longford Killashee Longford
Glebe 24 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Glen 510 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Glenmore 689 Longford Killoe Longford
Glenmore 494 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Glenoghil 520 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Gneeve 166 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Goats Island 3 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Gorteen 108 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Gorteenagloon 148 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Gorteenboy 163 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Gorteenclareen 644 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Gorteengar 246 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Gorteenorna 278 Longford Clongesh Longford
Gorteenrevagh 55 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Gowlan 532 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Graffoge 152 Moydow Ardagh Longford
Graffoge 124 Granard Granard Granard
Gragh 104 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Granard Town Granard Granard Granard
Granard 65 Granard Granard Granard
Granardkill 409 Granard Granard Granard
Grassyard 192 Granard Granard Granard
Greagh 267 Longford Killoe Longford
Greenhall Lower 102 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Greenhall Upper 231 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Greville 32 Granard Granard Granard
Grillagh 192 Moydow Killashee Longford
Grillagh 135 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Halfcartron 48 Granard Granard Granard
Higginstown 144 Granard Granard Granard
Horse Island 1 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Incharmcdermot 12 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Inchcleraun 100 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Inchenagh 69 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Inchmore 17 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Inchmore 14 Granard Columbkille Granard
Island 238 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Jasper Island 1 Granard Columbkille Granard
Keel 740 Moydow Kilglass Ballymahon
Keel 524 Shrule Noughaval Ballymahon
Keelbaun 68 Shrule Noughaval Ballymahon
Keelogalabaun 82 Moydow Moydow Longford
Keeloge 150 Moydow Moydow Ballymahon
Keelogenasause 124 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Keeloges 170 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Keenagh Town Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Keenagh 216 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Kilbride 255 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Kilcommock Glebe 352 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Kilcourcey 216 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Kilcurry 578 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Kilderreen 74 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Kildordan 121 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Kilfintan 323 Ardagh Street Granard
Kilfintan Lower (or Crancam) 50 Ardagh Street Granard
Kilglass and Cloonagh 70 Ardagh Kilglass Ballymahon
Killashee Town Moydow Killashee Longford
Killashee and Aghakeeran 371 Moydow Killashee Longford
Killasona 543 Granard Granard Granard
Killeen 733 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Killeen 676 Granard Granard Granard
Killeen 439 Longford Clongesh Longford
Killeenatruan 119 Longford Killoe Longford
Killeenboy 206 Shrule Abbeyshrule Ballymahon
Killeendowd 201 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Killeeny 276 Moydow Killashee Longford
Killeter 339 Longford Killoe Longford
Killinawas 174 Granard Granard Granard
Killinbore 171 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Killinlastra 94 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Killinure 194 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Killoe Glebe 129 Longford Killoe Longford
Killyfad 200 Longford Killoe Longford
Kilmacannon 280 Longford Clongesh Longford
Kilmahon 355 Longford Killoe Longford
Kilmakinlan 163 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Kilmore 581 Granard Columbkille Granard
Kilmore Lower 379 Longford Clongesh Longford
Kilmore Upper 389 Longford Clongesh Longford
Kilmoyle 297 Longford Killoe Longford
Kilnacarrow 244 Longford Killoe Longford
Kilnacarrow 194 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Kilnacarrow 164 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Kilnasavoge 66 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Kilnashee 273 Longford Killoe Longford
Kilsallagh 538 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Kilshruley 256 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Kiltybegs 245 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Kiltyclogh 264 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Kiltycon 402 Longford Killoe Longford
Kiltycreevagh 944 Longford Killoe Longford
Kiltykeary 68 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Kiltyreher 223 Longford Templemichael Longford
Kiltyreher 188 Longford Killoe Longford
Kinard 434 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
King's Island 17 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Kinkillew 64 Granard Granard Granard
Knappoge 621 Longford Killashee Longford
Knappoge 177 Shrule Kilcommock Ballymahon
Knock 107 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Knockagh 262 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Knockagowny 70 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Knockahaw 207 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Knockanbaun (or Whitehill) 563 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Knockanboy 75 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Knockatarry Brickeens 70 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Knockatarry Poynton 167 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Knockavegan 244 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Knockawalky 70 Longford Templemichael Longford
Knockloughlin 269 Longford Templemichael Longford
Knockmartin 132 Longford Clongesh Longford
Knockmoody 85 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Knocknaskea 75 Moydow Kilglass Ballymahon
Lackan 441 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Laghlooney 137 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Lamagh 310 Longford Clongesh Longford
Lanesborough Town Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Lanesborough 32 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Laragh 155 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Larkfield 674 Granard Columbkille Granard
Laughil 245 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Laughil 112 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Laughil (Adair) 101 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Laughil (Edgeworth) 171 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Leab 112 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Lechurragh 208 Ardagh Street Granard
Ledwithstown 579 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Ledwithstown 96 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Legan 277 Shrule Kilglass Ballymahon
Leggagh 836 Longford Killoe Longford
Lehery 891 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Leitrim 498 Granard Granard Granard
Leitrim 447 Longford Clongesh Longford
Leitrim 123 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Leitrim (or Corbaun) 466 Granard Columbkille Granard
Lenaboy 138 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Lettergeeragh 186 Longford Killoe Longford
Lettergonnell 651 Longford Killoe Longford
Lettergullion 494 Longford Killoe Longford
Leveran Island 1 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Lightfield 64 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Lisaquill 169 Shrule Kilglass Ballymahon
Lisbrack 45 Longford Clongesh Longford
Lisbrack 42 Longford Templemichael Longford
Liscahill 241 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Liscormick 188 Shrule Agharra Ballymahon
Lisdreenagh 192 Ardagh Kilglass Longford
Lisduff 343 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Lisduff 195 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Lisduff 67 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Lisduff 47 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Lisduff (Montgomery) 355 Moydow Ardagh Longford
Lisfarrell 319 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Lisglassock 113 Shrule Kilcommock Ballymahon
Lisgurry 98 Moydow Moydow Longford
Lislea 495 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Lislea 425 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Lislom 220 Shrule Kilcommock Ballymahon
Lismacmanus 140 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Lismacmurrogh 123 Shrule Kilcommock Ballymahon
Lismagawley 42 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Lismagawley Bog 25 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Lismagawley Meadow 32 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Lismagoneen 121 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Lismore 155 Longford Clongesh Longford
Lismoy 459 Longford Clongesh Longford
Lisnabo 123 Longford Clongesh Longford
Lisnacreevy 268 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Lisnacush 269 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Lisnageeragh 429 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Lisnagrish 442 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Lisnamuck 265 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Lisnanagh 630 Granard Killoe Granard
Lisnaneane 87 Granard Granard Granard
Lisraghtigan 140 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Lisraherty 144 Granard Killoe Granard
Lisrevagh 290 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Lisryan 411 Ardagh Street Granard
Lissagernal 224 Longford Clongesh Longford
Lissaghanedan 199 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Lissakit 145 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Lissameen 303 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Lissanisky 92 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Lissanisky 55 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Lissanore 234 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Lissanure 556 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Lissanurlan 180 Longford Templemichael Longford
Lissard 258 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Lissardowlan 153 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Lissavaddy 110 Longford Killoe Longford
Lissawarriff 336 Shrule Agharra Ballymahon
Lissawly (or St. Albans) 91 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Listobit 267 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Listraghee 166 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Little Island 1 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Long Island 2 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Longfield 373 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Longford Town Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Longford Town Longford Templemichael Longford
Loughan 168 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Loughfarm 122 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Loughsheedan 103 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Lurgan 73 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Lyanmore 168 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Lyneen 424 Moydow Killashee Ballymahon
Magheraveen 302 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Meelick 63 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Meeltanagh 124 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Meeltanagh 99 Moydow Moydow Longford
Melkagh 183 Longford Killoe Longford
Melkernagh 81 Granard Granard Granard
Middleton 382 Moydow Killashee Longford
Minard 159 Longford Clongesh Longford
Moatavally 231 Ardagh Street Granard
Moatfarrell 769 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Moatfield 18 Granard Granard Granard
Molly 513 Granard Columbkille Granard
Mollyglass 127 Granard Columbkille Granard
Mollyroe 66 Moydow Moydow Longford
Monadarragh 454 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Monaduff 263 Longford Killoe Longford
Monascallaghan 286 Moydow Moydow Longford
Moneyfad 61 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Moneyhoolaghan 122 Ardagh Street Granard
Moneylagan 236 Longford Clongesh Longford
Moor 138 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Mornin 847 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Mosstown 491 Rathcline Kilcommock Ballymahon
Mosstown 183 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Mountdavis 528 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Mountjessop 260 Moydow Moydow Longford
Moydow Glebe 94 Moydow Moydow Longford
Moygh 350 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Moygh 125 Moydow Killashee Longford
Moyne 502 Granard Killoe Longford
Moyra and Fortmill 168 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Muckerstaff 351 Granard Granard Granard
Muckinish 27 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Mucknagh 265 Longford Killoe Longford
Mullagh 196 Longford Templemichael Longford
Mullagh Bog 107 Longford Templemichael Longford
Mullaghavorneen 264 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Mullawornia 245 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Mullingee 55 Granard Granard Granard
Mullinroe 425 Granard Columbkille Granard
Mullolagher 265 Longford Templemichael Longford
Nappagh 255 Moydow Ardagh Longford
Newcastle 530 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Newpark 470 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Newport 387 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Newtown 181 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Newtown 102 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Newtown 101 Moydow Killashee Longford
Newtown Forbes Town Longford Clongesh Longford
Newtownbond 385 Granard Killoe Granard
Newtownflanigan 134 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Nut Island 15 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Oghil 761 Longford Killoe Longford
Oldtown 325 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Pallas Beg 222 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Pallas More 306 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Parkplace 164 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Polladooey 240 Granard Columbkille Granard
Pollagh 274 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Portanure 356 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Portanure Bog 54 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Priests Island 4 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Prucklish 266 Longford Clongesh Longford
Prucklishtown 178 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Queensland 93 Ardagh Street Granard
Rabbit Park 223 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Ranaghan 277 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Ranaghanbaun 40 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Rappareehill 671 Moydow Killashee Longford
Rath 566 Shrule Forgney Ballymahon
Ratharney 321 Shrule Abbeyshrule Ballymahon
Rathbrackan 305 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Rathcline 1,168 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Rathcor 164 Granard Granard Granard
Rathcronan 201 Granard Granard Granard
Rathmore 849 Shrule Noughaval Ballymahon
Rathmore 649 Granard Columbkille Longford
Rathsallagh 186 Shrule Abbeyshrule Ballymahon
Rathvaldron 142 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Red Island 1 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Rhine 781 Longford Killoe Longford
Richfort (or Cooleeshil) 289 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Rincoolagh 662 Granard Granard Granard
Ringowny 727 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Rinn and Clogher 261 Longford Killashee Longford
Rinnenny 138 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Rinroe 263 Granard Granard Granard
Rinvanny 258 Ardagh Clonbroney Granard
Robinstown 159 Granard Granard Granard
Rockpeyton 64 Ardagh Kilglass Ballymahon
Roos 250 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Rosduff 743 Granard Columbkille Granard
Rossan 291 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Saintjohnstown (or Ballinalee) 161 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Saints Island 205 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Sallow Island 1 Longford Clongesh Longford
Sand Island 5 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
School Land 96 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Screeboge 200 Shrule Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Shanmullagh 783 Longford Killoe Longford
Shantum 179 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Sharvoge 242 Moydow Killashee Longford
Sheeroe 41 Shrule Agharra Ballymahon
Sheeroe 29 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Shrule 55 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Sleehaun 425 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Sleehaun (Sankey) 95 Ardagh Rathreagh Ballymahon
Slieve 332 Longford Killashee Longford
Smear 1,072 Granard Columbkille Granard
Smithfield 104 Ardagh Kilglass Ballymahon
Snugborough 36 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Sonnagh 526 Granard Columbkille Granard
Soran 1,204 Longford Killoe Longford
Springtown 665 Granard Granard Granard
Sragarrow 52 Longford Clongesh Longford
St Albans (or Lissawly) 91 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
St Annes Glebe 86 Longford Clongesh Longford
Stonepark 195 Ardagh Ballymacormick Longford
Stonepark 71 Moydow Kilcommock Ballymahon
Streamstown 92 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Streamstown 89 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Swan Island 1 Granard Columbkille Granard
Taghsheenod Glebe 47 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Taghshinny 372 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Tawnagh 482 Longford Killoe Longford
Teemore 64 Granard Granard Granard
Templemichael Glebe 163 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Templeton Glebe 379 Moydow Killashee Longford
Tennalick 546 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Tennalough 316 Shrule Agharra Ballymahon
Tennyphobble 43 Granard Granard Granard
Tinnynarr 416 Ardagh Mostrim Granard
Tipper 120 Rathcline Cashel Ballymahon
Tipper 80 Shrule Kilcommock Ballymahon
Tirlickeen 852 Rathcline Shrule Ballymahon
Tober 256 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Toberfelim 166 Granard Granard Granard
Tomisky 273 Longford Mohill Longford
Toneen 215 Moydow Moydow Longford
Toneen 181 Granard Granard Granard
Tonymore North 211 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Tonymore South 463 Granard Abbeylara Granard
Tonywardan 559 Granard Granard Granard
Toome 557 Granard Columbkille Granard
Toome 307 Shrule Taghshinny Ballymahon
Toorfin 112 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Torboy 350 Moydow Taghsheenod Ballymahon
Townparks 402 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Townparks 137 Longford Clongesh Longford
Treanboy 76 Moydow Killashee Longford
Treel 192 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Treel 87 Longford Clongesh Longford
Treel 59 Ardagh Kilglass Ballymahon
Trillickacurry 369 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Trillickatemple 236 Moydow Ballymacormick Longford
Tromra 423 Granard Granard Granard
Tully 487 Granard Granard Granard
Tully 376 Longford Clongesh Longford
Tully 207 Shrule Kilglass Ballymahon
Tullybaun 74 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Tullyvrane 337 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Tureen 285 Rathcline Rathcline Longford
Twentyacres 69 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Twentyacres 16 Ardagh Ardagh Longford
Vicarsfield Glebe 26 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Vicarstown 99 Shrule Agharra Ballymahon
White Island 12 Granard Killoe Granard
White Island 3 Granard Columbkille Granard
Whitehill (or Knockanbaun) 563 Granard Clonbroney Granard
Whiterock 226 Ardagh Templemichael Longford
Willsbrook 178 Granard Granard Granard
Woodlawn 89 Moydow Killashee Longford


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