List of townlands of County Louth

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 676 townlands in County Louth, Ireland.[1][2] A plain version of this list showing townland names only is also available for easy alphabetical navigation and convenient overview.

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Acarreagh 106 Upper Dundalk Castletown Dundalk
Aclint 367 Ardee Philipstown Ardee
Adamstown 311 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Aghaboys 277 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Aghameen 343 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Aghnaskeagh 321 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Allardstown 82 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Allardstown 596 Louth Killincoole Dundalk
Almondtown 378 Ferrard Clogher Drogheda
Anaglog 373 Ardee Kildemock Ardee
Anaverna (or Ravensdale Park) 2,343 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Annagassan Town Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Annagh 73 Ardee Philipstown Ardee
Annagh Boltons 150 Louth Louth Dundalk
Annagh McCann's 191 Louth Louth Dundalk
Annaghanmoney 61 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Annaghminnan 65 Louth Louth Dundalk
Annaghvacky 369 Upper Dundalk Creggan Dundalk
Annaloughan 1,078 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Annies 129 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Ardagh 120 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Ardaghy 443 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ardballan 333 Ferrard Clonmore Drogheda
Ardbolies 197 Ferrard Rathdrumin Drogheda
Ardee Town Ardee Ardee Ardee
Ardee 80 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Ardlaraghan 101 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Ardpatrick 174 Louth Louth Dundalk
Ardtully Beg 54 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ardtully More 99 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Arthurstown 502 Ardee Tallanstown Ardee
Arthurstown Little 73 Ardee Tallanstown Ardee
Artnalevery 278 Ardee Charlestown Ardee
Artoney 147 Louth Louth Dundalk
Ash Big 144 Louth Louth Dundalk
Ash Little 191 Louth Louth Dundalk
Athclare 271 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Babeswood 100 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Baggotstown 165 Ferrard Rathdrumin Drogheda
Bailyland 34 Louth Louth Dundalk
Bailypark 28 Drogheda St. Peter's Drogheda
Balfeddock 116 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Balgatheran 482 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Ballabony 270 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Ballagan 470 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ballaverty 214 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ballinclare 57 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Ballinfuil 369 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Ballinlough 147 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Ballinloughan 211 Louth Louth Dundalk
Ballinreask 49 Ferrard Beaulieu Drogheda
Ballinteskin 607 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ballinurd 219 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Ballsgrove 26 Drogheda, Muni. Borough of St. Mary's Drogheda
Ballug 147 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ballybailie 324 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Ballybarrack 428 Upper Dundalk Ballybarrack Dundalk
Ballybinaby 485 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Ballydonnell 164 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Ballygoly 187 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Ballygowan 314 Ardee Shanlis Ardee
Ballymageragh 179 Ardee Cappoge Ardee
Ballymaglane 156 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Ballymakellett 1,148 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Ballymakenny 421 Drogheda Ballymakenny Drogheda
Ballymascanlan 210 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Ballynagassan 174 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Ballynagrena 123 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Ballynahattin 105 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Ballynamaghery 184 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ballynamony, Bradshaw 106 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ballynamony, Murphy 175 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ballyonan 851 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ballyoran 237 Louth Louth Dundalk
Ballyregan 88 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Ballytrasna 36 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ballytrasna 52 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Balregan 184 Upper Dundalk Castletown Dundalk
Balriggan 437 Upper Dundalk Faughart Dundalk
Balrobin 214 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Baltrasna 247 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Baltray Town Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Baltray 436 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Bankerstown 68 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Banktown 185 Ferrard Beaulieu Drogheda
Barabona 293 Ferrard Monasterboice Drogheda
Barmeath 312 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Barnaveddoge 93 Ardee Dromin Ardee
Barronstown 513 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Battsland 49 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Bavan 514 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Bawn 220 Louth Mansfieldstown Ardee
Bawntaaffe 280 Ferrard Monasterboice Drogheda
Beaulieu 464 Ferrard Beaulieu Drogheda
Begrath 521 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Bellcotton 123 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Bellurgan 1,435 Lower Dundalk Ballyboys Dundalk
Bellurgan 562 Lower Dundalk Castletown Dundalk
Belpatrick 1,513 Ferrard Collon Ardee
Beltichburne 196 Ferrard Beaulieu Drogheda
Benagh 233 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Betaghstown 175 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Bigsland 18 Ardee Smarmore Ardee
Black Rock Town Upper Dundalk Haggardstown Dundalk
Blackhall 173 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Blackstick 66 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Blakestown 381 Ardee Shanlis Ardee
Bogtown 273 Ardee Mapastown Ardee
Boharnamoe 390 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Bolies 299 Ardee Kilsaran Ardee
Boycetown 202 Ferrard Port Drogheda
Braganstown 1,266 Ardee Stabannan Ardee
Braghan 36 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Briarhill 81 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Brittas 338 Ferrard Carrickbaggot Drogheda
Broadlough 168 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Broughattin 68 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Brownstown 613 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Burren 405 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Calga 257 Ardee Philipstown Ardee
Callystown 680 Ferrard Clogher Drogheda
Cambrickville 43 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Cangy 123 Ardee Cappoge Ardee
Canonstown 254 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Cappocksgreen 194 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Cappoge 400 Ardee Cappoge Ardee
Cardistown 330 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Carlingford Town Dundalk Lower Carlingford Dundalk
Carlingford, Liberties of 2,321 Dundalk Lower Carlingford Dundalk
Carn Beg 135 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Carn More 72 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Carnalughoge 108 Louth Louth Dundalk
Carnanbregagh 107 Upper Dundalk Ballybarrack Dundalk
Carnroe 108 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Carntown 427 Drogheda Ballymakenny Drogheda
Carntown 86 Drogheda St. Peter's Drogheda
Carracloghan 166 Upper Dundalk Inishkeen Dundalk
Carrans and Tates Park 132 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Carrickacreagh 67 Louth Louth Dundalk
Carrickadooan 43 Louth Louth Dundalk
Carrickallan 181 Louth Louth Dundalk
Carrickalust 61 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Carrickastuck 229 Upper Dundalk Philipstown Dundalk
Carrickavallan 209 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Carrickbaggot 487 Ferrard Carrickbaggot Drogheda
Carrickcarnan 350 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Carrickedmond 574 Upper Dundalk Faughart Dundalk
Carrickleagh 91 Louth Louth Dundalk
Carrickmullan 229 Louth Louth Dundalk
Carricknashanagh 172 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Carrickrobin 246 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Carstown 326 Ferrard Ballymakenny Drogheda
Carstown 731 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Cartanstown 288 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Castlebellingham Town Ardee Gernonstown Ardee
Castlebellingham 1,038 Ardee Gernonstown Ardee
Castlecarragh 366 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Castlelumny 347 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Castlering 209 Louth Louth Dundalk
Castletate 7 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Castletown 126 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Castletown 377 Upper Dundalk Castletown Dundalk
Castletowncooley 1,211 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Cavan 92 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Cavan 147 Upper Dundalk Haynestown Dundalk
Cavananore 219 Upper Dundalk Creggan Dundalk
Cavanrobert 77 Ardee Tallanstown Ardee
Chanonrock 645 Louth Louth Dundalk
Charlestown 514 Ardee Charlestown Ardee
Charleville 510 Ardee Stabannan Ardee
Christianstown 499 Louth Darver Dundalk
Churchtown 21 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Claretrock 299 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Cliven 239 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Cloghanmoyle 116 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Clogher Town Ferrard Clogher Drogheda
Clogher 301 Ferrard Clogher Drogheda
Cloghlea 94 Ferrard Rathdrumin Drogheda
Clonaleenaghan 311 Upper Dundalk Creggan Dundalk
Clonkeehan 133 Louth Clonkeehan Ardee
Clonmore 726 Ferrard Clonmore Drogheda
Cluide 173 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Cluide 25 Ardee Smarmore Ardee
Collon Town Ferrard Collon Ardee
Collon 4,348 Ferrard Collon Ardee
Commons 200 Drogheda St. Peter's Drogheda
Commons 674 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Commons 969 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Commons 7 Louth Louth Dundalk
Coneyburrow 72 Ardee Cappoge Ardee
Cookspark 143 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Cookstown 313 Ardee Charlestown Ardee
Coolcreedan 352 Louth Louth Dundalk
Coole 482 Ardee Charlestown Ardee
Coolfore 556 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Coolrath 33 Louth Louth Dundalk
Corbollis 471 Louth Clonkeehan Ardee
Corcreeghagh 183 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Corderry 780 Louth Louth Dundalk
Cordoogan 240 Ferrard Monasterboice Drogheda
Corlisbane 170 Ferrard Mullary Ardee
Cornamucklagh 749 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Corradoran 109 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Corrakit 813 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Corstown 284 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Corstown 226 Ferrard Dunany Ardee
Corstown 64 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Cortial 437 Louth Louth Dundalk
Cotlerstown 138 Ferrard Ballymakenny Drogheda
Courtbane 421 Upper Dundalk Creggan Dundalk
Crossabeagh 147 Louth Louth Dundalk
Crowmartin 478 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Cruisetown 264 Ferrard Parsonstown Drogheda
Crumlin 174 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Cuillenstown 379 Louth Darver Dundalk
Culfore 84 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Cunnicar 133 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Curraghbeg 232 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Curstown 215 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Dales 239 Ferrard Mayne Drogheda
Dardisrath 208 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Darver 296 Louth Darver Dundalk
Dawsonsdemesne 148 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Deerpark 79 Upper Dundalk Philipstown Dundalk
Dellin 112 Louth Darver Dundalk
Demesne 373 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Derrycammagh 540 Louth Mansfieldstown Ardee
Derryfalone 159 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Dillonstown 480 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Donaghmore 540 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Donnellytown 77 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Doolargy 1,222 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Dowdallshill 442 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Dowdstown 218 Ardee Mapastown Ardee
Draghanstown 319 Ferrard Dunany Ardee
Drakestown 364 Ardee Kildemock Ardee
Dromgoolestown 247 Ardee Stabannan Ardee
Dromin Town Ardee Dromin Ardee
Dromin 605 Ardee Dromin Ardee
Dromiskin Town Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Dromiskin 1,093 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Drumad 308 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Drumard 355 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Drumbilla 532 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Drumcah 253 Louth Louth Dundalk
Drumcamill 86 Louth Inishkeen Dundalk
Drumcar 1,045 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Drumcashel 1,060 Ardee Stabannan Ardee
Drumgonnelly 261 Louth Louth Dundalk
Drumgoolan 265 Louth Louth Dundalk
Drumgooter 88 Ferrard Rathdrumin Drogheda
Drumgowna 276 Louth Louth Dundalk
Drumgur 88 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Drumin 93 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Drumin 155 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Drumleck 17 Ardee Gernonstown Ardee
Drumleck 313 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Drummeenagh 56 Ardee Gernonstown Ardee
Drummullagh 453 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Drumnacarra 201 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Drumnasillagh 173 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Drumshallon 511 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Drumsinnot 96 Upper Dundalk Inishkeen Dundalk
Ducavan 99 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Duffsfarm 378 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Dunany 619 Ferrard Dunany Ardee
Dunbin Big 423 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Dunbin Little 148 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Dundalk Town Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Dungooly 609 Upper Dundalk Faughart Dundalk
Dunleer Town Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Dunleer 99 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Dunmahon 421 Upper Dundalk Haynestown Dundalk
Durryhole 11 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Dysart 200 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Earls Quarter 117 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Edenagrena 163 Upper Dundalk Inishkeen Dundalk
Edenakill 284 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Edenaquin 152 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Edentober 458 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Edmondstown 486 Ardee Philipstown Ardee
Emlagh 66 Louth Louth Dundalk
Essexford 167 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Fairhill 233 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Falmore 286 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Farrandreg 134 Upper Dundalk Castletown Dundalk
Faughart Lower 331 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Faughart Upper 452 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Feede 445 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Feraghs 181 Louth Louth Dundalk
Fieldstown 279 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Finvoy 134 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Funshog 906 Ferrard Collon Ardee
Gainestown Upper 110 Louth Mansfieldstown Ardee
Gallagh 262 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Gallstown 221 Ferrard Marlestown Drogheda
Galroostown 388 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Galtrimsland 147 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Ganderstown 167 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Garrolagh 61 Ferrard Mayne Drogheda
Garrolagh 188 Ferrard Rathdrumin Drogheda
Gibstown 212 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Gilbertstown 39 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Gilbertstown 237 Louth Mansfieldstown Ardee
Glack 332 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Glaspistol 501 Ferrard Clogher Drogheda
Glebe 135 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Glebe 17 Ferrard Rathdrumin Drogheda
Glebe 17 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Glebe 16 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Glebe 30 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Glebe Bog 2 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Glebe East 4 Ferrard Mayne Drogheda
Glebe SOuth 1 Ferrard Mayne Drogheda
Glebe West 4 Ferrard Mayne Drogheda
Glenmore 2,206 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Glydefarm 477 Louth Louth Ardee
Gorteen 263 Upper Dundalk Inishkeen Dundalk
Grange 766 Louth Louth Dundalk
Grange Irish 503 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Grange Old 83 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Grangebellew 144 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Grattanstown 135 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Greatwood 284 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Greenbatter 116 Drogheda St. Peter's Drogheda
Greenlane 150 Ardee Charlestown Ardee
Greenmount Town Ardee Kilsaran Ardee
Greenmount 533 Ardee Kilsaran Ardee
Greenore 257 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Groom 33 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Gudderstown 296 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Gunstown 155 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Hacklin 183 Ardee Kildemock Ardee
Haggardstown 1,400 Upper Dundalk Haggardstown Dundalk
Halftate 61 Louth Louth Dundalk
Hamlinstown 232 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Hammondstown 81 Ardee Cappoge Ardee
Hammondstown 320 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Harristown 70 Ardee Charlestown Ardee
Harristown 282 Ardee Stickillin Ardee
Hasley 80 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Haynestown 1,292 Upper Dundalk Haynestown Dundalk
Hill of Rath 230 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Hitchestown 117 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Hoarstone 138 Louth Louth Dundalk
Hoathstown 348 Ardee Stickillin Ardee
Hunterstown 166 Ardee Kildemock Ardee
Hurlstone 274 Ardee Smarmore Ardee
Irishtown 287 Ardee Mapastown Ardee
Jenkinstown 976 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Johnstown 345 Ferrard Dunany Ardee
Kane 109 Upper Dundalk Kane Dundalk
Kearneystown 115 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Keerhan 114 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Keeverstown 223 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Kellystown 124 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Kilbride 22 Louth Louth Dundalk
Kilcroney 1,068 Louth Louth Dundalk
Kilcurly 437 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Kilcurry 177 Upper Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Killaconner 107 Upper Dundalk Inishkeen Dundalk
Killally 307 Ferrard Clonmore Drogheda
Killally 116 Upper Dundalk Ballybarrack Dundalk
Killanny 88 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Killatery 213 Ferrard Mayne Drogheda
Killeen 99 Louth Louth Dundalk
Killin 354 Upper Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Killin 196 Upper Dundalk Kane Dundalk
Killincoole 619 Louth Killincoole Dundalk
Killineer 1,004 Drogheda St. Peter's Drogheda
Killyclessy 75 Upper Dundalk Creggan Dundalk
Killycroney 155 Louth Louth Dundalk
Kilpatrick 360 Ardee Kildemock Ardee
Kilsaran Town Ardee Kilsaran Ardee
Kilsaran 491 Ardee Kilsaran Ardee
Kiltallaght 221 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Kircock 76 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Knockaboys 72 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Knockagh 146 Upper Dundalk Kane Dundalk
Knockaleva 218 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Knockatavy 109 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Knockatober 220 Ardee Cappoge Ardee
Knockattin 190 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Knockcor 65 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Knockcurlann 56 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Knockdinnin 224 Ardee Dromin Ardee
Knocklore 197 Ardee Charlestown Ardee
Knockmore 25 Louth Louth Dundalk
Knocknagoran 259 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Labanstown 372 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Lacknagreagh 83 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Lagan 157 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Lambtown 73 Ardee Mapastown Ardee
Lannat 512 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Lawlesstown 47 Ardee Cappoge Ardee
Liberties of Carlingford 2,321 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Linns 188 Ardee Gernonstown Ardee
Liscorry 61 Drogheda St. Peter's Drogheda
Lisdoo 120 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Lislea 562 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Lismanus 136 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Lisnawully 283 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Lisrenny 3 Ardee Charlestown Ardee
Lisrenny 848 Ardee Tallanstown Ardee
Listoke 124 Drogheda St. Peter's Drogheda
Listulk 78 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Littlegrange 352 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Littlemill 103 Upper Dundalk Ballybarrack Dundalk
Longstones 1 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Loughanmore 147 Louth Mansfieldstown Ardee
Loughanmore 186 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Loughantarve 119 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Loughtate 59 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Louth Town Louth Louth Dundalk
Louth Hall 1,027 Ardee Tallanstown Ardee
Louth Hill (or Mellifont Park) 129 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Lowrath North 326 Louth Louth Dundalk
Lowrath South 35 Louth Louth Dundalk
Lugbriscan 42 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Lurganboy 164 Ferrard Port Drogheda
Lurgangreen Town Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Lurgankeel 611 Upper Dundalk Faughart Dundalk
Maddoxgarden 1 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Maddoxland 108 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Maghereagh 259 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Maine 671 Ardee Kilsaran Ardee
Manistown 86 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Mansfieldstown Town Louth Mansfieldstown Ardee
Mansfieldstown 551 Louth Mansfieldstown Ardee
Mapastown 224 Ardee Mapastown Ardee
Marlay 205 Ferrard Marlestown Drogheda
Marsh North 337 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Marsh South 790 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Marshallrath 171 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Marshes Lower 590 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Marshes Upper 795 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Martinstown 265 Ferrard Port Drogheda
Mayne 217 Ferrard Mayne Drogheda
Meaghsland 42 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Mell 1,141 Ferrard & Muni. Borough of Drogheda Tullyallen Drogheda
Mellifont 367 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Mellifont Park (or Louth Hill) 129 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Milestown 352 Ardee Kilsaran Ardee
Millgrange 339 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Millockstown 600 Ardee Kildemock Ardee
Millpark 117 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Milltown 127 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Milltown 287 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Milltown 59 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Milltown 369 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Milltown Bog 13 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Milltown Grange 247 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Milltown Old 49 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Mitchelstown 150 Ferrard Dunany Ardee
Monascreebe 434 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Monasterboice 276 Ferrard Monasterboice Drogheda
Monavallet 193 Louth Louth Dundalk
Moneycrockroe 378 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Moneymore 710 Drogheda and Muni. Borough St. Peter's Drogheda
Monksland 302 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Mooremount 167 Ardee Cappoge Ardee
Mooremount 177 Ardee Dromin Ardee
Mooretown 965 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Moorland 161 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Morganstown 82 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Mosstown North 234 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Mosstown South 52 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Mountaintown 206 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Mountbagnall 347 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Mountdoyle 124 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Mounthamilton 217 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Mountrush 181 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Muchgrange 316 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Mucklagh 99 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Muff 185 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Mullabane 171 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Mullabane 174 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Mullabohy 151 Louth Louth Dundalk
Mullacapple 154 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Mullacloe 217 Ardee Shanlis Ardee
Mullacrew Town Louth Louth Dundalk
Mullacrew 106 Louth Louth Dundalk
Mullacurry 115 Ardee Dromin Ardee
Mulladrillen 55 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Mullagharlin 242 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Mullaghattin 282 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Mullaghattin 175 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Mullameelan 88 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Mullamore 103 Ardee Tallanstown Ardee
Mullanstown 368 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Mullatee 160 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Mullavally 285 Louth Louth Dundalk
Mullincross 509 Ardee Kilsaran Ardee
Navan 140 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Newhall 94 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Newhouse 225 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Newragh 13 Louth Louth Dundalk
Newrath 494 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Newrath 77 Louth Louth Dundalk
Newtown 451 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Newtown 330 Louth Louth Dundalk
Newtown 65 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Newtown Knockaleva 328 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Newtown Monasterboice 868 Ferrard Monasterboice Drogheda
Newtownbabe 187 Upper Dundalk Ballybarrack Dundalk
Newtownbalregan 733 Upper Dundalk Castletown Dundalk
Newtowndarver 703 Louth Darver Dundalk
Newtownfane 131 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Newtownstalaban 112 Ferrard Beaulieu Drogheda
Newtownstalaban 953 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Nicholastown 501 Ardee Philipstown Ardee
Nicholastown 225 Ferrard Port Drogheda
Oaktate 126 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Oberstown 220 Ardee Shanlis Ardee
Paddock 93 Ferrard Monasterboice Drogheda
Painestown 284 Ardee Dromin Ardee
Painestown 208 Ferrard Clonmore Drogheda
Palmersland 93 Louth Louth Dundalk
Parsonstown 259 Ferrard Parsonstown Drogheda
Paughanstown 19 Ardee Dromin Ardee
Paughanstown 517 Ardee Kildemock Ardee
Pepperstown 544 Ardee Charlestown Ardee
Petestown 60 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Philibenstown 214 Ardee Mapastown Ardee
Philipstown 398 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Philipstown 194 Ardee Philipstown Ardee
Philipstown 268 Ferrard Philipstown Drogheda
Philipstown 406 Upper Dundalk Philipstown Dundalk
Piedmont 428 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Piperstown 355 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Plaster 312 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Plaster 225 Upper Dundalk Barronstown Dundalk
Plunketsland 72 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Plunketsland 29 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Point 153 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Pollbrock 106 Ardee Stabannan Ardee
Port Town Ferrard Port Drogheda
Port 703 Ferrard Port Drogheda
Priest Town 382 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Primatepark 43 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Priorland 171 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Priorstate 118 Louth Louth Dundalk
Priorstown 259 Ferrard Drumshallon Drogheda
Priorstown 91 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Proleek 439 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Proleek Acres 59 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Puckstown 139 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Purcellstown 158 Ardee Smarmore Ardee
Rahanna 144 Ardee Charlestown Ardee
Rampark 412 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Raskeagh 247 Upper Dundalk Faughart Dundalk
Rassan 640 Upper Dundalk Creggan Dundalk
Rath 75 Upper Dundalk Ballybarrack Dundalk
Rath 89 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Rath Lower 156 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Rath, Hill of 230 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Rathbody 284 Ardee Tallanstown Ardee
Rathbrist 569 Louth Louth Ardee
Rathcassan 187 Louth Louth Dundalk
Rathcoole 218 Ardee Dromin Ardee
Rathcor Town Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Rathcor 654 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Rathdaniel 726 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Rathdrumin 146 Ferrard Rathdrumin Drogheda
Rathduff 180 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Rathescar Middle 319 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Rathescar North 130 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Rathescar South 26 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Rathgeenan 147 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Rathgory 39 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Rathgory 269 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Rathiddy 182 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Rathlust 258 Ardee Kildemock Ardee
Rathmore 319 Upper Dundalk Philipstown Dundalk
Rathneestin 634 Ardee Philipstown Ardee
Rathneety 181 Louth Killincoole Dundalk
Rathneety 27 Louth Louth Dundalk
Rathory 227 Ardee Tallanstown Ardee
Rathroal 118 Upper Dundalk Haynestown Dundalk
Ravanny 84 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Ravel 305 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Ravensdale Park (or Anaverna) 2,343 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Reaghstown 735 Ardee Philipstown Ardee
Redbog 220 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Redcow 164 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Reynoldstown 318 Ferrard Mayne Drogheda
Richard Taaffes Holding 318 Louth Louth Dundalk
Richardstown 80 Ardee Dromin Ardee
Richardstown 1,089 Ardee Richardstown Ardee
Rinkinstown 95 Ferrard Rathdrumin Drogheda
Riverstown 383 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Roche 35 Upper Dundalk Kane Dundalk
Roche 230 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Rock 67 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Rockmarshall 568 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Roestown 421 Ardee Kildemock Ardee
Rogerstown 242 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Rokeby 245 Ferrard Marlestown Drogheda
Roodstown 685 Ardee Stabannan Ardee
Rootate 165 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Rosslough 355 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Rossmakay 397 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Roxborough 134 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Salterstown 1,047 Ferrard Salterstown Ardee
Sandfield 80 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Scogganstown 69 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Seecrin 33 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Shamrockhill 90 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Shanlis 904 Ardee Shanlis Ardee
Shanmullagh 229 Upper Dundalk Creggan Dundalk
Sheelagh 290 Upper Dundalk Creggan Dundalk
Sheepgrange 406 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Sheepwalk 42 Louth Louth Dundalk
Shortstone East 201 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Shortstone West 349 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Silloge 102 Ferrard Monasterboice Drogheda
Simonstown 170 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Skeaghmore 83 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Skibbolmore 82 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Slieve 140 Upper Dundalk Kane Dundalk
Slieveboy 89 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Smarmore 1,119 Ardee Smarmore Ardee
Spellickanee 299 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Sportsmanshall 124 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Stabannan Town Ardee Stabannan Ardee
Stabannan 498 Ardee Stabannan Ardee
Stephenstown 201 Upper Dundalk Louth Dundalk
Stickillin 730 Ardee Stickillin Ardee
Stifyans 46 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Stirue 46 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Stirue 203 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Stonehouse 487 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Stonetown Lower 181 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Stonetown Upper 62 Ardee Louth Dundalk
Stonylane 180 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Stormanstown 536 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Stranacarry 72 Upper Dundalk Castletown Dundalk
Streamstown 154 Ardee Mapastown Ardee
Stumpa 122 Upper Dundalk Kane Dundalk
Summerhill 289 Louth Louth Dundalk
Swinestown 86 Ferrard Marlestown Drogheda
Tankardsrock 332 Upper Dundalk Castletown Dundalk
Tatebane 232 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Tateetra 106 Upper Dundalk Castletown Dundalk
Tates and Carrans Park 132 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Tatnadarra 52 Upper Dundalk Roche Dundalk
Tattyboys 105 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Tattynaskeagh (or Thornfield) 179 Upper Dundalk Inishkeen Dundalk
Tawnamore 180 Upper Dundalk Creggan Dundalk
Templetown 436 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Termonfeckin Town Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Termonfeckin 1,096 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Thomastown 407 Ardee Philipstown Ardee
Thomastown 65 Ardee Tallanstown Ardee
Thomastown 136 Upper Dundalk Dunbin Dundalk
Thornfield (or Tattynaskeagh) 179 Upper Dundalk Inishkeen Dundalk
Timullen 161 Ferrard Monasterboice Drogheda
Tinure 347 Ferrard Mullary Drogheda
Toberdoney 222 Ardee Dromin Ardee
Togher 330 Ferrard Clonmore Drogheda
Toomes 344 Louth Louth Dundalk
Toprass 139 Upper Dundalk Inishkeen Dundalk
Townleyhall 924 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Townparks 1,123 Ardee Ardee Ardee
Townparks 435 Upper Dundalk Dundalk Dundalk
Townrath 426 Drogheda St. Peter's Drogheda
Treagh 253 Upper Dundalk Creggan Dundalk
Trean 158 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Tullagee 184 Louth Louth Dundalk
Tullaghomeath 749 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Tullakeel 716 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Tully 115 Ardee Clonkeen Ardee
Tully 765 Louth Louth Dundalk
Tullyallen Town Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Tullyallen 941 Ferrard Tullyallen Drogheda
Tullyard 262 Ferrard Termonfeckin Drogheda
Tullycahan 266 Louth Louth Dundalk
Tullydonnell 684 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Tullydrum 95 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Tullyeskar 267 Ferrard Ballymakenny Drogheda
Tullygowan 140 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Tullyraine 118 Ardee Killanny Dundalk
Twenties 156 Drogheda St. Peter's Drogheda
Verdonstown 181 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Wallace's Row Town Drogheda St. Peter's Drogheda
Walshestown 217 Ferrard Rathdrumin Drogheda
Walterstown 317 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Whitecross 128 Louth Louth Dundalk
Whitemill 110 Lower Dundalk Ballymascanlan Dundalk
Whiterath 390 Louth Dromiskin Dundalk
Whiteriver 326 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Whites Town Town Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Whitestown 358 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Williamstown 534 Ardee Kilsaran Ardee
Willistown 312 Ardee Drumcar Ardee
Willville 540 Lower Dundalk Carlingford Dundalk
Windmill 68 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Windmill 167 Ferrard Dysart Drogheda
Woodhouse 37 Ardee Mosstown Ardee
Woodland 123 Ferrard Dunleer Ardee
Woodtown 325 Louth Mansfieldstown Ardee
Wottonstown 285 Louth Mansfieldstown Ardee
Wyanstown 241 Ferrard Port Drogheda
Yellowbatter 562 Drogheda and Muni. Borough St. Peter's Drogheda


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