List of townlands of County Mayo

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 3,424 townlands in County Mayo, Ireland.[1][2] as was the case prior to 1873.

It DOES show townlands in the Civil Parish of Inishbofin which were transferred to Galway from Mayo in 1873 and townlands transferred to Roscommon in 1899, around and including Ballaghaderreen. It DOES NOT show townlands transferred from Galway in 1899 or townlands transferred from Sligo in 1899.[citation needed]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbeylands 40 Tirawley Killala Killala
Abbeyquarter 193 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Abbeytown 124 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Achillbeg Island 330 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Acres 89 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Addergoole 942 Costello Aghamore Claremorris
Addergoole (or Knockmaria) 227 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Aderg 129 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Aghadifflin 950 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Aghadooey Glebe 44 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Aghadoon 660 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Aghadrinagh 355 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Aghafadda 71 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Aghaglasheen 1,522 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Aghagower Town Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Aghagower 445 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Aghagowla Beg 88 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Aghagowla More 256 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Aghalahard 153 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Aghaleague 574 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Aghaloonteen 591 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Aghalusky 228 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Aghalusky 571 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Aghamore 436 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Aghamore 44 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Aghany 481 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Aghareville Lower 164 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Aghareville Upper 233 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Aghataharn 542 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Aghaward 251 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Aghinish 370 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Aghleam 732 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Aghoo 508 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Aghoos 897 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Aghtaboy 358 Costello Knock Claremorris
Agloragh 274 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Ahanroe 33 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Ahena 256 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Aille 656 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Aillebaun 1,244 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Aillemore 714 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Allwoan Island 2 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Alt 291 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Altbaun 226 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Altderg 905 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Altnabrocky 4,682 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Annagh 601 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Annagh 78 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Annagh 298 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Annagh 421 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Annagh Beg 478 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Annagh Hill 154 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Annagh Island 52 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Annagh Island 627 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Annagh Island East 47 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Annagh Island Middle 11 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Annagh Island West 17 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Annagh More 446 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Annaghroe Island 22 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Annaghteige Island 14 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Annalecka 55 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Annies 179 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Antigua (or Lisnageeha) 157 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Ara 495 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Ardacarha 301 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Ardagh 195 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Ardagh 64 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Ardboley North 219 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Ardboley South 218 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Ardcloon 239 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Ardcorky 251 Clanmorris Mayo Castlebar
Arderry 1,118 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Arderry 296 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Arderry 79 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Ardhoom 344 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Ardkeen 136 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Ardkill 446 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Ardkill 431 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Ardlee 87 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Ardmoran 129 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Ardmore 143 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Ardmore 57 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Ardmore Point 93 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Ardnacally 355 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Ardnagor 137 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Ardogommon 233 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Ardoley 143 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Ardoughan 268 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Ardowen 173 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Ardowen Common 21 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Ardrass 235 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Ardroe 93 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ardvarney 377 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Ardvarney 42 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Ardvarney 147 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Ashbrook 142 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Askillaun 874 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Askillaun 200 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Attavally 118 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Attavally 816 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Attavally 107 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Attiantaggart 159 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Attiappleton 140 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Atticahill 117 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Atticloghy 352 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Atticonaun 551 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Attimachugh 542 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Attinaskollia 89 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Attireesh 106 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Attishane 206 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Attishane (Joynt) 148 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Aughernagalliagh 952 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Aughness 2,709 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Bal of Dookinelly (Calvy) 189 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Balla Town Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Balla 251 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Ballaghaderreen Town Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Ballaghaderreen 349 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Ballaghamuck 565 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballaghfarna 187 Carra Drum Castlebar
Ballina Town Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Ballina 601 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Ballina 137 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Ballina 602 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Ballinacostello 132 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Ballinafad 306 Carra Drum Castlebar
Ballinagavna 109 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Ballinagran 334 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Ballinalecka 87 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Ballinamore 1,276 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Ballinaster 153 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Ballinaya 233 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Ballinchalla 365 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Ballindell East 81 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Ballindell West 49 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Ballindine Town Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Ballindine East 127 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Ballindine North 77 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Ballindine West 90 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Ballindoo (or Doocastle) 1,956 Costello Kilturra Swineford
Ballindrehid 405 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Ballingarden 78 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Ballinglen 1,451 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Ballingrogy 111 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballinhoe 178 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Ballinillaun 207 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Ballinlaban 427 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballinlag 338 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Ballinlassa 163 Carra Drum Castlebar
Ballinlena 159 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Ballinlough 369 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Ballinlough 500 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Ballinloughaun 322 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballinphuill 58 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Ballinphuill 123 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballinrobe Town Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Ballinrobe Demesne 286 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Ballinrumpa 181 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Ballinsmaula 191 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballintadder 122 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Ballintaffy 637 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballintecan 359 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Ballinteeaun 321 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Ballintemple 314 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Ballintleva 423 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Ballintleva 134 Clanmorris Mayo Castlebar
Ballintober 358 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Ballintober 415 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Ballinulty 254 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Ballinvilla 275 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Ballinvilla 436 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Ballinvilla Demesne 76 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Ballinvoash 180 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Ballinvoher 98 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Ballinvoy 117 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Ballisnahyny 315 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Ballisnahyny 839 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Balloor 168 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Balloor 151 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Balloor 179 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Balloor East 145 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Balloor West 80 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Balloorclerhy 475 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Balloughadalla 635 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Ballyargadaun 205 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Ballyargadaun 161 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Ballyart 70 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Ballybackagh 83 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Ballyballinaun 192 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Ballybanaun Mountain 472 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Ballybaun 314 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Ballybeg 119 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Ballybeg 388 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Ballybeg 102 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Ballybeg 716 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Ballybeg Island 6 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Ballybrinoge 192 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballybroony 842 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Ballycally 784 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Ballycarra 184 Carra Drum Castlebar
Ballycarroon 203 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballycastle Town Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Ballycastle 298 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Ballyclogher 824 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Ballycong 582 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Ballycurrin Demesne 557 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Ballycusheen 765 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Ballydavock 78 Carra Drum Castlebar
Ballyderg 395 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Ballydonnellan 59 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Ballydrum 346 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Ballyduffy 167 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Ballyfarnagh 358 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballygarries 183 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Ballygarriff 217 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Ballygarry 128 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Ballygarry 120 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Ballyglass 72 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Ballyglass 244 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Ballyglass 894 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Ballyglass 357 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Ballyglass 270 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballyglass 154 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Ballyglass 306 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Ballyglass 243 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Ballyglass 307 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Ballyglass 125 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Ballyglass 171 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Ballyglass East 213 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Ballyglass Lower 211 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Ballyglass Middle 316 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Ballyglass West 74 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Ballygolman 337 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Ballygomman 238 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Ballygowan 88 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballygowan 308 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Ballyguin 114 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Ballyhankeen 373 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Ballyhanruck 309 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Ballyhaunis Town Costello Annagh Claremorris
Ballyhaunis Town Costello Bekan Claremorris
Ballyheer 498 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Ballyheeragh (Caslane) 302 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Ballyheeragh (St. Leger) 303 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Ballyhenry 38 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Ballyhenry (or Caraun) 168 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Ballyhiernaun 274 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Ballyhine 206 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Ballyhowly 242 Clanmorris Knock Claremorris
Ballyjennings 218 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Ballykerrigan 56 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Ballykill Lower 132 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Ballykill Upper 81 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Ballykilleen 649 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Ballykinava 1,001 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballykine Lower 455 Kilmaine Cong Oughterard
Ballykine Upper 159 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Ballykinlettragh 1,864 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Ballyknock 825 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Ballyknock 709 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Ballylahan 283 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Ballymacgibbon N. 236 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Ballymacgibbon S. 375 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Ballymachugh 357 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Ballymackeehola 1,334 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Ballymackeogh 230 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Ballymacloughlin 113 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Ballymacrah 367 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Ballymacredmond 146 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Ballymacredmond 335 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Ballymacsherron 335 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Ballymaging (or Castlemore) 285 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Ballymanagh 187 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Ballymangan 282 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Ballymartin 327 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Ballymiles 141 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Ballymoneen 157 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballymore 599 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Ballymoyock 320 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Ballymullavil 106 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Ballymurphy 77 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Ballynaboll 277 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Ballynaboll North 64 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Ballynaboll South 121 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Ballynabrehon North 296 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballynabrehon South 317 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballynacarragh 172 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Ballynacarrick 284 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballynacarriga 191 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Ballynacarriga 306 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Ballynacloy 218 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Ballynacloy 272 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballynagarha 189 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Ballynaglea 177 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Ballynagor 419 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Ballynahaglish 189 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Ballynakillew 121 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Ballynaleck 217 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Ballynalty 632 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Ballynalynagh 273 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballynamarroge 406 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Ballynamona 583 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Ballynamuddagh 162 Carra Rosslee Ballinrobe
Ballynanerroon Beg 77 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Ballynanerroon More 255 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Ballynaraha 91 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Ballynaslee 101 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Ballynastangford Lower 143 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballynastangford Upper 99 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballynastocka 268 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Ballyneety 310 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballyneggin 180 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Ballynew 98 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Ballynew 119 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Ballynew 174 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Ballyoughter 317 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Ballyroe 91 Costello Knock Claremorris
Ballyrourke 145 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Ballyrourke 49 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Ballysakeery 436 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Ballyscanlan 253 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballyshane 233 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Ballyshingadaun 286 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Ballyteige 472 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Ballytoohy Beg 121 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Ballytoohy More 526 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Ballytrasna 239 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Ballyvicmaha 249 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Ballywalter 220 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Ballywalter 181 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Ballyweela 380 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Banagher 130 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Bangor 762 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Baralty 1,190 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Barcull 702 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Bargarriff 458 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Barheen 126 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Barleyhill 638 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Barna 193 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Barnabaun 66 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Barnaboy 353 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Barnacahoge 1,316 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Barnacuillew 243 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Barnaderg 1,131 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Barnagreggaun 480 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Barnagurry 572 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Barnahesker 217 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Barnakillew 134 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Barnalyra 796 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Barnastang 300 Carra Islandeady Westport
Barney 193 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Barnhill Lower 139 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Barnhill Upper 373 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Barnycarroll 253 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Barrack North 12 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Barrack South 174 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Barrackhill 106 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Barrackland 144 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Barraglanna 1,267 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Barranagh East 266 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Barranagh Island 63 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Barranagh West 95 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Barranarran Lower 63 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Barranarran Upper 168 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Barreel 238 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Barrettsplot East 118 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Barrettsplot West 54 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Barroe 774 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Barroe 135 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Barroosky 1,951 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Bartragh Island 316 Tirawley Killala Killala
Bartrauve 600 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Baunoges 245 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Baunrosmore 9 Tirawley Killala Killala
Bawn 109 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Beetle Island North 2 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Beetle Island South 1 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Behy 292 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Behy 2,561 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Behybaun 103 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Bekan 632 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Belclare 131 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Belderg Beg 757 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Belderg More 2,750 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Belesker 153 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Belfarsad 695 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Belgarrow 578 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Bellaburke 500 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Bellacorick 800 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Belladaff 138 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Belladooan 433 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Bellagarvaun 1,543 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Bellagelly North 2,528 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Bellagelly South 3,409 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Bellakip 1,015 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Bellanaboy 1,050 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Bellanabriscaun 58 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Bellanacurra 93 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Bellanaloob 499 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Bellanasally 833 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Bellanierin 183 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Bellanumera 119 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Bellasallagh 155 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Bellass 370 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Bellataleen 438 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Bellavanum 181 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Bellavary Town Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Bellavary 660 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Bellaveel 66 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Bellaveeny 3,649 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Belleek 210 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Bellfield 73 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Belmullet Town Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Belmullet 319 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Beltra 1,989 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Beltra 215 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Beltra 22 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Bengeery 221 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Billoos 370 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Binghamstown Town Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Binghamstown 715 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Birchfield 112 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Bird Island 1 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Black Island 1 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Black Rock 3 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Black Rock 3 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Blackpatch 154 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Bleachyard 87 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Bleanmore Island 34 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Blessingtown 81 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Bloomfield 821 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Bockagh 448 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Bocullin 118 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Bofara 132 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Bofeenaun 659 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Boggy 678 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Boghadoon 1,197 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Boghtaduff 931 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Bohalas 494 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Bohamore 328 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Bohaun 226 Costello Knock Claremorris
Bohaun North 845 Carra Ballintober Ballinrobe
Bohaun South 728 Carra Ballintober Ballinrobe
Boheh 424 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Boheh 360 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Bohehs 109 Carra Islandeady Westport
Boherduff 51 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Boherhallagh 641 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Bohoge 243 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Bohogerawer 161 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Bohola 565 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Boleyard 425 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Boleybeg 432 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Boleyboy 136 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Boleyboy 64 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Boleyboy 549 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Boleybrian 176 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Boleyglass 384 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Boleymeelagh 186 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Boleysillagh 516 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Bolinglanna 2,930 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Bolinree 116 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Bonniamillish Island 3 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Bothaul 332 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Botinny 527 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Boyd's Islands 3 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Boyhollagh 1,085 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Boyogonnell 112 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Bracklagh 1,773 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Bracklagh 140 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Bracklagh 487 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Bracklagh 190 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Bracklaghboy 263 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Brackloon 334 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Brackloon 567 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Brackloon 128 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Brackloon 146 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Brackloon East 127 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Brackloon North 488 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Brackloon South 307 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Brackloon West 495 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Brackloonagh 69 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Brackloonagh North 187 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Brackloonagh South 207 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Brackwanshagh 355 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Branraduff 229 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Breaghwy 52 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Breaghwyanteean 411 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Breaghwyanurlaur 331 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Breandrum 62 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Breandrum (or Windsor) 215 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Breastagh 271 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Brees 242 Clanmorris Mayo Castlebar
Brickeens 368 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Briska 3,636 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Brittas 149 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Broadlands (or Knockafarson) 230 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Brockagh 183 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Brodullagh North 249 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Brodullagh South 502 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Brogher 245 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Brookhill 101 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Brownespark 19 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Brownhall Demesne 604 Clanmorris Mayo Castlebar
Brownsisland 547 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Brownstown (or Donnageaga) 343 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Bruff 131 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Buckfield 238 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Buckwaria 119 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Bulcaun 173 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Bullaun 54 Kilmaine Moorgagagh Ballinrobe
Bullaunmeneen 273 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Bunacrower 151 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Bunacurry 1,226 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Bunalty 954 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Bunaneraghtish 337 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Bunanioo 1,809 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Bunavaunish 186 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Bunaveela 1,112 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Bunawillin 271 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Buncam East 103 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Buncam North 64 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Buncam West 109 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Bundeeleen 231 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Bundorragha Town Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Bundorragha 767 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Bunduff 180 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Bunduvowen 554 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Bunmore East 1,899 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Bunmore West 2,215 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Bunnadober 160 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Bunnadober 231 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Bunnafinglas 316 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Bunnafollistran 936 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Bunnahowen 448 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Bunnahowna 859 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Bunnamohaun 889 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Bunnyconnellan East 2,212 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Bunnyconnellan West 507 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Bunowen 171 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Bunrawer 271 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Burnafaunia 73 Carra Drum Castlebar
Burnt Island 7 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Burren 1,875 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Burren 188 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Burris 29 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Burris 345 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Burris 224 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Burriscarra 259 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Bush Island 1 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Bush Island 1 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Bushfield 193 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Cabintown 193 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Cabragh 255 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Cabragh 168 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Caffoley 394 Tirawley Addergoole Ballina
Caher 564 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Caher 121 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Caher 181 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Caher 417 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Caher 81 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Caher Island 128 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Caheravoostia 351 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Cahercroobeen 64 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Caherduff 376 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Caheredmond 156 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cahergal 75 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Caherhemush 134 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Caherloughlin 252 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Cahermaculick 459 Kilmaine Moorgagagh Ballinrobe
Cahernablauhy 151 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cahernabrock 612 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Cahernabudogy 67 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cahernacreevy 87 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cahernagollum 180 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Cahernagry East 76 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Cahernagry West 199 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Cahernamallaght 249 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cahernamart 162 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Cahernaran Island 4 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Cahernichole East 133 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Cahernichole West 73 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Caherrevagh and Cloonameeltoge 623 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Caherrobert 191 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Caherwiclaun 326 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Caldragh 170 Costello Knock Claremorris
Calf Island 8 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Calla 28 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Callacoon 529 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Calliaghadoo 449 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Callow 1,242 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Callowbrack 624 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Caltragh 109 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Calveagh Lower 221 Costello Kilbeagh Castlereagh
Calveagh Upper 162 Costello Kilbeagh Castlereagh
Camcloon Beg 135 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Camcloon More 83 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Camderrynabinnia 222 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Camillaun 1 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Camillaun (or Holy Island) 4 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Canbrack 264 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Capnagower 214 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Cappacharnaun 292 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Cappacurry 315 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cappagh 315 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cappagh 284 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Cappagh North 116 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Cappagh South 124 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Cappaghduff East 458 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Cappaghduff West 514 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Cappanaglogh 119 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Capparanny 248 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cappavicar North 171 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cappavicar South 174 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cappulcorragh 545 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Caraun 359 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Caraun (or Ballyhenry) 168 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Carbad Beg 72 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Carbad More 321 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Carha 508 Carra Islandeady Westport
Carha 835 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Carheen 186 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Carheenbrack 635 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Carheens 108 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Carheens 252 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Carn 212 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Carn 94 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Carn 505 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Carn 128 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Carn 158 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Carn 367 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Carn 620 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Carn 239 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Carn (Fowler) 675 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Carn (Nash) 640 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Carn Beg 164 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Carn More 196 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Carnclogh 330 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Carnhill 597 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Carrick 196 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Carrick 421 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Carrick Hill 107 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Carrickacat 196 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Carrickanass 216 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Carrickaneady 247 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Carrickavea 1 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Carrickbarrett 206 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Carrickboorla 1 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Carrickheelia 1 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Carrickkildavnet 184 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Carrickmacantire 232 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Carrickmacantire 232 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Carrigeen Middle 1 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Carrigeenagur 1 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Carrigeendavoe 3 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Carrigeenglass North 3 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Carrigeenglass South 1 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Carrigeennakeelagh 12 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Carrigskeewaun 142 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Carrow Beg 144 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Carrow More 166 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Carrowaneeragh 191 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Carroward 448 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Carrowbaun 231 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Carrowbaun 60 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Carrowbaun 321 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Carrowbaun 491 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Carrowbeg 308 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Carrowbeg 107 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Carrowbeg 626 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Carrowbeg 101 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Carrowbeg 197 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Carrowbeg 137 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Carrowbeg 1,104 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Carrowbeg 118 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Carrowbeg (fergus) 49 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Carrowbeg East 137 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Carrowbeg North 138 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Carrowbeg South 112 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Carrowbeg West 41 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Carrowbrack 96 Kilmaine Mayo Ballinrobe
Carrowbrinoge 365 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Carrowcally 109 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Carrowcanada 497 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Carrowcastle 294 Gallen Bohola Castlebar
Carrowcastle 810 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Carrowclaggan 94 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Carrowcloghagh 162 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Carrowclogher 334 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Carrowconeen 72 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Carrowconnell 104 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Carrowconor 213 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Carrowcor 362 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Carrowcor 124 Costello Knock Claremorris
Carrowcrin 227 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Carrowcrom 477 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Carrowcuilleen 899 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Carrowdoogan 498 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Carroweeny 408 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Carrowgallda 463 Gallen Templemore Swineford
Carrowgarve 206 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Carrowgarve 201 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Carrowgarve 214 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Carrowgarve North 315 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Carrowgarve South 676 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Carrowgowan 168 Gallen Bohola Castlebar
Carrowhall 152 Carra Rosslee Ballinrobe
Carrowhawny 118 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Carrowjames 176 Carra Drum Castlebar
Carrowkeel 386 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Carrowkeel 54 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Carrowkeel 185 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Carrowkeel 141 Carra Burriscarra Castlebar
Carrowkeel 87 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Carrowkeel 285 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Carrowkeel 455 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Carrowkeel 281 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Carrowkeel 137 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Carrowkeel 109 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Carrowkeel 184 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Carrowkeel 146 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Carrowkeel 173 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Carrowkeel East 206 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Carrowkeel North 426 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Carrowkeel South 100 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Carrowkeel West 164 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Carrowkeeran 86 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Carrowkelly 305 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Carrowkennedy 381 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Carrowkeribly 1,737 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Carrowkibbock Lower 177 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Carrowkibbock Upper 333 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Carrowkilleen 800 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Carrowkilleen 129 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Carrowkilleen 295 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Carrowleagh 3,143 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Carrowlena 84 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Carrowliam Beg 311 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Carrowliam More 330 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Carrowlisdooaun 211 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Carrowmacloughlin 600 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Carrowmacloughlin 242 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Carrowmacshane 306 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Carrowmarley 171 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Carrowmoney 285 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Carrowmore Town Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Carrowmore 467 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Carrowmore 134 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Carrowmore 263 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Carrowmore 193 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Carrowmore 163 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Carrowmore 358 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Carrowmore 432 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Carrowmore 322 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Carrowmore 1,356 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Carrowmore 688 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Carrowmore 349 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Carrowmore 445 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Carrowmore 308 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Carrowmore 613 Costello Knock Claremorris
Carrowmore 478 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Carrowmore 239 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Carrowmore 89 Kilmaine Moorgagagh Ballinrobe
Carrowmore 144 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Carrowmore North 275 Carra Drum Castlebar
Carrowmore South 46 Carra Drum Castlebar
Carrowmore West 261 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Carrowmoremoy 331 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Carrownaclea 308 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Carrownacon (Carnacon) 264 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Carrownacross 110 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Carrownacross 115 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Carrownaculla 347 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Carrownageeragh 33 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Carrownageeragh 269 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Carrownaglogh 2,294 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Carrownaglogh 3,515 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Carrownagreggaun 200 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Carrownagurraun 50 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Carrownahaltore 34 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Carrownahaun 531 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Carrownakilly 57 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Carrownalecka 278 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Carrownaltore 138 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Carrownalurgan 267 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Carrownamallaght 334 Costello Knock Claremorris
Carrownaraha 468 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Carrownaskeha 118 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Carrowncurry 152 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Carrowndangan 543 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Carrowneden 572 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Carrowneden 416 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Carrowneden 216 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Carrowneden 555 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Carrownisky 400 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Carrownisky 979 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Carrownlabaun 731 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Carrownlacka 720 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Carrownlough 363 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Carrownluggaun 45 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Carrownskehaun 241 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Carrownteeaun 314 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Carrowntleva 383 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Carrowntober 235 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Carrowntober Eighter 93 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Carrowntober Oughter 100 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Carrowntreila 426 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Carrownturly 163 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Carrownurlaur 151 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Carrowoughteragh 234 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Carrowreagh 86 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Carrowreagh 169 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Carrowreagh 304 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Carrowreagh 253 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Carrowreagh 791 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Carrowreagh 901 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Carrowreagh 203 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Carrowreaghmony 148 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Carrowrevagh 907 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Carrowroger 133 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Carrowsallagh 331 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Carrowscoltia 146 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Carrowskeheen 419 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Carrowslattery 184 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Carrowsteelagh 273 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Carrowsteelaun 237 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Carrowsteige 403 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Carrowstootagh 218 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Carrowtrasna 230 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Carrowvaneen 245 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Cartoon 212 Tirawley Killala Killala
Cartoor 132 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Cartron 1,886 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Cartron 47 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Cartron 279 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cartron 87 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Cartron 125 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Cartron 129 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cartron 460 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cartron 126 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cartron 501 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Cartron 147 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Cartron 227 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Cartron 76 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Cartron 60 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Cartron (French) 50 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cartron (Kirwan) 52 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cartron (Lindsay) 129 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cartron North 227 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cartronbower 233 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Cartronduff 194 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Cartrongilbert 88 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Cartrongilbert 248 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Cartronmacmanus 147 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Cartronnacross 202 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cartronrathroe 77 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Cartronstanton 33 Carra Drum Castlebar
Cashel 1,687 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Cashel 305 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Cashel 366 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Cashel 417 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cashel 312 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Cashel 394 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Cashel 589 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Cashel Lower 151 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cashel Upper 244 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cashelard 227 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Cashelcolaun 206 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Cashelduff 702 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cashellahenny 242 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Cashels 63 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Casheltourly 331 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cashlancran 267 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Castle Island 4 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Castleaffy 131 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Castlebar Town Carra Aglish Castlebar
Castlebarnagh 245 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Castleburke 207 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Castlecarra 496 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Castlecrunnoge 159 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Castlegar 270 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Castlehill 414 Tirawley Addergoole Ballina
Castlehill 349 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Castlehill 1,188 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Castlelackan Demesne 292 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Castlelucas 58 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Castlemagarret North 262 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Castlemagarretpark New 507 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Castlemagarretpark Old 170 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Castlemore (or Ballymaging) 285 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Castlenageeha 169 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Castlereagh 309 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Castlereagh 470 Tirawley Killala Killala
Castleroyan 514 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Castlesheenaghan 392 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Castletown 155 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Castletown 624 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Castletown 285 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Castletown 372 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Catfort 165 Carra Drum Castlebar
Caulicaun 12 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Caurans Lower 243 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Caurans Upper (or Oughterard) 119 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cavan 247 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cavanquarter 137 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cave 155 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Chain Island 2 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Cherryfield 70 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Church Island 7 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Churchfield 403 Costello Knock Claremorris
Churchfield 30 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Churchpark 62 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Claddy 1,038 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Claggan 174 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Claggan 1,066 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Claggan 116 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Claggan 190 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Clagganmountain 1,848 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Claggarnagh East 990 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Claggarnagh East 309 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Claggarnagh West 963 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Claggarnagh West 372 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Clagnagh 95 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Clare Town Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Clare 1,086 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Clareen 177 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Claremount 313 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Clashcame 673 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Classaghroe 208 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Clerhaun 115 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Cliff Island 4 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Cloghadockan 146 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cloghan 65 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Cloghanlucas North 266 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Cloghannageeragh 283 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Cloghans 239 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Cloghans Beg 227 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cloghans More 165 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cloghboley 154 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Cloghbrack Far 1,042 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Cloghbrack Near 798 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Clogher 303 Carra Burriscarra Castlebar
Clogher 197 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Clogher 406 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Clogher 395 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Clogher 297 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Clogher Beg 126 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Clogher More 244 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Clogherduff 52 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Clogherowan 145 Carra Drum Castlebar
Cloghmore 168 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Cloghmoyne 706 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Cloghvoley 492 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Clonainra 532 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Cloonacannana 329 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Cloonacauna 105 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Cloonacurry 194 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Cloonagalloon 155 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Cloonagh 169 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Cloonagh 263 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Cloonagh 111 Carra Drum Castlebar
Cloonagh 301 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Cloonagh Beg & Knockegan 178 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Cloonagh More 384 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Cloonaghboy 295 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Cloonaghduff 161 Carra Drum Castlebar
Cloonaghduff 26 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cloonaghmanagh 56 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Cloonaghmore 176 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Cloonaghmore 143 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Cloonaghmore 137 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Cloonakillina 279 Costello Kilturra Swineford
Cloonalaghan 235 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Cloonaleedin 56 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Cloonalison 193 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cloonalough 74 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Cloonamore 645 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Cloonan 239 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Cloonanaff 297 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Cloonanass 126 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Cloonapisha 129 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Cloonark 79 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cloonaverry 75 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Cloonavullaun 212 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Cloonaweema 225 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cloonawillin 134 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Cloonawillin 173 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Cloonbanaun 311 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Cloonbaul 270 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Cloonbonniff 507 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Cloonbookeighter 244 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Cloonbookoughter 315 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Cloonboorhy 266 Carra Burriscarra Castlebar
Cloonboy 445 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cloonboy 180 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Cloonbrone 51 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Cloonbulban 242 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Cloonbullig 115 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Clooncah 145 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Clooncan 286 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Clooncanavan 117 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Clooncarha 204 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Clooncarrabaun 123 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Clooncleevragh 142 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Cloonconlan 464 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Cloonconneelaun 188 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cloonconor 36 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cloonconra 197 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Cloonconragh East 147 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Cloonconragh West 281 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Cloonconway 83 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Clooncormick 731 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Clooncorraun 256 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Clooncous 153 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Clooncrooeel 147 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Cloondace 354 Costello Knock Claremorris
Cloondacon 247 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Cloondaff 2,130 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Cloondaver 151 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Cloondeash 261 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Cloondinnaire 185 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Cloondoolough 230 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Cloondroon 243 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cloonean 257 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cloonee 459 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cloonee 455 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Clooneen 259 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Clooneen 169 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Clooneen 328 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Clooneen 381 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Clooneen 77 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Clooneencarra 139 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Clooneenkillew 174 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Clooneigh 115 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Cloonengh 261 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cloonerneen 441 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Clooneshil 221 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Cloonfadda 202 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Cloonfane 265 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cloonfaughna 160 Costello Knock Claremorris
Cloonfaulus 605 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Cloonfeaghra 444 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Cloonfeightrim 627 Costello Kilturra Swineford
Cloonfert 206 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Cloonfinish 353 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Cloonfinnaun 469 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Cloonflyn 298 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Cloonfoher 283 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Cloongawnagh 328 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cloongawnagh 328 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cloongawnagh 234 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cloongawnagh (Burke) 838 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cloongawnagh (Cosgrave) 586 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cloongee 693 Gallen Templemore Swineford
Cloonglasney 188 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Cloongowla 617 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cloongullaun 452 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Cloonierin 1,045 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Clooninshin 144 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Cloonkedagh 110 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Cloonkee 469 Tirawley Kilfian Ballina
Cloonkeeghan 83 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Cloonkeeghan Commons 343 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cloonkeen 560 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Cloonkeen 135 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Cloonkeen 97 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Cloonkelly 104 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Cloonkerry 400 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cloonkesh 359 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cloonlagheen 404 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Cloonlara 345 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Cloonlara 488 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Cloonlarhan 534 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cloonlaur 84 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Cloonlavis Lower 268 Clanmorris Knock Claremorris
Cloonlavis Upper 166 Clanmorris Knock Claremorris
Cloonlee 463 Costello Knock Claremorris
Cloonliffen 185 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cloonlumney 2,200 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Cloonlumney 324 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Cloonlynchaghaun 106 Carra Drum Castlebar
Cloonlyon 229 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cloonmaan 41 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Cloonmeen 183 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Cloonmeen East 386 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cloonmeen West 263 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cloonmonad 159 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Cloonmore 273 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Cloonmore 161 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Cloonmore Lower 396 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cloonmore Upper 356 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cloonmung 382 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Cloonnagashel 486 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cloonnagleragh 238 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cloonnagleragh 313 Costello Knock Claremorris
Cloonnagoppoge 156 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Cloonnahulty 195 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cloonnameeltoge & Caherrevagh 623 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cloonnamna 749 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Cloonooragh 432 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Cloonshanbo 181 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Cloonshinnagh 174 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Cloonshinnagh 170 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Cloonskeagh 196 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Cloonskill 333 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Cloonskirtaun 43 Tirawley Killala Killala
Cloonsnaghta 131 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Cloonsunna 60 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Cloonta 491 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Cloontakilla 1,178 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Cloontakillew 56 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Cloontally 131 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Cloontarriff 292 Costello Knock Claremorris
Cloontarriff 97 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cloontooa 510 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cloontubbrid 579 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Cloontubbrid 411 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cloontumper 626 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Cloonturk 323 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cloonturk 164 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Cloonturnaun 155 Costello Knock Claremorris
Cloonty 179 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Cloontybaunan 122 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Cloontykillew 238 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Cloonyarigaun 202 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Cloonycollaran 101 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cloonygowan 208 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Cloonygunnaun 89 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Cloonyvollow 122 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Clossaghroe 313 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Cloyrawer 177 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Cluddaun 1,772 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Clyard 179 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Clydagh 1,667 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Clylea (or Greyfield) 92 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Clynish 80 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Coarse Island 4 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Coarsefield 204 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Coarsepark 87 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Cogaula 400 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Cogaula 477 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Colladussaun 163 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Collagh 299 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Collan Beg 16 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Collan More 196 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Cominch 353 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Commauns 515 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Commons 11 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Commons 37 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Commons 4 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Conaghra 461 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Conaghra 204 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Cong Town Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Cong North 12 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Cong South 9 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Conloon 280 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Conor\'s Island 15 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Conrea 40 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Coogue Middle 282 Costello Aghamore Claremorris
Coogue North 329 Costello Aghamore Claremorris
Coogue South 333 Costello Aghamore Claremorris
Cool Lodge 107 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Coolaghbaun 112 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Coolaghbaun 132 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Coolaght 448 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Coolaghtane 118 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Coolavally 242 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Coolbarreen 212 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Coolcashla 193 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Coolcon 284 Kilmaine Kilcommon Claremorris
Coolcran 190 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Coolcran 36 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Coolcran 227 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Coolcronaun 557 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Cooleen 129 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cooley 74 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Coollagagh 720 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Coollena 104 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Coollisduff 390 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Coollisduff 101 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Coolloughra 232 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Coolloughra 56 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Coolmakean 231 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Coolnabinna 1,356 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Coolnafarna 378 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Coolnaha North 484 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Coolnaha South 631 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Coolroe 198 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Coolturk 1,261 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Coolylaughnan 345 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Coonealcauraun 706 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Coonealmore 368 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Cooslughoga 39 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Corbally 198 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Corclogh 343 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Corclogh 1,050 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Corcullin 493 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Cordarragh 379 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Cordarragh North 448 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Cordarragh South 1,086 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Cordroon 225 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Corgarriff 481 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Corgarve 69 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Corhawnagh 189 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Corlee 476 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Corlisland 4 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Corlummin 454 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Cornabavoley 68 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Cornacarta 183 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Cornacartan 299 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Cornagashlaun 475 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Cornageahta 84 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cornageeha 215 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Cornalassan 185 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Cornamarrow 264 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Cornamonaster 178 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Cornanaff 65 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Cornanagh 342 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Cornanool 132 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Cornaroya 361 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cornaveagh 200 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Cornaveagh 124 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Cornehan 2 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Cornfield 594 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Corrabaun 163 Carra Drum Castlebar
Corracrow 538 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Corradrish 89 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Corradrishy 818 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Corragaun 91 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Corragaun 184 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Corragooly 244 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Corrahoor 198 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Corratanvally 224 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Corratowick 187 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Corraun 136 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Corraun 441 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Corraun 573 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Corraunboy 76 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Corravegaun East 140 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Corravegaun West 274 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Corravokeen 809 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Correens 95 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Corrower 864 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Corroy 187 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Corryaughany 364 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Corrydavit 493 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Corrymailley 353 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Corskeagh 83 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Corveagh Lower 299 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Corveagh Upper 988 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Corvickremon 71 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Corvoderry 3,001 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Corvoley 810 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Cossallagh 204 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Cottage 214 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Cottage 241 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Cow Island 11 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Cragagh 86 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Craggagh 693 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Craggera 32 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Craggy 172 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Cranareen 73 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Cranmore 97 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Cranmore 149 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Crannagh 233 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Crantahar 119 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Creagh Demesne 599 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Creaghanboy 155 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Creeragh 141 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Creevagh 414 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Creevagh 651 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Creevagh Beg 255 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Creevagh Middle 251 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Creevagh More 461 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Creevagh North 247 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Creevagh North 283 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Creevagh South 404 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Creevagh South 414 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Creevaghaun 39 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Creevard 222 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Creevaroddaun 195 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Creeve Island 1 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Creeveeshel 188 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Creevy 476 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Cregaree 217 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Cregduff 277 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Cregduff 188 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Cregduff 248 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cregg 178 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Creggaballagh 255 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Creggagh 475 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Creggan 682 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Cregganawoddy 462 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Cregganbaun 368 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Cregganbeg 631 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Cregganbell 295 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Cregganbrack 341 Costello Knock Claremorris
Cregganmore 1,274 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Creggannagappul 71 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Creggannaseer 18 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Creggannavar 91 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Cregganroe 710 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Creggarve 342 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Creggaun 181 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Creggaun 187 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Creggaun 382 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Creggaunnahorna 88 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Creggawatta 128 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Cregmore (Browne) 174 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cregmore (Lynch) 124 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Cregnafyla 161 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Cregnanagh 38 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Cregnanagh 131 Kilmaine Moorgagagh Ballinrobe
Crillaun 963 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Crinnish 459 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Croaghaun 1,828 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Croaghaun East 1,552 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Croaghaun West 1,409 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Croaghrimbeg 875 Carra Ballintober Ballinrobe
Croaghrimcarra 1,147 Carra Ballintober Ballinrobe
Crockaunrannell 233 Costello Knock Claremorris
Crocknacally 1,099 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Croftonpark 476 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Croghan 180 Tirawley Killala Killala
Cross 188 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Cross 295 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Cross (Boyd) 285 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Cross Common 150 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Cross East 465 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Cross East (or Wallace East) 191 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Cross North 16 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Cross South 264 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Cross West 308 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Cross West (or Wallace West) 224 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Crossard 569 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Crossbeg 299 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Crossboyne 112 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Crossmolina 126 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Crosspatrick 166 Tirawley Killala Killala
Crott 218 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Crott Mountain 1,329 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Crovinish 28 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Crowhill 32 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Crumlin 439 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Crumlin 869 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Crunaun 446 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Cuilbeg 133 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Cuildoo 489 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Cuilgar 48 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Cuilkillew 677 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Cuillalea 708 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Cuillaloughaun 1,432 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Cuillare 95 Carra Drum Castlebar
Cuillatinny 158 Costello Knock Claremorris
Cuillaun 659 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Cuillaun 813 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Cuillaun 224 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Cuilleen 885 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Cuillonaghtan 1,144 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Cuilmore 402 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Cuilmore 765 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Cuilmore 983 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Cuilmore 999 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cuilmullagh 1,107 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Cuiltrasna 267 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Cuiltrean 227 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Cuiltybo 670 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Cuiltybo 298 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Cuiltycreaghan 407 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Cuing Beg 337 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Cuing More 189 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Cullagh 107 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Culleens 530 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Cullentragh 152 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Cullentragh 540 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Cullentragh 106 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Cullentragh 260 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Culliagh 581 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Cullin 505 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Culnacleha 395 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Cum 297 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Cummer 414 Carra Islandeady Westport
Cummer 353 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Cunlaghfadda 330 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Cunnagher North 682 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cunnagher South 229 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Cunnaker 97 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Curneen 290 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Curraboy 689 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Curraboy (Knox) 237 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Curraboy (or Kilmaine) 117 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Curragh 114 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Curragh 220 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Curraghaderry 65 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Curraghadooey 721 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Curraghbaun 37 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Curraghboy 141 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Curraghlahan 282 Costello Knock Claremorris
Curraghmore 1,068 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Curraghmore 160 Carra Drum Castlebar
Curraghteemore 193 Costello Knock Claremorris
Curramore 200 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Curranny 85 Carra Drum Castlebar
Currantawy 59 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Curraun Boy 2,755 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Curries 306 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Currinah 456 Costello Kilbeagh Castlereagh
Curry 115 Carra Drum Castlebar
Curry 236 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Curry (Kirwan) 558 Kilmaine Mayo Ballinrobe
Curry (MacManus) 167 Kilmaine Mayo Ballinrobe
Curry (MacManus) 202 Clanmorris Mayo Ballinrobe
Curryaun 588 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Currycallaun 123 Carra Drum Castlebar
Cushalogurt 158 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Cushinkeel 217 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Cushinsheeaun 280 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Cushinyen 247 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Cushlecka 587 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Cuslough Demesne 278 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Dadreen 861 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Dalgan Demesne 916 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Dalteen 399 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Danganmore 389 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Darhanagh 124 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Darraragh 320 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Davillaun 60 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Davros 663 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Deelcastle 615 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Deer Island 1 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Deerpark 329 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Deerpark 211 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Deerpark 131 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Deerpark East 169 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Deerpark Lower 69 Carra Drum Castlebar
Deerpark Upper 106 Carra Drum Castlebar
Deerpark West 288 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Demesne 182 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Derradda 193 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derradda 228 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Derradda 147 Costello Knock Claremorris
Derragh 156 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Derragh 43 Costello Knock Claremorris
Derrakillew 563 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Derrartan 160 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Derrassa 1,299 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Derrassa Commons 238 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Derreen 103 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Derreen 117 Carra Drum Castlebar
Derreen 641 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Derreen 186 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Derreen 1,770 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Derreenmanus 257 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Derreenmulroy 45 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Derreennanalbanagh 264 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Derreennascooba 590 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Derreennawinshin 391 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Derreens 260 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Derreens 537 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Derreens 246 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Derreens 178 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Derreens Island 16 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Derreenyanimna 281 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Derrew 444 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Derrew 198 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Derrew Old 138 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Derrindaffderg 1,366 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Derrindaffderg Commons 187 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Derrinish [Island] 29 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Derrinkee 2,211 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Derrinlevaun 116 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Derrintaggart 154 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derrintin 1,995 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Derrintloura 219 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Derrintogher 163 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Derrinumera 701 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Derrowel Beg 63 Clanmorris Mayo Castlebar
Derrowel More 215 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Derry 273 Clanmorris Knock Claremorris
Derry 109 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Derry 344 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Derry 162 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Derry Lower 1,471 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Derry Upper 1,725 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Derryadda 86 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Derryaun 164 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Derrybrack 73 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Derrybrock 1,309 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derrycashel 375 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Derryclaha 242 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Derrycleetagh 97 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derrycontoort East 183 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derrycontoort West 66 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derrycooldrim 519 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derrycooraun 341 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Derrycoosh 60 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Derrycoosh 224 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Derrycoosh 513 Carra Islandeady Westport
Derrycorrib 692 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Derrycraff 1,300 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Derrycreeve 186 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Derrydorneen 226 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Derrydorragh 27 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Derryfadda 578 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Derryfadda Lower 307 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Derryfadda Upper 256 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Derrygarve 265 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derrygarve 170 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Derrygarve Beg 304 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Derrygarve East 24 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Derrygarve More 304 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Derrygarve West 304 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Derrygaury 251 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Derrygay 437 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Derrygorman 824 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Derrygowla 81 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Derrygullinaun 160 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Derryharriff North 498 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Derryharriff South 429 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Derryhawna 349 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Derryheeagh 512 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Derryherbert 1,059 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Derryhick 211 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Derryhillagh 211 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derryhillagh 1,832 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Derryilra 433 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Derrykill East 251 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derrykill West 203 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derrykinlough 560 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Derrykinlough 504 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Derrylahan 278 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Derrylahan 267 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Derrylahan 100 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Derrylea 480 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Derrylea 195 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Derrylea 118 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Derrylea 172 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Derryloughan Beg 57 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derryloughan East 916 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derryloughan More 231 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derryloughan North 241 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derryloughan South 301 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Derrymannin 173 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Derrymartin 821 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Derrymore 165 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Derrymore 216 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Derrymore 329 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Derrymore 604 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Derrynabaunshy 502 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Derrynabrock 1,478 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Derrynacannana 268 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Derrynacong 332 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Derrynacross 68 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Derrynacross 98 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Derrynadivva 889 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Derrynagooley 74 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Derrynagower 211 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Derrynagran 178 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Derrynagur 76 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Derrynaleck 285 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Derrynameel 488 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Derrynamraher 52 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Derrynamuck 276 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Derrynamuck 254 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Derrynamuck 119 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Derrynanaff 59 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Derrynanaff 112 Costello Kilbeagh Castlereagh
Derrynaned 79 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Derrynaraw 142 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Derrynarud 24 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Derrynashask 36 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Derrynaskeagh 74 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Derryool 67 Costello Knock Claremorris
Derryool 111 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Derryool 156 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Derryoran 131 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Derryribbeen 599 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Derryronan 993 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Derryveeny 1,302 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Derryvicneill 161 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Derryvohy 280 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Derryvulcaun 421 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Dervin 281 Tirawley Addergoole Ballina
Devenish Island 7 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Devleash 125 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Devleash East 193 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Devleash West 548 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Devlin 100 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Devlin North 273 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Devlin South 267 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Devlis 133 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Divish 60 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Donnageaga (or Brownstown) 343 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Doobehy 1,254 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Doocastle (or Ballindoo) 1,956 Costello Kilturra Swineford
Dooega 3,761 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Doogary 440 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Doogary 126 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Doogary 439 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Doogary 74 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Doogary 906 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Doogary 100 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Dooghbeg 1,791 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Dooghill 448 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Dooghmakeon 1,213 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Dooghtry 274 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Doogort 226 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Doogort East 2,034 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Doogort West 1,659 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Doohooma 1,102 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Dooinkelly (Calvey) 1,935 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Dooinkelly (Thulis) 793 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Dooleague 249 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Dooleeg Beg 682 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Dooleeg More 1,472 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Doolough 2,499 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Doon 247 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Doona 1,212 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Doonadoba 661 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Doonamona 146 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Doonanaroo Lower 283 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Doonanaroo Upper 199 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Doonaroya 737 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Doonbredia 366 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Doonbredia Mountain 278 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Doonbristy 1 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Dooncarton (or Glengad) 830 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Dooncastle 338 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Dooneen 2 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Doonfeeny Lower 51 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Doonfeeny Upper 635 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Dooniver 767 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Doonmacreena 138 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Doonmaynor 431 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Doonnahinneena 2 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Doonnamona 76 Carra Drum Castlebar
Doontrusk 471 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Doonty 356 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Doonvinalla 6 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Doorath 216 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Dooreel 1,177 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Dooros 76 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Doovilra 118 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Dooyork 1,164 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Dorans Island 5 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Dorinishmore 9 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Dorinshbeg 5 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Dowagh East 70 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Dowagh West 165 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Drinaghan 108 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Dringeen Eighter 211 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Dringeen Middle 180 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Dringeen Oughter 329 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Drishaghaun 239 Kilmaine Mayo Ballinrobe
Dromada (Duke) 567 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Dromada (Gore) 287 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Dromada (Joyce) 165 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Dromore 236 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Drum 75 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Drum 302 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Drum 430 Costello Knock Claremorris
Drum (or Knockatemple) 208 Carra Drum Castlebar
Drumacappul Island 3 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Drumacoo 621 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Drumaderry 358 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Drumadoon 206 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Drumadoon 209 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Drumady 517 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Drumagh 177 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Drumagh 36 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Drumaleheen 68 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Drumalooaun 160 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Drumanaffrin 1,194 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Drumard 146 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Drumask 80 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Drumbaun 306 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Drumbrastle East 97 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Drumbrastle West 89 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Drumcoggy Mountain 875 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Drumconlan 92 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Drumcorrabaun 133 Carra Drum Castlebar
Drumcorrabaun 175 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Drumdaff 151 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Drumdoogh 156 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Drumdrishaghaun 149 Carra Drum Castlebar
Drumelly 256 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Drumfurban 46 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Drumgar 146 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Drumgarve 168 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Drumgollagh 550 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Drumgoney 142 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Drumhuskert 107 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Drumilra 894 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Drumkeaghta 96 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Drumkeen 178 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Drumlong 68 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Drumloughra 181 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Drumloughra 42 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Drummannaglieve 94 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Drummeennavaddoge 50 Carra Drum Castlebar
Drummin 245 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Drummin East 242 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Drummin East 84 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Drummin North 55 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Drummin South 48 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Drummin West 86 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Drummin West 583 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Drumminabo 287 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Drumminaguncan 472 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Drumminahaha 231 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Drumminaweelaun 36 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Drummindoo 323 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Drummindoo 63 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Drumminracahill 1 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Drumminracahill 146 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Drumminroe East 145 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Drumminroe West 1,104 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Drumminwonagh 319 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Drumnacarta 53 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Drumnalassan 518 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Drumnanangle 179 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Drumnashinnagh 228 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Drumnaslooeen 186 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Drumneen 310 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Drumneen 105 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Drumneen 325 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Drumneen 505 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Drumneen (Prendergast) 144 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Drumneen Beg 67 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Drumneen More 99 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Drumneen South 104 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Drumreagh 757 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Drumrevagh 473 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Drumrud 150 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Drumscoba 208 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Drumsheel Lower 235 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Drumsheel Upper 120 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Drumsheen 1,513 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Drumshinnagh 77 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Drumshinnagh 173 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Drumshinnagh 270 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Drumshinnagh (Lynch) 64 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Drumsleed 1,061 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Drunganagh East 241 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Drunganagh West 200 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Durless 1,092 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Duvillaun More 155 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Duvillaun-beg 24 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Eagle Island 14 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Easter Island 1 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Easter Rock Island 1 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Eden 327 Costello Knock Claremorris
Ederglen 861 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Edmondstown Demesne (or Tullaghanmore) 440 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Ellagh-Beg 955 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Ellagh-More 896 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Ellaghs 282 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Ellistronbeg 343 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Ellistronparks 76 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Elly 703 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Elmhall 202 Carra Drum Castlebar
Emlagh 375 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Emlybeg (Kyle) 68 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Emlybeg North 496 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Emlybeg South 463 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Emlycass 214 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Enagh Beg 400 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Enagh More 410 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Errew 497 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Errew 200 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Erriff 278 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Erriff 305 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Erriff 2,438 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Esker 71 Clanmorris Knock Claremorris
Esker 149 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Esker 134 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Esker East 140 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Esker North 103 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Esker South 182 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Eskeragh 944 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Eskerlevalley 236 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Eskermorilly 204 Clanmorris Knock Claremorris
Essaun 727 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Facefield 468 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Fahburren 696 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Faheens 464 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Fahy 157 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Fahy 269 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Fahy Beg 120 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Fahy More 92 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Fahybeg 12 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Fairfield Lower 502 Tirawley Kilfian Ballina
Fairfield Upper 281 Tirawley Kilfian Ballina
Fairhill 109 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Fallakeeran 213 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Fallataggart 4 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Fallduff 543 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Falleighter 819 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Fallgarve 74 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Fallmore 680 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Fallsollus 149 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Farmhill 297 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Farmhill 167 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Farnaght 389 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Farnaun 317 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Farragh 186 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Farrandeelion 238 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Farrannasculloge 657 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Farrannoo 316 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Faughill 189 Costello Knock Claremorris
Faulagh 946 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Fauleens 600 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Fauleens 543 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Fauleens 140 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Fawnglass 146 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Fawnmore 194 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Feamore 910 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Feenune 899 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Fiddaunnageeroge 1,798 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Fisherhill 335 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Flag Island 1 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Flughany 782 Costello Kilturra Swineford
Foghill 439 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Forkfield (or Gowel) 156 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Formoyle 454 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Formoyle 1,795 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Forrew 710 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Forthill 159 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Fortland 189 Tirawley Kilfian Ballina
Fortlawn 46 Carra Drum Castlebar
Fotish 274 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Fountainhill 207 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Foxford Town Gallen Toomore Swineford
Foxford 1,019 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Frasnadeffa 121 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Freaghillan 19 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Freaghillan 4 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Freaghillan 6 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Freaghillan West 3 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Freaghillanluggagh 3 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Freeheen 135 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Freeheen 172 Clanmorris Mayo Ballinrobe
Frenchbrook North 221 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Frenchbrook South 575 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Frenchgrove 668 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Friarsground 16 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Friarshill 26 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Friarsquarter East 220 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Friarsquarter West 241 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Friarstown 257 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Funshinagh 361 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Furgill 439 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Furnace 220 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Furnace 242 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Gaghta Island 4 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Gallagh 178 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Gallgort 74 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Garhawnagh 181 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Garracloon 133 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Garraghill 517 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Garranard 230 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Garrankeel 135 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Garranty 301 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Garraun 216 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Garraun 237 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Garraun 82 Kilmaine Moorgagagh Ballinrobe
Garraunard 169 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Garravlagh 299 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Garreens 202 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Garrow 92 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Garrycloonagh 173 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Garryduff 182 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Garryduff Middle 75 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Garryduff North 87 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Garryduff South 124 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Garryduff West 175 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Garrymore 663 Kilmaine Kilcommon Claremorris
Garrynabba 78 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Garrynagran 251 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Garryredmond 624 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Garryroe 92 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Garrywadreen 287 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Garterhill 671 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Geevraun 762 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Gladree 554 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Glasgort 307 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Glasheens 781 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Glasmansally 28 Carra Burriscarra Castlebar
Glaspatrick 823 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Glassillan 25 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Glassillan Island 1 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Glastrasna 390 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Glasvally 143 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Glebe 62 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Glebe 31 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Glebe 36 Carra Drum Castlebar
Glebe 61 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Glebe 41 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Glebe 47 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Glebe 67 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Glebe 47 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Glen 491 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Glenagh 1,200 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Glenagort 645 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Glenavenew 137 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Glenbaun 338 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Glencally 511 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Glencalry Lower 784 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Glencalry Upper 1,151 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Glencastle 2,336 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Glenconnelly 1,672 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Glencullin 2,086 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Glencullin 1,000 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Glencullin Lower 2,068 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Glencullin Upper 2,780 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Glendaduff 747 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Glendahurk 1,455 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Glendavock 1,743 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Glendavoolagh 2,024 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Glendorragha 1,874 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Glenedagh Eighter 433 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Glenedagh Oughter 1,071 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Glengad (or Dooncarton) 830 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Glenglassera 1,191 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Glenkeen 3,667 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Glenlara 1,822 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Glenlara 1,302 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Glenlaur 1,138 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Glenmask 1,872 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Glenmullynaha East 871 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Glenmullynaha West 945 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Glennacally 5,247 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Glennagashleeny 969 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Glennamaddoo 2,045 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Glennamong 4,453 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Glenora 781 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Glentavraun 1,578 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Glenthomas 1,129 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Glenturk Beg 1,823 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Glenturk More 1,547 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Glenulra 2,164 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Glenummera 2,866 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Glenummera 524 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Glinsk 505 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Glinsk 2,054 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Gneeve 274 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Goolamore 254 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Goose Island 9 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Gort 463 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Gortacurra 253 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Gortalavaun 39 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Gortaneden 189 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Gortaneden 789 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Gortanierin 108 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Gortanure 564 Costello Kilbeagh Castlereagh
Gortaphuill 230 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Gortaphuntaun 149 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Gortaroe 114 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Gortaroe 59 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Gortaruaun 56 Carra Drum Castlebar
Gortaskibbole 464 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Gortatober 171 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Gortatoger 328 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Gortatoor 191 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Gortawarla 196 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Gortbaun 380 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Gortbrack 332 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Gortbrack 249 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Gortbrack North 1,070 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Gortbrack South 1,114 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Gortbunacullin 1,204 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Gorteen 121 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Gorteen 335 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Gorteen 145 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Gorteen 241 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Gorteen 314 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Gorteen Beg 83 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Gorteen More 159 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Gorteendarragh 12 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Gorteendrunagh 243 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Gorteenlynagh 126 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Gorteenmore 140 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Gorteenmore 291 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Gorteennamuck 201 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Gorteenroe 101 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Gorteens 372 Kilmaine Moorgagagh Ballinrobe
Gortfadda 52 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Gortfahy 164 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Gortfree 284 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Gortgarve 154 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Gortgarve 24 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Gortjordan 124 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Gortlahan 248 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Gortleatilla 2,023 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Gortmellia 1,236 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Gortmore 769 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Gortnaclassagh 499 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Gortnadrehy 294 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Gortnafolla 426 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Gortnageeragh 190 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Gortnagranagher 31 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Gortnagusetaul 32 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Gortnaheltia 1,423 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Gortnahurra Lower 1,901 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Gortnahurra Upper 585 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Gortnalyer 43 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Gortnaraby 212 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Gortnaraha 455 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Gortnashammer 128 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Gortnasillagh 196 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Gortnaskohoge 103 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Gortnasmuttaun 155 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Gortnastang 65 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Gortskeddia 230 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Gortskehy 226 Kilmaine Kilcommon Claremorris
Goulaun 661 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Gowel 206 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Gowel 322 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Gowel (or Forkfield) 156 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Gowelboy 210 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Gowlaun 607 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Gowlaun 957 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Graddoge 131 Carra Rosslee Ballinrobe
Graffa Beg 135 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Graffa More 478 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Graffy 1,293 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Graffy 358 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Graffy 175 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Graffy 297 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Graghil 468 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Grallagh 24 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Grallagh 460 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Grallagh 612 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Grallaghgarden 29 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Grange 608 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Greaghaus 281 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Green Island 2 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Greenan 58 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Greenans 1,002 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Greenaun 2,240 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Greenaun 287 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Greenwood 278 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Greenwoodpark 270 Tirawley Kilfian Ballina
Greyfield (or Clylea) 92 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Griffins Island 1 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Guardhousepark 66 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Gubalennaun-beg 2 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Gubnahardia 159 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Gurraunard 162 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Gweesalia 997 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Gweeshadan 214 Carra Drum Castlebar
Hagfield (or Treanacally) 860 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Harefield 217 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Hawksford 456 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Hawthornlodge 143 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Hazelhill 449 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Heath 554 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Heath island 1 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Heathlawn 182 Clanmorris Mayo Castlebar
Hog Island 2 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Hollowpark 167 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Hollymount Town Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Hollymount Demesne 403 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Holy Island (or Camillaun) 4 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Holywell Lower 233 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Holywell Upper 150 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Horse Island 3 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Horse Island 8 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Houndswood Middle 426 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Houndswood North 377 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Houndswood South 316 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Hundred Acres 186 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Illan Boebeg 3 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Illan Boemore 8 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Illan Columbkille 1 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Illanataggart 29 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Illanatrim 1 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Illancroagh 5 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Illandavuck 6 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Illandawaur 3 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Illanee 1 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Illangub 1 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Illanmaster 6 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Illanmaw 1 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Illanmore 211 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Illannacooney 2 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Illannaglashy 81 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Illannambraher East 14 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Illannambraher West 11 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Illannamona 4 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Illanneill 1 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Illanoon 2 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Illanroe 2 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Illanroe 2 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Illanroe 2 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Illanteige East 38 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Illanteige West 21 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Illanulque 1 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Inagh 1,235 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Inchcorty 1 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishacrick 5 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishaghoo 14 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Inishangan (or Shangorman) 16 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Inishard 209 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Inishbee 38 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishbiggle 637 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Inishbobunnan 24 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishbollog 3 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Inishcannon 3 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishcoe 115 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Inishcooa 20 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishcoog 64 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Inishcoragh 8 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishcottle 23 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishcuill East 14 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Inishcuill West 2 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Inishdaff 32 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Inishdalla 15 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Inishdasky 15 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishdaugh 6 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Inishdaweel 15 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishdeashmore 6 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishdegilbeg 1 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Inishdegilmore 32 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Inishderry 3 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Inishdoonver 12 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishdugh 8 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Inishdurra 12 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Inisheeny 25 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Inisherkin 30 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishfesh 12 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Inishgalloon 13 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Inishgleasty 15 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Inishglora 37 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Inishgort 27 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishgort 34 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Inishgowla 31 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishgowla 32 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishgowla South 28 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishilra 8 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishimmel 3 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishkea North 464 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Inishkea South 344 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Inishkee 12 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishkeel 30 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishkeeragh North 8 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Inishkeeragh South 16 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Inishlaghan 1 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishlaughil 28 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishleague 13 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishlee 1 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Inishlim 6 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishloy 21 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Inishlyon 74 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Inishlyre 52 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishmaine 165 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Inishmolt 4 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Inishnacross 25 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishnakillew 58 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishoght 13 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Inishoo 17 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishowel 5 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Inishowen 29 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Inishower 36 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishquirk 28 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishraher 26 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishrobe 21 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Inishshark 581 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Inishskinnybeg 4 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Inishskinnymore 12 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Inishtubbrid 37 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Inishturk 59 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inishturlin 20 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Intake 55 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Inver 662 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Ishlaun 368 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Island 842 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Island More 77 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Island Morris 6 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Islandeady 20 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Islandmore 5 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Islandmore 264 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Islandmore 187 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Johnsfort 158 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Keebagh 84 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Keel East 1,644 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Keel West 4,071 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Keelkill 169 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Keelkill 644 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Keeloges Town Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Keeloges 292 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Keeloges 122 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Keeloges Lower 29 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Keeloges New 297 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Keeloges Old 337 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Keeloges Upper 32 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Keenagh Beg 1,778 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Keenagh More 1,922 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Keerglen 1,768 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Kid Island 25 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Kid Island 4 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Kilbeg (Malone) 203 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Kilbree Lower 404 Burrishoole Ballintober Westport
Kilbree Upper 325 Burrishoole Ballintober Westport
Kilbrenan 90 Carra Drum Castlebar
Kilbride 817 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Kilbride 250 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Kilbride 631 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Kilbride 225 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Kilcashel 265 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Kilcolman 354 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Kilcolman 171 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Kilcommon 115 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Kilcommon (or Pollatomish) 672 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Kilcummin 186 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Kildaree 117 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Kildarra 104 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Kildavaroge 245 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Kildermot 139 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Kildotia 93 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Kildun 308 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Kildun Beg 285 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Kildun More 289 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Kilfaul 379 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Kilfea 181 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Kilgalligan 832 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Kilgarriff 788 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Kilgarriff 403 Costello Aghamore Claremorris
Kilgarriff West 1,139 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Kilgarvan 820 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Kilgarve 714 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Kilgeever 546 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Kilgellia 518 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Kilglassan 281 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Kilgobban 73 Tirawley Killala Killala
Kilgreana 244 Kilmaine Mayo Ballinrobe
Kilhale 830 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Kilkeeran 246 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Kilkeeran 241 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Kilkeeran 309 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Kilkeeran 373 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Kilkelly Town Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Kilkelly 46 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Kilkenny 91 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Kilknock 246 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Kilknock 315 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Kill 193 Kilmaine Moorgagagh Ballinrobe
Kill 430 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Killaclare 252 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Killacorraun 1,282 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Killadangan 218 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Killadangan 220 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Killadeer 870 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Killadeer 720 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Killadoon 438 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Killaghoor 264 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Killaghwaun 85 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Killala Town Tirawley Killala Killala
Killala 392 Tirawley Killala Killala
Killard 84 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Killaturly 856 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Killavally East 453 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Killavally West 552 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Killawullaun East 331 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Killawullaun Mountain 331 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Killawullaun West 329 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Killedan 455 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Killeen 216 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Killeen 51 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Killeen 340 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Killeen 55 Clanmorris Knock Claremorris
Killeen 124 Carra Drum Castlebar
Killeen 196 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Killeen 364 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Killeen 315 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Killeen 155 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Killeen 356 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Killeena 315 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Killeencoff 223 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Killeennashask 103 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Killeenrevagh 278 Kilmaine Kilcommon Claremorris
Killeenrevagh 505 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Killencreevagh 15 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Killerduff 304 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Killernan 531 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Killimor 747 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Killogeary 192 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Killogunra 98 Tirawley Killala Killala
Killosheheen 249 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Killour 239 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Killoveeny 391 Costello Knock Claremorris
Killunagher 555 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Killybrone 101 Tirawley Killala Killala
Killylea 102 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Kilmacanelly 88 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Kilmacduagh 172 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Kilmacrade 213 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Kilmaine Town Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Kilmaine 35 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Kilmainepark 80 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Kilmannin 127 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Kilmeena 141 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Kilmore 866 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Kilmore 550 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Kilmoremoy 139 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Kilmovee 240 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Kilmurry Beg 102 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Kilmurry More 129 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Kilnageer 163 Carra Drum Castlebar
Kilnagower 179 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Kilquire Lower 331 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Kilquire Upper 195 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Kilroe 104 Tirawley Killala Killala
Kilrush 165 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Kilsallagh 1,307 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Kilsallagh Lower 702 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Kilsallagh Upper 347 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Kilscohagh 318 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Kilskeagh 115 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Kiltamagh Town Gallen Killedan Swineford
Kiltamagh 267 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Kiltarnaght 136 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Kiltarsaghaun 840 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Kiltaugharaun 168 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Kilteany 266 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Kiltogorra 305 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Kiltrone 545 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Kiltybo 226 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Kiltyroe 199 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Kilvanloon 199 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Kilvindoney 339 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Kilvine Town Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Kilvine 990 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Kinaff 594 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Kinard 218 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Kinatevdilla 6 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Kincon Town Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Kincon 614 Costello Knock Claremorris
Kincon 498 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Kinknock 279 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Kinlough 515 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Kinnadoohy 525 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Kinnakillew 2,020 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Kinnavally 167 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Kinnewry 1,035 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Kinturk Lower 119 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Kinturk Upper 28 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Knappagh Beg 699 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Knappagh More 434 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Knappaghmanagh 494 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Knock 366 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Knock North 274 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Knock South 74 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Knockacroghery 151 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Knockaculleen 172 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Knockacurreen 47 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Knockadangan 121 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Knockadoon 522 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Knockadoon 126 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Knockadorraghy 432 Clanmorris Mayo Ballinrobe
Knockadrum 125 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Knockafall 130 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Knockafarson (or Broadlands) 230 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Knockagarraun 237 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Knockagarravaun 228 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Knockaglana 1,035 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Knockagraffy 50 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Knockagreenaun 90 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Knockakeery 71 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Knockalassa 89 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Knockaleanore 108 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Knockalegan 152 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Knockalegan 360 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Knockalegan 112 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knockalinsky 141 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Knockalough 51 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Knockanaconny 284 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Knockananeel 201 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Knockananny 710 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Knockanarra 145 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Knockaneden 238 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Knockanelo 146 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Knockanerrew 68 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Knockanillaun 169 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Knockanotish 293 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Knockanour 136 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Knockanroe 61 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Knockanumera 167 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Knockanyeveen Town Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Knockaphunta 380 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Knockaraha 163 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Knockaraha East 40 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Knockaraha West 52 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Knockaskeehaun 244 Tirawley Kilfian Ballina
Knockaskibbole 479 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Knockasproha 131 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Knockataggart 87 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Knockatemple 299 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Knockatemple (or Drum) 208 Carra Drum Castlebar
Knockatinnole 150 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Knockatober 199 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Knockatotaun 173 Carra Rosslee Ballinrobe
Knockatotaun 38 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Knockaun 280 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Knockaunabroona 16 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Knockaunacat 109 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Knockaunakill 448 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Knockaunbaun 203 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Knockaunderry 100 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Knockavanloman 97 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Knockaveely Glebe 15 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knockavilla 141 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Knockavrony 170 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Knockballagh 104 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Knockbaun 151 Carra Drum Castlebar
Knockbaun 161 Clanmorris Knock Claremorris
Knockbaun 306 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Knockbaun 156 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Knockbeg 56 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Knockboha 252 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Knockboy 146 Carra Drum Castlebar
Knockboy 109 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Knockboy 37 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knockbrack 126 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Knockbrack 410 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Knockbrack 121 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Knockbrack 311 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Knockbrack 242 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Knockbrack 23 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Knockbrack (or Trouthill) 200 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Knockbreaga 146 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knockcahillaun 34 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Knockduff 164 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Knockeen 249 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Knockeeragh 113 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knockegan and Cloonagh Beg 178 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Knockfadda 493 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Knockfarnaght 447 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Knockfelim 66 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Knockfereen 84 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Knockfin 96 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Knockfree 327 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Knockglass 325 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Knockglass 311 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Knockglass 72 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knockglass 200 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Knocklahard 221 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Knocklehaugh 270 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Knockloughra 66 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knockmanagh 164 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Knockmanus 155 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knockmaria (or Addergoole) 227 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Knockmore 631 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Knockmore Eighter 114 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Knockmore Oughter 445 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Knockmoyle 94 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Knockmoyle 3,799 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Knockmoyle 506 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knockmoyleen 1,458 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Knockmoyleen 79 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Knockmoyleen 152 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Knockmuinard 162 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Knockmullin 64 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Knocknaboley 315 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Knocknacroagha 307 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Knocknadrimna 83 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Knocknadrimna 209 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Knocknaganny 133 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Knocknageeha 357 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Knocknageeha 126 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knocknageehy 54 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Knocknagon 81 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Knocknagool 150 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Knocknagulshy 240 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Knocknahorna 522 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Knocknakillew 381 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Knocknakillew 95 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Knocknalina 317 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Knocknalower 760 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Knocknamoghalaun 196 Clanmorris Mayo Castlebar
Knocknamucklagh 355 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Knocknapisha 76 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Knocknaskeagh 338 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Knocknaskeagh 638 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Knocknatinnyweel 144 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Knocknaveagh 48 Carra Drum Castlebar
Knockranny 223 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Knockranny 183 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Knockrawer 111 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Knockrickard 47 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Knockrickard 88 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Knockroe 137 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Knockroe 146 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Knockroe 368 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Knockroe 196 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Knockroe 70 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Knockroe 116 Clanmorris Knock Claremorris
Knockroe 582 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Knockroosky 300 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Knocks 223 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Knocksaxon 551 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Knocksbarrett 147 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Knockshanbally 291 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Knockshanbo 372 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Knockthomas 201 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Knockychottaun 208 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Knockysprickaun 128 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Lack East 273 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Lack West 232 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Lackafinna 403 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Lackakeely 98 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Lackalustraun 807 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Lackanhill 125 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Lackaun 188 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Lackaun 338 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Lackderg 181 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Lady\'s Island 1 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Lagakilleen 56 Carra Drum Castlebar
Lagcurragh 681 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Lagduff Beg 419 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Lagduff More 1,028 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Laghloon 484 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Laghta Eighter 1,675 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Laghta Oughter 3,660 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Laghtadawannagh 185 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Laghtanvack 2,177 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Laghtavarry 404 Gallen Kildacommoge Castlebar
Laghtmacdurkan 511 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Laghtmurragha 1,269 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Lagnamuck 173 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Lagnavaddoge 35 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Lahardaun 461 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Lakefield Lower 197 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Lakeland Upper 197 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Lakill 416 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Lankill 253 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Lanmore 1,131 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Lappallagh 1,569 Carra Islandeady Westport
Laralae 145 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Largan 426 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Largan 103 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Largan 200 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Largan 829 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Largan Beg 421 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Largan More 1,675 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Larganboy East 465 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Larganboy West 385 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Larganmore 898 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Lassanny 87 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Laughil 320 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Laughil 226 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Lauvlyer 261 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Lavy Beg 302 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Lavy More 630 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Lawarren 20 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Lawaus 149 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Lawaus 426 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Leadymore 61 Tirawley Killala Killala
Leam 262 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Leamadartaun 890 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Leamareha Island 3 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Leamnahye Island 3 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Lecarrow 401 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Lecarrow 276 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Lecarrow 515 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Lecarrow 83 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Lecarrow 107 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Lecarrow 74 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Lecarrow 255 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Lecarrow 434 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Lecarrow 50 Carra Drum Castlebar
Lecarrow 594 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Lecarrow 69 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Lecarrow 352 Costello Knock Claremorris
Lecarrow 157 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Lecarrowcloghagh 104 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Lecarrowkilleen 246 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Lecarrowntemple 237 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Lecarrownwaddy 127 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Lecarrowwanteean 173 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Leckanvy 786 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Leckee 402 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Leckneen 132 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Lecky Rocks 11 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Leedaun 97 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Leenavesta 905 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Legan 113 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Legaturrin 138 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Legaun 175 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Lehanagh 169 Clanmorris Mayo Ballinrobe
Lehinch Demesne 595 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Lenacraigaboy 230 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Lenamore 167 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Lenanaboll 86 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Lenanadurtaun 67 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Lenanadurtaun 1,066 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Lenanasillagh 292 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Lenanavea 875 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Lenarevagh 2,344 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Leo 387 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Lessanny 191 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Letter 875 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Lettera 2,981 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Letterass 2,059 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Letterass Island 1 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Letterbeg 179 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Letterbrick 1,149 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Letterbrock 1,081 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Lettereeragh 1,405 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Letterkeeghaun 1,254 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Letterkeen 3,032 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Letterlough 326 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Lettermaghera North 1,160 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Lettermaghera South 914 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Lettermaglinskin 1,059 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Letterneevoge 516 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Lettertrask 1,350 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Levallinree 355 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Levally 331 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Levally 241 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Levallyroe 887 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Levallyroe 266 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Leveelick 193 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Lightford 77 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Lisbaun 102 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Lisbaun 64 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Lisbaun East 93 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Lisbaun West 30 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Lisblowick 168 Carra Drum Castlebar
Lisbrin 104 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Lisbrogan 119 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Liscarney 393 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Liscat 419 Costello Aghamore Claremorris
Lisclovaun 98 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Liscluman 152 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Liscosker 160 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Liscottle 119 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Liscromwell 259 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Liscunnell 149 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Lisduff 159 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Lisduff 26 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Lisduff 287 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Lisduff 360 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Lisduff 228 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Lisduff 66 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Lisduff 216 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Lisdurraun 151 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Lisduvoge 295 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Lisglennon 361 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Lisgormin 184 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Lisgowel 167 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Lisheenabrone 493 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Lisheenaveelish 25 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Lisheenielagaun 122 Kilmaine Moorgagagh Ballinrobe
Lisheenmanus 80 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Liskilleen 543 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Lislackagh 160 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Lislaughera 243 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Lislaughna 291 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Lismaganshion 128 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Lismeegaun 250 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Lismiraun 326 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Lismolin 100 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Lismoran 439 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Lismurrew 209 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Lisnaboley 49 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Lisnacurley 136 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Lisnageeha (or Antigua) 157 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Lisnagross 192 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Lisnakirka (or Milebush) 214 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Lisnamaneeagh 115 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Lisnamoyle 167 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Lisnaponra North 155 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Lisnaponra South 91 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Lisnaran 111 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Lisnolan 338 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Lispatrick 37 Costello Knock Claremorris
Lisrobert 64 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Lisrobert 214 Carra Drum Castlebar
Lissadrone East 240 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Lissadrone West 322 Tirawley Lackan Killala
Lissalacaun 132 Carra Drum Castlebar
Lissaniska 257 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Lissaniska 168 Carra Drum Castlebar
Lissaniska 357 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Lissaniska 826 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Lissaniska 72 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Lissaniska East 353 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Lissaniska West 363 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Lissanisky 311 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Lissanumera 97 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Lissard More 117 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Lissatava 692 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Lisseveleen & Skeheen 92 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Lissymulgee 228 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Listernan 134 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Listrisnan 198 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Long Island 13 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Longfield 156 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Longford 155 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Loobnamuck 139 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Loona Beg 214 Carra Drum Castlebar
Loona More 290 Carra Drum Castlebar
Loosky Island 2 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Loughanaganky 133 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Loughanboy 177 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Loughanboy 188 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Loughaunnaman 223 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Loughnahelly 478 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Loughnamucka 691 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Loughpark 82 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Loughrusheen 426 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Louisburgh Town Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Low Island 1 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Lowpark 285 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Luffertaun 136 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Lugalisheen North 190 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Lugalisheen South 131 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Lugaphuill 215 Carra Drum Castlebar
Lugaphuill 250 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Lugatallin 140 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Lugatemple 206 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Lugboy Demesne 244 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Lugbrack 52 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Lugganashlere 181 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Lugnafahy 110 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Lugnalettin 1,704 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Lugnavaddoge 173 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Lugrevagh 64 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Lung 855 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Lurga Lower 452 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Lurga Upper 632 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Lurgacloy 274 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Lurgan 318 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Lurgan 305 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Lurgan 339 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Lurgandarragh 1,176 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Lynchsacres 61 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Mace Lower 511 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Mace Middle 377 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Mace North 181 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Mace South 352 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Mace Upper 356 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Macecrump 144 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Macecrump Common 25 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Magheraboy 516 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Magheraboy 105 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Magheraboy 176 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Magheraboy 110 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Magherabrack 126 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Magherafadda 174 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Magheramore 522 Costello Knock Claremorris
Magheranagay 110 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Mahanagh 126 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Mallaranny 1,085 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Mallaroe 101 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Maltpool 249 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Mannin 274 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Manraghrory 157 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Manulla Town Carra Manulla Castlebar
Manulla 194 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Massbrook Lower 765 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Massbrook South 723 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Massbrook Upper 677 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Maum 104 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Maumaratta 2,796 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Maumeen 273 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Maumnaman 569 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Mauteoge 103 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Mayfield 302 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Mayo Parks 80 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Meelick 448 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Meelick 208 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Meelick 207 Tirawley Killala Killala
Meelick 122 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Meelick Beg 80 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Meelick More 305 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Meeltran 325 Costello Aghamore Claremorris
Meennacloghfinny 1,337 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Meermihil 51 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Meneen 154 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Middlequarter 612 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Middletown 134 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Midgefield (or Tawnynameeltoge) 209 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Milcum 79 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Milebush (or Lisnakirka) 214 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Milford Demesne 460 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Millbrook 43 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Millerhill 116 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Moat 210 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Moat 251 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Moat 339 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Mocollagan 185 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Mocorha 603 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Monagarraun 492 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Monamore 101 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Monard 82 Clanmorris Mayo Castlebar
Moneen 101 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Moneen 154 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Moneenbradagh 136 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Money 215 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Moneybeg Island 9 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Moneymore 202 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Moneynierin 1,431 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Monumentpark 66 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Moorbrook 281 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Moorehall (or Muckloon) 130 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Moorgagagh 101 Kilmaine Moorgagagh Ballinrobe
Mossbrook 371 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Mountain 221 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Mountain Common 290 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Mountaincommon 942 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Mountbrown 304 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Mountgregory 109 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Mounthenry 235 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Mountpleasant 117 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Moyhastin 398 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Moyhenna 162 Carra Kildacommoge Castlebar
Moylanboy 1 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Moyna 193 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Moyne 394 Tirawley Killala Killala
Moyne 880 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Moynish More 61 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Moyny 217 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Moyour 225 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Moyrahan 990 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Muckanagh 1,053 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Muckanagh 698 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Muckinish 25 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Mucklagh 101 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Muckloon (or Moorehall) 130 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Muckrussaun 249 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Muingaghel 2,140 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Muinganierin 1,027 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Muingatogher 1,129 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Muingelly 311 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Muingerroon North 153 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Muingerroon South 1,453 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Muingingaun 2,190 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Muingmore 2,227 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Muingnabo 2,991 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Muingnahalloona 1,599 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Muingnanarnad 1,058 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Muingrevagh 198 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Muings 914 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Mullafarry 322 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Mullagh 339 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Mullaghawny 555 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Mullaghroe 336 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Mullaun 50 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Mullauns 63 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Mullenmadoge 332 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Mullenmmore North 251 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Mullenmmore South 245 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Mungaun 949 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Munnadesha 105 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Murneen North 737 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Murneen South 393 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Murrevagh 1,014 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Murrisk Demesne 33 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Murrisknaboll 87 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Musicfield 76 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Mweelawn Island 4 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Mweelin 765 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Mweelin 1,444 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Mweelis 127 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Mweewillin 1,284 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Mylesestate 44 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Nakil (or Surgeview) 221 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Nealepark 444 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Newantrim 206 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Newcastle 438 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Newfield 151 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Newpark 468 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Newport Town Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Newport 69 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Newtown 517 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Newtown 494 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Newtown 290 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Newtown 475 Carra Burriscarra Castlebar
Newtown Dillon Town Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Newtown North 84 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Newtown South 191 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Newtownwhite 328 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Nure 70 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Nymphsfield 192 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Oghillees 842 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Oldcastle 270 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Oldhead 244 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Oory 455 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Oughtagh 291 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Oughterard (or Caurans Upper) 119 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Oughty 1,277 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Oultauns 203 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Owenanirragh 1,413 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Owenboy 1,239 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Owenduff 2,023 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Owenduff 2,138 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Owenglass 1,306 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Owenwee 1,561 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Ox Island 1 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Oxford 319 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Park 183 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Park 102 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Parkatleva 72 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Parkboy 35 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Parknakillew 227 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Parknashingaun 31 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Parks 439 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Pattenspark 137 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Peenoge 103 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Pheasanthill 149 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Pig Island 6 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Pig Island 5 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Pollacappul 110 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Pollacappul 415 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Polladoohy 461 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Pollagarraun 523 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Pollagh 320 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Pollalena 74 Carra Drum Castlebar
Pollanaskan 186 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Pollaniska 78 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Pollanoughty 916 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Pollatomich (or Kilcommon) 672 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Pollavaddy 388 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Pollawaddy 47 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Pollawaddy 160 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Pollawarla 482 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Pollaweela 207 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Pollbaun 320 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Pollboy 192 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Pollboy 170 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Polldrian 164 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Pollnabunny 155 Kilmaine Kilmainebeg Ballinrobe
Pollnacartan 23 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Pollnacroaghy 79 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Pollnagawna 204 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Pollnasillagh 115 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Pollraddy 147 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Pollranny (Lynchaghan) 897 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Pollranny (Sweeny) 1,104 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Pollronahan Beg 79 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Pollronahan More 236 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Pollsharvoge 365 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Port Island 20 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Portacloy 922 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Portagh 326 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Portroyal 443 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Porturlin 2,120 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Prebaun 258 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Prison East 181 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Prison North 340 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Prison South 254 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Prospect 144 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Prughlish 433 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Puntabeg 153 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Purrauns 547 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Quinsheen Island 2 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Rabaun 229 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Rabbit Island 1 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Rabbit Island 14 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rabbit Island 20 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Rabbit Island 1 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Rahans 237 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Rahard 305 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Rahard 151 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Rahard 254 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Raheen Barr 594 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Raheenabbeyland 84 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Raheenduff 88 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Raheenroe 43 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Raheens 290 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Raheens 145 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Raherolus 239 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Raigh 435 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Raigh 84 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Raish 86 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Ramolin 620 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Ranaghy 274 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Ranagissaun 287 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Ranaranny 167 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Ranns 128 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Rappacastle 288 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Rassakeeran 78 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Rassaraun 42 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Rath 659 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Rathavisteen 1,735 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Rathbal 833 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Rathbaun 20 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Rathbaun 211 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Rathbaun 391 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Rathbaun 131 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Rathbaun 239 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Rathcarreen 116 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Rathcash 324 Tirawley Killala Killala
Rathduff 431 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Rathduff 193 Clanmorris Mayo Castlebar
Rathduff 262 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Ratheskin 612 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Rathfran 295 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Rathfranpark 127 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Rathglass 111 Tirawley Kilfian Ballina
Rathglass East 158 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Rathglass West 158 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Rathgranagher Town Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Rathgranagher (Lindsay) 277 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Rathgranagher (Miller) 672 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Rathkelly 181 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Rathlackan Town Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Rathlackan 642 Tirawley Kilcummin Killala
Rathmacostello 110 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Rathmalikeen 129 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Rathmore 626 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Rathmorgan 965 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Rathmoyle 123 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Rathnaconeen 193 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Rathnacreeva 694 Carra Rosslee Ballinrobe
Rathnadoffy 183 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Rathnaguppaun 282 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Rathnamagh 752 Tirawley Kilfian Ballina
Rathnawooraun 120 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Rathoma 626 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Rathoonagh 551 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Rathowen East 246 Tirawley Killala Killala
Rathowen West 221 Tirawley Killala Killala
Rathreagh 199 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Rathredmond 144 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Rathredmond 331 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Rathreedaun 659 Gallen Kilgarvan Ballina
Rathroe 184 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Rathroeen 709 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Rathrowan 293 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Rathrushel 129 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Rathscanlan 252 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Rathslevin 312 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Rausakeera North 83 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Rausakeera South 79 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Reask 478 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Red Island 6 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Redhill 173 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Redhill 215 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Richmond 201 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Rinagall 9 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Rinagry 431 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Rinakilleen 26 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Rinanagh 218 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Rinaneel 180 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Rinbrack 515 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Ringarraun 179 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Rinmore 181 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Rinn 185 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Rinnahulty 160 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Rinnananny 444 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Rinnaseer 180 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Rinnashinnagh 551 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Rinshinna 161 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
River Island 6 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Robeen 142 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Robeenard 443 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Rockfield 874 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Rockfield 237 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Rockfield 365 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Rockfleet 92 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rocksborough North 109 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Rocksborough South 177 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Roe Island 5 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Roeillan 3 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Roeillan 2 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Roeillaun 15 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Roekilmeena 220 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Roemore 88 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Roemore 132 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Roman Island 8 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Rooaunalaghta 68 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Rooghan 149 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Rooghaun 127 Carra Burriscarra Ballinrobe
Rooghaun 334 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Roonah 847 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Roonkeel 74 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Roos 636 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Roosky 222 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Roosky 867 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Roosky 1,685 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Roosky 644 Costello Knock Claremorris
Roosky 240 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Rooskybeg 69 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Rosbarnagh Island 52 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rosbeg 26 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Roscahill 240 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Rosclave 108 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rosdoagh 1,446 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Rosdooaun 230 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Rosgalliv 275 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rosgibbileen 102 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Roskeen North 202 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Roskeen South 127 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Roslahan Lower 165 Carra Drum Castlebar
Roslahan Upper 159 Carra Drum Castlebar
Roslaher 51 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Roslynagh 15 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rosmindle 83 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Rosmoney 120 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Rosmore 77 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rosnagleragh 355 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Rosnakilly 51 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Ross 293 Tirawley Killala Killala
Ross (Bourke) 133 Tirawley Killala Killala
Ross (Fallon) 169 Tirawley Killala Killala
Ross (Gardiner) 124 Tirawley Killala Killala
Ross (Goodwin) 243 Tirawley Killala Killala
Ross East 273 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Ross West 438 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Rossanrubble 174 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rossbeg 136 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Rosserk 1,074 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Rossmurrevagh 28 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rossow 181 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Rossymailley 42 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Rossyvera 74 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rostoohy 57 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Rosturk 795 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rosturk 34 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Roy 2,403 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Rubble 245 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Rush Hill 127 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Rushbrook 104 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Rushbrook East 151 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Rushbrook West 42 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Rusheen 232 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Rusheen 39 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Rusheen (or Thomastown) 212 Carra Drum Castlebar
Rusheen Island 4 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Rusheens 18 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Rusheens 271 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Rusheens East 121 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Rusheens West 161 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Saints Island 11 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Saleen 33 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Saleen 83 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Salia 1,898 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Sallagher 146 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Sallyhernaun 248 Costello Knock Claremorris
Sandymount 48 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Sanhill 73 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Sarnaght 434 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Scardaun 1,274 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Scardaun 230 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Scardaun East 243 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Scardaun West 180 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Scotchfort 155 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Scregg 400 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Scregg 234 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Seeaghanbaun 109 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Seeaghandoo 163 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Seefin 508 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Seerillaun 3 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Sessiagh 140 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Shammerbaun 411 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Shammerdoo 955 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Shanagh 15 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Shanaghmoyle 161 Costello Knock Claremorris
Shanaghy 837 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Shanaghy 189 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Shanaghy 128 Tirawley Kilbride Killala
Shanclogh 203 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Shandrum 198 Burrishoole Kilmeena Newport
Shanettra 1,420 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Shangorman (or Inishangan) 16 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Shangort 265 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Shannasmore 329 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Shanrawy 100 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Shantallow 330 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Shanvaghera 449 Costello Knock Claremorris
Shanvally 275 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Shanvally 57 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Shanvallyard 589 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Shanvallybeg 1,170 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Shanvallybeg 77 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Shanvallyboght 118 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Shanvallyhugh 126 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Shanvodinnaun 2,277 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Shanvolahan 1,196 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Shanvoley 677 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Shanwar 328 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Sheean 381 Burrishoole Islandeady Westport
Sheean 2,096 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Sheeanmore 2,650 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Sheeans 868 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Sheeroe 138 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Sheskin 7,012 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Shinganagh 269 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Shinnagh 175 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Shintilla 1 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Shraigh Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Shrule Town Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Shrule 1,378 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Sixnoggins 682 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Skeaghard 116 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Skealoghan 301 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Skehahagh 128 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Skehanagh Lower 258 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Skehanagh Upper 174 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Skehavaud 211 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Skeheen 180 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Skeheen and Lisseveleen 92 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Skerdagh Lower 515 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Skerdagh Upper 1,186 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Skiddernagh 290 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Slaugar 213 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Slievemore 3,722 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Slievenabrehan 153 Clanmorris Knock Claremorris
Slievenagark 218 Tirawley Ardagh Ballina
Slinaun 179 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Slinaunroe 286 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Slishmeen 79 Carra Rosslee Ballinrobe
Smuttanagh 244 Carra Manulla Castlebar
Snugborough 370 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Sonnagh 1,480 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Sonvolaun 681 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Spaddagh 203 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Speck 126 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Springfield 50 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Springhill 133 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Springvale 27 Kilmaine Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Srah 1,378 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Srah 178 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Srah 912 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Srah 67 Costello Knock Claremorris
Srah Lower 322 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Srah Upper 541 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Srahacorick 756 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Srahanarry 197 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Srahataggle 4,167 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Srahataggle South 649 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Srahatloe 1,432 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Srahdugghaun 3,435 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Srahederdaowen 341 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Sraheen 675 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Sraheen 1,127 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Sraheens 278 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Sraheens 2,207 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Sraheens 251 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Srahgraddy 1,262 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Srahlaghy 1,229 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Srahlea 321 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Srahmeen 1,792 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Srahmore 353 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Srahmore 3,352 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Srahmore 590 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Srahnacloy 1,101 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Srahnakilly 3,395 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Srahnamanragh 1,050 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Srahnanagh 106 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Srahnaplaia 1,985 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Srahnashasky 83 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Srahrevagh 1,288 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Srahrevagh 719 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Srahroosky 1,032 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Srahwee 507 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Srahyconigaun 540 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Sralagagh East 36 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Sralagagh West 1,662 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Sranacally 654 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Sranalaghta North 35 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Sranalaghta South 70 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Sranalee 183 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Stags of Bofin 7 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Steelaun 168 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Stonehall 242 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Stonepark 92 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Stonepark 72 Carra Rosslee Castlebar
Strade 500 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Strake 431 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Strandhill 176 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Streamstown 136 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Streamstown 295 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Stripe 194 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Struaun 59 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Stuckeen 183 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Summerhill North 258 Kilmaine Mayo Ballinrobe
Summerhill South 437 Kilmaine Mayo Ballinrobe
Surgeview (or Nakil) 221 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Swineford Town Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Swineford 95 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Tagheen East 94 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Tagheen West 83 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Tallagh 1,429 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Tallagh 1,750 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Tallavbaun 524 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Tallavbaun Island 11 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Tangincartoor 234 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Tarsaghaun Beg North 948 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Tarsaghaun Beg South 822 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Tarsaghaun More 5,439 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Tavraun 1,127 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Tawnagh 80 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Tawnagh 66 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Tawnagh 185 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Tawnagh 58 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Tawnagh 557 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Tawnagh 60 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Tawnagh 511 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Tawnagh 95 Clanmorris Tagheen Claremorris
Tawnagh Beg 1,033 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Tawnagh East 243 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Tawnagh More 307 Gallen Templemore Castlebar
Tawnaghaknaff 155 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Tawnaghbaun 170 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Tawnaghbeg 832 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Tawnaghlahard 259 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Tawnaghmore 463 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Tawnaghmore 457 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Tawnaghmore 1,813 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Tawnaghmore Lower 266 Tirawley Killala Killala
Tawnaghmore Upper 120 Tirawley Killala Killala
Tawnaghs 709 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Tawnaglass 200 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Tawnagrania 596 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Tawnakeel 388 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Tawnamartola 115 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Tawnamullagh 83 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Tawnanameeltoge 104 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Tawnanasheffin 795 Erris Kilcommon Newport
Tawnanasool 1,567 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Tawnawoggaun 191 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Tawnyaboil 451 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Tawnyagry 499 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Tawnyard 682 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Tawnycoolawee 152 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Tawnycrower 945 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Tawnydoogan 751 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Tawnyeeny 703 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Tawnyemon 145 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Tawnyinah Lower 282 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Tawnyinah Middle 397 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Tawnyinah Upper 627 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Tawnyinlough 723 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Tawnykinaff 813 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Tawnylaheen 411 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Tawnylaheen 20 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Tawnylough 496 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Tawnymacken 501 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Tawnynahulty 1,249 Tirawley Doonfeeny Killala
Tawnynameeltoge (or Midgefield) 209 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Tawnynoran 1,117 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Tawnyshane 408 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Tawnyslinnaun 747 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Tawnywaddyduff 1,352 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Teevaloughan 903 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Teevenacroaghy 817 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Teevinish East 775 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Teevinish West 784 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Teevmore 156 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Teevnabinnia 321 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Temple 200 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Termon 1,033 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Termoncarragh Town Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Termoncarragh 618 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Terrybaun 303 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Terryduff 693 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
The Neale Town Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Thick Island 1 Kilmaine Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Thomastown 319 Kilmaine Kilcommon Ballinrobe
Thomastown 168 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Thomastown (or Rusheen) 212 Carra Drum Castlebar
Thornhill 307 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Tiraninny 302 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Tiraun 436 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Tober 149 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Tobermore 313 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Tobernadarry 182 Kilmaine Moorgagagh Ballinrobe
Tobernashee 104 Kilmaine Kilmolara Ballinrobe
Tobernaveen 768 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Toberrooaun 543 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Togher 162 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Togher 556 Kilmaine Robeen Ballinrobe
Tomboholla 670 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Tonacarton 77 Kilmaine Mayo Ballinrobe
Tonacrock 319 Tirawley Addergoole Castlebar
Tonaderrew 229 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Tonaleeaun 69 Kilmaine Cong Ballinrobe
Tonamace 218 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Tonamace Common 18 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Tonaraha East 29 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Tonaraha West 69 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Tonatanvally 2,068 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Tonatleva 954 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Tonbaun 47 Carra Ballintober Castlebar
Tonlegee 755 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Tonmore 297 Erris Kilmore Belmullet
Tonnagh 499 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Tonranny 178 Murrisk Aghagower Westport
Tonree 97 Tirawley Moygawnagh Killala
Tonregee 346 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Tonregee 372 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Tonregee East[3] 762 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Tonregee West[4] 566 Burrishoole Achill Newport
Tonroe 65 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Tonroe 240 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Tonroe Lower 125 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Tonroe Upper 108 Tirawley Rathreagh Killala
Tonybaun 293 Tirawley Ballynahaglish Ballina
Toobrackan 744 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Toocananagh 1,266 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Toomanagh 151 Costello Castlemore Castlereagh
Toomore 302 Gallen Toomore Swineford
Tooracappul 21 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Toorard 408 Kilmaine Shrule Ballinrobe
Toorard 114 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Tooraree 410 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Toorbuck 164 Burrishoole Aghagower Westport
Tooreen 53 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Tooreen 153 Tirawley Templemurry Killala
Tooreen 203 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Tooreen 503 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Tooreen 353 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Tooreenphilip 111 Tirawley Ballysakeery Ballina
Toorgarve 114 Burrishoole Kilmaclasser Westport
Toorglass 383 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Toormakeady East 200 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Toormakeady Mountain 1,051 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Toormakeady West 104 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Toormore East 261 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Toormore West 194 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Tooromin 509 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Tootagh 278 Clanmorris Kilcolman Claremorris
Towerhill Demesne 340 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Townplots East 25 Tirawley Killala Killala
Townplots West 581 Tirawley Killala Killala
Treanacally (or Hagfield) 860 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Treanbeg 725 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Treanfohanaun 574 Gallen Bohola Swineford
Treangarrow 146 Tirawley Kilfian Ballina
Treangarve 199 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Treankeel 262 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Treanlaur 117 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Treanlaur 400 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Treanlaur 383 Carra Ballyovey Ballinrobe
Treanlaur 923 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Treannagleragh 1,115 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Treannaskehy 181 Clanmorris Kilvine Claremorris
Treanoughter 277 Gallen Attymass Ballina
Treanrevagh 50 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Treanrevagh 338 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Treanybrogaun 285 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Tree island 1 Carra Islandeady Castlebar
Treel 1,634 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Treenagh 329 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Tristia 3,495 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Tristia 1,355 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Trouthill (or Knockbrack) 200 Costello Kilbeagh Swineford
Tubbrid Beg 1,346 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Tubbrid More 1,110 Tirawley Crossmolina Ballina
Tullaghanbaun 597 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Tullaghanduff 1,283 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Tullaghanmore (or Edmondstown Desmene) 440 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Tullaghanrock 668 Costello Kilcolman Castlereagh
Tullaghaun 207 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Tullaghaunna-hammer 848 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Tullanacorra 411 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Tulleague 212 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Tully 119 Carra Drum Castlebar
Tully 327 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Tully 202 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Tully Commons 437 Carra Aglish Castlebar
Tully More 282 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Tullybeg 64 Carra Drum Castlebar
Tullybeg 114 Clanmorris Balla Castlebar
Tullybeg Glebe 24 Clanmorris Mayo Claremorris
Tullyduff 155 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Tullyegan 113 Tirawley Kilmoremoy Ballina
Tullyganny 319 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Tullynahoo 743 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Tullyroe 59 Gallen Meelick Swineford
Tullysleva 284 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Tulrohaun 47 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Tumgesh 687 Gallen Killasser Swineford
Turin 389 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Turlough 240 Carra Turlough Castlebar
Turlough 151 Costello Bekan Claremorris
Turloughanbaun 94 Kilmaine Kilmainemore Ballinrobe
Uggool 3,204 Erris Kilcommon Belmullet
Uggool 821 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Uggool 584 Murrisk Kilgeever Westport
Ummerantarry 1,104 Tirawley Kilfian Killala
Ummoon 376 Gallen Templemore Swineford
Urlaur 1,714 Costello Kilmovee Swineford
Walshpool 311 Carra Drum Castlebar
Weatherfort 292 Carra Rosslee Ballinrobe
Westland 263 Carra Ballyhean Castlebar
Westport Town Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Westport Demesne 272 Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Westport Demesne 1,070 Burrishoole Kilmeena Westport
Westport Quay Town Murrisk Oughaval Westport
Westquarter 493 Murrisk Inishbofin Clifden
Wherrew 74 Tirawley Kilbelfad Ballina
Whitepark 96 Carra Touaghty Ballinrobe
Wilford 13 Burrishoole Burrishoole Newport
Windsor (or Breandrum) 215 Carra Breaghwy Castlebar
Woodfield 338 Costello Aghamore Swineford
Woodpark 172 Costello Annagh Claremorris
Woods 549 Gallen Killedan Swineford
Woods 476 Gallen Kilconduff Swineford
Woodstock 409 Clanmorris Crossboyne Claremorris
Woodville 324 Tirawley Kilfian Ballina


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