List of townlands of County Monaghan

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 1,852 townlands in County Monaghan, Ireland. [1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Acres 77 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Acres 46 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Aghabog 93 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Aghaboy 83 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Aghaboy 114 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Aghaboy North 79 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Aghaboy South 156 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Aghabrick 34 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Aghaclay 98 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Aghaclogha 118 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Aghacloghan 233 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Aghaderry 214 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Aghadreenan 231 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Aghadrumcru 69 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Aghadrumdoney 111 Dartree Currin Clones
Aghadrumkeen 181 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Aghadrumkeen 132 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Aghafad 103 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Aghafin 184 Dartree Clones Clones
Aghagally 83 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Aghagaw 69 Dartree Clones Clones
Aghagaw 98 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Aghaglass 130 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Aghakista 256 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Aghalaverty 77 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Aghalile 146 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Aghalisk 122 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Aghaliskeevan 51 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Aghalissabeagh 93 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Aghalough 68 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Aghaloughan 138 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Aghamackalinn 292 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Aghanameena 129 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Aghananimy 118 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Aghareagh 116 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Aghareagh East 294 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Aghareagh West 175 Dartree Currin Clones
Aghatamy 94 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Aghateskin 105 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Aghavilla 117 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Agheeshal 115 Farney Donaghmore Castleblayney
Agheracalkill 75 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Agherakeltan 176 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Agheralane 212 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Aghinillard 179 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Aghintamy 104 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Aghlattacru 128 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Aghmakerr 256 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Aghnaclea 167 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Aghnacue 176 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Aghnadamph 497 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Aghnafarcan 135 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Aghnagap 88 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Aghnagap 217 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Aghnaglosh 221 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Aghnaglosh 149 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Aghnaha 85 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Aghnahola 93 Dartree Currin Clones
Aghnahunshin 65 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Aghnamallagh 237 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Aghnamard 55 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Aghnamullen 173 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Aghnasedagh 458 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Aghnashalvy 33 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Aghnaskea 51 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Aghnaskew 162 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Aghnaskew 264 Dartree Currin Clones
Aghnavar 53 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Aghnmeal 140 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Alkill 124 Cremorne Tehallan Monaghan
Allagesh 284 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Alsmead 281 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Altartate Glebe 228 Dartree Clones Clones
Alts 129 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Annacatty 115 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Annacramph 135 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Annacroff 322 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Annadrumman 190 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Annagally 149 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Annagerril 124 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Annagh 301 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Annagh 37 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Annagh 176 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Annaghbeg 64 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Annaghbrack 82 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Annagheane 166 Dartree Currin Clones
Annaghervy 67 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Annaghkilly 246 Dartree Clones Clones
Annaghmartin 150 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Annaghraw 112 Dartree Drummully Clones
Annaghybane 169 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Annaghyduff 162 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Annagleve 384 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Annaglogh 293 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Annagola 138 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Annagola 44 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Annagose 272 Dartree Aghabog Clones
Annahagh 161 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Annahagh 143 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Annahagh North 47 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Annahagh South 121 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Annahaia 111 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Annahaia 138 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Annahale 146 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Annahean 389 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Annahuby 134 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Annalittin 299 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Annamacneill 208 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Annamakiff 93 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Annamarran 279 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Annaneese 190 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Annareagh North 67 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Annareagh South 244 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Annaroe 124 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Annaseeragh 128 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Annaveagh 162 Dartree Currin Clones
Annayalla 361 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Annies 268 Dartree Currin Clones
Anny 161 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Anny 467 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Annyalty 129 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Annyart 297 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Annyeeb 76 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Annyerk 132 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Anveyerg 205 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Arclintagh 145 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Ardaghy 320 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Ardaghy Kill 100 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Ardginny 98 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Ardkirk 134 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Ardkirk 62 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Ardnasallem 116 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Ardragh 469 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Astrish Beg 37 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Astrish More 77 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Attiduff 97 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Attiduff 74 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Aughnacloy 172 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Aughrim Beg 160 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Aughrim More 227 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Availabane 167 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Avalreagh 343 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Balladian 270 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Ballagh 235 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Ballaghnagearn 142 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Ballakelly 136 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Ballingarry 150 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Ballintoppan 83 Dartree Clones Monaghan
Ballintra 113 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Ballybay Town Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Ballycartlan 159 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Ballycronog 69 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Ballygreany 160 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Ballyleck 155 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Ballyloughan 173 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Ballymacforban 109 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Ballynagarry 166 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Ballynahone 300 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Ballynure 150 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Ballyrush 99 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Bannaghbane 150 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Bannaghroe 141 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Barndonagh 115 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Barratitoppy Lower 265 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Barratitoppy Upper 657 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Beagh 130 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Beagh 174 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Beagh 152 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Beagh 311 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Beagh 82 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Beagh (Kearns) 118 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Belderg 81 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Bellanagall 109 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Bellanaman 72 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Bellanode Town Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Bellatrain Town Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Billary 60 Dartree Clones Clones
Billeady 237 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Billis 252 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Billises 115 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Binmore 133 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Black Island 109 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Black Island 194 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Blackraw 341 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Blittoge 171 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Bocks Lower 316 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Bocks Middle 255 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Bocks Upper 336 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Boraghy 188 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Bough 140 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Boughill 167 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Boughkeel 64 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Bowelk 129 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Boyher 149 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Brackagh 160 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Brackagh 201 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Brackagh 179 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Brackly 171 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Brackly 331 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Braddocks 183 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Bragan 2,359 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Brandrum 215 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Bree 152 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Briscarnagh 253 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Brookvale 67 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Bryanlitter 223 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Bullogbrean 255 Dartree Clones Clones
Burdautien 113 Dartree Clones Clones
Cabragh 307 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Cabragh 122 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Caddagh 296 Cremorne Tullycorbet Monaghan
Caldavnet 143 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Calliagh 237 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Callowhill 178 Dartree Currin Clones
Camaghy 272 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Camla 154 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Candlefort 127 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Cappagh 52 Dartree Clones Clones
Cappagh (Kilgorially) 70 Dartree Clones Clones
Cappog 87 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Cappog 112 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Capragh 147 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cargaghbane 238 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Cargaghdoo 302 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Cargaghlisnanarney 194 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cargaghmore 264 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Cargaghoge 568 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Cargaghramer 198 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Carn 145 Dartree Clones Clones
Carn 319 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Carn 60 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Carnaveagh 458 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Carnbane 82 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Carneys Island 109 Dartree Clones Clones
Carnowen 144 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Carnquill 157 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Carnroe 622 Dartree Currin Clones
Carolina 152 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Carrachor 63 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Carrickaderry 194 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Carrickadooey 266 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Carrickagarvan 185 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Carrickaldragh 229 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Carrickanoran 139 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Carrickanure 225 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Carrickartagh 354 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Carrickashedoge 249 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Carrickaslane 517 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Carrickatee 594 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Carrickaveilty 392 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Carrickavoley 101 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Carrickinare 479 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Carricklane 110 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Carrickmaclim 217 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Carrickmacross Town Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Carrickmore 128 Dartree Clones Clones
Carricknagoan 143 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Carrickykelly 290 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Carrigans 142 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Carrivetragh 181 Dartree Clones Clones
Carrowbarra 78 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Carrowbarra Island 22 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Carrowhatta 127 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Carrowkeel 138 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Carsan 161 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Cashel 549 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Cashlan 201 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Cashlan East 143 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cashlan West 158 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Castleblayney Town Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Castleshane Demesne 379 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Cavan 175 Dartree Clones Clones
Cavan 87 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Cavan (Moutray) 185 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Cavanacross 28 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Cavanagarvan 279 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Cavanageeragh 72 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Cavanaguillagh 132 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Cavanavally 30 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Cavancreevy 221 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Cavanleckagh 67 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Cavanmore 77 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Cavanreagh 86 Dartree Currin Clones
Cavanreagh 41 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Cavany 188 Dartree Currin Clones
Church Hill 174 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Cladowen 126 Dartree Clones Clones
Clanickny 188 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Claraghy 123 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Clarderry 186 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Clare Oghill 132 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Clenlough 86 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Clerran 237 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Clery 118 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Cloghan 229 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Clogher 286 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Cloghernagh 223 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Cloghernagh 156 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Cloghfin 287 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Cloghnart 96 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Cloghoge and (or Tievadinna) 302 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cloghoge and Tievadinna 302 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cloghvally Lower 215 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Cloghvally Upper 249 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Clonacullan 73 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Clonacullion 161 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Clonamully 109 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Clonamunsha 50 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Clonaneor 174 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Clonavarn 139 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Clonavilla 100 Dartree Clones Clones
Clonavogy 128 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Clonavogy 125 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Clonboy 57 Dartree Clones Clones
Cloncallick 78 Dartree Clones Clones
Cloncaw 124 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Cloncumber 97 Dartree Clones Clones
Cloncurrin 129 Dartree Clones Clones
Clondinnery 34 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Clonedergole 84 Dartree Clones Clones
Clones Town Dartree Clones Clones
Clonfad 248 Dartree Drummully Clones
Clonfad 127 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Clonisboyle 59 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Clonkeady 107 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Clonkeelan 230 Dartree Drummully Clones
Clonkeen 181 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Clonkeen (Cole) 188 Dartree Clones Clones
Clonkeen (Lucas) 255 Dartree Clones Clones
Clonkirk 314 Dartree Clones Clones
Clonleek 63 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Clonlonan 86 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Clonlura 136 Dartree Drummully Clones
Clonmeenan 66 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Clonmore 132 Dartree Clones Clones
Clonnagore 165 Dartree Drummully Clones
Clonnestin 170 Dartree Drummully Clones
Clonoony 213 Dartree Drummully Clones
Clonoula 239 Dartree Drummully Clones
Clonrye 77 Dartree Drummully Clones
Clonsedy 297 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Clonshanvo 100 Dartree Drummully Clones
Clontask 84 Dartree Drummully Clones
Clontibret 132 Dartree Clones Clones
Clontoe 86 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Clontrain 191 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Clontreat 91 Dartree Clones Clones
Clonturk (Mason) 149 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Clontybunnia 147 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Clontycasta 230 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Closdaw 185 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Clossagh Beg 271 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Clossagh More 412 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Coaghen 100 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Coleman 163 Dartree Drummully Clones
Colgagh 180 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Comaghy 247 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Comertagh 163 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Comraghs 207 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Conaghy 182 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Concra 319 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Connabury 143 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Coohey 229 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Coolaha 109 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Coolartragh 334 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Coolatty 87 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Coolberrin 172 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Coolcair 157 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Coolcollid 101 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Coolcorragh 209 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Cooldarragh 169 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Coolderry 223 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Coolderry 263 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Coolderry 223 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Coolfore 183 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Coolkill East 194 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Coolkill East 119 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Coolkill West 111 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Coolkill West 88 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Coolmain 115 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Coolmannan 158 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Coolmuckbane 42 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Coolnacarte 180 Dartree Currin Clones
Coolnagrattan 154 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Coolnalong 179 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Coolreagh 138 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Coolremony 69 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Coolshannagh 132 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Coolskeagh 131 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Cooltrim 263 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Cooltrimegish 251 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Coose 363 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Coraghbrack 166 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Coraghy 216 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Coraghy 205 Dartree Clones Clones
Corbane 280 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corbeg 78 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Corblonog 49 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Corbrack 194 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Corcaghan 270 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Corcaskea 94 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Corclare 110 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Corconnelly 147 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Corcreeghagh 402 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corcreeghy 439 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Corcrin 223 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corcuillogue 244 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corcullioncrew 139 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Corcullionglish 114 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Corcummins 118 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Corderrybane 234 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corderryduff 161 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Cordevlis 138 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Cordevlis 243 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Cordevlis 71 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Cordevlis 82 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Cordevlis North 143 Cremorne Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cordevlis North 125 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cordoolough 304 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cordressigo 108 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Cordrummans Lower 69 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cordrummans Middle 75 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cordrummans Upper 91 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Corduff 267 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corduff 253 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Corduff (Kelly) 245 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corfad 239 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Corfad 134 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Corfad 108 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corfinlough 195 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corglass 87 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Corgreagh 378 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Corgreenan 59 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Corhelshinagh 297 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Corhollan 125 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Corkashybane 258 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corkashyduff 258 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corkeeran 147 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Corkeeran 211 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Corkeeran 117 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Corkeeran 214 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Corkeeran 162 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Corkish 97 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Corknock 55 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Corlagan North 93 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corlagan South 129 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corlat 216 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Corlat 138 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Corlat 66 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Corlat 87 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Corlattallan 147 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Corlattan 100 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Corlea 283 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Corlea 186 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Corlea 252 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Corlea 190 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corlea 319 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corleadargan 314 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corlealackagh 256 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corleanamaddy 137 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corleck 157 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Corleck 305 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Corlongford 120 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corlougharoe 135 Dartree Killeevan Cootehill
Corlust 101 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Corlygorm 192 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cormeen 217 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Cormeen 228 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Cormeen 181 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Cormoy 111 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cormoy 196 Dartree Aghabog Clones
Cormoy Lower 80 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cormoy Upper 74 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cormurphy 82 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Cornabrandy 121 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Cornacarrow 50 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Cornacarrow 355 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Cornacreeve 225 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Cornacreeve 120 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Cornacreeve 105 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Cornacreeve 162 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cornacrew 101 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cornafaghy 94 Dartree Clones Monaghan
Cornagall 97 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Cornagarvoge 387 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Cornagilty 117 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Cornaglare 184 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Cornaglare 210 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Cornaguillagh 109 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Cornahawla 138 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Cornaheive 85 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Cornahoe 276 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Cornahoe 74 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Cornahoe 143 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cornahoe Lower 161 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Cornahoe Upper 216 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Cornalaragh 272 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Cornalough 149 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Cornamucklagh (or Garranroe) 193 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cornamucklagh North 171 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Cornamucklagh South 185 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Cornamucklaglass 182 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Cornamunady 123 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Cornanagh 216 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cornanerriff 93 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cornanure 224 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cornanure 63 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Cornanure 196 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cornapaste 169 Dartree Currin Clones
Cornasassonagh 284 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Cornasleeve 120 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cornasoo 129 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Cornasoo 158 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Cornasore (or Straghan) 124 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Cornawall 143 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Cornawall 194 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Cornawall 205 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Cornecassa Demesne 467 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Corness 99 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Corrabofin 181 Monaghan Ballybay Castleblayney
Corracharra 329 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Corrachulter 111 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Corrackan 113 Dartree Currin Clones
Corracloghan 147 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corracrin 45 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Corragarry 244 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Corragarry 178 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Corragarry (or Sruell) 311 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Corragarta 206 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corragh (Maxwell) 49 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Corraghbrack 70 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Corraghdown 159 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Corraghduff 126 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Corragore 161 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Corrakeen 133 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corramegan 152 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Corranewy 211 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Corraskea 221 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Corraskea 260 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Corraskeally 77 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Corrataghart 149 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Corratanty 453 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Corrateean 143 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Corrateemore 77 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Corratrasna 155 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Corravacan 188 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Corravilla 168 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Corraviller 109 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corravoo 269 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Corrawillin 68 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Correvan 211 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Corrinary 105 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Corrinary 188 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Corrinenty 344 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corrinshigagh 183 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Corrinshigagh 151 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corrinshigagh (Cope) 106 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Corrinshigo 182 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corrinshigo 293 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Corrinshigo 78 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Corrinshigo 75 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Corrinshigo 95 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Corrintra 456 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Corry 54 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Corryagan 125 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Corryarbeg 367 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Corrybrackan 278 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Corrybrannan 228 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Corryhagan 236 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Corryloan 162 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Corsilloga 190 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Cortaghart 335 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Cortamlet 64 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Cortober 205 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Cortober 61 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Cortober 181 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Cortober 225 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Cortolvin 108 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Cortreane 89 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Corvackan 304 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Corvaghan 172 Dartree Drummully Clones
Corvally 356 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Corvally 164 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Corvally 236 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corvoam 128 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Corvoy 222 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Corwillin 229 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Crane Island 1 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Crane Island 1 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Crappagh 174 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Creaghan 64 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Creaghanroe 195 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Creeran 169 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Creesil 121 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Creevagh 212 Cremorne Tullycorbet Monaghan
Creevaghy 109 Dartree Clones Clones
Creeve 684 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Creeve 184 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Creeve 158 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Creevelea 213 Dartree Clones Clones
Creevelea 109 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Creevy (Oliver) 102 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Creevy (Swinburn) 68 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Creighans 118 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Cremartin 212 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Cremoyle 208 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Creveadornan 96 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Crewmeige 154 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Crinkill 127 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Croaghan 509 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Crockcumberland 78 Dartree Clones Monaghan
Crossaghy 145 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Crossalare 135 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Crossbane 239 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Crossduff 215 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Crosses 272 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Crosses 107 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Crosshugh 164 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Crosslea 134 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Crossmore 260 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Crossmoyle 82 Dartree Clones Clones
Crossnacaldoo 418 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Crossreagh 239 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Crover 89 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Crover 128 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Crowey 66 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Crumlin 266 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Crumlin 116 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Crumlin 176 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Culdaloo 54 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Cullentraghbane 103 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cullentraghduff 127 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Cumry 194 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Curkin 67 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Cussaboy 64 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cussee 73 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Darraghlan 193 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Davagh 32 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Davagh Etra 140 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Davagh Otra 137 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Dawson Grove Demesne 597 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Dernacoo 56 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Dernadriff 164 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Dernaglug 147 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Dernagola 149 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Dernahamsha 29 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Dernahatten 115 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Dernahinch 106 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Dernalosset 246 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Dernamoyle 276 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Dernamuck 48 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Dernaroy 84 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Dernaved 208 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Derrilla 244 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Derrins 192 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Derrintonny 88 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Derry 244 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Derry 138 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Derry 97 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Derryallaghan 175 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Derryarrilly 251 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Derryarrit 260 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Derryartry 69 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Derrybeg 53 Dartree Drummully Clones
Derrycreevy 148 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Derrycrossan 168 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrydorraghy 124 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrygassan Lower 114 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Derrygassan Upper 117 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Derrygola 273 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Derrygoony 283 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Derrygorry 184 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Derryhallagh 152 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Derryhallagh 298 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Derryhee 87 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Derryhellan 100 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Derryhoosh 101 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Derryilan (or Knocknamullagh) 212 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Derryisland 194 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Derrykinard 114 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Derrykinard 73 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Derrykinnigh Beg 183 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Derrykinnigh More 194 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Derrylavan 218 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Derrylea 146 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Derrylea 126 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Derrylea Beg 105 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Derrylea More 112 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Derryleedigan 160 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Derryleedigan (Jackson) 93 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Derryleeg 149 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Derryleggan 16 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Derrylevick 95 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Derrylosset 170 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Derrylusk 134 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Derrylusk 181 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Derrynagad 108 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynaglah 278 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Derrynagrew 108 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynahesco 496 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynaloobinagh 197 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Derrynanamph 233 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynarget 50 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Derrynascobe 164 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Derrynasell East 263 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynasell West 455 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Derrynashallog 168 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Derryolam 190 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Derryrellan 163 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Derryroosk 141 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Derryvally 234 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Derryveagh 241 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Derryveen 195 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Descart 226 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Descart 136 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Desert 105 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Devlin 136 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Dian 115 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Doagh 322 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Doagheys 96 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Donagh 131 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Donaghmoyne 569 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Doocharn 210 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Doogary 228 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Doohamlat 138 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Doohat 249 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Doohatty 456 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Dooraa 172 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Dooraa 265 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Doosky 196 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Doosky 233 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Downs 90 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Drollagh 308 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Drollagh 160 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Dromore 360 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Dromore 113 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Dromore 84 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Dromore 147 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Dromore 117 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Dromore 325 Cremorne Tullycorbet Monaghan
Dromore East 162 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Dromore West 52 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drum Town Dartree Currin Cootehill
Drum 144 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Drumacaslan 118 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Drumaclan 177 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Drumacon 511 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Drumaconvern 163 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumacoon 97 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Drumacreeve 137 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Drumacreeve 144 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drumacrib 237 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Drumacruttan 146 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Drumacruttan 37 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Drumaddagorry 109 Dartree Clones Clones
Drumaddarainy 144 Dartree Clones Clones
Drumagelvin 237 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Drumagelvin 201 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Drumaghakeel 116 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Drumakill 322 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Drumaliss 329 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Drumalt 137 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Drumanan 109 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Drumanny 221 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drumar 181 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Drumard 82 Dartree Clones Clones
Drumarrell 94 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Drumartigan 96 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Drumary 161 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Drumass 401 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Drumate 176 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Drumavaddy 145 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Drumavaddy 122 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Drumavan 163 Dartree Currin Clones
Drumavcale 93 Dartree Currin Clones
Drumbanagher 172 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Drumbaragh 179 Dartree Aghabog Clones
Drumbarnet 87 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumbear 143 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Drumbenagh 138 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumbeo 188 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Drumberagh 340 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumbier 166 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumbin 153 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumbirn 121 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Drumbo 191 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Drumboat 486 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Drumboory 556 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Drumborisk 238 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Drumbrackan 219 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Drumbrean 268 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Drumbristan 324 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Drumbroagh 187 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Drumbrone 126 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Drumbure 100 Dartree Currin Clones
Drumcah 185 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Drumcall 233 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drumcanon 323 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Drumcargy 160 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Drumcarrow 232 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Drumcattan 129 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumcaw 153 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Drumcaw 264 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Drumcondra 82 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Drumconnelly 150 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Drumcoo (Brady) 220 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumcoo (Foster) 175 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumcoo (Jackson) 138 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumcoo (Woods) 74 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumcreeghan 205 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Drumcrew 222 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Drumcrow 122 Dartree Killeevan Cootehill
Drumcru (Dickson) 88 Dartree Clones Clones
Drumcru (Remwick) 93 Dartree Clones Clones
Drumcunnion 439 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Drumdart 155 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumdesco 136 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumdreeny 114 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumee 122 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Drumerlough Beg 141 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Drumerlough More 134 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Drumever 193 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Drumfaldra 81 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Drumfernasky 139 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Drumfurrer 540 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Drumgaghan 132 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Drumgallan 186 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Drumganny 153 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumganus Lower 163 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Drumganus Upper 156 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Drumgarkin 155 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drumgarly 184 Dartree Aghabog Clones
Drumgarn 50 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Drumgarra 345 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Drumgarran 68 Dartree Currin Clones
Drumgarran 84 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumgarve 120 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Drumgavny 211 Cremorne Tullycorbet Monaghan
Drumgaze 133 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Drumgeeny 255 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Drumgeeny 186 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Drumgoan 119 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Drumgoask 142 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumgoast 136 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Drumgolat 148 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Drumgole 167 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drumgoole 90 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Drumgoosat 196 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Drumgoose 267 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Drumgor 327 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Drumgowna 346 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Drumgramph 121 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Drumgramph 87 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Drumgreeny 146 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Drumgristin 158 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Drumgristin 88 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Drumgristin Lower 128 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Drumgristin Upper 198 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumgrole 288 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Drumgrone 205 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Drumguff 37 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Drumguill 174 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Drumguillew Lower 147 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Drumguillew Upper 150 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Drumguilly 111 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Drumgurra 417 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Drumhaman 127 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumharriff 171 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumharriff North 173 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Drumhasket 74 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Drumhawan 327 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Drumhay 160 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Drumhillagh 142 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumhillagh 132 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Drumhillagh 232 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Drumhillagh 97 Dartree Currin Clones
Drumhillagh 276 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Drumhillagh 229 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumhirk 280 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Drumhirk 107 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Drumilkin 84 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Drumillard 122 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumillard 267 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Drumillard Big 221 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Drumillard Little 71 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Druminane 289 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumintin 263 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drumirril 279 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Drumlandrick 124 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Drumlane 248 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Drumlara 63 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumleek North 264 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Drumleek South 334 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Drumleny 220 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Drumlester 118 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Drumlina 119 Dartree Killeevan Cootehill
Drumlinny 230 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Drumlinny 80 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Drumlish 60 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumlona 105 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drumlongfield 214 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Drumloo 137 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Drumloo North 25 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Drumloo South 27 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Drumlood 225 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Drumloughlin 142 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drumlurg 230 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumlusty 181 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drummacavoy 171 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drummaconor 132 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Drummanreagh 139 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drummans 264 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Drummond 344 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Drummond 198 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Drummond Etra 66 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Drummond Otra 298 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Drummuck 168 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Drummuck 149 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Drummuck 84 Cremorne Tehallan Monaghan
Drummulla 172 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drummullan 121 Dartree Aghabog Clones
Drummully 90 Dartree Clones Clones
Drummully 144 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Drumnagavlin 47 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Drumnagrella 212 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Drumnahunshin 86 Cremorne Tehallan Monaghan
Drumnanaliv 133 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumnart 106 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Drumneill 133 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumneill 205 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Drumnolan 120 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Drumny 88 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Drumod 424 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Drumquill 227 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Drumreask 119 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumreenagh 132 Dartree Currin Clones
Drumreenagh 172 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Drumrooghill 247 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drumroosk 191 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Drumrutagh 203 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Drumsaul 75 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Drumscor 149 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumshannon 149 Dartree Aghabog Clones
Drumshanny 164 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumsheaver 309 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumsheeny 58 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Drumsheeny 238 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Drumskelt 261 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Drumskelt 195 Dartree Killeevan Cootehill
Drumslavog 78 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Drumsloe 120 Dartree Drummully Clones
Drumswords 117 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Drumturk 158 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Drumturk 139 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Drumummery 106 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Drumurcher 172 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Dunaldron 77 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Dunanny 145 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Dunaree 299 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Dunaree Latin 340 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Dundian 145 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Dundonagh 173 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Dundrannan 167 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Dundrockan 138 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Dundrumman 219 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Dunelty 173 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Dunfelimy 235 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Dungillick 158 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Dungonnan 51 Dartree Currin Clones
Dunmadigan 64 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Dunmakenna 201 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Dunmaurice 258 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Dunnaluck 175 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Dunoge 165 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Dunraymond 120 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Dunseark 145 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Dunsinare 136 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Dunsrim 197 Dartree Currin Clones
Dyan 32 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Dyan 57 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Eden Island 118 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Edenaferkin 192 Cremorne Tullycorbet Monaghan
Edenaforan 127 Dartree Clones Clones
Edenagoash 122 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Edenamo 86 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Edenanay 125 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Edenaneane 246 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Edenbrone 129 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Edenbrone 36 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Edenbrone 67 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Edenforan 209 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Edengilrevy 181 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Edenmore 69 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Edenmore 110 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Edergole 156 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Effernagh 140 Dartree Aghabog Clones
Eldron 58 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Ellinure 129 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Elvey 96 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Emy 252 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Emyvale Town Trough Donagh Monaghan
Emyvale (or Scarnageeragh) 119 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Enagh 253 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Enagh 171 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Enagh 131 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Ennis 78 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Errybane 135 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Erryroe 294 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Eshacrin 141 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Eshcloghfin 309 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Eshnaglogh 1,341 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Esker 105 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Fairfield Demense 642 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Fairtahy 308 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Faltagh 231 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Faraghy 199 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Fartagorman 124 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Fastry 144 Dartree Currin Clones
Fastry (or Racreeghan) 284 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Faulkland 226 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Feagh 240 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Feahoe 284 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Feddans 127 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Fedoo 165 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Feebaghbane 218 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Feebaghduff 143 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Feebane 86 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Feegavla 263 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Feragh 275 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Figanny 103 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Figullar 264 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Fincarn 229 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Fintully 139 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Foremass 106 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Formil 308 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Formil 187 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Formil 133 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Formoyle 146 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Foxhole 34 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Freame Mount Demense 199 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Fremagh 54 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Gallagh 184 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Gallanagh 129 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Garlegobban 90 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Garradevlin 118 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Garran 166 Dartree Clones Clones
Garran 218 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Garran Itra 175 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Garran Otra (or Gibraltar) 131 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Garranroe 70 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Garranroe (or Cornamucklagh) 193 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Garrifly 77 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Garrybane 158 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Garryduff 242 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Genagh 196 Dartree Aghabog Clones
Gibraltar (or Garran Otra) 131 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Gilford 92 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Girfin 25 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Glannan 46 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Glasdrumman 168 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Glasdrumman East 174 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Glasdrumman West 100 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Glasdrummond 223 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Glasleck 190 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Glaslough Town Trough Donagh Monaghan
Glaslough 190 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Glasmullagh 167 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Glear 125 Dartree Clones Clones
Glebe 68 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Glen 100 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Glen 288 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Glen Beg 191 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Glen More 212 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Glencorick 140 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Glenish 143 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Glennyhorn 117 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Glinch 116 Dartree Aghabog Clones
Gola 36 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Gola English 268 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Gola Irish 228 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Golan 523 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Golanduff 64 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Golanmurphy 94 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Golree 46 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Gortakeeghan 149 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Gorteens 119 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Gortgranard 146 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Gorticleave 70 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Gortlanna 92 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Gortmoney 21 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Gortmore North 136 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Gortmore South 95 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Gortnana 114 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Gortnana 141 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Gortnawinny 185 Dartree Clones Clones
Graffagh 125 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Gragarnagh 214 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Gransha Beg 250 Dartree Clones Clones
Gransha More 220 Dartree Clones Clones
Greagh 386 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Greagh 345 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Greagh 241 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Greagh 147 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Greaghawillin (Jackson) 117 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Greaghawillin (Richey) 135 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Greaghdrumit 174 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Greaghdrumneesk 141 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Greaghglass 186 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Greaghlane 266 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Greaghlatacapple 350 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Greaghlone 449 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Greaghnaroog 232 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Greenmount 97 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Grig 191 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Griggy 133 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Groves Lower 117 Cremorne Tehallan Monaghan
Groves Upper 122 Cremorne Tehallan Monaghan
Guardhill 105 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Halftate 73 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Hillhall 146 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Hilton Demesne 542 Dartree Currin Clones
Inishammon 142 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Inishdevlin 90 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Inishkeen Glebe 69 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Islands 148 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Itereery 123 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Ivy Hill 92 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Kednaminsha 201 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Kednugullion 171 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Keeneraboy 165 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Keenog 111 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Keenogbane 139 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Keenogduff 172 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Keenoge 295 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Kibberidog 103 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Kilcorran 268 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Kilcran 39 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Kilcreen 153 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Kilcrow 124 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Kilcrow 196 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Kilcumber 55 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Kildoagh 94 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Kilfahavon 199 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Kilgormly 100 Dartree Clones Clones
Kilkit 292 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Killabrick 167 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Killakeady 87 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killanny 148 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Killark 172 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Killark 119 Dartree Currin Clones
Killarue 155 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Killatten 70 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killeanly 112 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killeef 82 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Killeevan Gleve 108 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Killina 194 Dartree Clones Monaghan
Killybern 138 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Killyboley 70 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Killyboley 666 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Killybough 89 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killybreen 212 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killybressal 99 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killybrone 134 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Killycard 180 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Killycarnan 86 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Killycarnan North 99 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killycarnan South 101 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killycarran 241 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killycoghill 141 Dartree Clones Monaghan
Killyconigan 203 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Killyconigan 87 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Killycooly 271 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Killycoouagh 231 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Killycorran 40 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killycracken 330 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Killycreen 83 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killycrom 156 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Killycronaghan 108 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Killycushil 72 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Killydonagh 78 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killydonnelly 148 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killydreen 117 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Killydrutan 78 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Killyfaragh 130 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killyfargy 136 Dartree Currin Clones
Killyfuddy 207 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Killygally 183 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Killygavna 285 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killygola 271 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Killygone 100 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Killygorman 75 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Killygowan 98 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Killygragy 137 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Killygrallan 189 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killyhoman 151 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Killykerragh 111 Dartree Clones Monaghan
Killykeskeame 127 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Killylaragh 107 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killyleck (Lucas) 80 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killyleck (or Anketell) 86 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killyleen 139 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Killyleg 166 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Killyliss 109 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Killylough 296 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killyloughavoy 97 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Killymarly 180 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Killymarran 75 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killymonaghan 143 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Killymurry 133 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Killyneill 231 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Killynenagh 348 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Killyrean Lower 103 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Killyrean Upper 173 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Killyreask 68 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Killyslavan 95 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Killytur 98 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Killyvane 96 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Kilmactrasna 139 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Kilmore East 260 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Kilmore East 171 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Kilmore West 252 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Kilmore West 294 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Kilmurry 365 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Kilnaclay 258 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Kilnacloy 136 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Kilnacran 213 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Kilnacranfy 95 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Kilnadreen 167 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Kilnageer 73 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Kilnagullan 83 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Kilnahaltar 143 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Kilnaharvey 122 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Kilnamaddy 114 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Kilnamaddy 108 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Kilnamaddy 218 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Kiltubbrid 68 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Kiltubbrid 246 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Kiltybegs 301 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Kiltybegs 124 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Kilvey 206 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Kinallybane 162 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Kinallyduff 138 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Kinard 69 Cremorne Tehallan Monaghan
Kincorragh 83 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Kinduff 213 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Kingorry 92 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Kinnagin 222 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Kinturk 118 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Knappagh 214 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Knockabeany 157 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Knockaconny 100 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Knockacullion 61 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Knockacunnier 70 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Knockakirwan 98 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Knockanearla 462 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Knockaphubble 88 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Knockatallan 405 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Knockaturly 362 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Knockavolis 392 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Knockballyroney 796 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Knockboy 34 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Knockconan 18 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Knockcor 221 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Knockcor 130 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Knockinure 23 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Knocknacarney 27 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Knocknacran East 154 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Knocknacran West 179 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Knocknagarnaman 196 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Knocknageeha 354 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Knocknagrat 78 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Knocknagrave 225 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Knocknalun 275 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Knocknamaddy 320 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Knocknamullagh (or Derryilan) 212 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Knocknaneen 400 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Knocknasave 110 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Knockreagh 54 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Knockreagh Lower 142 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Knockreagh Upper 183 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Knockronaghan 195 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Knocks East 78 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Knocks West 162 Dartree Currin Clones
Lackafin 207 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Lackagh 222 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Lackan 340 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Lacklom 187 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Lagan 210 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Lannat 184 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Lantaur 193 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Lappan 102 Cremorne Tehallan Monaghan
Laragh 159 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Laragh 365 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Laragh 387 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Largy 125 Dartree Clones Clones
Latgallan 48 Dartree Clones Clones
Latgee 9 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Latinalbany 184 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Latlorcan 151 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Latnakelly 140 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Latnamard 322 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Latroe 110 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Lattacrom 396 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Lattacrossan 169 Dartree Currin Clones
Lattigar 28 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Latton 333 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Lattonfasky 337 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Lattylanigan 122 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Lavagilduff 252 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Leagh 100 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Leagh 168 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Leck 195 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Lecklevera 284 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Leeg 303 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Leek 204 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Legacurry 183 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Legacurry 164 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Legarhill 158 Dartree Clones Clones
Legghimore 178 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Legnacreeve 286 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Legnakelly 238 Dartree Clones Clones
Leitrim 153 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Leitrim 287 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Lemgare 427 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Lenagh 106 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Lennaght 257 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Lennan 156 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Leonards Island 100 Dartree Clones Clones
Leons (M'Kenna) (or Leons Garve) 270 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Leons Beg 80 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Leons Garve (or Leons (M'Kenna)) 270 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Letgonnelly 61 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Letloonigan 12 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Letteragh 120 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Letterbane 276 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Lisabuck 129 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Lisacullion 259 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Lisaginny 103 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Lisagore 100 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Lisalea 111 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Lisanisk 206 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Lisanly 193 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Lisaquill 70 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Lisarearke 149 Dartree Currin Clones
Lisarilly 118 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Lisatilister 163 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Lisavargy 70 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Lisbane 36 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Lisboy 82 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Lisbrannan 159 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Liscarnan 128 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Liscarney 60 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Liscat 58 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Lisconduff 113 Cremorne Tehallan Monaghan
Liscorran 28 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Liscumasky 321 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Lisdarragh 146 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Lisdonny 282 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Lisdoonan 169 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Lisdrumcleve 331 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Lisdrumdoagh 103 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Lisdrumgormly 255 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Lisdrumturk 337 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Lisduff 270 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Liseenan 362 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Liseggerton 151 Dartree Clones Clones
Lisgall 155 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Lisgall 67 Dartree Clones Clones
Lisgillan 295 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Lisglassan 138 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Lisgoagh 102 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Lisgorran 196 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Lisgrew 51 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Lisinan 97 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Lisinisky 302 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Lisirril 282 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Liskeabrick 56 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Liskenna 76 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Lislannan 66 Dartree Clones Clones
Lislea 75 Dartree Currin Clones
Lislea 105 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Lisleitrim 145 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Lislongfield 169 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Lislynchahan 145 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Lismacrerk 137 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Lismagonway 136 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Lismagunshin 151 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Lismeagh 55 Dartree Clones Clones
Lismenan 24 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Lisnaclea 171 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Lisnadarragh 274 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Lisnafeddaly 201 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Lisnafinelly 72 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Lisnagalliagh 239 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Lisnagore 275 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Lisnagreeve 197 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Lisnaguiveragh 179 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Lisnagunnion 134 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Lisnakeeny 189 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Lisnakelly 158 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Lisnalee 225 Dartree Currin Clones
Lisnalee 145 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Lisnalong 150 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Lisnamacka 99 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Lisnamoyle Etra 150 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Lisnamoyle Otra 149 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Lisnanore 46 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Lisnaroe Far 83 Dartree Clones Clones
Lisnaroe Near 131 Dartree Clones Clones
Lisnashannagh 106 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Lisnashannagh 194 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Lisnaveane 283 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Lisnaveane 206 Cremorne Tullycorbet Monaghan
Lisoarty 112 Dartree Clones Clones
Lisquigny 133 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Lisroosky 105 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Lissaraw 193 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Lisseagh 56 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Listellan 146 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Listinny 105 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Listraheagny 89 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Listroar 134 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Longfield 374 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Longfield 164 Dartree Clones Clones
Longfield Etra 139 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Longfield Otra 146 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Looart 148 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Losset 181 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Losset 172 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Losset 124 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Lossets 99 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Loughbrattoge 343 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Loughoony 66 Dartree Clones Clones
Lowertown 64 Dartree Clones Clones
Loyst 224 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Luppan 125 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Lurgachamlough 218 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Lurganboy 188 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Lurganboy 217 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Lurganboys 232 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Lurganearly 325 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Lurgangreen 328 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Lurganmore 181 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Lurgans 273 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Magheraboy 170 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Magheranure 113 Dartree Clones Clones
Magherarny 248 Dartree Clones Clones
Magherashaghry 177 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Maghernacloy 152 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Maghernaharny 404 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Maghernakelly 125 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Maghernakill 148 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Magheross 136 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Maghery 114 Monaghan Clones Inishowen
Maghon 497 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Magoney 200 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Mason Lodge 43 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Milligan 96 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Milltown 191 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Miskish Beg 95 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Miskish More 75 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Modesse 218 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Mokeeran 158 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Momony 89 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Monage 82 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Monaghan Town Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Monagor 186 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Monalia 164 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Monaltybane 130 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Monaltyduff 130 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Monanagirr 174 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Monanny 159 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Monantin 142 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Money 235 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Moneyvolan 181 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Monintin 240 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Monmurry 246 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Monneill 117 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Monyglen 221 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Monygorbet 48 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Moraghy 121 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Mount Anketell 60 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Mount Carmel 183 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Mountain Lodge Demesne 484 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Moy 225 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Moy 165 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Moy Etra 160 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Moy Otra 112 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Moyle Beg 145 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Moyle More 157 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Moylemuck 147 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Moyles 121 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Moyles 241 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Moylough 103 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Moysnaght 121 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Mucker 101 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Mucklagh 57 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Muff 75 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Muladuff 101 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Muldrumman 194 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Mullabrack 95 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Mullabrack (Scott) 88 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullabrack (Shaw) 100 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullabryan 220 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Mulladermot 119 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Mullagarry 162 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Mullagh Otra 130 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Mullaghadun 115 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Mullaghanee 222 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Mullaghbane 168 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullaghboy 108 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Mullaghboy 121 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullaghcor 121 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Mullaghcroghery 321 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Mullaghcroghery 53 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Mullaghduff 159 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Mullaghduff 117 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullaghgarve 119 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Mullaghgreenan 176 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Mullaghinshigo 206 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Mullaghmacateer 155 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Mullaghmatt 68 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Mullaghmeen 119 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Mullaghmonaghan 92 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Mullaghmore 85 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Mullaghmore 176 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Mullaghmore 122 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Mullaghmore East 115 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Mullaghmore North 285 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Mullaghmore West 146 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Mullaghnahegny 105 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Mullaghpeak 129 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullaghrafferty 121 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Mullaghselsana 46 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Mullaghunshinagh 365 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Mullaglassan 108 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Mullaliss 123 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullaloughan 182 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullamurphy 110 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullan 71 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Mullan 242 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Mullanabattog 129 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Mullanacask 140 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Mullanacloy 145 Dartree Clones Clones
Mullanacross 137 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Mullanacross 136 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Mullanafinnog 58 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Mullanagore 225 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Mullanamoy 80 Dartree Clones Clones
Mullananallog 101 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Mullananalt 216 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Mullanarockan 113 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Mullanarry 125 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Mullanary Glebe 182 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Mullanarycortannel 270 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Mullanavannog 78 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Mullanavannog 113 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Mullandavagh 139 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Mullanderg 141 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Mullanlary 95 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullans 66 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Mullantimore 122 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Mullantlavan 159 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Mullantornan 157 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Mullatigorry 160 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Mullatishaughlin 178 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Mullyash 337 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Mullycrock 165 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Mullyera 65 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Mullyera 57 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Mullyjordan 193 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Mullyknock 162 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Mullylusty 171 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Mullymagaraghan 95 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Mullynahinch 139 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Mullynure 81 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Mullyore 141 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Munnilly 149 Dartree Clones Clones
Nafarty 263 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Naghill 155 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Nart 105 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Nart 177 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Newbliss Town Dartree Killeevan Clones
Newbliss 347 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Newgrove 144 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Nook 85 Dartree Clones Clones
Nure Beg 47 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Nure Beg 85 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Nure More 128 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Nure More 118 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Oghill 91 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Oghill 289 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Onomy 125 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Oram Town Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Ouvry 190 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Peast 211 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Point 115 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Portinaghy 123 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Pullans 192 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Pullis 222 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Quiglough 103 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Rabows 70 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Racaulfield 99 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Rackwallace 308 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Raconnellk 225 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Racreeghan (or Fastry) 284 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Radeerpark 255 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Radeery 139 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Radrum 164 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Radrumskean 112 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Rafeenan 272 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Raferagh 551 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Raflacony 72 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Rahans 249 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Rahans 164 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Rakean 138 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Rakeeragh 163 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Rakeeragh 107 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Rakeeragh 137 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Rakeevan 70 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Rakelly 51 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Ralaghan 163 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Ramanny 114 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Ramoy 46 Dartree Clones Clones
Rarutagh 117 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Rateerbane 136 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Rathmore 160 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Rausker 175 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Raw 151 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Rebane 272 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Reduff 214 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Rockcorry Town Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Roo 171 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Roosky 226 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Roosky 119 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Roosky 154 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Roranna 137 Dartree Drummully Clones
Rosefield 178 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Rossarrell 133 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Rossdreenagh 279 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Rossnaglogh East 125 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Rossnaglogh West 110 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Rossolius 192 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Rough Hill 64 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Sandhills 78 Dartree Currin Clones
Scalkill 365 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Scarnageeragh (or Emyvale) 119 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Scarvy 140 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Scotstown Town Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Searkin 118 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Seaveagh 143 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Seeola 129 Farney Inishkeen Dundalk
Selloo 65 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Shanco 429 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Shanco 70 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Shanco 88 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Shancobane 125 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Shancoduff 135 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Shane 180 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Shanemullagh 125 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Shankill 259 Cremorne Aghnamullen Carrickmacross
Shankill 243 Dartree Clones Clones
Shanmullagh 127 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Shanmullagh 161 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Shanmullagh 143 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Shanmullagh 213 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Shanmullagh North 36 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Shanmullagh South 159 Dartree Clones Clones
Shanrah 129 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Shanroe 83 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Shantonagh 220 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Shantonagh 150 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Shantony 151 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Shee 196 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Sheetrim 224 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Sheetrim 142 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Sheetrim 287 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Shelvins 163 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Sheskin 418 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Sillis 310 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Skeachorn 121 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Skeagarvey 76 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Skeagh 134 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Skeatry 76 Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Skerrick East 74 Dartree Currin Clones
Skerrick West 106 Dartree Currin Clones
Skerrymore 213 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Skervan 116 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Skinnagin 94 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Skinnagin 85 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Skinnahergna 112 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Slieveroe 264 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Smithborough Town Monaghan Clones Monaghan
Sogher 82 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Sra 225 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Srananny 157 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Sreenty 459 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Sruell (or Corragarry) 311 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Sruveel 131 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Straclevan 106 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Stracrunnion 93 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Stradeen 117 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Straghan (or Cornasore) 124 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Stramackilroy 635 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Stramore 176 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Stranagarvagh 58 Dartree Clones Clones
Stranatona 150 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Stranoodan 202 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Streanduff 31 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tamlat 199 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Tamlat 121 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Tamlat 107 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tamlat 136 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Tanderagee 149 Dartree Clones Clones
Tanderageebane 166 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tanderageebrack 136 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tanmacnally 170 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Taplagh 139 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Tassan 500 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Tattincake 217 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Tattindonagh 208 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tattintlieve 281 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tattintlieve 219 Dartree Aghabog Monaghan
Tattyboy 479 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Tattybrack 207 Cremorne Aghnamullen Cootehill
Tattygare 286 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Tattygare 104 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Tattygare 107 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tattynagall 167 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Tattyreagh North 305 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Tattyreagh South 123 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Tavanagh 104 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Tavanaskea 405 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tedavnet 46 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Teehill 128 Dartree Clones Clones
Teer 64 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Telaydan 193 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Telaydan 121 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Templetate 136 Dartree Clones Clones
Templetate 50 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Teraverty 154 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Terrycaffe 166 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Terrygeely 195 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Terrygreeghan 248 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Terrytole 70 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tetoppa 104 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Thornhill 40 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Tievadinna and Cloghoge 302 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Tievaleny 234 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Tinary 145 Dartree Aghabog Clones
Tiragarvan 222 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Tiramoan 113 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tirardan 123 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Tiravera 181 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Tiravray 155 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tircooney 88 Dartree Clones Clones
Tiredigan 104 Dartree Killeevan Monaghan
Tireran 150 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Tirfinnog 93 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tirkeenan 125 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tirmacmoe 110 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Tirmadown 164 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Tirnadrola 92 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Tirnahinch Far 166 Dartree Clones Clones
Tirnahinch Near 166 Dartree Clones Clones
Tirnamona 61 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tirnaneill 232 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tirnaskea North 120 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tirnaskea South 66 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tiromedan 195 Monaghan Tullycorbet Monaghan
Togan 167 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Tomany 170 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Tomiska 104 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Tomogrow 257 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tonagh 258 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Tonagh 251 Dartree Aghabog Cootehill
Tonagimsy 118 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Tonaneeve 309 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Tonintlieve 175 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
Toniscoffy 441 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tonnagh 59 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Tonyclea 588 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tonycoogan 107 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tonyellida 125 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Tonyfinnigan 185 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tonyfohanan 84 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Tonygarvey 114 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tonyglassan 220 Cremorne Ballybay Castleblayney
Tonyglassan 128 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Tonyhamigan 74 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tonynumery 87 Trough Errigal Trough Monaghan
Tonyscallan 172 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Tonyshandeny 106 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tonysillogagh 145 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tonystackan 252 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tonytallagh 135 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Tooa 284 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Toome 216 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Toome 257 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Tossy 233 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Tray 130 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Trostan 114 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Tuckmilltate 26 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Tullaghaloyst 110 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Tullaghan 112 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tullanacrunat 132 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullanacrunat North 86 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Tullanacrunat South 82 Farney Donaghmoyne Castleblayney
Tulleerin 65 Dartree Clones Monaghan
Tullinearly 152 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullintlisny 191 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullintrat 250 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tully 197 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tully 94 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tully 50 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tullyallen 136 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Tullyard 191 Dartree Killeevan Cootehill
Tullyard 103 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tullyard 285 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tullybryan 151 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Tullybuck 115 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Tullycallick 96 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tullycanaghy 394 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullycarragh 287 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Tullycollive 250 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullycoora 241 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullycroman 176 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tullycumasky 152 Cremorne Clontibret Monaghan
Tullygillen 126 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Tullyglass 286 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Tullygony 111 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tullygony 21 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Tullyharnet 264 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullyhirm 180 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tullyhumphry 126 Dartree Currin Clones
Tullykenny 142 Monaghan Drumsnat Monaghan
Tullyleer 124 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Tullylish 90 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Tullylone 162 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Tullylougherny 57 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Tullylougherny 162 Farney Magheracloone Carrickmacross
Tullymackilmaritn 107 Farney Donaghmore Carrickmacross
Tullynacross 84 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Tullynageer 346 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullynagrow 221 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullynahattina 361 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullynahinnera 396 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Tullynamalra 297 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Tullynamalra 213 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullynample 247 Dartree Currin Cootehill
Tullynanegish 298 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Tullynanure 72 Monaghan Tehallan Monaghan
Tullynarney 167 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Tullynaskeagh East 265 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Tullynaskeagh West 197 Farney Killanny Carrickmacross
Tullyrahan 264 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullyrain 276 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Tullyreas 100 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Tullyree 140 Trough Donagh Monaghan
Tullyshelferty 169 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Tullyskerry 143 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Tullyvanus 198 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
Tullyvaragh Lower 174 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Tullyvaragh Upper 158 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Tullyvin 140 Cremorne Clontibret Castleblayney
Tullyvogy 158 Monaghan Tedavnet Monaghan
Ture 40 Dartree Killeevan Clones
Tusker 222 Farney Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross
Ullinagh 256 Cremorne Aghnamullen Castleblayney
Ummerafree 367 Farney Magheross Carrickmacross
Unshinagh 168 Dartree Ematris Cootehill
Urbalkirk 271 Monaghan Monaghan Monaghan
Urcher 163 Monaghan Kilmore Monaghan
Urlish 46 Trough Errigal Trough Clogher
White Island 13 Cremorne Muckno Castleblayney
White Island 59 Trough Donagh Monaghan


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