List of townlands of County Offaly

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 1,194 townlands in County Offaly, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Acantha 183 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Adruel 120 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Agall 72 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Agall 198 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Aghaboy 123 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Aghadonagh 211 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Aghadouglas 231 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Aghafin 212 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Aghagoogy 451 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Aghagurty 380 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Aghalusky 217 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Aghameelick 397 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Aghamore 113 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Aghamore 130 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Aghancarnan 185 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Aghancon 298 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Aghanrush 260 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Aghanvilla 72 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Aghanvilla 257 Upper Philipstown Geashill Mountmellick
Aghnagross 107 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Aghnananagh 400 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Aghody 207 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Aghraboy 30 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Aharney 344 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Alderborough 152 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Annagharvey 1,074 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Annaghbeg & Annaghmore 1,153 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Annaghbrack Glebe 846 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Annaghmore 258 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Annaghmore & Annaghbeg 1,153 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Annamoe 375 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Ard 816 Upper Philipstown Geashill Mountmellick
Ardan 749 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ardavagga 77 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Ardbash 107 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ardnurcher Glebe 80 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Ardra 392 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Armyhill 80 Clonlisk Castletownely Roscrea
Ash Island 8 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Ashfield 140 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Ashgrove (or MacNahanny) 389 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Attiblaney 59 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Attinkee 434 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Backsteel 34 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Backwood 420 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Ballaghaderry 54 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Ballaghanoher 577 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Ballaghassaan 961 Upper Philipstown Geashill Edenderry
Ballaghboy 209 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Ballard 409 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Balleek 318 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Balleek Beg 110 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Ballickmoyler 117 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Ballicknahee 328 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Ballina 190 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballina 955 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Ballinagar Town Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballinagar 362 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballinaminton East 348 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Ballinaminton West 136 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Ballinamoe 271 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Ballincloghan 239 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballincloghan 208 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Ballincloghan Little 105 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballincor Demesne 530 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Ballincur 331 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Ballincur 339 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Ballindarra 185 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Ballindown 380 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Ballindrinan 132 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Ballindrinnan 331 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballingorraun 603 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Ballingowan Glebe 216 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Ballinla 400 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Ballinloman 231 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Ballinlough 126 Clonlisk Aghancon Roscrea
Ballinlough 350 Clonlisk Borrisnafarney Roscrea
Ballinlough 305 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Ballinowlart North 177 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Ballinowlart South 458 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Ballinrahin 375 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Ballinrath 560 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballinree 299 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Ballinree 438 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Ballintemple 853 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Ballintemple 314 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Ballintogher 313 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Ballintogher 153 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Ballinvally 1,473 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballinvoher 193 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Balliver 483 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Ballyard (or Bellair) 1,262 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Ballyatty 379 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Ballyavill 569 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballybeg 927 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Ballybeg 398 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Ballyboughlin 105 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Ballybought 913 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Ballyboy Town Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballyboy 296 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballyboy 225 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Ballybrack 530 Clonlisk Roscrea Roscrea
Ballybrackan (or Ridgemount) 513 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballybrackan Little 230 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballybritt 591 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Ballybrittan 942 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Ballybruncullin 290 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Ballybryan 346 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Ballyburly 431 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Ballycallaghan 283 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Ballychristal 20 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Tullamore
Ballychristal 381 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Ballyclare 559 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Ballyclery 402 Clonlisk Roscrea Roscrea
Ballycolgan 328 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballycolgan 169 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Ballycollin 256 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Ballycollin 357 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballycollin Lower 147 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballycollin Upper 233 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballycommon 1,249 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Ballycon 469 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballycore 69 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Ballycormick 263 Clonlisk Borrisnafarney Roscrea
Ballycosney 324 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ballycowan 364 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ballycrumlin 88 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballycue 442 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballycumber Town Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Ballycumber 453 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Ballycurragh 405 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Ballydaly 273 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Ballydaly (or Derrynagall) 464 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ballydermot 878 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Ballydonagh 666 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Ballydownan 1,016 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballydrohid 310 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ballyduff 519 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Ballyduff 498 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Ballyduff 375 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Ballyduff 622 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ballyduff South 541 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballyealan 191 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Ballyegan 799 Clonlisk Kilcolman Parsonstown
Ballyeighter 231 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Ballyfarrell 533 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Ballyfore 618 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Ballyfore Big 209 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballyfore Little 42 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballygaddy 427 Clonlisk Kilcolman Parsonstown
Ballygaddy 361 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Ballygarrett 123 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Ballyheashill 601 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Ballyhugh 396 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Ballyhugh (or Springfield) 185 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballykealy 293 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Ballykean 899 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Ballykeenaghan 357 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Ballykelly 136 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Ballykilcross 76 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Ballykilleen 1,229 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballykilleen 355 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Ballykilleen 391 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Ballykilmurry 779 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ballyknockan 386 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Ballyknockan 232 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballyleakin 277 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballylennon 499 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Ballylevin 493 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballylier 45 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Ballylin 583 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Ballylonnan 116 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballylonnan 313 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Ballyloughan 322 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Ballymacmurragh 533 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Ballymacoolaghan 220 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Ballymacrossan 609 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Ballymacrossan 625 Upper Philipstown Geashill Mountmellick
Ballymacwilliam 396 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Ballymaddock 30 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballymooney 586 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballymoran 32 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballymoran 368 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Ballymullen 302 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Ballynacanty 537 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Ballynacard 391 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Ballynacarrig 1,223 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballynacurra 217 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Ballynagh 87 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Ballynaguilsha 448 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Ballynahinch 105 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Ballynakill 426 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballynakill 496 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Ballynakill 1,055 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Ballynakill Beg 312 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Ballynakill Little 104 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Ballynalack 148 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Ballynamire 323 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ballynamona 93 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Ballynamona 494 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Ballynamona Glebe 113 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Ballynanum 125 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Ballynasrah 927 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Ballynasrah 574 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Ballynasrah 311 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ballynasrah (or Tinnycross) 510 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ballyneena 163 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Ballyoran 350 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballyowen 493 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Ballyowen 69 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Ballyphilip 435 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Ballyrickard 191 Clonlisk Aghancon Roscrea
Ballyrickard 172 Clonlisk Aghancon Roscrea
Ballyrihy 1,034 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Ballyroe 230 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Ballyshane 177 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Ballyshane 126 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Ballyshane 432 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Ballysheil 231 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Ballyslavin 268 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Ballystanly 494 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Ballystrig 297 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Ballyteige Big 483 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Ballyteige Little 357 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Ballytoran 178 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Ballyvlin 92 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Ballyvora 410 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Ballywilliam 170 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballywilliam 531 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Ballywilliam 236 Ballybritt Roscomroe Parsonstown
Ballywilliam 90 Ballybritt Ettagh Roscrea
Ballywilliam 190 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Ballywilliamreagh 210 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Banagher Town Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Banagher (or Kylebeg) 307 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Banragh Island 9 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Barcam 659 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Bariahan 935 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Barna 162 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Barnaboy 384 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Barnaboy 656 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Barnagrotty 474 Clonlisk Borrisnafarney Roscrea
Barnan 460 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Barranaghs 901 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Barrysbrook 892 Lower Philipstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Bawnmore 247 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Beagh 666 Ballybritt Roscomroe Parsonstown
Beggarstown 156 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Behernagh 141 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Bellair (or Ballyard) 1,262 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Bellhill 281 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Bellmount (or Lisderg) 420 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Benfield 137 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Bigwood 170 Ballybritt Kilcolman Parsonstown
Birds Island 4 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Birr (or Parsonstown) Town Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Bishopswood 438 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Blackbull 115 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Blackwood 192 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Bloomhill (or Cloncraff) 1,626 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Bogderries 412 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Boggaunreagh 86 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Bogtown 811 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Boheradurrow 213 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Boherboy 109 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Boherdeel 182 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Boherfadda (or Parkaree) 285 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Bohernagrisna 360 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Bolart North 117 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Bolart South 300 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Boolakeel 173 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Boolinarig Big 543 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Boolinarig Little 87 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Boolinarig School Land 86 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Borderreen 37 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Borniagh Island 3 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Boultry 116 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Boveen 1,089 Clonlisk Kilcolman Parsonstown
Brackagh 535 Upper Philipstown Geashill Edenderry
Brackagh 159 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Brackagh 95 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Brackagh 86 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Brackagh 272 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Bracklin Big 1,069 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Bracklin Little 601 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Bracknagh 597 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Breaghmore 827 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Breaninch 10 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Bredagh 51 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Brehoge 123 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Brickanagh 545 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Brockernagh 123 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Brookfield 289 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Brosna Town Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Brosna 248 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Broughal 3,785 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Brownhills 115 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Brownstown 464 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Bullock Island 83 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Bun 320 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Bunakeeran 643 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Bunaterin 258 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Bunaterin 26 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Bunnagappagh 615 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Bunrevan 182 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Bunsallagh 946 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Burrow 95 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Burrow (or Glennanummer) 97 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Busherstown 712 Clonlisk Castletownely Roscrea
Cadamstown 863 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Cahills Island 1 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Camus 128 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Cangort Demesne 511 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Cangort Park 373 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Cannakill 209 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Caplevane 260 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Cappagh 128 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Cappagh 161 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Cappagowlan 508 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Cappaloughan 159 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Cappanageeragh 294 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Cappanalosset 386 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Cappanamorath 28 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Cappancur 1,933 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Cappydonnell Big 159 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Cappydonnell Little 120 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Cappyroe 548 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Carrick 1,408 Warrenstown Castlejordan Edenderry
Carrick 671 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Carrigeen 123 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Carrigeen 89 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Carrowkeel 391 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Carrowmanagh 206 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Cartron 59 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Cartron East 194 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Cartron Glebe 141 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Cartron West 82 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Castlearmstrong 442 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Castlebarnagh Big 220 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Castlebarnagh Little 74 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Castlefield 78 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Castlereagh 318 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Castleroan 525 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Castletown 744 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Castletown and Glinsk 900 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Castletwoon 529 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Cavemount (or Mullalough) 778 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Charlestown Town Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Charlestown 292 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Charleville Demesne 1,140 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Chevychase (or Derrynadarragh) 349 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Church Hill 102 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Churchland 42 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Clara Town Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Clara 503 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Claragh 107 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Clareen 156 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Claremount 75 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Clarkkville 81 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Clarkville 10 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Clashagad Lower 262 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Clashagad Upper 364 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Clashroe 988 Ballybritt Roscomroe Parsonstown
Clogh 59 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Cloghabrack 119 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Cloghal Beg 254 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Cloghal More 292 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Cloghan Town Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Cloghan 158 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Cloghan 420 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Cloghan Beg 95 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Cloghan Demesne 624 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Cloghanamina 96 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Cloghanbane 113 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Cloghanhill (or Coolreagh) 955 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Cloghanmore 322 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Cloghatanny 598 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Cloghmoyle 233 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Clonad 896 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonad 537 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Clonad 1,302 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Clonaderg 1,429 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clonagannagh 549 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Clonagh 463 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Clonagh East 379 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Clonagh West 293 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Clonahenoge 535 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Clonarrow (or Riverlyons) 1,897 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Clonascra 1,055 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clonavoe 1,807 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonbeale Beg Glebe 159 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Clonbeale More 647 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Clonbeg 424 Ballybritt Kilcolman Parsonstown
Clonbonniff 1,039 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Clonbrennan 45 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Clonbrennan 172 Clonlisk Roscrea Roscrea
Clonbrin 920 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonbrock Lower 240 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonbrock Upper 236 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonbrone 204 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Clonbrone 135 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Clonbrown 1,103 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonbulloge Town Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonbulloge 522 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Cloncallow (or Cushcallow) 197 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Cloncanon 960 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Cloncant 975 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Cloncarban 458 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Cloncassan 295 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Cloncoher 301 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Cloncollog 467 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Cloncon 555 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Cloncraff 157 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Cloncraff (or Bloomhill) 1,626 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Cloncreen 1,829 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clondallow 508 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Clondelara 727 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clondonnell Glebe 138 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Clondoolusk 322 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Clonearl 91 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Clonearl Demesne 716 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Cloneen 292 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Clonever 334 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clonfinlough 2,457 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clongarret 822 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clongawny 833 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clongawny Beg 99 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Clongawny More 805 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Clonin 587 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Clonkeen 107 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonkelly 534 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Clonlack 323 Coolestown Castlejordan Edenderry
Clonlee 896 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Clonlisk 466 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Clonlyon (Gerald) 530 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clonlyon Castlequarter 659 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clonlyon Glebe 886 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clonmacnoise 913 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clonmare 1,741 Warrenstown Castlejordan Edenderry
Clonmeen 655 Coolestown Castlejordan Edenderry
Clonmel 685 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonminch 717 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Clonmore 427 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonmore 60 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Clonmore 708 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Clonoghil Lower 578 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Clonoghil Upper 541 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Clonony Town Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Clonony Beg 693 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Clonony More 732 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Clonrah and Glaster 261 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Clonroosk Big 158 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonroosk Little 110 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonsast Lower 1,077 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonsast Upper 1,775 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonseer 132 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Clonshannagh 494 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Clonshannon 815 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Clonshanny 496 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Clontaglass 285 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Clonterlough 140 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Clontiff 415 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clontotan 123 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Clonygowan Town Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Clonygowan 953 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Clonyhurk 1,073 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Clonymohan 480 Clonlisk Castletownely Roscrea
Clonyquin 732 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Cloonacullina 280 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Cloonaheen 614 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Cloonalisk 259 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Cloonaloughan 271 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Clooneen 467 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Clooneen (or Lettybrook) 331 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Clooneencapullagh 83 Ballybritt Seirkieran Roscrea
Clorhane 629 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Clucka North 180 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Clucka South 34 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Clyduff 668 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Clyduff 349 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Clynoc 214 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Clyn's Island 4 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Coagh Lower 259 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Coagh Upper 271 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Codd 764 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Cogran 405 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Coldblow 95 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Coldblow 164 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Colehill 716 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Coleraine 317 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Colgagh 319 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Colmanstown 39 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Coneyburrow Town Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Conicker 185 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Coniker 161 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Conspark 123 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Contiffeen 587 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Coolacrease 508 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Coolagary 731 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Coolaghansglaster 480 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Coolanarney 428 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Coolanure 209 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Coolcor 675 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Coolcreen 485 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Coolderry 236 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Coolderry 310 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Cooldorragh 885 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Cooldorragh 135 Ballybritt Roscomroe Roscrea
Cooldorragh Glebe 275 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Coole 777 Lower Philipstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Coole 256 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Coole 539 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Cooleshill 194 Ballybritt Corbally Roscrea
Cooleshill 175 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Coolfin 301 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Coolfin Glebe 671 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Coolnagrower 344 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Coolnahely 618 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Coolnahinch 132 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Coologe 248 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Coolreagh (or Cloghanhill) 955 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Coolreagh Glebe 123 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Coolroe 203 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Coolroe 320 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Cooltycanon 725 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Coolville 158 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Coolygagan 416 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Cor Beg and Cor More 611 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Cor More and Cor Beg 611 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Coraknock Glebe 32 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Corbane 268 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Corbetstown 1,188 Warrenstown Castlejordan Edenderry
Corclogh 143 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Corcush 76 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Corgarve North 23 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Corgarve South 24 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Cormeen 155 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Cornafurrish & Corrabeg 279 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Cornagark 181 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Cornalaur 553 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Cornamona 214 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Corndarragh 334 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Corrabeagh 246 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Corraclevin 958 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Corracullin 777 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Corroe and Grogan 375 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Cortullagh (or Grove) 1,092 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Cottarnagh Island 6 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Courtland (or Viewmount) 24 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Cranasallagh 371 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Tullamore
Crancreagh 280 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Cree 282 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Cree 577 Ballybritt Kilcolman Parsonstown
Creevagh 1,268 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Creggan 664 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Creggan & Glosterboy 158 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Crinkill Town Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Crinkill 948 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Croghan Demesne 305 Lower Philipstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Croghan Demesne 160 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Croghanhill 70 Lower Philipstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Croghanhill 86 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Croughil 99 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Cruit 437 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Crumlin and Tulla 822 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Cuba 104 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Culleen 344 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Cullenwaine 742 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Cully 417 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Cumber Lower 532 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Cumber Upper 590 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Cummeen 53 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Currabeg 556 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Curragh 295 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Curragh 227 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Curragh Lower 182 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Curragh Upper 101 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Curraghalassa 323 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Curraghanana 95 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Curraghavarna (or Portavrolla) 235 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Curraghboy (or Woodfield) 624 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Curraghkeel 126 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Curraghlahan 126 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Curraghmeelagh 271 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Curraghmore 592 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Curraghmore 696 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Curraghwheery 87 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Curralanty 539 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Currygurry 108 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Cush 270 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Cush 125 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Cush East 339 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Cushaling 1,286 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Cushcallow (or Cloncallow) 197 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Cushina 755 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Cushina 1,787 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Dalgan 271 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Danganbeg 178 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Danganreagh 87 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Davistown 210 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Deerpark 422 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Deerpark 301 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Deerpark 321 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Derinduff 224 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Dernafanny 139 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Derreen 313 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Derrica Beg 74 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Derrica More 303 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Derries 1,693 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Derries 720 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Derries 170 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Derries 294 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Derries 559 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Derrinboy 460 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Derrinclare 377 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Derrinlough 1,514 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Derrinvullig 596 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Derrooly 483 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Derry Lower 184 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Derry Upper 66 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Derryad 260 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Derryad 131 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Derryarkin 982 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Derrybeg 221 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Derrybeg 423 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Derrycarney 364 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Derryclure 196 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Derrycoffey 898 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Derrycooly 1,707 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Derrycricket 747 Upper Philipstown Geashill Edenderry
Derrydolney 1,427 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Derryesker 265 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Derrygarran 351 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Derrygolan 436 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Derrygreenagh 1,115 Warrenstown Castlejordan Edenderry
Derrygrogan Big 240 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Derrygrogan Little 217 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Derrygunnigan 202 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Derryharan and Timolin (or Derryholmes) 533 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Derryharney 456 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Derryhask 487 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Derryholmes (or Timolin & Derryharan) 533 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Derryiron 983 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Derrykeel 540 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Derrylahan 449 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Derrylahan 157 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Derrymacedmond 167 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Derrymore 293 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Derrymore 726 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Derrymullin (or Loughderry) 369 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Derrynadarragh (or Chevychase) 349 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Derrynagall (or Ballydaly) 464 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Derrynagun 409 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Derrynanagh 122 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Derrynanagh (or Tullymorerahan) 119 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Derryounce 171 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Derryvilla 509 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Derryweelan 143 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Doon Demesne 981 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Doorosheath 50 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Doory 609 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Dove Hill 500 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Dovegrove 459 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Down 196 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Down 445 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Drinagh 1,683 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Drinagh and Knockhill 436 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Drishoge (or Strawberryhill) 182 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Dromoyle 820 Ballybritt Kilcolman Parsonstown
Droughtville 287 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Drumakeenan 327 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Drumakeenan 412 Clonlisk Roscrea Roscrea
Drumbane 103 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Drumcaw (or Mountlucas) 1,250 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Drumcooly 1,096 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Druminduff 70 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Drummin 40 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Drumroe 296 Clonlisk Castletownely Roscrea
Dunard 61 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Dungar 223 Ballybritt Corbally Roscrea
Dungar 368 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Dunkerrin Town Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Dunville 198 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Durrow Demesne 605 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Earlscartron 32 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Edenderry Town Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Edenderry 2,003 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Eglish 729 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Emmel 385 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Emmel East 206 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Emmel West 308 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Enaghan 1,278 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Tullamore
Endrim 1,642 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Erry (Armstrong) 832 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Erry (Maryborough) 1,844 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Esker 599 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Esker Beg 49 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Esker Beg 46 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Esker More 1,455 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Esker More 930 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Faddan More 258 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Fadden Beg 549 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Faheeran 484 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Fahy 138 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Fairfield 161 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Falsk 1,107 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Fanbeg 26 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Fancroft 490 Ballybritt Seirkieran Roscrea
Farranmacshane 43 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Fearaghalee 92 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Fearboy 184 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Feargarrow 114 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Fearnamona 115 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Feeghroe (or Mountcarteret) 52 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Feeghs 191 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Ferbane Town Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Ferbane Town Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Ferbane 356 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Fertaun 62 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Finter 598 Geashill Ballykean Tullamore
Forelacka 1,415 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Fortel 1,182 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Fortwilliam 44 Clonlisk Aghancon Roscrea
Fortyacres 77 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Fortyacres 100 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Foxburrow 248 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Foxglen (or Garbally) 45 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Franckfort 1,315 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Frankford Town Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Frankford 214 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Freagh 238 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Fulough (or MacNahanny) 438 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Galbally 132 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Gallaghers Island 2 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Gallen 625 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Galros 667 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Galros East 411 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Galros West 362 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Garbally 462 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Garbally 524 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Garbally (or Foxglen) 45 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Garr 1,531 Warrenstown Castlejordan Edenderry
Garrycastle 900 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Garryduff (or Greenville) 185 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Garryhinch 1,376 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Garrymona 318 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Garrymore 277 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Garrysallagh Glebe 80 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Gayfield 75 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Geashill Town Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Geashill 29 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Glascloon 171 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Glascloon 236 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Glascloon 48 Ballybritt Seirkieran Roscrea
Glasderry Beg 212 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Glasderry More 754 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Glaskill 56 Clonlisk Borrisnafarney Roscrea
Glaskill 547 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Glasshouse 838 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Glasshouse 134 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Glaster 606 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Glaster and Clonrah 261 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Glebe 128 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Glebe 127 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Glebe 19 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Glebe 35 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Glebe 22 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Glebe 60 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Glebe 52 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Glebe East 195 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Glenacurragh 349 Ballybritt Ettagh Roscrea
Glenafelly 755 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Glenamony Glebe 333 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Glendine 1,221 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Glendine 50 Clonlisk Borrisnafarney Roscrea
Glendossaun 698 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Glenduff 103 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Glenletter 1,138 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Glennanummer (or Burrow) 97 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Glenns 145 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Glenregan 1,798 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Glinsk (or Castletown) 900 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Glosterboy and Creggan 158 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Glyn 136 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Goldengrove (or Knocknamase) 580 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Goldsmithslot 148 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Gormagh 319 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Gorraun 874 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Gorraun 255 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Gortachallow 28 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Gortacur 463 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Gortanisky 83 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Gortarevan 160 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Gortavally 145 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Gortcreen 175 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Gorteen 644 Ballybritt Roscomroe Roscrea
Gorteen 1,058 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Gorteen 1,513 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Gorteen 249 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Gorteen 763 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Gorteenafoly (or Newhall) 125 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Gorteenard 199 Upper Philipstown Geashill Mountmellick
Gorteenkeel 334 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Gortnacrannagh 160 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Gortnamuck 349 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Gortskeha 268 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Graffan 135 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Graigue 703 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Grange 389 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Grange (or Lockclose) 166 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Grants Island 11 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Greatwood (or Mough) 132 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Greenhills 399 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Greenville (or Garryduff) 185 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Grogan and Corroe 375 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Grove (or Cortullagh) 192 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Grovesend 38 Lower Philipstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Grovesend (or Mooneysland) 92 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Guernal 282 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Gurrawirra 788 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Haughtons Island 13 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Hawkswood 485 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Heath 141 Clonlisk Aghancon Roscrea
Heath 143 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Hollimshill 408 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Hundredacres 279 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Huntston 170 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Illanc 1 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Illaunnacalliagh 7 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Illaunnarank 1 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Inchanaclea 14 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Incherky 191 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Irishtown 314 Ballybritt Kilcolman Parsonstown
Irishtown 93 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Island 135 Ballybritt Kilcolman Parsonstown
Island 182 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Island 687 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Jonestown 158 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Keeloge 51 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Keeloge 168 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Keeloge 510 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Keraun 154 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Kilballyskea 725 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Kilbeg 535 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Kilbride 192 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Kilbride 147 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Kilcamin 398 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Kilcappagh 628 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Kilclare 237 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Kilcloncorkry 244 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Kilclonfert 546 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Kilcolgan Beg 377 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Kilcolgan More 260 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Kilcollin 54 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Kilcolman 176 Ballybritt Kilcolman Parsonstown
Kilcomin 111 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Kilcooney 1,198 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Kilcorbry 199 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Kilcoursey 394 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Kilcreman 225 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Kilcruttin 83 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Kilcumber 280 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Kilcummin 872 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Kilcurley 185 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Kildangan 441 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Kildrumman 117 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Kilduff 612 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Kilfoylan 672 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Kilfrancis 167 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Kilgolan Lower 175 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Kilgolan Upper 144 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Kilgortin 123 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Kilgortin 201 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Kilkeeran 502 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Killaderry 322 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Killadrown 157 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Killagally Glebe 195 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Killaghintober 475 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Killananny 624 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Killaphort 292 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Killaranny 650 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Killarles 171 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Killaun 838 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Killavilla 533 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Killeen 357 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Killeen 186 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Killeen 216 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Killeen 206 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Killeen and Lugnaboley 326 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Killeenboy 84 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Killeenbreaghan 227 Ballybritt Kilcolman Parsonstown
Killeenmore 1,489 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Killeigh 1,186 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Killeigh Town Town Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Killellery 727 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Killeshil 200 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Killina 547 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Killinure 232 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Killiskea 223 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Killistristane 333 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Killoneen 424 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Killooly 1,347 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Killoughy 260 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Killowen 1,021 Warrenstown Castlejordan Edenderry
Killowney Beg 103 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Killowney More 371 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Killurin 2,463 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Killyon 60 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Kilmacuddy 333 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Kilmaine 645 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Kilmalady Big 515 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Kilmalady Little 118 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Kilmalogue 1,025 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Kilmanaghan 465 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Kilmeelchon 391 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Kilmochonna 205 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Kilmore 182 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Kilmucklin 592 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Kilmurragh 132 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Kilmurry 750 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Kilmurryely 306 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Kilnabinnia 137 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Kilnacarra 182 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Kilnagall 428 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Kilnagarnagh 558 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Kilnaglinny 332 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Kilnagolny 739 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Kilnalacka 111 Clonlisk Kilcolman Parsonstown
Kilnantoge Lower 374 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Kilnantoge Upper 417 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Kilpatrick 487 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Kiltubbrid Island 236 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Kincora 216 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Kinnafad 306 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Kinnitty Town Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Kippeenduff 56 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Knock 501 Ballybritt Ettagh Roscrea
Knockarley 643 Ballybritt Roscomroe Roscrea
Knockaspur 155 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Knockballyboy 1,476 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Knockbane 84 Clonlisk Borrisnafarney Roscrea
Knockbarron 1,328 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Knockbrack 144 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Knockdrin 1,221 Warrenstown Castlejordan Edenderry
Knockearlgh 153 Clonlisk Templeharry Roscrea
Knockhill and Drinagh 436 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Knockloughlin 189 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Knocknahorna 135 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Knocknamase (or Goldengrove) 580 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Kyle 604 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Kylebeg (or Banagher) 307 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Kyleboher 139 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Lackagh Beg 441 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Lackagh More 579 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Lackan 264 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Lackaroe 151 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Laughil 186 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Laughil 367 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Laughil 141 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Laurencetown 120 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Lavagh 194 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Lavagh Beg 51 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Lea Beg 3,768 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Lea More 2,746 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Leabeg 751 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Leap 158 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Lecarrow 227 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Lecarrow Glebe (or Britannia) 157 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Lehinch 239 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Leitra 1,227 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Leitrim 1,313 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Lemanaghan 2,265 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Lenamarran 255 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Letter 225 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Lettybrook (or Clooneen) 331 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Lisclooney 785 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Lisdaly 196 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Lisdavuck 70 Clonlisk Castletownely Roscrea
Lisderg (or Bellmount) 420 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Lisdermot 368 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Lisduff 295 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Lisduff 398 Clonlisk Kilcolman Parsonstown
Lisduff 155 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Lisheen 415 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Lismoney 680 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Lisnageeragh 507 Clonlisk Roscrea Roscrea
Lissanierin 572 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Lissaniska 142 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Lissanisky 626 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Lock House Island 1 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Lockclose (or Grange) 166 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Longford 146 Ballybritt Roscomroe Parsonstown
Longford Big 377 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Longford Little 80 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Loughan 702 Clonlisk Finglas Roscrea
Loughaun 552 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Loughderry and Derymullin 369 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Loughroe 234 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Loughwheelion (or Moneyadda) 246 Clonlisk Aghancon Roscrea
Lower Heath 174 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Lowerton Beg 360 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Lowerton More 457 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Loyer 162 Clonlisk Castletownely Roscrea
Lug 99 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Lugamarla 320 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Luganiska 331 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Lugglass 145 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Lugmore 67 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Lugnaboley & Killeen 326 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Lumcloon 2,248 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Lumville 346 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Lurgan 444 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Lynally Glebe 528 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
MacNahanny (or Ashgrove) 389 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
MacNahanny (or Fulough) 438 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Macoghlans Island 25 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Magherabane 244 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Magherabane 333 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Magheramore 93 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Magheranaskeagh 276 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Magherareagh 160 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Marymount 161 Ballybritt Aghancon Roscrea
Meelaghans 1,386 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Meenwaun 68 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Mill Grove 99 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Millbrook 112 Geashill Ballykean Tullamore
Milltown 191 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Milltown 252 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Minus Island 69 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Moanvane 1,068 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Monasteroris 1,017 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Moneadda (or Loughwheelion) 246 Clonlisk Aghancon Roscrea
Moneenagunnell 121 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Moneenderg 74 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Money 1,046 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Moneygall Town Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Moneygall 663 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Moneyguyneen 183 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Moneyshingaun 54 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Mooneysland (or Grovesend) 92 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Moorock 973 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Mossfield 395 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Mough (or Greatwood) 132 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Mountarmstrong 54 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Mountbolus Town Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Mountcarteret (or Feeghroe) 52 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Mountheaton 449 Clonlisk Corbally Roscrea
Mountheaton 237 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Mounthenry 55 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Mountlucas (or Drumcaw) 1,250 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Mountpleasant 677 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Mountwilson 416 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Moyally 343 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Moyclare 717 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Moynure 112 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Moynure 156 Clonlisk Roscrea Roscrea
Moystown Demesne 578 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Muckinish 48 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Mucklagh 370 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Mucklone East 106 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Mucklone West 268 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Muiniagh 217 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Mullaghakaraun 261 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Mullaghakaraun Bog 74 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Mullagharush 202 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Mullaghcrohy 249 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Mullalough (or Cavemount) 778 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Mullanafawnia 173 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Murragh 400 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Nadneagh 109 Clonlisk Kilcolman Parsonstown
Nahana 610 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Newhall (or Gorteenafoly) 125 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Newtown Town Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Newtown 822 Coolestown Castlejordan Edenderry
Newtown 319 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Newtown 1,199 Ballybritt Roscomroe Parsonstown
Newtown 125 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Newtown 812 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Newtown 510 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Newtown 249 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Newtown 413 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Noggusboy 687 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Noggusduff 313 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Oakleypark 753 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Oldcroghan 649 Lower Philipstown Croghan Edenderry
Oldtown 443 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Oldtown 130 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Osierbrook 108 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Oughter 494 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Ouris 144 Clonlisk Dunkerrin Roscrea
Pallas 120 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Pallaspark 279 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Park 149 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Park 587 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Parkaree (or Boherfadda) 285 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Parkmeen 151 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Parkmore 230 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Parkwood 234 Kilcoursey Kilcumreragh Tullamore
Parsonstown (or Birr) Town Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Pass 198 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Philipstown Town Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Pigeonhouse 68 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Pigeonpark 626 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Pigeonpark (or Scrub) 535 Upper Philipstown Geashill Edenderry
Pollagh 907 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Pollaghaglass 52 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Pollaghnagraigue 182 Coolestown Clonsast Edenderry
Pollaghoole 148 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Pollduff 888 Ballybritt Roscomroe Parsonstown
Portarlington Town Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Portavrolla (or Curraghavarna) 235 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Puttaghan Town Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Puttaghan 486 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Puttaghan 114 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Rabbitburrow 310 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Raghra 399 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Rahan Demesne 391 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Raheen 296 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Raheen 649 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Raheenakeeran 1,340 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Raheenbeg 352 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Raheenduff 396 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Raheenglass 404 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Raheenmeel 156 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Raheenmore 136 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Rashinagh 462 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Rath 161 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Rath Beg 1,155 Clonlisk Kilcolman Parsonstown
Rath More 792 Clonlisk Kilcolman Parsonstown
Rathcahill 186 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Rathclonbrackan (or Rathvilla) 720 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Rathcobican 675 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Rathdrum 735 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Rathenny 258 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Rathfeston 966 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Rathgibbon North 226 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Rathgibbon South 332 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Rathgreedan 151 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Rathkeeragan 106 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Rathlihen 409 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Rathlumber 389 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Rathmore 216 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Rathmore 248 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Rathmount 38 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Rathmoyle 343 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Rathmoyle 102 Clonlisk Borrisnafarney Roscrea
Rathmurragh 184 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Rathrobin 991 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Rathure North 273 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Rathure South 209 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Rathvilla (or Rathclonbrackan) 720 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Ridgemount (or Ballybrackan) 513 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Rin 661 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Riverlyons (or Clonarrow) 1,897 Lower Philipstown Kilclonfert Tullamore
Rhode 175 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Rogerstown 355 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Rooaun 74 Ballybritt Roscrea Roscrea
Roosk 244 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Roscomroe 414 Ballybritt Roscomroe Parsonstown
Roscore Demesne 356 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Rosdrehid 116 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Rosfaraghan 422 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Rosnagowloge (or Tirinchinan) 218 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Ross 147 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Ross 777 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Rossamine 193 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Roundhill 82 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Rusheen 130 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Russagh 363 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Russellspenn 113 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Rutland 171 Clonlisk Kilcomin Roscrea
Scarry 62 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Sconce 72 Ballyboy Killoughy Tullamore
Scorduff 231 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Screggan 335 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Scrub (or Pigeonpark) 333 Upper Philipstown Geashill Edenderry
Seefin Town Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Seefin 143 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Shanacloon 107 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Shanballynakill 48 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Shanderry 1,020 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Shannon Harbor Town Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Shannon Navigation 1 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Shannonbridge Town Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Shanvally 107 Ballycowan Lynally Tullamore
Sharavogue 472 Clonlisk Kilcolman Parsonstown
Shean 695 Coolestown Monasteroris Edenderry
Shelbourne 35 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Sheskin 517 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Shinrone Town Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Shinrone 724 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Silverhill 124 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Skehanagh 123 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Smithstown 128 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Snugborough 58 Clonlisk Cullenwaine Roscrea
Snugborough 67 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Spink 191 Ballybritt Letterluna Parsonstown
Spollanstown 362 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Springfield 338 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Springfield (or Ballyhugh) 185 Coolestown Ballynakill Edenderry
Springpark 262 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Srah 262 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Srah 453 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Srahanbregagh 343 Clonlisk Ettagh Roscrea
Sranure 366 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Still Island 2 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Stonehouse 270 Warrenstown Castlejordan Edenderry
Stonestown 2,485 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Straduff 582 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Strawberryhill (or Drishoge) 182 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Streamstown 570 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Streamstown 59 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Tara 518 Ballycowan Durrow Tullamore
Temora 163 Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
The Walk 330 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Thomastown 330 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Thomastown Demesne 720 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Thornwell 303 Warrenstown Ballymacwilliam Edenderry
Timolin 686 Garrycastle Reynagh Parsonstown
Timolin (or Derryholmes and Derryharan) 533 Garrycastle Tisaran Parsonstown
Tinacrannagh 375 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Tinamuck East 369 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Tinamuck South 210 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Tinamuck West 489 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Tinnacross 67 Eglish Drumcullen Parsonstown
Tinnycross (or Ballynasrah) 510 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Tirinchinan (or Rosnagowloge) 218 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Tober 289 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Toberdaly 1,552 Warrenstown Castlejordan Edenderry
Toberleheen 350 Geashill Geashill Tullamore
Toberronan 139 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Togher 350 Lower Philipstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Togher 140 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Tonagh 33 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Tonlemone 505 Garrycastle Gallen Parsonstown
Toora 930 Clonlisk Shinrone Roscrea
Tooreen 179 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Tooreen 291 Upper Philipstown Geashill Tullamore
Townparks 824 Ballybritt Birr Parsonstown
Townparks 1,198 Lower Philipstown Killaderry Tullamore
Trascan 1,481 Upper Philipstown Clonyhurk Mountmellick
Tubbrid 327 Clonlisk Kilmurryely Roscrea
Tulla and Crumlin 822 Ballybritt Kinnitty Parsonstown
Tullaghbeg 980 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Tullamore Town Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Tullamore 411 Ballycowan Kilbride Tullamore
Tullaroe 191 Ballybritt Ettagh Roscrea
Tully 274 Kilcoursey Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Tully 24 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Tullybeg 213 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Tullymorerahan 122 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Tullymorerahan (or Derrynanagh) 119 Ballycowan Rahan Tullamore
Tullynisk (or Woodfield) 624 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Tumbeagh 562 Garrycastle Lemanaghan Parsonstown
Turnersglaster 73 Garrycastle Lusmagh Parsonstown
Turraun 979 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Turret Island 1 Garrycastle Clonmacnoise Parsonstown
Urney 484 Upper Philipstown Ballykean Mountmellick
Vicarstown 141 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Viewmount (or Courtland) 24 Ballybritt Seirkieran Parsonstown
Walsh Island 700 Upper Philipstown Geashill Edenderry
Wheery 40 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Wheery 40 Garrycastle Wheery or Killagally Parsonstown
Whigsborough 985 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown
Wilton 164 Kilcoursey Kilmanaghan Tullamore
Wood 295 Warrenstown Ballyburly Edenderry
Wood of O 774 Lower Philipstown Ballycommon Tullamore
Woodfield (or Curraghboy) 624 Kilcoursey Kilbride Tullamore
Woodfield (or Tullynisk) 624 Eglish Eglish Parsonstown


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