List of townlands of County Westmeath

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 1,376 townlands in County Westmeath, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Map of Baronies of County Westmeath

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbeyland 75 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Abbeyland and Charlestown (or Ballynamonaster) 230 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Adamstown 35 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Adamstown 551 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Addinstown 968 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Aghabrack 127 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Aghacocara 32 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Aghadaugh 256 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Aghafin 115 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Aghafin 145 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Aghalasty & Ankersland 307 Fore St. Mary's Castletowndelvin
Aghamore 32 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Aghamore 574 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Aghanamanagh (or Commeenlonagh) 59 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Aghanapisha 28 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Aghanargit 120 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Aghanashanamore 41 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Aghanvoneen 121 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Agharanny 25 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Agharevagh East 41 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Agharevagh West 24 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Aghavoneen 169 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Aghnabohy 295 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Aghnasullivan 62 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Aghuldred 174 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Aghyrassy 91 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Ankersbower 58 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Ankersland & Aghalasty 307 Fore St. Mary's Castletowndelvin
Annagh 810 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Annaghgortagh 171 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Annaskinnan 511 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Anneville (or Rathduff) 335 Fartullagh Moylisker Mullingar
Archerstown 822 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Ardan 196 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Ardballymore 112 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Ardborra 192 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Ardbrennan 240 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Ardbuckan 151 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Ardillon 95 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Ardivaghan 88 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Ardmore 151 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Ardmorney 152 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Ardnacrany North 813 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Ardnacrany South 162 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Ardnaglew 351 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Ardnaglug 24 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Ardnagragh 13 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Ardnagragh Digby 650 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Ardnagragh Gray 261 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Ardnagross 220 Fore Lickbla Granard
Ardnaponra 71 Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Ardnurcher 296 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Ardyduffy 87 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Athenboy 69 Moygoish Street Granard
Athlone Town Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Athlone 378 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Atticonor 440 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Attimurtagh 62 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Auburn 151 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Balgarrett 413 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Ballagh 217 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Ballagh 82 Clonlonan Kilcumreragh Athlone
Ballaghkeeran Big 302 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Ballaghkeeran Little 30 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Ballallen 441 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballany 440 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Ballard 203 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Ballard 256 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Ballard 438 Corkaree Portloman Mullingar
Balleagny 191 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Balleighter (or Lowtown) 395 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Ballew 27 Moygoish Street Granard
Ballina 261 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Ballinacor (or Clonboy) 371 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Ballinalack Town Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Ballinalack 151 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Ballinaspick (or Bishopstown) 1,572 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Ballincurra 201 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Ballinderry 452 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Ballinderry 989 Clonlonan Kilcumreragh Athlone
Ballinderry Big 476 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Ballinderry Little 241 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Ballindurrow 426 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Ballinealoe 565 Fore Mayne Granard
Ballinive 147 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Ballinkeeny (or Mosstown) 212 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Ballinla 210 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Ballinlaban 457 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Ballinlassy 182 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Ballinlavan 55 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Ballinlig 145 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Ballinlig 157 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Ballinlig Lower 281 Rathconrath Ballymore Athlone
Ballinlig Upper 248 Rathconrath Ballymore Athlone
Ballinlough (Wadding) 294 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Ballinlough 159 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Ballinlough 432 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Ballinlug 316 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Ballinn 243 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Ballinphort 325 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Ballinriddera 360 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Ballintlevy 137 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Ballintober 530 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Ballintue 669 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Ballinure (or Ballyhealy) 884 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Ballinvally 264 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Ballinwire 258 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Balloughter (or Hightown) 1,283 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Ballybeg 226 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Ballybeg 244 Clonlonan Kilcumreragh Athlone
Ballyboy (or Lowpark) 262 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Ballyboy 169 Corkaree Portloman Mullingar
Ballybrennan 405 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Ballybrickoge 465 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Ballybroder 243 Moycashel Durrow Tullamore
Ballybroder 95 Clonlonan Kilcumreragh Athlone
Ballybrown 104 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Ballycahan 368 Moycashel Durrow Tullamore
Ballycahillroe 222 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Ballycloghduff (Molston) 283 Kilkenny West Drumraney Athlone
Ballycloghduff 230 Kilkenny West Drumraney Athlone
Ballyclogher 83 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Ballycomoyle 465 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Ballycor 331 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Ballycorkey 402 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballydavid 99 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Ballydonagh 62 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Ballydoogan 532 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Ballydorey 60 Moygoish Rathaspick Granard
Ballyedward 45 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Ballygarran 145 Moygoish Rathaspick Granard
Ballygarvey 261 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Ballygarveybeg 530 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Ballygillin 168 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Ballyglass 143 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Ballyglass 152 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Ballygowlan 90 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Ballyhandy 74 Rathconrath Dysart Mullingar
Ballyharney 577 Corkaree Lackan Mullingar
Ballyhast 517 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Ballyhattan 102 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Ballyhaw 227 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Ballyhealy (or Ballinure) 884 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Ballyhoreen 213 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballyhug 350 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballykeeran 415 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Ballykildevin 105 Moygoish Street Granard
Ballykilmore 330 Fartullagh Newtown Mullingar
Ballykilroe 457 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Ballymacahil and Derries 428 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Ballymacallen 579 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Ballymacartan 129 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Ballymachugh 352 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Ballymacmorris 485 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Ballymaghery 34 Delvin Killagh Castletowndelvin
Ballymaglavy 803 Rathconrath Piercetown Mullingar
Ballymanus 486 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Ballymore Town Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Ballymore Town Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Ballymore 676 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Ballymorin 290 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Ballymurry 89 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Ballynacarrig Old 175 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballynacarrigy Town Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballynacarrigy 146 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballynacarrow 327 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Ballynacarrow 660 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Ballynacliffy 486 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Ballynaclin 222 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Ballynaclonagh 254 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Ballynacor 730 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Ballynacorra 232 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Ballynacoska 246 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Ballynacroghy (or Gallowstown) 358 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballynafearagh 163 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Ballynafearagh 71 Rathconrath Ballymore Athlone
Ballynafid 108 Corkaree Portnashangan Mullingar
Ballynafid 290 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Ballynagall 16 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Ballynagall 175 Fore Lickbla Granard
Ballynagall 24 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Ballynagall 286 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Ballynagall 33 Fore Rathgarve Granard
Ballynagall 358 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Ballynagall 813 Corkaree Portnashangan Mullingar
Ballynagall Little 114 Fore Lickbla Granard
Ballynagarbry (Mullock) 76 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Ballynagarbry (Pim) 137 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Ballynagarbry 147 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Ballynagore Town Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Ballynagore 58 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Ballynagrenia 608 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Ballynahown 723 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Ballynahownwood 1,083 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Ballynakill 139 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Ballynakill 282 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Ballynakill 676 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Ballynakill Upper 42 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Ballynalone 23 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Ballynalone 263 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Ballynameagh 500 Fore Lickbla Granard
Ballynamonaster (or Charlestown and Abbeyland) 230 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballynamuddagh 639 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Ballynamullen 49 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Ballynascarry 628 Fore Foyran Granard
Ballynaskeagh 334 Delvin Killagh Castletowndelvin
Ballynaskeagh 381 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Ballynasudder 171 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Ballyoban 78 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Ballyote 127 Moyashel and Magheradernon Dysart Mullingar
Ballyowen 160 Delvin Killagh Castletowndelvin
Ballysallagh (Fox) 286 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballysallagh (Tuite) 254 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Ballysallagh 246 Kilkenny West Drumraney Athlone
Ballyscarvan 253 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Ballyvade 224 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Balnamona (or Charlestown) 94 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Balnavine 297 Fore St. Marys Castletowndelvin
Balrath 132 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Balrath 180 Fore Lickbla Granard
Balrath 215 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Balrath 278 Corkaree Portloman Mullingar
Balrath 925 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Balrath North 182 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Balrath North 72 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Balrath South 353 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Balrath West 96 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Balreagh 827 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Balreath East 386 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Balroe 525 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Balrowan (Pakenham) 144 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Balrowan (Rowely) & Kerinstown 747 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Baltrasna 145 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Baltrasna 788 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Banagher 344 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Bananstown 31 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Barbavilla Demesne 581 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Bardanstown 304 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Baronstown 160 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Baronstown Demesne 929 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Barradrum 416 Moygoish Street Granard
Barratogher 166 Moygoish Russagh Granard
Barrettstown 261 Rathconrath Dysart Mullingar
Baskin High 661 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Baskin Low 598 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Battstown 437 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Bawn 55 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Bawnoges 171 Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Beggstown 81 Fartullagh Kilbride Mullingar
Bellanalack 194 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Bellfield (or Brannockstown) 455 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Bellmount (or Curristown) 195 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Bellview 24 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Beltacken 136 Rathconrath Templepatrick Ballymahon
Belvidere 42 Fartullagh Moylisker Mullingar
Belville 242 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Ben 458 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Benalbit & Derryroe 407 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Benisonlodge (or Bratty) 449 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Bessville 40 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Bethlehem 182 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Bifurze 113 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Bigwood 442 Fore Lickbla Granard
Billstown 419 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Bishopstown (or Ballinaspick) 1,572 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Blackislands (or Windmill) 152 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Blackmiles 151 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Blackories 45 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Bleachlawn 80 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Bleanphuttoge 160 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Blyry Lower 355 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Blyry Upper 43 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Boardsland 79 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Boardstown 114 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Boggagh (Conran) 150 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Boggagh (Fury) 106 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Boggagh (Malone) 89 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Boggagh Eighter 234 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Boherquill 173 Moygoish Street Granard
Bolandstown 251 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Bolinarra 278 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Bolyconor 140 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Bottomy 810 Moygoish Street Granard
Boyanagh (Earl) 111 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Boyanagh (Malone) 175 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Boyanaghcalry 128 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Brackagh 179 Fartullagh Carrick Mullingar
Brackagh 47 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Brackagh Castle 27 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Bracklin 2,730 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Bracknahevla 344 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Brannockstown (or Bellfield) 455 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Bratty (or Benisonlodge) 449 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Bredagh 69 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Brittas 185 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Brittas 269 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Brockagh 342 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Brottonstown 212 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Brottonstown Little 59 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Brownscurragh 86 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Brownstown 837 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Brutonstown 200 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Brutonstown Little 68 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Bryanmore Lower 152 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Bryanmore Upper 115 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Bryanstown 612 Moyashel and Magheradernon Dysart Mullingar
Bunanagh 161 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Bunnahinly 434 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Bunnavally 114 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Bunown 357 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Burgesland 137 Moygoish Street Granard
Burnellstown 113 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Byanbeg Lower 87 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Byanbeg Upper 107 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Caddagh 182 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Calliaghstown 1,015 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Calliaghstown 401 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Calverstown 406 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Camagh 50 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Camagh 678 Fore Lickbla Granard
Cannonsfield 16 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cannorstown (Chapman) 67 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Cannorstown (Hogan) 45 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Caplahard 56 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Cappaduff 170 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Cappagh 1,138 Moygoish Russagh Mullingar
Cappaghauneen 58 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Cappaghbrack 208 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Cappaghjuan 90 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Cappalahy 241 Moycashel Durrow Tullamore
Cappankelly 137 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cappanrush 381 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Cappantack 88 Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Caran (or Enniscoffey) 1,421 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Caraun (or Kilmacahill) 408 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Carberry Island 2 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Carlanstown 1,349 Fore Lickbla Granard
Carn 166 Fore Foyran Granard
Carn 724 Fore Mayne Granard
Carn 733 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Carnfyan 28 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Carnpark 868 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Carnybrogan 82 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Carpenterstown 794 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Carrick 1,058 Fartullagh Carrick Mullingar
Carrick 173 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Carrick 303 Corkaree Lackan Mullingar
Carrick 331 Fore St. Mary's Castletowndelvin
Carrickaneha 259 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Carrickfin 154 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Carricknagower 334 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Carrickobreen 472 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Carrigagh 233 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Cartenstown 133 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Cartron 10 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Cartron 115 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Cartron 126 Kilkenny West Noughaval Athlone
Cartron 355 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Cartroncoragh 310 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Cartroncroy 226 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Cartronganny 177 Fartullagh Mullingar Mullingar
Cartronkeel 58 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Cartronkeel 93 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Cartrons 300 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Cartrontroy 105 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Caslanakirka 179 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Castledown 520 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Castlegaddery 371 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Castlelost 635 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Castlelost West 538 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Castlepollard Town Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Castletown Town Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Castletown 498 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Castletown 691 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Castletown Lower 426 Fore Lickbla Granard
Castletown Upper 231 Fore Lickbla Granard
Castletowndelvin Town Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Castletowndelvin 471 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Catherinestown 667 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Cauran 127 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Cavestown and Rosmead 1,346 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Chancery 123 Moygoish Street Granard
Chanonstown 234 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Charlestown (or Balnamona) 94 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Charlestown and Abbeyland (or Ballynamonaster) 230 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Christianstown 330 Fore St. Mary's Castletowndelvin
Churchtown 218 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Churchtown 473 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Clanhugh Demesne 291 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Clanhugh Demesne 76 Corkaree Portnashangan Mullingar
Clare, County Westmeath 847 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Westmeathisland (or Derrymacegan) 224 Fore Foyran Granard
Westmeathmount (or Cummingstown) 451 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Cleggarnagh 53 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Clinickilroe 130 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Cloghanaskaw 204 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Cloghanboy (Cooke) 7 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cloghanboy (Homan) 40 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cloghanboy (Strain) 13 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cloghanboy West 3 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cloghannagarragh 36 Kilkenny West Noughaval Athlone
Cloghanstown 109 Farbill Killucan Castletowndelvin
Cloghanumera 34 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Cloghbane 108 Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Cloghbreen 125 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Clogher 274 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Clonaboy 272 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Clonagh 44 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Clonaglin 300 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Clonaltra (King) 266 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Clonaltra West 78 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Clonarney 271 Delvin Clonarney Castletowndelvin
Clonava 1,125 Moygoish Street Mullingar
Clonbore 241 Farbill Killucan Castletowndelvin
Clonboy (or Ballinacor) 371 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Clonbrusk 230 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Clonconnell 190 Moygoish Street Granard
Cloncrave 819 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Cloncrow 489 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Cloncullen 189 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Cloncullen 210 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Cloncullen 654 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Clondalever 364 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Clondalever 505 Fore Kilpatrick Castletowndelvin
Clondardis 11 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Clondardis 210 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Clonfad 443 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Clonfad 640 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Clongawny 559 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Clongowly 355 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Clonickilvant 1,164 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Clonkeen 558 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Clonkeen 644 Moygoish Street Granard
Clonkill 797 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Clonleame 527 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Clonlonan 201 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Clonlost 819 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Clonmaskill 534 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Clonmellon Town Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Clonmellon 343 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Clonmore 257 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Clonmore 326 Moygoish Street Granard
Clonmore 366 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Clonmorrill 193 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Clonmoyle 17 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Clonnagapple 61 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Clonnageeragh 675 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Clonnamanagh 73 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Clonnslynagh 103 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Clonownmore 184 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Clonreagh 28 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Clonrelick 144 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Clonrobert 156 Fore Lickbla Granard
Clonsheever 401 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Clonsingle 360 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Clonsura 559 Fore Lickbla Granard
Clonteens 67 Fore Mayne Granard
Clonthread 227 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Clontinteen 160 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Clontytallon 121 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Clonybane 399 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Clonydonnin 377 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Clonyegan 246 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Clonyhague 706 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Clonymurtagh 54 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Clonyn 661 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Clonyrina 222 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Clonyveey 212 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Cloonagh 1,159 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Cloonbonny 1,441 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cloondalin 118 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cloonymurrikin 205 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Cloran & Corcullentry 906 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Clownstown 249 Fartullagh Mullingar Mullingar
Clyglass 72 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Cockstown 326 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Collegeland 28 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Collinstown & Kiltotan 328 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Collinstown 660 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Commeenlonagh (or Aghanamanagh) 59 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Commons 14 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Conlanstown 549 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Conranstown 22 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Cookanamuck 3 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cooksborough 915 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Coola 201 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Coolaleena 210 Kilkenny West Noughaval Athlone
Coolalough 422 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Coolamber 182 Moygoish Street Granard
Coolatoor (or Grousehall) 122 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Coolatoor 733 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Coolcahan 107 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Coole Town Fore Mayne Granard
Coole 896 Fore Mayne Granard
Cooleen 345 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Cooleighter 195 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Coolfin 162 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Coolnagun 974 Moygoish Street Granard
Coolnahay 280 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Coolure Demesne 325 Fore Mayne Granard
Coolvin 226 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Coolvuck Lower 274 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Coolvuck Upper 186 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Coosan 257 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Corbally 227 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Corbally 417 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Corbally 78 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Corbetstown 533 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Corbrack 97 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Corcloon 267 Fartullagh Pass of Kilbride Mullingar
Corcullentry and Cloran 906 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Corgarve 316 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Corkan 352 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Corlis 53 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Cormaclew 196 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Cornacausk 334 Moygoish Street Granard
Cornacreevy 289 Fore Foyran Granard
Cornaher 666 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Cornamaddy 128 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cornamagh 261 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Corr 140 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Corr 236 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Corr 391 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Corralanna 1,139 Moygoish Street Granard
Corralena 314 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Correagh 122 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Correagh 344 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Correaly 615 Moygoish Street Granard
Correllstown 598 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Corry 362 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Corrydonellan 358 Moygoish Russagh Granard
Coyne 215 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Craddanstown 2,231 Farbill Killucan Castletowndelvin
Creaghduff 318 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Creaghduff South 26 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Creeve 442 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Creeve 980 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Creevebeg 60 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Creevenmanagh 289 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Creggan 251 Kilkenny West Noughaval Athlone
Creggan Lower 161 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Creggan Upper 247 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Cregganmacar 104 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Creggstown 208 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Creggy 370 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Crissaun 159 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Cross 40 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Crossanstown 329 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Crosserdree 258 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Crosswood 306 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Croughal 666 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Crowinstown Great 721 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Crowinstown Little 180 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Crumlin (or Rockfield) 297 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Culleen Beg 809 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Culleen More 835 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Culleenabohoge 287 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Culleenagower 177 Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Culleendarragh 210 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Cullenhugh 389 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Culvin 395 Moygoish Street Granard
Cummerstown 1,192 Fore St. Mary's Castletowndelvin
Cummingstown (or Westmeathmount) 451 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Cumminstown 382 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Cumminstown 428 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Curragh (or Mechum) 7 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Curragh 451 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Curragh 63 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Curraghbane 78 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Curraghbeg 41 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Curraghboy 264 Rathconrath Piercetown Mullingar
Curraghboy 88 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Curraghbrack 123 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Curraghmore 399 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Curraghroodle 46 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Curries 204 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Curristeen 267 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Curristown (or Bellmount) 195 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Curristown 191 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Curry 550 Fore Lickbla Granard
Cushinstown 376 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Custorum 39 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Dalystown 354 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Dalystown 878 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Dardistown 406 Delvin Killagh Castletowndelvin
Davidstown (or Guilford) 179 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Davidstown 572 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Deerpark 109 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Deerpark 13 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Deerpark 220 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Deerpark 70 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Demesne (or Mearsparkfarm) 238 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Derradd 288 Moygoish Street Granard
Derries 220 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Derries and Ballymacahil 428 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Derry 243 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Derrya 592 Fore Mayne Granard
Derryboy 251 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Derrycrave 748 Fore Lickbla Granard
Derrydooan Lower 447 Moygoish Rathaspick Granard
Derrydooan Middle 299 Moygoish Rathaspick Granard
Derrydooan Upper 155 Moygoish Rathaspick Granard
Derrygolan 378 Moycashel Durrow Tullamore
Derryhall 225 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Derrymacegan (or Westmeathisland) 224 Fore Foyran Granard
Derrymore 886 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Derrynagarragh 1,163 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Derryroe and Benalbit (or Benalbit) 407 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Dervotstown 285 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Donore 552 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Donore Demesne 82 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Doon 302 Fore Lickbla Granard
Doonamona 108 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Doonis 866 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Dooraheen 139 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Down 181 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Downs 175 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Drinmore 109 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Dromore 196 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Drumcree Town Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Drumcree 314 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Drumloose 233 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Drumman 2,606 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Drumman 6 Fartullagh Pass of Kilbride Mullingar
Drumman 87 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Drumraney 631 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Dryderstown 234 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Dunamon 180 Moygoish Street Granard
Dunboden Demesne 148 Fartullagh Moylisker Mullingar
Dundonnell 411 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Duneel 433 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Dunegan 197 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Dungaghy 207 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Dunganstown 205 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Dunganstown 81 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Dungolman 110 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Dunlom East 137 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Dunlom West 112 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Dunnamona 450 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Dysart 167 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Dysart 1,827 Moyashel and Magheradernon Dysart Mullingar
Earlsmeadow (or Lisclogher Little) 199 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Edmondstown 197 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Edmondstown 524 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Ellenstown 58 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Emper 1,625 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Enniscoffey (or Caran) 1,421 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Fairfield 403 Kilkenny West Drumraney Athlone
Fardrum 178 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Farhtingstown 1,804 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Farhtingstown 281 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Farnagh 269 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Farrancallin 227 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Farranfolliot 136 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Farranistick 87 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Farranmanny North 20 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Farranmanny South 18 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Farrannamoreen 379 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Farranshock (or Rathgowan) 85 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Farrow 365 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Fassagh 204 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Faughalstown 995 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Fearbranagh (or Multyfarnham) 116 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Fearbranagh (or Multyfarnham) 142 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Fearmore 137 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Fearmore 151 Fartullagh Kilbride Mullingar
Fearmore 158 Kilkenny West Drumraney Athlone
Fearmore 311 Moygoish Street Granard
Fearmore 78 Fore Mayne Granard
Fearmore 83 Kilkenny West Drumraney Athlone
Fennor 683 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Finnea Town Fore Foyran Granard
Finnea 495 Fore Foyran Granard
Fiveacres 70 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Fore 135 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Fortyacres 45 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Foxburrow 63 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Foyran 272 Fore Foyran Granard
Freaghmore 371 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Frevanagh 309 Moycashel Durrow Tullamore
Friars Island 112 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Friarstown 459 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Froghanstown 100 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Froghanstown 162 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Fulmort 365 Corkaree Lackan Mullingar
Gaddaghanstown 176 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Gaddaghanstown 91 Fartullagh Carrick Mullingar
Gaddrystown 290 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Gainestown 171 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Gallowstown (or Ballynacroghy) 358 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Gallstown 243 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Gallstown 643 Fartullagh Pass of Kilbride Mullingar
Galmoylestown Lower 254 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Galmoylestown Upper 387 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Garhy 655 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Garnagh Island 6 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Garrane 120 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Garrankesh 37 Brawny St. Marys Athlone
Garraree 79 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Garriskil 431 Moygoish Street Granard
Garrycastle 252 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Garryduff 290 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Garryduff 338 Moycashel Rahugh Mullingar
Garrynafela 145 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Garrysallagh 238 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Gartlandstown 1,005 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Gawny 31 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Gaybrook Demesne 845 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Gibbonstown 448 Fartullagh Kilbride Mullingar
Gibstown 93 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Gigginstown 568 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Gilbertstown 186 Fore Lickbla Castletowndelvin
Gillardstown 933 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Glackstown 658 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Glascarn 863 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Glassan Town Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Glassan 149 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Glassan 47 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Glebe 18 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Glebe 30 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Glebe 35 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Glebe 55 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Glebe 65 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Glebe 68 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Glebe 69 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Glebe East 36 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Glebe West 59 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Glen 61 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Glen 706 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Glendevine 152 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Glengorm 169 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Glenidan 1,139 Fore St. Mary's Castletowndelvin
Glomerstown 198 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Gneevebane 327 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Gneevebeg 301 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Gneevebrack 111 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Gneevekeel 72 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Gneevestown 74 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Goldenisland (Kilmaine) 72 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Goldenisland (or St. George) 21 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Goldenisland 157 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Gormanstown 95 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Gortanear 234 Moygoish Street Granard
Gorteen 585 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Gorteen 76 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Gortmore 487 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Gortumly 618 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Graffanstown 223 Delvin Killagh Castletowndelvin
Grange 191 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Grange 208 Corkaree Lackan Mullingar
Grange 330 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Grange and Kiltober 296 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Grange Beg 667 Farbill Killucan Castletowndelvin
Grange More 2,154 Farbill Killucan Castletowndelvin
Grange North 99 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Grange South 177 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Grangegeeth 150 Corkaree Portloman Mullingar
Grangegibbon 141 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Grangestown 113 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Grangestown 142 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Grangestown 68 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Greatdown 633 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Greenan 318 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Greenan 4 Delvin Killucan Castletowndelvin
Grehanstown 282 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Griffinstown 1,676 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Grouselodge (or Coolatoor) 122 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Guigginstown 235 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Guilford (or Davidstown) 179 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Habsborough 216 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Hall 1,113 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Hallsfarm 189 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Hammondstown and Tonaghmore 546 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Hanstown 361 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Hareisland 110 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Harrystown 168 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Heathland 257 Corkaree Lackan Mullingar
Heathstown 508 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Heathstown 864 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Henfield 43 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Higginstown 247 Fartullagh Carrick Mullingar
Higginstown 309 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Higginstown 693 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Hightown (or Balloughter) 1,283 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Hillquarter 392 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Hilltown 682 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Hiskinstown 305 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Hodgestown 272 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Hopestown 330 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Hospitalbank 67 Moygoish Street Granard
Huntingdon 135 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Hydepark 701 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Inchbofin 65 Kilkenny West Noughaval Athlone
Inchmore (Tiernan) 65 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Inchmore 132 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Inchturk 50 Kilkenny West Noughaval Athlone
Irishtown 767 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Irishtown 785 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Jamestown 189 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Jamestown 610 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Jeffrystown 327 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Joanstown 1,386 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Johnstown (Nugent) (or Monroe) 113 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Johnstown 426 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Johnstown 458 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Johnstown 936 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Jordanstown 95 Rathconrath Rathconrath Ballymahon
Joristown Lower 289 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Joristown Upper 267 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Keelbeg 118 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Keeloge 142 Moycashel Durrow Tullamore
Keenoge 89 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Kellybrook 111 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Keoltown 494 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Kerinstown & Balrowan (Rowley) 747 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Kilbalraherd 231 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Kilbeg 603 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Kilbeggan Town Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Kilbeggan 306 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Kilbeggan North 84 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Kilbeggan South 196 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Kilbillaghan 246 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Kilbixy 67 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Kilbrennan 620 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Kilbride 470 Fartullagh Kilbride Mullingar
Kilcatherina 229 Clonlonan Kilcumreragh Athlone
Kilcleagh 385 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Kilcloghan 191 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Kilcornan 21 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Kilcornan 404 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Kilcumny 271 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Kilcumreragh 478 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Kildallan, Westmeath 248 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Kildallan North 257 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Kilfaughny 145 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Kilgar 475 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Kilgaroan 345 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Kilgarvan 228 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Kilgarvan Glebe 1,363 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Kilgawny 533 Rathconrath Piercetown Mullingar
Kilhugh 404 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Kilkenny Abbey 279 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Kilkenny Lanesborough 122 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Kilkenny West 485 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Kill 175 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Kill 222 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Killachonna (Castlemaine) 77 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Killachonna (Clibborn) 142 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Killachonna (Potts) 10 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Killadoughran 420 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Killagh 851 Delvin Killagh Castletowndelvin
Killahugh 279 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Killalea 20 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Killard 263 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Killarecastle 508 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Killarechurch 258 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Killaroo 195 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Killavally Town Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Killavally 817 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Killeagh 120 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Killeen 170 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Killeenagh 92 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Killeenagroagh 43 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Killeenatoor 193 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Killeenbane (or Tullagh Upper) 55 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Killeenboy 271 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Killeenboylegan 180 Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Killeenbrack 746 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Killeenerk 255 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Killeenmore 419 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Killeennanam 117 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Killeenycallaghan 109 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Killinagh 728 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Killininneen 275 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Killinlahan 375 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Killinroan 142 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Killintown 232 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Killinure North 753 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Killinure South 115 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Killogeenaghan 566 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Killomenaghan 62 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Killua 935 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Killucan Town Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Killucan 356 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Killulagh 131 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Killynan (Cooke) 1,090 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Killynan (Pratt) 1,181 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Kilmacahill (or Caraun) 408 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Kilmacnevan 240 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Kilmacuagh (Castlemaine) 39 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Kilmacuagh (Cooke) 50 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Kilmacuagh (Mechum) 56 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Kilmaglish 517 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Kilmore 630 Moygoish Street Granard
Kilnafaddoge 26 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Kilnagallagh 40 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Kilnahinch 300 Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Kilnalug 107 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Kilpatrick 132 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Kilpatrick 297 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Kilpatrick 472 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Kilpatrick 772 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Kilpatrick 843 Fore Kilpatrick Castletowndelvin
Kilphierish 269 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Kilrush Lower 478 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Kilrush Upper 444 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Kilshallow 122 Moygoish Street Granard
Kiltareher 172 Moygoish Street Granard
Kiltober 380 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Kiltober 58 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Kiltober and Grange 296 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Kiltoom 536 Fore Faughalstown Granard
Kiltotan and Collinstown 328 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Kilwalter 84 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Knightswood 465 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Kinnegad Town Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Kinnegad 1,358 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Kinturk Demesne 818 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Kippin 103 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Kippinduff 273 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Kippinstown 60 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Knock Killua 306 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Knockacurra 140 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Knockanea 210 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Knockatee 289 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Knockatee 7 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Knockaville 809 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Knockbody 336 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Knockdomny 687 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Knockdrin 58 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Knockdrin 71 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Knockdrin 920 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Knockdrin Demesne 68 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Knockmant 602 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Knockmore 403 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Knockmorris 38 Corkaree Lackan Mullingar
Knockroe 36 Fore Rathgarve Granard
Knocksimon 132 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Knockycosker 440 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Labaun 288 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Lackan 163 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Lackan 768 Corkaree Lackan Mullingar
Lackanwood 306 Corkaree Lackan Mullingar
Ladestown 401 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Ladestown 401 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Lakill and Moortown 837 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Lakingstown 268 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Lalistown 349 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Laragh 147 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Laragh 627 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Larkinstown 220 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Lecade 95 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Legan 121 Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Legan 87 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Lemongrove (or Rathcam) 263 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Lenamore 49 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Leny 163 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Leny 294 Corkaree Lackan Mullingar
Lickbla 397 Fore Lickbla Granard
Lickny 52 Fore Mayne Granard
Lilliput (or Nure) 244 Moycashel Dysart Mullingar
Lisclogher Great 1,565 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Lisclogher Little (or Earlsmeadow) 199 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Lisdachon 282 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Lisdossan 455 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Lisduff 142 Moygoish Street Granard
Lismacaffry 110 Moygoish Street Granard
Lismalady 174 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Lismoyny 214 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Lisnabin 276 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Lisnacask 167 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Lisnagappagh 71 Moygoish Street Granard
Lisnagree 403 Moycashel Kilcumreragh Athlone
Lisnascreen 143 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Lisnugent 62 Fore Foyran Granard
Lispopple 238 Fore Mayne Granard
Lissakillen North 131 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Lissakillen South 180 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Lissakilly 191 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Lissanode 592 Kilkenny West Drumraney Athlone
Lissaquill 114 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Lissatunny 142 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Lissavra Big 177 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Lissavra Big 52 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Lissoy 254 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Lissoy 45 Kilkenny West Noughaval Athlone
Lissywollen 196 Brawny St. Marys Athlone
Littletown 256 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Ballymahon
Littlewood 203 Fore Lickbla Granard
Lockardstown 204 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Loughagar Beg 108 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Loughagar More 906 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Loughan 347 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Loughanagore 313 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Loughanalla 129 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Loughanaskin 31 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Loughanavagh (or Newpark) 172 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Loughandonning 183 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Loughanlewnaght 144 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Loughanstown 134 Fore Rathgarve Granard
Loughanstown 155 Moygoish Russagh Granard
Loughanstown 275 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Loughanstown 357 Corkaree Portnashangan Mullingar
Loughanstown Lower (or Slievelahan) 145 Moygoish Russagh Granard
Loughpark 171 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Loughstown 89 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Lowertown 300 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Lowerwood 233 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Lowpark (or Ballyboy) 262 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Lowtown (or Balleighter) 395 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Lugacaha 175 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Luggygalla 82 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Lugnagullagh 70 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Lunestown 177 Farbill Killucan Castletowndelvin
Lurgan 108 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Lurgan 57 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Lurrig 108 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Lynn 1,204 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Mabestown 316 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Mabrista 125 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Mace 201 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Macetown 985 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Mackanranny 131 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Maddadoo 160 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Maghera 403 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Magheracuirknagh 3 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Magheramore 269 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Magheramurry 135 Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Magheranerla 12 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Mahonstown 507 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Malthousepark 8 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Marlinstown 673 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Marlinstown Bog 117 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Martinstown 33 Fore Lickbla Castletowndelvin
Martinstown 376 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Martinstown 532 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Martinstown 592 Fore St. Mary's Castletowndelvin
Mayne 540 Fore Mayne Granard
Meadowpark 63 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Meedin 460 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Meehan 267 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Meeldrum 131 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Meeniska 58 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Meersparkfarm (or Demesne) 238 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Milkernagh 376 Moygoish Street Granard
Mill Land 37 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Millcastle 228 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Millerstown 72 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Milltown 701 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Milltown Town Fartullagh Pass of Kilbride Mullingar
Milltown 1,115 Fartullagh Pass of Kilbride Mullingar
Milltown 195 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Milltown 310 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Milltown 775 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Mitchelstown 298 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Moate Town Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Moate Town Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Moategranoge 374 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Modranstown 122 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Monaduff 170 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Monagead 164 Moygoish Street Granard
Monaghanstown 787 Moycashel Dysart Mullingar
Monasset 912 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Moneen 191 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Money 268 Fore Foyran Granard
Moneybeg 261 Fore Foyran Granard
Moneylea 3 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Moneynamanagh (or Umma Beg) 207 Rathconrath Ballymore Athlone
Monganstown 483 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Monintown 116 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Monintown 425 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Monkstown 589 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Monktown 379 Fore Mayne Granard
Monroe or Johnstown (Nugent) 113 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Monroe 167 Corkaree Portloman Mullingar
Montrath 983 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Moorerow (or Tonlegee) 297 Fartullagh Kilbride Mullingar
Mooretown 400 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Moortown and Lakill 837 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Moranspark 8 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Moranstown 47 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Mosstown (or Ballinkeeny) 212 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Mosstown Demesne 140 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Mount Temple 580 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Mountmurray 357 Corkaree Portnashangan Mullingar
Mountrobert 143 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Moycashel 680 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Tullamore
Moydrum 474 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Moydrum 498 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Moygrehan Lower 259 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Moygrehan Upper 237 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Moyleroe Big 298 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Moyleroe Little 60 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Moyvore Town Rathconrath Templepatrick Ballymahon
Moyvore 1,483 Rathconrath Templepatrick Ballymahon
Moyvoughly 1,911 Rathconrath Ballymore Athlone
Muckanagh 634 Kilkenny West Noughaval Athlone
Muckletown 10 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Mucklin 131 Delvin Killucan Castletowndelvin
Mulchanstown 110 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Mullagh 278 Fore Lickbla Granard
Mullaghcloe 633 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Mullaghcroy 526 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Mullaghmeen 436 Fore Foyran Granard
Mullanakill 125 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Mullenmeehan 523 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Mulliganstown 552 Delvin Clonarney Castletowndelvin
Mullingar Town Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Mullingar 857 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Multyfarnham Town Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Multyfarnham (or Fearbranagh) 116 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Multyfarnham (or Fearbranagh) 142 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Multyfarnham 185 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Mweelra 91 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Mylestown 144 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Nahod Little 156 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Nahod More 183 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Newbristy North 126 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Newbristy South 55 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Newcastle 358 Fore Lickbla Granard
Newcastle 508 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Newcastle 67 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Newdown 1,406 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Newgrove 34 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Newpark (or Loughanavagh) 172 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Newpass Demesne 131 Moygoish Rathaspick Granard
Newtown 131 Fore Mayne Granard
Newtown 181 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Newtown 395 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Newtown 525 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Newtownlow 190 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Nicholastown 163 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Nicholastown 33 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Nonsuch 220 Fore Mayne Granard
Noughaval 557 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Nuns Island 44 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Nure (or Lilliput) 244 Moycashel Dysart Mullingar
Oldtown (or Puddingstreet) 111 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Oldtown 364 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Ories 378 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Packenhamhall (or Tullynally) 471 Fore Mayne Granard
Paddinstown Lower 410 Rathconrath Rathconrath Ballymahon
Paddinstown Upper 172 Rathconrath Rathconrath Ballymahon
Pallas 303 Moycashel Durrow Tullamore
Pallasboy 481 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Parcellstown 123 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Parcellstown 727 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Paristown 120 Delvin Killua Castletowndelvin
Parsonstown 413 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Paslicktown 272 Fartullagh Moylisker Mullingar
Pass of Kilbride 1,999 Fartullagh Pass of Kilbride Mullingar
Pearsonsbrook 208 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Petitswood 552 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Piercefield (or Templeoran) 740 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Piercefield 255 Corkaree Portnashangan Mullingar
Piercetown 233 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Piercetown 313 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Pishanagh 128 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Pishanagh 73 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Plodstown 167 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Plodstown 52 Fartullagh Mullingar Mullingar
Portaneena 219 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Porterstown (Cooke) 367 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Porterstown (Napper) 157 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Portjack 123 Fore Mayne Granard
Portlick 373 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Portloman 267 Corkaree Portloman Mullingar
Portnashangan 498 Corkaree Portnashangan Mullingar
Pottiaghan Commons 153 Rathconrath Killare Ballymahon
Prebaun 40 Fartullagh Moylisker Mullingar
Priesttown 224 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Printinstown 323 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Puddingstreet (or Oldtown) 111 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Quarry 201 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Rackavra 501 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Rahadorrish 153 Rathconrath Templepatrick Ballymahon
Rahanine 568 Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Raharney Town Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Raharney 243 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Raharney Little 56 Farbill Killucan Castletowndelvin
Raheen 682 Rathconrath Ballymore Athlone
Raheen Beg 115 Fore Rathgarve Granard
Raheen More 132 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Rahinashene and Spittaltown 141 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Rahinashurock 96 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Rahincuill 486 Fartullagh Newtown Mullingar
Rahinmore 169 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Rahugh 271 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Ralphsdale 163 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Ranaghan 641 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Ranahiuch 261 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Rath (Malone) 37 Rathconrath Piercetown Mullingar
Rath 112 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Rath 352 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Rath 652 Moygoish Street Granard
Rath Lower 121 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Rath Upper 174 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Rathaniska 114 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Rathaniska 6 Corkaree Lackan Mullingar
Rathaspick 126 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Rathbennett 333 Corkaree Leny Mullingar
Rathbrack 38 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Rathcaled 383 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Rathcam (or Lemongrove) 263 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Rathcarra 34 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Rathcastle 145 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Rathclittagh 227 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Rathcogue 188 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Rathcolman 307 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Rathconnell 575 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Rathconrath Town Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Rathconrath 152 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Rathcorbally 175 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Rathcore 163 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Rathcreevagh 437 Fore Lickbla Castletowndelvin
Rathdrishoge 382 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Rathduff (or Anneville) 335 Fartullagh Moylisker Mullingar
Rathduff 148 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Rathduff 295 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Rathganny 498 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Rathgarrett 2,582 Fartullagh Newtown Mullingar
Rathgarve 97 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Rathgowan (or Farranshock) 85 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Rathlevanagh 256 Corkaree Portnashangan Mullingar
Rathmore 204 Moygoish Kilmacnevan Mullingar
Rathnamuddagh 1,538 Moyashel and Magheradernon Dysart Mullingar
Rathnarrow 107 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Rathnew 92 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Rathnugent 107 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Rathnure 197 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Rathowen Town Moygoish Rathaspick Granard
Rathowen (Edward) 93 Moygoish Rathaspick Granard
Rathowen 307 Moygoish Rathaspick Granard
Rathowen 59 Moygoish Russagh Granard
Rathshane 175 Fore Foyran Granard
Rathskeagh Loweer 181 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Rathskeagh Upper 438 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Rathtrim 129 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Rathwire Town Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Rathwire Lower 369 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Rathwire Upper 437 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Ratrass 218 Farbill Killucan Castletowndelvin
Rattin 1,528 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Redmondstown 659 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Rehabane 484 Moygoish Street Granard
Relick (Longworth) 215 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Relick (Malone) 36 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Retreat 89 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Reynella 611 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Rickardstown 839 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Ringstown 235 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Riverdale 1,695 Farbill Killucan Castletowndelvin
Riverstown 457 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Robinstown (Levinge) 306 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Robinstown (Tyrrell) 250 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Robinstown 152 Fore Lickbla Castletowndelvin
Robinstown 20 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Robinstown 318 Fartullagh Carrick Mullingar
Robinstown 393 Delvin Kilcumny Castletowndelvin
Robinstown Great 98 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Robinstown Little 23 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Robinstown Lower 98 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Robinstown Upper 125 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Rochestown 154 Fore Lickbla Granard
Rochfort Demesne 450 Fartullagh Moylisker Mullingar
Rochfortbridge Town Fartullagh Castlelost Mullingar
Rockfield (or Crumlin) 297 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Rogerstown 133 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Rooan 86 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Rosmead and Cavestown 1,346 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Ross 93 Kilkenny West Noughaval Athlone
Rossbeg 95 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Rostalla 272 Moycashel Durrow Tullamore
Rowe (or Toordillon) 60 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Rowlandstown 290 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Russagh 240 Moygoish Russagh Granard
Russellstown 455 Fartullagh Mullingar Mullingar
Russellstown Little 37 Fartullagh Mullingar Mullingar
Sarsanstown 124 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Sarsfieldstown 76 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Scroghil 54 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Scurlockstown 151 Corkaree Portloman Mullingar
Scurlockstown 575 Delvin Clonarney Castletowndelvin
Seeoge 150 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Shanonagh 533 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Sheean 56 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Sheean 75 Rathconrath Rathconrath Ballymahon
Sheefin 295 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Sheepstown 385 Delvin Clonarney Castletowndelvin
Sheskernagh 104 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Shinglis 1,581 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Shrubbywood 280 Fore Mayne Granard
Shureen and Ballynasuddery 171 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Shurock 109 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Shurock 257 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Simonstown 126 Fartullagh Kilbride Mullingar
Simonstown 230 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Simonstown 279 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Simonstown 285 Fore Mayne Granard
Simonstown 47 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Sionhill 398 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Skeagh Beg 52 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Skeagh More 397 Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Skeahanagh 237 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Skeanaveane 32 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Skeheen (Evans) 132 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Skeheen (Nagle) 229 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Slane Beg 308 Moyashel and Magheradernon Dysart Mullingar
Slane More 408 Moyashel and Magheradernon Dysart Mullingar
Slanestown 478 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Slieveboy 491 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Slievelahan (or Loughanstown Lower) 145 Moygoish Russagh Granard
Snimnagorta 265 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Soho 118 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Sonnagh 190 Moycashel Rahugh Tullamore
Sonnagh Demesne 478 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
South Hill 174 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Spittaltown & Rahinashane 141 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Spittaltown 254 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Spittlefield (or Springfield) 274 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Springfield (or Spittlefield) 274 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Sraduff 249 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Srahenry 7 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Srameen 43 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Sraneeg 264 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Srunahella 212 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Stokestown 288 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Stonehall 387 Corkaree Stonehall Mullingar
Stonehousefarm 125 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Stonestown 242 Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin
Stonestown 268 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Stonestown 521 Delvin Clonarney Castletowndelvin
Stonestown 61 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Stongaluggaun 29 Moygoish Rathaspick Mullingar
Strattonstown 375 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Streamstown 110 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Streamstown 468 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Streamstown 69 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Streamstown 958 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Syonan 100 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Taghboyne 172 Rathconrath Churchtown Mullingar
Taghmon 1,120 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Taghnafearagh 170 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Tallyho 69 Fartullagh Moylisker Mullingar
Teermore 95 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Teernacreeve 303 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Teevrevagh 96 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Templanstown 179 Fore Faughalstown Castletowndelvin
Templanstown 205 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Templemacateer 136 Moycashel Ardnurcher or Horseleap Mullingar
Templeoran (or Piercefield) 740 Moygoish Templeoran Mullingar
Templeoran North 280 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Templeoran South 40 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Templepatrick 272 Rathconrath Templepatrick Ballymahon
Temple's Island 2 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Tevrin 343 Moyashel and Magheradernon Rathconnell Mullingar
Thomastown 68 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Tinode 723 Moygoish Street Granard
Tober 192 Corkaree Multyfarnham Mullingar
Toberaquill 363 Corkaree Taghmon Mullingar
Tobercleare 463 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Tobercormick 501 Rathconrath Ballymorin Mullingar
Tobernagauhoge 118 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Togher 676 Fore Foyran Granard
Togherstown 606 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Tonagh 446 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Tonaghmore&Hammondstown 546 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Tonaphort 238 Moycashel Kilbeggan Tullamore
Tonashammer 539 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Tonlegee (or Moorerow) 297 Fartullagh Kilbride Mullingar
Tonlegee 76 Kilkenny West Noughaval Ballymahon
Tonlemony 104 Rathconrath Templepatrick Ballymahon
Tonyowen Lower 157 Fore Foyran Granard
Tonyowen Upper 196 Fore Foyran Granard
Toor Commons 14 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Toorbeg 218 Kilkenny West Drumraney Athlone
Toorcoffey 13 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Toorevagh 148 Rathconrath Ballymore Ballymahon
Toorfelim 279 Clonlonan Kilmanaghan Athlone
Toorillon (or Rowe) 60 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Toorlisnamore 583 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Toorydonnellan 111 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Tornanstown 130 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Torque 157 Moycashel Newtown Mullingar
Townparks 391 Fore Rathgarve Castletowndelvin
Tristernagh 158 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Tristernagh Demesne 380 Moygoish Kilbixy Mullingar
Tromra 697 Fore Rathgarve Granard
Tubbrit 86 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Tuitestown 543 Fore Kilpatrick Castletowndelvin
Tuitestown 729 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Tullagh Upper (or Killeenbane) 55 Rathconrath Killare Mullingar
Tullaghan 142 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Tullaghan 633 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Tullaghanmore 122 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Tullaghanshanlin 162 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Tullaghansleek 51 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Tullaghnacrossan 77 Moycashel Castletownkindalen Mullingar
Tullanageeragh 55 Clonlonan Kilcleagh Athlone
Tullanisky 759 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Tullin 108 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Tully 535 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Tullybane 299 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Tullycross 298 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Tullyhill 99 Fore Foyran Granard
Tullyhogan 46 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Tullyhumphrys 21 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Tullylanesborough 40 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Tullynally (or Pakenhamhall) 471 Fore Mayne Granard
Tullystown 477 Fore Foyran Granard
Tullywood 275 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Turbotstown 305 Fore Moyne Granard
Twyford 535 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Tyfarnham 313 Corkaree Tyfarnham Mullingar
Tyrrellspass Town Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Tyrrellspass Town Fartullagh Newtown Mullingar
Tyrrellspass 398 Fartullagh Clonfad Mullingar
Tyrrellstown 368 Fartullagh Moylisker Mullingar
Umma Beg (or Moneynamanagh) 207 Rathconrath Ballymore Athlone
Umma More 387 Rathconrath Ballymore Athlone
Ushnagh Hill 251 Rathconrath Conry Mullingar
Vilanstown 600 Fartullagh Lynn Mullingar
Wadestown 80 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Walderstown 402 Kilkenny West Drumraney Ballymahon
Walshestown North 327 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Walshestown South 898 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Walterstown 206 Fartullagh Carrick Mullingar
Wardenstown 184 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Warren High 283 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Warren Lower 72 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Warrensfields 6 Brawny St. Mary's Athlone
Waterstown 904 Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone
Wattstown 284 Corkaree Portloman Mullingar
Whinning 239 Kilkenny West Bunown Athlone
Whitewell 403 Fartullagh Kilbride Mullingar
Williamstown (Briscoe) 244 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Williamstown (Rockford) 163 Delvin Killulagh Castletowndelvin
Williamstown 221 Fore Mayne Granard
Williamstown 321 Clonlonan Ballyloughloe Athlone
Williamstown 490 Fore Foyran Granard
Williamstown 762 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Williamstown New 291 Rathconrath Piercetown Ballymahon
Windmill (or Blackislands) 152 Fartullagh Enniscoffey Mullingar
Windtown 158 Moygoish Rathaspick Granard
Windtown 470 Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Mullingar
Windtown 497 Fore St. Feighins Castletowndelvin
Windtown North 114 Moygoish Russagh Granard
Windtown South 190 Moygoish Russagh Granard
Wooddown 906 Farbill Killucan Mullingar
Yorkfield 47 Moyashel and Magheradernon Dysart Mullingar


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