List of townlands of County Wexford

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 2,384 townlands in County Wexford, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbeydown 454 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Ablintown 95 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Aclamon 477 Shelburne Tellarought New Ross
Adamstown 1,076 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Ahare 267 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Ahare 53 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Aldridge 96 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Allenstown Big 176 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Allenstown Little 64 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Ambrosetown 277 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Anagh More 295 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Annagh 289 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Annagh Central 340 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Annagh Hill 303 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Annagh Long 303 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Annagh Lower 295 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Annagh Middle 270 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Annagh Upper 239 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Annaghfin 53 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Annaghgap 379 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ardcandrisk 83 Shelmaliere West Ardcandrisk Wexford
Ardcavan 308 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Ardcolm 131 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Ardenagh Great 277 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Ardenagh Little 277 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Ardross 5 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Arklow 128 Shelburne Clonmines New Ross
Arnestown 614 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Arnestown 294 Shelmaliere West Ballingly Wexford
Arpinstown 8 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Arragorteen 216 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Arthurstown Town Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Artramon 543 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Ashwood Lower 183 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Ashwood Upper 167 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Ask 398 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Aska Beg 358 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Aska More 807 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Askabeg 151 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Askaheige 14 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Askakeel 82 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Askasilla 299 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Askinamoe 320 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Askinch Lower 161 Gorey Inch Gorey
Askinch Upper 240 Gorey Inch Gorey
Askinfarney 199 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Askinfarney 121 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Askingarran Lower 122 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Askingarran Upper 192 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Askinvillar Lower 309 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Askinvillar Upper 632 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Askunshin 250 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Assagart 588 Shelmaliere West Kilgarvan New Ross
Assaly Great 110 Forth Killinick Wexford
Assaly Little 99 Forth Killinick Wexford
Aughathlappa 355 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Aughclare 508 Shelburne Ballybrazil New Ross
Aughermon 326 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Aughfad 435 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Aughmore 111 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Aughmore 39 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Aughnagalley 170 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Aughnagan 138 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Aughnamaulmeen 219 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Aughullen 242 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Bachelorshall 48 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Balcarrig 318 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Balcarrighill 109 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Baldwinstown Town Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Baldwinstown 205 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Ballagh 705 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Ballagh 69 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Ballagh Burrow 38 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Ballaghablake 206 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Ballaghboy 243 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Ballaghkeen Town Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballaman 645 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Ballare 84 Forth St. Margaret's Wexford
Ballask 172 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Ballask 68 Forth Carn Wexford
Ballina 237 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Ballina 112 Shelmaliere East Skreen Wexford
Ballina 19 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballina Lower 342 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Ballina Lower 96 Ballaghkeen Ballyvalloo Enniscorthy
Ballina Upper 302 Ballaghkeen Ballyvalloo Enniscorthy
Ballina Upper 214 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Ballina Upper 20 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballinacarrig 234 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Ballinacoola 399 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballinacoola 201 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Ballinacoola Beg 81 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Ballinacoola More 140 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Ballinacrane 119 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Ballinacur 253 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballinacur 201 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Ballinadrummin 229 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Ballinagam Lower 191 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Ballinagam Upper 158 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Ballinageeloge 170 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballinagrann Lower 211 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballinagrann Upper 259 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballinahorna 153 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Ballinakill 215 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballinakill 96 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Ballinamona 327 Gorey Toome Gorey
Ballinamona 279 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Ballinamorragh 155 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Ballinapark 308 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Ballinasilloge 82 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Ballinastraw Lower 362 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Ballinastraw Upper 340 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Ballinastudd 204 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Ballinatray Lower 257 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballinatray Upper 138 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballinavary 680 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Ballincash Lower 302 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Ballincash Upper 486 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Ballinclare 402 Gorey Toome Gorey
Ballinclare 241 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Ballinclay 137 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Ballinclay Lower 212 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Ballinclay Upper 291 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Ballindaggan 431 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Ballindinas 265 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Ballindoney 1,143 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Ballinesker 142 Ballaghkeen St. Margaret's Wexford
Ballingale 358 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Ballingarry Lower 239 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballingarry Upper 316 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballingarry Wood 77 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballinglin 181 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballinglinbeg 99 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballingly 470 Shelmaliere West Ballingly Wexford
Ballingowan 228 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballingowan 86 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Balliniry 254 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Ballinkeel 377 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Ballinlow 205 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Ballinlug East 511 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Ballinlug West 233 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Ballinoulart 407 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Ballinphile 149 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Ballinra 179 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballinra 100 Ballaghkeen Ballyvalloo Enniscorthy
Ballinra 25 Ballaghkeen Skreen Wexford
Ballinree 226 Gorey Toome Gorey
Ballinroad 427 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Ballinrooaun 353 Ballaghkeen Ballyvalloo Enniscorthy
Ballinrooaun 227 Ballaghkeen Skreen Wexford
Ballinruan 232 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Ballinruane 477 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Ballintaggart 148 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Ballintarton 104 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Ballinteskin 352 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Ballintim 178 Gorey Toome Gorey
Ballintlea 237 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballintlea 145 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Ballintlea 134 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Ballintober 385 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Ballintore 287 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Ballintubbrid 179 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballinturner (or Mountfin Lower) 437 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Ballinure 284 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Ballinvack 116 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Ballinvally 277 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Ballinvally 61 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Ballinvegga 521 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Ballinvunnia 91 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Ballinvunnia 41 Ballaghkeen Kiltrisk Gorey
Balloughter 246 Gorey Toome Gorey
Balloughton 420 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Ballowen (or Ramsfortpark) 324 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Ballyadam 430 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Ballyaddragh 85 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballyandrew 389 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Ballyandrew 191 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Ballyanne 714 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Ballyart 382 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Ballybanoge 289 Gorey Toome Gorey
Ballybanoge 285 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Ballybaun 457 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Ballybaun 168 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Ballybeg 1,970 Scarawalsh Ferns Gorey
Ballybeg 155 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Ballybeg 101 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Ballybeg 87 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballybeg Great 226 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Ballybeg Small 199 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Ballybing 37 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ballyboggan 202 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Ballyboggan Lower 395 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Ballyboggan Upper 218 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Ballyboher 59 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Ballyboher 45 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Ballyboro 204 Bantry Killegney Enniscorthy
Ballybought 136 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Ballyboy 506 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Ballyboy 148 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Ballybrack 232 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Ballybracken 97 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballybrannis 149 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Ballybrazil 386 Shelburne Ballybrazil New Ross
Ballybreen 365 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Ballybregagh 268 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballybrennan 997 Bantry Kilcowanmore Enniscorthy
Ballybrennan Big 160 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Ballybrennan Little 143 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Ballybrittas 382 Bantry Kilcowanmore Enniscorthy
Ballybrittas 2 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Ballybro 105 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Ballybuckley 227 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Ballycadden Lower 162 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Ballycadden Upper 225 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Ballycanew Town Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Ballycanew 366 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Ballycappoge 293 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Ballycarney 739 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Ballycarran 94 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Ballycarrigeen Lower 376 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Ballycarrigeen Upper 242 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Ballycleary 224 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Ballyclemock 1,340 Shelmaliere West Newbawn New Ross
Ballyclogh 139 Gorey Toome Gorey
Ballycogly 226 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Ballycomclone 337 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Ballyconlore 173 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballyconlore 151 Gorey Inch Gorey
Ballyconlore 98 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Ballyconnick 206 Bargy Ballyconnick Wexford
Ballyconnigar Lower 469 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballyconnigar Upper 320 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballyconor Big 74 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballyconor Little 79 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballyconran 459 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Ballycorboys Big 97 Forth Killinick Wexford
Ballycorboys Little 41 Forth Killinick Wexford
Ballycourcy Beg 281 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballycourcy More 445 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballycowan 118 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ballycrane 175 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Ballycronigan 103 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballycronigan 84 Forth St. Helen's Wexford
Ballycross 273 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Ballycrystal 1,779 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Ballycullane 544 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Ballycushlane Big 72 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
Ballycushlane Little 83 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
Ballydane 142 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballydaniel 351 Gorey Toome Gorey
Ballydarragh 511 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballydaw (or Davidstown) 328 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Ballydawmore 187 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Ballydawmore 49 Scarawalsh Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Ballyday 164 Gorey Kilpipe Gorey
Ballydermot 74 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballydicken Lower 54 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Ballydicken Upper 156 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Ballydonfin 383 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballydonigan 271 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Ballydoyle 95 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Ballydrane 57 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Ballyduboy 210 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Ballyduff 711 Scarawalsh Kilcomb Gorey
Ballyduff 332 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Ballyduff 182 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Ballyduff 90 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Ballyduff 87 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Gorey
Ballyduff Lower 173 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballyduff Upper 223 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballyduffbeg 247 Gorey Toome Gorey
Ballyduffbeg 87 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Ballydungan 106 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ballydusker 89 Forth Killinick Wexford
Ballyeaton 115 Shelmaliere West Ardcandrisk Wexford
Ballyeden 766 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Ballyeden 149 Gorey Toome Gorey
Ballyedmond 143 Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Ballyedmond 41 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Ballyedock 214 Shelburne Kilmokea New Ross
Ballyeland 491 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Ballyell Big 128 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ballyell Little 66 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ballyellin 115 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Ballyellin Lower 100 Gorey Inch Gorey
Ballyellin Upper 120 Gorey Inch Gorey
Ballyellis 84 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Ballyfad 214 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Ballyfad 145 Gorey Inch Gorey
Ballyfane 85 Forth Carn Wexford
Ballyfarnoge 264 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Ballyfarnoge 226 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Ballyfarnoge 58 Shelburne Ballybrazil New Ross
Ballyfin 132 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Ballyfinoge Great 230 Forth Kilmacree Wexford
Ballyfinoge Little 155 Forth Kilmacree Wexford
Ballyfoley 287 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Ballyfoley 133 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Ballyfrory 260 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Ballygalvert 1,200 Bantry Clonleigh New Ross
Ballygarra 58 Forth Carn Wexford
Ballygarran 221 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Ballygarrett 284 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballygarrett 167 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Ballygarrett 161 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Ballygarrett 43 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Ballygarrett Little 91 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Ballygarvan 681 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Ballygarvey 180 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ballygerry 139 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballygibbon 213 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Ballygillane Big 158 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballygillane Little 128 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballygillistown 315 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Ballygoman 320 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Ballygortin 182 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Ballygow 327 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Ballygow 291 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Ballygowny 161 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Ballygrangans 270 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Ballygullen 378 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballygullen 171 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Ballygullick 106 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Ballyhack Town Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Ballyhack 267 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Ballyhackbeg 234 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Ballyhaddock 388 Gorey Ferns Enniscorthy
Ballyhamilton 163 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Ballyharran Lower 117 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Ballyharran Upper 156 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Ballyharty 249 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Ballyhast 337 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Ballyhealy North 147 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Ballyhealy South 133 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Ballyhealycastle 89 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Ballyheige 248 Ballaghkeen Skreen Wexford
Ballyhennigan 166 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Ballyhigh 89 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Gorey
Ballyhighland 874 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Ballyhiho 81 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Ballyhine 141 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Ballyhire 178 Forth St. Helen's Wexford
Ballyhit 38 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Ballyhitt 86 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
Ballyhoge 1,489 Shelmaliere West Ballyhoge Enniscorthy
Ballyhote 82 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballyhought 23 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballyhow Beg 74 Shelmaliere East Skreen Wexford
Ballyhow Lower 110 Shelmaliere East Skreen Wexford
Ballyhow Middle 151 Shelmaliere East Skreen Wexford
Ballyhubbock 156 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Ballyhubbock 26 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Ballyhust 220 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Ballykale 268 Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Ballykeeroge 271 Shelburne Kilmokea New Ross
Ballykeerogebeg 422 Shelburne Kilmokea New Ross
Ballykeerogemore 759 Shelburne Ballybrazil New Ross
Ballykelly 607 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Ballykelly 370 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Ballykelly 152 Forth Killiane Wexford
Ballykelly 2 Shelburne Ballybrazil New Ross
Ballykelsh 62 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ballykereen 130 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Ballykilliane 255 Forth Killiane Wexford
Ballykilty Lower 284 Gorey Inch Gorey
Ballykilty Upper 165 Gorey Inch Gorey
Ballyknock 262 Shelmaliere West Ballymitty Wexford
Ballyknockan 272 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballyknockan 85 Forth St. Michael's Wexford
Ballyknockan 78 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Ballyknockan 78 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballyknockan 60 Forth St. Margaret's Wexford
Ballyla 91 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Ballylacy 204 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballylane East 320 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Ballylane West 334 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Ballylannan 548 Shelmaliere West Ballylannan New Ross
Ballylarkin 203 Gorey Inch Gorey
Ballyleigh 1,248 Bantry St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballylemin 69 Ballaghkeen Skreen Wexford
Ballyliamgow 183 Shelmaliere West Inch New Ross
Ballylibernagh 168 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Ballylough 444 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Ballyloughan 74 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Ballyloughlin 120 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballylucas 345 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Ballylucas 291 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Ballylurkin 164 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Ballylusk 274 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballylusk 265 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Ballylusk 145 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Ballymacane 113 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Ballymacar 610 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Ballymackesy 516 Bantry Chapel Enniscorthy
Ballymacky 76 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballymacky 6 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Ballymaclare 257 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Ballymacoonoge 196 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Ballymacshoneen 17 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Ballymacshoneen 5 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Ballymacsimon 241 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Enniscorthy
Ballymacushin 112 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ballymacushin 12 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Ballymadder 215 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Ballymartin 91 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Ballymaunhill 198 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Ballymichael 41 Shelmaliere West Ardcandrisk Wexford
Ballyminaun 165 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Ballyminaun Big 114 Forth Killinick Wexford
Ballyminaun Little 70 Forth Killinick Wexford
Ballymitty 241 Shelmaliere West Ballymitty Wexford
Ballymoney Lower 236 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Ballymoney Upper 185 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Ballymore 451 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Ballymore 231 Ballaghkeen Skreen Wexford
Ballymore Demesne 364 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Ballymorgan 122 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Ballymorris 272 Bantry Ballyhoge Enniscorthy
Ballymorris 142 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Ballymoty Beg 302 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballymoty Beg 302 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballymoty More 270 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballymoty More 270 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballymurn Lower 181 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Ballymurn Upper 198 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Ballymurragh 72 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Ballymurragh 66 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Ballymurragh 35 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ballymurry 207 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballymurry 73 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Ballymurtagh 195 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Ballynaas Great 103 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Ballynaas Little 58 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Ballynabanoge 542 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Ballynabarney 720 Gorey Kilpipe Gorey
Ballynabarny 466 Scarawalsh Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Ballynabearna 803 Bantry St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballynaberny 532 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Ballynabola 626 Bantry Kilscanlan New Ross
Ballynabrigadane 214 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Ballynacarrig 283 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Enniscorthy
Ballynacarrig 102 Shelmaliere East Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Ballynaclash 171 Ballaghkeen Ballyvalloo Enniscorthy
Ballynaclash 102 Ballaghkeen Killila Enniscorthy
Ballynacoolagh 371 Bantry St. Mullin's New Ross
Ballynacree 173 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Ballynadrishoge 158 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballynagale 265 Bargy Taghmon Wexford
Ballynagee 95 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Ballynaglogh 194 Bargy Ballyconnick Wexford
Ballynaglogh 143 Shelmaliere West Ardcandrisk Wexford
Ballynaglogh 68 Ballaghkeen Killila Enniscorthy
Ballynaglogh 67 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballynagore 191 Ballaghkeen Killila Enniscorthy
Ballynagore 106 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballynagrallagh 414 Bantry Newbawn New Ross
Ballynahallin 358 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Ballynahask 210 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Enniscorthy
Ballynahask 30 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Ballynahask 29 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballynahillen 284 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Ballynahown 172 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Ballynahown 145 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Ballynakill 824 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Ballynakill 351 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Ballynaleck 26 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Ballynaminnan 364 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Ballynamire 53 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Ballynamona 459 Shelburne Kilmokea New Ross
Ballynamona 346 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Ballynamona 243 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballynamona 200 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Enniscorthy
Ballynamona 87 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballynamonabeg 155 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Ballynamonabeg 29 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballynamony 171 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Ballynamuddagh Town Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballynamuddagh 450 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballynancoran 370 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Ballynapierce 385 Bantry St. John's Enniscorthy
Ballynaslaney 355 Shelmaliere East Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Ballynaslaney 7 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Enniscorthy
Ballynastraw 795 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Ballynastraw 750 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballynelahill 331 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Ballynellard 390 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballynellard 50 Ballaghkeen Killila Enniscorthy
Ballynestragh 166 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballynestragh Demesne 401 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballynure 175 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Ballyorley Lower 275 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Ballyorley Upper 309 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Ballyorril 568 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Ballyoughna 380 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Ballyowen 352 Shelmaliere West Ballylannan New Ross
Ballyowen 290 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballyphilip 433 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Ballyprecas 943 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Ballyrahan 202 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Ballyrahin 192 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Ballyrane 112 Forth Killinick Wexford
Ballyrankin 557 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Ballyrannel 343 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Ballyrea 180 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Ballyregan 415 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Ballyregan 229 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Ballyregan 119 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Ballyregan (or Fairyhill) 133 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Ballyreilly 116 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballyroe 199 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Ballyroe (Annesley) 220 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballyroe (Nunn) 239 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballyroe Lower 162 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Ballyroe Upper 152 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Ballyroebeg 106 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ballyroebuck 574 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Ballyrooaun 83 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Ballyrory 236 Gorey Kilpipe Gorey
Ballysampson 152 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Ballyscartin 314 Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Ballyscough 111 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Gorey
Ballyseskin 226 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Ballyshane 97 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Ballyshane 59 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Ballyshannon 497 Shelmaliere West Newbawn New Ross
Ballyshaun 314 Gorey Toome Gorey
Ballysheen 154 Forth Killinick Wexford
Ballysheen 130 Forth Carn Wexford
Ballyshelin 206 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Ballyshonock 287 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Ballysilla 335 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Ballysillagh 70 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Ballysimon 310 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Ballysop 353 Shelburne Ballybrazil New Ross
Ballystraw 177 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Ballytarsna 505 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Ballytarsna 482 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Ballytarsna 382 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Ballytarsna Little 79 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Ballytegan 332 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballyteganpark 126 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballyteige 208 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Ballyteige 169 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Ballyteige 117 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Ballyteige Burrow 666 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Ballythomas 355 Gorey Kilpipe Gorey
Ballythomashill 646 Gorey Kilpipe Gorey
Ballytory Lower 147 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Ballytory Upper 141 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Ballytra 89 Forth Carn Wexford
Ballytracey 453 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Ballytramon 336 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Ballytrent 107 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Ballyvadden 219 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Ballyvake 340 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Ballyvaldon 467 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballyvalloge 184 Shelmaliere West Ardcandrisk Wexford
Ballyvalloo Lower 302 Ballaghkeen Ballyvalloo Enniscorthy
Ballyvalloo Upper 421 Ballaghkeen Ballyvalloo Enniscorthy
Ballyvaroge 235 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Ballyvelig 425 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Ballyvergin 549 Shelmaliere West Kilgarvan New Ross
Ballyverroge 423 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Ballyvoodock 283 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballyvoodrane 214 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Ballywalter 160 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Ballywalter Beg 249 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Ballywalter More 319 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Ballywater 66 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Ballywater Lower 441 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Ballywater Upper 109 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Ballywether 211 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Ballywilliam 736 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Ballywilliam 288 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ballywilliamroe 232 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Ballywish 43 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Ballywitch 83 Forth St. Helen's Wexford
Baltyfarrell 172 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Bannow 389 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Bannow Island 143 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Bannow Moor 120 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Bannpark 185 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Banntown 217 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Banoge 310 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Banoge 82 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Banogehill 197 Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Bantry Commons 1,640 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Bantry Commons 1,514 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Bantry Commons 545 Bantry St. Mullin's New Ross
Bargy 62 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Bargy Commons 732 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Barmona 195 Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Barmona 100 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Barmoney 835 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Barnadown 311 Gorey Kilpipe Gorey
Barnadown Lower 291 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Barnadown Upper 169 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Barnahask 159 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Barnaree 81 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Barnariddery 142 Ballaghkeen Ballyvalloo Enniscorthy
Barnawheel 33 Forth Carn Wexford
Barnland 158 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Barntown 194 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Barrackcroghan 201 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Barracurragh 265 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Barraglan 312 Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Barratober (or Farmhill) 131 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Barrettspark 15 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Barroge 66 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Barrystown 519 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Bastardstown 191 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Battlestown 1,291 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Baurela 122 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Bawnmore 101 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Bayland 299 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Baylestown 236 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Beak 68 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Bearlough 137 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Beaufield 280 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Beckville 30 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Begerin (Lloyd) 200 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Begerin (Loftus) 359 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Begerin Island 21 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Bellary 77 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Bellgrove 219 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Bellgrovecross 129 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Bennettsknock 7 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Bennettstown 115 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Berkeley 374 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Bessmount 258 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Big Island 124 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Big Island 28 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Bigwood 81 Bantry St. Mullin's New Ross
Bing 94 Forth St. Helen's Wexford
Birdstown 12 Forth St. Margaret's Wexford
Bishopland 60 Ballaghkeen St. Nicholas Enniscorthy
Bishopsland 44 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Blackhall 602 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Blackhall 113 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Blackhorse 64 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Blackmoor 95 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Blackstairs Commons 532 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Blackstone 100 Bargy Killag Wexford
Blackstoops 203 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Blackwater (or Part) Town Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Blackwater (or Part) Town Ballaghkeen Killila Enniscorthy
Blastknock 224 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Bleachlands 56 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Bloomfield 158 Bantry St. John's Enniscorthy
Bloomhill 96 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Blunsheens 69 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Boarmona 94 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Boderan 489 Shelburne Killesk New Ross
Bog and Warren 97 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Bog East 105 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Bog West 177 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Bogganstown Lower 37 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Bogganstown Upper 26 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Boher 31 Forth St. Helen's Wexford
Bohercreen 1 Forth Carn Wexford
Boherstooka 169 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Boira North 251 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Boira South 355 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Bola Beg 429 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Bola More 288 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Bolabaun 278 Shelmaliere West Killurin Wexford
Bolaboy Beg 184 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Bolaboy Beg 28 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Bolaboy More 369 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Bolabradda 160 Gorey Inch Gorey
Bolacaheer 308 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Bolacaheer 174 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Bolacreen 336 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Bolacreen 336 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Boladurragh 727 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Bolany 300 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Boleany 191 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Boley 1,193 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Boley 322 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Boley Lower 225 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Boley Upper 206 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Boleybaun 155 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Bolgerstown 130 Shelmaliere West Ardcandrisk Wexford
Bolinahaney 605 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Bolinaspick 237 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Bolinready 303 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Bolinrush 913 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Boolabaun 783 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Booley 227 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Boolnadrum 270 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Boolycreen 34 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Boolynavoughran 375 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Borehovel 104 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Borleagh 206 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Borleagh Demesne 188 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Bornacourtia 89 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Enniscorthy
Borris 288 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Borrmount 348 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Bowling Green 8 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Brackernagh 214 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Braestown 60 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Brandane 242 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Breast Island 3 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Breast Island, Little 1 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Bree 498 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Bregorteen 205 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Bricketstown 514 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Brickpark 40 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Brideswell 170 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Brideswell Big 637 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Brideswell Little 331 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Bridgetown Town Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Bridgetown 41 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Bridgetown North 29 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Bridgetown South 130 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Brittas 128 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Broadway Town Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Brocorrow 505 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Brookfield 25 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Broomhill 364 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Brownscastle 224 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Brownstown 624 Shelmaliere West Newbawn New Ross
Brownstown 117 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Brownswood 519 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Bruce 93 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Bruce 54 Gorey Donaghmore Gorey
Bryanstown 441 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Buckstown 234 Gorey Carnew Gorey
Bulgan 562 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Bunargate 66 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Bunargate Strand 23 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Bunarge 17 Forth Carn Wexford
Buncarrick 90 Forth Carn Wexford
Burgess 27 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Burkestown 290 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Burrow 246 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Burrow 188 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Burrow 155 Forth Carn Wexford
Burrow 12 Forth St. Helen's Wexford
Bush 97 Forth St. Michael's Wexford
Bush 20 Forth Carn Wexford
Busherstown 254 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Busherstown 50 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Bushpark 229 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Butlersland 92 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Butlerstown 171 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Butlerstown 103 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Butlerstown 44 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Cahore 275 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Caim 642 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Cain 128 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Camaross 1,385 Shelmaliere West Kilgarvan New Ross
Camlin 578 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Camolin Town Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Camolin 336 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Camolin Park 974 Scarawalsh Kilcomb Gorey
Camteige 226 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Carna 25 Forth Carn Wexford
Carnagh 753 Bantry Carnagh New Ross
Carranroe 397 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Carrhill 222 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Enniscorthy
Carrick Town Bargy Bannow Wexford
Carrick 189 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Carricklawn 83 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Carrig 437 Gorey Kilpipe Gorey
Carrig 189 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Carrigabruse 123 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Carrigabruse 14 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Carrigadaggan 233 Bantry Newbawn New Ross
Carriganeagh 197 Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Carrigbeg 250 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Carrigbeg 237 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Carrigeen 219 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Carriglegan 365 Scarawalsh Kilcomb Gorey
Carrigmacoge 27 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Carrigmannon 207 Shelmaliere West Killurin Wexford
Carrigunane 159 Bantry Kilcowanmore Enniscorthy
Carrowanree 79 Shelburne Killesk New Ross
Carrowreagh 219 Shelmaliere West Kilgarvan New Ross
Cashel 113 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Castleannesley 266 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Castleboro Demesne 745 Bantry Killegney Enniscorthy
Castlebridge Town Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Castlebridge Town Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Castlebridge Town Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Castlebridge 57 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Castlebridge 38 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Castleellis 130 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Castlehaystown 442 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Castleland 227 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Castleland 133 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Castlemoyle 42 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Castlepaliser 30 Forth Carn Wexford
Castlequarter 224 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Castlesow 95 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Castletalbot 183 Ballaghkeen Killila Enniscorthy
Castletown 219 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Castletown 119 Forth Carn Wexford
Castletown 92 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Castlewhite 234 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Castleworkhouse 224 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Chambersland 68 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Chapel 743 Bantry Chapel Enniscorthy
Chapel 90 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Cherriestown 106 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Cherryorchard 116 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Cherryorchard 1 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Chour 39 Forth Carn Wexford
Churchlands 116 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Churchtown Town Shelburne Hook New Ross
Churchtown 247 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Churchtown 234 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Churchtown 221 Shelburne Hook New Ross
Churchtown 191 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Churchtown 132 Forth Carn Wexford
Churchtown 93 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Churchtown 92 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Churchtown 75 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Churchtown 62 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Clasheen 126 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Clavass 157 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Cleristown North 241 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Cleristown South 393 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Clobemon 222 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Clogh 301 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Cloghnamallaght 189 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Cloghulatagh 273 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Clohamon Town Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Clohamon 350 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Clohass 266 Bantry Templescoby Enniscorthy
Cloheden 264 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Clologe 250 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Clologe Little 96 Scarawalsh Kilbride Gorey
Clologe Lower 217 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Clologe Upper 120 Scarawalsh Kilbride Gorey
Clolourish 21 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Clolourish 17 Scarawalsh Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Clonamona Lower 296 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Clonamona Upper 358 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Clonard Great 148 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Clonard Little 147 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Clonatin Lower 257 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Clonatin Upper 213 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Clondarragh 78 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Clondaw 315 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Clone 1,009 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Clone East 291 Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Clone West 424 Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Clonee Lower 433 Scarawalsh Kilcomb Gorey
Clonee Upper 549 Scarawalsh Kilcomb Gorey
Cloneranny 310 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Clones Lower 113 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Clones Middle 175 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Clones Upper 203 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Clonevin 206 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Clongaddy 93 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Clonganny 245 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Clonganny 39 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Clongeen Town Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Clongeen 528 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Clonhasten 477 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Clonhenret 205 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Clonjordan 702 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Clonlard 274 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Clonleigh 991 Bantry Clonleigh New Ross
Clonmines 1,251 Shelburne Clonmines New Ross
Clonmore 315 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Clonmore 230 Gorey Toome Gorey
Clonmore 207 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Clonmore Lower 369 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Clonmore Upper 384 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Clonnasheege 163 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Clonough 162 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Clonroche Town Bantry Chapel Enniscorthy
Clonroche 773 Bantry Chapel Enniscorthy
Clonroe 230 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Clonroe 225 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Clonsharragh 527 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Clonsilla East 300 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Clonsilla West 271 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Clonyburn 204 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Cloon 54 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Cloonagh 326 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Cloonerane 388 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Cloroge Beg 1,195 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Cloroge More 953 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Clough 25 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Clougheast 106 Forth Carn Wexford
Coalspit 53 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Coddstown Great 99 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Coddstown Little 153 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Coldblow 37 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
Coldblow 16 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Coleman 551 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Colestown 180 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
College 112 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Common 114 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Common 15 Forth Killinick Wexford
Commons 121 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Commons 4 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Commons Lower (or Newtown) 698 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Connagh 410 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Connahill 311 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Cookstown 172 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Cooladine 572 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Coolafullaun 219 Bantry Ballyhoge Enniscorthy
Coolakip 227 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Coolaknick 265 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Coolaknick Beg 61 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Coolamain 604 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Coolamurry 419 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Coolateggart 165 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Coolatin 256 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Coolatore 221 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Coolatrindle 216 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Coolaught 444 Bantry Killegney Enniscorthy
Coolaw 301 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Coolback 204 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Coolballow 125 Forth Kerloge Wexford
Coolbaun 332 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Coolbawn Demesne 559 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Coolboy 417 Shelmaliere West Inch New Ross
Coolbrock 174 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Coolcam 14 Forth Carn Wexford
Coolcliffe 220 Shelmaliere West Ballymitty Wexford
Coolcots 459 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Coolcull Big 229 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Coolcull(Moylers) 132 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Coolcull(Sheas) 119 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Coole 690 Shelburne Killesk New Ross
Coole 133 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Coolerin 117 Shelburne Kilmokea New Ross
Coolerin North 38 Shelburne Ballybrazil New Ross
Coolerin South 24 Shelburne Ballybrazil New Ross
Coolgarrow 404 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Coolgarrow 265 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Coolgreany Town Gorey Inch Gorey
Coolgreany 123 Gorey Inch Gorey
Coolgreany Demesne 147 Gorey Inch Gorey
Coolharbour 123 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Coolhull 292 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Coolintaggart 218 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Coolintaggarthill 170 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Coolishal 295 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Coolishal Lower 259 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Coolishal Upper 269 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Coolkeeran 60 Forth Killinick Wexford
Coolmela (or Prospect) 1,059 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Coolnaboy 507 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Coolnacon 360 Bantry Killegney Enniscorthy
Coolnagloose 203 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Coolnagree 397 Bantry Doonooney Wexford
Coolnahinch 165 Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Coolnahorna 590 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Coolnaleen 547 Scarawalsh Kilcomb Gorey
Coolnastudd 243 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Coolnaveagh 226 Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Coolook Beg 145 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Coolook More 369 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Coolougher 109 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Coolpeach 33 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Coolpuck 217 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Coolraheen 334 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Coolrainey 177 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Coolree 569 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Coolree 45 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Coolroe 433 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Coolroe 336 Bantry Chapel Enniscorthy
Coolroe 334 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Coolroe 84 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Coolroe Great 176 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Coolroe Little 112 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Cools 488 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Cools 148 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Cools 22 Forth Carn Wexford
Coolsallagh 186 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Coolseskin 172 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Coolstuff 155 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Coolteen 115 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Coolteige 242 Shelmaliere West Clonmore Enniscorthy
Coolthawn 109 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Coolycall 139 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Coolycarney 522 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Coonoge 460 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Cooperstown 143 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Cooraun 158 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Coorduff 330 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Corah 469 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Corbally 292 Scarawalsh Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Corbally 195 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Corbetstown 58 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Corcanon 306 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Corderraun 140 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Corlican 729 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Cornerstown 51 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Cornwall 199 Shelmaliere West Killurin Wexford
Corrageen 686 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Corragh 752 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Corramacorra 132 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Cosher 47 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Cottage 37 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Cotts 135 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Courtballyedmond 312 Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Courtclogh Lower 289 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Courtclogh Upper 356 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Courteencurragh 337 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Courthoyle New 466 Bantry Newbawn New Ross
Courthoyle Old 394 Bantry Newbawn New Ross
Courtlands East 80 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Courtlands West 79 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Courtnacuddy 1,078 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Courtown 295 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Courtown Harbour Town Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Cousinstown 230 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Cousinstown 46 Forth St. Margaret's Wexford
Craan 1,612 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Craan 306 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Craan 276 Gorey Kilpipe Gorey
Craan 184 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Craan Lower 320 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Craan Upper 447 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Craanagam 102 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Craanatore 9 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Craane 187 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Craanhill 320 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Craanroe 123 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Craigue Little 237 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Cranacrower 146 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Crandaniel 6 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Crandaniel Great 201 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Crandaniel Little 170 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Crandonnell 167 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Crane 425 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Craywell 11 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Creagh Demesne 298 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Creagh Lower 167 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Creagh Upper 296 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Creakan Lower 271 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Creakan Upper 220 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Creemore 145 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Gorey
Creemore 118 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Crefoge 281 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Cregg 88 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Cribstown 43 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Croase 351 Bargy Ballyconnick Wexford
Croghan Middle 202 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Croghan Mountain 653 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Croghan Upper 177 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Cromoge 591 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Cromwellsfort 32 Forth Maudlintown Wexford
Cronecribbin 144 Gorey Inch Gorey
Cronecribbin 90 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Cronellard 121 Ballaghkeen Kilcavan Gorey
Cronyhorn 128 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Crory 416 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Crory Lower 125 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Crory Middle 174 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Crory Upper 215 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Crossabeg 57 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Crossfarnoge 59 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Crosshue 291 Ballaghkeen Killila Enniscorthy
Crosslands 12 Forth Carn Wexford
Crossscales 155 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Crosstown 348 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Crosstown 66 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Crylough 56 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Cubslough 32 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Cull 280 Bargy Killag Wexford
Cull Island 4 Bargy Killag Wexford
Cullenoge 305 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Cullenstown 545 Shelmaliere West Horetown New Ross
Cullenstown 339 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Cullentra 575 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Cullentra 177 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Cullentra 111 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Cullentragh 734 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Cummer 352 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Cummerduff 644 Gorey Crosspatrick Gorey
Cumshinstown 100 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Curelogh 304 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Curracloe 192 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Curraduff 394 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Curraduff 386 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Curragh 124 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Curraghduff 187 Shelburne Ballybrazil New Ross
Curraghduff 106 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Curraghgraigue 655 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Curraghmore 461 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Curraghmore 320 Shelburne Rathroe New Ross
Curraghnabola 269 Bantry Kilcowanmore Enniscorthy
Curraghwood 63 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Curralane 372 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Curralane Oldtown 145 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Curratubbin Lower 138 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Curratubbin Upper 183 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Curraun 296 Bantry St. Mullin's New Ross
Cushenstown 1,352 Bantry Carnagh New Ross
Custodium 144 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Damptown 46 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Danescastle 456 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Daphney 37 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Davidstown 455 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Davidstown 455 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Davidstown 292 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Davidstown (or Ballydaw) 328 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Deeps 236 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Deerpark 247 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Deerpark 132 Shelmaliere West Horetown New Ross
Dennistown 144 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Derry 295 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Donaghmore 76 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Donard 525 Bantry Clonleigh New Ross
Doogans Warren 64 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Doonooney 684 Bantry Doonooney Wexford
Doughal 118 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Dranagh 568 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Dranagh 403 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Drillistown 156 Shelburne Killesk New Ross
Drimagh 11 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Drinagh 31 Forth St. Margaret's Wexford
Drinagh North 109 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Drinagh South 74 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Drumderry 592 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Drumgold 702 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Drummond 298 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Duffcarrick 81 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Dughlone 146 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Dunanore 326 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Dunanore (or Goldentown) 432 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Dunbrody 325 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Duncannon Town Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Duncannon 243 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Duncormick Town Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Duncormick 202 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Duncormick Hill 166 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Dundrum 273 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Dunganstown 771 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Dungeer 411 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Dungeer 22 Shelmaliere West Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Dungulph 271 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Dunishal 442 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Dunmain 688 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Dunsinane 222 Bantry Templescoby Enniscorthy
Durra Big 139 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Durra Little 86 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Eardownes Great 161 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
Eardownes Little 25 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
Ecclestown 79 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Edermine 99 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Edwardstown 294 Bargy Ballyconnick Wexford
Effernoge 1,099 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Elevenacre 23 Forth Killinick Wexford
Enniscorthy 934 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Enniscorthy (1.) Town Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Enniscorthy (2.) Town Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Fairfield 27 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Fairfield (or Forgelands) 124 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Fairyhill (or Ballyregan) 133 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Fannystown 153 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Fardystown 326 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Farmhill (or Barratober) 131 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Farmley (or Skeahanagh) 330 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Farnatrane 59 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Fary 94 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Fasagh 16 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Faythe 60 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Fence 48 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Ferns Town Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Ferns 5 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Ferns Demense 381 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Ferns Demense 13 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Ferns Lower 235 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Ferns Upper 174 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Fernyhill 54 Forth Killinick Wexford
Ferrybank North 4 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Ferrybank South 3 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Ferrycarrig 78 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Ferrycarrig 23 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Fethard Town Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Fethard 336 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Finshoge 139 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Fisherstown 379 Shelburne Kilmokea New Ross
Fiveacre 10 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Fodagh 109 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Ford Town Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Ford Town Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Ford of Ling 45 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ford of Ling 18 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Forest 251 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Forestwood 195 Bantry Killegney Mountmellick
Forgelands (or Fairfield) 124 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Forrestalstown 772 Bantry Killegney Enniscorthy
Fortchester Lower 295 Gorey Inch Gorey
Fortchester Upper 183 Gorey Inch Gorey
Forth Commons 835 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Forth Commons 331 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Forth Commons 122 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Forties 203 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Fortyacres 72 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Foulkesmill Town Shelmaliere West Ballylannan New Ross
Foulkesmill Town Shelmaliere West Clongeen & Horetown New Ross
Foxcover 269 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Frankfort 188 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Fuddletown 99 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Funshoge 114 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Furlongstown 278 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Furziestown 128 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Galbally 805 Bantry Ballyhoge Enniscorthy
Galbally 242 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Galbally 65 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Galbally East 32 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Galbally North 12 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Galbally West 25 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Galballybeg 81 Shelmaliere East Skreen Wexford
Galgystown 122 Shelburne Hook New Ross
Gallagh 179 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Gardamus Great 207 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Gardamus Little 116 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Garnakill 87 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Garr 116 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Garra 110 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Garradreen 163 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Garranstackle 640 Bantry Ballyhoge Enniscorthy
Garrantrowlan 175 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Garraun 275 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Garraun 66 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Garraun Lower 450 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Garraun Upper 496 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Garrison 164 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Garrybran 244 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Garrybrit Lower 256 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Garrybrit Upper 103 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Garrycleary 205 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Garrycullen 383 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Garrydaniel 420 Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Garryduff 412 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Garryduff 321 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Garrygibbon 115 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Garryhack 126 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Garryhasten 904 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Garryhubbock 210 Ballaghkeen St. Nicholas Enniscorthy
Garrylough Lower 394 Ballaghkeen St. Nicholas Enniscorthy
Garrylough Upper 126 Ballaghkeen St. Nicholas Enniscorthy
Garrymile 383 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Garrymore 81 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Garrymoyle 63 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Garrynew 376 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Garrynisk 263 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Garrynisk 148 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Garryniskbeg 71 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Garryntinodagh 133 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Garryphelim 184 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Garryrichard 265 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Garryvadden 268 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Garryvadden Lower 271 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Garryvadden Upper 279 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Garryvaddenbeg 57 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Garryvarren 370 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Garrywilliam 176 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Gaynestown 177 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Genstown 148 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Gerry 92 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Gibberpatrick 202 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Gibberwell 196 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Gibboghstown 37 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Gibletstown 110 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Glaglig 27 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Glandoran Lower 153 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Glandoran Upper 75 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Glascarrig North 189 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Glascarrig South 352 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Glasganny 226 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Glaslacken 237 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Glebe 52 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Glebe 48 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Glebe 43 Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Glebe 33 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Glebe 33 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Glebe 33 Ballaghkeen Skreen Wexford
Glebe 31 Ballaghkeen Killila Enniscorthy
Glebe 29 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Glebe 26 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Glebe 26 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Glebe 15 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Glebe 14 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Glebe 9 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Glebe 5 Ballaghkeen St. Nicholas Enniscorthy
Glen (Doyne) 162 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Glen (Richards) 297 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Glenbaun 124 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Glenbough 213 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Glenbullock 34 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Glendrislagh 15 Bargy Kilmanman Wexford
Glenduff 65 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Glengass 440 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Glennagark 260 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Glennaglogh 122 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Glennameenagh (or Springvale) 283 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Glenoge 257 Gorey Inch Gorey
Glenoge 234 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Glenour 273 Shelmaliere West Kilgarvan New Ross
Glenranny 374 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Gorey
Glenroe 107 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Glenteige 71 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Glentire 116 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Gobbinstown 649 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Goldentown (or Dunanore) 432 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Gorey Town Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Gorey Town Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Gorey Corporation Lands 402 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Goreybridge 118 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Goreyhill 200 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Gorteen 880 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Gorteen 414 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Gorteen Lower 244 Gorey Inch Gorey
Gorteen Upper 330 Gorey Inch Gorey
Gorteencrin 19 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Gorteenminoge Lower 236 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Gorteenminoge Upper 238 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Gorteens 283 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Gortins 79 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Gortins Great 143 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Gortins Little 143 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Grageelagh 129 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Grageen 56 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Grageen Little 22 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Graheeroge 150 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Grahormack 114 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Grahormick 199 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Graigue 230 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Graigue 197 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Graigue Beg 645 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Graigue Great 343 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Graigue Little 284 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Graigue More 960 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Graiguesallagh 142 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Grange 869 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Grange 579 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Grange 497 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Grange 322 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Grange 189 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Grange 167 Forth Kilmacree Wexford
Grange 162 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Grange 101 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Grange Big 111 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Grange Demesne 253 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Grange Little 90 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Grange Lower 444 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Grange Upper 571 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Granisk 120 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Grascur Great 80 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Grascur Little 38 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Grayrobin 241 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Greatisland 799 Shelburne Kilmokea New Ross
Greenan 316 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Greenfield 66 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Greenhall 80 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Greenville 92 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Gregorystown 31 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Grogan 78 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Grogan Burrow 134 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Grove Great 184 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Grove Little 99 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Grovemill 49 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Growtown Lower 233 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Growtown Upper 335 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Gurlins 125 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Haggard 620 Shelburne Rathroe New Ross
Haggard 294 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Haggard 240 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Haggardtown 59 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Halseyrath 131 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Hardyglass 49 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Hardygregan 44 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Haresmead 302 Shelmaliere West Horetown New Ross
Harperstown 370 Bargy Taghmon Wexford
Harpoonstown 182 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Harristown 273 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Harristown 101 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Harristown (or Reask) 116 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Harristown Big 307 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Harristown Little 276 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Harveystown 217 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Harveystown 62 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Hayesland 157 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Hayestown Great 502 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Hayestown Little 156 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Haystown 421 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Haytown 127 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Healthfield 790 Shelmaliere West Killurin Wexford
Healysland 21 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Heathpark 324 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Heaths 19 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Heavenstown 124 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Hermitage (or Whitestown Lower) 37 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Hewitsland 52 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Hightown 76 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Hill 158 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Hill of Sea 89 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Hillburn 117 Shelmaliere West Taghmon New Ross
Hillcastle 145 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Hilltown 277 Shelmaliere West Ballymitty Wexford
Hilltown 126 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Hilltown 117 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Hilltown 70 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Hilltown 15 Forth Carn Wexford
Hilltown 12 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
Hobbinstown 62 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Hodgesmill 48 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Hollyfort 118 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Hollyfort 115 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Hollyfort 43 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Holmanhill 69 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Holmestown Great 170 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Holmestown Little 172 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Hooks 113 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Hopefield 119 Shelmaliere West Horetown New Ross
Hopeland 214 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Horesland 191 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Horeswood 266 Shelburne Kilmokea New Ross
Horetown 84 Forth Killinick Wexford
Horetown North 860 Shelmaliere West Horetown New Ross
Horetown South 301 Shelmaliere West Horetown New Ross
Houseland 289 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Huntingtown 278 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Hydepark 182 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Inch 770 Ballaghkeen Killila Enniscorthy
Inch 117 Gorey Inch Gorey
Inish 114 Bargy Killag Wexford
Inish 19 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
Inish 4 Forth Carn Wexford
Irishtown 41 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Islafalcon 84 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Island 137 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Gorey
Island 123 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Island 38 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Island 10 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Island Lower 222 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Island Middle 133 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Island Upper 368 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Jacketstown 112 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Jamestown 294 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Jamestown 153 Bantry Templescoby Enniscorthy
Johnstown 528 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Johnstown 444 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Johnstown 342 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Johnstown 152 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Johnstown 57 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Jonastown 73 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Kavanaghspark 77 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Kayle 440 Shelmaliere West Inch New Ross
Keeloges 97 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Kellystown 917 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Kellystown 93 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Kellystown 92 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Kereight 840 Bantry Ballyhoge Enniscorthy
Kereight 185 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Kereight 60 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Kerloge 84 Forth Kerloge Wexford
Kilbegnet 105 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Kilbora 647 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Kilbraney 974 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Kilbride 456 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Kilbride 417 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Kilbride 204 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Kilcannon 528 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Kilcarbry 17 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Kilcasey Lower 148 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Kilcasey Upper 175 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Kilcavan 179 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Kilcavan (Old Mill) 265 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Kilcavan (Retrenched) 141 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Kilcavan (Tree) 75 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Kilcavan Lower 220 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Kilcavan Upper 279 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Kilcaysan 47 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Kilclammon 147 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Kilcloggan 326 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Kilcloran 430 Scarawalsh Kilcomb Gorey
Kilcoilshy 172 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Kilconnib 435 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Kilcorkey 430 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Kilcormick 389 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Kilcorral 365 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Kilcotty Beg 216 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Kilcotty More 303 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Kilcowan Lower 79 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Kilcowan Upper 96 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Kilcullen 521 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Kildalloo 206 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Kildavin Lower 182 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Kildavin Upper 106 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Kildermot 410 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Kildermot 223 Ballaghkeen Kilcavan Gorey
Kilderry 154 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Kildrimeen 98 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Kilgarvan 316 Shelmaliere West Kilgarvan New Ross
Kilgibbon 480 Shelmaliere West Clonmore Enniscorthy
Kilgorman 53 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Kilhile 446 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Killabeg 800 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Killag 327 Bargy Killag Wexford
Killagoley 304 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Killagowan 274 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Gorey
Killahard 80 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Killalligan North 146 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Killalligan South 90 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Killann 563 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Killannaduff 121 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Killanure 251 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Killeagh 187 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Killeen 134 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Killeens 147 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Killegney 1,014 Bantry Killegney Enniscorthy
Killegran 102 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Killelan 274 Ballaghkeen St. Nicholas Enniscorthy
Killenagh Town Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Killenagh 38 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Killesk 467 Shelburne Killesk New Ross
Killiane 259 Forth Killiane Wexford
Killiane Little 259 Forth Killiane Wexford
Killillane 92 Forth St. Helen's Wexford
Killincolly Beg 275 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Enniscorthy
Killincooly More 315 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Enniscorthy
Killinick Town Forth Killinick Wexford
Killinick 24 Forth Killinick Wexford
Killinierin 249 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Killisk 787 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Killoughrum 926 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Killowen 349 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Killowen 348 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Killowen 233 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Killowen Lower 273 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Killowen Upper 197 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Killugger 47 Forth Kilmacree Wexford
Killurin 366 Shelmaliere West Killurin Wexford
Killybegs 215 Gorey Inch Gorey
Killybegs 213 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Killynann 137 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Kilmacdermot 255 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Kilmacoe 625 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Kilmacot 68 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Kilmacree 108 Forth Kilmacree Wexford
Kilmallock 434 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Kilmannan 99 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Kilmannan Little 13 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Kilmannock 239 Shelburne Kilmokea New Ross
Kilmichael 342 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Kilmichael 182 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Kilmichael Lower 247 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Kilmichael Upper 189 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Kilmichaelhill 213 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Kilmisten 92 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Kilmore Town Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Kilmuckridge 291 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Enniscorthy
Kilmurry 437 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Kilnahue 302 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Kilnamanagh Lower 200 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Kilnamanagh Upper 313 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Kilnasmuttaun 160 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Enniscorthy
Kilnew 194 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Kilnew 191 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Kilpatrick 248 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Kilpatrick 238 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Kilpierce 267 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Kilscanlan 527 Bantry Kilscanlan New Ross
Kilscoran 115 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Kiltealy Town Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Kiltealy 1,080 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Kiltennell 170 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Kilthomas 449 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Kiltillahan 570 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Kiltilly 816 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Kiltown 200 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Kiltra 305 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Kiltrea 443 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
King's Island 26 Shelmaliere West Clonmore Enniscorthy
Kinnagh 415 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Kisha 74 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Kitestown 113 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Knock 23 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Knock of the Rocks 27 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Knockadawk 268 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Knockadilly 80 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Knockahone 27 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Knockanduff 100 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Knockaneasy 6 Forth Carn Wexford
Knockanevin 48 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Knockangall 55 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Knockanure 1,055 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Knockaree 245 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Knockataylor 47 Shelmaliere West Ardcandrisk Wexford
Knockatober 441 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Knockavilla 106 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Knockavocka 213 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Knockavota 170 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Knockbaun 106 Gorey Inch Gorey
Knockbaun 68 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Knockbine 205 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Knockbrack 172 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Knockbrack 54 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Knockbrandon Lower 351 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Knockbrandon Upper 357 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Knockbroad 78 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Knockcumshin 24 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Knockduff 471 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Knockduff 331 Shelmaliere East Clonmore Enniscorthy
Knockduff 321 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Knockduff 94 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Knockduff 66 Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Knockduff 21 Shelmaliere East Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Knockea 407 Shelburne Killesk New Ross
Knockeen 83 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Knockgreany 182 Gorey Inch Gorey
Knockhowlin 95 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Knockhowlin 24 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Knockina 240 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Knocklahaun 106 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Knockmarshal 255 Bantry St. John's Enniscorthy
Knockmore 573 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Knockmore 74 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Knockmullen 96 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Knockmullin 260 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Knocknagapple 173 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Knocknagross 122 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Knocknalour 453 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Knocknamarshal 23 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Knocknamota 261 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Knocknasilloge 491 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Knocknaskeagh 304 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Knocknavey 246 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Knocknell 14 Forth Killinick Wexford
Knocknoran 105 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Knockrathkyle 77 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Knockreagh 150 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Knockredmond 127 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Knockrobin Lower 205 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Knockrobin Upper 250 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Knockroe 471 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Knockroe 89 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Knockruth 72 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Knocks 108 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Knockshaunfin 91 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Knockskemolin 151 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Knockstown 558 Bantry Killegney Enniscorthy
Knocktarton 196 Shelmaliere West Ballymitty Wexford
Knocktown 226 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Knottown 228 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Kyle 365 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Kyle 296 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Kyle Little 122 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Kyle Lower 149 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Kyle Middle 268 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Kyle Upper 229 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Lackan 112 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Lacken 1,112 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Lacken 309 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Lacken 189 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Lackendarragh 179 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Ladys Island 30 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
Lake 143 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Lake Big 116 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Lake Little 41 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Lambertstown 83 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Lambstown 245 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Lambstown Great 439 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Lambstown Little 139 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Landscape 160 Bantry Whitechurch New Ross
Lannagh 218 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Laraheen 253 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Laraheenhill 144 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Larkinstown 87 Forth St. Peters Wexford
Latimerstown 129 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Laurstown 169 Forth St. Peters Wexford
Leachestown 122 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Leegane 102 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Legnaglogh 205 Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Levitstown 139 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Levitstown 91 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Lewistown 209 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Libgate 118 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Limerick 172 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Ling, Ford of 45 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Ling, Ford of 18 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Lingstown Lower 58 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Lingstown Upper 72 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Linnanagh 154 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Linziestown 102 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Linziestown 69 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Litter Beg 124 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Litter More 122 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Little Island 10 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Littlebridge 87 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Littlebridge 21 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Littletown 90 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Lodgewood 246 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Loftusacre 2 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Loftushall 305 Shelburne Hook New Ross
Loggan Lower 401 Gorey Crosspatrick Gorey
Loggan Upper 748 Gorey Crosspatrick Gorey
Loginsherd 38 Forth Carn Wexford
Longgraigue 537 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Longridge 68 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Lough 213 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Lough 163 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Lough 64 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Loughard 75 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Loughgerald 107 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Loughgunnen Great 137 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Loughgunnen Little 79 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Loughnageer 902 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Lowlough 53 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Lucas's Park 68 Bantry St. John's Enniscorthy
Lyrane 298 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Lyre 90 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Mackenstown 13 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Mackmine 863 Shelmaliere West Clonmore Enniscorthy
Macmurroughs 162 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Macmurroughsisland 135 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Macoyle Lower 116 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Macoyle Upper 159 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Magmore 31 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Mahanagh 35 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Mandoran 488 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Mangan 786 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Mangan 253 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Mangan 51 Gorey Kiltrisk Gorey
Mangan Lower 261 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Mangan Upper 128 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Marley 132 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Marshalstown 695 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Marshalstown 166 Shelmaliere West Ballymitty Wexford
Marshmeadows 160 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Martingale 120 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Martinstown 48 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Maudlins Town Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Maudlins 83 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Maudlintown 258 Bargy Kilcavan New Ross
Maudlintown 125 Forth Maudlintown Wexford
Mauritiustown 68 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Maxboley 187 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Maytown 133 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Medophall 256 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Medophall Demesne 163 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Meelgarrow 254 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Meelnagh 11 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Mersheen 243 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Middletown 260 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Middletown 177 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Middletown 79 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Milehouse 246 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Milestown 38 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Mill Lands 156 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Mill Lands 137 Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Millknock 46 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Millquarter 647 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Millquarter 145 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Milltown 199 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Milltown 161 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Milltown 121 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Milltown 118 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Milltown 87 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Milltown 30 Shelburne Ballybrazil New Ross
Milshoge 217 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Misterin 548 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Mocurry East 243 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Mocurry West 449 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Moddybeg 45 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Monacahee 303 Shelburne Rathroe New Ross
Monagarrow Little 71 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Monagarrow Lower 195 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Monagarrow Upper 182 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Monagear 196 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Monagreany Lower 306 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Monagreany Upper 352 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Monalee 390 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Monalee 256 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Monaleehill 434 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Monalug 75 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Monamolin Town Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Monamolin 714 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Monanarrig 289 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Monareagh 95 Gorey Inch Gorey
Monart East 836 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Monart West 252 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Monaseed 143 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Monaseed Demesne 267 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Monasootagh 793 Scarawalsh Kilcomb Gorey
Monature 232 Gorey Inch Gorey
Monavoddagh 49 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Monawilling Lower 254 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Monawilling Upper 223 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Monbay Lower 283 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Monbay Upper 281 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Monbeg 595 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Mondaniel 197 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Money 698 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Moneyboe 210 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Gorey
Moneycross Lower 164 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Moneycross Upper 196 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Moneydurtlow 306 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Moneyheer 291 Bantry St. John's Enniscorthy
Moneyhore 323 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Moneylawn Lower 161 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Moneylawn Upper 173 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Moneynamough 391 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Moneyribbin 198 Gorey Inch Gorey
Moneytucker 711 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Monfin 206 Bantry St. John's Enniscorthy
Mongaun 109 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Monglass 382 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Monmore 319 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Monmore 181 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Monmore 41 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Monroe 266 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Monroe 160 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Monroe 155 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Monroe 10 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Moor 156 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Moor 136 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Moorfields 388 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Moorfields 99 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Moortown 67 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Moortown 15 Forth Carn Wexford
Moortown Great 292 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Moortown Great 232 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Moortown Little 258 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Moortown Little 119 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Morriscastle 246 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Morrissysland 26 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Motabeg (or Salville) 140 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Motabower 325 Gorey Carnew Shillelagh
Mountaingate 64 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Mountainmuck 252 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Mountalexander 299 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Mountanna 86 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Mountcross 41 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Mountelliott 469 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Mountfin Lower (or Ballinturner) 437 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Mountfin Upper 345 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Mountforest 164 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Mountgarrett 86 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Mountgeorge 158 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Mounthanover 136 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Mounthoward Lower 435 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Mounthoward Upper 200 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Mountnebo 304 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Mountpill 173 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Mountpill Burrow 29 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Mountpleasant (or Tagunnan) 190 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Mountseaton 83 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Moyeady 90 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Moyne Lower 261 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Moyne Middle 238 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Moyne Upper 200 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Enniscorthy
Muchknock 21 Forth Killinick Wexford
Muchrath 79 Forth Killinick Wexford
Muchtown 68 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Muchwood 145 Shelmaliere West Ardcandrisk Wexford
Mucklow 151 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Muckranstown 44 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Muckstown 46 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Mulgannon 210 Forth Maudlintown Wexford
Mullaghdarrig 63 Ballaghkeen Kilmallock Enniscorthy
Mullanagower 186 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Mullanour 135 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Mullaun 230 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Mullaun 75 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Mullaunfin 100 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Mullaunnasmear 327 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Mullaunreagh 335 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Mullinderry 90 Shelmaliere West Inch New Ross
Mullinnagore (or Oilgate) 104 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Mullinree 26 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Mulmontry 247 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Mulrankin 291 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Murntown 133 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Murntown Lower 123 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Murntown Upper 82 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Myaugh 249 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Myaugh 79 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Mylerspark 881 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Nash 1,152 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Nemestown 246 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Nethertown 99 Forth Carn Wexford
Nevillescourt 121 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
New Ross Town Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Newbawn 1,124 Shelmaliere West Newbawn New Ross
Newbay 138 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Newbridge 183 Gorey Toome Gorey
Newcastle 845 Shelmaliere West Clongeen New Ross
Newcastle 237 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Newcastle 102 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Newcastle Lower 72 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Newcastle Upper 208 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Newfort 195 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Newhouse 202 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Newhouse 48 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Newhouses 55 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Newhouses 46 Forth St. Helen's Wexford
Newross 102 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Newtown 545 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Newtown 453 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Newtown 422 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Newtown 345 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Newtown 342 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Newtown 247 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Newtown 245 Bargy Taghmon Wexford
Newtown 205 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Newtown 201 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Newtown 122 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Newtown 114 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Newtown 94 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Newtown 82 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Newtown 59 Bargy Killag Wexford
Newtown 34 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Newtown (or Commons) 698 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Newtown Big 170 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Newtown Little 63 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Newtown Lower 251 Gorey Inch Gorey
Newtown Lower 130 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Newtown Upper 157 Gorey Inch Gorey
Newtown Upper 74 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Newtownbarry Town Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Newtownbarry 329 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Nicharee 183 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Nineacres 20 Forth Carn Wexford
Nineteenacres 31 Forth Carn Wexford
Nook 517 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Norrismount 279 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Norristown 197 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Oaklands 171 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Oilgate Town Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Oilgate (or Mullinnagore) 101 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Oldboley 326 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Oldcourt 719 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Oldcourt 491 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Oldhall 89 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Oldmill 18 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Oldtown 148 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Oldtown 94 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Oldtown 34 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Oldtown Curralane 145 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Orristown 235 Forth Kilmacree Wexford
Oulart Town Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Oulart 404 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Oulart 278 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Oulartard 327 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Oulartleigh 296 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Oulartwick Beg 112 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Oulartwick More 210 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Owenstown 98 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Palace East 195 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Palace West 353 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Pallis Lower 340 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Pallis Upper 279 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Pallishill 211 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Paradise 56 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Paradise Little 4 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Park 323 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Park 249 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Park 246 Scarawalsh Carnew Gorey
Park 45 Bargy Killag Wexford
Parkannesley Lower 271 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Parkannesley Upper 182 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Parkbaun 121 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Parknacross 146 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Parknashoge 199 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Pembrokestown 133 Bargy Killag Wexford
Pembrokestown 96 Forth Maudlintown Wexford
Peppardscastle 392 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Perrymount 98 Gorey Inch Gorey
Petitstown 72 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Philippintown 143 Bargy Ballyconnick Wexford
Piercetown 92 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Pigott's (or Tanyard) 80 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Plattinstown 113 Gorey Inch Gorey
Plot 67 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Pludboher 23 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Polchore 335 Shelmaliere West Ardcandrisk Wexford
Pollbrean 73 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Polldarrig 163 Shelmaliere East Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Polldoon 165 Shelmaliere West Ballylannan New Ross
Pollmanagh Great 135 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Pollmanagh Little 73 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Pollpeasty 361 Bantry Killegney Enniscorthy
Pollrane 142 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Pollrankin 126 Forth St. Michael's Wexford
Pollregan 155 Shelmaliere East Ardcolm Wexford
Pollsallagh 182 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Pollwitch 20 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Pondfields 12 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Poplar 12 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Portersgate 174 Shelburne Hook New Ross
Portersland 81 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Poulmaloe 243 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Poulmari 293 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Poulpeasty 308 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Priesthaggard 249 Shelburne Kilmokea New Ross
Primestown 4 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Prospect 342 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Prospect (or Coolmela) 1,059 Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Pullingtown 99 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Pullingtown 22 Forth Carn Wexford
Pullinstown Big 171 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Pullinstown Little 161 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Quanstown 96 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Quarry 130 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Quitchery Great 155 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Quitchery Little 106 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Racecourse 133 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Racecourse 53 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Rahale 137 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Rahard 149 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Raheen 515 Scarawalsh Kilcomb Gorey
Raheen 494 Bantry Chapel Enniscorthy
Raheen 458 Scarawalsh Kilrush Enniscorthy
Raheen 284 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Raheen 205 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Raheen Beg 133 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Raheen Moor 244 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Raheen More 169 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Raheenaclonagh 692 Bantry Newbawn New Ross
Raheenagurren East 187 Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Raheenagurren West 248 Ballaghkeen Kilmakilloge Gorey
Raheenahennedy 306 Bantry Newbawn New Ross
Raheenarostia (or Rochestown) 149 Bantry Newbawn New Ross
Raheendarrig 367 Ballaghkeen Monamolin Gorey
Raheenduff 644 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Raheenduff 396 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Gorey
Raheenduff 368 Shelmaliere West Horetown New Ross
Raheenlusk 231 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Raheenmoor 67 Forth Carn Wexford
Raheennagee 91 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Raheennahoon 300 Bantry Kilcowanmore Enniscorthy
Raheennaskeagh Lower 259 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Raheennaskeagh Upper 166 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Raheenpark 135 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Raheevarren 503 Shelmaliere West Newbawn New Ross
Ralph 288 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Ralphtown 162 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Ramsfortpark (or Ballowen) 324 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Ramsgrange Town Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Ramsgrange 1,230 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Ramstown 521 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Ramstown Lower 200 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Ramstown Upper 220 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Randallsmill 90 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Randalstown 206 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Rath 140 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Rathangan 461 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Rathaspick 216 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Rathdowney 77 Forth St. Michael's Wexford
Rathdowney 62 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
Rathdowney 43 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Rathduff 517 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Rathfylane 349 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Rathgaroge 494 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Rathjarney 126 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Rathkyle 474 Shelmaliere West Kilgarvan New Ross
Rathlannon 263 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Rathmacknee Great 167 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Rathmacknee Little 108 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Rathmore 121 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Rathnageeragh 468 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Rathnedan 71 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Rathnure 265 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Rathnure Lower 477 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Rathnure Upper 382 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Ratholm 97 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Rathphaudin 545 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Rathpierce Hill 315 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Rathpierce Lower 169 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Rathpierce Upper 235 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Rathrolan 67 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Rathrolan 13 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Rathronan 207 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Rathshillane 101 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Rathsillagh 466 Shelmaliere West Kilgarvan New Ross
Rathturtin 1,007 Bantry Killegney Enniscorthy
Rathumney 1,152 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Rathyark 160 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Reahouse 149 Bargy Killag Wexford
Reddina 206 Shelmaliere West Killurin Enniscorthy
Reddysland 18 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Redhouse 93 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Redmondstown 201 Shelmaliere East Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Redmondstown 131 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Redmoor 219 Bargy Killag Wexford
Reedstown 160 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Regan 116 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Richfield 247 Bargy Killag Wexford
Rickardstown 154 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Riesk 120 Ballaghkeen Killila Enniscorthy
Riesk 28 Bargy Killag Wexford
Riesk 3 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Ring 137 Forth Carn Wexford
Ring 67 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Ring 36 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Ring Green 44 Forth Carn Wexford
Ring Little 20 Forth Carn Wexford
Ringaheen 79 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Ringbaun 121 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Ringbaun Burrow 29 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Ringknock 35 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Ringsherane 31 Forth Carn Wexford
Riscrann 23 Forth St. Helen's Wexford
Riverchapel Town Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Riverstown 94 Bargy Killag Wexford
Riverview 100 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Robinstown 325 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Robinstown Great 661 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Robinstown Little 341 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Rochestown 685 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Rochestown 504 Bargy Taghmon Wexford
Rochestown 228 Shelmaliere West Ballylannan New Ross
Rochestown 140 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Rochestown 89 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Rochestown (or Raheenarostia) 149 Bantry Newbawn New Ross
Rock of Ballingly 111 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Rocksborough 178 Forth Maudlintown Wexford
Rockspring 178 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Roperstown 100 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Rosegarland 752 Shelmaliere West Ballylannan New Ross
Rosehill 33 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Roseland 15 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Rosemaryhill 80 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Rosetown 517 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Rosetown 71 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Rossard 900 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Rosslarefort 17 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Rossminoge North 298 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Rossminoge South 238 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Rosspile 445 Shelmaliere West Ballylannan New Ross
Rostonstown 70 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Rostonstown Burrow 65 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Roughmead 8 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Rowestown 180 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Rowestown 124 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Ruaunmore 238 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Russellstown 179 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Ryane 255 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Ryland Lower 428 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Ryland Upper 487 Scarawalsh St. Mary's, Newtownbarry Enniscorthy
Ryleen 521 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Saintjohns 325 Bantry St. John's Enniscorthy
Saintkierans 469 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Saintleonards 438 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Sallystown 152 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Saltee Island Great 215 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Saltee Island Little 93 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Saltmills Town Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Saltmills 320 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Saltmills 272 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Salville (or Motabeg) 140 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Sanctuary 13 Forth Killinick Wexford
Sarshill 184 Bargy Kilmore Wexford
Saunderscourt 440 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Scar 393 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Scarawalsh 496 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Scark 210 Bantry Ballyanne New Ross
Scarnagh Lower 317 Gorey Inch Gorey
Scarnagh Upper 222 Gorey Inch Gorey
Scaughmolin 105 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Scollagh 129 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Scotsland 74 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Scullaboge 789 Shelmaliere West Newbawn New Ross
Scurlocksbush 139 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Scurlogebush 339 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Sea, Hill of 89 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Seafield 126 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Seafield 66 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Seamount 127 Ballaghkeen Ardamine Gorey
Seaview 178 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Shallowspark 46 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Shanacloon 61 Shelburne St. James & Dunbrody New Ross
Shanahona 210 Shelmaliere West Killurin Wexford
Shanoo 111 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Shanowle 630 Shelmaliere West Horetown New Ross
Shawstown 147 Shelmaliere West Horetown New Ross
Sheastown 180 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Sheephouse 92 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Sheepwalk 147 Forth Killiane Wexford
Shelbaggan 1,151 Shelburne Rathroe New Ross
Shelmaliere Commons 760 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Shelmaliere Commons 606 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Shelmaliere Commons 393 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Sherwood 47 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Shilbrack 11 Forth Carn Wexford
Shilmaine 171 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Shilmore 57 Forth Carn Wexford
Shingaun 72 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Shirsheen 170 Gorey Inch Gorey
Shortalstown 113 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Shouks 27 Bargy Mulrankin Wexford
Shrule 261 Gorey Rossminoge Gorey
Shrule 119 Scarawalsh Kilcomb Gorey
Shrule 109 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Sigginstown 197 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Sigginstown 24 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Sigginstown Island Great 24 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Sigginstown Island Little 1 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Siginshaggard 260 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Silverspring 166 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Sinnottsmill 60 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Sinnottstown 159 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Sion 102 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Sixacre 13 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Skeahanagh (or Farmley) 330 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Skeaterpark 102 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Skinnew 248 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Slad 123 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Slade Town Shelburne Hook New Ross
Slade 241 Shelburne Hook New Ross
Slaght 213 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Sleedagh 284 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Slevoy 626 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Slievebaun 204 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Slievebaun 161 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Slievecoiltia Commons 183 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Slievegar 235 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Slievenagorea 239 Ballaghkeen Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy
Slievenagrane 341 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Slipperygreen 30 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Solsborough 265 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Soughane 162 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Southknock 116 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Sparrowsland 185 Bantry Kilcowanmore Enniscorthy
Sparrowsland 84 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Spelsherstown 81 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Springmount 460 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Springpark 531 Bantry Oldross New Ross
Springvale (or Glennameenagh) 283 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Sroughmore 310 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Sroughmore 186 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
St Awries 6 Forth Ladysisland Wexford
St Edmonds 88 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
St Helens 22 Forth St. Helen's Wexford
St Iberius 32 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
St Margarets 170 Forth St. Margaret's Wexford
St Tenants 189 Bargy Ballyconnick Wexford
St. Vogues' 25 Forth Carn Wexford
Stable 185 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Staplestown 20 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Staplestown (Greaves) 208 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Staplestown (Morgan) 90 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Staplestown (Ram) 61 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Starvehall 117 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Stephen Land 21 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Stephenstown 71 Forth Kilmacree Wexford
Stokestown 604 Bantry Whitechurch New Ross
Stonehouse 172 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Stonepark 91 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Stonybatter 40 Shelmaliere West Carrick Wexford
Stonyford 78 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Strahart 171 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Stranfield 58 Forth Kerloge Wexford
Streamstown 70 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Summerstown 29 Forth Carn Wexford
Summertown 61 Forth St. Margaret's Wexford
Sweetfarm 161 Bantry St. John's Enniscorthy
Tacumshin 211 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Taghmon Town Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Taghmon 252 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Tagunnan (or Mountpleasant) 190 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Talbotstown 97 Forth Kilmacree Wexford
Tanyard (or Pigotts) 80 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Tarahill 296 Ballaghkeen Kilcavan Gorey
Tarahill 152 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Taulaght 240 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Taylorstown 441 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Tedwards 15 Forth Carn Wexford
Tellarought 1,176 Shelburne Tellarought New Ross
Templederry 174 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Templeludigan 1,108 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Templenacroha 848 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Templescoby 855 Bantry Templescoby Enniscorthy
Templeshannon 332 Ballaghkeen Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Templeshelin 790 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Templetown 689 Shelburne Templetown New Ross
Tenacre 123 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Tenacre 27 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Tenchspit 122 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
The Raven 550 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
The Ridge 4 Shelmaliere East St. Margaret's Wexford
Theoil 122 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Theoil 24 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Threeacres 12 Forth Carn Wexford
Tikillin 288 Shelmaliere East Tikillin Wexford
Tiknock 277 Ballaghkeen Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Tilladavin 163 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Tincome 48 Shelmaliere East Ardcavan Wexford
Tincoon 218 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Tincurra 434 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Tincurragh 67 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Tincurragh 30 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Tincurry 1,015 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Ting 94 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Tingar 127 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Tinnabaun 299 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Tinnaberna 163 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Enniscorthy
Tinnacarrick 849 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Tinnacree 233 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Tinnacross 367 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Tinnahask 135 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Tinnakilla 325 Shelmaliere West Killurin Enniscorthy
Tinnarath 256 Shelmaliere West Inch New Ross
Tinnashinnagh 170 Gorey Kilmakilloge Gorey
Tinnashrule 394 Scarawalsh Ferns Enniscorthy
Tinnick 46 Ballaghkeen Ballyvaldon Enniscorthy
Tinnock 528 Shelburne Killesk New Ross
Tinnock Lower 336 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Tinnock Upper 183 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Tinraheen 486 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Tintern 600 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Tinteskin 128 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Toberanierin Lower 257 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Toberanierin Upper 193 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Toberbeg 49 Ballaghkeen Killisk Enniscorthy
Toberbeg 2 Ballaghkeen Castle-ellis Enniscorthy
Toberduff 176 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Toberfal 375 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Toberfinnick 120 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Toberlomina 270 Ballaghkeen Meelnagh Enniscorthy
Toberona 209 Bantry Templescoby Enniscorthy
Tomacurry 397 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Tomadilly 554 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Tomagaddy 379 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Tomagaddy Little 12 Gorey Monamolin Gorey
Tomanine 299 Bantry Templeludigan New Ross
Tomanoole 389 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Tomatee 208 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Tomathone Lower 202 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Tomathone Upper 129 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Tombay 154 Gorey Kilnahue Gorey
Tombrack 478 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Tombrackwood 200 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Tombrick 877 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Tomcool 49 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Tomcool Big 170 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Tomcool Little 77 Shelmaliere West Kilbrideglynn Wexford
Tomcoyle 256 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Tomcoyle 156 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Tomcoylehill 137 Gorey Kilnenor Gorey
Tomduff 179 Ballaghkeen Killenagh Gorey
Tomduff 134 Bantry St. John's Enniscorthy
Tomfarney 724 Bantry Chapel Enniscorthy
Tomfarney Lower 182 Bantry Kilcowanmore Enniscorthy
Tomfarney Upper 282 Bantry Kilcowanmore Enniscorthy
Tomgar 252 Gorey Ballycanew Gorey
Tomgarrow 570 Bantry Adamstown New Ross
Tomgarrow 490 Scarawalsh Ballycarney Enniscorthy
Tomgarrow 247 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Tomgarrow 45 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Tomhaggard 230 Bargy Tomhaggard Wexford
Tominearly 1,021 Bantry Killegney Enniscorthy
Tomlane 189 Ballaghkeen Edermine Enniscorthy
Tomnaboley Lower 301 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Tomnaboley Upper 107 Gorey Kilcormick Enniscorthy
Tomnafunshoge 554 Scarawalsh Templeshannon Enniscorthy
Tomnahealy 181 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Tomnahealy Little 94 Gorey Kilcavan Gorey
Tomnakippeen 66 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Tomnalossett 219 Bantry St. John's Enniscorthy
Tomnamuck 176 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Tomona 386 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Tomsallagh 1,049 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Tomsilla Lower 213 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Tomsilla Upper 250 Ballaghkeen Kiltennell Gorey
Toom 152 Scarawalsh Clone Enniscorthy
Torduff 260 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Tottenhamgreen 581 Shelmaliere West Horetown New Ross
Townamulloge 417 Bantry Rossdroit Enniscorthy
Townparks 525 Forth St. John's Wexford
Townparks 87 Forth St. Michael's of Feagh Wexford
Townparks 23 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Tracystown East 204 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Tracystown West 401 Shelmaliere West Taghmon New Ross
Trane 28 Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Trianglepark 5 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Trimmer 150 Forth Kilscoran Wexford
Tullabards Great 262 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Tullabards Little 138 Bargy Kilturk Wexford
Tullabeg 213 Gorey Toome Gorey
Tullerstown 205 Shelburne Tintern New Ross
Tullispark 134 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Tullycanna 384 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Tullycanny Town Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Turkyle 142 Ballaghkeen St. Nicholas Enniscorthy
Tuskar Rock 1 Forth St. Margaret's Wexford
Twelveacre 22 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Twentyacres 28 Forth Kildavin Wexford
Upton 249 Ballaghkeen Kilmuckridge Gorey
Upton 116 Shelmaliere West Taghmon New Ross
Vernegly 239 Bargy Bannow Wexford
Verosland 16 Bantry St. Mary's New Ross
Waddingsland 67 Forth Kilrane Wexford
Waddingtown 230 Bargy Ballyconnick Wexford
Walsheslough 170 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Walshestown 146 Forth Rathmacknee Wexford
Walshestown 75 Forth Ishartmon Wexford
Walshgriague 87 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Warren and Bog 97 Ballaghkeen Donaghmore Gorey
Warren Lower 197 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Warren Middle 53 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Waste 154 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Watch House Town Scarawalsh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Wells 360 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Wells 37 Ballaghkeen Kilnamanagh Gorey
Wellshill 238 Ballaghkeen Killincooly Gorey
Weneytown 70 Bargy Duncormick Wexford
Westmeadows 52 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Wexford Town Forth Maudlintown Wexford
Wexford Town Forth St. Bridget's Wexford
Wexford Town Forth St. Doologe's Wexford
Wexford Town Forth St. Iberius Wexford
Wexford Town Forth St. John's Wexford
Wexford Town Forth St. Mary's Wexford
Wexford Town Forth St. Michael's of Feagh Wexford
Wexford Town Forth St. Patrick's Wexford
Wexford Town Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Wexford Town Forth St. Selskar's Wexford
Wheelagower 860 Scarawalsh Templeshanbo Enniscorthy
Whitechurch 747 Shelburne Whitechurch New Ross
Whitefort 85 Shelmaliere East Artramon Wexford
Whitefort 34 Shelmaliere East Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Whitefort 32 Shelmaliere East Kilpatrick Wexford
Whitehouse 37 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Whitemill North 29 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Whitemill South 42 Forth St. Peter's Wexford
Whitepark 131 Gorey Kilgorman Gorey
Whiterock North 27 Forth Maudlintown Wexford
Whiterock South 171 Forth Maudlintown Wexford
Whitestown 108 Forth Rathaspick Wexford
Whitestown Lower (or Hermitage) 37 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Whitestown Upper 34 Forth Drinagh Wexford
Whitewell 158 Scarawalsh Toome Gorey
Whitewell 12 Forth St. Michael's of Feagh Wexford
Whittyshill 105 Bargy Kilcavan Wexford
Wilkinstown 706 Bantry Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Wilton 596 Bantry Clonmore Enniscorthy
Wingfield 326 Gorey Kilpipe Gorey
Winningstown 240 Shelburne Fethard New Ross
Woodbrook Demesne 245 Bantry Killann Enniscorthy
Woodgraigue 189 Bargy Ambrosetown Wexford
Woodlands 632 Scarawalsh Monart Enniscorthy
Woodlands 71 Ballaghkeen Ballynaslaney Enniscorthy
Woodpark 120 Gorey Liskinfere Gorey
Woodtown 109 Forth Rosslare Wexford
Woodtown 97 Bargy Kilmannan Wexford
Woodtown 83 Forth Mayglass Wexford
Worlough 36 Scarawalsh Kilbride Enniscorthy
Yolegrew 81 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford
Yolegrew 29 Shelmaliere West Taghmon Wexford
Yoletown 531 Shelburne Owenduff New Ross
Yoletown 125 Forth Ballymore Wexford
Yoletown 120 Forth Tacumshin Wexford
Yoletown 113 Bargy Kilcowan Wexford
Yoletown 84 Forth Ballybrennan Wexford
Youngstown 300 Shelmaliere West Coolstuff Wexford


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