List of townlands of the barony of Kinalea

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This is a sortable table of the townlands in the barony of Kinalea, County Cork, Ireland.[1][2] Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the barony, and also where a townland is known by two alternative names. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the area column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Area
Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Annacarriga 157 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Annagh Beg 158 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Annagh More 468 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Annefield 140 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Ardnaboha 81 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Arlinstown 418 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Ballady 615 Kinalea Cullen Kinsale
Ballinaboy 1,149 Kinalea Ballinaboy Kinsale
Ballindeasig 198 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballindeasig 464 Kinalea Ballyfoyle Kinsale
Ballindeenisk 416 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Ballindresrough 76 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Ballingarry East 338 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Ballingarry Middle 322 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Ballingarry West 408 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Ballingeemanigbeg 35 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Ballinlining 75 Kinalea Carrigaline Kinsale
Ballinluig East 233 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Ballinluig West 332 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Ballinreenlanig 102 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballinreenlanig 102 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballintober 251 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Ballintrideen 232 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Ballinvarosig 203 Kinalea Carrigaline Kinsale
Ballinvarrig 392 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Ballinvologe 220 Kinalea Ballyfoyle Kinsale
Ballinvragnosig 239 Kinalea Cullen Kinsale
Ballinwillin 11 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballinwillin 112 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Ballybogey 183 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballycoghlan 266 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Ballydonaghy 223 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Ballyfoyle 382 Kinalea Ballyfoyle Kinsale
Ballyhamsane 262 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Ballyhandle 398 Kinalea Knockavilly Bandon
Ballyheedy 263 Kinalea Ballinaboy Kinsale
Ballyherkin Lower 30 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballyherkin Upper 38 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballyhullen Keague 47 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballymartle 317 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Ballymurphy North 506 Kinalea Knockavilly Bandon
Ballymurphy South 532 Kinalea Knockavilly Bandon
Ballynabearna 533 Kinalea Ballinaboy Kinsale
Ballynacourty 614 Kinalea Cullen Kinsale
Ballynalougha 161 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballynalouhy 371 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Ballynamaul 282 Kinalea Ringcurran Kinsale
Ballynoe 195 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Ballyregan Beg 188 Kinalea Ringcurran Kinsale
Ballyregan More 434 Kinalea Ringcurran Kinsale
Ballyvorane 175 Kinalea Ballyfoyle Kinsale
Ballyvorane North 161 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballyvorane South 312 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Ballyvrin Upper 80 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Ballywilliam 207 Kinalea Cullen Kinsale
Barna 429 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Bawnagoynig 104 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Bawngoula 13 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Bawnleigh 365 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Belgooly Town Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Boardee 600 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Boulaling 238 Kinalea Cullen Kinsale
Brinny 440 Kinalea Brinny Bandon
Britfieldstown 432 Kinalea Ballyfoyle Kinsale
Carhoo North 161 Kinalea Ringcurran Kinsale
Carhoo South 175 Kinalea Ringcurran Kinsale
Carrigeen 133 Kinalea Cullen Kinsale
Castletown 102 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Clashanimud 442 Kinalea Brinny Bandon
Clashroe 77 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Clogheen 249 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Clogheenduane 447 Kinalea Templemichael Kinsale
Clouracaun 244 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Coolcullitha 357 Kinalea Templemichael Kinsale
Cooleens 89 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Coolkirky 526 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Coolmoreen 391 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Coolnagaug 56 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Coolsheskin 81 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Corruragh 339 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Crosses 143 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Cullen 480 Kinalea Cullen Kinsale
Curra 143 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Curra 253 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Curra 290 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Curravohill 127 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Derrynagasha 426 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Doonavanig 495 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Dooneen North 102 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Dooneen South 149 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Dunbogey 464 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Dunderrow Town Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Dunkereen 454 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Durah 144 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Fahanalooscane 536 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Farlistown 708 Kinalea Templemichael Kinsale
Farlsitown 35 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Farnahoe 398 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Farranbrien East 649 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Farranbrien West 659 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Farraneen 50 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Fartha 524 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Fountainstown 669 Kinalea Kilpatrick Kinsale
Garravesoge 327 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Garryhankard 325 Kinalea Knockavilly Bandon
Glinny 860 Kinalea Cullen Kinsale
Gortacluggy 13 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Gortigrenane 466 Kinalea Kilpatrick Kinsale
Granig 744 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Horsehill Beg 26 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Horsehill More (North) 347 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Horsehill More (South) 19 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Inishannon Town Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Kilbeg 175 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Kilboy 182 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Killaminoge 551 Kinalea Templemichael Kinsale
Killeagh 74 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Killeen 280 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Killehagh 356 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Killountaine 245 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Killowen 418 Kinalea Ballyfoyle Kinsale
Kilpatrick 201 Kinalea Kilpatrick Kinsale
Kinure 448 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Knockacullen 210 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Knockane 162 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Knockatoor 312 Kinalea Kilpatrick Kinsale
Knockleigh 379 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Knocklucy 405 Kinalea Ballinaboy Kinsale
Knockmullane 183 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Knocknahowla Beg 182 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Knocknahowla More 396 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Knocknalurgan 124 Kinalea Carrigaline Kinsale
Knocknamanaugh 595 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Knocknanav 99 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Knocksmall 78 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Laharran 266 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Laherfineen 139 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Lahern 77 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Leighmoney Beg 143 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Leighmoney More 30 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Leighmoney More 321 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Lisfehill 302 Kinalea Ballinaboy Kinsale
Lissagroom 300 Kinalea Knockavilly Bandon
Lissanisky 485 Kinalea Knockavilly Bandon
Lissard 204 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Lissheeda 227 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Lybe 327 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Mill-land 57 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Minane Town Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Minane 106 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Mountlong 80 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Mullagh 213 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Newborough 137 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Nohaval Town Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Nohaval 344 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Oysterhaven 48 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Pallas Town Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Piercetown 307 Kinalea Cullen Kinsale
Puckane 119 Kinalea Ringcurran Kinsale
Raheen 73 Kinalea Ballinaboy Kinsale
Rathnaruogy 421 Kinalea Inishannon Bandon
Rathroe 151 Kinalea Ballinaboy Kinsale
Reagrove 421 Kinalea Ballyfoyle Kinsale
Reaniesglen 195 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Reanieshouse 186 Kinalea Ballyfoyle Kinsale
Rigsdale 686 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Ring East 103 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Ring West 86 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Ringabella 478 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Ringnanean 361 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Ringroe 180 Kinalea Ballyfoyle Kinsale
Ringville 186 Kinalea Kilmonoge Kinsale
Robertstown 430 Kinalea Ballyfeard Kinsale
Scart 219 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Shanavally 175 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Shanavally 308 Kinalea Ballymartle Kinsale
Ship-pool 235 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Skanagore 261 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Skehanagh 381 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Slievegallane 461 Kinalea Leighmoney Kinsale
Slieveroe 351 Kinalea Cullen Kinsale
Sovereign Islands 1 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Springfield 186 Kinalea Nohaval Kinsale
Springfield 35 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Springhill 97 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Stookeen 81 Kinalea Ballinaboy Kinsale
Tonabuska 47 Kinalea Kinure Kinsale
Tooreen 146 Kinalea Dunderrow Kinsale
Tracton Town Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Tubbrid 855 Kinalea Tracton Kinsale
Willowhill 298 Kinalea Kilpatrick Kinsale


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