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This is a list of towns in Canada. Only municipalities currently incorporated as towns are listed here.


Alberta has 107 towns.


  1. ^ Athabasca was formerly known as Athabasca Landing prior to August 4, 1913.[2]
  2. ^ Drumheller originally incorporated as a city on April 3, 1930 but reverted from city status as a result of its amalgamation with the M.D. of Badlands No. 7 in 1998.[2]
  3. ^ Fort Macleod was formerly known as Macleod prior to April 1, 1952.[2]
  4. ^ Granum was formerly known as Leavings prior to March 31, 1908.[2]
  5. ^ Peace River was formerly known as Peace River Crossing prior to May 22, 1916.[2]
  6. ^ St. Paul was formerly known as St. Paul de Métis prior to December 15, 1932.

British Columbia[edit]

British Columbia has 14 towns.


Manitoba has 50 towns.

New Brunswick[edit]

New Brunswick has 27 towns.

Newfoundland and Labrador[edit]

Newfoundland and Labrador has 277 towns.

Northwest Territories[edit]

The Northwest Territories has four towns.

Nova Scotia[edit]

Nova Scotia has 30 towns.


Ontario has 90 towns.

Prince Edward Island[edit]

Prince Edward Island has seven towns.


  1. ^ Cornwall is Prince Edward Island's largest town by area.
  2. ^ Georgetown is Prince Edward Island's smallest town by area.
  3. ^ Stratford is Prince Edward Island's largest town by population.
  4. ^ Tignish is Prince Edward Island's smallest town by population.


Quebec does not officially differentiate between towns and cities as the general French term for both is "ville". Quebec has 222 villes.


  1. ^ La Tuque is Quebec's largest ville by area.
  2. ^ L'Île-Dorval is Quebec's smallest ville by both population and area.
  3. ^ Montreal is Canada's second-largest ville and Quebec's largest ville by population.
  4. ^ Quebec City is Quebec's capital.


Saskatchewan has 146 towns.


Yukon has three towns.

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