List of trademarks owned by the Church of Scientology and its affiliates

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The following are trademarks, service marks, or collective membership marks that the Church of Scientology and affiliated organizations claim to own, some of which are registered in some nations. Additional notes are provided in parentheses after the trademark. Non-English trademarks are listed under their English-language equivalents.

Religious Technology Center[edit]

Religious Technology Center (RTC) is the primary manager of Scientology intellectual property. It is headed by David Miscavige[1].

  • Advance! (magazine)
  • Applied Philosophy
  • ARC Straightwire (ARC stands for affinity-reality-communication)
    • ARC Fil Direct
  • Audited NOTs (NOT stands for NED [New Era Dianetics] Operating Thetan)
  • The Auditor
  • Book 1 (nickname for the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health)
  • Book One
  • The Bridge
    • El Puente
    • Le Pont
    • [The Bridge in Hebrew]
    • [The Bridge in katakana]
  • Cause
  • Celebrity
  • Celebrity Centre (special Scientology facilities for celebrities)
    • Centro de Celebridades
  • Centre
  • Clear Certainty Rundown
  • Clear View
  • Clearsound (sound reproduction technology)
  • Dianetics
    • Dajnetika
    • Dianetica
    • Dianetique
    • La Dianétique
    • Dianetiikka
    • Dianetik (Swedish)
    • Dianetika
    • Dianetyka
    • [Dianetics in Chinese]: 戴尼提
    • [Dianetics in Greek]
    • [Dianetics in Hebrew]
    • [Dianetics in Hindi]
    • [Dianetics in Japanese]: ダヤネチックス
    • [Dianetics in Korean]
    • [Dianetics in Ukrainian]
    • [Dianetics in Urdu]
    • [Dianetika in Cyrillic]: Дианетика
    • [Dianética in Portuguese]
  • E-Meter
    • [E-Meter in Greek]
    • [E-Meter in Hebrew]
  • False Purpose Rundown
    • Recorrido del Proposito Falso
    • Rundown des Faux Buts
    • [False Purpose Rundown in Hebrew]
  • FEBC (stands for Flag Executive Briefing Course)
  • Flag
    • [Flag in katakana:] 旗
  • The Flag Land Base
  • Flag OT Executive Rundown (OT is stands for Operating Thetan)
    • Recorrido de Flag de OT Ejecutivo
  • Freedom (magazine)
  • Freewinds
  • Golden Era Productions (film production company)
  • Goldline
  • Happiness Rundown
    • Recorrido de la Felicidad
    • Rundown du Bonheur
    • [Happiness Rundown in Greek]
    • [Happiness Rundown in Hebrew]
    • [Happiness Rundown in katakana]
  • HCO (stands for Hubbard Communication Office)
  • High Winds
  • HQS (stands for Hubbard Qualified Scientologist)
  • HRD (stands for Happiness Rundown)
  • Hubbard
    • [Hubbard in Chinese]: 賀伯特
    • [Hubbard in Cyrillic]: Хаббард
    • [Hubbard in Greek]
    • [Hubbard in Hebrew]
    • [Hubbard in katakana]
    • [Hubbard in Korean]
  • Hubbard Life Orientation
  • INCOMM (stands for International Network of Computer Organized Management [sic])
  • Key to Life
  • KSW News(KSW stands for Keeping Scientology Working)
    • La Clé de la vie
    • Llave de la Vidad
    • [Key to Life in katakana]
  • L. Ron Hubbard
    • [L. Ron Hubbard in Chinese]: L.·羅恩·賀伯特
    • [L. Ron Hubbard in Cyrillic]: Л. Рон Хаббард
    • [L. Ron Hubbard in katakana:] L・ロン・ハバード
  • L. Ronald Hubbard
  • L10
  • L11
  • L12
  • Life Improvement
  • Life Orientation
    • [Life Orientation in katakana]
  • Life Repair
  • LRH (stands for Lafayette Ronald Hubbard)
    • [LRH in Greek]
  • Mark V (E-Meter model)
  • Mark Super VII (E-Meter model)
  • Mark Super VII Quantum (E-Meter model)
  • Method One
    • Methode Un
    • Metodo Uno
    • [Method One in Greek]
  • NED (stands for "New Era Dianetics")
    • [NED in Hebrew]
  • New Era
  • New Era Dianetics
    • Dianetique de Nouvel Age
    • [New Era Dianetics in katakana]
  • New Life Rundown
  • New Vitality Rundown
  • NOTs (stands for NED [New Era Dianetics] Operating Thetan")
    • [NOTs in Hebrew]
    • [NOTs in katakana]
    • [NOTs in Korean]
  • OCA (stands for Oxford Capacity Analysis)
  • OEC (stands for Organization Executive Course)
  • Operating Thetan
  • OT (stands for Operating Thetan)
  • Oxford Capacity Analysis (personality test)
  • Oyotetsugaku
  • Purification
  • Purification Rundown
    • Recorrido de Purificacao
    • Recorrido de Purificacion
    • Rundown de Purification
    • [Purification Rundown in Greek]
    • [Purification Rundown in katakana]
  • Religious Technology Center
  • Saint Hill Manor
  • Scientology
    • Cienciologia
    • Cientologia
    • Scientologi
    • Scientologia
    • Scientologie
    • La Scientologie
    • Szcientologia
    • [Scientologia in Cyrillic]
    • [Scientology in Chinese]: 山達基
    • [Scientology in Cyrillic]: Саентология
    • [Scientology in Greek]
    • [Scientology in Hebrew]
    • [Scientology in Hindi]
    • [Scientology in katakana:] サイエントロジー
    • [Scientology in Korean]
    • [Scientology in Urdu]
  • Scientology Today
  • Scientometric
  • SHSBC (stands for Saint Hill Special Briefing Course)
  • Solo NOTs (NOT is stands for NED [New Era Dianetics] Operating Thetan")
    • [Solo NOTs in Hebrew]
  • Source
  • Standard Admin
  • Standard Tech
  • Student Hat
    • Chapeau de l'Etudiant
    • [Student Hat in Greek]
    • [Student Hat in Hebrew]
  • Sunshine Rundown
    • Recorrido del Resplandor
    • Rundown du Soleil
    • [Sunshine Rundown in Hebrew]
    • [Sunshine Rundown in katakana]
  • Super Power
  • Theta
  • Truth Revealed
  • the Celebrity Centre logo
  • the Celebrity Centre International logo
  • the Class III Auditor badge
  • the Class IV Auditor badge
  • the Class V Auditor badge
  • the Class V Auditor Graduate badge
  • the Class V Org corporate symbol
  • the Class VIII Auditor badge
  • the Clearsound logo
  • the CSI corporate symbol (CSI is stands for Church of Scientology International)
  • the Dianetics symbol
  • the Dianetics symbol in a circle
  • the Division 6 symbol
  • Fast Flow Student symbol
  • the Flag Crew symbol
  • the Flag Service Org corporate symbol
  • the Flag Ship Service Org symbol
  • the Freewinds logo
  • the Golden Age of Tech symbol
  • the Golden Era Productions symbol
  • the Hat in Life symbol
  • the HCO badge
  • the I HELP symbol (I HELP is stands for International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors)
  • the INCOMM symbol
  • the Key to Life symbol
  • the L. Ron Hubbard signature
  • the Life Hat symbol
  • The Lion symbol
  • the LRH device (stands for Lafayette Ronald Hubbard)
  • the LRH signet
  • the LRH Classics symbol
  • the Manor Hotel logo (part of the Los Angeles Celebrity Centre)
  • the Mark V E-Meter symbol
  • the Mark Super VII Quantum configuration
  • the Mark Super VII Quantum symbol
  • the New Flag Ship Org logo
  • the New World Corps logo
  • the OT symbol (OT stands for Operating Thetan)
  • the OT symbol in wreath
  • the OT Ambassador symbol
  • the OT Universe Corps symbol
  • the Power pin
  • the Professional TRs symbol (TR is stands for Training Routine)
  • the Release pin
  • the Religious Technology Center corporate symbol
  • the Ron signature
  • the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course symbol
  • the Scientologist On-Line logo
  • the pointed Scientology cross
  • the rounded Scientology cross
  • the Scientology symbol
  • the Scientology Missions International logo
  • the Sea Horse symbol
  • the Sea Org symbol
  • the Solo Auditor symbol
  • the Standard Admin badge
  • the Standard Ethics symbol
  • the Super Power symbol
  • the Universe Corps symbol
  • the Volunteer Minister symbol

Affiliated organizations[edit]

Association for Better Living and Education International[edit]

Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) is an educational and drug rehabilitation organization.

  • ABLE
  • Applied Scholastics
  • Criminon
  • Effective Education Publishing
  • Narconon
  • the ABLE logo
  • the Applied Scholastics open book design
  • the Criminon design
  • the Effective Education Publishing design
  • the Narconon design

Author Services Inc.[edit]

Author Services Inc. is the administrator of L. Ron Hubbard's fiction works.

Bridge Publications, Inc.[edit]

Bridge Publications, Inc. is the U.S. publisher of L. Ron Hubbard's nonfiction works. From 1983 to 2002, Bridge also published Hubbard's fiction works.

  • Bridge Publications, Inc.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights[edit]

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a psychiatry watchdog organization.

  • CCHR
  • Citizens Commission on Human Rights
  • the CCHR logo

Delphi Schools, Inc.[edit]

Delphi Schools, Inc. operates private schools that use study methods devised by L. Ron Hubbard.

  • Delphi Academy
  • Delphi Schools, Inc.
  • The Delphian School

Hubbard College of Administration[edit]

Hubbard College of Administration is a business college which teaches methods devised by L. Ron Hubbard.

  • the tiger symbol

International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance[edit]

International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance is an organization promoting human rights awareness.

  • the International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance logo

L. Ron Hubbard Library[edit]

Church of Spiritual Technology, doing business as L. Ron Hubbard Library, owns the copyrights to L. Ron Hubbard's texts, and these trademarks.

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises[edit]

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) is an organization of businesspeople who use L. Ron Hubbard's methods in their business.

  • Model of Admin Know-How
  • Prosperity (magazine)
  • WISE
  • the lioness and cubs logo
  • the WISE logo


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