List of feature films with transgender characters

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This is a list of films with fictional and factual transgender characters. The films were released theatrically, direct-to-video, or on a streaming platform (non-linear network).

This list does not include documentaries, which are listed on the lists of LGBT-related films by decade, or animated transgender characters, which are noted in List of fictional trans characters. Various live-action films feature either transgender issues as a plot element or have trans men, trans women or non-binary trans characters.

Films are in alphabetical order by year of release. Titles beginning with determiners "A", "An", and "The" are alphabetized by the first significant word.

20th century[edit]


Year Title Character(s) Identity Actor Notes Country Ref(s)
1953 Glen or Glenda Glenda Trans woman Ed Wood Filmed when it was illegal for a man to crossdress as a woman in public. United States [1][2]
Anne Tommy Haynes
1954 Adam est... Ève Charles Beaumont Trans woman Micheline Carvel Likely the first French trans film in which a boxer is "knocked out", then wakes up realizing she is a woman. France [3]


Year Title Character(s) Identity Actor Notes Country Ref(s)
1967 Caprice Dr Stuart Clancy Transgender Ray Walston Clancy is May Fortune's head chemist. United States [4]
1969 Funeral Parade of Roses Eddie Transgender Peter Follows a group of transgender drag queens, Eddie and a few others, in the Japanese underground. The film has been described as "a documentary being made about Tokyo's gay culture". Even though it is a black-and-white drama film, it is said to have influenced the 1971 film A Clockwork Orange. Japan [5][6][7][8][9][10]


Year Title Character(s) Identity Actor Notes Country Ref(s)
1970 Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Ronnie "Z-Man" Barzell Transgender John LaZar Barzell is a flamboyant, well-connected rock producer. United States [4]
1970 The Christine Jorgensen Story Christine Jorgensen Trans woman John Hansen A former Army private from the Bronx undergoes surgery and hormone treatments in Denmark in 1952 to transition from male to female. Based on Jorgenson's autobiography.
(Jorgensen later unsuccessfully tried to get a restraining order to stop the producer's estate from exploiting the film.)
United States [11][12][13][4][14]
1970 Myra Breckinridge Myra Breckinridge Trans woman Raquel Welch Myra has undergone a sex change operation. United States [15][16][17]
1972 I Want What I Want Roy / Wendy Transgender Anne Heywood An unhappy boy who tries to fulfill his "dreams of becoming a beautiful woman." United Kingdom [4][18]
1972 My Dearest Senorita Adela Castro Molina / Juan Trans man José Luis López Vázquez Adela moves to Madrid and takes on a new masculine identity, "Juan". Spain [19]
1972 A Reflection of Fear Marguerite Trans woman Sondra Locke Marguerite suffers from what appears to be paranoia. United States [20]
1972 The Triple Echo Barton Trans woman Brian Deacon A British soldier deserts his unit during WWII. At the suggestion of a woman named Alice, he meets while exploring the countryside nearby, he disguises himself as her sister to escape detection. Enjoying the experience a little too much, he agrees to accept the invitation of a soldier to attend a dance at the base, risking exposure. United States [21]
1974 Freebie and the Bean (Unnamed) Transgender Christopher Morley Morley's unnamed character "Tranvestite" is a thief who gets riddled with bullets in the end.
Vito Russo noted this film when explaining that while some progress had been made in Hollywood by this point, most lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender film characters were portrayed as viciously stereotypical, criminals or murder victims.
United States [4]
1975 The Day of the Locust Nightclub Entertainer Transgender Paul Jabara Jabara is LGBT in real life. United States [4]
1975 Dog Day Afternoon Leon Shermer Trans woman Chris Sarandon Leon is Sonny's partner. Sonny is a first-time crook who tries rob a bank to pay for Leon's sex reassignment surgery, but his plan goes awry.
It is also mentioned that Sonny has children with his estranged wife, Angie (this led critic Tim Robey to call Sonny a "bisexual desperado").
United States [22][23][24]
1975 Inside Out Pauli Transgender Bernard Bauer Ernst and Sly purchase a camera to photograph Maar with a transsexual named Pauli. United Kingdom [25]
1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Dr. Frank N Furter Transgender Tim Curry Brad cheats on his fiancée, Janet Weiss, with an alien transgender, Dr. Frank N Furter. United Kingdom [26][27]
United States
1977 Desperate Living Mole McHenry Trans man Susan Lowe A character who gets phalloplasty. United States [28][29][30]
1977 Fun with Dick and Jane (Unnamed) Trans woman Christian Erickson Dick Harper is in an unemployment line behind a pre-op character telling the clerk that she needs the money for her "operation". When Harper first speaks to the clerk, he jokes insultingly about the extremely homosexual person in front of him, and gets harshly corrected by the clerk. United States
1978 In a Year of 13 Moons Elvira Weishaupt Trans woman Volker Spengler Weishaupt faces brutal cruelty on an everyday basis. West Germany [31]
1979 ...And Justice for All Ralph Agee Transgender Robert Christian Ralph is a young black cross-dresser arrested for a robbery, who is terrified of being sent to prison. United States [4]
1979 Alien Joan Lambert Trans woman Veronica Cartwright In the sequel Aliens (1986) a biography very briefly flashes up on a computer screen in the background. The biography establishes Lambert as having had her gender altered from male to female. On the extras of a DVD presentation, one could see Lambert's full bio, which reads: "Despin Convert at birth (male to female). So far no indication of suppressed traumas related to gender alteration". United States [32]
1979 Life of Brian Loretta Trans woman Eric Idle Loretta tells her comrades Reg, Judith, and Francis that she wants to be a woman, wants to have babies, and that it is "every man's right to have babies if he wants them." Although Reg is skeptical, Judith accedes to Loretta's request that she "can have the right to have babies" which Francis agrees to as symbolic of the struggle against the Romans, while Reg says it is part of Loretta's "struggle against reality". United Kingdom [33][34][35]


Year Title Character(s) Identity Actor Notes Country Ref(s)
1980 Dressed to Kill Bobbi Transgender Michael Caine Bobbi is a murderer.
During the film's initial release, the activist group Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media distributed a leaflet denouncing the film's misogynistic and transphobic attitudes, arguing that "the distorted image of a psychotic male transvestite [sic] makes all sexual minorities appear sick and dangerous."
United States [4][27][36]
1980 Health Esther Brill Trans woman Lauren Bacall Brill was afflicted with narcolepsy who calls herself "the first lady of health while Garnell is serious against commercialism and materialism. United States [37]
Isabella Garnell Glenda Jackson
1981 Pixote Lilica Transgender Jorge Julião Lilica is framed for a murder. Brazil [4]
1982 Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Joanne Transgender Karen Black Joanne is a window shopper. United States [4]
1982 Forbidden Zone René Henderson Trans woman Matthew Bright Henderson is Squeezit's sister. United States [38][39]
1982 The World According to Garp Roberta Muldoon Trans woman John Lithgow A former player for the Philadelphia Eagles who has gender re-assignment surgery. Roberta becomes the bodyguard of Jenny and one of the best friends of Garp.
Based on the book of the same name.
United States [40][41]
1983 Sleepaway Camp Angela Trans woman Felissa Rose Angela is the killer and main character.
(Springsteen took over the role in the two sequels that followed.)
United States [4][42]
Pamela Springsteen
1985 Kiss of the Spider Woman Molina Trans woman William Hurt The character in the movie is not referred as a trans woman but a homosexual, still the character wears dresses and make-up. Argentina / United States [43]
1986 Vera Anderson Trans man Sérgio Toledo Anderson (birth name "Vera") is a transsexual man who lives in a correctional facility for young people. After writing a book of verses about his life as a young troubled youth, he comes into his gender identity and begins to dress as a man, eventually falling in love with a woman and passing as cisgender to her family. Brazil [44]
1987 Law of Desire Tina Quintero Transgender Carmen Maura Tina is Pablo's sister. Spain [45]
1989 Sonny Boy Pearl Trans woman David Carradine Pearl is the adoptive mother of the main character, Sonny Boy. The other characters don't discuss her gender status. United States [46]


Year Title Character(s) Identity Actor Notes Country Ref(s)
1991 The Silence of the Lambs Jame Gumb / Buffalo Bill Bisexual trans woman Ted Levine Director Jonathan Demme said about the character: "He didn't wish to be another gender...He didn't really have a sexual preference. He loathed himself — he wanted to transform himself so that there was no sense of him in the 'new' him [and] becoming a woman...that was his method of doing it...He wished he was a woman not because he always wanted to be a woman. This was another way to escape." United States [47][27]
1991 Soapdish Montana Moorehead Trans woman Cathy Moriarty Moorehead is formerly called "Milton Moorehead, of Syosset, Long Island" before transition. United States [48]
1992 The Crying Game Dil Trans woman Jaye Davidson The plot revolves Dil, a girlfriend of one of the protagonists. Ireland [49][50]
United Kingdom
1992 Just like a Woman Gerald Tilson/Geraldine Transgender Adrian Pasdar Tilson finds himself thrown out by his wife when she discovers women's underwear in their flat. United Kingdom [51]
1992 Orlando Orlando Trans woman Tilda Swinton Orlando is a character whose sex changes after two-thirds of the film. United Kingdom [52][53]
1993 The East Is Red Dongfang Bubai / Invincible Asia Trans woman Brigitte Lin Bubai is the primary antagonist. ("Invincible Asia" is the name given in the subtitles.) Hong Kong [54]
1994 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Lt. Lois Einhorn / Ray Finkle Transgender Sean Young A protagonist. The film has been heavily criticized for its portrayal of trans women, especially its stereotyping of the trans character as villainous and physically repulsive. United States [55][56][57]
1994 Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult Tanya Peters Trans woman Anna Nicole Smith Peters is Rocco's girlfriend. United States [58]
1994 The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Bernadette Bassenger Transgender Terence Stamp Bernadette performs a lip sync club act with two drag queens.
Near the end of this cult film, Bernadette is shocked to learn that Anthony/Mitzi was not only once married to a woman but also has a son.
Australia [59][60]
1994 Skulhedface Flopsy Trans man Bob Gorman Flopsy is the vulva-faced lab assistant of Skulhedface. He is referred to with male pronouns. United States
1995 Bugis Street Lola Trans woman Ernest Seah Lola is one of the prostitutes inhabiting the Sin Sin Hotel on Bugis Street.
Meng, the boyfriend of Lola, seduces Lin (a young female chambermaid and desk clerk at the hotel).
British Hong Kong [61][62][63]
1995 To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar Chi-Chi Rodriguez Transgender John Leguizamo Chi-Chi wants to be seen and accepted as a woman by the local men. United States [64][65]
1996 Different for Girls Kim Foyle Transgender Steven Mackintosh Two childhood friends who are reunited after one of them, Kim, has undergone sex reassignment surgery United Kingdom [66][67]
1996 Close Your Eyes and Hold Me Hanabusa Transgender Kumiko Takeda Love triangle with a transvestite bar hostess, based on the manga Me wo Tojite Daite by Shungicu Uchida Japan
1996 I Shot Andy Warhol Candy Darling Trans woman Stephen Dorff Darling is best known as a Warhol superstar. United Kingdom

United States

1996 Escape from L.A. Hershe Las Palmas/ Jack “Carjack” Malone Trans woman Pam Grier Palamas is a past criminal associate of Snake's. United States
1997 Bent Greta Transvestite Mick Jagger United Kingdom, Japan [69]
1997 Black Rose II Chi-Mo's restaurant boss Transgender Kin-Yan Lee Chi-Mo's boss is transitioning to female. Hong Kong [70]
1997 Ma vie en rose Ludovic "Ludo" Fabre Trans girl Georges Du Fresne [fr] Ludo wants to live as a girl. France [71][72]
United Kingdom
1997 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Chablis Deveau Trans woman The Lady Chablis Lady Chablis became a transgender icon and one of the first transgender performers to be received by a wider audience. United States [73][1][74][75]
1998 The Adventures of Sebastian Cole Henrietta Rossi Trans Woman Clark Gregg Henrietta has gender reassignment surgery, which is protested by her stepson, Sebastian. United States [76]
1998 The Velocity of Gary Kid Joey Transgender Chad Lindberg Joey is a young deaf trans who just arrived in New York. United States [77]
1998 Woo Celestrial Transgender Girlina Celestrial is Woo's psychic friend. United States [78]
1999 All About My Mother Agrado Trans woman Antonia San Juan Agrado is a transgender sex worker and friend of the film's protagonist, Manuela. Lola, the father of Manuela's son Esteban, is also a trans woman. Spain [79]
Lola Toni Cantó
1999 Better Than Chocolate Judy Trans woman Peter Outerbridge Judy is disinherited because of her gender transition and begins a romantic relationship with Frances, a lesbian separatist who owns a bookstore Canada [1][80]
1999 Boys Don't Cry Brandon Teena Trans man Hilary Swank Brandon's life is threatened and becomes the victim of a hate crime. The movie received much media attention when its star Hilary Swank, who played Brandon, won the Academy Award for Best Actress. United States [81][1][82][42]
1999 Flawless Rusty Zimmerman Transgender Philip Seymour Hoffman Zimmerman is a drag queen. United States [83]
1999 Wild Zero Tobio Trans woman Kwancharu Shitichai The protagonist, Ace, falls in love with a transgender woman named Tobio he meets at a gas station on his way to a concert. He returns to her in time to rescue her from a horde of zombies and when the main character is conflicted about falling in love with a "woman who is also a man", Guitar Wolf tells him "Love knows no race, nationality or gender!" United States [84]
1999 But I'm a Cheerleader Jan Trans man Katrina Phillips The character is trans coded but not declared as such in the film. United States [85]

21st century[edit]


Year Title Character(s) Identity Actor Notes Country Ref(s)
2000 Before Night Falls Bon Bon Trans woman Johnny Depp Bon Bon is a flamboyant trans woman who walks through the Cuban prisons, helping to smuggle a manuscript out of the prison. United States [86][87][88]
2000 Gouttes d'eau sur pierre brûlante Vera Trans woman Anna Thompson Friend of the main character, she is introduced by a mention of having had a genital operation. France [89]
2000 Woman on Top Monica Jones Trans woman Harold Perrineau Jr. Jones is Isabella's Afro-Brazilian friend. United States [90][91]
2001 By Hook or by Crook Shy Trans man Silas Howard A queer buddy film written, directed by, and starring trans men, like Shy. United States [92]
2001 Gaudi Afternoon Frankie Stevens Transvestite Marcia Gay Harden United States, Spain [93]
2001 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Hedwig Robinson/Hansel Trans woman John Cameron Mitchell A transgender German glam rocker recounting the story of her betrayal by her former boyfriend United States [94][95][96]
2003 Beautiful Boxer Nong Toom / Parinya Charoenphol Trans woman Asanee Suwan Toom is a kathoey who becomes a champion kickboxer in order to pay for the sex change surgery and transition as Parinya Charoenphol.
Charoenphol makes a cameo appearance as a beauty consultant.
Thailand [97][98]
2003 Chouchou Chouchou Trans woman Gad Elmaleh French comedy film about a maghrebin immigrant who settles in Paris. Chouchou finds a job at a psychiatrist office who allows Chouchou to come dressed in women's clothes. Chouchou also finds friends in a community of transvestites and trans women in Paris. Creator Gad Elmaleh has said his film might not have been received the same nowadays, he wanted to portray a character "who was authentic, with a true heart, for whom it is a tragedy not to be able to live as her/his authentic self. I'm afraid now [I'm not to using the right words]." France [99][100]
2003 A Mighty Wind Mark Shubb Trans woman Harry Shearer Shubb has transitioned into a woman during the film. United States [101]
2003 Normal Ruth Applewood Trans woman Tom Wilkinson A midwestern factory worker and closeted trans woman, who stuns her wife of 25 years, revealing that she wishes to have sex reassignment surgery, and changing her name to Ruth. United States [102]
2003 Party Monster Christina Trans woman Marilyn Manson The film involves transsexuality in the character Christina. United States [103]
2003 Soldier's Girl Calpernia Trans woman Lee Pace Based on the real-life story of the relationship between Private Barry Winchell and singer Calpernia Addams. United States [104]
2004 Agnes and His Brothers Agnes Trans woman Martin Weiß Martin, who is now Agnes after having a gender-reassignment operation, works as a dancer and is suffering from unrequited love. Germany
2004 Bad Education Zahara Transgender Gael García Bernal Zahara is a drag queen whose birth name is Ignacio. Spain [105]
2004 Wild Side Stéphanie Trans woman Stéphanie Michelini Main trans character played by a trans actress. The film won the Teddy Award in 2004. France [106][107]


Year Title Character(s) Identity Actor Notes Country Ref(s)
2005 20 centímetros Marieta Trans woman Mónica Cervera A narcoleptic trans woman during her transition from male to female. Spain [108]
2005 Breakfast on Pluto Patrick "Kitten" Braden Trans woman Cillian Murphy Assigned male at birth, young Patrick, living during the Irish Times of Trouble, is later shown donning a dress and lipstick, which angers her foster family. Ireland [109][110]
United Kingdom
2005 Strange Circus Yuji Trans man Issei Ishida The novelist's assistant. Japan [111]
2005 Tom-Yum-Goong Madame Rose Trans woman Jin Xing Madame Rose, the main villain, is a transgender woman in the international versions. The actress who plays Rose, Jin Xing, is also transgender herself. Thailand [42]
2005 Transamerica Sabrina "Bree" Osbourne Trans woman Felicity Huffman Bree is a trans woman who goes on a road trip with her long-lost son Toby. United States [112][113]
2006 En Soap Veronica Trans woman David Dencik A film about the love between a (pre-operative) trans woman, Veronica, and a lesbian. Denmark [108]
2006 Grilled Loridonna Trans woman Sofía Vergara A sultry trans woman who seduces unsuspecting Maurice when he and Dave, two desperate meat salesmen, knock on her door. United States [114]
2007 Itty Bitty Titty Committee Aggie Trans man Lauren Mollica A comedy about young feminists who spread their message through public art and vandalism. Aggie is a trans man and he bonds with the main character, Anna, who recently broke up with her girlfriend and falls in love with Sadie, later developing an apparent crush on her. United States [115][116][117]
2009 Powder Blue Lexus Transgender Alejandro Romero Lexus is a pre-op trans woman prostitute who shares an unexpected emotional bond with the priest Charlie. United States [118]
2009 Strella Strella Trans woman Mina Orfanou A young transgender prostitute named Strella meets Yorgos when he is released from prison after 14 years of incarceration for a murder he committed in his small Greek village. United States [119]


Year Title Character(s) Identity Actor Notes Country Ref(s)
2010 Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives Bubbles Cliquot Trans woman Krystal Summers A rape/revenge "transploitation" film about a trio of trans women who avenge themselves on three men who brutally attack them and kill two of their friends. GLAAD stated that the film "misrepresent[s] the lives of transgender women and use[s] grotesque, exploitative depictions of violence against transgender women in ways that make light of the horrific brutality they all too often face", adding that the film conflated transgenderism with drag, which would create the impression in viewers unfamiliar with trans issues that "transgender women are ridiculous caricatures of 'real women'".while lead actress Krystal Summers said that the film "does not promote hate or violence against transgender women...[and is] a work of fiction and a revenge fantasy." United States [120][121]
2011 Albert Nobbs Albert Nobbs Trans man Glenn Close Although born female, Albert has spent the last 30 years living as a man and meets Hubert, a painter who is also living as a man after escaping an abusive husband. Albert is living in 19th century Dublin and working as a butler. United Kingdom [122][123][124]
Hubert Page Janet McTeer Ireland
2011 Austin Unbound: A Deaf Journey of Transgender Heroism Austin Richey Trans man Austin Richey The film mainly focuses on Rochey’s deafness. United States [125]
2011 Facing Mirrors Adineh (Eddie) Trans man Shayesteh Irani Rana and Adineh (Eddie), two people of different backgrounds and social class are brought together to share a cab ride. In the middle of their journey in the cab, Rana realizes that her passenger Adineh is transgender, and is planning on having an operation. Iran [126]
2011 Gun Hill Road Vanessa Trans woman Harmony Santana A film about a recently released ex-convict coping with her estranged wife and daughter, Vanessa, who is going through transition from male to female. United States [127]
2011 Romeos Lukas Trans man Rick Okon A drama and tragicomedy which revolves around the romantic relationship between Lukas, a 20-year-old gay trans man who is transitioning from female to male, and a cisgender gay man named Fabio. United States [128]
2011 Tomboy Mikäel Trans man Zoé Héran A 10-year-old AFAB child who, after moving with their family to a new neighborhood, introduces themself to their new friends as Mikäel. The film has been described as being about a girl who pretends to be a boy or, alternatively, about a transgender boy. France [129][130][131][132]
2012 3, 2, 1... Frankie Go Boom Phyllis Trans woman Ron Perlman Phyllis is a hacker. United States [133]
2012 Laurence Anyways Laurence Alia Trans woman Melvil Poupaud Alia is an award-winning novelist and literature teacher in Montreal, Quebec. Canada [134]
2013 52 Tuesdays James Trans man Del Herbert-Jane The film centres on a teenage girl dealing with the gender transition of a parent. Australia [135][136]
2013 Adult World Rubia Transgender Armando Riesco Amy moves in with her coworker Rubia and they become close friends. United States [137]
2013 Dallas Buyers Club Rayon Trans woman Jared Leto Rayon is an HIV-positive drug addict. United States [138][139]
2014 Boy Meets Girl Ricky Trans woman Michelle Hendley A trans woman from rural Kentucky, awaiting acceptance into a New York fashion design school, learns about acceptance, friendship, sexuality and love. United States [140]
2014 Carmín Tropical Mabel Trans woman José Pecina An indigenous trans woman or muxe investigates the murder of her best friend. Mexico [141]
2014 Pierrot Lunaire Pierrot Trans man Susanne Sachsse An adaptation of Arnold Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire that features a trans man in the title role. Canada [142]
2014 Predestination Jane/John Transgender Sarah Snook John is born female in a Cleveland orphanage. Australia [143]


Year Title Character(s) Identity Actor Notes Country Ref(s)
2015 3 Generations Ray Trans man Elle Fanning Teenager Ray is transitioning from female to male. Ray struggles with his mother and grandmother to get approved for hormone replacement therapy. United States [144][145][146][147]
2015 The Danish Girl Lili Elbe Transgender Eddie Redmayne Elbe is one of the first known recipients of sex reassignment surgery. United Kingdom [148][149]
United States
2015 Grandma Deathy Transgender Laverne Cox Deathy is Elle's tattoo artist friend. United States [150][151]
2015 Tangerine Alexandra Trans woman Mya Taylor Alexandra and Rella are transgender sex workers United States [152][153][154]
Sin-Dee Rella Kitana Kiki Rodriguez
2015 Two 4 One Adam Trans man Gavin Crawford Transgender man helps ex-girlfriend with her insemination, inseminates himself in the process Canada [155]
2016 Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Patsy Stone Transgender Joanna Lumley Stone is redesigned as a transgender in the movie. United Kingdom, United States [156]
2016 Spidarlings The Diva Trans woman Jeff Kristian The film focuses on a lesbian couple, Eden and Mathilda. United Kingdom [157]
2016 Apricot Groves Aram Trans man Narbe Vartan Aram is an Iranian-Armenian who has lived in America and returns to Armenia to meet his girlfriend’s family and ask permission to marry her, and to receive gender-affirming surgery in Iran. Armenia [158]
2017 A Fantastic Woman Marina Vidal Trans woman Daniela Vega Marina works as a singer and a waitress in Santiago, Chile who is grieving the sudden death of her boyfriend. Chile [159][160]
2017 Close-knit Rinko Trans woman Toma Ikuta Tomo, 11 year old girl, goes to live with her uncle and his girlfriend, Rinko, who is a trans woman. Japan [161]
2018 A Kid Like Jake Jake Wheeler Transgender Leo James Davis Jake is Alex and Greg's preschool age son. United States [162]
2018 Assassination Nation Bex Trans woman Hari Nef Bex discusses whether or not LGBTQ people should be sympathetic to those "who enact policies to erase them." United States [163]
2018 Every Day Vic Trans woman Ian Alexander Vic is one of the teenagers the spirit "A" experiences in. United States [164]
2018 For Nonna Anna Chris Trans woman Maya Henry A young trans woman taking care of her ailing grandmother. Canada [165]
2018 Just Charlie Charlie Trans woman Harry Gilby A young trans girl who loves to play football United States [166]
2018 Girl Lara Verhaegen Trans woman Victor Polster A trans girl in training to become a ballerina. Over the course of the story she seeks hormone replacement therapy and sex reassignment surgery. United States [167]
2018 Tracey "Travis Tung" / "Tracey" Trans woman Philip Keung Story about a married man and father whose craving for feminization increases, leading him to transition from male to female both mentally and physically. Hong Kong [168]
2018 Voyez comme on danse Serena Trans woman Sara Martins Serena is a trans woman who has a relationship with a married man. The romance is secondary. France [169]
2019 Adam Ethan Trans man Leo Sheng The main character is a straight cisgender man who is perceived as a trans man accidentally and who does not dispute that error until some time into the story. He is friends with a trans man, Ethan, played by Leo Sheng. United States [170][171]
2019 Alice Júnior Alice Júnior Trans woman Anna Celestino Mota A trans girl who moves to the countryside. Brazil [172]
2019 Bit Laurel Trans woman Nicole Maines Laurel moves to Los Angeles after graduating high school, looking to make a fresh start after transitioning. United States [173]
2019 La Dea Fortuna Mina Trans woman Cristina Bugatty A white trans woman who's a friend of the main characters. Italy [174]
2019 Lola (Lola vers la mer) Lola Trans woman Mya Bollaers A white trans woman suffers the loss of her mother and having to deal with her father whom she hasn't seen in a long time and who is not accepting of her trans identity. The actress is a trans woman. France [175]
2019 Port Authority Waye Trans woman Leyna Bloom A black trans woman who participates in New York City's ball culture. United States [176]
2019 The True Adventures of Wolfboy Aristiana Trans girl Sophie Giannamore Giannamore is a "mermaid" girl whom Harker befriends. United States [177]


Year Title Character(s) Identity Actor Notes Country Ref(s)
2020 Cowboys Joe Trans man Sasha Knight Trans boy Joe's troubled but well-intentioned father Troy takes off with him into the Montana wilderness, pursued by police, after his wife Sally, from whom he has recently separated, refuses to let Joe live as his authentic self. United States [178]
2020 A Good Man Benjamin Trans man Noémie Merlant A drama about a French couple's wish to have a child that leads Benjamin, a trans man, to become pregnant because of his partner's unability to conceive. France [179]
2020 Miss Alex Genderfluid Alexandre Wetter Alex has always wanted to be Miss France, they are now trying to accomplish that dream. The character is not presented as a trans woman but they could be described as a genderfluid person. There is a trans woman, Lola, played by a cisgender actor, who is a sex worker. The film has been criticized for its poor portrayal of the transgender experience, for being racist and treating the subject of sex work poorly. France [180][181]
2020 Night Ride Ariel Trans woman Ola Hoemsnes Sandum Allan flirts with Ariel, but becomes upset upon learning Ariel's gender identity. Norway [182]
2020 A Perfectly Normal Family Agnete Trans woman Mikkel Boe Følsgaard The story follows Emma whose parent is transitioning as a trans woman. Italy [183]
2020 Rūrangi Caz Davis Trans man Elz Carrad Caz Davis left his home in the small town of Rūrangi, abandoning everyone, and moved to Auckland to start his new life where he transitions. Years later, he returns to the town where he grew up for the first time as an out trans man.

Elz Carrad is trans and this is his first role. He had no connexion to the trans community in New Zealand. The project was initially planned to be a five-part web series, but was later edited together into a feature film. They set out to create a film that was 'by us and about us', and that meant making sure the audience got to see trans-positive experiences in the film, and show that they have love for themselves, along with affection from friends, family and the community.

New Zealand [184][185]
2021 See You Then Kris Ahadi Trans woman Pooya Mohseni Kris is a trans-woman from Phoenix, Arizona. United States [186]
2021 Space Sweepers Bubs Transgender Kim Hyang Gi A group of space junk collectors discover a humanoid robot named Bubs. Some called Bubs a "trans allegory" rather than representation. South Korea [187][188][189][190]
Yoo Hae-jin
2021 West Side Story Anybodys Trans man iris menas Anybodys was originally written as a tomboy in the 1961 movie who yearns to be one of the Jets. United States [191]
2022 Anything's Possible Kelsea Trans woman Eva Reign A young trans woman attending high school. United States [192]
2022 Dodo Eva Trans woman, non-binary Tzef Montana She is a sex worker and the ex of the protagonist. Greece [193][194]
2022 Joyland Biba Trans woman Alina Khan A Pakistani trans woman who the youngest son of the family depicted in the film falls in love with. United States [195]
2022 L'immensità Adriana / Adri / Andrea Trans boy Luana Giuliani Adriana experiences gender dysphoria and identifies as a male and goes by the name of Andrea (a primarily masculine name in Italian). Italy, France [196]
2022 A Man Called Otto Malcolm Trans boy Mack Bayda Malcolm is one of Otto's wife's student. United States [197]
2022 Monica Monica Trans woman Trace Lysette Monica is estranged from her family. She returns home to care for her dying mother. United States, Italy [198]
2023 Mutt Feña Trans man Lio Mehiel Feña is a Chilea-American trans man who is forced to reunite with three people from his past. His little sister, his father, and his ex-boyfriend. United States [199]


2023 Un homme heureux Edith Trans man Catherine Frot As Eddy, trans man, announces to his husband that he is trans and is going to transition, his husband, mayor of a smalltown, announces he is running again for the position. The film then follows the couple as Jean processes that news while Eddy continues with his transition. The film is a comedy. France [201]
2023 20,000 Species of Bees Cocó/Lucía Trans girl Sofia Otero Coco is an 8-year old boy who wants to be a girl Spain [202]
2023 Marupok AF (Where Is The Lie?) Janzen Torres Trans woman EJ Jallorina Trans woman who falls victim to an online dating catfishing scheme. The film is based on the online dating experience of a real trans woman. Philippines [203]
2023 Here Comes the Groom Wilhelmina Trans woman KaladKaren The film features multiple body swaps including one involving the protagonist Rodrigo Jr. (Enchong Dee) and Wilhelmina. Philippines [204]
2023 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Victory Non-binary Melina Kotselou Victory is the mayor of Vrisi, a village which features as the main setting of the film. United States [205]
2023 Next Goal Wins Jaiyah Saelua Transgender Kaimana United States [206]
2023 Orlando, My Political Biography Orlando Transgender/Non-binary 21 transgender and non-binary persons The film explores the struggles of trans and binary people through Woolf's novel Orlando France [207]
2024 Ponyboi Charlie Trans woman Indya Moore United States [208]

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