List of trees and shrubs by taxonomic family

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The following is a list of widely known trees and shrubs. Taxonomic families for the following trees and shrubs are listed in alphabetical order, likewise the genera and closely related species.




Araucariaceae: monkey-puzzle family[edit]

Cupressaceae: cypress family[edit]

Pinaceae: pine family[edit]

Podocarpaceae: podocarp family[edit]

Sciadopitaceae: umbrella pine family[edit]

Taxaceae: yew family[edit]


Cycadaceae: cycad family[edit]

Maidenhair trees[edit]

Ginkgoaceae: maidenhair family[edit]



Aceraceae: maple family[edit]

Agavaceae: agave family[edit]

Anacardiaceae: cashew family[edit]

Annonaceae: custard apple family[edit]

Apocynaceae: dogbane family[edit]

Aquifoliaceae: holly family[edit]

Araliaceae: ginseng family[edit]

Arecaceae: palm family[edit]

Asphodelaceae: asphodel family[edit]

Asteraceae: composite family[edit]

Berberidaceae: barberry family[edit]

Betulaceae: birch family[edit]

Bignoniaceae: trumpet creeper family[edit]

Bombacaceae: bombax family[edit]

Boraginaceae: borage family[edit]

Burseraceae: bursera family[edit]

Buxaceae: box family[edit]

Canellaceae: wild cinnamon family[edit]

Cannabaceae: hemp family[edit]

Capparidaceae: caper family[edit]

Caprifoliaceae: honeysuckle family[edit]

Caricaceae: papaya family[edit]

Casuarinaceae: casuarina family[edit]

Celastraceae: bittersweet family[edit]

Cercidiphyllaceae: katsura family[edit]

Chrysobalanaceae: coco plum family[edit]

Clusiaceae: St. John’s wort family[edit]

Combretaceae: combretum family[edit]

Cornaceae: dogwood family[edit]

Cyrillaceae: titi family[edit]

Davidsoniaceae: Davidson’s plum family[edit]

Ebenaceae: ebony family[edit]

Elaeagnaceae: oleaster family[edit]

Ericaceae: heath family[edit]

Euphorbiaceae: spurge family[edit]

Fabaceae: legume family (peas)[edit]

Fagaceae: beech family[edit]

Grossulariaceae: gooseberry family[edit]

Hamamelidaceae: witch hazel family[edit]

Hippocastanaceae: buckeye family[edit]

Illiciaceae: anise-tree family[edit]

Juglandaceae: walnut family[edit]

Lauraceae: laurel family[edit]

Lecythidaceae: lecythis family[edit]

Lythraceae: loosestrife family[edit]

Magnoliaceae: magnolia family[edit]

Malpighiaceae: malpighia family[edit]

Malvaceae: mallow family[edit]

Melastomataceae: melastome family[edit]

Meliaceae: mahogany family[edit]

Moraceae: mulberry family[edit]

Moringaceae: moringa family[edit]

Muntingiaceae: strawberry-tree family[edit]

Myoporaceae: myoporum family[edit]

Myricaceae: bayberry family[edit]

Myrsinaceae: myrsine family[edit]

Myrtaceae: myrtle family[edit]

Nothofagaceae: southern beech family[edit]

Nyctaginaceae: four o’clock family[edit]

Nyssaceae: sourgum family[edit]

Olacaceae: olax family[edit]

Oleaceae: olive family[edit]

Oxalidaceae: wood sorrel family[edit]

Pandanaceae: screwpine family[edit]

Papaveraceae: poppy family[edit]

Phyllanthaceae: gooseberry tree family[edit]

Pittosporaceae: pittosporum family[edit]

Platanaceae: sycamore family[edit]

Poaceae: grass family[edit]

Polygonaceae: knotweed family[edit]

Proteaceae: protea family[edit]

Punicaceae: pomegranate family[edit]

Rhamnaceae: buckthorn family[edit]

Rhizophoraceae: mangrove family[edit]

Rosaceae: rose family[edit]

Rubiaceae: madder family[edit]

Rutaceae: citrus family[edit]

Salicaceae: willow family[edit]

Sapindaceae: soapberry family[edit]

Sapotaceae: sapodilla family[edit]

Simaroubaceae: quassia family[edit]

Solanaceae: nightshade family[edit]

Staphyleaceae: bladdernut family[edit]

Sterculiaceae: sterculia family[edit]

Strelitziaceae: bird-of-paradise family[edit]

Styracaceae: storax family[edit]

Surianaceae: bay cedar family[edit]

Symplocaceae: sweetleaf family[edit]

Tamaricaceae: tamarisk family[edit]

Theaceae: tea family[edit]

Theophrastaceae: theophrasta family[edit]

thymelaeaceae: mezereum family[edit]

Tiliaceae: basswood family[edit]

Ulmaceae: elm family[edit]

Verbenaceae: verbena family[edit]