List of tributaries of the Fraser River

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This is a partial listing of tributaries of the Fraser River. Tributaries and sub-tributaries are hierarchically listed in upstream order from the mouth of the Fraser River. The list may also include streams known as creeks and sloughs. Lakes are noted in italics.

All of these streams are in British Columbia, Canada, except the upper Vedder River (Chilliwack River) and some of its tributaries, which are in Washington, United States.

Mouth to Harrison River[edit]

Harrison River system[edit]

Harrison to Thompson River[edit]

Thompson River system[edit]

Thompson to Chilcotin River[edit]

Chilcotin River system[edit]

Chilcotin to Quesnel River[edit]

Quesnell River system[edit]

Quesnell to Nechako River[edit]

Nechako River system[edit]

Nechako River to source[edit]

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