List of tributaries of the Missouri River

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Map of the Missouri River watershed

Tributaries of the Missouri River, a major river in the central United States, are listed in upstream order. These lists are arranged into river sections between cities or mouths of major tributaries for ease of navigation. Two large tributaries (the Platte and Yellowstone) have their own separate lists because they would be too lengthy to include in part of another section.

Data is derived from U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) topographical maps and the USGS National Map.

Mouth to Kansas City[edit]

Kansas City to Plattsmouth[edit]

Platte River Basin[edit]

Plattsmouth to Pierre[edit]

Pierre to Bismarck[edit]

Bismarck to Williston[edit]

Yellowstone River Basin[edit]

North Dakota-Montana Border to Great Falls[edit]

Great Falls to Three Forks[edit]



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