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List of trick-taking games

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The trick-taking genre of card games is one of the most common varieties, found in every part of the world. The following is a list of trick-taking games by type of pack:

52-card French-suited pack[edit]

32- or 36-card French-suited packs[edit]

German-suited packs[edit]

The following games are played with German-suited packs of 32, 33 or 36 cards. Some are played with shortened packs e.g. Schnapsen. German-suited packs are common, not just in Germany, but in Austria and Eastern Europe.

Italian-suited cards[edit]

Spanish-suited cards[edit]

The following games are played with 40- or 48-card Spanish-suited packs.

Tarock pack[edit]

Tarot card games are played with a Tarock pack, usually of 54 or 78 cards comprising four French suits and a special trump suit of Tarots or Tarocks. The following games are played with such packs:

Dedicated deck[edit]

The following games use a dedicated deck of cards to play.

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