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Since the invention of the trolleybus, well over 200 different makers of trolleybuses have existed.[1] This is a list of trolleybus manufacturers, both current and former.


Trolleybus garage (depot) in San Francisco, USA, with a range of Muni's trolleybuses dating from 1976 to 2003. On the left is an ETI (Skoda/AAI) 14TrSF trolleybus, which type replaced the non-accessible Flyer trolleybuses in the center. On the right is an articulated New Flyer trolleybus, one of 60 articulated ETBs built by New Flyer for Muni in 1993-94
ZiU-9/682 the largest model trolleybuses in the world (since 1972 produced over 42,000 trolleybuses)


Preserved vintage trolleybus made by FIAT for the Piraeus-Kastella line in Greece (1939)
1954 CCFBrill trolleybus in Edmonton
ZiU-5 during the parade of vintage automobiles, Saint Petersburg


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