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This is a list of trolleybus systems in Switzerland. It includes all trolleybus systems, past and present.

Alphabetical list by principal city[edit]

Location Date (From) Date (To) Notes
Altstätten 8 September 1940 21 May 1977 Connected Altstätten and Berneck. Known as the Rheintal or Rhine Valley system, after the operator's name, Rheintalische Verkehrsbetriebe.[1] Had unusual voltage of 1000V.
Basel 31 July 1941 30 June 2008[2] Operated by BVB. See also Trolleybuses in Basel.
Berne / Bern 29 October 1940 Operated by Bernmobil. See also Trolleybuses in Bern.
Biel/Bienne 19 October 1940 Operated by VB/TPB. See also Trolleybuses in Biel/Bienne.
Cernier, Val-de-Ruz 1 September 1948 14 April 1984 Connected Les Hauts-Geneveys, Cernier, Dombresson and Villiers.
Fribourg 1 February 1949 Operated by TPF. See also Trolleybuses in Fribourg.
♦ Fribourg – Farvagny 4 January 1912 21 May 1932 See also Fribourg–Farvagny trolleybus system.
Geneva / Genève 11 September 1942[3] Operated by TPG. See also Trolleybuses in Geneva.
La Chaux-de-Fonds 23 December 1949 21 May 2014 Operated by TRN. See also Trolleybuses in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
Lausanne 2 October 1932 Operated by TL. See also Trolleybuses in Lausanne.
Lucerne / Luzern 7 December 1941 Operated by VBL. See also Trolleybuses in Lucerne.
Lugano 25 April 1954 28 June 2001[4] Operated by ACT. See also Trolleybuses in Lugano.
Montreux 18 April 1957   Connects Vevey, Montreux and Villeneuve. Operated by VMCV. See also Trolleybuses in Montreux/Vevey.
Neuchâtel 16 February 1940 System included an interurban line to Cernier (Val-de-Ruz) until 1969. Operated by TN. See also Trolleybuses in Neuchâtel.
St. Gallen 18 July 1950 Operated by VBSG. See also Trolleybuses in St. Gallen.
Schaffhausen 24 September 1966 Operated by VBSH. See also Trolleybuses in Schaffhausen.
Thun 19 August 1952 13 March 1982 Connected Thun and Beatenbucht. Operated by STI.
Val-de-Ruz – see Cernier
Vevey 19 January 1958   Connects Vevey, Montreux and Villeneuve. Operated by VMCV. See also Trolleybuses in Montreux/Vevey.
Winterthur 28 December 1938 Operated by Stadtbus Winterthur. See also Trolleybuses in Winterthur.
Zurich / Zürich 27 May 1939 Operated by VBZ. See also Trolleybuses in Zürich.

Trolley freight[edit]

In addition to trolleybus systems, one trolley-freight (or trolleytruck) system existed, on a route between Mühleberg and Gümmenen, from 1918 to 1922. It had just two trolley-truck vehicles and was used during construction of a power station.[5]

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