List of tunnels in Africa

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This is a List of tunnels in Africa.


Algeria Algeria[edit]

  • about 46 railway tunnels [1]

Ghana Ghana[edit]

  • Ghana Railway Corporation Decree of 1977 presupposes tunnels [2]

Mauritania Mauritania[edit]

Morocco Morocco[edit]

  • Only one existing tunnel.[3]

South Africa South Africa[edit]

Sudan Sudan[edit]

outside Keren. But it appears that for some reason they didn't think of blowing up the rail tunnels on the Agordat-Keren line

Tanzania Tanzania[edit]

Tunisia Tunisia[edit]

Zambia Zambia[edit]


Guinea Guinea[edit]

  • 21 km of tunnel(s) on proposed Simandou iron ore railway.

Morocco Morocco[edit]

Tunisia Tunisia[edit]


  • Tunnels are expensive to build compared to surface tracks, especially for long tunnels due to limited access to the work site. The London cross city tunnel is rekconed at UKP 68m per km,

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  • Freeman Gordor [4]


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