List of twin towns and sister cities in Africa

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This is a list of twin towns and sister cities in Africa. That is, pairs of towns or cities in different countries in Africa which have town twinning arrangements. Where known, the date of formation of the twinning agreement is included in parentheses.

Note that the list is likely to always remain incomplete, since no canonical list of such arrangements exists; even those towns that are listed may well have arrangements which are not listed here. However, a searchable, interactive list is maintained by Sister Cities International. Note also that any twinning arrangement should be listed at two locations in the series of lists: once for each of the towns involved in the arrangement.


North Korea Pyongyang, North Korea[1]

France Grenoble, France[2]

South Africa Durban, South Africa[3]


Portugal Porto, Portugal[4][5]
Brazil São Paulo, Brazil[6][7]



United States Burbank, United States[8]
Sweden Västerås, Sweden[9]
China Zhejiang Province, China[10]

Burkina Faso[edit]

Ghana Tamale, Ghana (2003)[11][dead link]


Cape Verde[edit]



Equatorial Guinea[edit]




United States Columbia, United States[12]
Burkina Faso Fada N'gourma, Burkina Faso (2003)[11]
United States Louisville, United States (1979)[13]
Niger Niamey Commune II, Niger (2008)[14][dead link]










France La Rochelle, France (since 1999)[15]
Portugal Coimbra, Portugal[16]
Turkey İzmir, Turkey, since 1995[17][dead link]



San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.,[18][dead link]


Tamale, Ghana (2008)[14]


United States Compton, California, United States (2010)[20]

Republic of the Congo[edit]

Germany Dresden, Germany (1975)[22]

Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]



São Tomé and Principe[edit]

Portugal Lisbon, Portugal[23][24]

Sierra Leone[edit]


Almaty, Kazakhstan[25]
Turkey Ankara, Turkey[26]
Turkey Istanbul, Turkey[27][dead link]

South Africa[edit]





China Shenzhen, China, since 1993[28][29][30]


France Grenoble, France[2]
Germany Marburg, Germany[31]


Western Sahara[edit]



Scotland Aberdeen, Scotland, UK (1986)[33]


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