List of twin towns and sister cities in Estonia

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Map of Estonia

This is a list of places in Estonia having standing links to local communities in other countries. In most cases, the association, especially when formalised by local government, is known as "town twinning" (though other terms, such as "partner towns" or "sister cities" are sometimes used instead), and while most of the places included are towns, the list also comprises villages, cities, districts, counties, etc. with similar links.

Harju County[edit]

Viimsi Parish[edit]

Viimsi Parish is twinned with:[1]

Hiiu County[edit]


Kärdla is twinned with:

Ida-Viru County[edit]


Kohtla-Järve is twinned with:[3]


Järva County[edit]


Türi is a member of the Douzelage, a town twinning association of 23 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals.[5][6]

Jõgeva County[edit]


Lääne County[edit]


Lääne-Viru County[edit]

Haljala Parish[edit]

Väike-Maarja Parish[edit]

Pärnu County[edit]

Häädemeeste Parish[edit]

Häädemeeste Parish is twinned with:


Pärnu is twinned with:[12]

Põlva County[edit]

Rapla County[edit]

Saare County[edit]

Tartu County[edit]

Alatskivi Parish[edit]

Alatskivi Parish is twinned with:[14]


Kambja Parish[edit]

Nõo Parish[edit]

Nõo Parish is twinned with:[17]

Puhja Parish[edit]


Tartu is twinned with:[19]

Valga County[edit]


Tõrva is twinned with:

Viljandi County[edit]

Abja Parish[edit]


Võru County[edit]

Antsla Parish[edit]


Võru is twinned with:[24]


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