List of twin towns and sister cities in Paraguay

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This is a list of twin towns and sister cities (see town twinning) in Paraguay arranged by location.


Country City
Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires
Argentina Argentina Formosa
Argentina Argentina Posadas
Argentina Argentina Resistencia
Argentina Argentina Rosario
Argentina Argentina Santa Fe
Bolivia Bolivia La Paz
Brazil Brazil Campinas
Brazil Brazil Curitiba
Brazil Brazil São Paulo
Chile Chile Iquique
Colombia Colombia Bogotá
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
Japan Japan Chiba
Mexico Mexico Mexico City
Peru Peru Trujillo
Peru Peru Chimbote
Philippines Philippines Balanga
Spain Spain Madrid
United States United States Miami
Uruguay Uruguay Montevideo
Venezuela Venezuela Caracas
Taiwan Taiwan Taipei

Capitán Bado[edit]

Country City
Brazil Brazil Coronel Sapucaia

Ciudad del Este[edit]

Country City
Brazil Brazil Foz do Iguaçu


Country City
Chile Chile| Ancud
Chile Chile| Arica


Country City
Argentina Argentina Posadas

Fernando de la Mora[edit]

Country City
Brazil Brazil Santa Maria
United States United States Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fuerte Olimpo[edit]

Country City
Italy Italy Camisano Vicentino

Pedro Juan Caballero[edit]

Country City
Brazil Brazil Campo Grande

Presidente Franco[edit]

Country City
Brazil Brazil São Paulo

Santa María[edit]

Country City
United States United States Hays, Kansas


Country City
Argentina Argentina Santa Fe