List of twin towns and sister cities in Sweden

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Municipal borders of Sweden .

This is a list of Municipalities of Sweden having standing links to local government areas in other countries. In some rare cases there are also twinnings with other municipalities within Sweden. In most cases, the association, especially when formalised by local government, is known as "town twinning" (swed. vänort), though other terms, such as "partner towns" or "sister cities" are sometimes used instead. The list is, as of May 2010, far from complete.

Älvsbyn Municipality[edit]

Ängelholm Municipality[edit]

Arjeplog Municipality[edit]

Arvika Municipality[edit]

Boden Municipality[edit]

Bromölla Municipality[edit]

Burlöv Municipality[edit]

Eskilstuna Municipality [1][edit]

Eslöv Municipality[edit]

Falkenberg Municipality[edit]

Gällivare Municipality[edit]

Gävle Municipality[edit]

Gothenburg Municipality[edit]

Gotland Municipality[edit]

Haninge Municipality[edit]

Helsingborg Municipality[edit]

Hässleholm Municipality[edit]

Höganäs Municipality[edit]

Högsby Municipality[edit]

Hörby Municipality[edit]

Höör Municipality[edit]

Huddinge Municipality[edit]

Hultsfred Municipality[edit]

Jönköping Municipality[edit]

Kalmar Municipality[edit]

Karlskoga Municipality[edit]

Karlskrona Municipality[edit]

Karlstad Municipality[edit]

Kiruna Municipality[edit]

Klippan Municipality[edit]

Knivsta Municipality[edit]

Kristianstad Municipality[edit]

Kristinehamn Municipality[edit]

Laxå Municipality[edit]

Lekeberg Municipality[edit]

Leksand Municipality[edit]

Lidingö Municipality[edit]

Linköping Municipality[edit]

Lomma Municipality[edit]

Luleå Municipality[edit]

Lund Municipality[edit]

Malmö Municipality[edit]

Markaryd Municipality[edit]

Mölndal Municipality[edit]

Nacka Municipality[edit]

Nora Municipality[edit]

Norrköping Municipality[edit]

Örebro Municipality[edit]

Örnsköldsvik Municipality[edit]

Osby Municipality[edit]

Oskarshamn Municipality[edit]

Oxelösund Municipality[edit]

Oxelösund is a member of the Douzelage, a town twinning association of 23 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals.[6][7]

Perstorp Municipality[edit]

Piteå Municipality[edit]

Ronneby Municipality[edit]


Sigtuna Municipality[edit]

Simrishamn Municipality[edit]

Sjöbo Municipality[edit]

Skellefteå Municipality[edit]

Sollefteå Municipality[edit]

Sollentuna Municipality[edit]

Solna Municipality[edit]

Staffanstorp Municipality[edit]

Stenungsund Municipality[edit]

Stockholm Municipality[edit]

Säter Municipality[edit]

Södertälje Municipality[edit]

Sölvesborg Municipality[edit]

Täby Municipality[edit]

Trelleborg Municipality[edit]

Ulricehamn Municipality[edit]

Umeå Municipality[edit]

Uppsala Municipality[edit]

Varberg Municipality[edit]

Vänersborg Municipality[edit]

Västerås Municipality[edit]

Västervik Municipality[edit]

Växjö Municipality[edit]

Ystad Municipality[edit]


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