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This is a list of unicorns in modern popular culture, chiefly literature, film and television, arranged chronologically:

Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode 1b ("Party With a Pony", January 18): Flying Princess Pony Head, who is a floating unicorn head, is introduced.
Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode "Quest By": a unicorn on a treadmill is revealed to power Star's wand.
Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode 7b ("Sleep Spells", June 22): when Star paints a picture of her childhood, there is a purple unicorn in it.
  • 2015 (September 7): In the Gravity Falls episode "The Last Mabelcorn", unicorns appear, parodying those seen in The Last Unicorn and My Little Pony. They are believed to be able to judge how "pure of heart" humans are, but this is revealed to be a scam they use to trick humans.
  • In the book Unicorn on a Roll by Dana Simpson, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils (a unicorn) and Phoebe (a human) have many fun adventures throughout the year.
  • 2017 (January 12): Hanazuki: Full of Treasures features unicorns that are from Kiyoshi's moon. Sleepy Unicorn and Twisted Unicorn are voiced by Avery Waddell while the others are voiced by Debi Derryberry.


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