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This is a list of universities and colleges in Ethiopia. It includes both public and private institutions.

Institution Location Year established Notes
Jimma Teachers College Jimma 1969
Dare College Addis Ababa
Abay Health College
Abbiy Addi College of Teacher Education
Adama University Adama
Addis Ababa Commercial College[1] Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa Medical College Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa Mulu Wongel Believers' Church Theological College Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa 1950 founded as University College of Addis Ababa; 1962 renamed Haile Selassie University; current name given in 1975
Addis College Addis Ababa
Addis Continental Institute of Public Health Addis Ababa 2006
Adigrat University Adigrat 2011 Has 14,300 students in 37 departments and six colleges [2]
Admas University College
Adoa College of Teacher Education
Africa Beza University College Addis Ababa 1998 Head office in Addis Ababa
Alage College Alage 2002
Alem Business College
Alfa College of Distance Education Harar
ALKAN University College Bahir Dar
Alpha University College Head office in Addis Ababa
Ambo University
Ayer Tena Health Science College Head office in Addis Ababa
AME Information Technology College
Arba Minch University Arba Minch 1986 Initially founded as the Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (AWTI)
Arbaminch College of Teacher Education Arba Minch
Arsi University Asella 2014
Arte Ethiopia College
Assosa University Assosa 2011
Atlanta College
Awasa Adventist College Awasa
unity university
Awassa College of Teacher Education
Aweliya college
Axum University Axum
Aysaita Teachers Education College
Bahir Dar University Bahir Dar
Bale International University
Betelihem Health College Wolayta soddo
Betezta College of Medical Science
Africa Beza University College
Blue nile college
Bule hora University
Catering and Tourism Training Institute Addis Ababa 1969 Under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Ethiopia)
Central Health College
Century University College
City University College Addis Ababa
CPU College
Computer Science and Business College
Commercial College of Addis Ababa
Dandii Boruu University College
Debre Berhan University
Debre Birhan Teachers College
Debre Markos University Debre Marqos
Debre Tabor University Debre Tabor
Defence University College
Dessie Teacher's Education College Dessie
Dessie-Kombolcha University
Dilla University
Dire Dawa University Dire Dawa
Dynamic International University College
Eprom Technology College
Ethiopian Catholic University
Ethio-China University
Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI) Addis Ababa
Ethiopian Federal Police College Addis Ababa
Ethiopian University College Addis Ababa
Entoto TVET College Addis Ababa
Evangelical Theological College Addis Ababa
Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development Addis Ababa 1954
Ethiopia Adventist College Addis Ababa
Gambella Teachers and Health Science College
GAGE University College
Gewane Agricultural College
Gondar University Gondar
Gondar College of Medical Sciences Gondar
Gondar College of Teacher Education Gondar
Grace College of Business and Computer Science
Graduate School of Telecommunications & Information Technology
Hashenge College
Haramaya University Harar 1954
Hawassa College of Health Sciences Hawassa
Hawassa University Hawassa 1999 Formed through the consolidation of three separate schools
HiLCoE School of Computer Science and Technology college
Hiwot Health Science College Addis Ababa 2005
Hope University College Addis Ababa 2003
Horn of Africa College
HZ college Addis Ababa
Infonet College Addis Ababa 1995
Institute of Land Administration Bahir Dar 2006
International Leadership Institute Addis Ababa 2001
Infolink College Awassa 2002
Jethro Leadership & Management Institute Addis Ababa 2009
Jijiga University Jigjiga 2005
Jimma University Jimma 1952
Kisama Africa University College
Kotebe University College/Kotebe College of Teacher Education
Kunuz College Addis Ababa 2002 private; focus on business
Lucy Water Technology College Awash
Kombolcha Institute of Technology Kombolcha
KEA-MED University College Addis Ababa
Mars Engineering College Mekelle
Madawalabu University Bale Robe 2006
Medico Health College
Mekane Yesus Seminary
Mekelle Institute of Technology Mekelle 2002
Mekelle College of Teacher Education Mekelle
Mekelle Nursing School Mekelle
Mekelle University Mekelle 1993 Public; founded as the Arid Zone Agricultural College
Meserete Kristos College
Mettu University Metu
Maichew Technical College (MTC) Maichew 1990
Microlink College
Mizan Tepi University
Woldia University Weldiya 2011 Public with a student population of over 4,300.
National College Addis Ababa
Nazareth College of Technical Teachers (NCTTE)
Nekempt (Wollega) University
New Abyssinia College
New Generation University College
New Millennium College
Nile College Mekelle
Odombia University Addis Ababa
Omega Health College
Orbit IT College
Nexus Educational Institute Addis Ababa June, 2008
Pan African College
People to People College Harar
PESC Information Systems College Addis Ababa
Poly Institute of Technology Mekelle
Public Service College of Oromia (PSCO) Batu Head office in Addis Ababa
Queens' College Addis Ababa
Rift Valley University College
Royal College/Ethiopia
Samara University
School of Fine Arts & Design
School of Medicine Laboratory Technology
Selam Nursing College
Semera Health College
Selihom Health College Wolayta soddo and Dilla
Sheba Info Tech & Business College
Soddo University
SOFTNET Computer Science & Business College
SRI SAI College Addis Ababa 2009
St. Mary's University Addis Ababa 1998 Four main campuses in Addis Ababa, 13 major distance education regional centers, and 160 coordination offices spread throughout the country.
St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College 2007
Tech-Zone Engineering & Business College
Textile Engineering
Unity University
Universal Technology College
Urban Planning College (Ecole) Addis Ababa 1960
Universal university college of Medicine (UMC)
University of Sheger Addis Ababa
Wachemo University (Hosaena)
Washera College
Welkete University
Wolayta sodo University
Wolayta sodo Agricultural College
Wolayta sodo Pan African Christian Surgeons training institute
Wondo Genet College of Forestry
Wollega University Nekemte
Wollo University Kombolcha
Zion Technology and Business College
Closys College Mekelle 2014


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