List of universities and colleges in Jiangsu

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The following is List of Universities and Colleges in Jiangsu.


The following notation is used:

  • National (Direct): Directly administered by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE)
  • National (Other): Administered by other ministries
  • Ω (National Key Universities): Universities with high regards from the MOE and the Chinese government
  • Provincial: Public university administered by the province (or the autonomous region)
  • Municipal: Public university administered by the municipality
  • Private: Privately owned and funded university, or independent institution
  • Sino-foreign: Sino-foreign joint venture university

Note: The list will be arranged in the default order followed the one provided by MOE

Name Chinese name Type Location Note
Nanjing University 南京大学 National (Direct) Nanjing Ω
Soochow University 苏州大学 Provincial Suzhou Ω
Southeast University 东南大学 National (Direct) Nanjing Ω
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 南京航空航天大学 National (Other) Nanjing Ω
Nanjing University of Science and Technology 南京理工大学 National (Other) Nanjing Ω
Jiangsu University of Science and Technology 江苏科技大学 Provincial Zhenjiang
China University of Mining and Technology 中国矿业大学 National (Direct) Xuzhou Ω
Nanjing Tech University 南京工业大学 Provincial Nanjing
Changzhou University 常州大学 Provincial Changzhou
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications 南京邮电大学 Provincial Nanjing
Hohai University 河海大学 National (Direct) Nanjing Ω
Jiangnan University 江南大学 National (Direct) Wuxi Ω
Nanjing Forestry University 南京林业大学 Provincial Nanjing
Jiangsu University 江苏大学 Provincial Zhenjiang
Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology 南京信息工程大学 Provincial Nanjing
Nantong University 南通大学 Provincial Nantong
Yancheng Institute of Technology 盐城工学院 Provincial Yancheng
Nanjing Agricultural University 南京农业大学 National (Direct) Nanjing Ω
Nanjing Medical University 南京医科大学 Provincial Nanjing
Xuzhou Medical University 徐州医科大学 Provincial Xuzhou
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine 南京中医药大学 Provincial Nanjing
China Pharmaceutical University 中国药科大学 National (Direct) Nanjing Ω
Nanjing Normal University 南京师范大学 Provincial Nanjing
Jiangsu Normal University 江苏师范大学 Provincial Xuzhou
Huaiyin Normal University 淮阴师范学院 Provincial Huai'an
Yancheng Teachers University 盐城师范学院 Provincial Yancheng
Nanjing University of Finance and Economics 南京财经大学 Provincial Nanjing
Jiangsu Police Institute 江苏警官学院 Provincial Nanjing
Nanjing Sport Institute 南京体育学院 Provincial Nanjing
Nanjing University of the Arts 南京艺术学院 Provincial Nanjing
Suzhou University of Science and Technology 苏州科技大学 Provincial Suzhou
Changshu Institute of Technology 常熟理工学院 Provincial Suzhou
Huaiyin Institute of Technology 淮阴工学院 Provincial Huai'an
Changzhou Institute of Technology 常州工学院 Municipal Changzhou
Yangzhou University 扬州大学 Provincial Yangzhou
Sanjiang University 三江学院 Private Nanjing
Nanjing Institute of Technology 南京工程学院 Provincial Nanjing
Nanjing Audit University 南京审计大学 Provincial Nanjing
Nanjing Xiaozhuang University 南京晓庄学院 Municipal Nanjing
Jiangsu University of Technology 江苏理工学院 Provincial Nanjing
Huaihai Institute of Technology 淮海工学院 Provincial Lianyungang
Xuzhou Institute of Technology 徐州工程学院 Municipal Xuzhou
Nanjing Normal University of Special Education 南京特殊教育师范学院 Provincial Nanjing
Nantong Institute of Technology 南通理工学院 Private Nantong
Nanjing Forest Police College 南京森林警察学院 National (Other) Nanjing
Chengxian College, Southeast University 东南大学成贤学院 Private Nanjing
Taizhou University 泰州学院 Municipal Taizhou
Taihu University of Wuxi 无锡太湖学院 Private Wuxi
Jinling Institute of Technology 金陵科技学院 Municipal Nanjing
Xuhai College, China University of Mining and Technology 中国矿业大学徐海学院 Private Xuzhou
Jinling College, Nanjing University 南京大学金陵学院 Private Nanjing
Jincheng College, Nanhang 南京航空航天大学金城学院 Private Nanjing
Nanguang College, Communication University of China 中国传媒大学南广学院 Private Nanjing
Taizhou Institute, Nanjing University of Science and Technology 南京理工大学泰州科技学院 Private Taizhou
Pujiang Institute, Nanjing Tech University 南京工业大学浦江学院 Private Nanjing
Zhongbei College, Nanjing Normal University 南京师范大学中北学院 Private Nanjing
Kangda College, Nanjing Medical University 南京医科大学康达学院 Private Lianyungang
Hanlin College, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine 南京中医药大学翰林学院 Private Taizhou
Wenzheng College, Soochow University 苏州大学文正学院 Private Suzhou
Applied Technology College, Soochow University 苏州大学应用技术学院 Private Suzhou
Suzhou Institute of Technology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology 江苏科技大学苏州理工学院 Private Suzhou
Kewen College, Jiangsu Normal University 江苏师范大学科文学院 Private Xuzhou
Tongda College, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications 南京邮电大学通达学院 Private Yangzhou
Huaide College, Changzhou University 常州大学怀德学院 Private Taizhou
Xinglin College, Nantong University 南通大学杏林学院 Private Nantong
Jinshen College, Nanjing Audit University 南京审计大学金审学院 Private Nanjing
Suqian College 宿迁学院 Private Suqian
Jiangsu Second Normal University 江苏第二师范学院 Provincial Nanjing
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University 西交利物浦大学 Sino-foreign Suzhou
Duke Kunshan University 昆山杜克大学 Sino-foreign Suzhou