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A listing of higher education institutions in Serbia.

There are 8 public universities in Serbia (with a total number of 85 faculties) and 9 private universities[1] (51 faculties), as well as five independent private faculties, 49 public and 32 private higher schools. About 150.000 students attend public universities; several dozens of thousands attend private universities.[2][3] In 2009 there were 260.000 students in Serbia, who study at 14 universities.[4]


List of state universities and faculties that are founded through a national government of Serbia:[5][6][7]


List of private universities and faculties in Serbia (not including Kosovo):[8][9][10]

  • Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade (Академија лепих уметности / Akademija lepih umetnosti) (in process of accreditation)
  • Alfa BK University, Belgrade (Алфа БК универзитет / Alfa BK univerzitet) (ex University Braća Karić)
  • Economics Academy, Novi Sad (Привредна Академија / Privredna Akademija)
  • Educons University, Sremska Kamenica (Edukons univerzitet)
  • European University, Belgrade (Европски универзитет / Evropski Univerzitet)
  • John Naisbitt University, Belgrade (Универзитет Џон Незбит / Univerzitet Džon Nezbit)
  • Metropolitan University, Belgrade (Универзитет Метрополитан / Univerzitet Metropolitan)
  • Nikola Tesla - Union University, Zemun (Универзитет Унион - Никола Тесла / Univerzitet Union - Nikola Tesla)
  • Singidunum University, Belgrade (Универзитет Сингидунум / Univerzitet Singidunum)
  • Union University, Belgrade (Универзитет Унион / Univerzitet Union)


A pious foundation (Waqf) or endowment provided for public welfare.

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