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These are a series of Neo Geo's special lists of games, which includes a list of: unlicensed (official Neo Geo games that were published without permission of SNK), prototyped (a series of games for the Neo Geo made from famous companies that were not fully realized), and homebrewed titles (i.e. those games that are created over the years 2000 from independent developers and companies). Every list is sortable by title, developer, publisher (not included in subparagraph of Homebrewed titles "Not published") and release year. All the games (with the exception of three homebrewed titles) were published both for "MVS" and "AES" systems. The prototype and homebrew titles released for the Neo Geo CD platform can be found in the corresponding article.

Unlicensed titles[edit]

Title Developer Publisher Release date
Fast Striker NG:DEV.TEAM NG:DEV.TEAM 2010-06-30
Frog Feast[1][2] RasterSoft OlderGames, SNK 2002-08-20
Gunlord NG:DEV.TEAM NG:DEV.TEAM 2012-03-26
Jockey Grand Prix BrezzaSoft/Sun Amusement BrezzaSoft, SNK 2001
Kraut Buster NG:DEV.TEAM NG:DEV.TEAM 2015
Last Hope NG:DEV.TEAM NG:DEV.TEAM 2006-07-10
Last Hope: Pink Bullets NG:DEV.TEAM NG:DEV.TEAM 2011-02-21
V-Liner BrezzaSoft/DYNA BrezzaSoft, SNK 2001

Prototyped titles[edit]

Title Developer Publisher Release date
Action Pac Kigyo Corporation Kigyo Corporation 1996
Bang² Busters (Bang Bang Busters) Visco (N.C.I. licensed in 2010) Visco, SNK 1994 (original); 2000 (revision)
2010 (MVS/AES)
Crossed Swords II ADK ADK/SNK 1995
Crystal Legacy (Tenrin no Syo Chicago) Visco Visco 1994
Dance RhythMIX ADK ADK 2002
Digger Man[3] Face. Kyle Hodgetts (2000) Face, SNK 1994; 2000 (MVS/AES)
Dragon's Heaven[4][5] Face Face 1997[6]
Dunk Star Sammy Sammy 1991
Fun Fun Bros. (Fun Fun Brothers) Alpha Denshi Alpha Denshi 1991
Garou: Mark of the Wolves 2[7] (Garō MARK OF THE WOLVES SPECIAL) SNK SNK 2000
Ghostlop (Data East's Ghostlop) Data East Data East, SNK 1996
Hebereke's Pair Pair Wars Sunsoft Sunsoft 1996
Idol-Mahjong Final Romance 2[8] Video System Video System/SNK 1995
Ironclad: Tesshō Rusha (Chōtetsu Burikingā, BRIKIN'GER) Saurus Saurus/SNK 1996
Karate Ninja Show Yumekobo Yumekobo 1996[9]
King of Athlete[10] (Ultimate 4) Face/SNK Face, SNK 1995
Kizuna Encounter: 4Way Battle Version (Fūun Super Tag Battle Special Version: 4Iri de Taggu Purei OK!) SNK SNK 1996
Last Odyssey: Pinball Fantasia Monolith Monolith 1995
Mahō Juku: Magic Master Saurus/Takumi Corporation Saurus 1997
Maseki Taisen Stone[11] I'Max I'Max 1995
Mystic Wand Alpha Denshi Alpha Denshi 1991
Neo Pool Master[12][13] Saurus Saurus 1997
Poker Kingdom/Bingo Island BrezzaSoft/Sun Amusement BrezzaSoft 2002
Puzzlekko Club Visco Visco 1994
QP (Quality People) Success Success 1997
Sun Shine (Block Paradise) Alpha Denshi Alpha Denshi 1990
Super Volley '94 Video System Video System 1994
The Eye of Typhoon / Kyoku Cho Gou Ken Viccom Viccom 1996
Treasure of the Caribbean (Caribe no Zaihō) Face. Le Cortex (N.C.I. licensed in 2011) Face, SNK 1994; 2011 (MVS/AES)
The Warlocks of the Fates (Shinryū Senki) Astec21/SNK Astec21, SNK 1995
ZinTrick (Oshidashi Zintorikku) ADK/SNK ADK/SNK 1996
ZuPaPa! Face Face 1994

Homebrewed titles[edit]

Officially published[edit]

Title Developer Publisher Release date
Columns[14] Neobitz Neobitz 2004
Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon[15] Le Cortex Le Cortex 2012
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003[16] PhenixSoft PhenixSoft 2003
The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary[17] Winter Unknown 2004
King of Gladiator[18] Unknown Unknown 2003
Knight's Chance[19] Neobitz Neobitz 2013
Lansquenet 2004 (Yoeui Lansquenet)[20] Unknown Unknown 2004
Neo Pang[21] CeL NGF Dev. Inc. 2010
Neo Thunder[22] Sebastian Mihai Self Published 2011
Super Bubble Pop[23] Vektorlogic Vektorlogic 2004
Time's UP![24] CeL NGF Dev. Inc. 2012

Not published[edit]

Title Developer Release date
The King of Fighters 2004 EX Unknown 2004
The King of Fighters Special Edition 2004 Dragon 2004
Neo Pong NeoDev Corporation 2002

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