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Unlicensed developers and fans have created unofficial Mario media, especially video games, relating to the Mario franchise. These products include video games, ROM hacks, and animations. Due to the popularity of the franchise, some of these unlicensed products have received critical attention.

In September 2016, Nintendo of America issued over 500 DMCA takedown requests on diverse websites for various fan games based on Nintendo intellectual properties, resulting in the end of many games' development.[1]

Video games[edit]

Console games[edit]

Several unofficial Mario games have been released for video game consoles, including unlicensed games, ROM hacks, and game mods.

  • Super Mario World, an unlicensed Nintendo NES/Famicom demake of Super Mario World, developed by Hummer Team and published by J.Y. Company (both defunct Taiwanese companies based in Taipei) in 1995.[citation needed]
  • Kaizo Mario World, also known as Asshole Mario, is a series of three ROM hacks of the 1990 Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Mario World, notable for deliberately breaking all normal rules of "accepted" level design and featuring extreme difficulty.[2][3] It became the namesake for Kaizo, a genre of Mario games modified for intense difficulty.[4]
  • Super Dram World is series of two Super Mario World ROM hacks created by PangaeaPanga and named after speedrunner Dram55, designed for high difficulty.[3]
  • Super Panga World is a ROM hack of Super Mario World created by Linkdeadx2 and dedicated to PangaeaPanga.[5]
  • Dian Shi Ma Li (Chinese: ; pinyin: Diànshì Mă Lì), released in English as Big TV Mary Bar and also known as Mario Lottery, TV Mario, is an unlicensed video game for the Family Computer made by Bit Corporation and released by Fiver Firm (五合企業有限公司), under their first name "Namco Corporation".[6][7] It is based on the Taiwanese slot machine game Xiǎo Mǎ Lì,[8] where features a character resembling Mario with an F on his cap, which has become known as "Fortran" based on hidden text discovered in the ROM. The game is a roulette wheel/slot machine – different buttons control the betting, and each button produces a musical note. Landing on the coin produces a message in Chinglish: "PUSH START TO RICH". It became an internet meme when users created fad videos on YouTube.[9][10]
The title screen of 7 Grand Dad

Level editors[edit]

There exist several unofficial level editors created to allow gamers without programming skills to easily make their own ROM hacks or levels in Mario games.

  • Super Mario Bros. X is a fangame blending elements from Super Mario Bros, 2, 3 and World, and includes both a level editor, as well simultaneous split-screen multiplayer.[33][34][35]
  • Lunar Magic is a level editor for Super Mario World.
  • NSMB Editor is a level editor for New Super Mario Bros.[36][37]
  • Reggie! Level Editor is a level editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii.[38]
  • Miyamoto! is a level editor for New Super Mario Bros. U.[39]
  • CoinKiller is a level editor for New Super Mario Bros. 2.[40][41]
  • Super Mario Bros Game & Builder is a fangame created to let players create their own levels in the style of Super Mario Bros.[42]
  • Super Mario ReMaker is a Windows-based level editor designed to replicate the Wii U title Super Mario Maker on computers.[43][44]
  • Toad's Tool 64 is a level editor for Super Mario 64 developed by Qubed Studios.[45]
  • Mario Multiverse is a level editor in the vein of Super Mario Maker, providing creators with over 20 pre-made game styles and allowing importing their own, each with optional gameplay settings and as seen in various represented titles. It is currently in its closed-beta stage.

Computer games[edit]

Unofficial Mario games playable on computers include mostly browser-based games, game parodies, and fangames sometimes inserting the character or world of Mario in the engine or style of other projects.


YouTube Channels[edit]

  • SuperMarioLogan - An American YouTube channel and an independent company with crude humored plush videos surrounding the characters from the Mario franchise, mainly Mario and Bowser Junior. The series also has its fair share of original characters like Chef "Pee Pee", a chef who works for Bowser and the rest of the characters for an extremely low wage, usually against his will. Another original main character is Brooklyn T. Guy, who is similar to Chef Pee Pee, but receives better pay and helps the characters with more serious issues. The series also parodies other franchises such as Shrek and Toy Story. One of the channel's most popular characters is the original character Jeffy François, puppeteered by Lance Thirtyacre. The Jeffy character has become the subject of controversy among the disabled community because of his potentially offensive character development towards those with disorders such as Autism and Tourette's Syndrome. He regularly blurts out foul language, seems to have some form of speech impediment, hits his crotch area frequently, and has sexual encounters with a box of Cheerios. The character has also been criticized by parents and school districts due to the channel being popular amongst children and young teens who can still be quite impressionable.[85] The channel has gotten criticism from fans for its downfall after Jeffy's introduction, with overusage of running jokes (e.g. Brooklyn's Ex-Wife or Cody's Mom), overshadowing long-running characters with newer ones such as Jeffy, the removal of old characters like Tony the Tiger, advertising merchandise that appeals to children despite the channel being targeted towards an older audience (age 13+ or occasionally 18+) and character Flanderization. In 2018, the newly released YouTube policies demanded Thirtyacre to relocate to other YouTube channels such as SuperLuigiLogan and currently, in 2019, SuperBowserLogan.
  • SMG4 - An independent Australian YouTube channel created in 2011 and run by Australian brothers, Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul, best known for their series of Machinimas made with Super Mario 64 and Garry’s Mod. The series is noted for its wacky, unpredictable, and vulgar humor, having Nintendo characters being portrayed differently (for example, Mario here is portrayed as an incredibly dumb glutton with an infatuation for spaghetti), and more recently, it's story arcs, the first one which had Waluigi gaining superpowers based on his pain over being rejected as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. On May 27, 2017, Kevin and Luke opened up their own indie animation company called "Glitchy Boy" which was later renamed as "Glitch Productions" as an official business in 2018. In 2019, Glitch Productions created their fully CGI YouTube animated series, Meta Runner. The machinima series was praised for its characters, humor and story, however, in recent years (mainly as of October 2015), the series has gotten criticism from fans for overused jokes and removal of various aspects regarding the series. These include the removal of YouTuber cameos (and appearances), certain characters decreasing in appearances, recycling and rehashing plots, overuse of Garry's Mod, loss of character traits and Flanderization, overuse of side characters like Fishy Boopkins (a satirical depiction of Spike from the Super Mario Bros series) and Bob (a satirical depiction of the Garo Robes from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask), removal of sub-series and overuse of voice clips that were taken from various YouTube videos and TV shows. Luke and Kevin also have a second channel called Hobo Bros where they react to Memes (Example, Perfectly Cut Screems), play fan games (Example, Super Mario Dolor), and other various things.
  • NDY - An American YouTuber who makes accurate Super Mario animations created with Source Filmmaker by Valve, using the models provided by Apoc Hedgie and RandomTalkingBush. He has been making animations since 2012.
  • Cute Mario Bros. - A Canadian[86] web series created in 2006 by friends Tyler Zanon and Kenny “Ricky” Hawksworth on YouTube originally under the online handle “MarioMario8989”. Similar to SuperMarioLogan, they became popular on the site after uploading videos depicting plush toys of characters from the Mario franchise going on absurd adventures. Other characters include plush toys, action figures, and puppets of characters from media franchises such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Muppets. They have received backlash several times from fans of SuperMarioLogan for allegedly stealing plot ideas, when, ironically enough, most ideas were already taken from Zanon and Hawksworth.
  • SuperPlushyBros. - An American independent plush-oriented YouTuber channel run by Anthony Perry who produced Mario-related plush puppetry videos, with the use of genres such as comedy and drama.
  • StacheBros - an American channel that started in 2009 that makes Mario Plush videos appropriate for all ages.
  • BigYoshiFan - a British channel created by Lewis Edmondson featuring Mario plush adventures.


In the late 2000s, YouTube Poop meme videos arouse using cutscenes from various Mario-related sources, including the Philips CD-i game, Hotel Mario[87][88] and Super Mario World episode, "Mama Luigi".[89] "Mama Luigi" was later re-animated by 227 animators in 2017 in dedication to the deaths of two of the series' voice actors: Tony Rosato (Luigi) and Harvey Atkin (King Koopa).[89]

After the release of Mario Kart 8 in 2014, a short clip featuring "Luigi's Death Stare" went viral; the original clip featured Luigi passing other drivers with an uncharacteristically angry facial pose set to the music of Chamillionaire's 2006 hit song Ridin'.[90][91][92] The meme was referenced by Nintendo itself during their E3 2014 presentation.[93]

In September 2018, a fanmade character called Bowsette became viral and had hundreds of artists producing fanart. Bowsette is a depiction of Bowser using Toadette's Super Crown power-up from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe to transform himself into a Princess Peach lookalike.


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