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This is a list of unpublished books by notable people, alphabetized by author. These notable people may be published authors, but not necessarily.

Unpublished novels[edit]

Unpublished nonfiction[edit]

  • F. Lee Bailey: Memoir about his defense of Patty Hearst
  • Calvin Beck: Sense of Wonder, survey of 1940s fantasy films
  • Jack Bradbury: Autobiography about working in animation and comic books
  • Barry Brown: Unsung Heroes of the Horrors, interview profiles of actors
  • Buff Cobb: Memoirs of a Subdeb in Hollywood
  • Colin Dawkins: Ain't It Hell on a Windy Day (1981), history of advertising with emphasis on J. Walter Thompson
  • Lee Duncan: rough draft autobiography by trainer of Rin Tin Tin
  • John Howard Griffin: Scattered Shadows, memoir about the author's blindness
  • V. T. Hamlin: The Man Who Walked with Dinosaurs (autobiography) and Four Rivers (fishing memoir)
  • Adolf Hitler: Zweites Buch ("Second Book"), a sequel to Mein Kampf
  • JP Miller: A Ship Without a Shore, memoir of Miller's WWII experiences aboard the aircraft carrier USS Cabot
  • Fulton Oursler: Autobiography in progress at the time of his death
  • Theodore Roosevelt: The Winning of the West: Roosevelt's series was originally meant to be more at least six books. However, due to the death of his first wife and the necessity to reflect because of it, Roosevelt edited the series to conclude at four volumes.
  • Kay Sage: China Eggs, a memoir of 1910-35, covering her family, childhood, travels, painting, life in Italy, her marriage to Prince Ranieri di San Faustino and her friendship with Ezra Pound.[5]
  • Yvette Vickers: Autobiography in progress at the time of her death
  • Fredric Wertham: The War on Children


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