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Lana Del Rey (pictured in 2012) has had over 200 songs leak online since her debut in 2011.

Since the beginning of her career in 2005, American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey has recorded countless demos and even finalized studio recordings under a series of monikers including Lizzy Grant, Sparkle Jump Rope Queen, May Jailer, and with her former band, The Phenomena. Throughout the years, many of her tracks from these sessions have been leaked online, with Del Rey even furthering the popularity of songs including "Serial Killer" and "You Can Be The Boss" through her live performances. Del Rey has currently only published two previously unreleased songs on a new album ("Black Beauty" for Ultraviolence in 2014, and "The Next Best American Record" for Norman Fucking Rockwell in 2019), though she has repurposed some of her songs for film soundtracks, including "Elvis" for The King (2018), "Life is Beautiful" for The Age of Adaline, and "I Can Fly" for Big Eyes, while her only song to be re-recorded was "Ghetto Baby" by Cheryl Cole.

Del Rey stated in 2017 during a show that she intends to release a collection of "25 of [her] favorite" leaked songs of hers.[1][2][3][4] In a livestream in July of that same year, Del Rey said she wanted to release "TV In Black & White", "Us Against The World", "I Caught You Boy", "On Our Way", "Trash Magic", "Hollywood's Dead", and "Hollywood". When questioned about including her song "Kill Kill", Del Rey jokingly replied with "that's funny" and in response to including "Say Yes to Heaven", she agreed stating "that's a good one".[5]

Sources of information[edit]

  • Since the mass-leaks have occurred in Del Rey's career, numerous media outlets have acknowledged the tracks as those of Del Rey, including Nylon,[6] Billboard,[7] BuzzFeed,[8] Vice,[9] Fuse,[10] and MTV,[11] among others. Media outlets including Genius have further verified the legitimacy of some tracks by creating articles which including detailed accounts of her unreleased material.[12]
  • Del Rey herself has performed a number of the songs live on tour, including "Serial Killer", "You Can Be The Boss", "Us Against The World", and "Paradise".[13]
  • Del Rey, a member of American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, or ASCAP, has registered a majority of songs named in this list in her copyrighted materials on the union's online catalogue.[14]

2005–09: Early recordings and aliases[edit]

Del Rey performing at Paradise in Amsterdam in 2011.
"Axl Rose Husband" was written by Del Rey about Guns N' Roses frontman, Axl Rose.
Del Rey performing at the Bowery Ballroom in 2011.
Del Rey references rock musician Sid Vicious (pictured) on several songs, including "Backfire", "Never Let Me Go", and "Hollywood's Dead".

As Lizzy Grant[edit]

  • "Fordham Road" (2005)
  • "Money Hunny" (2006)
  • "Methamphetamines" (2006)
  • "Your Band Is All The Rage" (2006)
  • "Crooked Cop" (2007)
  • "Let My Hair Down" (2007)
  • "1949" — Recorded in 2008, the song is a demo for "Every Man Gets His Wish". Several versions of the song have leaked, the first one being in 2016.
  • "C U L8R Alligator" — Recorded in 2008, the song leaked in 2013. It is sometimes referred to by its alternative title, "Playboy". The song is not registered on any service.
  • "Come When You Call Me America" (2008)
  • "Pin Up Galore" (2008)
  • "Heartshaped Chevrolet" (2009)
  • "Jimmy Gnecco" — Recorded in 2007, the song was part of the demo tape, No Kung Fu (2007). A writer for Vice magazine's I-D blog was positive of the song in his review and called the track "a beautiful — and rare — uptempo showcase for her breathy, soaring highs."[15]
The song "Jimmy Gnecco" was written about the musician-of-the-same name.
  • "Get Drunk" — The song was recorded in 2007 and leaked shortly after Born To Die was released. The track was noted for "see[ing] Lana play the role of the vengeful woman, not the lovesick ride-or-die kind critics tend to peg her as" by a writer for Vice I-D.[15]

As Sparkle Jump Rope Queen[edit]

  • "Elvis" — Recorded in 2008, the track was originally apart of the Sparkle Jump Rope Queen alias. In 2018, Del Rey "revived" the song to be a part of the Eugene Jarecki-directed Elvis Presley documentary, The King.[16][17] Del Rey posted the demo onto the music-sharing website, Myspace, in 2008 alongside "Axl Rose Husband" and "Blue Ribbon".[18][19][20]
Del Rey has sung about Elvis Presley (pictured) eight times, most notably in her songs "Body Electric", "American", and in the unreleased, "Elvis".
  • "Axl Rose Husband" — Recorded in 2008, the track was posted on Del Rey's Myspace account, under the name Sparkle Jump Rope Queen. The track sings of Del Rey's infatuation with the lead singer of Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose. Interest in the song was revived two separate times: first when rumors of Del Rey and Rose dating began in 2012 and another time in 2014 when the Ultraviolence track listing was revealed to have a song tentatively titled "Guns and Roses".[21][22][23] In 2012, a demo of the track from 2007, titled "White Pontiac Heaven", was leaked online.[24][25]

As Lana Del Ray[edit]

  • "Trash Magic" (2007)
  • "Boarding School" (2009)
  • "Party Girl" (2009)
  • "Motel 6" (2009)
  • "Moi Je Joue" (2009)
  • "Maha Maha" — Leaked in summer 2013.[26] The track features a Bollywood sample in its instrumental.[15]
  • "Live Forever" (2009)
  • "StopLight De-Lite" (2009)
  • "So Legit" — Believed to be recorded in 2009, the song leaked in summer 2013 and is believed to be a "diss track" about fellow New Yorker, singer-songwriter Lady Gaga.[26] Since the song's leak, Del Rey has seemed to make amends with Gaga as the two have been spotted posing for photos together at award shows since. On the topic of them knowing each other, Del Rey told Billboard: "Her manager, Bob Leone, was a confidante of mine, and he gave me a two-month scholarship to a songwriting class and put me on a list of Monday night lineups at the Cutting Room. We played a couple of shows together, but never met."[27][28] Del Rey also dubbed the track as a misunderstanding.[29]
  • "Put Your Lips Together" (2009)
  • "Super Movie" — The song was is an alternative version of the 2010 song, "On Our Way".[30][31] The song was eventually leaked in 2016.[32]
  • "Golden Grill" — Leaked in summer 2013 by Princess Superstar, the song is believed to have been recorded in 2009.[26]
  • "Catch and Release" — Leaked in summer 2013 by Princess Superstar, the song is believed to have been recorded in 2009.[26]
  • "Hit & Run" (2010)
  • "Hey You" (2010)
  • "I Was in a Bad Way" (2010)
  • "In The Sun" (2010)
  • "Go Go Dancer" — Recorded in 2010, the song has had numerous demos leak under various names including "Queen of the Night", "Midnight Dancer Girlfriend", and most notably, "Go Go Dancer". The song lyrically sings from the point of view of a rich girl leading a double life as an exotic dancer just for the fun of it. A clear departure from her released songs, the track is often noted for its sound's upbeat dance-pop influence.
  • "Dance For Money" (2008)
  • "Strange Love" (2008)
  • "Heavy Hitter" — Recorded in 2009, a writer for Vice magazine said "a collaboration with hip hop producer Blockhead — is classic Lana."[15]
  • "Hawaiian Tropic" (2009)
  • "Greenwich" (2009)
  • "Daytona Meth" (2009)
  • "Every Man Gets His Wish" (2009)
  • "Betty Boop Boop" (2009)
  • "All Smiles" (2009)

As Phenomena[edit]

  • "Disco" — The song "Disco" is Del Rey's only known track recorded under the moniker, "Phenomena".[15]

As Lana Rey[edit]

  • "My Song 57" — Recorded in 2008, several snippets of the song leaked in 2016 and 2017 before the full song leaked in 2018.
  • "Wayamaya" — Recorded in 2007, the song was produced by Steven Mertens and leaked in 2015. Del Rey acknowledged the song during the Austin, Texas show of the LA to the Moon Tour on February 11, 2018, when a fan requested she perform it.

2010–11: Developed sound as Lana Del Ray[edit]

As Lana Del Ray
  • "Girl That Got Away" (2010)
  • "Delicious" — Believed to have been recorded in 2011, the song was leaked in August 2012. MTV compared Del Rey's vocals to those of Nancy Sinatra and her the track's production to early-2010s Kesha.[33]
  • "Dangerous Girl" (2010)
  • "Dynamite" — The song was leaked on December 21, 2012, and is believed to have been recorded in 2012.[34]
  • "Be My Daddy" — Recorded in 2010, the song was leaked in 2016 alongside Ultraviolence outtakes "Fine China" and "Yes to Heaven" on Christmas Day.[35]
  • "Behind Closed Doors" (2010)[36]
  • "Backfire" — The track was leaked in 2012 and believed to have been recorded in 2010.[37]
  • "Bad Boy" (2010)
  • "Afraid" — The song leaked in September 2012.[38]
  • "Baby Blue Love" (2010)
  • "Butterflies" (2010)
  • "Breaking My Heart" — It was recorded in 2010 and leaked on June 8, 2013.
  • "Children of the Bad Revolution" — Snippets of the song began leaking online in May 2016. The song was written and produced by Del Rey, James Dring and Jody Street, with two different demos produced by The Rural and Crispin Hunt, respectively. The song is believed to have been recorded in 2010.[39][40] The song references Marilyn Monroe.[41]
  • "Caught You Boy" (2010)
  • "Criminals Run The World" (2010)
  • "Daddy Issues" (2010)
  • "My Best Days" (2010)
  • "Oooh Baby" — The track was leaked in early-August 2012.
  • "Other Woman" (2010)
  • "Playground" (2010)
  • "Playing Dangerous" — The song was recorded in 2010 and leaked in September 2012.[38]
  • "Push Me Down" (2010)
  • "Never Let Me Go" — Dubbed as being country-influenced with a modern spin,[42] the song leaked online in May 2012.[43][44][45]
  • "Noir" — The song was leaked on December 21, 2012, and is believed to have been recorded in 2012.[34]
  • "Lift Your Eyes" — Recorded in 2010 and leaked in 2012, the song was produced by Eg White.
  • "Is It Wrong?" — Recorded in 2010, Del Rey wrote the song with Justin Broad and Paul Herman, with Herman producing it. It is registered on BMI Repertoire, the Harry Fox Agency and International Standard Musical Work Code.
  • "Jealous Girl" — Written and recorded in 2010 with Penny Elizabeth Foster and Kid Gloves, the song leaked in 2012.
  • "Match Made In Heaven" — Recorded in 2010 and leaked in 2012, the song is often considered to have been a concept demo for the song "Ghetto Baby".
  • "Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight" — Dubbed by the media as being "disco-infused",[46] the track was leaked in April 2014, causing speculation that it would be included on Del Rey's then-forthcoming studio album, Ultraviolence.[47][48][49][50] Following complaint from Del Rey and her management involving the leak, early shares of the leak were removed offline but have been continuously reposted since.[51][36] In response to assertions that the track would be on Ultraviolence, Del Rey tweeted "wrote that for someone else 4 years ago…", indicating the song was recorded in 2010.[52]
  • "St. Tropez" — Recorded in 2010, the song leaked partially in early-2013 and fully in mid-2013. Del Rey has mentioned the song online, thus confirming it. While the track was registered as "Party Girl", it is not to be confused with the song-of-the-same name (also recorded in 2010).
  • "Scarface" — It was recorded during February 2010 and leaked on July 13, 2013. The track was produced by Aaron LaCrate and it samples the movie from which it gets its title, specifically Tony Montana's "don't fuck with me" speech.
  • "Resistance" — Written in 2010, the song is also known as "True Love (It Comes Once)" and was produced by Crispin Hunt. The song leaked in 2016.
  • "Put The Radio On" — Recorded in 2010, the song was written with and produced by Ash Howes and Biff Stannard. On May 22, 2010, Del Rey uploaded the song to her defunct SoundCloud profile alongside a demo of "Off to the Races". After being deleted from SoundCloud, the song leaked online on July 30, 2012.[53]
  • "True Love on the Side" — Registered under UMG and recorded in 2010, the Eg White-produced song leaked in 2013. The song is also known under the alternative titles of "Love on the Side", "Head Rush", and "True Love".
  • "Tired of Singing the Blues" — Also known as "I'm Fucked", the track is from a 2010 session with The Flight. It evidently leaked in 2013 with a slew of other unreleased songs.
  • "Summer of Sam" — The track was leaked in early-August 2012.[54][55]
  • "Television Heaven" — Believed to have been recorded in 2010, the track leaked in 2012.[56][57] A demo fo the song, titled "Coca Colla" was leaked in 2015.
  • "Us Against The World" — Del Rey originally posted the song to her SoundCloud in 2010, being deleted shortly after and leaked in 2012. Del Rey has stated in a livestream that she would include the song in an "unreleased" compilation if she ever decides to make one, expressing that she hopes to be able to release "Us Against The World". She performed the song several times on the Endless Summer Tour in 2015.

2011–12: Demo recordings as Lana Del Rey[edit]

ASAP Rocky (pictured in 2013) collaborated with Del Rey on the song "Ridin'", an outtake from his album Long. Live. ASAP.
  • "Hot Hot Hot" — It leaked on August 8, 2013 and is speculated to have been recorded sometime in 2011.
  • "Fake Diamond" — The song was recorded in 2011 and the demo version leaked on September 17, 2012. The final mix was leaked on June 7, 2019.
  • "Gangsta Boy" — It was recorded in 2011 and leaked on July 30, 2012. The song was produced by Harry James Angus.
  • "Ghetto Baby" — In May 2012, singer Cheryl Cole confirmed that she and Del Rey had collaborated on a track for her then-forthcoming album, A Million Lights. In an interview with Capital FM, Cole stated that she had noticed Del Rey "about a year ago. I was hearing these songs that were really fresh to my ear and amazing and I asked the guy who she was and he said, 'Watch out for her, it's a girl called Lana Del Rey'."[58] The singer explained that she was played another one of Del Rey's tracks and loved it so much, that it eventually led to a collaboration. "It all happened really organically just like that. And then 'Video Games' came out and I fell in love with her as an artist as well, so yeah, she's super talented."[58] Del Rey had penned the song, which was cut from her second studio album, Born to Die.[59][60] In September 2012, Del Rey's version of the track leaked online.[61][62]
  • "BBM Baby" — Recorded in 2011, the song leaked on Tumblr in August 2016. John Bonazzo of Observer called the song "an ode to Blackberry Messenger" and said the track "transports listeners to a time before iPhones and Facebook Messenger, when young lovers tapped messages back and forth on QWERTY keyboards."[63] Chris Glvoer of Penguin Prison confirmed in a 2011 interview that he wrote the song with Del Rey.[64][65]
  • "Back To Tha Basics" — It was recorded in 2011 and leaked on December 21, 2012.
  • "Butterflies, Pt. 2" — It was recorded in 2011 and leaked on September 13, 2012. The song was co-written and produced with Jim Irvin and Tim Larcombe.[66]
  • "Big Bad Wolf" — Believed to have been recorded in 2011, the song was leaked in August 2012.[33]
  • "Joshy & I" — The track leaked on August 6, 2015.
  • "Making Out" — It was recorded in December 2011 and leaked on December 9, 2012. The track was produced by Matthew Benbrook.
  • "Live or Die" — It was recorded in 2011 and leaked on October 14, 2012. The song was produced by Jarrad Rogers. An "alternative version" of the song was popularized online in 2015, though it has been regarded as being merely a fan edit of the original track.
  • "Queen of Disaster" — Recorded in 2011 and leaked in summer 2013 by its producer, Princess Superstar, the song was initially believed to have been recorded as an outtake of Born to Die (2012).[26] The song was originally rumored to have been a leaked single.[67] Upon its leak, the song was being illegally played in clothing store, shopping malls, and other public spaces, due to its popularity.

Background and composition

Produced by Princess Superstar, the song is noted for being more upbeat than traditional Del Rey releases.[68] Thematically, it is about being in a troublesome romance with someone who makes Del Rey feel alive.

While Del Rey has referred to herself as the "Queen of New York City" and "Queen of Saigon" in previous songs, "Queen of Disaster" follows a more symbolic note, with Del Rey suggesting she herself is the ultimate havoc reeker.[69] Michael Biggs of Gigwise called the song a "sixties-influenced track" that is "unlike the gloomy Americana sounds she has pioneered" and called it her "most up tempo track heard from the star to date".[70] Further, the song was likened to the releases of pop girl groups in the early-1960s.[71]

Critical reception

Dan Weiss of Billboard called the track one of her best leaked demos, commenting that "Since Del Rey uses chamber orchestras so much, why not make some chamber-pop out of them? On this glockenspiel-flecked, one-woman girl-group jam she fancies herself a ballerina over a Motown chord progression, with backing soulettes echoing the phrase “so far gone” and bragging how she celebrates “by twisting fate.” Her ability to turn a phrase, melodically or lexically, is often overshadowed by her auteur’s mask, but as a bandleader she certainly sounds a lot more disciplined than, say, Kanye West these days."

Viral status

In January 2020, the song regained popularity as thousands of videos were upload using the song on TikTok. With a spike in streams, the song gained a collective 300 million plays across all uploads on Soundcloud, YouTube, and TikTok, with the most popular YouTube upload with 20 million plays being removed shortly afterwards.[72]

  • "Paris" — Recorded in 2011, leaked in 2013. The song has been noted for being "more upbeat" than Del Rey's usual releases.[73]
  • "You & Me" — It was recorded in 2011 and leaked on December 3, 2012.
  • "Ridin'" — "Ridin'" is a song by American rapper ASAP Rocky with vocals by American singer Lana Del Rey.[74] The song was originally recorded in 2012 for its producers The Kickdrums' mixtape, Follow the Leaders, though it was not featured in the final track listing.[75] The song was evidently leaked in 2012 ahead of its release. It samples the instrumental from the song "And I Panicked" by The Dramatics.
"I fell in love with her voice the first time I heard it. I probably heard it in July, August for the first time, I think it was 'Blue Jeans.' And from then on, I'm like... I love her!... when she said I was her favorite rapper, I was like, 'Oh fuck no, man. I gotta work with her! My dream girl acknowledges me!'"

ASAP Rocky on Del Rey, Billboard May 2012 interview

Background and promotion

Originally titled "My Bitch", the song was leaked on June 27, 2012.[76] The track was written by Rocky and Del Rey while it was produced by The Kickdrums. Both Rocky and The Kickdrums had planned to feature it on their separate releases, but neither had ended up using it on their records. Supposedly, the producers were hours away from releasing their mixtape, Follow the Leaders, online for free with "Ridin'" featured on it when Rocky's team stepped in and had the song removed from the tracklist.[77][78] All involved with the song had promoted it in interviews, with Rocky and The Kickdrums releasing a "behind the scenes" in-studio video documenting the making of the song. The video premiered through Vulture.[79]

Leak and aftermath

After the song was leaked, Rocky expressed frustration with the producers, who he accused of leaking the track. He took to Twitter to denounce his involvement with the song, saying he had freestyle to get a feel for the song and that his lyrics were not on par with what he would officially release. The production duo insisted they had not leaked it, stating their shared shock at the track being leaked.[80]

On the topic of the leak, The Kickdrums told Complex "Well, we had like a general consensus to go ahead and leak it. I don’t think even the people involved had any idea it would have such a large impact in such a short amount of time. But A$AP really wanted to use it for his album and as much as we love the song and are super excited to put it out and are disappointed that it’s not out, we’ve got to respect that. If he wants to put it on the album, that’s that."[81]

In a later interview with Billboard in May 2020, Rocky expressed his desire to release the song still but said he may not feature it on his debut album, Long. Live. ASAP (2013), as the public is too familiar with the song.[82]

Since the song leaked, it has received popularity online. One unofficial upload on SoundCloud has received 20 million plays.[83] The pair have since released several songs together ("Summer Bummer" and "Groupie Love") while Rocky starred alongside Del Rey in her music video for "National Anthem" (2012).[84]

  • "Cherry Blossom" — The track was recorded in 2013. On June 18, 2016, Del Rey posted a video of herself singing an a cappella snippet of the song on Instagram. She captioned the post saying: "It’s so hot out today and all the birds are singing. I was reminded of a lullaby I wrote years ago called Cherry Blossom".
  • "Wild One" — Recorded in 2013 during the same session as "Cherry Blossom".
  • "Riverside" — Recorded in 2014, the song was a collaboration between Del Rey and her then-boyfriend, Scottish singer-songwriter Barrie-James O'Neill [85][86] O'Neill revealed a snippet of the song on December 17, 2014. The full length leaked on September 22, 2015.[87][88]
  • "Life Is Beautiful" — In 2015, a Del Rey song titled "Life Is Beautiful" was revealed in the trailer for the film, The Age of Adaline.[89] The film's studio, Lionsgate, went on to release a minute-long snippet on its YouTube channel, though the song was evidently not included on the soundtrack and full version of the song remains unreleased.[90][91][92]
  • "Spender" — A collaboration with rapper Smiler, the track was originally meant to be included on his mixtape All I Know.[93]


Del Rey performing at the Flow Festival in 2017.

Born To Die (2009-12)[edit]

  • "Hundred Dollar Bill" — The song was recorded in 2009 and leaked in late-2011. Two versions of the songs exist with one being produced by David Kahne and one by Jayson Michael. During her early days performing in clubs, Del Rey would often perform the song alongside "Yayo".[94] The track received one of Del Rey's signature "homemade music videos".
  • "Driving In Cars With Boys" — "Driving In Cars With Boys" is an unreleased song by Lana Del Rey.

Background and composition

The song was produced by The Nexus and written by its members, David Sneddon and James Bauer-Mein, alongside Del Rey. Demos of the song were recorded in 2010 and 2011, causing speculation that it is an outtake from the Born to Die sessions.

Thematically, the song is about wishing to live life on the edge and to the fullest, with Del Rey declaring she'll "spend her whole life, driving in cars with boys" and how she won't settle down.

Critical reception

The song is often praised by critics for its edgy lyrics, vocal delivery, and production. Bustle called the song one of Del Rey's "standout" unreleased tracks.[95] Billboard magazine called the song one of her "gems" that had been "left on the cutting room floor".[96] Dan Weiss of the magazine added how t’s amazing that Del Rey hasn’t used the “Be My Baby” beat more often, but when she finally does, it rips full albums by The Raveonettes a new one, with swaggering, huge chord changes and one of her most lyrical choruses ever." The blog, Fluently Forward, praised the song as Del Rey's best unreleased track and called for the song to be professionally mastered and released.[97]

  • "Dum Dum" — Leaked in 2012.
  • "Prom Song (Gone Wrong)" — Recorded in 2010, the song tells the story of two teenagers falling in love.[73]
  • "On Our Way" — The song was recorded in 2010 and leaked in 2012, it was later reworked into an alternative demo titled "Super Movie".[30]
  • "Kinda Outta Luck" — Recorded in 2010, the track received one of Del Rey's signature "homemade video" treatments for its online release.[15]
  • "Puppy Love" — Recorded in 2010, the song leaked in 2012.[40]
The song "Puppy Love" was written about the 1960s Hollywood star-of-the-same name.
  • "She's Not Me" — It was recorded in 2010 and leaked on April 6, 2012.
  • "Velvet Crowbar" — Del Rey uploaded it to her defunct SoundCloud profile on March 22, 2010.[53]
  • "You Can Be The Boss" — It was recorded in 2010 and co-written and produced by Joe Henson and Alexis Smith of The Flight. Del Rey uploaded the song to her defunct SoundCloud profile on March 22, 2010, alongside other songs "On Our Way", "Hundred Dollar Bill", "Velvet Crowbar", "Us Against the World" and "Kinda Outta Luck". During 2010, Del Rey created a homemade music video for the song featuring clips of Del Rey herself singing along to the song and clips she gathered from miscellaneous films and videos. Footage of Del Rey in this video is mostly shot in black and white or muted colors.[15] Del Rey performed the song live several times during her concerts in 2011 and 2012 while promoting Born to Die (2012). On May 7, 2015, Del Rey also performed the song on the opening day of the Endless Summer Tour in The Woodlands, Texas, alongside other unreleased songs, "Serial Killer" and "Us Against the World". She evidently added the track to the setlist for the remainder of the tour.
  • "Break My Fall" — Del Rey wrote and recorded her version of the song in 2010. Singer Diana Vickers did a rendition of the track for her album Music to Make Boys Cry but left the track out after a post-leak track listing revisal.
  • "Dreamgirl" — Recorded in 2011 and leaked in 2019, the song's lyrics were written written as a joke, as expressed by herself during a vocal outtake of the song wherein she says "Whatever this song is a joke anyways". The song uses the same instrumental backing as "Beautifully Bad" by Idle Warship.
  • "Hollywood's Dead" — The song was written with Chris Braide sometime before late April 2011. The song references many old Hollywood celebrities Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Gilbert Roland, as well as rock musicians Jimi Hendrix, Sid Vicious, John Lennon, and Kurt Cobain.
  • "Damn You" — Recorded in 2011, the song is a "more upbeat, yet still devastating song" by Del Rey, according to BuzzFeed.
  • "Last Girl on Earth" — It was recorded in 2011 and leaked on October 14, 2012.
  • "Paradise" — The track was originally included on the setlist for one of Del Rey's LA to the Moon shows, though she ended up not performing it until her Austin, Texas show.[98] The song was recorded in 2011 and leaked in 2012.
  • "Roses" — It was recorded in April 2011 and leaked on May 15, 2016. The song was co-written and co-produced with Chris Braide.
  • "Serial Killer" — It was recorded as one of the first tracks for Del Rey's second studio album, Born to Die (2012) but didn't make the cut. The lyrics and musical composition are attributed to Del Rey and Peter Ibsen. It leaked online on August 9, 2012. In the summer of 2013, a remixed version of the track was released by Trap Nation, which has garnered over 2 million views on YouTube.[99] The original song has over 21 million views.[100] It was promoted by a number of live performances in 2015 and 2016.[101][102]
  • "TV In Black & White" — It was recorded in 2011 and leaked on June 28, 2013. The song was the first collaboration between Del Rey and Rick Nowels. An a cappella demo of the song, titled "Living Without You" leaked on August 12, 2013. During an Instagram livestream on July 27, 2017, Del Rey said that it is one of her favorite unreleased songs and she would include it on a compilation album of her favorite leaked songs she hopes to release. Lyrically the song features Del Rey recounting an intensive love with a man who she suggests is in jail. Del Rey compares her life without him to being dull, like TV in black-and-white, adding that he "brought color into [her] life".

Paradise (2012)[edit]

The love song "JFK" was written in reference to the "suave persona" of the late-President, John F. Kennedy.
  • "Because of You" — It was recorded in 2011 and later leaked in June 2014. The song was produced by Sacha Skarbek. It is often believed to be an outtake of Born to Die (2012).
  • "I Don't Wanna Go" — Recorded in 2012. According to BuzzFeed, the song has "a slow, bluegrass tone" and "the dreamy feel that is Lana's signature".
  • "Hollywood" — Recorded in 2012, the track evidently leaked. While discussing the song "Hollywood's Dead", Del Rey mentioned another song named "Hollywood" that had leaked with wrong instrumental, adding her plans to release it in the future if she does a compilation album of her favorite unreleased songs. Del Rey then went on to sing a verse of the song in an Instagram livestream.[103]
  • "JFK" — Recorded in 2012, the song sees Del Rey recounting the admirable qualities of a man she loves, comparing them to those of President John F. Kennedy.
  • "Starry Eyed" — Recorded in 2012.

Ultraviolence (2013-14)[edit]

Del Rey also worked closely with Dan Auerbach on her record, Ultraviolence (2014).

In December 2013, Del Rey and producer Rick Nowels worked on a series of tracks together for her second major-label album, Ultraviolence (2014). Among the notable tracks in these sessions were some songs which made the cut, including "Shades of Cool", "Sad Girl", and "Is This Happiness", while "I Can Fly", "Yes to Heaven", and "Your Girl" were some of the leaked songs which had been scrapped from the project due to the record's change in sound.

Prior to the album's release, a mass leak in mid-2013 saw songs including "Queen of Disaster", "So Legit", "Maha Maha", and "Black Beauty" being leaked. On the topic of the leak, Del Rey told NME magazine how discouraging it was, adding how "even songs I’ve never emailed to myself [were accessed]. There are hundreds of them..." and in response to them being from her early career, she added that "some of them were, but some of them, like ‘Black Beauty’, weren't...".[104]

  • "Angels Forever, Forever Angels" — Leaked in 2013, the track was posted online alongside other Rick Nowels collaborations including "JFK", "Hollywood", and "Black Beauty". The track's similarities to "Black Beauty" have caused speculators to assume it to have been originally intended for Ultraviolence, further theories claiming the song was excluded after Dan Auerbach reworked the record's sounds and cut some of the contributions from the Nowels sessions.[105]
  • "Your Girl" — Snippets leaked in August 2016 while a rough, full-length version of the song leaked in 2017.
  • "Wait For Life" — Originally recorded for Del Rey's second studio album, the track was eventually used on producer Emile Haynie's debut album, We Fall (2015).
  • "I Can Fly" — Possibly meant to be originally for Ultraviolence, this track was eventually used in the film Big Eyes (2014), as producers found Del Rey's theme-of-the-same-name for the film to be too sad to end the film as the song in the credits.[106]
  • "Black Beauty" — It was leaked in 2013, but Del Rey evidently decided to still include it as a bonus track on her album, Ultraviolence (2014).

Lust for Life (2016-17)[edit]

Jack Antonoff (pictured) produced Del Rey's sixth studio album, Norman Fucking Rockwell.
  • "The Next Best American Record" — Recorded in early-2016, a demo leaked in early-2017 under the name "Architecture".[107] The song is sometimes alternatively referred to as "Best American Record". Del Rey said that the track and fellow Lust for Life outtake "Yosemite", were like "Yin-Yang" to one another. She later mentioned during a promotional tour for the record that she would like to release the two songs as standalone folk singles at some point.[108][109] The song was later used on Del Rey's follow-up record, Norman Fucking Rockwell, in 2019.
  • "Yosemite" — In anticipation for her fifth studio album, Del Rey teased the track "Yosemite" in interviews as well as on her social media.[110][111][108]
  • "Something Real" — The track was written by Del Rey and Rick Nowels, being later reworked into what would become the song "13 Beaches".
  • "Roses Bloom For You" — It was recorded in early 2017 and produced by Rick Nowels. On June 3, 2017, Del Rey shared a video on her Instagram profile of herself recording the song in the studio with Nowels.[112][113]
  • "Wild One" — The song was co-written by Del Rey and Justin Parker. It is sometimes referred to as "Color Blue" and "Wild on You".

Norman Fucking Rockwell[edit]

  • "Hey Blue Baby" — An outtake from Del Rey's 2019 record, the track was debuted Del Rey and the record's producer, Jack Antonoff, at his Ally Coalition event in New York.[114]
  • "I Must Be Stupid for Feeling So Happy" — An outtake from Del Rey's 2019 record, the track was debuted Del Rey and the record's producer, Jack Antonoff, at his Ally Coalition event in New York.[114]


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