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This is an incomplete list of unsolved known murders in the United Kingdom. Victims believed to have been murdered by the same perpetrator(s) are grouped together. This does not include the approximate total of 3,000 unsolved murders in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.[1]

Pre-Second World War[edit]

Year Name of victim(s) Location body found Notes
1536 Robert Pakington London Probably the first murder with a handgun in London.[2]
1752 Colin Roy Campbell of Glenure Appin "Appin Murder". At Appin, in the west of Scotland, in the aftermath of the Jacobite Rising of 1745, inspired events in Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Kidnapped.[3]
1759 George Burrington St James's Park, Westminster Burrington, late Governor of North Carolina, was retrieved from the Canal in St James's Park on 22 February 1759. He had been beaten and robbed.[4][5]
1817 Mary Ashford Sutton Coldfield Mary Ashford's body was retrieved from a marl pit on the morning of 27 May 1817. Abraham Thornton, a local bricklayer who had been in her company, was charged with murder and rape but acquitted at a trial at Warwick on 8 August of that year, and an attempt to retry him on an appeal of murder brought by Mary's brother failed in early 1818.
1857 Emile L'Angelier Glasgow His lover Madeleine Smith was accused of poisoning him with arsenic. The verdict was "not proven".[6]
1866 Janet Rogers Mount Steward Farm, near Perth, Scotland On 30 March 1866, Janet Henderson Rogers, age 55, was clubbed to death with an axe while visiting her brother Charles Henderson on his farm, and ploughman James Crichton was charged with her murder. At trial, the jury returned a verdict of not proven.[7]
1876 Charles Bravo Balham, London Known as the Charles Bravo Murder or the Murder at the Priory. Charles Bravo, a lawyer, was poisoned with antimony: he took three days to die but gave no indication of the source of the poison. No-one was ever charged for the crime.[8][9][10][11][12][13]
1881 P.C. Fred Atkins Kingston Hill Police Constable 356 V Fred Atkins was shot while on patrol at The Knoll, Kingston Hill, Kingston, in 1881.
1888–1902 Fairy Fay, Annie Millwood, Emma Smith, Martha Tabram, Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Jane Kelly, Rose Mylett, Elizabeth Jackson, Alice McKenzie, Frances Coles Whitechapel, London Murders and attempted murders mentioned in connection with Jack the Ripper.
December 1888 John Gill Bradford, West Yorkshire 8-year-old John Gill's body was found in Manningham Lane in Bradford on 28 December 1888. His throat had been cut, his abdomen cut open and stabbed, his arms and legs hacked off and his ears removed. Milkman William Barrett was arrested for the murder but a Magistrate dismissed the charges. Newspapers suggested a connection to the Jack the Ripper murders, but doctors found the boy had been drugged.[14]
10 February 1889 Louisa Smith Lewisham, London Prostitute Louisa Smith was found in Algernon Road, Lewisham, with a severe fractured skull caused by a blow with a blunt instrument.
1898 Thomas Webb College Farm, Finchley Known as the Finchley Murder. Thomas Webb, head cowman was found fatally shot outside his cottage at College Farm. Mysteriously, before his death Thomas had a strange presentiment that one night he would be shot when looking round the farm.[15]
1902 Rose Harsent Peasenhall, Suffolk Known as the Peasenhall Murder. William Gardiner, a married man who was thought to be having an affair with the pregnant victim, was twice tried inconclusively and then set free.[16][17]
1905 Mary Sophia Money Merstham, Surrey Body found in the Merstham railway tunnel. The post-mortem showed a scarf had been thrust into her mouth and marks were discovered on the tunnel wall showing Miss Money had been thrown to her death from a moving train.[18]
1907 Emily Dimmock Camden Town, London Known as the Camden Town Murder. Prostitute Emily Dimmock was found with her throat cut. Robert Wood was accused and acquitted after a brilliant defence by Edward Marshall Hall.[19]
1908 Marion Gilchrist Glasgow Marion Gilchrist was an affluent 82-year-old woman who lived in the West End of Glasgow. She had been bludgeoned to death and the only thing taken was a diamond brooch. Oscar Slater was suspected as he had gone to America and had tried to pawn a brooch. He was wrongfully convicted in 1909 and this conviction was quashed in 1928: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was prominent in securing his release.[20]
1908 Caroline Luard Ightham, Kent Known as the Seal Chart Murder. Mrs Luard was shot in a summerhouse in the middle of a wood near Sevenoaks, Kent. Her husband was accused by some, and he later committed suicide in despair.[21] Later it was suggested that murderer John Dickman, hanged for a shooting on a train in 1910, was the guilty party.[22]
1909 George Harry Storrs Gorse Hall, Stalybridge Storrs was the owner of Gorse Hall and was a prominent business man in the town. There were suggestions that he was the lover of his friends' au pair and that she had become pregnant due to the liaison. She later committed suicide. His business interests also made many enemies for Storrs and after one attack he had a bell installed to warn police of intruders. On the night of the 1 November 1909, an intruder forced his way into the house and in the scuffle with Storrs, stabbed him 15 times. Two men were later tried independently of each other for the killing, but neither of them were convicted.[23]
1911 Joseph Wilson Lintz Green railway station The sixty-year-old stationmaster, Joseph Wilson, was shot when returning home after closing his office at the station. Although he did not die instantly, when questioned, Wilson was unable to communicate who had shot him. Railway porter Samuel Atkinson was charged but no evidence was offered against him.[24]
18 October 1913 Mary Speir Gunn Northbank Cottage, Portencross, North Ayrshire Six shots fired through a living-room window at night. The other two occupants of the room were injured, but not killed. No-one was ever charged or prosecuted for the crime.
1917 Vera Glasspool Owslebury, near Winchester On 11 July 1917, 15-year-old Vera May Glasspool was found in woodland close to Longwood House, where she worked as a scullery maid. She had been strangled and stabbed. Suspicion centred on the army camp at Hazeley Down and the police offered a £50 reward for information which might lead to the arrest of the guilty person or persons.[25][26]
1919 Bella Wright Little Stretton, near Leicester Known as the Green Bicycle Case as the victim was last seen with a man owning one. A green bicycle was found in a canal and its owner Ronald Light (1885–1975) traced. He stood trial, but was found not guilty of Wright's murder, primarily due to his defence counsel, Sir Edward Marshall Hall KC, who had Light in the witness box admitting to every allegation made against him, except her murder.[19]
1920 Florence Nightingale Shore Sussex Shore, the goddaughter of Florence Nightingale, was found on a train at Bexhill, Sussex, with serious head injuries and died four days later.[27][28]
1920 Mabel Greenwood Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire Harold Greenwood (1874–1929) was accused of poisoning his wife Mabel with arsenic. He was acquitted at Carmarthen Assizes in 1920 after a defence by Edward Marshall Hall.[19][29]
1931 Evelyn Foster Otterburn, Northumbria Foster ran a successful car hire business and on returning from one journey on 7 January 1931, picked up a 26-year-old man wearing a tweed suit, overcoat and bowler hat. He assaulted Foster, threw her into the back of the cab and then covered her with a rug which he doused with petrol and set alight. Although horrifically burned, Foster was able to crawl away from the burning vehicle and when found she was able to describe her attacker but later succumbed to her injuries the following day.[30]
1931 Julia Wallace Liverpool Known as The Wallace Case. Julia's husband William Herbert Wallace was convicted, but this was quashed when he successfully appealed. Recent books have named a suspect.
1931 Vera Page Notting Hill, London 10-year-old Vera Page's body was found in undergrowth on Addison Road in Notting Hill, London. It was believed she had been murdered elsewhere and then transported to this location.[31][32][33]
1931 Hubert Chevis Aldershot, Hampshire Chevis was poisoned after eating partridge laced with strychnine.[34]
1932 Queenie Winifred Harman (née Hicks) St. Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex Aged 17, Queenie was bludgeoned to death at her home.[35][36][37][better source needed] Her husband, Arthurd Edward Harman, was accused but never convicted.[35][36][38] He died two years later, aged 25, after wandering onto the railway lines near Polegate.[35][36][37] The case for murder appears to have ended at the police court (magistrates court) level as police had no solid evidence. Mr. Harman worked for John Carter, haulier, and had been to work on the fateful day in July 1932.[38] The police seemed to want the case closed rapidly and never followed any other possible leads. One interesting element was that the previous tenant at 43 Eversfield Place when vacating the flat left behind two Indian clubs (one of which was believed to have been used to kill Queenie) and a gun. He was never asked why he felt the need to have a gun whilst living in the flat.[citation needed] There is a photograph of Queenie in the Hastings and St. Leonards Observer
1934 Unknown female Brighton Torso found in a trunk at Brighton Station. This is known as the Brighton Trunk Crime no. 1. See Brighton trunk murders.
1939 George Stapleton Greenfield, Bedfordshire Bludgeoned to death with a fence post. Stapleton, a farm worker aged 66, was attacked on Friday, 21 April 1939 while walking from Ruxox Farm along a bridleway in Greenfield to his lodgings, the White Hart Inn in Flitton, and his wages stolen. The police report said the attack was maniacally brutal. [1][2][3]

1 September 1939–1969[edit]

Year Name of victim(s) Location body found Notes
1943 Wych Elm Bella Wychbury Hill, Hagley, Worcestershire Skeletal remains of a woman were discovered inside a hollow tree in April 1943. Police established the victim had died approximately 18 months earlier but could not identify her. In 1944, the message "Who put Bella in the Wych Elm? - Hagley Wood" was found painted on a wall in Birmingham. Various theories about the identity of the victim and her killer have been proposed.
1945 Charles Walton Meon Hill, Upper Quinton, Warwickshire On Valentines Day 1945 the body of local farm labourer Charles Walton was found murdered with his own trouncing hook and pinned to the ground with a pitchfork. The body had had a large cross engraved into the chest and neck which caused many rumours to circulate linking the murder to witchcraft or satanism.[39]
1946 Muriel Drinkwater Penllergaer, Swansea Drinkwater, a 12-year-old schoolgirl, was raped and shot in the woods in Penllergaer, Swansea. The case became known as the Little Red Riding Hood murder.[40]
1946 Margaret Cook Narrow passage near Carnaby Street Margaret was shot dead outside the Blue Lagoon nightclub. Nobody was charged with her murder at the time, but Scotland Yard detectives interviewed a suspect in 2015 after he confessed.[41]
1948 Evan David Harris Swansea Docks Retired Industrial Chemist who was a nightwatchman at Consolidated Fisheries.[42]
1948 Terence McNamara 46 Richmond Street Middlesbrough Terence was a 22-month-old infant who was murdered in his own home whilst his mother was out at work. His father had died in 1947. The injuries sustained make sickening reading.[43]
1949 Emily Armstrong London Emily Armstrong was the victim of an unsolved murder in which she had been beaten to death and later found at her place of employment, a dry cleaner's shop on St John's Wood High Street. Police later determined she had been killed roughly an hour before her body was found at around 4:00 pm. A post-mortem examination also showed that her skull had been shattered by at least 22 blows from a blunt object, later believed to be a claw hammer.
1949 Gertrude O'Leary Stokes Croft, Bristol In the summer of 1949 the vicious murder of a well-liked, 66-year-old local licensee – Gertrude O'Leary – shocked the residents of Stokes Croft to the core. Her killer was never found.[44]
April 1954 Olive May Bennett Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire On Saturday, 24 April 1954, Olive May Bennett, 45, was seen drinking alone in the Red Horse Hotel in Bridge Street. Shortly before midnight she was seen again, standing outside the hotel as the streets around her emptied. She had led a sheltered life until, suddenly in middle-age, she changed. She started smoking and drinking, taking endless pains with her make-up, drawing large sums of money from her Post Office bank account, and filling her address book with the names of men she was meeting. The next morning her body was found wedged against an obstruction on the banks of the River Avon. She had been strangled with a long woollen scarf and her body was weighted with a 56 lb. tombstone wrenched from a riverside churchyard. In 1962 two women told police that on the night of the murder they were in the churchyard with two men, one of whom threatened to push them in the river and weigh them down with a tombstone. The men have never been traced.[45]
September 1954 Jean Townsend Ruislip, Middlesex On 15 September 1954, 21-year-old Jean Mary Townsend was found murdered on what was then waste land near to the junction of Victoria Road and Angus Drive.[46] The autopsy report stated that she had been strangled with her own scarf. In 1982 the Metropolitan Police announced that they were to review their files on the case following some anonymous telephone calls. To this day, no one has been charged with Jean's killing and it remains unsolved. Britain's National Archives have indicated that the police files on the case are likely to be made available for public inspection in 2031.[47]
May 1956 The Ormesher Sisters Ormskirk, Lancashire Two elderly sisters, who ran a sweetshop in a small market town, were murdered in their own home. Despite national media coverage and an extensive investigation, in which all of the adult male population of the town were fingerprinted, the identity of the murderer or murderers has never been established.
December 1957/January 1958 Anne Noblett Whitwell, Hertfordshire On the night of 30 December 1957, 17-year-old Anne Noblett alighted a bus on the corner of Lower Luton Road and Cherry Tree Lane in Wheathampstead and began the short walk home to Marshalls Heath. A month later her partially disrobed body was found 7 miles away in Rose Grove Wood near Whitwell. Known as the "Deep Freeze Murder", mystery surrounds the circumstances over her abduction and disappearance due to the frozen condition her body was found in and the relatively mild weather at the time. Despite extensive enquiries her killer has never been caught.[48][49]
1959–1965 1959: Elizabeth Figg 1963: Gwynneth Rees 1964: Hannah Tailford, Irene Lockwood, Helene Barthelemy, Mary Fleming and Margaret McGowan 1965: Bridget O'Hara West London 'Jack the Stripper' victims.
May 1964 Anne Dunwell Near Maltby, South Yorkshire On 7 May 1964, the body of 13-year-old Anne Dunwell was found strangled on a manure heap. She had been sexually assaulted. It is believed she was killed the previous evening after leaving her aunt's house to catch a bus to be with her grandmother. Despite a reported DNA 'breakthrough' in 2006, Anne's murderer has never been identified.[50][51][52]
October 1965 Elsie Frost Wakefield, West Yorkshire On 9 October 1965, the body of 14-year-old Elsie Frost was found with fatal stab wounds. A subsequent investigation turned up one suspect who was later released. After this there was no further investigation and details of the case were made exempt from a Freedom of Information request. The siblings of Elsie filed an FOI request when the original exemption date was coming to an end, only to find the exemption had been extended until 2060.[53][54] The case was reopened in 2015 after a series of reports on BBC Radio 4. A man in his late seventies was arrested in September 2016 on suspicion of murder, more than 50 years after Elsie's death.[55]
November 1966 Helen Davidson Amersham, Buckinghamshire On 9 November 1966, popular GP 49-year-old Dr Helen Davidson was battered to death in dense woodland in Hodgemoor Wood a few miles from her Amersham home. She had been bird-watching and exercising her dog. Her body was found the next day, but nobody has been convicted of her murder.[56][57]
December 1966 Mavis Hudson Chesterfield, Derbyshire 15-year-old Mavis was last seen alive on 26 December 1966. The following day her body was found in a derelict building. She had been strangled. In spite of appeals on national TV, no arrest was ever made and the case remains unsolved.[58]
January 1967 Bernard Oliver Tattingstone, Ipswich, Suffolk Bernard Oliver, 17, disappeared on 6 January 1967 and his dismembered body was found in suitcases near to Tattingstone, Ipswich 10 days later. No-one has been charged over his murder but Suffolk Police stated in January 2017 that DNA evidence may help to yield some clues 50 years on.[59]
May 1967 Keith Lyon Woodingdean, East Sussex 12 year-old Keith Lyon was stabbed to death on a bridleway that links the villages of Ovingdean and Woodingdean, near Brighton on 6 May 1967. Despite arrests in connection with Keith's death as recently as 2006, no-one has ever been charged with his murder.[60]
October 1967 Herbert Wilkinson Middlewich, Cheshire In October 1967, the body of a solicitor was discovered in a shallow grave by the side of the Trent & Mersey Canal. 54-year-old Herbert Wilkinson, a lonely bachelor, allegedly with homosexual tendencies, who, seven months earlier, had been struck off by the Law Society because of problems with his practice in Middlewich.[61]
November 1967 Rita Ellis RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire On 12 November 1967, the body of Rita Ellis was found partially hidden under leaves and foliage at Rowborough Copse, part of the RAF Halton Estate. Ellis, who was in the WRAF and worked in the catering department of the RAF hospital on the camp, had been beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled. She was last seen on the previous evening (11 November). The case was re-opened in 2017 for a second time, although new DNA techniques have meant that the police now have a DNA profile of the killer.[62]
1968–1969 Patricia Docker, Jemima McDonald & Helen Puttock Glasgow "Bible John" victims.
1969 Annie Walker Heather, Leicestershire Beaten to death in her home. By re-examining evidence gathered at the scene, police have now been able to extract DNA samples which would positively identify the murderer, but have yet to find a match for the killer's DNA profile.[63]


Year Name of victim(s) Location body found Notes
8 March 1970 Jacqueline Ansell-Lamb Mere, Cheshire An 18-year-old last seen hitch-hiking from London to Manchester. Her body was discovered six days later by a farmer in Square Wood, near Knutsford. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled to death with an electrical cord.[64][65]
10 March 1970 Susan Long Aylsham, Norfolk The Norwich Union worker had been out dancing at the Gala Ballroom in Norwich and caught the last bus home to Aylsham. She arrived at around 11:10 pm and began the seven-minute walk to her parents' home, but never arrived. The headlights of a milk-float picked up the shape of her body lying in a pool of rainwater in a lovers' lane the following morning.[66]
31 March 1970 Philip Green Shirehampton, Bristol 11-year-old Philip Green left his home in Sea Mills to collect golf balls on the nearby Shirehampton golf course. The following day his battered body was found in a wooded area of the course. The case remains unsolved despite one of the biggest police inquiries in the Bristol area, which was assisted by Scotland Yard. In 2010 on the 40th anniversary of his murder, Avon and Somerset Constabulary announced a new forensic investigation of the case that would use DNA profiling.[67]
October 1970 Barbara Mayo Ault Hucknall near Bolsover, Derbyshire In October 1970, Barbara Mayo set off from her London home to hitchhike north. Six days later the 24-year-old's body was found in a wood by the north-bound carriageway in view of Hardwick Hall. The teacher had been raped and then strangled. Twenty years later, in 1990, detectives were able to confirm using DNA that Mayo's killer was the same man who had raped and strangled 18-year-old Jacqueline Ansell-Lamb seven months previously.[68]
March 1971 Fred the Head Burton on Trent, Staffordshire A policeman found bone fragments near to the River Trent in Burton in March 1971. These fragments were unearthed and in the process revealed a man who was in a kneeling position with his hands tied and wearing pink socks. The only personal effect on him was his wedding ring. In 2017, a DNA analysis led police to believe it could be John Henry Jones from Trevor, near Wrexham in North Wales who had gone missing in 1970. This proved to be incorrect, and neither case has been solved.[69][70]
25 April 1971 Dorothy Leyden Collyhurst, Manchester Dorothy Leyden's body was found hours after she had been to a Jimmy Ruffin concert at the Golden Garter nightclub in Wythenshawe in April 1971.

The 17-year-old's body was found on waste ground in Collyhurst. The teenager spent the evening of 24 April 1971 at the concert before heading into central Manchester. At about 02:30, she got out of a taxi she had shared with friends at Piccadilly Gardens bus station and it is thought she decided to walk home.

Her body was found the following day behind the now demolished Spread Eagle pub. Previously, it had been thought she may have been murdered by serial killer Trevor Hardy, but this was dismissed in 2008.[71]

May 1971 Rose Lifely Bournemouth, Hampshire Miss Rose Lifely was 73 years old when she was stabbed to death in her Northcote Road home between 15 and 17 May 1971, the victim of a "maniacal attack", according to police. Police believed the killer lived in the local area, broke into her home to steal and repeatedly stabbed her when she confronted him. On 25 May, the Evening Times reported that police were hunting for a "cuddly" buxom 18-year-old blonde and two youths, who had gone to second-hand shops in Bournemouth attempting to sell jewellery similar to pieces missing from Lifely's home.[72][73]
June 1971 Gloria Booth Ruislip, Middlesex On the morning of Sunday 13 June, the naked body of Gloria Booth was discovered on a recreation ground off Nairn Road, approximately half a mile from South Ruislip Underground Station and a mile from the scene of the Jean Townsend killing 17 years earlier. Like Jean Townsend, Mrs Booth – a 29-year-old housewife from Ealing – had died from strangulation and it appeared that – as in the Townsend killing – a scarf had been used.[74]
June 1972 Judith Roberts Tamworth, Staffordshire A 14-year-old girl was battered to death not far from her family home in Tamworth. A young soldier stationed at Whittington Barracks confessed to the murder and served 25 years in jail. However, he later claimed that his confession was a result of psychological problems he was experiencing at the time; there being no other evidence against him, his conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal. The real killer remains unknown.[75]
November 1972 Amala Ruth De Vere Whelan Maida Vale, London On 12 November 1972, a 22-year-old woman was found dead at her home in Randolph Avenue, Maida Vale, west London. She had been beaten, raped, and strangled, but the subsequent investigation failed to link any suspect to the crime. In January 2017, police issued a fresh appeal for information.[76]
September 1973 Wendy Sewell Bakewell, Derbyshire A 32-year-old legal secretary was savagely beaten in a churchyard, and later died of her wounds. The church groundskeeper Stephen Downing was convicted and served 27 years for the murder, but the verdict was eventually overturned on appeal. The case was re-investigated by police, but no further arrests were made.[77]
1974 Glenis Carruthers Clifton, Bristol A 20-year-old woman from Amersham was found strangled on Clifton Down after she had left a friend's 21st birthday on Friday 18 January at 10 pm.[78]
1974 Norfolk headless body Cockley Cley, Norfolk Concealed in weeds off the Cockley Cley road, near Swaffham, the badly decomposed and headless body of a young woman was found by a farm worker. She was wearing a pink, frilled Marks & Spencer nightdress, but a better clue was the brown plastic sheet in which she was wrapped, bearing the letters NCR (National Cash Register). Only six such sheets were made by a Scottish company between 1962 and 1968, but police never identified the woman, let alone her killer. Today, there is no grave or headstone, just an unmarked spot in a Swaffham churchyard.[79]
1975 Eve Stratford Leyton, London Stratford was found dead on 18 March 1975. The Bunny girl who worked at the Playboy Club in Park Lane where she had been pictured with Eric Morecambe and Sid James, had her throat cut between eight and 12 times. She had also been tied up and gagged and was found by her boyfriend lying on the floor in her apartment in Lyndhurst Drive, Leyton, London. In 2007, police found links between Stratford's murder and that of 16-year-old Lynne Weedon. Weedon had been beaten over the head with a blunt object as she took a short-cut to her home in Hounslow six months after Stratford's death. Despite horrific injuries Weedon was alive when found the next morning but died a week later in hospital without regaining consciousness. Both cases were featured on the BBC Crimewatch programme in September 2007, where, thanks to new DNA techniques, it was said they were sexually motivated and were committed by the same person.[80][81][82][83]
1976 Renee and Andrew MacRae Dalmagarry, Highland Described as one of the most baffling mysteries in Scottish criminal history, the murder of Renee MacRae and her three-year-old son Andrew, shocked and scandalised the Highlands, and it mesmerised the small, tight-knit community in Inverness.[84] MacRae had planned to spend the weekend in Perthshire with her lover, a married man who was also Andrew's father. On the evening of Friday, 12 November 1976, MacRae left Inverness and headed south on the A9. At ten o'clock that evening a train driver reported a car ablaze on a lay-by adjacent to the A9 trunk road at Dalmagarry. The bodies have never been found, though traces of blood matching Renee and Andrew's blood type were discovered in the boot of the burnt out car. Attention focused on the nearby Dalmagarry quarry, where a senior member of the police believed they were buried. A 2004 excavation of the area found nothing of interest, however a local farmer has opined that the bodies could be buried under the A9, which was in the middle of a major programme of upgrading at the time of the disappearance. The farmer called for the road to be excavated at the spot where a radar survey he commissioned found "anomalies".[85]
7 September 1978 Georgi Markov London Agents of the Bulgarian secret police, Darzhavna Sigurnost, assisted by the KGB had previously made two failed attempts to kill Markov before a third attempt succeeded. On 7 September 1978, Markov walked across Waterloo Bridge spanning the River Thames, and was waiting at a bus stop on the other side, when he was jabbed in the calf by a man holding an umbrella. The man apologized and walked away. Markov would later tell doctors that the man had spoken with a foreign accent. The event is recalled as the "Umbrella Murder" with the assassin claimed to be Francesco Gullino, codenamed "Piccadilly".
19 September 1978 Carl Bridgewater Yew Tree Farm, Kinver, Staffordshire 13-year-old Carl Bridgewater was shot in the head at close range when he disturbed burglars while delivering a newspaper to a house on 19 September 1978. The Bridgewater Four were originally convicted in 1979, but were acquitted in 1997.[86]
12 October 1978 Margaret Frame Brighton, East Sussex The body of 34-year-old mother of one, Margaret Frame, is found buried in a shallow grave in woods on the northern outskirts of Brighton ten days after disappearing on 12 October 1978. She had been raped, stabbed in the back and had her throat slit. No-one has ever been charged with her murder.[87][88]
December 1978 Walter Taylor Ashby North Lincolnshire Taylor, 17, was found dead shortly before Christmas on Jubilee Playing Fields, Ashby. He had been attacked with a piece of wood.[89]
1979 Lynda Farrow Whitehall Road, Woodford Green, London On 19 January 1979, heavily pregnant mother of two Lynda Farrow was found brutally murdered in her home in Whitehall Road. Her throat had been slashed and she had been raped. Earlier that day, Farrow had been shopping with her mother, and had bought a new pair of shoes and a coat. She then went to her partner's fruit stall before returning home by car. It is believed that Farrow either ran into her home to answer her ringing phone, leaving the door open behind her, or that she knew her attacker and let him in willingly. Farrow's body was found by her two daughters. In 2010, Farrow's killing was reconstructed on BBC's Crimewatch. The appeal featured her partner, now remarried, and her two daughters. The only sighting of Farrow's killer was by her neighbour, who saw a man wearing a long black coat entering Farrow's home at around 2 pm. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. The only other clue to the killer is a set of footprints leading to Farrow's house. So far, nobody has been convicted for her murder.[90][91]
17 April 1979 Gordon Snowden Sutton Bridge, South Lincolnshire At around 2am (after Easter Monday), Gordon Snowden, 60, a petrol pump attendant at Sutton Bridge Motors, located on Bridge Road near Crosskeys Bridge, was found lying beside his kiosk with severe head injuries. A cash till had been stolen. Snowden later died in hospital from his injuries. Part of the investigation centred on trying to trace a Citroën 2CV seen on the garage forecourt shortly before the murder. The cold case remains one of Lincolnshire Police' few unsolved murders.[92][93] In the late 1990s, British serial contract killer/hitman John "Bruce" Childs from East London,[94] convicted of six killings in the 1970s, confessed to five more murders from his jail cell.[95][96] His claimed a fifth victim was Snowden.[95][96] Childs said he killed Snowden with a cosh because he was afraid he would be recognised after dumping another murder victim's car nearby in the River Nene. Six months earlier, Childs claimed he and associate Henry (Harry) "Big H" Mackenney[97][98] had called at the filling station after murdering Ronald Andrews[99] and dumping his car in the nearby River Nene. Fearing that Snowden would remember the two strangers after the car was recovered, Childs went back to secure his silence. He said: "I battered him to death with a cosh in his office and took the till to make it look like robbery. He was an old boy, and when I look back I'm sorry. But in those days I was ruthless about eliminating risks. "It may sound silly, but I'm telling this now because I think that man might have relatives and I would like them to know the truth."[95][96] However, Lincolnshire Police have confirmed that nobody has ever been charged or prosecuted in relation to the murder.[93]
1979 Bedgebury Forest Woman Bedgebury Forest, Kent On 23 October 1979, a mystery woman aged between 30 and 35 was found in Bedgebury Forest having been beaten to death. The discovery led to a murder enquiry but she was never identified. It was thought she had come from Eastern Europe and had one child. She was white, about 5 ft 1 in, of thin build, with brown eyes and dark brown, shoulder-length straight hair. When found she was wearing black shoes, a floral dress and a black polo neck jumper. Police had re-investigated the case in 1999, and in May 2000 Harry Pennells from East Sussex stood trial for her murder but was acquitted after a four-week trial.[100][101]


Year Name of victim(s) Location body found Notes
c.15 May 1980 Jessie Earl Eastbourne Aged 22, disappeared around 15 May 1980. Her skeletal remains were found 9 years later in April 1989 in bushes at Beachy Head. British Serial Killer Peter Tobin is now considered an official suspect in Earl's murder, as he lived in Eastbourne in the early 1980s. Police later commented, however, that they "cannot prove anything unless Tobin confesses".[102]
1981 Nude in the Nettles Yorkshire A woman's naked and decomposed body was found dumped in bushes next to a country road near Sutton Bank on 28 August 1981 after police received an anonymous tip off from a "well spoken man" who refused to give his name for "national security reasons".
1982 Roberto Calvi Blackfriars Bridge Italian banker, chairman of Banco Ambrosiano which collapsed in one of modern Italy's biggest political scandals, found hanged. The death was ruled as murder after two coroners' inquests and an independent investigation. In June 2007, five people were acquitted of his murder after a trial in Rome. See also "In God's Name", a book by David Yallop, which relates Calvi's murder, and the 'suiciding' of his secretary, to corruption and possibly the death of Pope John Paul I – Papa Albini.
14 August 1982 Gurcharn Singh Landa (known as 'John') Cyprus Road, Mapperley, Nottingham The 33-year-old Nottingham taxi driver was found dead in the early hours of Saturday 14 August 1982, having been stabbed 87 times. The police believe he was robbed of his takings and then stabbed, mostly in the chest. 11 people were arrested but no one charged. The father of eight was sent to Peel Street at about 4 am to pick up a passenger called 'Shelton,' who had rung from a phone box. Police believe he picked someone up before driving to Cyprus Road, about a mile away. At 4:05 am, a woman living on Cyprus Road heard a car brake suddenly and looking out of the window, saw the taxi rocking violently as though a fight was taking place. She also reported seeing a man searching the taxi's dashboard. She called the police then went to help but Mr Landa died shortly after police arrived. The police re-opened the case in August 2012.[103]
1983 Janice Carole Weston Cambridgeshire At 0900 hrs on Sunday, 11 September 1983, the fully clothed body of an unidentified female was found in a ditch adjacent to a lay-by on the northbound carriageway of the A1 road, approximately 1​12 miles south of the Brampton Hut roundabout, Cambridgeshire. The body was identified as that of Janice Weston formerly living in London, a solicitor and partner of a well established firm in Lincolns Inn, London. She was last seen alive on the previous day, at her office in London.[104]
17 April 1984 WPC Yvonne Fletcher Outside the Libyan Embassy, London WPC Yvonne Fletcher was patrolling the area just outside the Libyan embassy during a protest when shots were fired into the crowd killing her, and injuring 10 others. The official inquest into her death ruled that she was killed by automatic weapon fire from within the Embassy. After much tension, all staff were returned to their home country. The Libyan government accepted responsibility in 1999, but no one has ever been prosecuted for her death.[105]
1 June 1984 Mark Tildesley No body found Seven-year-old Mark Tildesley disappeared while visiting a funfair in Wokingham, Berkshire on the evening of 1 June 1984. He was lured away from the fair and his bicycle was found chained to railings nearby.[106] In 1991 it emerged that Mark had been abducted, drugged, tortured, raped and murdered by a London-based paedophile gang on the night he disappeared.[106][107]
8 December 1984 Lisa Hession Leigh, Greater Manchester 14-year-old Lisa Hession was attacked, sexually assaulted and strangled to death on Saturday 8 December 1984, as she walked home alone from a party. Her body was discovered just before midnight in Rugby Road, Leigh, 200 yards from the family home. Her mother, Christine, reported her missing when she failed to return home, but within a very short space of time, she received a call from the police to make her way to Leigh Infirmary and identify her daughter's body. Hession's clothing had been disturbed (suggesting a sexual motive), and she also had marks around her neck and a black eye. The case went cold, but advances in DNA technology allowed the swabbing of men in the Leigh and Wigan area to take place in 2011. However, nobody has been charged with the murder. Hession's mother died in 2016.[108]
9 December 1984 Peter Miller Great Yarmouth, Norfolk The 24-year-old was found stabbed in his kitchen by his brother. He died of one single stab wound to the chest. Although he had links to convicted criminals Andrew Hall and James Ventham, his murder was not linked to either of them. A CS canister was also found at the scene, believed to have been used by either Miller or his killer during a struggle.[109]
1985 Sandra Phillips Swansea The mother of four was found beaten and strangled inside the sex shop she managed, which was locked up. Two brothers were wrongly convicted and spent seven years behind bars before their 1992 release, after which police apologised for investigational failings. Reviews of the case in 2002 and 2004 turned up new information but no killer, and in 2009 it was announced that the investigation would cease unless and until new information surfaced.[110]
1985 PC Keith Blakelock London PC Blakelock was defending firefighters as they tended to a burning supermarket during the Broadwater Farm riot; he stumbled and was set upon by a mob with bladed weapons. Three men were convicted in 1987, but the convictions were overturned after forensic evidence suggested interview transcripts had been falsified. The officer in charge of the original investigation was cleared of inventing a statement by one of the accused.[111]
6 November 1985 Phil Nickson Stoke Newington, London A 32-year-old civil servant killed by a blow to the head in Newington Green Road at about 5 pm on 6 November 1985. An extensive police investigation including a reconstruction on the BBC programme Crimewatch failed to solve the case.
1986 Suzy Lamplugh Fulham, London Suzy was a British estate agent reported missing on 28 July 1986 (aged 25) in Fulham, southwest London, England. She was officially declared dead, presumed murdered, in 1994.
1986 John William Malthouse Cambridge John Malthouse, of no fixed abode, living in and around Cambridge for several years. On 22 August 1986 his body was found in toilets at Victoria Avenue, Midsummer Common, Cambridge. He had been the subject of an extremely violent assault.[104][112]
1986 Ann Ballantine Edinburgh Ann was a 20-year-old woman that was found in a canal wrapped in carpet. She had been raped then throttled. The killer kept her before dumping her in the canal.[113]
1986 Linda Cook Portsmouth A 24-year-old barmaid was raped and beaten to death in a school playground. Footprint evidence led to the conviction of an off duty sailor, Michael Shirley, and the case was dubbed the "Cinderella Murder". Shirley was sentenced to life in 1988, but eventually released in 2003 when DNA evidence proved he was not the killer.[114]
10 March 1987 Daniel Morgan Sydenham, Kent Daniel Morgan was found with an axe wound to the head in the car park of the Golden Lion pub. There are suggestions police corruption is linked to his death.[115]
28 March 1987 Helen Fleet Weston-super-Mare The brutal murder of Helen Fleet has left a lasting legacy in Weston-super-Mare. Many years since the frenzied attack, some townsfolk still fear returning to the beauty spot where she met her end. People continue to talk about the murder, apparently it was a motiveless attack on a defenceless pensioner.[116]
1987 Simon Dale Leintwardine, Shropshire The body of Simon Dale, a near-blind recluse and former architect, was found at Heath House, an isolated 17th century mansion on the Shropshire/Herefordshire border. Dale's corpse bore the marks of a savage attack believed to have been inflicted some two days earlier. His ex-wife, the Baroness de Stempel (née Susan Wilberforce), stood trial in July 1989 for the murder of her former husband (earlier charges of murder against two of the Baroness's children, Marcus and Sophia Wilberforce, had been dropped); she was found not guilty. No one else has ever been charged with the murder. The investigation coincidentally revealed a fraud committed by the Baroness against her late aunt, Lady Illingworth. Police investigating the fraud made a search of the grounds of Heath House for missing gold bullion said to be worth some £10 million, but nothing was ever found.[117]
23 March 1988 Debbie Linsley Victoria Station, London Debbie Linsley, 26, from Bromley was found murdered in the carriage of a Network SouthEast train at Victoria station. She had died from multiple stab wounds to the heart. The case was reopened in 2002 but no-one has so far been arrested. She lived and worked in Edinburgh and had been visiting her parents and brother Gordon. She got on the 14:16 train in an old-fashioned compartment from Petts Wood to London Victoria stations. Screams were heard between Brixton and London Victoria. The killer left traces of his blood at the scene but the murder weapon, thought to be a knife with a blade length of between 13 and 19 centimetres, was not found. There is a £20,000 reward for information.[118] The case led to Network SouthEast reconfiguring the interiors of their trains and removing the compartments from most workings.
20 April 1988 Inga Maria Hauser Ballypatrick Forest, near Ballycastle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland Inga Maria Hauser, 19, a German tourist, was found murdered in the remote Ballypatrick Forest area of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. She was last seen on the Stranraer to Larne ferry two weeks before her body was discovered strangled and sexually assaulted. Police have been able to identify a possible DNA profile of the culprit to a number of nearby villages but have been unable to obtain enough evidence to charge any suspects.[119]
18 June 1988 Marie Wilks M50 motorway, near Bushley, Hereford & Worcester Wilks, aged 22 and seven months pregnant, was driving the family's Morris Marina when the vehicle broke down on the M50 motorway. Leaving her 13-month-old son and 11-year-old sister in the car, Wilks walked approximately 700 yards along the hard shoulder to use the emergency telephone to call for help. At some point during the call, Wilks was abducted. She was found dead two days later, three miles from the location of the emergency phone (which had been found hanging down by its cord). Wilks had been stabbed in the neck. An artist's impression of the suspect resulted in the arrest and subsequent trial of soldier Eddie Browning, who spent five-and-a-half years in prison after being convicted of the murder in November 1989. He was ultimately released in May 1994 after the court of appeal ruled the conviction unsafe due to crucial evidence being withheld by the police. Browning received a £600,000 pay-out for wrongful imprisonment. In May 2018, Browning died aged 63. Reviews of the case have failed to uncover any other potential evidence or suspects.[120][121]
21 December 1988 Lockerbie bombing Scottish airspace On 21 December 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 from Heathrow to New York exploded over the Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing all 259 people on board and 11 on the ground. In January 2001, Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was found guilty of mass murder and jailed for life with a minimum term of 20 years. However, no-one else has been brought to court, leaving the case open. In August 2009, Megrahi was released from prison on compassionate grounds and returned to Libya due to advanced prostate cancer, from which he died in 2012. Some relatives of the dead welcomed the decision to release Megrahi, as they were convinced that he was wrongly convicted of the mass murder.[122]
February 1989 James Hassard Caol, near Fort William The badly beaten body of James "Jimmy" Hassard, 47, was found in a car park in the Highland village of Caol, near Fort William, in the early hours of Saturday, 18 February 1989. Mr Hassard had been drinking in the nearby Lochaber Bar between about 8 pm on Friday, 17 February and 1 am on Saturday. Despite a lengthy police inquiry, no-one has ever been caught. In 2010, Northern Constabulary said they are conducting a review into the murder in the hope that some new evidence may come to light and ultimately resolve the case.[123]


Year Name of victim(s) Location body found Notes
29 January 1990 Surinder Gill Hounslow, West London Surinder Gill was an insurance salesman drove a distinctive modified dark red Mercedes with the index plate 16 GLL. He was found stabbed to death in his car in Beavers Open Space, Hounslow. His murder was reconstructed on Crimewatch in April 1990.[citation needed][124]
June 1990 Leonard Gomm Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire Mr Gomm, 75, was a taxicab driver found stabbed to death in Hampton Gay, near Bletchingdon in Oxfordshire, at 10:50 am on 13 June 1990. His Ford Granada taxi was found five yards away. Mr Gomm had radioed his employers four hours earlier (at about 6:35 am) telling them he was taking a passenger to Bicester. Police believe he picked up the fare from Gloucester Green, Oxford. Two witnesses saw the victim driving his taxi with a passenger at around this time. No money or valuables had been taken from Mr Gomm or his taxi leaving the motive as to his murder a mystery. On the 20th anniversary of the murder, Thames Valley Police reported the uncovering of new forensic evidence which could shed light on the motive.[125][126]
3 August 1990 Ann Heron Aeolian House, Darlington The mother-of-three had her throat slit while sunbathing outside her family home. Her husband, Peter, found the body and was later charged with her murder but the case collapsed. Nobody else has been charged with the murder.[127][128]
December 1990 Steven Johnson Mow Cop, Staffordshire On 22 December, insurance salesman and part-time taxi driver Johnson was last sighted at 3:30 am collecting a fare in Hanley bound for Packmoor. His body was discovered by a dog walker four hours later with his throat cut 20 yards from his taxi.[129]
1991 Penny Bell Perivale, London Body found in a car in Gurnell Grove Leisure Centre car park. The victim was a 43-year-old businesswoman and mother of two, who was stabbed 50 times as she sat behind the wheel of her car.[130]
1991 Lynne Trenholm Boughton, Chester Trenholm was found dead in Pinky's massage parlour in Boughton, Chester, on 9 June 1991. She had been stabbed multiple times. Despite there being a solid fingerprint recovered from the scene, the police have no suspects and appeals are still made in an effort to solve Trenholm's murder.[131]
1991 Sandy Drummond Fife, Scotland Reclusive Drummond, 33, was found dead on a farm track close to the home he shared with his brother, an isolated cottage in St Andrews, Fife, on 24 June 1991. Just days prior to his death, Drummond had withdrawn large amounts of cash from his accounts, although the money was later found in the house. He had also resigned from his job three days before his death. On the day itself, he was seen running from his house to fields opposite carrying a blue sports bag which has never been found. At 2:30 pm, a man was seen on a bus near to Drummond's cottage with a blood stained bandage wrapped around his hand. This man was never traced. Several occasions before Drummond's death (and twice on the actual day), an orange Morris Marina was seen parked outside the cottage, but it is still unknown who owned this car or who visited him. Drummond's death was originally ruled as natural, but forensics later revealed he had injuries to his neck.[132]
1991 The Bolney Torso Bolney, Sussex In October 1991 a body was discovered in woodland off Broxmead Lane in Bolney, Sussex. The head and hands had been removed and the victim was never identified. In March 2009 police exhumed the body and gave a revised description of the victim. He was between 5 ft 6 and 5 ft 8 tall, well built and aged 35 – 45. Police issued pictures of his clothing, including a light-blue shirt, with a distinctive motif on its pocket.[133]
1991 Nicola Payne Coventry, West Midlands Nicola Payne, aged 18, went missing from the Wood End area on 14 December 1991. She was on her way to her parents' house from her home in Winston Avenue. She had a six-month-old son at the time of her disappearance. In June 2012 police began a search of parkland after being given new information.[134] On 20 June 2012, Nigel Barwell and his brother-in-law Thomas O'Reilly were arrested by the police[135] but later released.[136] On 27 January 2015, Barwell and O'Reilly were charged with her murder.[137] However, on 16 November 2015, Barwell and O'Reilly were found not guilty of murdering Payne[138] A tent which appeared to show DNA evidence against the defendants had been stored in uncertain conditions for a month and cross contamination was possible.[139]
January 1992 Tracey Meade Grand Union Canal London 20 January 1992, 14 year old Tracey Meade said good bye to her Mother (Kim) and went off to stay the night at her aunt's flat nearby. It happened so often that Kim didn't give it a second thought. Only Tracey never arrived. Twelve days later her body was found in the Grand Union Canal. She had drowned but was found to have been stabbed twice and police think it may have been a sexual motive as she was partially dressed and some of her clothes were found elsewhere. A reconstruction was done on Crimewatch in Apr 1992 [140] but police are no further to finding the killer. The family are still seeking answers and will continue to fight for truth of what happened to her and still hope one day her killer will be brought to Justice [141]
October 1992 Nikki Allan Sunderland Seven-year-old Nikki Allan was battered to death in the then derelict Exchange Building. George Heron, 24, a neighbour was subsequently charged with the murder. However at his trial the case collapsed as it was deemed that his confession had been gained by coercion. In 2006 police confirmed that the Nikki Allan murder was being reinvestigated by a "cold case" review team based at Northumbria police headquarters.[142] In September 2013, BBC's Crimewatch reconstructed a second appeal in an attempt to solve the case.[143]
November 1992 Natalie Pearman Norwich, Norfolk 16-year-old Natalie was strangled and her body dumped in woodland at Ringland Hills, on the edge of Norwich. At around 3:45 am on 20 November, a lorry driver taking a short cut through Ringland Hills spotted Natalie's body in a layby.[144] New information about the case were received in November 2012.[145]
December 1992 Johanna Young Watton, Norfolk On 23 December, 14-year-old Johanna left her home in Merton Road, Watton, at around 7:30 pm and was seen outside her local fish and chip shop half an hour later. The alarm was raised the following morning when she failed to turn up for her paper round and, on Boxing Day, her body was found in a freezing pond near her home and clothes and shoes discarded nearby.[146]
21 January 1993 Arthur Brumhill Northampton, Northamptonshire 76-year-old Arthur Brumhill's body was found in the basement of the pet and garden centre on Wellingborough Road, where he worked part-time by a fellow employee. He had died from several blows to the head caused by a blunt metal object, thought to be a tyre iron missing from the scene. The killer is suspected to have escaped out of an upstairs window with a small amount of money taken. An eyewitness described seeing Arthur with another man in his teens with "mousey-brown" hair, standing at about 5 ft 5in tall, in the shop the evening of the murder. Despite the case appearing on Crimewatch and several arrests being made the case remains unsolved to this day. On 21 January 2013, the 20th anniversary of the murder, police announced they were reviewing the case and hoped that advances in Forensic Analysis and DNA profiling could bring the killer to justice.[147]
1993 Doris Shelley Martlesham, Suffolk Pensioner Doris Shelley died after she was attacked in her own home at Martlesham, near Woodbridge on 11 February 1993.[148]
1993 Jean Bradley Acton, London Stabbed to death in Carbery Avenue. Victim was a 47-year-old businesswoman. A man was charged, but due to a lack of evidence the case was dropped.[149]
1993 Harry and Megan Tooze Llanharry, South Wales Shot at point blank range in their home at Ty Ar y Waun Farm. Jonathan Jones, the boyfriend of their daughter Cheryl was convicted of their murder, but the verdict was quickly overturned on appeal. Since then South Wales Police have made several attempts to solve the murder, but no further arrests have been made.[150]
1993 Karen Hales Ipswich, Suffolk 21-year-old Karen Hales was murdered in her own home in front of her young daughter. She had been stabbed and her body set on fire during a vicious attack on Sunday 21 November.[151]
1994 Chris Little Stockport Shot while driving his car. Arran Coghlan was charged but cleared; the next decade Coghlan went on to be charged and cleared in two other murders and with cocaine smuggling.[152][153]
1994 Lindsay Rimer Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire Teenager Lindsay Jo Rimer lived with her parents at Cambridge Street, Hebden Bridge. She was a pupil at Calder High School. At around 10 pm on 7 November 1994 she left home to visit the local Spar Supermarket in Crown Street, Hebden Bridge, to buy cornflakes. On the way to the shop she visited the Trades Club in Holme Street. According to CCTV footage in the supermarket Lindsay paid for the cornflakes at 10:22 pm. Five months later on 12 April 1995, her body was recovered from the Rochdale Canal, approximately one mile upstream from Hebden Bridge town centre.[154]
1994 Rikki Neave Peterborough Six-year-old Rikki's naked body was found in woodland near his home. He had been strangled. Rikki was last seen leaving his Welland estate home on 28 November 1994. His mother Ruth was convicted of child neglect and also initially charged with murder, but was cleared of the murder charge at court in 1996.[155] A man was arrested in April 2016 for his murder following a renewed investigation into the case in 2015, but police later confirmed he would not face charges.[156]
1994 Dr Michael Meenaghan (Spike) Blackbird Leys, Oxford A lecturer at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology at Oxford University, Dr Meenaghan, 35, was shot at about 4:30 pm at his end-terrace home on the Blackbird Leys estate in Oxford. Police called it an apparently motiveless attack. He was shot through the kitchen window of his home at 4:30 pm on 10 December by person or persons unknown.[157]
1994 Tracy Mertens Eaton, Cheshire Mother of two aged 31, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, who died 24 hours after being left on the steps of a church by her killers, who abducted her when she returned to pick up belongings from her former home in Nechells, Birmingham. She suffered horrific burns and was found by a man who heard her cries as he walked past the churchyard on 23 December 1994. It was a bitterly cold evening but her clothes were still smouldering. A petrol can was found nearby. Mertens was taken to hospital but died in the early hours of Christmas Eve.[158]
1995 Janet Brown Hall Farm, Spriggs Holly Lane, between Radnage and Chinnor, Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire border Aged 51, a mother of three who worked as a nurse in Oxford, was found gagged and handcuffed at her home.[159][160]
1995 Michael Doherty Port Glasgow, Inverclyde Michael was reported missing on 9 June 1995, and his remains were discovered on 7 August 1995. He had gunshot wounds to the head and his body was dismembered. According to the police there has never been enough evidence to convict anyone for the murder and the case still remains open.[161]
September 1995 Nobantu 'Mandy' Zani Druid's Altar, Harden Moor, Bingley, West Yorkshire The body of 15-year-old Zani was found on 30 September 1995 near to Druid's Altar. Police believe that she had been strangled with her own chiffon scarf. She had not been seen for three weeks, but had not been listed as missing as her mother thought she was staying with friends. The police investigation uncovered a double life, but an inquest could not say with absolute certainty how she had died due to decomposition of the body. However, because she had been covered with branches and leaves it is classified as an undetected murder.[162]
1995 Joy Hewer Walthamstow, London Hewer, 52, was stabbed and sexually assaulted at her own home on 17 October 1995. The retired primary school teacher was found dead after police and firefighters were called to a blaze at the sixth floor flat in St David's Court, off Parkstone Road, Walthamstow, at around 11:45 pm. Ms Hewer, a devout Christian, had suffered multiple injuries including a number of stab wounds. The murder remains unsolved but a £20,000 reward is on offer for information leading to a conviction.[163]
1995 Ian Stewart Grant Cambridge Grant was a night club doorman working in Cambridge. He was shot dead on waste ground near Fulborne Hospital in November 1995.[104]
1996 Alan Holmes Camden Found fully clothed and tied face-down to his bed by police on 4 January after being there for ten days; he died in hospital the next day. Several people had used his bank cards to steal £1,000.[164]
1996 Melanie Hall Bath Melanie Hall, a 25-year-old psychology graduate from Bradford Leigh, Wiltshire, disappeared in June 1996 after a night out in Bath. Her remains were found on a motorway slip road near Bristol in 2009. A man was detained as a suspect in November 2013.[165]
1996 Caroline Glachan Renton, West Dunbartonshire On the evening of Saturday, 24 August 1996, 14-year-old Caroline left the home she shared with her mother in Bonhill, a council estate in the Vale of Leven. Caroline was heading out to see friends in Renton. She was last seen alive at 11:30 pm at the Ladyton shopping centre in Bonhill. The following morning her severely battered body was found by a drug addict, hidden in shrubbery beside the river. She had been the victim of a seemingly motiveless, violent attack. There was no evidence of a sexual assault.[166]
1996 Richard Watson East Grinstead, Sussex On the evening of 10 December, business tycoon Richard Watson was shot dead by an unknown gunman as he arrived home. Charges were brought against the victim's wife and stepdaughter, but these were eventually dropped. (Sussex Police later apologised to the two women and acknowledged their total innocence.) Another suspect has since been identified, but no charges have yet been brought.[167]
1997 Billie-Jo Jenkins Hastings, East Sussex Foster father Sion Jenkins was originally convicted of murder in 1998. This conviction was quashed in 2004 and a retrial was ordered. The first retrial in 2005 and a second retrial in 2006 both ended when the juries were unable to reach a verdict. Jenkins was formally acquitted.
1997 Patricia Grainger Sheffield, South Yorkshire Mother aged 25, murdered and dumped in a brook close to woodlands.[168]
1997 Kate Bushell Exeter, Devon Schoolgirl Kate Bushell was murdered as she walked a neighbour's dog a short distance from her home in Exwick, on the outskirts of Exeter. Bushell, aged 14, set off from her home in Burrator Drive, at 4:30 pm on 15 November 1997. When she failed to come home, her parents called the police. A search located her body in a field next to Exwick Lane at 7:35 pm that evening. She had been brutally murdered.[169][170][171]
1998 Hannah Deterville Perivale, London The body of Hannah Deterville, a 15-year-old schoolgirl, was found mutilated at Horsenden Woods, Greenford on Monday 27 January 1998. She had been stabbed 20 times in the face and the neck. No motive could be found.[172]
28 February 1998 John Bennett Royston, Glasgow John Bennett, aged 26, was beaten and stabbed multiple times on Glasgow's Royston Road in an apparently "motiveless" killing. The attack occurred in broad daylight, in front of shoppers. Three men, including Glasgow gangster Ian McAteer, stood trial but were acquitted of the murder.[173]
7 March 1998 Elsie Viva Freeman Cambridge The body of Elsie Viva Freeman was discovered on her bed at her home address at Mill Road, Impington at about 1212hrs on Saturday 7 March by a member of the family.[104]
2 May 1998 Robin Charles Wood Northolt, West London Car dealer Robin Charles Wood, 47, was shot dead on his front doorstep on Saturday 2 May 1998. Mr Wood was at home with his partner and 10-year-old son in Northolt, West London, when there was a knock on the door at around 10:40 pm. His partner Kath Pribisevic answered it to find to a man calling himself Terry and asking to speak with Mr Wood. As the victim approached the front door he was shot in the neck with a sawn off shotgun. Mr Wood bled to death at the scene on the Racecourse Estate. The suspect, described as white, aged between 25-35, 5'7 in height, of slim build, with sharp facial features and wearing an unzipped dark-coloured anorak, was seen to run into Kempton Avenue. On the 15th anniversary of the murder, detectives offered a £20,000 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest and prosecution of the person responsible.[174]
1998 Julia Webb Sandiway near Northwich, Cheshire Housewife Julia Webb, 52, was battered with a blunt instrument while walking her dog near her home in Sandiway on 22 July 1998.[175]
1998 Lyn Bryant Truro, Cornwall Lyn Bryant was murdered as she was walking her dog along a country lane at Ruan High Lanes near Truro in Cornwall on 20 October 1998. Her body was found at 2:40 pm. She had been stabbed several times. Bryant's killing is said to be linked to the murder of schoolgirl Kate Bushell the previous year.[176]
1998 Saul "Solly" Nahome Finchley, London Nahome was shot at his home several times in the back; upon collapsing, he was shot again in the head. The case is believed to be linked to the disappearance earlier in 1998 of business associate Gilbert Wynter.[177]
1999 Steven Brown Tranent, Edinburgh The beaten and stabbed body of Steven Brown was found in Tranent, on the outskirts of Edinburgh on 21 February 1999. Nobody has ever been arrested for the murder.[178]
1999 Jill Dando Fulham, London On the morning of 26 April 1999, Dando left the home of her fiancé, Dr. Alan Farthing, and returned to her house in Gowan Avenue, Fulham, West London. As she reached her front door at about 11:30 am, she was shot once in the head.[179] Her body was discovered shortly afterwards by a friend, local resident Helen Doble, and she was taken to the nearby Charing Cross Hospital where she was declared dead on arrival at 1:03 pm BST. After a huge amount of press coverage and a 13-month investigation police arrested Barry George, a convicted sex offender, for her murder. Originally convicted on 2 July 2001 to life imprisonment George appealed against the conviction in November 2007. Following an eight-week hearing he was acquitted on 1 August 2008.[180]
1999 Mary Lazenby Bethnal Green Aged 80 and 4 feet 8 inches (1.42 m) tall, Lazenby was murdered on 22 May 1999 at her flat at Rochester Court, Wilmott Street, Bethnal Green. Her killer was possibly a man posing as a water board official. Lazenby was disabled, after a motorcycle accident had caused the loss of her left foot. Once a successful restaurateur in South Shields and known as the 'Curry Queen of South Shields', she had eventually lost her business and settled in Bethnal Green with her son and grandchildren.[181]
1999 David Scott London Scott, 30, was stabbed to death in a Tottenham underpass. In 2012 prosecutors dropped a case against Kwame Appiah for the murder on the basis of scientific evidence.[182]
1999 Vicky Hall Trimley St Mary, Suffolk Seventeen-year-old Victoria (Vicky) Hall went missing at about 2:30 am on Sunday, 19 September 1999, as she walked towards her home in Faulkeners Way, Trimley St Mary. Vicky's body was found, about 25 miles away, in a stream near Creeting St Peter (near Stowmarket) at 7:30 pm on Friday, 24 September 1999.[183]
1999 David Barnshaw Stockport The 32-year-old drug dealer was abducted and forced to drink petrol. He died in a burning car on 20 September 1999. Arran Coghlan – previously cleared of the murder of Chris Little – was prosecuted but cleared after it emerged the prosecution held undisclosed evidence concerning another possible suspect. Coghlan went on to be charged and cleared with a third count of murder and cocaine smuggling.[152]
1999 John Nisbett and William Lindsay Haddington, East Lothian The bodies of drug dealers John Nisbett of Craigneuk and William Lindsay of Motherwell were found on the outskirts of Haddington. It is thought they had been abducted, stabbed and shot, with their bodies then set on fire. It is said to be the outcome of a Glasgow drug war. No arrests have been made in connection with the case.[184]


Year Name of victim(s) Location body found Notes
2000 Frank McPhee Maryhill, Glasgow McPhie, himself twice cleared of murder, was shot by a sniper in a block of flats opposite his own as he returned home.[185]
2001 "Adam" River Thames Unknown boy, also known as the "Torso in the Thames" case.
c. 20 October 2001 Hugh Cameron River Skeagh, Glenarm Hugh Cameron's body was found in the river about a month after he went missing. He had been stabbed, beaten and possibly tortured before his death. It is believed the Ulster Defence Association were behind his murder, but nobody has ever been charged.[186][187][188]
12 May 2001 Andre Jan Aylward Valleyfield Road, Streatham Common North Andre Aylward was shot in his car.

He had been driving his black E28 5-series BMW, which had blacked out windows, along Valleyfield Road at about 2.10am on 12 May 2001 when six shots were fired from a handgun at his car. After the shooting, he lost control of his car and crashed into some parked cars and a garden.

He had been hit twice in the head and neck and was taken to King's College Hospital where he died around 4am.

A few minutes before the shooting a grey 7 series BMW car was seen alongside his and the police said that they were seeking to identify it. It was thought that the car had just previously been at a nearby BP petrol station at the top of Knights Hill, where it had bought some petrol.

It was thought that the attack might have been a case of road rage or mistaken identity.

He lived nearby in Streatham and was thought to have driven home from a friend's house where he had been, along Crown Lane and Streatham Common North to the junction with Leigham Court Road and then along Valleyfield Road.

The police said that they found nothing in his background to suggest that he had been involved in any criminal activity. They said that they thought that the reason for his murder was based on the events shortly before the shooting rather than any long running events or targeted gangland activity as it would not have been readily predictable that he would have been driving in that area at that time.

He was a pet shop manager at Oliver's Pet Supplies in Streatham Vale, and a car enthusiast. His BMW car had tinted windows, a lowered suspension and a loud car stereo. His murder was shown on Crimewatch in July 2001.[citation needed][189]

14 June 2001 Colin Beer North Hill, Plymouth Colin Beer died after being punched.

It was thought that he had been involved in an incident of road rage.

He had been out drinking at the Hyde Park pub in the Mutley district on Saturday 9 June 2001 and was seen walking along Mutley Plain, through the traffic, up to North Hill. It was thought that at some point he had become involved in an incident and a driver had got out of their car and punched him.

Colin Beer fell to the ground and suffered from a fractured skull after hitting his head. He died 5 days later in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth on 14 June 2001.

He had left the Hyde Park pub at 6pm and was seen walking in and out of traffic. He was seen to make contact with a wing mirror of a blue Peugeot 406 car, either hitting it or bumping into it. Witnesses then saw a man get out of a red Vauxhall Cavalier car at 6.15pm and hit Colin Beer. The car was said to have had an eight-inch black sticker on the offside of the boot. The driver was described as being aged around 30 years old, of a medium build, with a thin-face, short brown hair and a goatee beard. He was said to have been wearing a white shirt and blue or black jeans.

Colin Beer had lived in Devonport. This was shown in crimewatch July 2001.[citation needed][190]

5 November 2001 Michaela Hague Spitalfields, Sheffield Michaela Hague was a 25-year-old woman working as a prostitute. She was stabbed 19 times and her body dumped on wasteland at Spitalfields, near Sheffield City centre. She managed to give a description of her attacker as she lay dying in the arms of a police officer. She said her attacker was white and clean shaven with fair hair. He was wearing a wedding ring and drove a blue Ford Sierra car with a roof rack.[191]
21 November 2001 Brian Hardwick Colne Road, Huddersfield Brian Hardwick, 50, was gunned down at his place of work and the only evidence at the scene, was that of robbery. Mr Hardwick was shot in the head and chest at Huddersfield Car Electricals with a small calibre weapon, but not found until the following day.  He was seen by his colleagues washing his hands, ready to go home, but found his car had a flat tyre caused deliberately, so he prepared to change it. He was found the next day by the owner at 8am. Mr Hardwick had an argument earlier that day with a man who wanted his car electrics checking without making an appointment. Brian's killer, or killers, also took his cash card and used his PIN number to withdraw £350 from a cash machine at the Asda store on Bradford Road, Huddersfield, minutes after he was shot. The card has not been used since and has not been recovered. There have been arrests made but no convictions.[citation needed][192]
13 March 2002 Evan Jones York Road, Bristol Punched, kicked and attacked with a chain, a father-of-two was left for dead in a busy street just an hour after he enjoyed a quiet pint. The 46-year-old had enjoyed a drink in the Beaufort pub in York Road Montpelier just before 10pm.The weapon – believed to be a bike or a large dog chain – was never found.[citation needed][193]
13 March 2002 Exmoor Body in the Bag Winsford Hill, Winsford, Somerset The man's badly decomposed corpse was found on 13 March 2002 wrapped in bin bags, a green single bed sheet and a single duvet. He had been tied with a stereo wire that was found with the remains. He is thought to have died 2–3 years before being found. It is not clear if the body had been brought into the UK from abroad. In May 2002, Detectives appealed on Crimewatch UK in the hope someone would recognise him but nobody called in to say who he was. In September, a new reconstruction of the man's head was released in a fresh appeal to identify him. He was 25–35 years old with black or dark brown hair and 5 ft 8–5 ft 9ins tall. He was thought to be Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or North African. He was wearing a gold chain that had a 22-carat pendant with the verse 225 from the Koran, the Holy Text of Islam, inscribed in Arabic across it. In September 2006 a funeral was held for the mystery victim.[194]
28 March 2002 Michelle Bettles Norwich, Norfolk Mother of three small children, none of whom were in her care, Michelle was last seen alive in the Queens Road area of Norwich. Her fully clothed body was found in a woodland off Podmore Lane, Scarning, three days later.[195] In June 2012 criminologist Professor David Wilson suggested that the killer was serial killer Steve Wright, but police dismissed the theory.[196]
24 April 2002 Terry Morgan Ennerdale, Rugby, Warwickshire 69 year old grandad Terry Morgan was shot in the chest on the driveway of his home. Police think it was a contract killing. Mr. Morgan was an anti-drug campaigner for the local area and Police think his murder was connected to this. There were arrests but all were released without charge.[citation needed][197]
25 June 2002 Alex Blue Dowanhill, Glasgow A businessman from the city's west end, Blue was found outside his home with head injuries. He died two days later.[198] Blue ran a taxi business with an annual turnover of £7m. One theory is that he was the victim of a house buying scam. He told friends he was in the process of buying a new house and planned to view it the day after he was attacked. It was later discovered the home had never been on the market. Although nobody has been charged with the murder, Blue's mother and brother are convinced they know who murdered him. His brother said: "I know who was behind this but they got someone else to carry out their dirty work for them."[199]
October 2002 Julie Dorsett Walthamstow Dorsett, a 33-year-old prostitute, vanished in 2002 and her skull and upper body were discovered buried in an allotment in 2008. It is believed her remains were placed there shortly after she disappeared. In 2012 her former partner, Sinclair Lewis, was cleared of killing her and of burying her body.[200]
8 October 2002 Billy Sibbald A1, near Musselburgh Father of three Billy Sibbald went missing on 8 October 2002 from Joppa, Edinburgh, after telling his wife he was meeting business associates. Three months later, his decomposing body was found in woodland by a lay-by on the A1 near Musselburgh. There have been various theories for Billy Sibbalds murder including one that he may have been the victim of a gangland killing.[201] Due to a lack of information coming through to the police, nobody has been arrested for his murder.[202]
13 January 2003 David Warrilow Chelmsley Wood, Solihull The father-of-two suffered serious head injuries when he was run over as he tried to stop thieves taking his van from outside GB Singh's newsagents in Willow Way, Chelmsley Wood. His murder was shown on Crimewatch Feb 2003.[203]
3 February 2003 Margaret Muller Victoria Park, London Muller, 27, was fatally stabbed while jogging in the park. Police suspect she may have been targeted in a robbery gone wrong.[204]
4 February 2003 Paul Savage Mold, Wales 30-year-old postman who died after being attacked by two men while on his round in Mold, Flintshire. He had been struck on the head several times with a wooden baton and was found lying in a pool of blood on the driveway of the home of Flintshire councillor Ray Dodd. The police later said they knew why Savage was killed, but would not elaborate. There is a £100,000 reward for information.[205]
2003 Peter Stone Cottenham, Cambridgeshire Postman Peter Stone of Cottenham, a father of two, was attacked near the Chequers pub where he had been drinking on a Saturday night. He was found with serious head injuries in the early hours of the following morning. Stone was taken to Addenbrooke's hospital where he died.[104]
13 September 2004 Patrick Devine Claudy, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland Patrick Devine was found shot dead in his home at Stranagalawilly on 13 September 2004. The 51-year-old was a sheep farmer and part-time nurse. He was shot six times through his window as he ate his dinner and then at point-blank range three times in the head with a .22 rifle.[206][207]
November 2004 Alistair Wilson Nairn Alistair Wilson, 30, was shot dead on the doorstep of his home in Crescent Road, Nairn near Inverness in November 2004 one Sunday evening after his wife opened their door to the killer. Police have stated that they are not aware of a motive for the murder.[208] Detectives remain puzzled by some peculiarities of the crime. The killer had asked for Wilson by name, and then handed an envelope to Wilson, who took it back inside briefly before returning to the door where he was gunned down; it is unknown what was inside as the killer took it with him when he fled. Police revealed that the gun that killed Wilson was a rare CG Haenel Waffen 1920s pistol, often referred to as a "ladies" gun, and manufactured in Suhl, Germany.[209]
3 August 2005 Lucy Hargreaves Walton, Liverpool She was sleeping on the living room sofa at her home in Lambourne Road on August 3, 2005, when the killers struck. Three masked men burst into the address armed with a sawn-off shotgun and shot her twice in the stomach and once to the head from close range. Possibly to try to cover up the murder, the duvet cover Lucy was sleeping under was then covered in petrol and set alight. Gary Campbell, Lucy's boyfriend, was sleeping upstairs with the couple's youngest daughter Faye, and it is believed he could have been the intended target. He escaped the blaze by jumping with his daughter from an upstairs window.[210]
2005 Robert McCartney Belfast, Northern Ireland Robert McCartney, 33, was killed during an altercation in Magennis' Bar. He was dragged outside onto Verner Street in the centre of the city and beaten and stabbed. Allegations were made, particularly by friends and relatives of McCartney, that there was involvement of the IRA and Sinn Féin in both the murder and subsequent cover-up.[citation needed] McCartney died of his wounds the following morning.[citation needed]
March 2006 Carlton Alveranga and Richard Austin Salford The pair had been hired as hitmen to murder David Totton, and entered the Brass Handles public house to carry out their contract. Although Totton was shot, he survived. His assailants were then disarmed by the bar's patrons and shot dead with their own guns by a person or persons unknown. Alveranga and Austin's hirers were convicted of conspiracy to murder in 2007, but the actual killer or killers remain unidentified.[211]
July 2006 Jim Stanton Liverpool Stanton, a used car salesman, was shutting up shop after working late one Monday evening in July 2006, when at around 6 pm, two armed men burst into the car showroom where he worked and opened fire. Although Stanton's colleagues managed to escape to safety, Stanton was stuck behind his desk which was situated just metres from the back wall of the showroom, which subsequently resulted in him receiving a number of fatal shots. The person(s) responsible have never been traced, although police have suggested that they suspect Stanton was not the intended target of the attack. A £20,000 reward has been offered by Merseyside police.[212]
September 2006 Jessie James Moss Side, Manchester James was murdered in a drive by shooting in September 2006. It is believed his murder was a case of mistaken identity. Police have been worried about the lack of witnesses coming forward, possibly due to fear of the repercussions.[213]
February 2007 James Andre Smartt-Ford London On 3 February at 10:55 pm the Metropolitan Police received a call of a shooting at an ice rink, where around 300 were attending a disco. A youth had shot 17-year-old Smartt-Ford, who had staggered down stairs to the ice and collapsed. He died at midnight in hospital. Although there were multiple witnesses, the killer has not been identified.[214]
2008 Andrew Cunningham Earlsfield, London Andrew Cunningham, a 52-year-old convicted paedophile, was found stabbed with his genital mutilated in his caravan outside a haulage yard where he worked. Despite 500 witness statements and a £20,000 reward, no trace of the killer has been found. Police believe it was either a vigilante killing or a robbery.[215]
24 June 2008 Adam Chadwick Harehills, Leeds Father-of-one, Adam Chadwick, was shot when a masked gang tried to force their way into his sister's house. Mr Chadwick was watching a film at his sister's house in Clifton Mount, Harehills, when a woman knocked on the door and asked for "Michelle". She knocked again and three masked men tried to force their way in, shooting Adam in the struggle. Despite extensive appeals, including a reconstruction on the BBC's Crimewatch programme and a reward of £10,000, no-one has been convicted. West Yorkshire Police said the men were described as black and wearing masks and camouflage clothing. The woman with them was described as white, aged in her late 20s, around 5 ft 5ins (165 cm) tall with dark brown hair, olive skin and dark eyes.[216][217]
June 2009 Anthony Otton Fulham, London Otton, age 28, was killed by a single bullet through his heart just before 7 pm on 4 June 2009, as he left Geranium House, in Fulham Court, London. On the day of a wake for Darcy Bruce, who was gunned down outside Wandsworth Prison on 1 May, officers from the Metropolitan Police Homicide and Serious Crime Command offered a £20,000 reward for information leading to the killers' prosecution. Family members believe he was the victim of revenge shooting.[218]
2009 Paula Hounslea Fazakerley, Liverpool Paula Hounslea was a British victim of an unsolved murder. She had been missing since 22 August 2009 and her body was later found in a fire pit on the loop line cycle path in Fazakerley Liverpool on 5 May 2010 by a dog walker, the body was identified using Hounslea's medical and dental records.[219]
October 2009 Alan Wood Lound, Lincolnshire In October 2009, 50-year-old Wood was found dead in his home, tortured – possibly for financial details – and with head wounds and a slit throat. A £60,000 reward and televised appeals have not resulted in a prosecution.[220]


Year Name of victim(s) Location body found Notes
January 2010 Angel of the Meadow Angel Meadow, Manchester In January 2010, the skeletal remains of a woman were discovered hidden under multiple pieces of carpet in Angel Meadow, Manchester. A post-mortem revealed the decedent had suffered a fractured jaw, neck and clavicle prior to her death. Investigators believe the victim was most likely Caucasian aged 18 – 30, and that her murder had occurred between 1975 and 1988.[221]
2010 Niamh and Cayden Adams Buxton, Derbyshire Five-year-old Niamh and Cayden, aged two, died in a house fire. Police suspected the arsonist was their 24-year-old mother, Fiona, who escaped the blaze by jumping from a window with her third child, and she was charged. She was later cleared at Nottingham Crown Court of the children's deaths, as well as arson and inflicting grievous bodily harm. Derbyshire Police set up an independent review team after the verdict.[222]
2010 Daniel Smith Harrow Road, London Smith, 22, was shot dead as he left a takeaway. It is thought to be a case of mistaken identity. Two years later a jury cleared Kervin Kavuala, Shane Lewis, and Zeleke Forde of murder. Jonathan Yeboah was cleared of related gun crimes.[223]
2010 Imran Farooq Green Lane, Edgware, North London Farooq was found dead outside his home in London on 16 September from multiple stab wounds and head injuries.[224]
19 January 2011 Joseph Cummins Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley, Liverpool Cummins was shot in the back in the street by an unidentified assailant. The case was dubbed "murder in the mist" by police because of foggy conditions, and a £20,000 reward is available.[225]
February 2011 Lee Duncan Lauriston Place, Edinburgh Duncan's body was discovered in his flat in Edinburgh city centre. He had been bludgeoned to death with a hammer.[226] His neighbour Gary Parker was tried in court for the murder but he was found not guilty. The case remains unsolved.[227]
8 August 2011 Trevor Ellis Croydon, London During riots in London, Ellis and friends were caught up in a car chase with a group of looters. He was shot in the head shortly after.[228]
17 December 2012 David 'Les' Ross Corby, Northamptonshire David 'Les' Ross was found in his hotel room after having suffered injuries to his face, chest and arms, and had probably been rolled into a foetal position. Several people were arrested in the inquiry, but no one was charged. Police said the murder investigation remained open and detectives continued to visit potential witnesses.[229]
13 January 2013 Una Crown Magazine Lane, Wisbech Una Crown, 86 and a widow, was found dead in her bungalow on this date. She had been stabbed and set on fire, and had been robbed of her wedding ring and front door key. At least one suspect was arrested but nobody was ever charged.[230]
18 May 2013 Xhem Krasniqi Church Road, Hove Kransniqi, 31, was walking with his brother and nephew when the trio were shot at. Kransniqi died and the other two narrowly avoided injury. Edmond Nela, 32, was cleared of murder, two attempted murders, and possessing a gun illegally at a February 2014 trial.[231]
29/30 December 2013 Valerie Graves Bosham, near Chichester, Sussex Ms Graves, 55, was found dead by family members at a property at which she was house-sitting over the Christmas and New Year period. She was killed with a claw hammer which was found approximately 600 metres from the murder scene.[232]
24 July 2015 Aivaras Danilevičius Hawthorn Lane, Bracknell A body was found wrapped in bin bags and a blanket in Hawthorn Lane, Bracknell, on 24 July 2015. The skull was found to have two injuries indicating blunt force trauma. It is not known how the body got to Hawthorn Lane or who put it there. The man was thought to have been 30–40 years old at the time of his death between 2008 and 2013. In July 2016 he was identified as Aivaras Danilevičius.[233][234]
14 November 2015 Clocaenog Forest Man Clocaenog Forest, Wales On the evening of 14 November 2015, two brothers out camping in woodland found the body of a man who had lain dead for up to 20 years. Detectives believe he was murdered after being struck on the head at another location and then taken to the woods between 1995 and 2005.

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