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An unused highway may reference a highway or highway ramp that was partially or fully constructed but was unused[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] or later closed.[10][11][12] An unused ramp can be referred to as a stub ramp,[13] stub street,[2][14][15] stub-out,[2] or simply stub.[16][17] The following is a list:

Inside 128[edit]

A number of cloverleaf interchanges in the Boston area have a missing arm and overly wide bridges, reflecting an unbuilt highway. Many of these were imposed as a result of the moratorium on highways inside Route 128 imposed after the Boston Transportation Planning Review.




  • Interstate 95 was cancelled north of what is now the I-95/Route 128 and Interstate 93 junction. This cloverleaf has also been converted into a trumpet interchange, but grading for the cloverleaf and collector-distributor lane are still clearly visible. An extra bridge for a flyover from I-95 south to Route 128 south was also visible until mid-2008, when it was taken down. Portions of the roadway to the north, proposed as the Southwest Expressway, are paved and somewhat overgrown and can be traversed by foot today.[21] 1965 MassDPW map [23] Much of the northeastern end of the Southwest Expressway's intended right-of-way became the new routing for the southern end of the MBTA Orange Line in the late 1980s, at the time of the 1987 retirement and demolition of the Washington Street Elevated tracks that the Orange Line formerly ran on.




  • An old section of what was, at the time, Route 128 (now Interstate 93 after renumbering) sits in the Blue Hill Reservation as a walking trail. It is split into three parts by I-93, with the 1.25 mile section starting in Milton sometimes called Blue Hill River Road but is called Old Route 128 on the Blue Hills Trail Map north of the highway, a 0.3 mile section in between the north and southbound lanes (this section is closed to the public), and a 0.5 mile section south of I-93 terminating on West Street in Braintree.[23][26]

Outside 128[edit]


  • Route 57 ends abruptly at Route 187, with a stub continuation in the median. This is planned for further extension as a Southwick bypass as traffic may warrant.[24] [27]



  • Route 240 ends abruptly at Interstate 195 with an awkward cloverleaf-style design. From the air, the northern half has a cloverleaf-style interchange on the western half while the eastern half lacks any interchange. The southern half has a trumpet-style interchange. The bridge over 195 contains two lanes in each direction and the western lane over the bridge has a stub that ends shortly past the overpass. [29]



  • An old version of what became I-95 still exists running nearly a mile somewhat parallel (varying 150–350 feet east) between the Hale Street overpass and Storey Avenue (exit 57). The abandoned stretch was used for road surface marking practice and experimentation prior to the 1990s,[citation needed] but has since become too overgrown with weeds. [32]

West Stockbridge[edit]

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