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The Schuylkill Parkway freeway stub in Bridgeport

An unused highway may reference a highway or highway ramp that was partially or fully constructed but was unused[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] or later closed.[10][11][12] An unused ramp can be referred to as a stub ramp,[13] stub street,[2][14][15] stub-out,[2] or simply stub.[16][17] The following is a list:






  • An incomplete cloverleaf exists near the western end of the U.S. Route 422 Butler Bypass. The interchange makes up the Pennsylvania Route 356 exit and mark the latter route's northern terminus. Grading and preliminary paving was done to all of the planned entrance and exit ramps before what was to extend north of the interchange was canceled and the exit was reconfigured.[20][21]


  • There are ramp stubs at the current northern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 43. Traffic is funneled onto the ramps of Exit 54 (Pennsylvania Route 51). If the Mon–Fayette Expressway is completed, these stubs will eventually carry the highway to Pittsburgh and Monroeville.[22] The project is now in the "Final Design" phase, which will be followed by right-of-way acquisition.[23][24] New funding became available in 2013 to potentially finish the project, but one of the northern legs is expected to be canceled altogether.[25]

Clarks Summit[edit]

  • The Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike has a stub near its northern terminus. This stub was part of the original plan to connect the Northeast Extension to the New York state line.[26] After the passage of the Interstate Highway Act, plans to extend the toll road were abandoned. Currently, I-81 provides a direct connection from the northern terminus of Northeast Extension to New York.


  • The northern end of U.S. Route 219's freeway section also ends in a stub near Colver. The highway transitions onto ramps that lead to and from Plank Road. Northbound U.S. 219 continues towards Carrolltown as an undivided road.[27]


East Cocalico Township[edit]

Lancaster County[edit]


Marshall Township, Allegheny County[edit]

  • A stub exists on the exit ramp to U.S. Route 19 north from Interstate 79. This ramp was to connect with Brush Creek Drive and Thornhill Industrial Park. The ramp in use is the only direct connection I-79 north has to U.S. 19 north in the area.[22][37]


New Castle[edit]

  • At what is now Exit 13 along Interstate 376 and U.S. Route 422 once had two off-ramps on I-376/U.S. 422 westbound, with one u-turn ramp ("13A") serving traffic to U.S. Route 224 west into Poland, Ohio while the other ramp ("13B") served traffic to U.S. 224 east into New Castle. (Before 2008, the interchange also served as the eastern terminus of U.S. 224.) "13B" was permanently closed on September 10, 2010 after "13A" was reconfigured for both directions of U.S. 224 and was simply labeled "13".[40]



Ramp stub for 579 south to 380 east


  • Interstate 81 just west of Ravine has unused ramps and parking areas for rest areas on both sides of the highway.[57]

Robinson Township[edit]


  • U.S. Route 15 has mainline stubs where it meets U.S. Route 522 north of the city.[60] Northbound traffic is directed off before the bridge onto U.S. 522 to continue on U.S. 15. Traffic going south on U.S. 15 first crosses under the bridge and circles onto it by a cloverleaf interchange crossing the bridge. The highway continues past the bridge before dying off in the grass. There is also grading seen for more parts of the cloverleaf interchange.[61] Currently, there is a project to utilize the stubs. In 2003, the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway project was approved and construction began in 2016. Extending the bypass is only part of this project, but it is set to be an expressway that ties into the Pennsylvania Route 147 expressway just across the Susquehanna River as well as an extension of Pennsylvania Route 61 to Sunbury.[62][63][64]


  • U.S. Route 219 has a stub at the southern end of its freeway. Southbound traffic exits just south of Somerset, where it can continue southward on the non-freeway Route 219. Meanwhile, an unused stub of the freeway continues half a mile from the exit.[65] PennDOT plans to upgrade the remaining sections of Route 219 to freeway to the Maryland border in coming years.[66]

Tinicum Township[edit]

  • There are pylons and concrete foundations which formerly carried aerial ramps to the departure terminal entrances at Philadelphia International Airport. In 2002, these ramps were replaced by an at-grade approach, fed by newer ramps which provide access to both northbound and southbound Interstate 95.[12] In 2006, Pennsylvania Route 291 was rerouted to use Bartram Avenue and Island Avenue around the airport instead of the old Industrial Highway alignment due to runway expansion at the airport. Much of the original alignment has been repurposed for other uses, such as parking lots and the cell phone waiting lot, leaving several stubs and strips of empty pavement in between.[13]

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