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Valves are quite diverse and may be classified into a number of types.

Basic Types - by operating principle[edit]

The inside of an extremely large butterfly valve
Duplex ball valve
Three check valves in corrosion-resistant Hastelloy
Stainless steel gate valve

Valves can be categorized into the following types, based on their operating mechanism.

  • Ball valve, for on/off control without pressure drop. Ideal for quick shut-off, since a 90° turn completely shuts-off, compared to multiple 360° turns for other manual valves.
  • Butterfly valve, for on/off flow control in large diameter pipes.
  • Choke valve, raises or lowers a solid cylinder placed around or inside a second cylinder with holes or slots. Used for high pressure drops found in oil and gas wellheads, not to be confused with engine choke valve.
  • Diaphragm or Membrane valve, controls flow by movement of a diaphragm. Used in pharmaceutical applications.
  • Gate valve, mainly for on/off control, with low pressure drop.
  • Globe valve, good for regulating flow. Uses a cylinder movement over a seat.
  • Knife valve, similar to a gate valve, but usually more compact. Often used for slurries or powders on/off control.
  • Needle valve for accurate flow control.
  • Pinch valve, for slurry flow regulation and control.
  • Piston valve, for regulating fluids that carry solids in suspension.
  • Plug valve, slim valve for on/off control but with some pressure drop.
  • Solenoid valve, an electrically actuated valve for hydraulic or pneumatic fluid control
  • Spool Valve, for hydraulic control, similar to the choke valve

Basic Types - by function[edit]

Valves can be categorized also based on their function

Specific types[edit]

These are more specific types of valves, used only in particular fields or applications. Often they are subcategories of the classification by operating principle and by function.


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