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List of vampiric creatures in folklore

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This list covers the many types of vampires, vampire-like legendary creatures of global folklore or people that were supposedly vampires. It does not include any vampire that originates in a work of fiction.








  • GashadokuroJapan
  • Glaistig (Scotland)
  • Garkain (Australia)
  • Jure Grando (Croatia) first real person described as a vampire in historical records
  • Ghoul (Arabic lore) – "The Arabic stories of the ghole spread east and were adopted by the people of the Orient, where it evolved as a type of vampiric spirit called a ghoul."[21] Variants: Alqul (Arabia),[22] Aluga (Bible; Proverbs 30:15),[23] Balbal (Tagbanua, Philippines),[15] Ghoulas (Algeria);[21] Katacan (Sri Lanka).[24]














  • Talamaur – Australia
  • Thayé – Burma with the spelling variation:
    • Tasei
  • Tlahuelpuchi – Mexico with the following spelling variation:
    • Tlaciques





    • Not yet found

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