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Vegan media has been created since the coining of the term "vegan" by Donald Watson in 1944. It generally involves the discussion of the vegan philosophy and diet in relation to ethics, environmentalism, and nutrition.

Documentary films[edit]

Title Year Subject
To Love or Kill[1] 1996 Ethics
A Cow at My Table 1998 Ethics
Meet Your Meat 2002 Ethics
Peaceable Kingdom 2004 Ethics
Earthlings 2005 Ethics
A Sacred Duty 2007 Ethics
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home 2009 Ethics
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2010 Nutrition
Planeat 2010 Nutrition
Forks Over Knives 2011 Nutrition
Vegucated 2011 Ethics
Live and Let Live 2013 Ethics
Speciesism: The Movie 2013 Ethics
Cowspiracy 2014 Environment
Racing Extinction 2015 Environment
Unity 2015 Ethics
At the Fork[2] 2016 Ethics
Carnage 2017 Ethics
What the Health 2017 Nutrition
Dominion 2018 Ethics
The Game Changers 2018 Nutrition
The Invisible Vegan[3] [4] 2019 Nutrition

Short films[edit]

Short Films
Title Year Subject
The Herd[5] 2016 Ethics


Title Year Author Subject
Animal Equality[6] 2001 Joan Dunayer Ethics
Speciesism[7] 2004 Joan Dunayer Ethics
Animal Liberation 1975 Peter Singer Ethics
Bleating Hearts[8] 2013 Mark Hawthorne (author) Ethics
Change of Heart[9] 2011 Nick Cooney Ethics
The Sexual Politics of Meat 1990 Carol J. Adams Ethics
Eat Like You Care[10] 2013 Gary L. Francione Ethics
Eating Animals 2010 Jonathan Safran Foer Ethics
The End of Animal Farming 2018 Jacy Reese Anthis, Tom Rivera Ethics
The Lives of Animals 2016 J.M. Coetzee Ethics
Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows 2009 Melanie Joy Ethics



Youtube Channels[edit]

  • Earthling Ed.[12]
  • Rachel Ama.
  • Plant Based News.
  • Gaz Oakley - Avantgarde Vegan.
  • The Vegan View.

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