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Vegetarian Culinary Festival in Poznań, Poland, 2019

Vegetarian and vegan festivals are held around the world to promote veganism and/or vegetarianism among the public and to support and link individuals and organizations that practice, promote or endorse veganism or vegetarianism. Many of these events are also food festivals and/or music festivals and can also contain edutainment.


This is a list of notable vegetarian or vegan festivals.


Vendors at a Veganmania festival in Opole in 2016

Some vegetarian and vegan festivals are held in multiple countries at multiple times a year. These include:

In addition to these, many vegetarian or vegan festivals may call themselves 'VegFest', but these do not appear to have any international ties to each other.


In Austria, Veganmania festivals are held in:


  • Edmonton, Alberta. The first Edmonton VegFest was held on 30 September 2018, at the Ritchie Community League Hall and Outdoor Park. Admission was free. The nonprofit organization coordinating and hosting this annual event was Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta.[5]
  • Peterborough, Ontario. VegFest Peterborough has been held since 2017 at Millennium Park.[6]
  • Toronto, Ontario. The Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair has been held in Toronto at the Harbourfront since 1985. Around 2005 it attracted 15,000 to 20,000 visitors a year.[7][8][9][10]


In Croatia, Veganmania festivals are held in:

  • Zagreb. Officially known as the ZeGeVege Festival, held annually since 2008, organised by Prijatelji životinja ('Animal Friends').[11]

Czech Republic[edit]


Live cooking demonstration at VeggieWorld Paris 2019

In France, VeggieWorld festivals are held in:

  • Lyon. 3rd edition held in 2019.[14]
  • Paris. VeggieWorld Paris 2019 was the 7th Parisian edition and attracted over 8,000 visitors, which was 14% more than the 6th.[15]


In Germany, Veganmania festivals are held in:

VeggieWorld festivals are held in:

  • Berlin. VeggieWorld Berlin was first held in 2015 with 55 stands, which grew to 130 stands in 2019. The 2019 edition saw 10,000 visitors.[19]
  • Düsseldorf. The 5th edition was held in 2019.[20]
  • Wiesbaden (2011–2020). 10 editions of VeggieWorld have been held in Wiesbaden from 2011 to 2020, with the last attracting 13,000 visitors.[21] The next edition is scheduled to take place in 2021 in Frankfurt.[21]

Other festivals:

  • The Vegan Summerfest (German: Veganes Sommerfest) is a three-day vegan food festival that takes place on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin, co-organised by ProVeg International, Berlin Vegan and the Albert Schweitzer Foundation. The 2019 edition featured around 100 information and selling stands.[22]


Psy-Fi in Leeuwarden, Netherlands

The following festivals in the Netherlands are focused on vegetarian and vegan food, community and activism:

The following Dutch music festivals have made a conscious decision not to sell any meat on the festival terrain:

Organisers indicated their motives were sustainability and environmental protection; aside from dropping meat sales, they also focused on reducing the use of disposable products and electricity.[27][28]


The first edition of Veganmania held in Poznań, Poland, 2014

In Poland, the Otwarte Klatki ('Open Cages') association organises Veganmania festivals in several different cities:[30]

Veganmania in Poland has been held in 8 major cities, with the 2019 Łódź edition attracting over 3,000 visitors.[32] Aside from these, there was also a Vegetarian Culinary Festival in Poznań in 2019.


BeGeVege Festival - the first vegan festival in Serbia takes place annually since 2015 on Nikola Pašić square, one of the biggest squares in the centre of Belgrade. The festival is organised by the animal rights association "Sloboda za životinje" (Freedom for animals").


A tour around the 2016 edition of Veganmania in Aarau

In Switzerland, Veganmania festivals are held in:

  • Aarau. Veganmania in Switzerland has been organised by Swissveg since 2011. The 2016 edition attracted 5,000 visitors, making it the largest of all vegan festivals in Switzerland. Previous editions were held in Winterthur, but due to a lack of space to accommodate the attendees, the organisation chose to move the festival to Aarau.[35][36]
  • Gossau, St. Gallen. The Gossau Veganmania, organised by Swissveg, was held first in 2017, then featuring 60 stands.[37]

United Kingdom[edit]

Audience at VegFest Bristol 2012

VegfestUK is an annual vegan food festival held each year in various cities, starting in 2013.

United States[edit]

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