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This is a list of vehicles and aircraft used by the United States Marine Corps,[1][2] for combat, support, and motor transport.


The below list contains vehicles confirmed to be in service as of early 2022.[3] This list may not include stored or limited use equipment.

Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
Infantry fighting vehicles
LAV-25 LAV-25 armored vehicle.jpg Canada Canada

United States United States

Infantry fighting vehicle Armored-reconnaissance (LAV-25) 488
Command and control (LAV-C2) 66
Logistics cargo carrier (LAV-LOG) 127
Electronic warfare (LAV-MEWSS) 14
Recovery (LAV-R) 45
Anti tank (LAV-AT) 106
Self-propelled mortar (LAV-M) 65
Light Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Reconnaissance (LAV-JSLNBCRS) 31
AAV-7 170606-N-PF515-398 (34973155842).jpg United States United States Armoured personnel carrier Amphibious armoured personnel carrier (AAV-7A1) 1,200 To be replaced by ACV.
Recovery (AAVRA1) 60
ACV Amphibious Combat Vehicle 180619-M-ZZ999-201.jpg United States United States

Italy Italy

Infantry fighting vehicle 54 Undergoing operational testing.
Self-propelled artillery
M142 HIMARS M142 himars.jpg United States United States Rocket artillery
Transport vehicles
FMTV MTV-of-the-New-Jersey-National-Guard.jpg United States United States Transport vehicle
MTVR MTVR MAS Pretendo.JPG United States United States Transport vehicle Troop transport (MK-23/MK-25/AMK-23/AMK-25/MK-27/MK-28/AMK-27/AMK-28/MK-28C) 11,400 [4]
Dump truck (MK-29/MK-30/AMK-29/AMK-30)
Medium equipment transporter (MK-31/MK-32/AMK-31/AMK-32)
Wrecker (MK-36/AMK-36)
M142 HIMARS Resupply truck with crane (MK-37)
M142 HIMARS trailer (MK-38)
LVS US Navy 050418-M-1964R-008 U.S. Marines assigned to Transport Service Battalion arrive at Chuc Samet port in support of the debarkation of the Military Sealift Command (MSC) Ready Reserve Force roll-on-roll-off ship MV Cape Hor.jpg United States United States Transport vehicle Front power unit (MK-48)
Flatbed trailer (MK-14)
Wrecker (MK-15)
Tractor (MK-16)
Flatbed with crane (MK-17)
Self-loader (MK-18)
LVSR Five days, two pairs of socks later, Marine convoy operations in Afghanistan 131022-M-ZB219-479.jpg United States United States Transport vehicle Cargo (MKR-18)
Tractor (MKR-16)
Wrecker (MKR-15)
Cougar MRAPs Arrive in Kuwait DVIDS67332.jpg South Africa South Africa

United States United States

Mine resistant ambush protected vehicle 1,725
JLTV JLTV-DEC14-4999.jpg United States United States Light tactical vehicle Heavy guns carrier (M1278 JLTV-GP) 3,700
Utility (M1279 JLTV-UTL)
General purpose (M1280 JLTV-GP)
Close combat weapons carrier (M1281 JLTV-CCWC)
M-ATV M153 CROWS mounted on a U.S. Army M-ATV.jpg United States United States Light tactical vehicle 704
HMMWV M1151.jpg United States United States Light utility vehicle Troop transport (M1123)
Heavy cargo truck (M1097A2)
Armament carrier (M1043A2)
TOW carrier (M1045A2)
Ambulance (M1035A2)
Ambulance (M997A2)
Armament carrier (M1114)
Armament carrier (M1151)
Heavy cargo truck (M1152A1)
Troop transport (M1165)
TOW carrier (M1167A1)
M1161 Growler USMC Growler.jpg United States United States Light utility vehicle
M1163 Prime Mover USMC ITV ESS.jpg United States United States Light utility vehicle
MRZR Hunter vehicle tested during MFIX-17.jpg United States United States Light utility vehicle
Engineering and support vehicles
M1150 ABV Assault Breaching Vehicle 141020-A-JI163-678.jpg United States United States Military engineering vehicle 42
Buffalo Counter IED training 130220-A-ZR192-423.jpg United States United States Military engineering vehicle 38
Husky USMC-090120-M-8478B-004.jpg South Africa South Africa Military engineering vehicle
M60 AVLB M60A1 Armored Vehicle Landing Bridge.jpg United States United States Military engineering vehicle 30
M9 ACE M9 Armored Combat Engineer.jpg United States United States Military engineering vehicle
Oshkosh-p19r 1.jpg
United States United States Fire-fighting vehicle


F/A-18 Hornet[edit]


Inventory: 168

  • F/A-18B/D fighter/attack

Inventory: 72

F-35 Lightning II[edit]

  • F-35B STOVL fighter/attack

Inventory: 353

  • F-35C carrier variant fighter/attack

Inventory: 67

AV-8 Harrier[edit]

AV-8B Harrier II on the deck of USS Nassau (LHA-4)
  • AV-8B Harrier II fighter/attack

Inventory: 101

  • TAV-8 Harrier trainer

Inventory: 16

KC-130 Hercules/Super Hercules[edit]

KC-130J Hercules

Inventory: 57

Inventory: 7

AH-1Z Viper

AH-1 Cobra[edit]

Inventory: 96

UH-1 Iroquois[edit]

Inventory: 140

CH-53E Super Stallion[edit]

CH-53E Super Stallion

Inventory: 141

MV-22 Osprey[edit]

MV-22B Osprey
  • MV-22B Osprey cargo/passenger tiltrotor

Inventory (Planned total): 348

Unmanned aerial vehicles[edit]

ScanEagle UAV

Testing/Limited Use[edit]


HMMWV replacement[edit]

FPI Cougar HE in testing

Accepted for short term partial replacements until development of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is complete (see also: Medium Mine Protected Vehicle)

MRAP-MRUV (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected - Mine Resistant Utility Vehicle)

MRAP-JERRV (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected - Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal Rapid Response Vehicle)

MRAP M-ATV (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected-All Terrain Vehicle)


Marine One


Wheeled Vehicles[edit]

M997A2 HMMWV ambulance
  • Humvee Base fleet (1984–1993):
    • M998/M1097 troop/cargo/MRC radio truck
      • AN/MRC-XXX (110/135/138/140/142/145/148) Radio vehicles
      • AN/USQ-70 PADS (Position Azimuth Determining System) survey vehicle
    • M1097 heavy cargo truck
    • M1037/M1042 S250 electronic shelter carrier
    • M1043/M1044 armament carrier
    • M1045/M1046 TOW missile carrier
    • M1035 2-litter ambulance
    • M997 4-litter ambulance
M38 Jeep

Tracked Vehicles[edit]

M50 Ontos


  • M108 Self Propelled Howitzer
  • M109 Self Propelled Howitzer
  • M110 Self Propelled Howitzer
  • M91 Multiple Rocket Launcher
  • MIM-23 Hawk Medium-Range Surface-to-air Missile System


F4U Corsair
A-4 Skyhawk
H-34 Choctaw
OV-10A Bronco
RQ-2 Pioneer

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