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The following is a list of known veterans of the First World War (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918) who died in 2008.

Veterans by country of service - 17 veterans[edit]

On 17 March 2008, despite the existence of Pierre Picault, Fernand Goux and an anonymous veteran, Lazare Ponticelli received a French state funeral as the last poilu officially recognized by the French government.[1] On 3 April 2008, Yakup Satar was similarly honoured in Turkey,[2] as was Italy's Delfino Borroni on 29 October 2008.[3]

Country served Name Born Died Notes
 Austria-Hungary Künstler, Franz 24 July 1900 27 May 2008 (107) Last Austria-Hungarian and Central Powers World War I veteran. Born in Hungary. Served in Italian Front. Also served for Hungary in World War II. Moved to Germany in 1946. Germany's oldest man.[4][5]
 France Cambefort, Raymond 11 February 1900 16 January 2008 (107) Excluded from French government lists, because did not fight for at least three months in combat service. Signed up on 28 August 1918.[6]
 France de Cazenave, Louis 16 October 1897 20 January 2008 (110) Was thought to be the last World War I veteran born in France until another veteran, Fernand Goux, was discovered. France's oldest man.[7][8]
 France Goux, Fernand 31 December 1899 9 November 2008 (108) Last World War I veteran born in France. Served in 85th, then 82nd Infantry. Called up on 19 April 1918 to supply the troops and bury the dead. In trenches on 3 November. Excluded from French government lists, because did not fight for at least three months in combat service. Lived in the Paris Region.[9][10]
 France Picault, Pierre 27 February 1899 20 November 2008 (109) Served in the French Army 83rd Artillery. Called up on 15 April 1918 as 2nd class gunner. Excluded from French government lists. Lived in Bou, Loiret. France's oldest man.[11]
 France &  Italy Ponticelli, Lazare 24 December 1897 12 March 2008 (110) Third to last veteran to have fought in French and Italian armies. Born in Italy. Fought in French Army from 1914–15 and Italian Army from 1915-18. Oldest living Italian born and French male upon death.[12]
 German Empire Kästner, Erich 10 March 1900 1 January 2008 (107) Last World War I German Empire veteran and born in Germany. Enlisted in July 1918. Sent to Western Front to fight in France. Serving as a Major in ground support for the Luftwaffe in World War II.[13][14][15]
 Italy Borroni, Delfino Edmondo 23 August 1898 26 October 2008 (110) Last Italian World War I veteran. Signed up in January 1917. Served in Italian Army, 6th Bersaglieri Bologna. Lived in Castano Primo, near Milan.[16]
 Italy Chiarello, Francesco Domenico 5 November 1898 27 June 2008 (109) Joined the Italian army in 1918 as a member of the 19th infantry regiment from Cosenza. Fought in the final Battle of Vittorio Veneto.[17][18]
 Ottoman Empire Satar, Yakup 11 March 1898 2 April 2008 (110) Last World War I veteran who fought for the Ottoman Empire. Born in Crimea. Enlisted in 1915. Taken prisoner in 1917 in Baghdad campaign by the British.[19]
 Russian Empire Krichevsky, Mikhail Efimovich 25 February 1897 26 December 2008 (111) Served for Russia. Joined up in 1917. Accounts differ as to whether he was sent to the Austro-Hungarian front. After the October Revolution returned home. Ukraine's oldest man. Lived in Donetsk.[20][21]
 Poland Wycech, Stanisław 27 June 1902 12 January 2008 (105) Poland's last known veteran of World War I. Messenger in 1915, aged 13. Saw action on 10 November 1918. Called back in 1919 to fight the Bolsheviks. Lived in Warsaw.[22]
 United Kingdom Campany, Ivy Lillian 23 September 1901 19 December 2008 (107) Penultimate female veteran of any country. Joined Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps during World War I. Fire-watcher in World War II. Lived in Margate, Kent.[23]
 United Kingdom Lucas, Sydney Maurice (Syd) 21 September 1900 4 November 2008 (108) Served in the 45th Sherwood Foresters. Did not see action (was still in training). Moved to Australia in 1928 and served in the Australian Army in World War II.[24]
 United Kingdom Powers, Gladys 10 May 1899 15 August 2008 (109) Third to last female World War I veteran and last World War I veteran living in Canada. Born in England. Barracks waitress in the WAAC, and later in the WRAF. Moved to Canada in 1920. Lived in Abbotsford, British Columbia.[25][26]
 United Kingdom Stair, Stanley Charles October 1900 April 2008 (107) Last World War I veteran from the British West Indies Regiment. Infantryman with the rank of Private. Awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. Lived in Animal Hill, Lucea, Jamaica.[27]
 United States Landis, Harry Richard 12 December 1899 4 February 2008 (108) Joined United States Army in October 1918 in the Student Army Training Corps. Did not finish basic training. Discharged in December 1918. Lived in Florida.[28][29]

Unverified World War I veterans - 1 veteran[edit]

Listed here is veterans who were not verified by government sanctions as a World War I veteran.

Country served Name Born Died Notes
 United States Olin, William 28 August 1904 12 September 2008 (104) Claimed to have enlisted at age thirteen into the United States Army. Lived in Chicago, Illinois.

World War I-era veterans - 4 veterans[edit]

Listed here are those that joined the armed services after the Armistice date, but before the Treaty of Versailles was signed, or where there is debate on their join-date, or whose military service is sometimes viewed as outside the scope of "World War I", but are considered World War I-era veterans by the press or by their respective governments, or served in a related conflict.

Country served Name Born Died Notes
 France Gourraud, Georges 5 October 1900 18 October 2008 (108) Last French World War I-Era veteran, Called up by the French Army on Armistice Day 1918. Lived in the Vendée.[30]
 Italy Bisaro, Giobatta 7 October 1900 7 March 2008 (107) Last Italian World War I-Era veteran. Enlisted just after the end of the war. Lived in Dignano (Friuli, Northeast Italy).[31]
 United States Matthews, Floyd Huston (Skipper) 3 February 1903 24 February 2008 (105) Enlisted in Navy a month before the Treaty of Versailles, and so was still in training. Lived in Florence, Alabama.[32]
 Poland Salacki, Aleksandr 12 May 1904 5 April 2008 (103) Last survivor of the Lwów Eaglets, who fought in Lviv 1918-1919.

Totals - 22 veterans[edit]

  • Verified veterans - 17
  • Unverified veterans - 1
  • World War I-Era veterans - 4

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