List of video games developed in the Netherlands

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This is a list of released and upcoming video games that are developed in the Netherlands. The list is sorted by game title, platform, year of release and their developer. This list does not include serious games.

Title Platform Year Developer
In den Beginne Commodore 64 1984 Radarsoft
Steen der Wijzen Commodore 64 1984 Radarsoft
Tijdreiziger Commodore 64 1984 Radarsoft
Space Mates Commodore 64 1984 Radarsoft
Snoopy Commodore 64 1984 Radarsoft
De Sekte Commodore 64 1985 Radarsoft
Eindeloos (aka Endless) Commodore 64 1985 Radarsoft
Dr.J Commodore 64 1985 Radarsoft
Hollandtis Commodore 64 1985 Radarsoft
Oh Shit! (aka Oh No!) MSX 1985 Aackosoft
Boom! MSX 1985 Aackosoft
North Sea Helicopter MSX 1985 Aackosoft
Ultra Chess MSX 1985 Aackosoft
Jet Bomber MSX 1985 Aackosoft
Fraxxon Philips P2000 1986 LBK Production
Hopper MSX 1986 Eaglesoft
Hopeloos (aka Hopeless) Commodore 64 1986 Radarsoft
Balletje Balletje Commodore 64 1986 Radarsoft
Revolverheld Commodore 64 1986 Radarsoft
Noach 3000 Commodore 64 1986 Radarsoft
Topless Commodore 64 1986 Radarsoft
Sprinter (aka The Train Game) MSX 1986 The ByteBusters
Smack Wacker (aka Mr. Jaws) MSX 1986 The ByteBusters
Balletje De Luxe Commodore 64 1987 Radarsoft
Zone 7 part II Commodore 64 1987 Radarsoft
Skooter MSX 1988 The ByteBusters
Horror Hotel MS-DOS 1988 Radarsoft
Hawkeye Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64 1988 Boys without Brains
Flimbo's Quest Amiga, Commodore 64 1990 Euphoria
Ziriax Amiga 1990 The Whiz Kidz
Zarathrusta Amiga 1991 The Whiz Kidz
Lost in Amsterdam MS-DOS 1992 Radarsoft
Tangram CD-i 1992 EagleVision Interactive
Hoi AGA Amiga 1992 Team Hoi
Steel Machine CD-i 1993 The Vision Factory
Alien Gate CD-i 1993 The Vision Factory
Disposable Hero Amiga 1993 Euphoria
Eggbert in Eggciting Adventure MSX 1994 Fony
Clockwiser MS-DOS, Amiga, Amiga CD32, Android (2010) 1994 Team Hoi
Lingo CD-i 1994 The Vision Factory
Christmas Crisis CD-i 1994 DIMA
Dimo's Quest CD-i 1994 The Vision Factory
Jazz Jackrabbit MS-DOS 1994 Arjan Brussee/Orange Games
The Apprentice CD-i 1994 The Vision Factory
Dream Prisoner MS-DOS 1995 Procurion 9
Yogho!Yogho! MS-DOS 1995 Euphoria
Family Games CD-i 1995 DIMA
Family Games II: Junk Food Jive CD-i 1995 DIMA
Christmas Country CD-i 1995 Alex van Oostenrijk, Alex Lentjes
Super Worms MS-DOS 1995 Wiering Software
Uncover featuring Tatjana CD-i, Windows 1996 The Vision Factory
Lucky Luke: The Video Game CD-i 1996 The Vision Factory
Charlie the Duck MS-DOS 1996 Wiering Software
De Zaak van Sam CD-i 1997 NOB Interactive, HUB
Moon Child Windows, iOS (2012) 1997 Team Hoi
A2 Racer Windows 1997 Davilex Games
Red Cat-series Windows 1997 Davilex Games
Tetsuo Gaiden CD-i 1997 Creative Multimedia/DIMA
Whack-a-Bubble CD-i 1997 Creative Multimedia/DIMA
Accelerator CD-i 1997 The Vision Factory
Golden Oldies I: Guardian & Invaders CD-i 1997 The Vision Factory
Golden Oldies II: Blockbuster & Bughunt CD-i 1997 The Vision Factory
Zenith CD-i 1997 Radarsoft
Sint Nicolaas MS-DOS 1998 Wiering Software
The Lost Ride CD-i 1998 Lost Boys Games
A2 Racer II Windows 1998 Davilex Games
Dodgem Arena PlayStation 1998 Lost Boys Games
WK '98 Voetbal Avontuur Windows 1998 Davilex Games
Age of Wonders Windows 1999 Triumph Studios
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Windows 1999 Orange Games
London Racer PlayStation 1999 Davilex Games
Moorhuhn (aka Crazy Chicken) Windows 1999 Witan Entertainment
Amsterdoom Windows 2000 Davilex Games
Rhino Rumble Game Boy Color 2000 Lost Boys Games
Big Brother The Game Windows 2000 Lost Boys Games
Hooligans: Storm Over Europe Windows 2000 DarXabre
A2 Racer III Europa Tour Windows 2000 Davilex Games
Vakantie Racer Windows 2000 Davilex Games
Toki Tori Game Boy Color 2001 Two Tribes
Worms World Party Game Boy Advance 2001 Two Tribes
Tiny Toon Adventures: Dizzy's Candy Quest Game Boy Color 2001 Lost Boys Games
Keep the Balance Game Boy Color 2001 Karma Studios
Europe Racer Windows 2001 Davilex Games
A2 Racer IV The Cop's Revenge Windows 2001 Davilex Games
Euro-Man Windows 2001 Engine Software
Charlie II Windows 2002 Wiering Software
Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne Windows 2002 Triumph Studios
Invader Game Boy Advance 2002 Lost Boys Games
Black Belt Challenge Game Boy Advance 2002 Lost Boys Games
Suske & Wiske De Tijdtemmers Game Boy Color 2002 Witan Entertainment
Knight Rider: The Game Windows, PlayStation 2 2002 Davilex Games
Rocky Game Boy Advance 2002
Miniconomy Windows 2002 Trade Games International
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic Windows 2003 Triumph Studios
Beach King stunt Racer Windows, PlayStation 2 2003 Davilex Games
Coronel Indoor Kartracing Windows 2003 Engine Software
Fantom Overdrive N-Gage 2003 Overloaded
Road Rage 3 PlayStation 2 2003 Phoenix Games
Olaf & Elmar in the Castles of Nabokos Windows 2004 Wiering Software
Downforce Game Boy Advance 2004 Karma Studios
Knight Rider 2: The Game PlayStation 2, Windows 2004 Davilex Games
Killzone PlayStation 2 2004 Guerrilla Games
Alpha Black Zero Intrepid Protocol Windows 2004 Khaeon
Cyclone Circus PlayStation 2 2004 Playlogic Entertainment
Shellshock: Nam '67 Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox 2004 Guerrilla Games
Wade Hixton's Counter Punch Game Boy Advance 2004 Engine Software
ATV Mud Racer Windows 2005 Team6 Game Studios
London Racer Destruction/Police Madness Windows, PlayStation 2 2005 Davilex Games
Pizza Dude Windows 2005 Team6 Game Studios
Summer games Mobile game 2005
EuroCops Windows 2005 CrazyFoot Gamestudio
Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek Windows 2006 Submarine
Ship simulator Windows 2006 VSTEP
Bonk's Return Mobile Phone 2006 Two Tribes
Xyanide Xbox 2006 Playlogic Entertainment
Killzone Liberation PlayStation Portable 2006 Guerrilla Games
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties Windows, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS 2006 Two Tribes
Delicious Windows 2006 Zylom Studios
Overlord Windows, Xbox 360 2007 Triumph Studios
My Horse and Me Windows, Wii 2007 W!Games
Delicious 2 Windows 2007 Zylom Studios
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Nintendo DS 2007 Engine Software
Stateshift PlayStation Portable 2007 Engine Software
Xyanide Resurrection PlayStation Portable 2007 Playlogic Entertainment
Worms: Open Warfare 2 Nintendo DS 2007 Two Tribes
Iron Grip: Warlord Windows 2008 ISOTX
Dragon Hunters Nintendo DS 2008 Engine Software
Circular Assault iPhone 2008 NotTheFly
The Chronicles of Spellborn Windows 2008 Spellborn International
Rubik's Puzzle World Wii 2008 Two Tribes
Toki Tori WiiWare 2008 Two Tribes
Bang Attack WiiWare 2008 Engine Software
GoPets: Vacation Island Nintendo DS 2008 Engine Software
Overlord: Raising Hell Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 2008 Triumph Studios
Delicious: Emily's Tea Garden Windows 2008 Zylom Studios
de Blob Wii 2008 concept by Utrecht School of the Arts
Star Defense iPhone 2008 Rough Cookie
Iron Grip: Lords of War Windows 2009 ISOTX
Adam's Venture Windows, PlayStation 3 2009 Vertigo Games
Killzone 2 PlayStation 3 2009 Guerrilla Games
Pluk van de Petteflet Nintendo DS 2009 Triangle Studios
Sunshine Beach Volleyball Windows 2009
Snakeworlds Windows 2009 Patrick Kooman
Mega Mindy Nintendo DS 2009 thePharmacy
Rush Rush Rally Racing Dreamcast, WiiWare 2009 Senile Team
Heron: Steam Machine WiiWare, iOS 2009 Triangle Studios
Delicious: Emily's Taste of Fame Windows 2009 Zylom Studios
Swords & Soldiers WiiWare 2009 Ronimo Games
Overlord II Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 2009 Triumph Studios
Rocket Riot Xbox Live Arcade 2009 Codeglue
Campfire Legends - The Hookman Windows 2009 Zylom Studios
Fairytale Fights Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 2009 Playlogic Entertainment
Quest Braintainment Nintendo DS 2010 thePharmacy
Het Huis Anubis - De donkere Strijd Nintendo DS 2010 thePharmacy, Engine Software
CatSpin iOS 2010 Phure Studios
Chefs Attack iOS 2010 Phure Studios
Jimmy Pataya iOS, Android 2010 Paladin Studios
Pulse: The Game iOS 2010 Virtual Fairground, Rough Cookie
Greed Corp PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Steam 2010 W!Games
Club Galactik Online game 2010 Virtual Fairground
HoopWorld BasketBrawl Wii, WiiWare 2010 Streamline Studios, Virtual Toys
Super Crate Box Steam, iOS 2010 Vlambeer
Iron Grip: Marauders Windows 2011 ISOTX
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Windows 2011 Vlambeer
Nuclear Dawn Windows, Mac OS X 2011 InterWave Studios
Proun Windows 2011 Joost van Dongen
K3 en de Vrolijke Noten Nintendo DS 2011 thePharmacy, Engine Software
Banana Banzai iOS 2011 DarXabre
Killzone 3 PlayStation 3 2011 Guerrilla Games
Swap This! iOS 2011 Two Tribes
Gatling Gears PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Steam 2011 Vanguard Entertainment
Monster Tracker Android, iOS 2011 Rough Cookie
Sticky iOS 2011 Gamistry
Fingle iPad 2012 Game Oven
Kids vs Goblins iOS 2012 Stolen Couch Games
EnerCities Facebook, Online game 2012 Paladin Studios
DancePad iOS 2012 Triangle Studios
Final Run iOS 2012 Rotor Games
Snake '97 iOS, Android, Windows Phone 2012 Willem L. Middelkoop
Snake 2k iOS, Android, Windows Phone 2012 Willem L. Middelkoop
Munch Time iOS, Android 2012 Gamistry
Scrap Tank iOS, Android 2012 Gamistry
Awesomenauts PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Steam 2012 Ronimo Games
Cargo Commander Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 2012 Serious Brew
Aviation Empire iOS, Android 2013 KLM
EDGE Wii U eShop, Steam, Nintendo 3DS 2013 Two Tribes
Momonga Pinball Adventures iOS, Android 2013 Paladin Studios
Ridiculous Fishing iOS 2013 Vlambeer
Terraria Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 3 (PSN), PlayStation Vita (PSN) 2013 Engine Software
Toki Tori 2 Wii U eShop, Steam 2013 Two Tribes
Reus Windows 2013 Abbey Games
Halo: Spartan Assault Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Xbox 360, Xbox One 2013 Vanguard Games
ibb & obb PlayStation 3 (PSN) 2013 Sparpweed
Killzone: Shadow Fall PlayStation 4 2013 Guerrilla Games
Gold Diggers iOS, Android 2013 Gamistry
Luftrausers Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3 (PSN), PlayStation Vita (PSN) 2014 Vlambeer
Age of Wonders III Windows 2014 Triumph Studios
Bounden iOS, Android 2014 Game Oven, Dutch National Ballet
Metrico PlayStation Vita (PSN) 2014 Digital Dreams
Sumico iOS, Android 2014 Ludomotion
Lethal League Steam 2014 Reptile Games
Halo: Spartan Strike Steam, Windows, Windows Phone 2014 Vanguard Games
Proun+ Wii U eShop, iOS 2014 Engine Software
Sword & Soldiers II Wii U eShop 2014 Ronimo Games
Lumini Windows 2015 Speelbaars
RIVE Wii U eShop, Steam, PlayStation 4 (PSN), Xbox One (XBLA) 2015 Two Tribes
Verdun Steam 2015 Blackmill Games
Nuclear Throne Windows, PlayStation 4 (PSN), PlayStation Vita (PSN), Xbox One (XBLA) 2015 Vlambeer
FRU Xbox One 2015 Through Games
Cross of the Dutchman Xbox Live Arcade, Windows, PlayStation 3 (PSN) 2015 Triangle Studios
SpeedRunners Windows, Steam 2016 DoubleDutch Games
Arizona Sunshine HTC Vive, Steam, PlayStation VR 2016 Vertigo Games
Horizon Zero Dawn PlayStation 4 2016 Guerrilla Games