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The following is a list of confirmed video games with gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender characters, including any others falling under the LGBT umbrella term. The numbers in this list are possibly higher due to fact that some characters remained unconfirmed, unsourced or controversial.


During the 1980s, characters that can be argued as identifying as LGBTQ+ were rarely shown in a realistic or non-stereotypical context and were often the objects of ridicule or jokes.[1]

In the 1990s, games (often Japanese ones) continued to use stereotypical LGBT characters which did not reflect the diversity in LGBT communities. However, more efforts were found to make more diverse and less one-dimensional characters.[2]

In 2018, Gamesradar's Sam Greer pored through thousands of gaming titles and found 179 games with any LGBT representation.[3] Of those 179 games, only 83 have queer characters who are playable characters. And of those, only eight feature a main character who is explicitly pre-written as queer as opposed to them being queer as a character creation option.


Year Title Character(s) Classification Notes
1985 Le crime du parking Paco Gay The culprit in the murder mystery is revealed to be the tailor, Paco, who is gay and deals drugs.[4][5]
1985 Le mur de Berlin va sauter Carlus Gay The main antagonist and left-wing terrorist Carlos, who wants to blow up the Berlin Wall, is gay and a lot of the action is spent in gay nightclubs and public baths.[6]
1986 Moonmist Vivien Pentreath Lesbian In one of the possible storylines it is revealed that Vivien, a friend of Lord Jack, was in a relationship with his former fiancée Deirdre—before her apparent suicide—and was jealous that she chose Lord Jack over her.[7][8]
Deirdre Hallam Bisexual woman
1988 Caper in the Castro Tracker McDyke Lesbian A murder mystery problem solving game for Apple Mac computers written in the HyperCard language, distributed on underground gay bulletin boards, starring the lesbian detective Tracker McDyke. C. M. Ralph, who wrote the game, later released a straightwashed version called "Murder on Main Street" and published by Heizer Software.[9][10]
Tessy LaFemme Gay/Drag Queen
1988 Super Mario Bros. 2 Birdo Trans woman In the first-edition manual for the North American release of the game, Birdo is referred to as a "male who believes that he is a female" and would rather be called "Birdetta", making her the first transgender character for Nintendo.[11][12] In the Japanese version, Birdo is referred as "Catherine" where it is also stated that the character is a man who wishes to be a woman.[13] In later printings, mention of Birdo being male was omitted, and further not included in most later games with the character.[11]
1989 Circuit's Edge Yasmin Trans woman The game features a transgender woman named Yasmin alleged to be the player character's former lover, and a gay man named Saied.[14][15]
Saied Gay
1989 Phantasy Star II Usvestia Gay Usvestia will teach the MUSIK piano technique needed to progress in the game more cheaply to male characters because they "look cute".[16] In the English version, he instead says "He looks smart," and the gender-based disparity is left unexplained.[17]


Year Title Character(s) Classification Notes
1990 Rise of the Dragon Patrons of the Pleasure Dome Gay In an establishment called the Pleasure Dome that caters to gay patrons, among other things. One of its patrons is a woman posing as a man posing as a woman.[8]
1992 The Dagger of Amon Ra Two female lovers Lesbian This game features a woman from a small town who gets a job for a New York paper in the 1920s. Two of the women she meets are involved in a secret love affair.[8]
1992 Ultima VII: The Black Gate Avatar Potentially gay, lesbian or bisexual In the House of Baths at Buccaneer's Den, the player (the "Avatar") can pay for the services of male and female sex workers, regardless of the player's gender.[18]
Sex workers Bisexual
1992 Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender Rex Nebular Genderqueer The game requires the male hero to change his sex on a planet where women rule.[19]
1992 Arthur's Teacher Trouble Mr. Ratburn Gay Arthur's Teacher Mr. Ratburn is actually gay, at the time this Living Books PC game was released, his sexual orientation was unknown, but in the 2019 TV episode of Arthur, Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone, he came out as gay and actually marries a man named Patrick.
1993 Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle A mage Bisexual A mage sexually proposes the player's character regardless of the character's gender.[8] The player is given the choice to accept or decline.
1993 Dracula Unleashed Alfred Horner Gay Alfred Horner is a gay man who co-owns a bookstore. This was the first time a gay character in a computer game was given a speaking role.[8]
1993 Return of the Phantom Charles Gay Charles is portrayed as an effeminate theater director. He is one of the good guys that helps the playable character, a French inspector, solve the mystery of the Phantom of the Opera once and for all.[20]
1993 Police Quest: Open Season Bob Hickman Gay A gay bar is featured in the game. The player is a police officer trying to track down the murderer of his partner. His quest leads him to discover that his partner had a double life as a cross-dresser at a West Hollywood transgender bar.[8]
1994 Streets of Rage 3 Ash Gay Ash acts as a boss in the game and portrayed with "tight clothes and effeminate movements".[20] He was censored in some versions of the game.[21]
1994 EarthBound Tony Gay Tony who has subtle attractions to his best friend Jeff, according to EarthBound creator, Shigesato Itoi.[22]
1995 Eternal Filena Filen Lesbian Filena and Lila are lovers.[23][24]
1995 The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery Baron Von Glower Gay The antagonist Baron Von Glower pursues the protagonist Gabriel Knight sexually and eventually leads him to be turned into a werewolf.[8][19]
1995 Chrono Trigger Flea Genderqueer Flea, a major villain, is genderfluid and/or gender nonconforming.[8] Notably, Flea stated in a self-referential manner "Male or female, what difference does it make? Power is beautiful, and I've got the power."[19]
1995 The Orion Conspiracy Danny McCormack and his boyfriend Gay This is the first computer game to use the word homosexual. The main character, Devlin McCormack, lives on a space station where he investigates the murder of his son Danny McCormack and stops an alien invasion. His investigation leads him through the seedy, criminal underworld of the station, where he discovers that his son was homosexual by talking with his son's boyfriend.[8]
1995 True Love Daisuke Potentially bisexual At the end of the game, the player character—default name is Daisuke—may attempt to start a relationship with any of the ten available girls, or with his best friend Kazuhiko as the only gay option. Depending on the choices taken and interactions experienced throughout the game, each girl and Kazuhiko may or may not be available for a relationship.[25]
Kazuhiko Miyoshi Gay
1996 Bahamut Lagoon Sendak Gay Sendak is an older wizard who at one point flirts with the male protagonist, Byuu. The player can choose to accept or reject these advances.[26]
1996 Blazing Dragons Sir Blaze Gay Sir Blaze, a dragon knight is implied to be gay similar to the cartoon.[2]
Trivet Trivet is a dragon jester who works for the king. He hates being a jester and is trying to look for another job. He learns about hypnotism. He hypnotizes Flicker into believing he is Princess Flame. The effect is temporary and Flicker goes back to normal. When Trivet tries to hypnotize Flicker again; Flicker deflects it onto Trivet by making him believe he is Flame. Trivet-as-Flame flirts with Sir Loungealot for a few scenes. When Sir Loungealot kisses Trivet; it snaps him out of his hypnosis. Sir Longealot realizes he wasn't kissing Flame but Trivet. However, Trivet happily thinks that Sir Loungealot would care about him in that way much to the dragon knight's repulsion.[2]
1996 Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh Curtis Craig Bisexual man Curtis is the game's protagonist. He is also close friend with his co-worker, Trevor, who is gay. Curtis admits to his psychiatrist that he has feelings for Trevor and might be bisexual, and the two almost kiss later in the game. Curtis is also shown as having relations with his girlfriend and a S&M domme. Creators of the game talked about the mature sexual themes in the game during a 1997 interview.[27] Curtis is the first playable non-heterosexual character in a video game.[28]
Trevor Barnes Gay
1997 The Last Express Sophie de Bretheuil Lesbian This game has the player meeting two young adult girls named Sophie de Bretheuil and Rebecca Norton who are almost always in each other's company. While at first they appear to be merely close friends, reading the diary of Recbecca suggests they are lesbians, but there are no explicitly homosexual gestures beyond hand-holding.[29]
Rebecca Norton
1997 SaGa Frontier Asellus Lesbian Asellus, one of the main characters, was infused with mystical blood that causes her to be highly attractive to other women.[30][31]
1997 Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Beta Gay Beta is one of the owners of the EL-115 Club alongside his brother Alpha. Described as an "over-the-top caricature of an effeminate gay man who speaks with a lisp", Beta continually comments on the male player's attractiveness.[32]
1998 Star Ocean: The Second Story Claude C. Kenny Potentially gay, lesbian or bisexual The player can choose to play as either Claude or Rena. They can have a friendship and romance level with each party member acquired. Ashton (a male party member) and Precis (a female party member) can go on a date with them, regardless of their gender.[8]
Rena Lanford
Ashton Anchors
Precis F. Neumann
1998 Fallout 2 Player character Potentially lesbian, gay, or bisexual The player character can be either male or female. Miria and Davin are siblings that the player may have sex with and marry one of them, regardless of their gender.[33] The ability to marry either Miria or Davin irrespective of the player's gender marks Fallout 2 as the first game to feature a same-sex marriage.[34][35]
Miria Bisexual woman
Davin Bisexual man
1999 Persona 2: Innocent Sin Tatsuya Suou Bisexual man Tatsuya is the game's protagonist who attends the prestigious Seven Sisters school. Jun is a Kasugayama student and Tatsuya's childhood best friend, who plays a major role in Innocent Sin as a late party-member. Jun is heavily implied to have romantic feelings towards Tatsuya throughout the game and his sexuality is confirmed by a demon contact in-game.[36]

Players can choose to have Tatsuya and Jun enter a relationship which is treated as them being lovers.[37] Tatsuya's attraction to both sexes is also implied, regardless of which character is romanced.[36]

Jun Kurosu Gay
Anna Yoshizaka Lesbian Anna is a former start athlete and drop-out student from Seven Sister High. She is implied to hold romantic feelings towards the party member Yukino Mayuzumi. In the official novel where Anna retells the events of Innocent Sin as the protagonist, she confesses her one-sided feelings with the quote "I love you, and am captive to your beautiful face." referencing the poem Der Erlkönig by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.[36]
Sumaru Genie Intersex Sumaru Genie is an intersex fortuneteller.[36]
1999 The Longest Journey Fiona and Mickey Lesbian This computer game features Fiona and Mickey, a lesbian landlady and her long-time lover. It also features a gay cop.[8]
A cop Gay



Year Title Character(s) Classification Notes
2000 The Sims Sims Potentially gay, lesbian or bisexual All Sims can be directed to fall in love with and engage in romantic interations with others Sims of either sex.[38]
2000 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Jun Kashihara Gay Jun and Tatsuya from Persona 2: Innocent Sin (1999) reappeared in this game, with the former having a minor role.[37]
Tatsuya Suou Bisexual man
Anna and Noriko Lesbian Anna reappears in the second game as a female track and field athlete whose relationship with her admirer Noriko contains lesbian overtones.[36]
Sumaru Genie Intersex Sumaru Genie, an intersex fortuneteller from Persona 2: Innocent Sin (1999), appears in this game as well.[36]
2000 Final Fantasy IX Quina Quen Non-binary Quina Quen is a playable character who belongs to a genderless race called the Qu. Referred to by the pronoun "s/he" throughout, the Qu's bizarre appearance offers little clue as to any intended orientation.[8]
2001 RuneScape Angof Trans woman Angof is a female character in "The Light Within", a quest released on August 24, 2015. At some point after the quest, the player can show her a wedding ring, prompting her to tell the player she was born male, but "corrected" herself to female once she could shapeshift.[39]
2001 Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix Hana Tsu-Vachel Bisexual woman The player character Hana Tsu-Vachel is bisexual and in a relationship with her hacker; Rain Qin. The game's advertising heavily emphasized their relationship.[40]
Rain Qin Lesbian
2001 Shadow Hearts Meiyuan Gay Meiyuan is a gay Chinese acupuncturist.[41]
2001 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Vamp Bisexual men Vamp is bisexual and his name refers to his sexual orientation.[42] He was the lover of Scott Dolph, a Navy commander.[43]
Scott Dolph
2002 Golden Sun: The Lost Age Agatio Gay Agatio is one of the main antagonists alongside Karst.[44]
2003 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Juhani Lesbian The party member Juhani is lesbian, though bugged coding on the initial release allowed her to be attracted to the player character regardless of gender. In subsequent patches, she reverts to same-sex preferences.[45] She and Belaya, another female Jedi were also heavily implied to be lovers.[46] This would make Juhani the first known gay character in the Star Wars universe.[47]
2003 Deus Ex: Invisible War Mark Finley Gay One of the manners which the character can gain access to the apartment of Mark Finley, Seattle's Minister of Culture, is to flirt with him at Club Vox; he will give the character his key. This only works if the character is male.[48]
2004 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations Jean Armstrong Gay Trials and Tribulations localization team director Janet Hsu, in looking through all information that is given about Jean in the game, came to the conclusion that he is a gay man who likes to perform non-passing drag. Looking back at the game in 2014, Hsu said that she still thought Jean caused confusion due to the general public having a less informed and nuanced understanding of gender and sexuality at the time of the game's release.[49]
2004 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Vivian Trans woman Vivian is a transgender woman who is mocked by her elder sister Beldam, who misgenders her and refers to her a cross-dresser.[50]
2004 Fable Player character and NPC townspeople Potentially gay or bisexual The male protagonist can romance and marry various characters, regardless of gender. However, while a marriage between the protagonist and a woman is treated as a legitimate marriage, one with a male NPC is treated comically and the union is referred to as "just a couple of blokes being blokes".[51]
2004 The Sims 2 Sims Potentially gay, lesbian or bisexual Sims can romance and even marry other Sims of the same sex.[52]
2004 The Temple of Elemental Evil Bertram Gay This computer game has an optional storyline permitting a gay marriage. In the town of Nulb, a pirate named Bertram begins flirting with male characters in the party and offers a lifetime of love and happiness in exchange for his freedom.[53]
2004 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Player character Potentially lesbian or bisexual The player can have sex with female prostitutes or Jeanette as either a man or a woman.[54]
Jeanette Voerman Bisexual woman The female player character is able to have implied offscreen sexual relations with Jeanette, another female character.[54]
2004 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Major Raikov Bisexual man Major Raikov and Volgin are in a relationship.[55]
Volgin Bisexual man
2005 Togainu no Chi Akira Gay Akira is the protagonist and is accused of murder, being sentenced to life imprisonment. He is offered the chance to leave prison but only if he goes to Toshiman and participates and wins in the battle game Igra. Depending on choices made throughout the story, he can enter into a relationship with many other men.[56][57]
Keisuke Keisuke is Akira's best friend who follows him to Toshima and joins Igra to help him.[58][57]
Rin A light-hearted individual who teaches Akira how to participate in Igra.[58][57]
Shiki The strongest of Igra's fighters and Akira's "most iconic" love interest.[58]
Motomi A resident of Toshima, he doesn't take part in Igra but instead acts as an information broker.[58]
2005 Jade Empire Last Spirit Monk Potentially gay, lesbian or bisexual The player—the Last Spirit Monk—can choose to play as either male or female. The player, regardless of gender, can romance Sky or Silk Fox. While only a male player can romance the Dawn Star, player can enter a ménage à trois with her and Silk Fox.[8]
Sky Bisexual man
Silk Fox Bisexual woman
Dawn Star
2005 Psychonauts Kitty Bubai
Franke Athens
Lesbian In Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, two girls Kitty and Franke are always seen together acting as best friends, however in their profiles on Campster (a website made to promote the game), it clearly shows that they are actually a couple.
2005 Drakengard 2 Yaha Bisexual Yaha is an enemy character who is in love with his old friend Urick, one of the playable characters.[59]
2005 Fahrenheit Tommy Gay This computer and console game includes a gay stock market follower named Tommy. One of the game's protagonists is good friends with him and Tommy's knowledge of the stock trade is essential in progressing in the game. If asked, he mentions that he's dating someone.[60]
2005 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Reni Wassulmaier Genderqueer Reni Wassulmaier is an adult film director. She is assigned female at birth. She undergoes four sex surgeries: female-to-male, then male-to-female, then female-to-male again, then male-to-female again. She is introduced in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005), as a female radio DJ. In between songs, she drops hints about previously being male.[61]
2006 Enchanted Arms Makoto Gay Makoto is an openly gay male character.[62]
2006 Mother 3 Magypsies Genderqueer They are a genderless race but their appearance and attitude are a parody of drag queens. Also, Ionia will teach Lucas "PK Love" in a scene that can be interpreted as sexual.[63]
2006 Baten Kaitos Origins Guillo Genderqueer One of the three main characters, Guillo, speaks simultaneously with the voice of both a man and a woman.[64]
2006 Corpse Party: BloodCovered Seiko Shinohara Lesbian Seiko is shown to have romantic feelings for her best friend, Naomi Nakashima.[65]
2006 Bully James "Jimmy" Hopkins Bisexual man Jimmy is able to kiss both boys and girls.[66] In the Xbox version the player can unlock an achievement by kissing a boy twenty times.[67]
2006 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Reni Wassulmaier Genderqueer In the prequel Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006), set 14 years before, she already had the first three sex changes and the objective for one mission, titled "So Long Schlong", is to take Reni to the hospital for her fourth sex change.[61]
2007 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Heather Lesbian Heather is a character that the player can get on their team. She is implied to be a lesbian and claims to have joined the army to "meet cute girls".[68]
2007 BioShock Sander Cohen Gay The insane artist Sander Cohen is confirmed to be gay by the game's creative director Ken Levine.[69]
2007 Clive Barker's Jericho Cassus Vicus Bisexual man The Ancient Roman Governor Cassus Vicus claims it had been a while since "tasting" both genders after becoming aroused while confronting the Jericho Squad. Vicus is portrayed as overly perverted and morbidly obese and is said to practice cannibalism, sadomasochism and "blood orgies".[70]
Abigail Black Lesbian Lt. Abigail Black, a telekinetic sniper and playable character, is confirmed to be lesbian.[71]
2007 Mass Effect Commander Shepard Potentially lesbian or bisexual Commander Shepard is the main character in Mass Effect, and the player may choose to play as either male or female. A female Commander Shepard has two possible love interests; the male human Kaidan Alenko, and the female asari Liara T'Soni.[72]
Liara T'Soni Bisexual Dr. Liara T'Soni is an asari. There is an option for a subplot romance and sexual encounter with her, regardless of the gender of Commander Shepard, the player character.[72]
2007 Assassin's Creed Abu'l Nuquod Gay Abu'l Nuquod, one of the assassination targets in this historically based game, is strongly implied to be gay.[73] He believes that the people hate him because he is different, is shown caressing the cheek of one of his male guards during his angry tirade and claims that he cannot serve the cause of a God who calls him an abomination.[15]


Year Title Character(s) Classification Notes
2008 Valkyria Chronicles Dallas Lesbian Dallas is a female squad member whose profile states that she 'fancies women' and 'hates men'. Dallas has a crush on Alicia, the game's heroine, and her profile states that she became upset after Alicia's marriage until she became infatuated with another major character, Rosie.[citation needed]
Ted Bisexual Ted is a bisexual squad member who has both the 'fancies women' and 'fancies men' potential abilities in his profile.
Jann Gay Jann is a male squad member named has strong feelings for muscular men, particularly Largo. He wears makeup, has an effeminate voice and is flirty toward men, including the player character who is his commanding officer.
2008 Grand Theft Auto IV Bernie Crane Gay Bernie Crane, formerly Florijan Kravić, (Serbian Cyrillic: Флоријан Кравић), a flamboyant gay lifestyle coach and friend of the protagonist, Niko Bellic. He is one of three survivors of Niko's fifteen man squad who fought in the Bosnian War. He has a secret relationship with Deputy Major Bryce Dawkins.
2008 Persona 4 Kanji Tatsumi Bisexual Kanji Tatsumi,[8] a playable character, expresses interest in another boy (a cross dressing Naoto) and is shocked and confused about his own feelings towards him. At a later point, his Shadow Self manifests as an overly masculine and flamboyant gay caricature that rants about how he hates girls and likes boys and teases him about being gay. In actuality, Kanji fears being rejected by either sex. He still expresses interest in Naoto after finding out her true gender, though at the end of his social link, he outright states that his shadow self and him are one and the same, strongly hinting at bisexuality.
2008 Captain Rainbow Birdo Trans woman Birdo's gender identity is explored in Captain Rainbow, which delves into her gender and how she was imprisoned for using the woman's bathroom. Birdo asks the player to find proof of her being female so she could be set free.[74]
2008 Violet Violet Bisexual The player is either a man or woman and Violet is their girlfriend.[75] The player is freely able to change their gender and sex mid-game, which mostly only results in a few cosmetic changes in the dialogue. Violet serves as the game's narrator, but in fact the player character is only imagining how she would narrate. Upon gender-changing, Violet may react by saying, "I adore you either way."
The player character Potentially lesbian
2008 Heileen: Sail Away Heileen Potentially lesbian or bisexual Heileen is the female protagonist. She has one male and two female romantic possibilities: John, Lora and Marie.[citation needed]
Lora and Marie Lesbian
2008 Fable II Player character and NPC townspeople Potentially gay, lesbian or bisexual In Fable II (2008), there are more lesbian, gay, and bisexual NPC townspeople to court and marry. A context-specific line is used in a conversation within the middle of the game, wherein Hammer asks if the protagonist was able to convince their partner, wife, or husband to wait for them when they must go away for ten years. The game also includes a quest in which the player character finds a suitable partner for a farmer's son who hints at being gay. The farmer is surprised but accepts that his son is gay and was unable to find an acceptable partner because the father had previously presented him only with female suitors. Reaver, the NPC known as the Hero of Skill, is bisexual, known to have simultaneous lovers named Ursula, Penelope, and Andrew.
2008 Fallout 3 Nova Bisexual Player characters, regardless of gender, can employ the services of a female prostitute named Nova in the city of Megaton.[citation needed]
Carol and Greta Lesbian In the city called Underworld, the player meets a female Ghoul named Carol who is suggested to be in a romantic relationship with another female Ghoul named Greta. They have apparently adopted a son, named Gob. While it is never made clear if they are romantically involved, if the player is a Female, Greta will jealously warn the player to stay away from Carol.[citation needed]
Flak and Shrapnel Gay In Rivet City, the player meets Flak and Shrapnel, a pair of weapons dealers whom the game identifies as "partners." The two run a shop together and share a single bed. It's only implied that the nature of their relationship is romantic. An NPC from another city refers to Flak as an "old queen."[citation needed]
2008 Call of Duty: World at War Doctor Edward Richtofen Bisexual The playable German character from the "Nazi Zombies" game mode, Dr Edward Richtofen, is heavily implied to be attracted to men via suggestive dialogue. The sequel game Call of Duty: Black Ops also has dialogue where he is shown to be particularly affectionate to one of the other playable characters, Nikolai Belinski, although these feelings seem to have faded by the time of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. There is additional dialogue that implies he is attracted to women as well.

The younger "Primis" incarnation of Richtofen that first appears in the Origins map from Call of Duty: Black Ops II is also hinted to be attracted to men. This element of the character is much more downplayed compared to his older self however, likewise he does not show any particular affection or attraction to the "Primis" incarnation of Nikolai.

The Director of Requiem in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Zombies has a photo of his wife and child on his desk, implying him to be a married man.


Year Title Character(s) Classification Notes
2009 The Sims 3 Sims Potentially gay, lesbian or bisexual
2009 Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince Gay In this episode expansion pack of Grand Theft Auto IV (2008), the title character is gay, and a friend of the protagonist, Luis Lopez. He also features in a cameo in GTA IV.
2009 League of Legends Diana Bisexual or Lesbian As part of the Pride 2021 event celabrating LGBT Pride Month, Riot Games released the short story "Rise With Me", focusing on the backstory of Diana and Leona. The short story details how the two women fell in love and were each other's first kiss. Leona was also once Pantheon's lover.[76]
Vi In the animated series Arcane (2021–present), which is set a few years before the events of the game, there are multiple hints that Vi and Caitlyn are attracted to each other.[77]
Neeko Neeko was revealed to be a lesbian by senior narrative writer Matt Dunn in 2018, making her the game's first Champion to be openly LGBTQ.[78]
Rell Bisexual or Pansexual Rell possesses in-game interactions where she expresses interest in both male and female characters.
Varus Gay Varus is a Darkin, a creature whose actual body is a weapon who can possess someone who attempts to wield it, and Varus himself isn't gay. However, when he attempted to possess the gay couple Valmar and Kai at the same time and fuse them together, the two hunters' love was strong enough to allow their conscience to be shared with the Darkin, with all three controlling the body. A music video titled "As We Fall" detailing this events was released in 2017.[79]
Graves Devon Giehl, former creative designer and writer at Riot Games, revealed in 2018 that she had initially planned for Graves and Twisted Fate to have been in a relationship,[80][81] but the team was prevented from doing so.[82] Despite this, many former and present employees have described them as a couple.[83] Furthermore, despite internal censorship and pushback, the 2021 "Sentinels of Light" event did allude to Graves' relationship with Twisted Fate.[84][85] Prior to the beginning of the event, it was revealed that for Pride 2022 various icons, emotes, and cosmetics would be released. Some of these icons confirm that the relationship between Twisted Fate and Graves is romantic in nature.[86]
Twisted Fate Bisexual man
2009 Persona 3 Portable Aigis Bisexual Aigis shows romantic interest in both the male and female protagonists of the game. Her social link remains unchanged regardless of the gender the player chooses.[citation needed]
Female Protagonist Bisexual The female protagonist can romance both Aigis and Elizabeth, as well as Shinjiro, Ken, Akihiko, Theodore, and Ryoji.
Ryoji Mochizuki Bisexual During his social link, Ryoji states he would still love the protagonist, no matter if they were a male or female.[citation needed]
2009 Dragon Age: Origins Warden Potentially gay, lesbian or bisexual The Warden is the player character, who has the option to pursue a romance with four of the companions available for their party accompanying the player on their journey. Morrigan and Alistair can only be romance by a Warden of the opposite sex. Regardless of gender, the Warden can romance Leliana or Zevran Aranai.
Leliana Bisexual woman
Zevran Aranai Bisexual man
Wade and Herren Gay The effeminate Wade and Herren have an armor shop that the player can visit. In a downloadable content episode released by BioWare it is possible to chase them from the shop to a back alley where Herren teleports himself and Wade to safety. The game designers confirmed Herren and Wade were lovers after the release of said DLC.
Hespith Lesbian Hespith is a lesbian dwarf character who admits to being a lover of Branka, party-character Oghren's ex-wife.
Branka Bisexual
2009 Assassin's Creed II Leonardo da Vinci Gay Lifelong friend of protagonist Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Leonardo da Vinci is implied to be gay, based on similar historical evidence. On one occasion, he assures Ezio that "women provide little distraction."[15]




Year Title Character(s) Classification Notes
2020 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Davon Gay Davon is a member of the Reclaimed and a former member of the Tower. Depending on the player's choices, he can be reunited with his boyfriend, Justin.
Justin Justin is a member of the Tower who, depending on the player's choices, can be united with his boyfriend, Davon.
2020 Granblue Fantasy Versus Ladiva Trans woman Ladiva is a wrestler, a "muscular fighter with a prominent goatee", and one of the game's multiple playable characters.[87]
Katalina Bisexual Katalina is the loyal bodyguard of Lyria, one of the main characters of the series, and part of the default roster of playable characters. She shows affection and secretly harbors feelings for the character Vira, who is openly in love with Katalina.[88]
Cagliostro Trans woman Cagliostro is an alchemist born as a terminally ill boy, she built herself a healthy female body to live as and is one of the game's playable DLC characters.
Belial Bisexual Belial is one of the primary antagonists for the game and was introduced as a playable DLC character. He expresses direct attraction to both male and female characters in the game and has explicitly stated his attraction for the male character Lucilius.
Yuel Lesbian Yuel was introduced as a playable DLC character and is a treasure hunter on a quest to revive her royal lineage. She is in a relationship with the non-playable character Societte.
Vira Lesbian Vira was introduced as a playable DLC character. She is openly in love with the character Katalina to the point of obsession.
2020 Bokuhime Project Hiyu Shinosaki Lesbian Hiyu, a supporting character attending the same school as the protagonist, is attracted to women.[89]
2020 Final Fantasy VII Remake Andrea Rhodea Queer Andrea Rhodea, the owner of the Honeybee Inn in Midgar's red light district, is presented as a character who does not conform to gender norms.[90]
2020 Frog Fractions October Pansexual In the Hop's Iconic Cap DLC, a Pansexual pride flag can be seen on October's closet door when you enter her room.[91]
2020 Tell Me Why Tyler Ronan Trans man, Bisexual Tyler and his twin sister Alyson travel to their childhood home in Alaska and must come to terms with their childhood. The game will also deal with how Tyler, who has transitioned since leaving home, is being affected. Dontnod worked with GLAAD to help create the character.[92] Tyler can potentially start a relationship with Alyson's best friend Michael.[93]
Michael Bisexual Michael is Alyson's best friend and can potentially start a relationship with Tyler.[93]
2020 Hades Zagreus Bisexual or Pansexual Zagreus is the son of Hades and described by the game's writer and designer Greg Kasavin as "bisexual or pansexual".[94] He has a few potential love interests and can start a relationship with Thanatos.[95]
Thanatos Gay Thanatos is the god of death and can start a relationship with Zagreus.[95]
Achilles [96]
2020 Haven Yu and Kay Potentially lesbian or gay The player can choose the genders of protagonists Yu and Kay to have them be in a lesbian, gay, or heterosexual relationship.[97]
2020 Vampire: The Masquerade – Night Road Player character Potentially non-binary, gay, bisexual, or lesbian Character creator allows the player to choose between being male, female, or non-binary, and being bisexual, gay, or straight.[98][99][100]
2020 Remothered: Broken Porcelain [101][102] Rosemary Reed / Lindsay Lesbian
Jennifer 'Celeste' Felton Queer gender or lesbian
Richard Felton Transgender
2020 Bugsnax Lizbert Lesbian The missing explorer Grumpus named Elizabert "Lizbert" Megafig is in a relationship with the doctor Eggabell Batternugget.[103]
Snorpy Gay Chandlo's boyfriend; doesn't realize the two have been dating for years
Chandlo Bisexual[104] Snorpy's boyfriend; confirms their relationship with a kiss
Floofty Non-Binary Snorpy's sibling; They are non-binary and use they/them pronouns
Wiggle Pansexual While never explicitly shown in the game, it was confirmed on the Bugsnax AMA that Wiggle is pan.[104]
2020 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gloria Davila and Steff Lesbian Gloria Davila debuted in Spider-Man (2018). She later reveals to have a relationship with Steff in this standalone expansion game.
2020 Cyberpunk 2077 V Potentially LGBTQ+ The character creator will allow V to be transgender or non-binary.[105]
Claire Russell Trans woman Claire has a transgender pride decal on the back of her vehicle.
Judy Alvarez Lesbian [106]
Meredith Stout Bisexual
Kerry Eurodyne Bisexual R. Talsorian Games, the creators of the tabletop RPG that the game's based on, confirmed on Twitter that Kerry is bisexual.[107]
2020 Please Be Happy TBA Lesbian The story is about love between women.[108]
2020 Ikenfell Maritte














Gilda expresses attraction for the protagonist Maritte and becomes playable. Petronella and Ima are also playable and nonbinary, using they/them and xe/xer pronouns, respectively. Bax and Ibn are friendly antagonists who are in a relationship. Maritte and Pertisia are also queer and in the playable party.
2020 Project Sekai: Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku Akiyama Mizuki Non-binary or transgender Mizuki's in-game bio page lists their gender as "unknown," and they refer to themself with the typically masculine first-person pronoun "boku." They dress in a notably feminine manner, but are depicted in flashbacks with shorter hair wearing a boys' school uniform.
2020 Assassin's Creed Valhalla Eivor Potentially lesbian, gay, or bisexual Eivor's gender can be selected by the player. They can pursue both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships.
2020 Watch Dogs: Legion Various procedurally-generated playable characters and NPCs Various LGBTQ+ identities The procedural generation that generates Legion's characters includes many options for their sexualities and genders, giving them same-gender significant others or assigning them sexualities outright in their "metadata" section.[109]
2020 The Last of Us Part II Ellie and Dina Lesbian and Bisexual Ellie is one of the main characters and she is in a relationship with a woman named Dina. At the start of the game, it was revealed that Dina formerly dated Jesse.[110]
Lev Trans man Lev is a trans boy and former member of an antagonist faction who one of the main characters, Abby, meets and is scheduled to be executed. The two become friends through a series of mutual trials.
2020 Vitamin Connection Selenium Non-Binary Selenium is referred as they/them in a tweet made by developer WayForward as well as in-game on the pause screen during Story 5.[111]
2020 Friday Night Funkin' Boyfriend, Pico Bisexual (Boyfriend), queer (Pico) Canonically formerly in a relationship
2020 Death end re;Quest 2 Lily Hopes/Yurisa Yamamura Bisexual Lily Hopes, real name Yurisa Yamamura, a bisexual character from the original Death end re;Quest, also appears in the sequel.
Rotten Dollhart Lesbian Rotten Dollhart is in love with Mai Toyama, flirts with her almost every time she sees her, and states she desires to marry her despite Mai telling her countless time she isn't interested in her romantically. Rotten tells most people the duo are dating, even though they aren't, causing Mai lots of trouble.
Chitsuba Idean Lesbian Chitsuba Idean is in love with Victorie Millet. Despite them not dating, she will ask every new girl she comes across if they're in love with Victorie to make sure she has no contenders in her attempts to win Chitsuba's heart. Victorie begins showing an interest in Midra Dollhart, which makes Chitsuba jealous and leads her to finally declare her love to Victorie and ask her out. Victorie accepts, and the two begin dating. It doesn't last very long though, as she cheats on Chitsuba shortly afterwards with Midra Dollhart which leads to Chitsuba drowning her in the lake as revenge. Chitsuba's despair causes her to turn into a demonic succubus which the Protagonists kill, unaware of who it actually is.
Victorie Millet Lesbian Having originally shown interest in Midra Dollhart, Victorie's best friend Chitsuba Idean becomes jealous and it leads her to finally declare her love to Victorie and ask her out. Victorie accepts, and the two begin dating. It doesn't last very long though, as she cheats on Chitsuba shortly afterwards with Midra Dollhart which leads to Chitsuba to drown her in the lake as revenge.
Midra Dollhart Bisexual Rotten Dollhart's mother, who was now single. Upon finding out that Chitsuba Idean and Victorie Millet were now dating and being aware that Victorie had a crush on her she seduces her, causing her to cheat on Chitsuba the same day she had began dating her. This leads to both Victorie and Chitsuba's deaths as Chitsuba drowns Victorie in the lake as revenge then turns into a demonic succubus which the protagonists kill, unaware who it was. She also sexually abuses other female students and faculty, including her own daughter.
Elizabeth Paris Lesbian Elizabeth Paris is dating Mercy Lewis.
Mercy Lewis Lesbian Mercy Lewis is dating Elizabeth Paris.


Year Title Character(s) Classification Notes
2021 Sword of the Necromancer Tama Lesbian In a relationship with Koko.
Koko Lesbian In a relationship with Tama.
2021 Psychonauts 2 Helmut Fullbear
Robert "Bob" Zanotto
Gay Helmut Fullbear and Bob Zanotto are in a long-term, stable relationship.[112] Both are founding members of the Psychic Six. One memory shows Bob proposing and then later marrying Helmut. Helmut's body was lost, and Bob broke down after losing the love of his life, but in the game's present, Helmut's brain is found and placed in a new body, giving the two the chance to rekindle their relationship.
2021 Life Is Strange: True Colors Alexandra "Alex" Chen Bisexual Alex Chen is the protagonist of Life is Strange: True Colors, and is able to romance a man named Ryan Lucan and a woman named Steph Gingrich. She is shown to be romantically interested in both characters. Unlike the previous player characters of the series, she is implied to have dated both male and female characters before the events of the game.
Steph Gingrich Lesbian Steph Gingrich reappears in Life is Strange: True Colors, this time as a major character, after her debut appearance in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. She is able to be romanced by the player character as Alex Chen.
2021 Lake Meredith Weiss Bisexual Meredith Weiss is the protagonist of Lake. Depending on the player's choices, she may be romantically involved with a man named Robert Harris or a woman named Angie Eastman during her time in her hometown, Providence Oaks.[113]
Angie Eastman Lesbian Angie is the owner of a VHS rental shop, who is romantically interested in Meredith Weiss, the protagonist of Lake. If Meredith reciprocates her feelings, a potential ending chosen by the player would see the couple departing from Providence Oaks and committing to an itinerant lifestyle.[114]
2021 Guilty Gear: Strive Testament Non-Binary Testament returns as the final character in Guilty Gear Strive’s first DLC pack. Previously Testament was never referred to by binary pronouns and always had an ambiguous look. On their release Arcsys confirmed Testament was never intended to be male and always went by they/them pronouns.[115]
Bridget Trans Woman Bridget returns as the first character in Guilty Gear Strive's Second DLC pack. Bridget was born male, one of twin brothers named and raised by her parents as a girl in a British village. They do this to protect her since the villagers believe that identical twins bring bad luck. In Strive, her arcade mode story revolves around her being unsure whether she is truly happy and is being her true self, which is revealed to be her questioning her gender identity in one of the endings. Depending on how well the player performs, she makes progress towards figuring it out and accepting change for the better, with the aforementioned ending directy showing her coming out to Goldlewis Dickinson and Ky Kiske.[116]
2021 Monark Sumire Tono Lesbian or bisexual Sumire is in love with her twin sister Akane, though is rejected by her after she confessed to her on Valentine's Day with a kiss. She then sleeps with most of the males in school to try and make Akane jealous, though Akane didn't fall for it/care. After she sleeps with Akane's boyfriend, unaware they had been dating for a few days, she admits she had no interest in any of the guys and will only ever be in love with Akane though is disowned by her as she slept with her boyfriend. It's worth noting Akane was only grossed out by the fact they were related rather than the fact they're both girls, implying Akane herself may be into girls as well.
2021 Blue Reflection: Second Light Rena Miyauchi Lesbian Fell in love with her best friend, Yuki Kinjou. After confessing to her, she is rejected and ghosted. She proceeds to dedicate her life to finding her and eventually tracks her down to a hospital, where she died of an incurable illness (which is why she turned her down as she only had weeks to live). In the alternate World they are reunited with amnesia. Upon regaining their memories Rena confesses again and the two become lovers as Rena doesn't care she's dating a ghost, she's still in love, and so Yuki agrees to date - despite being a ghost, as she was in love with Rena too.
Yuki Kinjou Lesbian As stated above, Yuki was in love with Rena too and eventually agreed to date her.
2022 Cosmonious High Blort Non-binary Blort is an alien who uses they/them pronouns.

2022 and later[edit]

Year Title Character(s) Classification Notes
2022 Goodbye Volcano High
  • Fang
Non-binary The main protagonist, Fang, is classified as non-binary.[117] Fang is voiced by non-binary and pansexual actor Lachlan Watson.
2022 The Quarry
  • Ryan
  • Dylan
Gay or Bisexual At Chris's office, Dylan asks questions about Ryan's life, and at a certain point in this conversation, Ryan seems to suggest that he's interested in both genders. Dylan also starts flirting with Ryan, which the game says that Ryan seems interested. Later, the game makes Ryan choose between Kaitlyn or Dylan to kiss in a Truth or Dare game.
TBA Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Player character Unknown Players will be able to choose pronouns, with the character creators going beyond "male and female models".[118]
TBA Baldur's Gate III

See also[edit]


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