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Free software[edit]

The following are distributed under free software licences:

  • CC PDF Converter (discontinued) – A Ghostscript-based virtual printer, provided by CogniView.
  • cups-pdf – An open source Ghostscript-based virtual printer that can be shared with Windows users over the LAN. CUPS
  • Ghostscript – A command-line library for creation of PostScript and PDF files.
  • RedMon – Redirects a special printer port to the standard input of another program


The following are proprietary software but free of charge:

Virtual PDF printers[edit]

Virtual PDF printers for Microsoft Windows:

  • Bullzip PDF Printer[PUP] – there is a free version
  • CutePDF[PUP]
  • DoPDF – this is a simplified version of NovaPDF
  • PDFCreator[PUP] – a Ghostscript-based virtual printer for Microsoft Windows, with user interface for advanced options (security settings, combining multiple documents, etc.).
  • PrimoPDF[PUP]
  • Print To PDF - ships with Windows 10 and 11
  • PDF24 Creator – a free virtual PDF printer for Microsoft Windows, with user interface and additional tools like merging, splitting, compressing and assembling PDF files.


  • Adobe Acrobat – Adobe System's commercial PDF authoring suite includes Adobe Distiller, a virtual printer for converting documents to PDF files. Adobe Distiller is not included with the free-to-use Adobe Reader product.

Virtual printers[edit]

Virtual printers for Microsoft Windows:


1.^ ^ ^ ^ This software has risk of installing potentially unwanted programs. For more information, refer to its main article.